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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  March 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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phone conversation with the media today, making announcements about the direction of the company. we are seeing or cas. >> we have not taken a whale from the wild in 40 years that means that we're sun setting our program over time. >> reaction is mixed with tourists we spoke to. >> it is good to know humans and animals and educational so you get to see them. not in the natural habitat but it is sad they are in captivity. >> the reason we're going, we'll never see it again. i don't believe in breeding the animals like that. >> there are other changes, there will be natural orca encounters instead of shows. and they are 29 in seaworld's
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we're told the final in cap taste will stay with the family and another step. >> we're former 20-year adversaries to focus on the animal well being. sea seaworld is commiting 5 $0 million to be the leading rescue organization in the world. >> reporter: it will phase out the shows featuring the orcas starting next year, the following in san antonio and here in orlando in 2019. the city council took the step to ease punishments for people caught with small amounts of marijuana. they voted to decriminalize 20-grams. and evan lambert is live to explain what this means. evan. >> reporter: before the officers could arrest you and could you
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any amount of marijuana in your possession. now for under 20-grams, it will be a traffic ticket. the civil citation and on a graduated scale. the first offense is $75 the fourth offensed at $450 past the -- for the fourth offense and the decriminalisation ordinance passed 5-1 with the harry cohen and a no vote from charily miranda. a majority agreed it was important to protect merits and young people for relatively minor offenses like important possession. only opponents showed up to voice their opinion. activists and volunteers say they worry about the message that decriminalisation sends. >> marijuana is not a harmless
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is much more potent than back in the '70s. ten times stronger. it's not your daddy's pot. >> it becomes lawn when the mayor signs it. that's in the coming days. >> there will be a learning curve for officers and take several weeks before they are trained and the law goes into effect. a shoot something under investigation in tampa. the police got a domestic disturbance call at a home and they say that sunny chin pointed a gun at officers. they called for back up. they tried to get him to surrender. he came out with a gun tucked into his waist. he fired a shot where they were shielding themselves. they returned fire and killed him. the woman in the house suffered
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and the officers are on leave pending the outcome of an investigation. police investigating a crash involving a stolen car. that plowed into a house off mulberry street. that's when they tried to pull offer the car, a ford edge and the driver took off and mate it a block before going into the house. they arrested the teens inside the stolen car. detectives say a man's body has been found. this is following the search for a man who disappeared after jumping into the lake last evening. they have not positively identified him but he was on a pontoon boat. he jumped off and he didn't know how to swim well and never did resurface. two women advise themselves as palm readers but they had a business on the side, they claim to cleanse money.
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asked for their help. >> the two women appear to be just two customers wanting to buy air time when they arrived at wbrd 14:20 a.m. station. >> they were going to take the blessing. >> detectives say they are scam artists preying off people with the ploy of cleansing money, they present themselves holy, they came to the station in august wanting to advise their services. the gm said at no point did they mention money healing. >> we know better, how can you take it to heal like that. no, there is a cut off somewhere. we would not play that type of commercial, we don't believe in that n that we know -- that. in that we know it is a scam. >> some of the people who heard the commercial or read the fliers were ripped off. they believe they targeted others. they caught up with them after
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>> the person brought money and wrapped up in foil. they asked them to bless the money. >> they say in two cases they took the cash and in a third they replaced the real money with fake money, they prey on trust. they are going to them, you know, wanting to get their money blessed, healed, whatever, and the next inyou know they're out thousands of dollars,. >> they have bonded out of jail and police are warning them to look out, they will probably not come back but you never know. >> kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. >> they believe a man helped them with the scams but he has not been charged yet. detectives are asking other victims if you are out there, come forward. for the governor picked several endorsements in the run for congress. the majority of council members and the deputy mayor endorsed
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the 13th district. and jim kennedy, darden rice, crist. >> the values that we fight for on st. pete council are the values he will fight for in congress, like ensuring fair wages, protecting the environment, investing in smart infrastructure >> to have the support of great public servants at the local level here in st. pete, my home town, that does mean the world to me. i think it is important in a race like this. >> he is battling former obama administration official eric lind for the nomination in the 13th district. for the first time in 50 years, direct mail from the u.s. to cuba has been restored. the first flight took off for cuba yesterday. the president was among those sending a letter. the u.s. tweeted a picture.
