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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  March 19, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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@ @>> the moment of impact. @there has been a deadly plane @crash in russia. @there are no survivors. @>> anjuli: and support for a @woman and her gateer. @what the community is doing to @keep them together. @ good friday morning. @i am alcides segui. @>> anjuli: i am anjuli davis. @those stories and more. @a lot going on with the radar. @lindsay milbourne is keeping a @close eye. @>> reporter: to start the day,
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@headed our way are offshore but @they are quickly approaching, @and this not the type of severe @weather we will be watching @into midday. @these are just showers but if @you hold together, 50 miles to @the west of pasco county @meaning as early as next hour @we will see rain drops. @you might need the windshield @wipers in that area driving @back and forth from time to @time. @we will be monitoring that. @sprinkles have dissipated @across most of our interior @zones, but offshore, notice all @these - strikes. @over 1300 strikes the past 20 @minutes. @this san impulse of energy. @so with it we will be tracking @the threat for wind gusts. @and perhaps sooner looking at @the radar trends that we are @seeing. @for the time being, sunny, what @rain are we talking about. @remember any time we bring in @sunshine before storms, that @only helps to fuel them. @wind. @here is our midday storms. @11 a.m. and 3 p.m., best time
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@pasco county north with those @showers and officially as of @the midday hours, monitoring @the rain chances 50% to 60%. @some storms could pack a punch @with strong wind gusts. @look at futurecast. @cooler night tomorrow night too @coming up. @ sometime 8:02. @the video posted to youtube @appears to the show moment the @boeing 737 crashed to the @ground in southern russia. @the plane was traveling from @ddubai trying to land. @it was making his second @landing approach in poor @visibility and strong winds. @as you can see in this video, @it burst into flames. @60 people were on board that @plane and no survivors. @>> we just learned that the @cockpit voice recorder has been @recovered. @a fly dubai flight. @the airline released a @statement saying they are @investigating and right now the @focus is on the family members @of those who died in the crash. @the government of dubai is @doing everything to help those
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@they are calling the crash an @accident. @investigators are headed to the @site this morning and joined by @boeing officials who will @provide technical. @it circled airport for two @hours. @ wreckage on the peter o @ wreckage on the peter @o'knight airport. @two people died in that crash @and we don't know what went @wrong. @federal investigators left the @ain't last night and they will @be back out there this morning. @right now the airport is closed @down. @people in the area watched in @horror as that small plane fell @to the ground. @it caused windows and doors to @shake in homes all across the @area. @investigators say that the @crash happened during takeoff. @it won't rule out that there @could be a second plane @involved. @the plane is registered to a @nonprofit in south tampa and @was headed to pensacola. @we do not know the names of @people who died inside that @plane, but we will let you know @the names as soon as they are @release and of course when that @airport reopens. @ new this morning, two
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@a woman died after being hit by @a car on 15th street east and @26th avenue. @the florida highway patrol says @there are no witnesses, and @they are asking anyone who saw @anything to come forward. @a couple of hours after that in @st. petersburg, a man was hit @and seriously hurt while @crossing central avenue. @police say he was either in or @just outside the crosswalk. @the driver of that car that hit @him took off and was stopped a @short time after. @this morning, savala thorndora @is facing serious charges and @police say alcohol may have @played a factor in that crash. @ and the search is on for @the driver involved in a deadly @crash in plant city. @deputies say a green nissan @alti ma crashed into a @telephone pole on old mulberry @near marion road. @it happened before 9:00. @witnesses saw the driver run @away from the scene. @when deputies got there, they
