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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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3 right now at 11... family and friends remember the two men killed in a plane crash on davis islands. is. >> right now at 11, family and friends remember the two men killed on a plane crash on davis island. >> what investigators think may have been a factor. >> sadly some weather issues have come on but i mean it's still going on so that's great. >> rainy, stormy weather didn't keep family and friends away from mcdill air all in favor.
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>> good night, lloyd is off, i'm aaron edwards,. >> i'm haley hinds. evan lambert is live. evan. >> we just got an update from tampa police in the last few minutes confirming to us that they are working a deadly hit and run here at interbay boulevard and sixth street south. they say this happened around 8:45 tonight and a man in his 40s was riding a bicycle and he was hit by another vehicle. right now they do not have a description of that vehicle, of course that is something that they are working desperately to get. because them, at this point, they believe the car fled the scene. they will be looking looking for the car car. they are talking to witnesses and they also say there is evidence here at the scene that suggests this is a hit and run so another car was involved with
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when they got to the scene they did find this man in his 40s zed here at the scene. they are looking for video, possible surveillance video in this area that could give them any clues to exactly what happened and any leads on what kind of car they should be looking for. and in this area, i want to mention that interbay is closed and will remain closed in this area for a few hours according to police. mcdill is open. again, a deadly hit and run but tampa police are working right now. there is not a description of the car involved at this point but they do say a man in his 40s died on the scene as a result of the hit and run. we'll have the latest on good day tampa bay. haley, aaron. >> thank you. now we know the names of the people on board planes off davis
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evan lambert learned more about the passenger and pilot. the victims have been identified as louis caparicci and kevin careno. >> reporter: family and friends shared the men both in their 50s were on board a twin engine cessna when it crashed just after stayoff on the runway at peter o. knight airport. caparicci and careno graduated in 1993. posted he was okay but remembered his friends writing may the good lord have mercy, meanwhile, investigators are still trying to determine what caused the plane to crash. today they confirmed witness accounts that two planes may have been involved in the incident.
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are two airplanes taking off approximately the same time. however, whether the accident occurred coincidental or as a cause of, i don't know yet. and that's one of the reasons why we're here to start gathering all the information. >> that's fox 13's evan l.a.x. berth reporting. investigators should have a preliminary report in about ten days or so. the airport is back open tonight. >> st. pete police reported to a dozen reports thinking they all involved the synthetic drug spice. users are like zombies, sometimes unable to even communicate. there's been an increase in spice related overdose and medical emergencies reported all over the bay area, today it was in st. pete's unity park involving about a dozen people
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>> drumplet held donald trump held a rally in arizona, and protesters blocked a road with signs saying, trump is hate. three people were arrested. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton has a huge delegate lead. bernie sanders has refused to step down. west. clinton has been focusing her campaign on the east. >> 18 cuban migrants were captured off the see marco island south of naples. they had been at sea for 22 days.
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next port at cozumel, mexico. fox 13 is going to have a team in cuba. political editor craig patrick is going to be covering president obama's visit. look for their reports next week. be plane crash in russia killed everyone on board. tonight there's new video, cctv footage shows the fly dubai airplane be exploding in a flash of light. all 55 passengers and seven crew members died. it is not clear what caused the crash but poor visibility and high winds are considered factors. >> that is not the usual sound you hear at mcdill air fest,
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roaring rain was pouring. cars lined up for hours just to get on the base. kelly cowan is there. >> though he has been flying these 1940s pre-war planes for more than three decades, jim decker's excitement has never waned. >> all pilot flew t-6's and nj's so any military pilots are have a soft spot in their heart for this airplane. >> and it's the aircraft of choice for jim's team. the guico sky flyers.
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the formation type of it, flying an old ex military plain like this is a treat. there just aren't that many around. >> with rain rolling in, jim and the sky typers were forced to stay grounded. the thunderstorm kept people in their cars for nearly three hours today but those who waited it out were rewarded with much thinner crowds and a full afternoon of aerial shows. officials say they're expecting a full lineup on sunday and a lot more people considering day 1's near washout. for now reporting at mcdill air force, kelly cowan, fox 13 news. >> tickets and parking are free and you may want to leave early because those crowds are expected to be big. >> there's not much inmates can do the pass the time.
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and writing letters. at this point it's a totally different uranium. >> and a jail. >> i saw quite a bit of rain, quite a few more showers between now and sunday afternoon but
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inmates at one jail in california... are getting tablets. the >> inmates at a jail in california are getting tablets. >> a madera county prison hopes the inmates will lead better lives. wendy davis explains. >> once you give them a tablet, they're quiet and focused. inmates are saying these items are doing that at the madera county jail. >> inmates usually pass their time by doing pushups reading books, writing letters. it is a totally different jail.
