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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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has the night off. and a string of fires all the fires broke out in a six block area. and we're live now and how close are the police to solving this spree here. >> and police say they have a few leads but they need a lot of help to solve the cases. one of the latest fires was here. you can see that melted dumpster next to the one that is what it is supposed to look like. and take a look just how close this is to some of these homes t is why the neighbors are nervous the fires have been going on since january. the first fire that was on 15th avenue north. you can see a man in his jacket and with a skateboard walk up to a car. he is lighting the gas tank on fire and walks away. they think he is responsible for
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south of 21st avenue north and east of mlk. they have spread and destroyed one car. no one has been hurt in any of the fires. investigators worry someone will get hurt if he is not caught soon. >> and it is occupied in the evening hours, they may not be alerted there is a fire. they could be trapped. and the fire started outside tew to the individual. it is a homicide case then. >> take a look at the video, detectives say the most distinguishing feature is that the man is seen with a long skateboard with squared edges, possibly homemade. if you have information call the police tonight at 10. we'll look at the damage and
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>> we need to find him. this woman got busted breaking the rules and ended up in cuffs in the courtroom. she is facing manslaughter. she was thrown in jail after doing something she was not supposed to being to. why she is in more trouble, she was out on bond under conditions but she could not resist breaking the rules. >> this is probably not how she imagined the appearance would go. these will not go away. >> arrested and taken into custody on the spot. and everything to do with the facebook post. , she is charged with dui manslaughter. she lost control and hit a
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injuries. they say she was not wearing a car. four others survived the crash. she was able to bond out with the condition she stays away from bars and drinking. apparently she could not resist. that's when they dropped the picture in court. a picture na could haunt her in the future. the attorney says. >> the state can use them at a sentencing hearing to that the charges are pending she should not be out drinking but doing aa classes. >> for now she will be in jail until her case is resolved meaning her party days may be over for good. >> it is unclear if the attorney will ask for bond. we will follow this one closely. back to you. >> social media can get you. >> thank you. three teens are accused of stealing a car and then trying to hit the police.
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suspicious vehicle. they spotted a stolen car and the car had backed into the cruiser and tried to hit a canine officer. they were not hurt. but it had minor injuries. officers used the stop sticks to slow the car down. the teens bailed but they were caught shortly thereafter. >> it there was a kay neighbor officer who located him. another chase came to an end outside of a hollywood knights -- hollywood nights bar. one was bitten by a canine officer. both men are in custody. there were drugs in the car they face a number of charges. new at 6:00. a nearly a year ago today that the police department came under fire about the tickets. a report found that they issued more than 80% of tickets to black residents. the population is 29%.
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happened and take vote to make a difference. >> they're not stopped for riding at 2:00 t is a stop and frisk. a year ago there were calls for reform. the department started investigating violations. today calls for the doj to release the findings which were due last december, people are being stopped stopped every day. >> i saw four police officers stop a biker on 27th street. why did it take four to to be surrounded by a person on a bike, groups surprised the -- criticized the mayor for referring to the naacp as a fringe group and refusing to meet with the naacp about the
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there are no indications he will, we sep subsidize them. the chief met with them. i'm familiar with the perspective. this very been repeating it for a year. i do pants happen to subscribe to it. >> he is taking stip step bees on his own to create a review board last year. activists called for a see view board but the mayor's version misses the point. the members are respected and well meaning but the board is run by the department they hand pick the cases for review. >> the group wants voters to way in on a panel. it would be independent and not restricted on what cases it could review. the board members would be appointed by the council and not by the mayor himself.
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i don't think the majority of people will support it, that could belong to voters. >> they need signatures to change it on the ballot. and artifacts found they let the public get a look at what they found n january an event was held and there were shell hammers. tools left by the indians t is believed the land was their home from 500 bc to 800 ad they want to make sure the history is preserved. >> this brings what is under the ground up to the ground. they come to walk and photograph paint here they love the historical aspects.
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you need to bring it up to the surface. >> this is easy to make and making it, too. >> and the received a grant and putting up signs and pictures around the dig. they hope to have a museum there on location. >> a woman and her pet wait for it. gator has officials investigating. she had rambo for about 10 years a little more than ten years. she took him in as a rescue that he had a sensitivity to the sun. rambo has shared her home and she said he is potty trained and wear as leather jacket to shield the skin there the sunlight. she has a permit but rambo has gotten kind of big. he is now breaking code. she is ready to fight for her family member.
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will pass away. this is my baby. they will not say much and ask a judge to make an exception for the case, that's the talker of the day. he was homeless and an artist painting a picture of the life he lived. , we have fog moving in across the area. the sky way now. things are going down hill as we head for the evening hours. evening.