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@car. @ these are the messages left @by fellow law enforcement @officers for the family of john @k aftfila jr. @they signed this banner and @they will be presented it to @deputy kotfila's loved ones. @deputies from across the @country attended to pay their @respects. @they sent a delegation of @officers @>> the funeral began early in @the morning as deputy kotfila's @casket i arrived to the church @and an emotional service. @they spoke at the funeral and @described him as a good man. @a hero who was always there @when needed. @the church was packed to @capacity. @people even overflowed into the @parking lot. @they watched as a riderless @horse was led out to church @with the flag-draped coffin @close behind. @a 21-gun salute and a @helicopter flew overhead in the
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@and then the final call. @radio dispatch called for @times. @then announced to all units @that the deputy kotfila 4258 @was 10-7. @end of watch march 12, 2016. @deputy kotfi la died one week @ago on the selmon expressway by @a wrong-way driver. @in the final act of heroism, a @woman said he put had is @cruiser between her and the @wrong-way driver saving her @life. @he will be buried in his home @state of massachusetts. @ hulk hogan sobbed as they @awarded him $115 million. @but monday morning this case @appeal. @fox 13's crystal clark explains @where we go from here, and the @national implications of this @court case. @>> we feel very positive about @the appeal we have already been @preparing, and we expect to win
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@>> reporter: but as of friday, @gawker has lost. @a six-person jury, four women @and two men decided the new @york-based web site must pay @hulk hogan oz legal name is @terry bollea, $55 million in @economic injuries and $60 @million for emotional injuries @after posting a sex tape of the @ex-wrestler on line. @>> i am confident we would have @prevailed at trial if we had @been allowed to present the @full case to the jury. @>> reporter: key details were @not permitted during the trial @according to gawker. @jurors never heard from radio @deejay bubba the love sponge, @hulk's friend who recorded him @having sex with his wife. @hogan and his attorney sued @saying his privacy was violated @saying his privacy was @violated. @>> this is not only his victory @but anyone else who has been @victimized by tabloid @journalism. @of it. @>> reporter: hogan dressed in @all black cried when the @verdict was announced but did @not speak as he left the court @not speak as he left the
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@the videos released cast him @lasting humiliation. @gawker's argument that hogan @was a public figure who often @discussed his sex life. @the video was nothing new. @>> the video gawker posted was @not like a real celebrity sex @tape. @it is not like kim kardashian. @it is not color. @you don't see close-ups of body @parts. @you don't see graphic sex acts @in vivid detail. @here 9 seconds. @>> reporter: in documents @released friday, gawker's @attorneys are raising doubt @that hogan was unaware he was @being recorded in the bedroom. @the video was never played @during trial, something gawker @during trial, something @gawker's attorney said could @have made a difference. @>> why did they not show that @you video? @the video that is the reason we @are all here. @>> that was crystal clark @reporting. @hogan may not have said @anything to reporters but he
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@his first tweet was thank you @god for justice. @and a short time later he @wrote, i told you i would slam @another finally @another giant, h, h. @ support for a local woman @and her pet alligator continues @to grow. @we met mary thorn and rambo @earlier this week. @here they are together. @mary has had rambo for the past @ten years but now she is @getting too big. @the florida fish and wildlife @says don't own enough land to @keep him. @she is fighting back saying @rambo is her beloved pet and @isn't a threat to anyone else. @a facebook page to support her @called support rambo the @alligator. @a petition. @once it reaches 1,000 @signatures it will go to the @fish and wildlife asking the @organization to make an @exception for rambo. @mary believes in rambo is @removed he will die because @their bond is so tight.
