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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  March 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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p for first time in nearly 90 pyears a sitting u.s. president pis in cuba. pand tampa bay has a front row pseat in this diplomatic pbreak-through. p>> and you know who's running pfor president, are you sick of pseeing them yet? pwhy you may want to pay closer pattention to candidates. pit could help you during a pfuture job interview. pmorning everybody. pwelcome to 9 o'clock hour of p>> i'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning everybody. pwe will start in checking with pvanessa who keeping an eye on pvery bad crash in sarasota. pgood morning. p>> yeah, good morning guys right pnow live look for you in area of proad. pfor those who are just joining pus, this is area we've following
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pi'm told that our camera man is plooking towards the tree where pthis vehicle crashed into. pas we mentioned before, pbradenton road de soto road and parea of sarasota around 3 this pmorning crash was reported. pthree 21-year-olds are dead a pfourth person was taken to the phospital hospital with injuries pthey are expected to if i have. olice still trying to figure pout what caused the crash. pbut they tell us they do believe pspeed was a factor within the ast 30 minutes or so. pwe actually saw that roadway pfinally reopen after being shut pdown. puniversity parkway was shut down pfor several hours. p>> getting on to other incidents phappening on roadways we do want pto remind driver in lakeland you pcan see delays over next several pdays. pnot only along north crystal plake drive but also south pcrystal lake drive. parea just east of u.s. 98 csx pdoing rail road work. pdetours are going to be on pcombee roaded and thursday is pwhen those roads will reopen.
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p>> boy, is it cool outside. pi mean, it just feels like pwintertime out here. pbreezy, it's dry. pit's in the 50s for some. pothers are in the 40s. plike bartow and winter haven. phaines city, lakeland. pwesley chapel brooksville. pif this is your kind of weather, pand i know this appeals to lot pof people out there, i want you pto go outside i want you to penjoy it now. pbecause this may be the last ptime this happens until some ptime in the fall. pwe've got north winds 13 to 22 pmiles per hour. pwe've got temperatures only in pthe mid 60s for highs today. pfast rebound up to tomorrow's p48. pwe're 73. pand by wednesday, we're flirting pwith 80. p president obama makes phistory. phe and his family touched down pin cuba yesterday. pwhen he did he became first psitting president to visit that pcommunist country in more than p90 years. pthis comes after he easted ptraveling and trade restrictions
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pa the love people are very pexcited for this trip. pa lot of people are not. pthe president has a packed pschedule that includes even our ptampa bay rays. p>> and shayla reeves here with pmore with this hi stoiric trip. pgood morning to you. pwelcome ceremony a state dinner pand a conference for pentrepreneurs. pthey are all in the president's pagenda for this trip and we're pjust a few hours into the second pday. pnow the first family arrived in pcuba sunday, the country's pforeign minister greeted them. pnext the president met with the pu.s. embassy staff before ptraveling toha vannah cathedral pto meet with cardinal or at the ptoday. pcongress member and a u.s. pbusiness leaders among those ptraveling with president. ptoday's agenda includes meetings pwith cuban president castro, pfollowed by a statement to the ress. prelationships between the united pstates and cuba have been pstrained since the cold war era. pthe united straights practicing
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resident obama wants to change pthat approach but some opponents pdon't agree with outreach and pwant to see cuban government preformed. pnow coming up tomorrow, resident obama will deliver a pformal speech then travel to the pbaseball field where the tampa prays are scheduled to take on pcuban national team. pcameras rolled as the rays parrived in havana. p>> well because it's historic. pi mean you see tampa bay it's my pfavorite team. pi love these guys. pi love this team. pi love what this represents. pi love president obama coming pdown here. pthis is a huge thing for the pcuban people. pit's huge for americans. pit means a lot. pand it's, it's and we love, we pall love baseball common thread pforum all of us i think that's preally important a special time pfor tampa bay rays player and pcuban citizen. phe left for united states three pyears ago traveling on a boat pwith his mother to pursue his pdream of playing baseball.
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pto the country cuban president pcastro is also expected to pattend tomorrow's game. prussell, back to you. pall right shayla, thanks. p>> the united states is warning pof risk of zika in cuba. pcdc hadded cuba to its travel pnotice. pthe viruses spread by mosquito pand linked to birth defects. pobama administration says virus pis not a factor in the resident's travel decisions. p and all of this will be a pgigantic opening act for the prolling stones. pthey were scheduled to play a pshow in cuba yesterday because pof president big trip the band pdecided to delay their concert puntil friday. pcrew of 140 stones employees and pat least 80 cubans setting up to paccommodate hundreds of pthousands of spectators. pstones are one first major pinternational rock stars to ever lay cuba. p>> and fox 13 has a team in cuba pright now. pour sports director scott smith pis there covering the rays.
