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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  March 18, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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judge wopner wasn't on that list, harve! >> love you, harvey! >> love you! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] 3 3 ((vanessa trapped in the workout room.. police say a drunk driver caused a power outage - that left a lot of people stuck. 3 ((vanessa frightening video.. a performer catches fire during a pep rally in florida.. several students are also injured. 3 and... laid to rest. law enforcement from all over the country will be in our area today - to honor a deputy killed by a wrong-way driver. 3 3 ((vanessa/live)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm vanessa ruffes... jen and walter have the day off. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your forecast with dave.
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3 3 3 3 new this morning... a driver is under arrest after a crash left several people stuck in the dark. it happened across the street
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avenue and boy scout boulevard. tampa police say the driver hit went into a ditch then hit a telephone pole. that crash caused the power to go out for about 30 minutes. crews had to rescue several people who got stuck in elevators-- someone even became trapped in a workout room. that driver was arrested and charged with drunk driving. 3 3 developing this morning... tampa police officers are looking for a missing 10-year-old boy who could be in danger. 3 they say "carmarion preyton" ran away from home. right now... he's considered endangered because he has a medical condition-- and left without his medication. "preyton" was last seen wearing a red, black, and grey colored shirt... with black shorts. he was last seen in the area of 11th and juneau streets. if you see him call tampa police. 3 3 this bradenton couple is now facing child abuse charges. police say they whipped their young daughter with a belt at least *20 times.. 3 the girl's elementary school noticed bruises on her
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child protective services..who then called police. spanking is *not illegal in florida.. but the arrest is re-igniting the debate over how far is too far. 3 parents seem to have mixed feelings on the matter.... a 2014 study from the university of chicago found that 70-percent of u-s adults are o-k with spanking their children.. but parents say it's possible to cross the line from discipline to abuse. 3 on wednesday, "pauline lee" and her fiancee "jeremy perry"... were arrested for hitting their daughter with a belt... police say they hit her at least 20 times. parents in florida have a constitutional right to privacy in rearing their children. there's no specific law saying how many strikes are okay... officials consider the size and location of welts -- and
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3 police say the girl's mother just regained custody of her a month ago in michigan family court... both parents have been charged with felony child abuse.. their daughter is now in the custody of child protective services. 3 3 polk county deputies are looking for a man they think stole a car.. with a 2-year old inside.. before abandoning both a short time later.. it happened outside the mulberry pharmacy on north church avenue.. around 3 yesterday afternoon. deputies say the child was with a family friend.. who had left him in the car for a few minutes while she went into the pharmacy.. the keys were in the car.. when minutes later - the car, and the child, were gone. both were found abandoned a short time later.. and the child was not hurt. deputies are looking for a the man seen in these surveillance pictures. 3 3 a sarasota county fire fighter is accused of sexting with an underage girla& while on the job! 3
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key... and as fox 13's josh cascio tells us... the victim was just 17-years-old. 3 3 3 news.cascio fox 13 in sarasota josh sarasota josh cascio fox 13 news.