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@because she is passionate about @him. @>> anjuli: a custom leather @jacket. @>> alcides: we interviewed @that woman. @i hate to say it, but i @couldn't help but feel sorry @for her, not in a negative way, @but the bond is so close and if @the alligator does leave, it @will be tragic for her. @>> anjuli: got something @going. @some kind of bond. @ admit it, your bracket is @busted. @>> anjuli: in 15 minutes we @will look at one of the biggest @upsets in march madness history @and mack del air force base for @2016. @ i wish i could take it dry @all day for airfest and the @thunderstorms are approaching @from the west. @the morning time okay out there @the morning time okay out @there. @by late morning, thunderstorms @will be something that will be @moving in from the west. @showers now only 38 miles from @coastal hernando county, but @thunderstorms, they are still a @ways off. @your day planner shows a solid @60% chance of not only storms @but at least a few stronger @wind gusts embedded in the @storms by midday. @we will talk more about it and
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@ @ this weekend one of the @most exciting events in the @skies. @a lucky dog. @preview. @he flew with the thunderbirds @and coming up in 45 minutes, @we will talk to walt bertha @flight. @he did 9 gs. @>> makes me sick watching it. @>> anjuli: i would pass out. @>> alcides: he did it. @he was a natural. @we will talk to anymore 45
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@not everyone will get walter's @point of view, but, of course, @plenty to do out in that @airfest. @>> anjuli: absolutely. @getting there is half the @battle. @fox 13's kelly cowan live @outside the base. @any movement out there? @>> alcides: it is moving. @>> reporter: definitely @movement. @the cars are moving. @now they are still stretching @well down dale mabry, but they @are moving. @traffic is slowing into the @bay, so it is going along. @you'll maybe get a little @intimidated at first when you @first see the lines and the @stops, but it is moving. @so, you know, a little bit of @patience will do you good. @the gates will open at 8 a.m. @so not too long ago, and like i @said, things have been flowing @pretty good since then. @at 11, that is when the aerial @demonstration also kick off. @you will definitely want to be @down here and in place by that @point. @there are some great shows line @there are some great shows @lined up, including the u.s. @air force thunderbirds. @the u.s. paracommandos, the guy @the u.s. paracommandos, the @guys that jump out of airplanes
8:16 am
@things in the air as they @skydive to the ground. @a lot of excitement about the @return of airfest. @so much so that when we i @arrived we couldn't get up to @the gate where we were @intending to park because so @many cars had already parked in @place and started tailgating @out here. @we spoke with one man who drove @all the way down from chicago @for this weekend's festivities. @>> got here a little after 6:00 @>> got here a little after @6:00, and we brought a skillet. @and heated that up here and @tailgated a little bit and will @make a day of it. @>> reporter: this is not the @only gate you can use to access @the air force base. @there are two others to think @about in case traffic looks a @little intimidating to you on @dale mabry. @there is the macdill gate and @the gate at tanker way. @the gates will be open to the @public. @a free event and free parking @all day, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. both @today and tomorrow. @now coming up in a little bit,
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@and check out some of those @aircraft. @i can't wait to see them right @up close in person, and i can't @wait to show them to you as @well. @for now reporting live outside @of macdill air force base. @kelly cowan, fox 13 news. @back to you, guys. @>> thank you, kelly. @always exciting. @ another big event taking @place today. @the humane society of bark in @the park is taking place in @coat and choby fort brook park. @>> alcides: food trucks. @and run until 3:00 an it is -- @it is being hosted by our very @own lindsay milbourne and @walter allen, so go out and @check them out and say hi. @>> lindsay: so excited but i @wish i had better news about @the weather. @>> anjuli: you don't anything, @lindsay. @>> lindsay: if only i can make @the weather on days like today. @trying to keep the rain away @but it is coming. @squeeze in some of bark in the @park. @not only is rain a big deal but @those strong storms that so @many people out and about will @have to be keeping a watchful @eye.
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@look how close it is to coastal @pasco county north. @38 miles offshore, but not the @rain with the strong storms. @those are still a ways away. @good news here for airfest is @we can get dry hours in at @least this morning. @here is the radar we are @tracking. @some embedded isolated heavier @downpours from west to east and @believe it or not, march has @been a dry month for us, so am @of this is welcomed. @it is obviously welcomed if you @are suffering from allergies, @because any time we can bring @in a few showers of rain, that @will be helpful. @maybe a small sprinkle in @pinellas county. @nothing major expected for at @least the next several hours, @but tons of lightning offshore. @ an impulsive energy aloft as @it will be racing overhead. @as it does so between 11 a.m. @and 3 p.m., that's when we will @start to see the threat for @stronger storms. @starts near the coastline, but @right now for the time being, @it is quiet. @we have breaks in the clouds, @but those breaks in the clouds @are expected -- they only fuel @the storm which will be moving @in midday. @69 in tampa. @winds from the southeast.