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atrick will be covering the resident visit. plook for their reports starting ptonight at 5:00 p.m. p>> another wrong-way driver. pthis time in tampa. pthankfully this time the driver pwas arrested before anyone got phurt. pshe did come close to hitting a ptampa police officer on she was pa spotted driving south on the pnorthbound lanes of i 275 in parea of fowler avenue. pwhere shoe almost hit an pofficer. phe managed to get out of way. panother officer pulled her over pshe was exiting wrong way on pbush boulevard and charged with pdui. eter oh knight airport in davis pislands is back open after plane pcrash that killed two people. pfriends and family have pidentified the victims two from pthe area. pthe two were on board a twin pengine cessna that crashed about p11:30 friday morning. pboth were killed. p>> saturday investigators pconfirmed witness reports that panother plane may have been pinvolved. pthey are still trying to figure pout if indeed there connection
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p interest to madeira beach pcould look drastically different pthey want replace vacant lot tom pstewart causeway with three plarge hotels new condo units and pnew retail development. pthe upgrades would also include pnew marinas and dock master pbuilding as well pedestrian pfriendly walkways a public laza. pcity council approved some prezoning but still has to papprove the rest. p>> deputy john kotfila, jr. has parrived back in massachusetts. pkotfila was killed in wrong-way pcrash on selman expressway just pover week ago early sunday pmorning deputies led hearse pcarrying his casket to tampa pinternational airport. phe will be buried in his home pwednesday. p>> well a jacksonville campaign pheadquarters vandalized all pcaught caught on camera. pyou can see person make several pattempts to break the glass
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pnow we got it. pthis is the fourth act vandalism pdirected against trump pjacksonville campaign office. pbuilding owner says suspect pshows up to the campaign pheadquarters today willing to pvolunteer to learn about olitics she'll drop criminal pcharges. p>> florida primary may be over. pbut there are many, many more on pthe horizon. panother big tuesday tomorrow. phandful western states will head pto the polls. pdemocrats will vote in arizona, pand utah and idaho. pwhile republicans will head to olls in arizona. pand utah. p>> and happening today a very pspecial hockey game taking place pright now in tampa. pnot however at the amalie arena. pvery unusual setting. pfox 13's walter allen is live pfor us on bay shore boulevard pwith more on this. pgood morning walter. p>> hey good morning russell and plaura it seemed a little out of lace initially. pbut then, it just felt natural pafter a little while. phockey on bay shore, right? p>> yes. pisn't this awesome. pclaire joining us from tampa bay
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pyou guys are in charge of pbringing final four here. pwhy we're playing hockey on bay pshore to get everybody excited pabout frozen 4 coming here to ptampa. pjust in couple weeks from now. p>> yeah we couldn't be more pexcited we hosted in 2012 we're pthe quickest city to get it back pin nearly 20 years a real ptribute to our community plightning made hockey out here ptoday. pkind of helping spread awareness pto create enthusiasm as everyone pis driving to work folks that pmaybe don't watch college hockey poh never seen frozen 4 what pshould they be in for? pi think like college hockey is psuper fast paced. pyou see lot of skill, i think pit's very exciting. panyone that gets in arena plus pamalie arena puts on an amazing pguest experience. pthey are going to if they are pnot used to seeing college phockey they need to get out and psee this. pwhat shall we anticipate you psaid there is going to be an parea fan zone? pfrozen fest. pwhere they are partners will pactivate be a lot of family
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laza before the game start pthroughout weekend. pwe also have a bake ear wards pand autograph sessions open to ublic that will take place ptampa theater. ersonally, why are you excited pfor this? pi'm excited because our pcommunity continues to host pthese large events. pand really rally around it. pand tampa gets to shine. pand so, we couldn't more excited pto have these northerners come pin april and watch college phockey in sunshine. p>> you were talking about the pnumber of things so what pwomening basketball final 4 last pyear. pfrozen 4 this year. pnational championship for pfootball next year. pyou guys got a big. pa lot on your placewe do credit pto our community partners pcommunity they rally around big pevents. pand we continue, we really pmeasure our success on the oonlt pto bring these events back. pso frozen 4 is perfect example pwe had in 12 back in 15 phopefully we'll get it back pagain. pany other chances of seeing pop pup hockey between now and papril 7th? p>> well you know as they say pcommunity hockey program plightning can strike at any
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pso you got to be lucky to trip pupon it or follow them socially pthis will pop up all around the pcommunity. pokay. pclaire joining us tampa bay psports commission thank you so pmuch. pagain frozen 4 amalie arena pstarts april 7th. pwe will see which of the 4 best phockey teams are going to be laying in amalie arena. pback to you. p>> so fun. p>> all right. psee you later. p>> still ahead a good day good pdeed that's going to warm your pheart. pa puppy that was dealt a very ptough hand in life is getting pall love he deserves. pand whole lot more. pand then are you sick politics pyet? pmaybe you should listen a little pcloser. pwe're sorry to say it could help pyou dorying your next job pinterview. pbut first charley belcher pgetting in touch with his nature pside this morning. pam i? pyes you are. pyes. pi'm outside. pi'm sitting in the news car pbetween live shots. plet's be honest. psitting in news car keeping warm plistening to radio.