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has been calling for the president to visit her country for years. he told her that he hopes the note will be a reminder of a bright new chapter in the relationship between the nations. the president will heads to cuba on sunday for the visit to the island by a sitting u.s. president in disclose 90 years. he will watch the rays play while he is there. they are the first team to play there in 17 years. and fox 13 will be there. and scott smith and craig patrick will be covering the game and the president's visit. look for their reports next week. >> lot of commitment. st. pete police surrounded a krispy kreme doughnut shop but it was good. and the officers were up on the roof while the mounted police horse, the canine and others were greeting customers as they came in. they took over the krispy kreme with a few hours it was to raise olympics.
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they raised $4000. more than any other agency in florida and this year they were shooting for $5000. i hope they made it. not every day you see that much activity go going on there. well the sky over polk county will be packed with planes for sun and fun. there are a few mishaps. why this will be the safety event yet. been puts the finishing touches on the stadium where the rays will play. we'll have more come ug up with
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3 new at five: a pilot making an emergency new at 5:00 a pilot making an emergency landing in the ever glades. the plane had to go down in fort lauderdale it was headed to the executive airport because the plane landed in a remote area the crews had a difficult time getting to the craft. the plane was experiencing an engine related problem. sun and fun two weeks away the second largest fly in of its kind in the world. >> it is big and fun but with as much air traffic as they get, crashes are a concern. ken suarez shows us it should be
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>> reporter: sun and fun, adrenaline-packed piece for the eyes. the things they pull off are amazing. along with the shenanigans there are 10,000 takeovers in a week. the new state of the art tower, according to the sun fun president is a god send. >> it doubles the level of safety. >> triple the height of the old tower and traffic controllers can see twice as far. it has the latest and greatest gadgets, radar and communications equipment. >> it is like having a first kid. what he could not develop that. >> reporter: and gene conrad said it will happy gain stadium in the aviation community. they hope it will convince noaa to locate from macdill to here, it says we're serious about what we do in our craft and safety. they will look at us. >> they convinced the commercial
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second look. it has been looking for fly out of here for years. it will help the airport soar. in lakeland, ken suarez, fox 13 news. thousands of people line the streets of fifth avenue in new day parade. the mayor was among the officials marching in the parade for the first time several lgbt groups openly marched. last year only one group was allowed to march. and the easter rising against british rule t is the oldest celebration of irish heritage. the second largest parade if the world is in ireland. thousands dressed in green line the streets of dublin to take in the pomp and circumstance. 14 marching bands, 10 from the us that attracts a half a
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and the landmarks to celebrate ireland. look at the great wall of china. >> the christ the redeemer lit up and in green. >> we have gorgeous video from dubai. why is that green. maybe they have to think about that. it is st. patrick's day. everyone is require. >> they are wearing green. i had a couple and it is close enough, can you get away with it. >> everyone but for me. >> i went with orange, i have not been and sometime by the end of the weather cast. we'll you know the one thing i own zero green, no green ties or
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>> because you have to explain. if i wore it, i would just be invisible for some would be better than me standing in front of the wall. and the satellite outside. and just about exactly as we thought it would. and most of the area kind of in and out of the sun. we had a lot in the way of sea fog. take a look at the camera views and no sea fog right now. earlier though you were socked in the clouds and the low clouds. usf not too bad. the beach camera. more in the way of high clouds. that will be the story for the day on friday. a filtered sunshine more in the way of clouds. not bad. lake lant. if you have a evening plans for
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and 74 by 9 p.m. weather headlines more fog is possible into friday morning. we'll watch to see if that fog redevelops, i don't see it as widespread or the land fog as well. about but something we need to watch. and then briefly cooler next week and warm back up. they cool you down for a day. >> and 79. >> and 84 and inland again jackpot. 88 and 87 in frost proof. widen things out.
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60s and 70s. this is staying up. and watch tonight for any shower activity over the next few hours would be north of tampa. here is how the view plays out you see this band of showers and embedded thunder with that. it is moving to cedar key, it looks athletenning. you notice the southern flank is falling apart south and east. we'll watch it. at this point nothing imminent a couple of showers over constituent rouse. into the day on friday. back into the 80s.
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out for the showers. at this point we're looking at different batches and maybe one friday night into saturday morning. another one later saturday sometime saturday evening into saturday night and sticking around with the front as that drops south and east ward into sunday. cooler as we head to sunday. cooler though as we head to monday. and recap that. another mild and muggy night. and 68 degrees more fog possible for the day. for the commute and take the time out there. 81 for the high. isolated storms. rain chances. we'll keep them at 20% or so. late day or evening storms. saturday 50%. >> and. >> 49 and tuesday. mike, thanks.