8:19 am
@not as high as what we saw with @the sea fog earlier in the week @though. @64 over lake mirror in lakeland @with an east wind. @temperatures warming to still @near 80 @near 8 0 this afternoon with a @60% rain chance. @67 in pinellas park. @67 in westchase. @64 in inverness. @zephyrhills, 61 degrees @flirting with 70 from venice, @sarasota. @spring breakers make sure you @have indoor plans today. @65 in arcadia. @65 haines city. @a batch of midday storms. @this round of storms midday, a @second round of showers, @possible storms late tonight @into tomorrow morning. @i am going to switch over to @our water vapor imagery when we @talk about an impulsive energy, @energy aloft. @look at these darker whites. @intense upper level energy as @it swings by with the heavy @rain threat and lightning @strikes, strong winds will be @something that we will be @monitoring. @that wind gust threat will be
8:20 am
@limits. @lightning obviously something @that is very dangerous. @even some small hail as we get @in some heating before the @storms move in. @future cast slow to initialal @future cast slow to @initialalize on rain. @by noon, i think this batch is @already here near the @coastline. @earlier @earlier than that. @between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., @there are those strong wind @gusts and heavy rain quickly @moving through the region. @by dinnertime the heavy stuff. @we get some breaks for our @outdoor plans early this @evening and late tonight and @tomorrow morning, a second wave @of showers and perhaps @thunderstorms move in. @future cast a little bullish on @that. @notice the wind moving @northwest. @that is a cooler breeze so @becoming breezy by our sunday @night into monday, and this @breezy wind combined with @temperatures in the 40s mean at @the bus stop for kids monday @morning, they have those winter @jackets on. @some of them will. @today no jacket, 79 degrees. @maybe a rain jacket. @watch sky tower free for
8:21 am
@a few strong, not widespread @severe weather. @68 overnight. @a few showers move back in. @maybe a steadier batch closer @to the daybreak hour on sunday. @we will go from a 60% rain @chance today to 40% on sunday. @73 with quite a bit of clouds @through mid afternoon and those @winds are up and that cooler @air starts to settle on in. @today, not recommending boating @today, not recommending @boating. @winds are light. @that is good. @seas at 2 feet and obviously @some storms and tomorrow we @will have some wind. @next few days a little dicey @for the boaters. @low tide. @my seven-day forecast, show an @active weekend an then it shows @a last blast of winter and @spring starts tomorrow. @47 degrees tuesday morning with @sunshine, and heating up and @bringing back some more @moisture by late workweek. @ forget about march madness. @this is march mayhem. @up next in sports, a huge upset @that has busted every bracket
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@ @ good morning. @a lot of winners and loser twos @days into the ncaa tournament. @no bigger winner than las vegas @hauling in a mother load as @michigan state 2 seed and a @vegas favorite suffered argue @me its worse loss in program @history. @the blue rays of tennessee @state. @and they were taking it to the @spartans. @leading throughout. @michigan state was going to @heat up at some point but that @never happened. @harris gets the hoop and the @foul. @harris again showing off some @of that range. @one up. @yeah, they led the entire game. @how about this. @raymond, reverse lay-up. @and the shocker in full effect. @just the 7th 15th seed to ever @win. @michigan state was 16 @michigan state was @16-and-a-half-point favorites.