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ptoo late. p>> you know what kids don't do penough of though? pkids don't get out and play penough. pand then i'm at place that lay. pyes be silly what are we doing phere? pwhat are we doing there? pjust been silly? pall right. pi thought it was fun to join. pi didn't mean to ruin your pmoment. pwe're at boyd hill nature reserve. pand the little ones are coming pout. pwe're talking about how we get plittle ones involved with
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pfox 13's good day, local for pyou, all morning long. p it's 9:15. ptake? pwe're in the middle political pseason it shows no signs of pslowing down. pbut what if we told you you can plearn something from all of the pcandidates? pdoug arms from kelly services pjoins us now to talk about 5 job pinterview tips that you can psteal from at presidential pcandidates. pfirst of all welcome back. pi'm shaking i don't hand because pi know this is an important pthing in a few minutes. pgood to see you. pyou too. pyou say your story matters. pstory matters if you think about phow political candidates look pmarco rubio. pas an example. pyou know he's child of immigrant arents he has great back story, pit's locked in. pso you know, a lot of the advice
9:16 am
pright now really comes from padvice we've giving all along pjust packaged differently. pyou have to anticipate some of pthe questions you'll asked and panticipate they will tell me pmore about yourself personal or pwhether that's business related. pbut having really crystalized pback story you can go to psuccinctly is really important. pyou see great examples of that pfrom politician know you will pasked and tell crisply. pyeah i always think about not in phigh rise building got in an el pvariety and had to hell your pstory within 30 seconds suspect psimilar to your next point per erfect your sound bites. phe very succinct. pthat's what he says. olitician have quick sound pbites people like to take notes pon big headline speak not your pentire interview but give a few pthat things will stand out. pthey can take a quick note on psay wow, that's something that preally is impactful to to you. pimpactful to conversation i can ptake it was a person says a few
9:17 am
pi'm going to put you on the pspot. p>> do it. p>> give me an example so people pcan know what we're talking pabout here. pat times you can say something plike, if you're guiding a group pof people, leading a group of eople you can say look i'm preally looking for people that pare engaged in journey not just palong are for the ride. pthere's something. p>> and something say something pthey will jot something like pthat down. p>> know your audience. pthis is, i think a take from pwhat we ef often said about, phaving multiple versions of your presume all true versions pdifferent versions of resume paccording to who you're speaking pwith. pnot the same sound bites the not psame things will work for every paudience nuances you're look at. pi think this in terms of you're pwalk to apple store looking for piphone every buyer is looking hone. psalesperson can sell features pand benefits of phone in paccordance to what buyers plooking for. pease of use here's an iphone papps. pglad you want that. piphone for you.
9:18 am
pdifferent things that important pto you. pcomes from. phere's one. pand here's one that here's one i pwould struggle with if i were in pthis situation. p>> develop your brand. pso if you were to flip the ptables a little bit. pask not what potential employer pcan do for you ask what you can pdo for your potential employer. p>> wow. pwhere does that come from. pthat's a sound bite. p>> man, like, if you look at pthat take yourself as product, pversus a candidate, what can you poffer to the company? pwhat are the how are they going pto benefit fromming having you pyou can only really do that if pyou can work on your personal pbrand take people, take have pthem take you for what you can poffer to them. pyou have to go you know in in paccordance with talking to your eer groups. p>> right. pthey will give you lot of pfeedback. pif you're smart in collecting pthat i think it will help you pcraft a better message. ping interest, interesting.