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and run. and time to be in court this week jasmine ray, nowhere to be found. she was there in an orange jump suit. what the judge had to say to her and why she thinks she was there earlier this week. prince william handing out plants today in london. that's the top of the hour. >> i like that. >> thank you. donald trump has a warning for the gop establishment and groups are trying to take down
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that's coming up nex donald trump's new warning for the g-o-p establishment -- as talk of the race going all the way to the party's convention more groups are jumping effort to take down the front-runner. fox news correspondent, doug mckelway, latest from the campaign trail pkg: 1:40out: soc chyrons::15 presidential candidate:42 - :50 larry sabato / director, university of virginia1:04 - 1:12 rep. paul ryan / (r-wi) house speaker 1:24 - 1:40 doug we are having technical difficulty. we'll go to which page. get ready for noise. the thunder birds are here. there has been a shake up in leadership at the florida state fair. i'm trying to get to it bear with me. we'll talk about the executive director. he has resigned. the commissioner of agriculture did not comment on the circumstances around the departure. he was the executive director when a teen was ejected by the authorities on teen day. he died when he was hit by a car as he tried to cross i-4 and it
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investigation by the sheriff's department. and the warning for the gop by donald trump has the race of going all the way to the party's convention is growing. more groups are jumping on board to take down the front runner. >> and stressing the math and looking at the math with the wins that voted in tuesday's primaries, donald trump has the lead with more than half of the delegates to secure the nomination, there were 17 people all smart and tough t is now down to three. >> his closest rival, ted cruz, has less than a third. to beat trump would have to win 80% of the delegates going forward and
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is the possibility of a brokered convention. that is something pollsters are unsure about. every primary will matter. i will not say this will end in a contested convention. >> and more comments that donald trump made where he suggested that if if he was to lose the nomination by a few delegates there would be rioting. this is less than a week after protests at trump rallies turned violent. >> people should not say things like that to address or hint at violence is not acceptable. >> and john kasich addressing them in tweets today. one reading, quote, this acceptance of violence is the rhetoric pulling people apart. despite losing four of the five state primaries on tuesday, bernie sanders is show nothing sign of slowing down his effort to defeat hillary clinton. he will be campaigning hard out
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and arizona. get ready for noise in the skies over tampa. the thunder birds are here for the airfest. it will run saturday and sunday. the gates open at 8 a.m. >> that's a neat ticket. when i see them it is awe inspiring, walter allison going to ride with them. brave enough to strap in. >> take the gs. coming up a school bus driver is feeling the luck of the irish. >> feeling lucky today? >> st. patrick's day. >> what came cosh crashing down on had -- what came crashing down on his bus e. >> how your foot could have a major safety improvement. the rays will play a game in cuba.
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>> it is the most special in the lands watching the game i say pop, here we are. >> i'm lloyd sowers y this is so special. >> the baseball people here. you know, see how the natives celebrate a new connection tonight in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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((linda)) the jury was sent home early today in the hulk hogan sex tape trial. the jury was sent only early in the hulk hogan trial. he is suing gawker for posting a clip of a sex tape with him and the wife of his best friend, they saw him in lift video. what very more on the short testimony. >> let me explain why they went home. attorneys were arguing over new evidence and whether the jury will hear that evidence. before they left, you're right, they get to see him on video. take a look. >> reporter: it is an explanation that they have heard before. >> it is a character. >> in a taped deposition he said that he was in character when he openly talked about his sex life on tmz and howard stern. he bragged about his performance
5:31 pm
, he is suing gawker for $100 million for posting a clip of a sex tape involving him and heather clem. he didn't know he was being recorded. she said she didn't know either. she claims that bubba the love sponge broke the news to her. >> but that contradict was bubba claimed that he, heather and hogan were all in on it but he later changed his tune after settling a lawsuit with hogan. we will never know what the story is because at the 11th hour yesterday, he didn't show up to court to testify. gawker's attorneys were left with a series of unsensed questions. >> and the relationship with the
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shared secrets and whether they do everything, the judge announced that the closing arguments willing start tomorrow and we'll be there to cover it all for you. back to you, linda. >> thank you. frustrations over the water crisis in flint, michigan reached a boiling point on captiol hill. officials pointing fingers at one another. and rick snyder and gina mc carty took questions about the contaminated drinking water. >> and bureaucrats at the e.p.a. allowed this to continue unnecessarily. >> the crisis that we are see something a result of a state appointed emergency manager deciding it would stop purchasing treated water that it had been successfully relying on for 50 years. >> and the city of flint stopped using detroit's water system two
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the flint river to shave money. it was the corrosive water that caused it to leak. and they are calling on congress to pass a bill to fix the pipes and other places and that legislation now is on hold. in philadelphia, part of a building collapsed and landed on a bus. the driver dropped off a load of students. it was at a construction site. he had the luck of the irish with him today. >> are you shake up, afraid, it is upsetting. >> it turned well. >> i could not wear green but i have it in there. >> the inspectors are checking the intech ritty of the building. automatic braking will be
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volunteer agreement with -- votary agreement. the systems use cameras, regarded and others to see objects or close it if a driver does not react. some advocates have filed a petition to make the regulations mandatory. a man on the way to the er crashed right into the er. he lost control and smashed through the waiting room. three of the 20 people were hurt. they think the driver had an emergency and may have blacked out and doing 50 when he hit the building. sued. the lawsuit names fogel and heat of his charity russell taylor. the girl is speaking $150,000 from each of them. they say that taylor used hidden cameras to film 12 nude minors and shared the images with him. she claims that emotional trauma.