8:26 am
@spartans in a state of shock. @>> i feel bad for my guys. @they have given me this @university, this program in the @city a lot of stuff but a @better team won today, they @really did. @and we need to take that like @men and be class about it as i @think they are. @so that's it. @ how about another upets is. @13th seed hawaii and cal. @likes what he is seeing out of @the guys. @robert bobbitt step back bumper @good. @go into the half. @come out the second half and @didn't cool down. @bobbitt with a nice reverse lay @bobbitt with a nice reverse @lay-in. @warriors up by 8. @shows up the jump range and @pulls up the upset. @the school's first-ever @tournament win, 77-66. @the rays are looking for @closure and hoping that guy or @guys already exist on the
8:27 am
@a major blow to the bull pen as @brad boxburger will meet eight @weeks with tear in his @abdominal muscle. @he visited a specialist in @philadelphia. @a big hole now to fill. @vosburg er was an all-star last @year with an al best 41 saves. @now the rays will look to the @pens to see who will handle. @calumet, steve gelts and @farquier. @ charlotte facing the red @sox and no evan longoria. @but mas sa kept the offense @going. @to even things up one a piece. @bottom of the fifth, brad @miller, first home run of the @spring. @a solo blast to settlementer @field. @rays take a 3-1 lead. @danny farquier. @he is audition fog their closer @role. @goes one and a 30 gives up one @hit, strikes out one and the @rays win 5-1. @afterwards were talking about
8:28 am
@>> i just want to make the team @more than anything. @you know, and if things fall @into place and, you know, @somebody would be lying to you @if they said they didn't want @to close out games because that @is the number one job in the @bull pen. @>> reporter: and a reminder, @station is making that historic @trip to cuba as craig patrick @and myself will cover @everything that leads up to the @game, the game itself, and of @course the president's @jam-packed agenda along with it @jam-packed agenda along with @it. @coverage begins on monday. @ family, friends and @teammates of baltimore ravens @cornerback tray walk remember @grieving the death of the @23-year-old. @er died at 5 p.m. from injuries @sustained from a dirt bike @accident on thursday night @outside of miami. @at the time of the collision, @walker was not wearing a helmet @in this stent. @a second-round player and @considered a quiet and humble @player. @just lost his father to a heart @attack in 2014 and he dedicated @his rooshingy season to his dad @his rooshingy season to his @dad. @ravens teammate steve smith @wrote, a mother lost her son @today.
8:29 am
@brother, including us, his @extended family. @on that note, that is sports @this morning. @send it back to you. @ and at 8:28. @gearing up for showers and @thunderstorms and for the time @being, we have got breaks in @the clouds. @those clouds are looking west @toward our area beaches. @they are there 69 in tampa. @showers racing eastward, and @really within the next 30 @minutes, northern pinellas @county north right along the @coast. @a first taste of rain, and the @stronger thunderstorms are @still aways away. @future cast pinpointing those @storms between 11 a.m. through @3 p.m. so it is going to be an @active afternoon. @we will talk about that 60% @rain chance after the break. @ the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. @ @ from tampa bay he is number @one news station, this is @"good day tampa bay." @>> anjuli: good morning and @welcome for the weekend. @we are gearing up for a period @of showers and storms, but many @of us still have many more dry @hours before they
8:33 am
@breaks in the clouds, brookdale @breaks in the clouds, @brookdale, bayshore approaching @70 degrees. @it is muggy out there. @if you were anything, gosh, it @looks so great. @before do you check sky tower @as this cloud cover, the lack @thereof will be changing @drastically over the next few @showers as rain raises from @west to east. @it is moving right along. @not a lot of under this irand @lightning in here but heavier @pockets of rain and even @stronger winds. @25 miles per hour west of @hernando and pasco county. @actually more like 20 miles @west. @along u.s. 19, you will be the @first to see the wave of rain. @but offshore, notice from @pinellas county southward, a @ton of lightning there and @where the instability is the @highest, so i think as early as @10:30, 11 a.m. near the coast, @that will impact us first. @futurecast slow to bring in the @initial waves @initial wave of rain. @between 11 a.m. and noon, we @already have a batch of storms @in our coastal county.