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3 a horrifying scene inside a high school gymnasium in delray beach. paramedics rushed 8 people to the hospital after a performer accidentally set himself on fire during a pep rally. 3 of those taken to the hospital... several were students... but the only person treated for burns was that "fire-breather"... who we're told is a *seasoned performer. 3 that performer "ricky charles" owns "inferno's challenge"-- based in broward county. he tells us the reason things got out of control was because he used a new lamp oil-- which he hadn't practice with. luckily... people jumped in to help him right away. the students who were injured weren't burned -- but had other problems.. like smoke inhalation. "charles"
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his face. he's expected to be released from the hospital today. 3 3 closing arguments are expected in the hulk hogan sex tape trial this morning... hogan is suing celebrity gossip site gawker for posting part of a sex tape involving hogan and the wife of his former best friend. 3 the jury had a short day yesterday... but before they went home... they watched a taped deposition by hogan. in it.. he answered questions about the sex tape and how open he was about his sex life, especially on shows like howard stern. again hogan said he was in character ... and that he used artistic license to make things up and create a larger-than-life personality. 3 3 the funeral for the hillsborough deputy killed in a wrong-way crash while on duty will be held today. deputy john kotfila (cot-fee-la) junior died last saturday on the selmon expressway. his funeral will be held today at saint timothy's catholic church in
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airing it when it starts at one this afternoon.... until then fox 13's shayla reaves will be live at the church. visitation begins at 11 a-m. kotfila will be 3 3 tampa city council has voted to ease punishments for people caught with small amounts of marijuana. 3 in a five to one vote... city council chose to decriminalize possession of the drug. that means, if you're caught with 20 grams or less... you'll be fined.. instead of going to jail. 3 the fines work on a graduated scale. the first offense is 75-dollars... but you could be charged as much as 450-dollars for a fourth offense. only opponents of the measure showed up to voice their opinion before today's vote. anti-drug activists say they worry about the message
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3 mayor bob buckhorn still needs to sign the bill before it can become a law. once that happens... there will be an education period for tampa police... so it could take a few weeks before the law is in full effect. 3 3 lakeland linder airport just received a big upgrade... it opened a brand new control tower yesterday! 3 airport officials say the old one was outdated. the new one is 3 times as high... so air traffic controllers can see twice as far. it also has all the newest bells and whistles. the tower took 9-months to build.. staff there.. hope the new tower will convince noaa to relocate its hurricane hunter planes from macdill.. to lakeland. the goal was to complete the work before the "sun 'n fun" fly-in.. and they made it! the "fly in" is just over 2 weeks away. 3 3 ((vanessa)) this time of year - we report on a *lot of gator sightings.. but this gator is *huge.. *and.. it
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school in lakeland! 3 thursday afternoon.. the kids at "geneva classical academy" were met by this guy as they were getting out of school a nine foot.. eleven inch alligator! the school called in a trapper.. and it took him awhile to get the gator under control.. the school set up cones.. and kept the kids inside their classrooms while this went down.. on its facebook page - the school wrote "our students received a good polk county education today - how to trap a nine foot eleven inch gator"! 3 after the break... a violent hail storm sweeps through texas destroying everything in its path-- including some exotic birds. how people living can expect more bad weather. 3
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into the catch of a lifetime. how two families worked together to reel in this massive fish. 3 3 3
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3 3 welcome back... the time 4:xx. houston police are investigating... after a stakeout on a group of suspected robbers turned into a deadly shooting. 3 it happened last night outside a houston furniture store. police say 5 men tried to rob the place at gunpoint. an employee says they wanted to know where the safe was... when she told them didn't have a key for it... they left. officials
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a gun at police or ran towards another business with people inside... and that's when officers fired. two of them were killed... and 2 others were hurt. police say they had been watching ther group for some time... one man was even wearing an ankle monitor. 3 a man in rochester, new york convicted of recruiting members for isis... will spend the next 2 decades behind bars. "mufid elfgeeh" was sentenced yesterday to 22 and half years in prison as part of plea deal. in court ... he admitted to encouraging 2 people in the united states to travel to the middle east to join isis. prosecutors say elfgeeh used dozens of profiles on social media... to try and contact potential recruits. he has since reportedly denounced his support for isis. 3 an unforgettable experience for tourists on a charter fishing boat in
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an 823-pound marlin! 2 families -- one from russia, the other from the mainland -- were on board the "play n hooky" charter boat this week. they were about 5-miles off the coast when they hooked the big fish. it took them about 6-hours to reel in their huge catch. after a few dozen pictures.... the 823-pound marlin was taken to the honolulu fish auction. 3 more hail is expected today... after yesterday's storm wreacked havoc throughout texas. it damaged cars and buildings-- and even killed some animals. the ice was so thick... in some areas it looked like it had snowed. some people saw tennis ball-sized hail... which killed several exotic birds at the fort worth zoo. the frozen pellets also smashed windshields on several ambulances-- causing several hundred-thousand-dollars in damage. besides the hail... the storm brought heavy wind and lightning...
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power outages. 3 (()) 3 3 3 3 3
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3 plus... tampa's famous river 'o green festival is kicking off this saturday. mayor bob buckhorn will be there in his infamous green pants. besides the dying of the river... there will be irish entertinament, food, games, and a children's area. the family-friendly party starts at 10-30 a-m saturday.