5:35 pm
total of 1.4 million in restitution to 14 victims about out they can sue for more.
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the imagi 3 a lot of talk in washington is on a lot of talk in washington about the supreme court pick. and courtesy calls were made and they are pushing lawmakers to considers nomination.
5:38 pm
a united front against any vote or hearing, they want donald trump to pick the next nominee, we should not be talking about him even if obama were to nominate george w. bush i would not be considered either. >> despite the opposition, experts say garland would not be a huge shift. he is proabortion and apartment gun but on other issues he is center right and he is where justice scalia was. a strange story out of. texas where golf ball sized hail killed some of the flamingos at the fort worth zoo. the hail was this morning. some, they said, was as bill's tennis balls. it punched holes through enclosures. it killed a pelican and some of the other birds.
5:39 pm
zoo when two polar bears escaped. and they wondered into the restricted area. they were never a threat. >> there you go, they're not man's best friend but in arizona tortoises are up for adoption. they are lieu maintenance but they can live up to 100 years. >> they are charismatic. they live a long time. >> they like to be touched under the chin and around the neck and some of them like their heads scratched. the commission is putting them up for adoption. they are surrenders some are rescued after being hit by cars. >> sports the big dance is underway. six of the 16 games in the books.
5:40 pm
the rays are getting ready to take this field in just five days.
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all right. this is my favorite time check what is trending. >> yes on st. patrick's day. we move a magic trick.
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disappears. where did it go. >> you know what i'm not sure he is happy about that. >> i'm thinking that guy is lucky there is glass there. >> what do you think. >> he is dropping his saw in awe. >> how did do you that. >> i think that may be a little bit more of a display that's like what. >> i don't know, who does not love a good laugh, right. you think that is contagious. check it out. , that's a foxed. >> arctic fox. a baby fox. >> i'm not keen on that. >> a collar. >> and right ail long to the
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likes the cat and the -- the cat likes the dog and the but they don't do this. they do, you got nobody else around to take care of your grooming needs. >> you lick my back i'll lick yours. >> this is what i felt like needed to go back to bed. who am i to talk. day nine here. >> the day after daylight savings time puppy. that's a spring forward puppy. >> that's terrible. >> you get overwhelmed. >> that's the way you get it. >> but we're awake. we're here. >> we're chipper and awake, waiting for to you. >> fog is gone, we may have more
5:45 pm
it's not out of the picture yet. we're going to watch . pgh there is a tension it is not as bad as the last few nights. dew points -- dew points. ultimately that may help us out. the other focus will be the showers and storms. busy weekend. >> look at this. sunshine at the beach. had to go through fog today to get there, though, 79 tacoma, looking out west to the gulf. at 14 miles per hour. here is the sky tower radar view. can you see the line showers just off to the north and the west t is threatening. i think it may make it into citrus county. maybe extending to hernando. but the suggestern edge is falling apart as it works to the east. that may not be the cass as we
5:46 pm
the rain chances 20% toom. later on tomorrow night we can bump those up 567,890% on saturday. especially in the afternoon. and then sunday the first half of the day looks well especially the farther south you go. beyond that drier and if you don't like the humidity you will love monday and tuesday there. le 2 degrees for the high today. 70 is the low. another day. four in a row of 70-degree low temperatures. and look at the month. a lot of red. one kay we hit the high. we were below the average high. all in all. another warm front around here. >> and wear owe meter. and falling.