8:34 am
@heat-driven showers and storms. @by 2 p.m., those storms can be @packing severe wind gusts but @as early as 4:00, we scour out @at least this first batch of a @60% chance of showers and @storms primary threats include @winds. @and the rain is not done for @sunday. @we will time out those showers @and talk about a cooldown. @ a quick check of today's @top stories. @hulk hogan is $115 million @richer before attorney's fees, @taxes and barring an appeal @that gawkier is promise @that gawkier is promising to @file. @late last night a jury decided @that gawker invaded his privacy @by posting his sex tape online @and awarded hogan the $115 @million settlement. @ pasco county deputy @ pasco county deputies are @looking for a person who tried @to rob an atm and tried to do @so without getting caught on @camera. @not successful. @the surveillance imnajs show
8:35 am
@cams around the atm at the gte @financial mall in lutz. @they tried to pry the atm open @but couldn't. @caused $2,000 worth of damage @to that bank. @ the man who works for the @post office in st. petersburg @is accused of stealing more @than $2 million in social @security checks. @the u.s. attorney's office @announced charges against @stacey darnell mitchell. @he is 48 years old and worked @at the distribution center in @st. petersburg back in 2012. @that is when he allegedly took @those checks. @if convicted he faces 15 years @in prison. @ former presidential nominee @plans to vote for senator ted @cruz in the utah caucus. @he wrote that the contest is @between trumpism and republican @between trumpism and @republicanism. @of course, trump firing back on @twitter. @he wrote that romney previously @supported kasich as well as @rubio. @trump said romney is a mixed-up @man who doesn't have a clue. @on top of that, trump is @questioning romney's faith. @at an event in salt lake city,
8:36 am
@was really a mormon. @ someone sent a sis @expeditioustious package to @donald trump's son, eric. @it was accompanied by a note @that was opened by eric's wife. @the note said either donald @trump drops out of the race or @this will next time be real. @ the best sick note of all @time. @>> alcides: not any question. @a young bruce springsteen fan @got a note signed by the boss @his self. @he was held a poster saying, @bruce, i will be up late to @school tomorrow. @please sign my note. @the sign caught springsteen's @attention. @once the concert was over, @grabbed a piece of paper and @wrote the teacher a note. @you see that right there asking @her to excuse the boy's absence @because he was out late rocking @and rolling. @even took a selfie with him. @how cool is that. @>> anjuli: i love that. @what a cute story. @i am sure the teacher enjoyed
8:37 am
@ going from bad to worse for @madonna. @she does something very @appropriate during a concert. @>> alcides: a possibility this @could land her in legal @trouble. @we will explain that. @ first their colors are @green and gold and they take @that green part very seriously. @in earth watch, the contest @going on right now at the @university of south florida
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@ @ there are many small ways @to make a big impact on the @environment like using a @reusable water bottle every day @and the university of south @florida recycles on a larger @scale this month in a @competition called recycle @mania. @this week's earth watch. @>> the truth is we have a lot @of resources already available @for students but they just @don't know about it.
8:41 am
@greenest universities in the @southeast. @in 1215 -- 2015, they recycled @400 tons of materials. @>> we want to improve recycling @to a one to one ray show grow @and we got the idea by @volunteering with sierra club @last semester at raymond james @stadium. @and they have a initiative. @every time you go a recycle @every time you go a recycling @and trash bin. @so you have an option every @single time. @>> reporter: programs like @collecting food scraps at the @cafeteria to make compost. @they set the bar high when it @comes to going green. @>> right now we are at the usf @recycle center and huge bins so @people from usf and the @community can come by and drop @off their recyclables and get @on with their day. @>> reporter: a month-long @competition called recycle @mania, usf competes with @hundreds of university @hundreds of universities across @the country to recycle the most @material. @it is the fifth year they @competed. @>> we want to recycle, but also @main thing is getting more @awareness.
8:42 am
@recyclable because it is @contaminated with food and they @won't recycle it. @>> our last week the four rs of @recycle @recycling, reduce, recycle and @recover. @>> to continue recycle @>> to continue recycling and @not making as much race. @>> you can make an impact. @>> lindsay: recycle mania runs @until april 1 and last month, @usf recycled 25 tons of @material. @the goal is this year 30 tons. @good luck for them. @good things to help the @environment. @ we have rain on the way. @brookville, bayshore quiet for @the time being. @in fact we don't have mostly @cloudy skies just yet. @20 miles offshore for hernando. @and not thunderstorms but @heftier showers. @the storms they are still a @ways off, and they could pack a @punch as early as late morning,
8:43 am
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8:46 am
@the airport for two hours. @it is believed that high winds @could be to blame but there @will be a full investigation. @ have you seen this yet? @madonna could be in trouble @during a stunt in australia. @invited a fan on stage, called @her a model and pulled down the @girl's shirt. @if that wasn't bad enough, it @turns out that fan is 17 years @old. @some say that girl should sue @madonna for sexual assault and @the fan is speaking out saying @she will never sue madonna and @called the exposure the best @moment of her life. @ and this is must-see video. @from a convenience store in @colorado. @a woman walks up with a baby in @her arms up to the counter. @that clerk immediatelys in @that clerk immediatelys @something is wrong with the mom @and reaches out and grabbing @that baby out of the mom's arms @and as you saw just seconds @later, that woman falls to the @ground having a seizure. @the first name is rebecca @montano. @she says she is a mom, a @grandmother and her first @instinct was to save that baby. @by the way paramedics arrived.