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((mark--vo)) dirty, hungry, homeless. a lot of people avoid eye contact.. but ben love
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contact but a story behind every person. >> with each stroke of the paint brush. and crafts the art. the emotion. other sitting with a backpack. they inspire each of the paintings. , here on the streets these are
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themselves. >> friends and they were homeless on and off for five years. >> and they fought to survive that's the character he paints. he gives kick nitti to the -- he gives dignity to the people. he hopes they look past what they see on the streets and realize the person down on the luck is still a person. >> i'm trying to make you want to give something. >> think about them a different way. >> some events have been on display in the past and art center of manatee and donated the paintings to turning points and help them get off the
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>> i want to start you off with the live view from the skyway. this is north bound on the south tower there. the fog is now moving in. you know people traveling and farther than that. 75 through sarasota and 275 perhaps and pinellas and are you going to want to take the extra time out there because that sea fog has now rolled in and it does not look like it is going to be moving a lot. >> at all as we head through the evening hour a couple of breaks. check this out, this is the time lapse a few hours ago, you had sunshine and it is like a scene out of a steven king book. and visibility goes down hill. and quickly. look at bradenton beach and visibility is as well.
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clearwater hilton not as bad. can you see things have gotten cloudy and the fog is just off shore trying to make its way on shore. i would not be surprised if it does so we head through the next couple of hours. here is the satellite we watched this. and most of the time during the day they just sit out here. this one here that's what happened as we head to the evening hours. >> right down the skyway. and it does not look like it will be moving a lot. , bigger story the heat and tampa. >> and a row the low temperature
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and since the end of last year. it has been a while since the mild and muggy mornings. and more potential for fog more sea fog out there. >> and more patchy in nature. the big story across the forecast and showers and storms this weekend. and cooler as we head to the sunday and next week. some may not get out of the 60s. tampa and the sea fog and sarasota and opposite 88 in sebring. a 60-degree temperature range across the area. dew points into the 60s to near 70s. low 60s as you head inland.
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few over the gulf. the big focus for tonight for the next few hours is going to be that sea fog. we'll watch the potential. we watch that batch and it may dip to bring a few showers to the coast but overall close to 10%. and rolling through. and saturday and saturday afternoon. the weltest day of the afternoon. 7 days the potential is there for rain and the systems as this gets going. >> more patchy land fog. another warm and humid day. 81. clouds.
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>> winds out of the south and 5 to 10 knots. , here is the forecast. >> temperatures in the opposite direction. and monday. and mid70s on tuesday. i'll tell what you the end of the week we'll be back in for the 80s. speaking of spring we're kicking things off. jim bow fisher addresses the competition. and the largest cocktail party. on the ice the lightning are sliding the wrong direction in the standings. what will it take to turn this
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right before the bolts rattled off 9 straight wins... they lost 4 of 5 games... which the bolts lost games and
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how they can turn things around. they have lost four of the last five games and hoping for another turn around thursday in dallas but last night gave us no indication that was coming. the lightning started out too slow in toronto. squandering power play opportunities. closer due to empty netters. jon cooper wants them to raise the bar; >> there is no question you cannot judge everything on wins and losses but can you get beat by a goaltender, whatever. but it is consistency. since we went on that run and since then we're in the one good one and one bad one here. the middle of march. >> they introduced their defensive end via conference call today. he said he chose tampa bay over
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defensive scheme. he had nine and a half sacks. he can top that in year in and out and stay healthy. spring practice kicked off and plenty of intrigue at quarterback position with mcguire sidelined. jim bow is opening up the competition a three man race. and jj constantino. , they have an opportunity. >> they get a lot of reps see how they handle things. >> this there are a lot of things to get better at. i think we will.
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and ren ren renovations helped to seal the deal. the rivalry will continue through 2021. you summer comes early for the special olympics. and the opening ceremonies get underway at 9:00 at corral memorial statement. and the one club has been helping out for 16 years. the school is excited it moves from the university of south florida. big undertaking. 600 athletes will compete. in track, field. volleyball and other games. the whole school is getting involved. >> one of the catholic teach something the dignity of every person. to work with the kids with the disabilities it
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i got more than i gave. they realize they are fun to be with, they have beauty and dignity. like the kids have needs, our guys need people to support them and help them along the way and in giving, they learn to be grateful for what they have been given, love that. a great opportunity for the young men and women to kind of lock arms, my kids are volunteering. >> competing and giving your all. >> you never get half effort there. >> thank you. at 6:30, a pick for the supreme court. what washed up on this beach
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biker and geico motorcycle,
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today in the white house rose garden. president today the white house rose garden the president announced merrick garland as the pick to replace justin scalcal on the supreme court. now the fight to confirm the nominee which many a vowing not to do, we have more from washington.