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they won't mimic when they get out. >> a lot of these are therapeutic, parenting while incarcerated, setting goals while you are in the facility and setting challenges. >> it's also helping them be better on the inside as well. >> we got to be good. we can't be all messing up. so everybody's being hey because everybody wants tablets. >> have less altercations in the jail, i think that's a positive thing, at the same time we're providing positive content. out. >> if you are wondering, prisoners cannot access the internet through these tablets. they're only for use with a
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1 wendy lane, fox news. >> now your sky tower forecast with meteorologist mike bennett. >> welcome back. we saw the showers and storms roll through the beaches today, not a whole lot of people at the beaches rightfully so, all in all not the best of days to be at the beach. tomorrow slightly better i think. not a whole lot of sun but a little shower activity rolling through. 71 was the high, below average, 69 was the low. one bulb back on the fifth another blue on the 20th, that's it so far this month. we will get a few below average, monday below average tuesday below average then back into the 80s as we head towards the end of the weekly.
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tonight, rain chances 30 to 40% or so. cool dry and breezy, warm and unsettleend of the week. still remains to be seen how unsettled things are going to be but it doesn't look that good this weekend at this point at least. dew point of 66. other temperatures at the area, 68 in lake placid, 69 in sebring. 74 in crystal river. one batch of showers moved through today, line of storms working across the state. this batch of showers now off to our south. that pretty much stays off to our south but watch to see if anything develops in this area back here and tries to push there could be scattered showers period. showers and storms into the first half of the day tomorrow, afternoon showers the further south and east you go then
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afternoon and kind of that last gaps of winter, tomorrow night and monday night. some of those sheltered locations, you could get to the mid to upper 30s for overnight lows. mainly rumbles of thunder, occasionally moderate shower activity. 74 for you tomorrow, lingering showers, heading on into the weekday monday, 66. nice to see sun out there though. marine forecast, assess seas building, two to three feet. maybe to seven to ten feet. low 70s tuesday, upper 70s wednesday, there's the unsettled weather as we head towards the end of the week. >> ordering pizza got better and
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rolls out a new dogs are known for their trending. dogs are known for their incredible sense of smell but you mate have to do a double take when you see this one. check it out. notice something a little off with that dog? he was born with two noses. >> i shouldn't be laughing.
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this is toby found wandering the streets in fresno, california, about to be put down when an animal shelter decided to post his story online and someone came forward and got the boy. he's with his owner's two other dogs. so he's got as many noses as his siblings do. can you believe they were going to put him down? >> this was like a happy little dog. >> and there aren't any others like him in the world, let alone down street. >> sodom domg domino's pizza cane is
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robot, called dru, short for domino's robotic unity. up to ten pizzas are stored in the base, which is unlocked with the number given to the recipient. >> i feel like i had a robot like that back in the '90s. you think they could build something to look more futuristic. this is a huge honesty beam here. assuming no one is going to stay that robot. >> or that it's not going to accidentally hit by a car. you can get special instruction
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>> that was another rocky reference. >> i'm 100% sure i understood that. >> he's pretty cool. >> he is. >> jeff. joining us now. >> be absolutely absolutely marvels.
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>> the tampa bay lightning looked to snap a losing streak and just in time. they have lost five of their last six and john cooper is looking to get this ship righted. to glendale arizona, cooper tried to coax the win back. palot as been the team's best player through the rough stretch and here he is again, staking his team to 1-0 lead, 1-0 bolts in glendale.
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jose fernandez not startings courtney williams? whatever the reason it was fantastic, a great move. she provided a huge spark when she entered the game. drains the 3 here, 12-6 colorado state, williams just getting started, in the bucket there for 2, bulls now trail by 3 and then in the third this jumper, closes the gap even more, little fade away, williams 31 points, fuels a come back that will have the vols moving onward. 48-45. , in fawn in fontana, california. kyle busch cuts a tire one lap to go and austin dlon gets
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dylan went around him. better to be lucky than good but you have to be both. two and a half hours of delays at the sebring, pepo durani wins, his team was the win are of the 24 hours, rolex. s is back to you. >> something called tiny homes is a new trend in the real estate market. some people are building the smaller than average homes because there's a desire to live
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average price, 200 feet finance and cost, $60,000. >> that's a bargain since 200
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