8:47 am
@what a scary situation. @thank goodness everyone is okay @and she had the instinct to @grab that baby. @>> alcides: look at her right @hand kind of slowly -- she @starts to slowly fall out. @wow. @>> lindsay: you know that mom @once she is feeling better will @say nice words for that woman @for helping her out. @>> anjuli: here i know that @lindsay is feeling pretty bad @about the forecast. @not your fault. @>> lindsay: i know. @bark in the park is one of the @biggest fundraisers of the @humane society of tampa bay. @starts at 11:00. @i hope we can squeeze in at @least some of it, if you are @peeking over my shoulder, you @can clearly see not the @thunderstorms, our next wave of @steady rain is moving in and @impacting coastal, up through @citrus first. @no thunder or lightning, @pockets of steady rain but a @lot of it to the west and @clearly there is going to be a @spell of wet weather today. @the overall rain chances at 60% @the overall rain chances at @60%.
8:48 am
@much longer. @first raindrops of the morning @have fallen along u.s. 19 near @crystal river, but the first @big thunderstorms of the day @are several hours away, and i @hope the weekend -- i happy @they will weaken somewhat but @no signs of weakening. @1,000 lightning strikes over @the past 20 minutes and we have @some breaks in the clouds and @with daytime heating by as @early as 11 a.m. along the @coast. @some of these thunderstorms @will be moving in and i want @you to keep a watchful high @with airfest and any kind @outdoor event. @if you have a sky tower radar @app. @it will alert with you a severe @thunderstorm warning and alert @you. @an dry users, it is free to @have our app on your phone and @keep you safe and stay weather @aware. @not a beach day but i tell you @what a nice stroll. @clearwater beach 69 degrees @with a southeast wind pushing @70 here in tampa with high @clouds and limited cloud cover @inland. @with that, we will be tracking @those thunderstorms moving into
8:49 am
@64 degrees in lakeland. @near 70 in sebring. @71 in st. pete. @61 in brooksville. @we have this upper-level @impulse riding the base of what @we call a trough of low @pressure. @this front. @behind the front is cooler air @and that doesn't get here until @sunday night in midday round @and another round of showers @and thunderstorms that are @gathering right here in the @gulf and these if they hold @together could give us storm @chances as early late tonight @into tomorrow morning. @we are not done with the rain @until sunday night. @today it looks like we shifted @that severe risk. @marginal risk from tampa bay @points southward. @as these storms moved in into @the unsettled environment. @strong winds gusts around 60 @miles per hour. @the main threat as well as @the main threat as well as @frequent lightning. @some sunshine. @possibly small hail as well. @futurecast slow to onset the @rain.