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from picking the nominee, they say that it is an election year there is no reason to do this today. we can hold off until january of next year to handle this it is a fight. he is a center right moderate that's why this is surprising. he is known for overseeing the investigation into the uni bomber and oklahoma city bombing. >> trust that justice will be done in our courts without prejudice or partisanship is what in a large part distinguishs this country from others. >> the president praising his nominee for the security pointing to the republicans that voted it appoint him in 1997. >> during that process he earned overwhelming praise. >> and within moments of the announcement the senate
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time around, the nomination is going nowhere. >> the senate will not confirm this nominee. it's not about merrick garland and his successes but the process. and. >> it is clear that the president made the nomination not with the intent of seeing him confirmed but to politicise it for purposes of the election. meantime judicial watchdogs are split on the pick, we know affect that the president the goal is to get a fifth solid liberal vote. >> he is a respected jurist during his tenure on the dc circuit; he spoke on the phone
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who will not be with him in and and not be voting on the nomination in the is in the. tomorrow. >> so it begins. the reason why we want ohio and we won by 11 points. [ applause ] >> the reason we won because of the grass grass-roots, the race is on. fresh here off his win john kasich hit the trail in pennsylvania. victories for donald trump were decisive the road is no clearer today. one thing is clear they are promming to put up a fight all the way to cleveland. and donald trump said if you party tried to block him there would be in his words, rioting. >> it was a super tuesday for donald trump.
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building on his lead over the field. >> we'll win by more importantly we'll win for the country. >> and fox news canceled the debate after he confirmed he would not participate and left ted cruz to wrangle with john kasich in his own home state. kasich would not debate if he did not show up. >> i had more attention in the last two weeks. i'm pleased with how it is going. >> and the only candidate for a chance of securing the republican nomination ahead of the convention. manyerns are opened to him being the nominee. a businessman and others worrying about upheaval. >> how does a party deny the nomination to a guy who dominated the map and win a
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left to vote. hillary clinton is moving ahead. >> it is impossible for bernie sanders to overtake her in the count. >> the victory in florida knocked marco rubio out of the race. let's bring in craig patrick. fellow. trump winnings florida big but not ohio. he is going to the convention. what are the chances of a convention, the chances went inter of a contested con jennings in july because of that. and donald trump will win 57% of the remaining delegates. that will not be easy not all the remaining states are winner take owl. keep your eye on arizona.
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the next is wisconsin that is a whipper take our all. that may give a better idea where it is going then. the odds at that point go through the roof. he building up celebrates and headed into july. >> what do you think about marco rubio. what delegates could they play, they can play any important role here. he is looking at more than 160 delegates, 169 they could swing the nomination. they are found to him based on the formulas and the rules, some of those are unfound. they don't have to vote for unmarco rubio on the first ballot and donald trump is within 100 to getting close and
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have a key role to may here. you bundle those that are not bound and the four from jeb bush add up the numbers. that's where i think this could hang in the balance. , we had a sers week and switch gears and take a lighter look at the campaign. we'll roll through the blunders and the gaffes and what they would like to forget. show the turning points and we'll work in sat fire and pardoy. >> we'll have money with this one. >> thank you. p here is a problem a communitying nightmare in washington, dc because the city's metro system was shout down. it is unprecedented
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workers are kuking an inspection of the capables after a number of fights caused concern among riders. officials hope to make up grades that the riders with not thrilled about his. >> i don't know why can they not provide buses for every stays station. something to help the customers. defects. it will open until morning. a startling discovery on a beach this morning. check this out a biker was driving when he found a boot with a leg bone. they checked out the area looking to see if there are human remains it has been turned over. a maryland officer killed by
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he was contributely shot by another officer. he was in plain clothes when he jumped out of a car to confront a gunman. during the confrontation three officers opened five. he was killed by friendly fire and announced this afternoon the bullet came from the man who aimed at colson. it was chattic and it was nothing more than a case of musicken identity and not 34urd. >> stunt has been sentenced to korea. the country's supreme court handed down the sentence for the student. the 21-year-old who confessed to trying to steal a danker from his hotel in january. one more tearful plea before
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>> , i was eyed and pan ineye lated. please. , please think of my family. i'm the oldest son in the family. >> north korea accuses of u.s. of sending spies. he was arrested while leaving with a tour group. the fight against isis was introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. our new 10 ounce filet. our 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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((mark--mp)) the city of brussels is trying to get back to brussels is trying to get back to normal after a shoot-out and suspected terrorists there.
6:42 pm
french and belgian police raided a home linked to the november terror attacks in pairs. wounding three. and belgium is ground zero for the terror athlete and radicalization of extremists. brussels. and all right. now to equador, the investigation into a military plane crash, 22 people were killed, this was yesterday in a jungle southeast of keto. and thosery board with conducting training exercises. >> bomb rip through a bus in pakistan. 15 on board were killed. and taking employees to towns to a administrative building. 40 others were injured. nobody was yet to claim responsibility for this one.