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if you're an aviation lover.. "airfest 2016" is just about here. the high flying fun is tomorrow and sunday at macdill air force base. this year's event is extra special... it was canceled last year because of budget cuts. the airfest runs this saturday and sunday... gates open at 8 a-m. aerial performances start at 11-15. the event is free. 3 yesterday our walter allen got a 3 chance to fly in an f-16 with the air force thunderbirds. he says it was a wild ride and he didn't even "lose his lunch". you can see 3
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little later... coming up at five, seven, and nine on this morning. 3 3 3 3 with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't the spring home event is happening now.
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3 in sports this morning: the lightning are looking for production anywhere they can get it... 4 losses in the last 5 games... averaging just a goal per game *in those losses... and just awful on power plays... 0-for the last 19... trying to correct course in dallas last night... one of the best teams in the western conference... 3 former lightning and stars forward, brenden morrow retired last night... they held the cermeonial puck drop with his family. 1st per - alex killorn to nikita kucherov... goal.. 1-0 tb end of the 2nd period... steven stamkos his 2nd of the game... 33rd on the season, 3-2 tampa bay in the 3rd... stamkos, not the only one with a 2 goal night... jamie benn is pretty good too... stars take the lead and hold on... another lightning loss, 4-3 3 the rays took on the phillies in clearwater yesterday... where evan longoria left the game after
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shin. 3 the rays offense didn't seem to struggle too much without longo... first batter of the game, logan forsythe, no ill effects from getting hit on tuesday on the elbow... extends nicely here... one nothing rays... in the eight... richie shaeffer adds to the lead... rays hit 4 homeruns in this contest... really overshadowing a fine day on the hill out of matt moore.. 2 batters after shaeffer, mikie mahtook goes yard... his first of the spring... a two run shot, the rays slug their way to a 6-1 win in clearwater... 3 smith spent the last 3 years in baltimore... but played the previous 9 in jacksonville-- where he played under bucs d-coordinator mike smith. daryl smith was a cap casualty with the ravens, but even as an aging middle linebacker... he tallied 120 tackles in each of the last 3 seasons. he's now the 5th free agent the bucs have
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side of the ball. 3 still ahead: i'll have a check on the friday forecast.... 3 plus... a group gives troubled teens a second chance to get back on track. we'll tell how they're working to give kids a positive outlet after the break. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. twe talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . r xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce r the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. p xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke r in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. r for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, t there is limited information on how t xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. p you know, taking warfarin, i had to deal with that blood testing routine.
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3 it's tough being a teen... from peer pressure to bullying. it's easy to make bad decisions... but it can be tough to get back on track. today's hometown heroes are giving troubled teens... a second chance. 3 ((take pkg))trt:1:47oc: std supersreplay outreach student :08larry rose, president replay outreach :23becky miller, mixon farms ::43pkg it's taken just 12 weeks.. for jimmy seltzer to turn his life around. 0002z0.mxf 00:17:06;22 i mean i was one of those kids that didn't really care about too much. just did what i wanted, when i wanted and how i wanted and didn't really listen to anybody. then he heard about replay outreacha& a program helping at risk teens find purpose and structurea& 00014o.mxf 00:13:12;11 so what we try to do is making a difference by taking those kids that others wouldn't recognize and give them the opportunity they need. jimmy was ready to make a change. so he signed up for replay's eight week job training program.and for the last 4 weeksa& he's shadowed becky miller at mixon farms. he's gotten his hands dirty in the garden..and even helped with daily tours..001530.mxf 00:26:00;19 attitude. when he would come in for the day he was willing to go to work he always showed up on time. it's a big adjustment from just three months ago... when jimmy was on the verge of being expelled from school. 0002z0.mxf 00:17:20;03 i'm not in trouble as much anymore and i can control my anger now. replay has taught him responsibility and respect... assets he never knew he had.001530.mxf 00:26:30;05 he has a gift to work with people. even if jimmy has no plans of ever working on a farm.. the experience has helped him better plan his future. 0002z0.mxf 00:18:23;25 if professional football doesn't work then i would want to be a professional athlete trainer. that's the real purpose of replay... to keep kids on track and out of trouble.00014o.mxf 00:13:25;09 i think that if the community can come together and do this kind of thing i think we can honestly change crime. i think we'll turn around the future of crime. it's a big task.. for one organization to take on... but they've already had success with jimmy. and
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3 speaking of success... we have an update on jimmy. mixon farms was so impressed with him... they offered him a full time job this summer. 3 3


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