9:19 am
poptional. pbut shaking hands is not. p>> networking play. pnot just an in person popportunity to go in and meet eople during the process during pthe actual interview process pabout how can you extend pyourself prior. pcan you meet individuals online pmaybe through your linked in pconnection through facebook pconnections whatever social pmedia or business related media pyou can get through to meet prelated people to the interview rocess. pmaybe it's people you know from pyour past that worked for pcompany you have other tie ins pto company. pyou know, extending that network pand try to create a good imagery pabout yourself through any pchannel you can. pi will never forget i mean this pwas years and years ago, long pbefore social media played into pany of this i was on job pinterview i was let loose in pnewsroom to i was on an pinterview let loose in newsroom pto talk to employees there. pmore than one person took me paside said do not take this job. preally. preally? p>> yeah. p>> you don't want to work there p>> did they tell you why?
9:20 am
p>> i took it. pand i found out later. p>> good job. pbut do listen to them. plisten to feedback. ptake the feedback. p>> good to see you. pwas it good? pwhat happens if you mess up the phandshake? pthat's what i think. p>> we can talk about that panother day. pjust awkward. p>> good news is russell you're pstill on that job 25 years later p>> it wasn't here. pit was another one. pi know we've had that pconversation before. pbut i just had to throw that pjoke in there. p>> it's nice outside. pwe do have some cloud cover pstreaming through parts of the pviewing area. pif you haven't gone outside yet, pit's about 15, 18 degrees colder pthan it was yesterday at this ptime. pi mean, it is a noticeable pdifference. pit's still in the upper 40s, olk county, hernando county. pcitrus county. pwe're at 51 degrees at tampa pinternational. p56 in sarasota. pand the winds really just due pnorth.
9:21 am
pso you've got a bit of chill in patmosphere this morning. pespecially when you're dealing pwith wind gusts at the coastline pof around 30 miles per hour. pit's windy, cooler, it's dryer. phonestly, feels like a winter pday out here. pwe're in spring time now. pyou do see that band of clouds pfrom sarasota to lake wales. ptampa has a few. p>> once you go north of tampa, pit is clear. pit is beautiful. pso i do expect south of tampa to phave that little band of clouds pon and off throughout next pseveral hours. pgoenling to to be about ptemperatures. pwe're likely to make it up into pthe mid 60s for today. pbut don't worry, it's late pmarch. pthese cold snaps do not last plong. ptonight, i think going to be pwould couldest night, not only pfor this week, but maybe until pthe fall. pso 48 the overnight low. palthough citrus county, you may pkickback to about 40 degrees. pand then by tomorrow lots of
9:22 am
pmild afternoon. pwith high temperature around 73 pdegrees. pfrom there, it warms right back pup to near 80. pi mean we're going to be pknocking on 80s door step pwednesday afternoon 82 on pthursday. prain chances, maybe aun settled peaster weekend coming with 40 ercent rain chance for saturday pand for sunday. pokay vanessa. pall right dave bes sounds good. p9:22. pwant to let you know about crash pworking in area of hillsborough pavenue in the also at the pintersection of sawyer roadlane pblockages reported very minor pdelays in area. pso keep an eye out for that. pand emergency crews as you pass pon by. pmeantime, we have a live look psun sheen skyway bridge. pyou can see bridge is open. pwe did have travel advisory phowever. pmore so for those drivers with phigh profile vehicles. pwe have high winds reported in parea make sure you have firm pgrib on tier steering wheel give
9:23 am
paround you. p>> it is good day good deed that pwill tug at your heartstrings. pit's the heart warming story of pa lakeland police officer and a ick up named on february 26th plakeland police officer joel was pa called out to scene of a crime pwhere a man had tried to shoot phis girlfriend. pand while she got away unharmed, premmington was not as lucky. pone the bullets hit him in leg pand broke his bone. pwoman told the officer that she pcould not afford to treat the pdog and turned it over to them. pthat's when the officer got the uppy to safety and even took phim to an emergency vet clinic. phe and his girlfriend have been pfostering last few weeks we hear phe's doing just fine. pand even more good news for premmington.