6:43 pm
making strides in the fight against ayes with the military saying the group is quickly losing territory. as we report, lawmakers want to know how the military officials plan to finish the job. >> the russians may be pulling out of syria but the coalition said it is going after isis. on wednesday they said it has almost a quarter of the land in iraq and syria over the past 15 months and including 40% of the territory in iraq. >> it there is activity across the field. >> and the military crediting the broad apartment isiscoalition for successes, stressing the need for further cooperation with the alliance. >> our air force is, woulding very, very hard to degrade. >> and the coalition approach. >> the u.s. cannot combat isil
6:44 pm
rely on the regional allies. >> turkey is an important part and evolving political situation on the ground could make things difficult. a party turkey's enemy announcing plans on wednesday to declare an independent region in northern syria. >> the administration urging the sides to work together for the common goal eliminating the threat once and for all. >> the large scale operation to carry out regime change inside of syria. and that is not at all consistent with the priorities. >> the announcement was dismiss dismissed by turkey and the government, during the round of u.n. brokered talks in geneva. fox news. something that people in
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it was later before you saw a picture of it. they would not allow it. >> the devices that won a war. more bad news at chipolte. the sales were down 26% in february. that follows the decline after january. despite the drop, chipolte said the trends are improving. they are trying to bounce back after a e. coli outbreak and sales to trop. it is stepping up marketing to get customers back into the stores. forecasts rallied after the reserve decided not to change the interest rates. the downded 74 points higher. and s&p at 11. concerns about drought in california. officials say four days of rain have helped replenish reservoirs in the northern part of the state.
6:49 pm
closing roads and schools causing flooding and power outages. the state is in its fifth year. and lake shasta have not been this full since 2015. it is far from out of the woods. >> the good news the rains have done a tremendous job at refilling the biggest reservoirs. going into march we were way below new new normal and storage and with the storms were pretty much up to normal, up to average this time of year, they say average just is not good enough. jerry brown ordered cut backs of 25% in water usage, that's a
6:50 pm
and the it is coming back. sea fog is back. >> that is erie looking. is that the mist? >> are you scaring us. it is like a scene out of that. >> take a look at this. the bridge here, looking southbound. could you hardly make them out when they go past a couple hundred feet there. that's thick sea fog. see if there are closures out there. delays but if you know anyone that normally takes the sky way as a way of getting home. taking a alternative route out there. and that's scary. take a look outside. here is the camera view. a foggy start. watch wasp this evening.
6:51 pm
and inland and can you see that is extending from just south of clearwater through much. this is setting up shop. i don't see that changing overnight. by tomorrow morning we start to get rid of that fog here. here is the view from bradenton. the forecast for tonight into thursday morning. continuing to show the threat of fog threat and sea fog and more land fog. the potential is there. we are getting up to 81 and brandon and lake placid. and sebring and frost proof. into the day. not a lot of changes out there.
6:52 pm
upper 70s near 80 to the coast. a big day tomorrow. st. patrick's day. this is what we see we're not going to see those. , here is the forecast off to the north. >> it is more on the way of they will be going up. best of the north. 30% the second half. a lot of high clouds to the west.
6:53 pm
and staying close to the coast as well. we'll what the thatch going on to the north a cyclone. and future cast warm and muggy showers and storms. here is the recap. in the 80s. and inland. saturday afternoon if i were to have a time slot. and the showers and sunday. lingering showers and cooler add drier for the start of spring.
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>> and something3 going to a new school can be tough for many kids, especially if they don't know any of the going to a school can be tough if they don't know. >> it just got easier how it
6:57 pm
>> i felt lonely i had no friends. >> that's how he felt when he started at oak park. that started when he sat on the buddy bench. an approach to help students find new friendships. >> in my heart i thought this would be an opportunity and a place for them to sit and a signal they have no one to play with. >> they want to make new friends. >> he came over and said did i want to play. >> i was born in florida, the bench is working, i came and sat on the bench and came over and we talked a little bit that's how we became friends. >> everyone in the school needs to have friends.
6:58 pm
all thanks to the buddy bench, i thought he should have a friend. >> kids should never feel lonely again. >> what a great, who would have thought, can you reach out for help without saying i'm not feeling good. >> you can say by the way -- >> news keeps on going. tmz is next. >> we'll close with pictures of the skyway bridge.
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harvey: to think of george lucas and what you would imagine him eating for lunch. >> he stopped in at a department store food dort have $6 noodles. harvey: i love those noodles. >> it's like noodles and rice. this guy invented "star wars." >> you know what, his wife won't let him have these noodles. go to the mall -- >> yeah, that's it. >> jared fogle was attacked by an inmate in prison who was sick of child molesters. so there's a gentlemen named steven mick. >> why did you look over over here?


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