8:50 am
@but as early as 11 a.m. coastal @showers for our northern @counties first. @by 4:00, a lot of this is done, @and dinnertime, definitely dry @hours to enjoy. @this won't stop bringing in a @batch of showers and storms @sunday morning. @could be there as early as day @daybreak if not overnight. @behind it the winds pick up, @and this low brings winter @weather as a nor'easter kind of @parallels the northeast coast. @so if you were travelling to @maybe boston early monday @morning, call ahead for @possible delays. @our last gasp of winter around @high pressure means that by @monday morning, our @temperatures will be in the 40s @temperatures will be in the @40s. @look at our dip in our @temperatures by monday, 66 for @the afternoon high. @today we are pushing 80 degrees @today we are pushing 80 @degrees. @a few strong storms will watch @us between 11 and 3 p.m. the @best time frame to see them. @tonight any storms are spotty @in nature mainly just showers @and then during the day on @sunday from 68 only 73 degrees. @but those winds pick up out of @the northwest mid afternoon. @showers especially first half
8:51 am
@the seven-day forecast, this @weekend pick up at least a half @an inch of rain and heavier @downpours today. @drier for spring breakers @midweek and storms again late @week. @getting into more of an active @time of year and keep a close @eye on storms for you. @>> anjuli: thank you, lindsay. @ earlier this week fox @anchor walter allen got to do @something pretty cool. @he flew with the thunderbirds. @>> alcides: we will talk about @that ride and the excitement
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
@ @ @ a few days ago fox 13's @walter allen got a ride of the @lifetime. @he flew with the thunderbirds. @lucky dog. @>> anjuli: i know. @i am kind of jealous but glad @it was him instead of me. @he is joining us by phone to @talk about that experience. @good morning, walter. @said. @she was happy for me but no way @she could have done it herself. @>> anjuli: what were your @thoughts when they first @approached you about this? @>> mostly nervous and a little @bit excited. @a part of me who always wanted @to do this ever since i was in @college. @that was the first field i @wanted to get into, and you @know, i want toed to go join
8:55 am
@much gnat involved and i am not @good at math so i decided to go @the journalism route. @so i said -- when you are @approached to do something like @this. @you can't say no. @i said let's do this. @and then when we got to the @flight line, i actually saw the @plane i was going to ride in. @i said, you know, i am not @nervous anymore. @it is going to be great. @>> alcides: so you did 9 gs. @that is what we were told. @he pulled a 9 g on you and you @were -- i think the video you @are looking the now is that. @and you were awake. @i would have passed out for @sure. @there it is right there. @>>caller: here is the thing, @yes, i did pull 9 gs and i have @the picture to prove it. @the picture of the gauge. @i pulled 9 gs. @it is a pain unlike anything i @have ever experienced in my @life. @federal, they coach you through @it. @they teach you a number of @different things so you don't @pass out. @so you don't, you know, do the @things that your body will @typically do when you are @pulling 9 gs.
8:56 am
@suit which is something that @goes around your thighs. @and when you start to pull @right around 2, 3, 4 gs, the g @suit starts to inflate, and -- @i guess would you equate it to @that machine at the pharmacy @when you check your blood @pressure and it starts @squeezing your arm a bit, it @squeezes the leg so the blood @builds up to your head. @>> anjuli: oh, man. @you. @>>caller: on top of that you @have to do certain exercises @when you are pulling these gs. @they fell you to flex your @calves and squeeze your legs @together like you are holding a @basketball, and the blood will @rush to your head. @en i was doing these -- so @funny because when i was @practice @practicing these with the @flight surgeon, i mean, i got a @head rush. @i am like -- my head look like @a cherry. @they said are you okay. @i said, i guess it works. @all the blood is going to my @head. @those are the different @exercises you do going into -- @and the pilot was fantastic. @he let's you know right before @you are going to do whatever @you are going to do and he said
8:57 am
@here it comes. @>> anjuli: what an experience. @thank you for sharing it with @us and we are glad you are @okay. @>> alcides: what military men @and women do on a daily basis. @he it did it one time and they @do it every single day. @>>caller: i couldn't imagine @these men and women who have to @do that on in combat. @>> alcides: we have to go. @thanks,ed but buddy. @>>caller: it is crazy. @>> alcides: good stuff. @>> anjuli: thank you, walter. @have a good morning. @ we are live from macdill as @the base gears up for airfest @2016. @>> the big story is all about @the weather.
8:58 am
@ s not fair, he should give you your rollerblades back. s back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. so you have 20 more bags. mhm. my yoga instructor calls it the death spiral.
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@ @ horror at the airport. @dramatic video captures the @moment the plane -- there it is @-- falls out of the sky in @russia. @ more trouble on the @campaign trail for donald trump @after protesters clash at a @rally out west.


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