9:24 am
pofficers found the suspect and parrested him. pstill to come on good day they pfought for country and bay area pis i looking to give them more. phow city trying to bring more pveterans to the area. pfirst spring break may be here. pthat means it doesn't mean your pkids stop learning charley pchecking out place where kids
9:25 am
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p all right. pi we will been on it. v now, pokay? pyou stand by. pgood day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from st. petersburg. pboyd hill nature preserve. pgot a great education center phere. pwe have a camps each even for pare little ones you looking for ine cones appear biggest pine pcone and bring it back over phere. pbe careful with it. pthis barbara. pi'm winded i was running around ptree chasing kids. p>> we were having fun. pbra bah is supervisor here. pall falls under st. pete parks pask rec. psupervisor boyd hill. poh really big one. pthank you. poh i don't know. pi think that one is bigger pthere. plook at that, you guys offer pthese camps for little ones,
9:28 am
pand during the summer. pand that's not always the case pfor little ones p>> right. pnot easy to find a full day camp pfor 5 and 6-year-olds. p>> so parents really, we fill up pvery quickly. pthank you. pthank you. pjust keep piling them up here. p>> what about this one p>> that's fantastic one shea, pthank youoh, thank you. pnot sure why i asked you guys to pdo it i thought it would keep pyou busy for two minutes. phaven't had little one in many pyears i forgot how little they pare. pgood, thank you. pthey follow directions really pwell p>> they really do better than pmost adults. pso what, what, thank you. pthank you. pokay. pthank you. p>> all right. pwhat are the what are the times pthat parents can drop off little pones? pso structured camp from p9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. pwe have extended care options pfor 8 to 5. pokay. pgood. pand give me a price range for plittle ones. pit's $110 for the week. p>> for entire week.
9:29 am
pall right. pall right. pthey are just looking at me. pokay. pyou want these? p>> you want lots? phe wants all of them. pthere you want to hold these? pall right. p>> there. pwe just piled them up. phide behind this. pyou can hide behind me. pit's all right. pany time pinellas county is out pof school you're offering this psort of program p>> now time to think about psummer? p>> yes. pwe fill up fast and nice small pgroups which parents really pappreciate. pgood. pall right. pthere you go, folks. pboyd hill nature preserve. pa little something for everybody pall way up to 16 years old and pall day for little ones here. pstick around who wants to be pchased by big bad tv guy? proar.
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3 3 3 pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. p florida is a looking for are pa few good men and a few good pwomen to move to the sunshine pstate. pthere's a big push right now to pa lure veterans to our area. pfox 13's ken suarez is live in ptampa to tell us about the multi pmillion dollar campaign and why pit's so important. phey, ken. p>> hey good morning, guys i will pthough something out there i pdon't know i don't think i will pget much debate on this one pflorida is darn good place to plive. pand that's exactly the message pthat veterans is trying to get pout right now with new campaign. pveterans florida was formed palmost two years ago. pso lure x military members here pnationwide. pthey are going for younger eople in particular. pwhere you already have psubstantial number of vets
9:33 am
pstate says you know what, we pwant even more than at that ptouting all things that florida phas to offer along with no pincome tax, and beautiful pweather we all enjoy vets get pdiscounts on lot of stuff. pjust for example a 25 percent pdiscount on admission to florida pstate parks. pthey also get an 80 percent pdiscount on hunting and fishing plicenses. pthey can also get free pundergraduate tuition and pcommunity colleges. por state universities. pif they've been awarded purple pheart. preason why they are going for pyoung ones those folks most plikely to settle down for long phaul start a family, and really pgive this whole state an peconomic boost. pwe've seen that with a million pand a half that are already phere. pthat reliable, professional just pvery good group to have moving pin here. pyou know what, even though it's pa national push, to get folks pfrom all over the place they pdon't have to go too far to look pwe have macdill air force base pright here in the tampa bay parea. pand brevard county we have
9:34 am
pso lots of people that have palready had florida experience pto draw from. pfor them i really don't think pit's going to be had hard of a psell. plaura. pi'm sure it won't be ken, thank pyou. p>> speaking of florida sell, plet's see how it's working poutside selling it well today? pi just realized something. pyeah. pyou didn't come out here today. pi didn't. pi'm didn't i kinded of wanted to pbut didn't get a chance to do pit. phome morning will coldest more pthan you should get out there. pyours. ptip of the hat. pthere you go. pi know. eople are complaining people pare complaining to me that it's pchilly outside. pi get that. pbut it's snowing up in boston. pjust remember that, okay? pit's nice and cool here, it is psnowing up in boston. plet's check and see what's phappening. pit's a pretty start too. pthis particular camera almost pclear. pbrookville bay shore camera you pgo a little further south you