5:47 pm
82 at land o' lakes. here is the cut off i was talking about. 72 in inverness. you traveled a few miles north of that. are you talking about the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s. 57 in venice with the sea breeze. englewood and arcadia and 88 for un -- in sebring. bands of showers working across the panhandle in the gulf here into the big bend. the southern extent and that pushes through the areas tonight. severe weather across portions of louisiana and into mississippi now. this batch of rain getting toward us more of a general rain threat. a active day across the country just not a lot of active weather for us. here is the future cast. not a lot in the way of fog. high clouds a couple of showers
5:48 pm
best chance for showers and father north and inland. saturday. saturday. another one i think moving through saturday afternoon and evening that could be on the heavier side. it is hard to say what time exactly. and more fog possible. mild and muggy. the 7-day forecast. temperatures in the low 80s. upper 80s inland a rain chance of saturday and sunday and monday. highs in the mid-to-upper 60s. we're talkinging 40s. >> it is bracket time i like the tournament better than last year. they tried to call play and games the first round of the first round the second round. it was confusing.
5:49 pm
right with the world. i give you round one. this is number 4 duke taking on unc. coach k focused. watching the team struggle as they drop inned a barrage of 3s. that's flemings. 18. and inghram. 6 of 10. that did not last. there he is. plumly took his mask of of a. duke goes on to win. they will play yale who had a first round upset over baylor. we have virginia, iowa state, butler and uconn. after enjoying a wednesday off they are spending saint patrick's day. matt more getting the start
5:50 pm
logan forsyth. he is back at hit. leads off with a bomb n total. four rays homeruns today. they got going. how about first long bomb of the spring. and a fine outing out of moore as well. 4 2/3. one earned run. 6 strike outs as the rays one this one. take a look at this. the work is continuing in and around in havana, cuba. that's the stadium that is 70 years old and in five days the rays and nationals will play there featuring a big league team in 20 years. more than 60 tons of clay, equipment bases were shipped in to make this possible. itwell be surreal for many of the players. , i hope to freshen up on my spanish.
5:51 pm
i think just being in the stadium. being there as a baseball player representing the rays and not only the rays but baseball and our game here, i think that will be very special for us. >> and fox 13 which be in cuba to cover the game and the president's visit. and we'll take you beyond the park and give you a front seat to history. and we're very excited to get there and just curious what at this it will be like. i have never been that way you heard great things. and i heard a lot of things to >> right. >> we're excited. we know one thing from a sports baseball. i think that this is going to be quite the event, that stadium holds 15,000. >> and baseball crosses all language barriers. >> thank you, scott.
5:52 pm
adele, the insider on how they
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
3 an afternoon there was an afternoon surge in stocks with the dow jumping 155 pointings the nasdaq is up and climbing 13.
5:55 pm
luxury makers like rolex and tag heurer. and with the watch show in switzerland the watch makers are rolling out fansy designs. look at this one from jacob and company. oh my, $18 million. it can be yours, 360 diamonds and a smart watch, too. madonna's fans are burning up after the material girl made them wait three hours to see her in concert. is her battle taking a toll? the insider joins from us la with more. >> adele is breaking down for a different reason. let's go inside a tale of two moms. >> just come late i'll have to come early.
5:56 pm
and the showbiz editor explains how the iconic musical moms were received by their fans in polar opposite ways. >> and australia called madonna a diva she was three hours late for the show. adele's audience in the palm of her hand. >> i love you. i wish nothing but the best for you. >> for adele fans inside the o 2 arena they got to witness history. the private star gave a shout out to her peanut son angelo who senate a stadium crowd for the first time ever. >> this was a great moment for the star, she put her career on hold to focus just on motherhood. >> and down under, madonna had a much different tone. >> a couple more shots of tequila and many left early
5:57 pm
on stage for three hours. one reporter called it a breathtakingly arrogant act. we'll have more tonight on the insider. back to you. >> you will, the insider at 7:30 fox 13 right here on fox 13. and the 6:00 news is coming your way next. here are mark and linda. >> thank you. we're all watching and waiting to see what the pier and approach will look like. >> we got a peek. >> and the rendering what the pier will look like when it is done. how about this the biggest find in equip. what they have found inside the tomb. >> that's cool. >> inside one of the treasures
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
et yaing section code making possession of 20-grams or less unlawful. the told pot law goes up in smoke. details of the new law and when it is in effect. >> the suspect in a hit and run shows up in court this time in an orange jump suit and cuffs. what she told the judge being a know who. i'm not big on snakes
6:00 pm
made the python go away. >> this is the fox 13 6:00 news. good evening, everyone i'm linda hurtado in for kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. no big deal that's how tampa is now treating small amounts of marijuana. today the council voted to decriminalize possession of less than 20-grams. he said he will sign it. and evan lambert live at tpd to explain the change. >> this is not legalization, people who are caught with less than 20-grams of marijuana will get a traffic ticket and the law should be in effect within a few weeks. >> and miranda. >> yes, no. >> (roll call). >> with the 5-1 vote, the council decriminalized the


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