9:35 am
pwhat we're seeing from bradenton pgoing northeast right across pcentral florida. pi'll show you that a second. pwe're still in mid to upper 40s pin citrus county, hernando pcounty. pyou got lakeland, bartow, both pat 48 degrees. pso it's going to be a struggle ptoday to get these temperatures pback up into the 60s and some pjust make the mid 60s and that's pabout it tomorrow morning ptemperatures you can see them up palong i-10 now. pi think tomorrow morning will be pat coldest morning that we have. pbut, the air air is dry. pit will warm up quickly we will pshift winds tomorrow toward east pthat will allow us to get back pinto 70s. pyou get a day nfl cool down. pright now we're running 15 to 20 pdegrees cooler than yesterday at pthis time. pyou can thank north wind for pthat a 15 to 20 miles per hour. premember that bradenton beach pcamera i just showed you? plook at that line of clouds just pbasically separating state in phalf. pnorth of that line, sunny. psouth, mixture of clouds and
9:36 am
pbut overall today, it's going to pbe a cooler breezy air. pthat will get your attention. pas i mentioned before mid 60s pfor highs and then tonight, once pthat sun goes down, you will pneed your jackets. pmorning. pmost of us will be in the 40s. pi think the only exceptions will pbe right along the coastline pwith water temperatures are pwarmer. pthen afternoon hours tomorrow, pyou can shed those jackets as we pget back up to 73 degrees. psmall craft advisories for ptoday. pit is pretty rough off shore. pand even this afternoon seas pwill be running 6 to ten feet. pafter tomorrow morning's 48, phold on, stay with me, stay with pme. pthere we go. ptomorrow morning 48, we're going pback up near 80 for wednesday. p79 and then lower 80s on tap for pthursday, friday, saturday and psunday. prain chances about 40 percent pfor the weekend. phowever we will fine tune that
9:37 am
ptwo first birthdays for you on pthis chilly or coolish monday pmorning. plook at that adorable face. phazel turning one today. pshe is already a foodie. pher parents say she has a smile pon her face. pand she loves being outside. pi also want to say happy first pbirthday to ej this morning. phis family says he loves to wake pup to my weather reports. pand often talks to the tv during pweather. pej my man. pthey are hoping to grows up to pmeteorologist one day appear pfine profession my friend. pi hope you do as well. pgood luck and have great first pbirthday to you and hazel. p>> all right dave thank you so pmuch. pright now we have live look palong i-4 in polk county. plooks like these are the peastbound lanes we're checking pout. pfull shut down right now west of pu.s. highway 27.
9:38 am
pa stolen vehicle chase on i-4. phcso was in pursuit of vehicle pit seems as though they've pnotified the polk county psheriff's office. pvery large police scene as you pcan see in this area. pif you can avoid this stretch of pi-4 please do so once again. pi-4, this appears to be at peastbound direction of i-4. pjust west of u.s. highway 27. pwe'll get you some more updates pas soon as we can. pguys. p>> back in newsroom they are pworking on looks like mess. pmore information it is mess. pwe will continue to update that pone. pclearly. pstill ahead could we hearing new p[ music ] from justin ptimberlake. pit has been three years since phis last album. pwe will tell you why his fans pare hopeful changing lives of pveterans new program teach amp pto you how to run again. pand live picture of board on pwall street.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
pand welcome back. pright now we're following this pnews alert out of polk county. pwe've got a live look along i-4. pand these are eastbound travel planes. pjust west of u.s. 27. pa very large police scene in pthis area getting confirmation pfrom hillsborough county psheriff's office they were pchasing a stolen vehicle along pi-4. pit appears as though it resolved pitself.
9:42 am
pbut before it did they did alert olk county sheriff's office pthat they were chasing down this pvehicle along i-4. p>> as you can see all the peastbound lanes are shut down. pwe do have a heavy delays palready building in that pdirection as well on looker pdelays heading the other way. plooks like if you do have to phead this way along i-4 your pbest bet to exit at 557. pwhich is old grade road. pold polk county city road around pthis. pif you do have to rejoin i-4 you pcan do so at u.s. 27 as this is pjust wes of that 27 exit. pwe'll keep you posted. p all right. pi was happy for particular plocation, which everything she's pdoing is very, very small pelement. pso just how she is. p well, learning about the pqueen through those who are pclosest to her. pa new documentary has been preleased to honor queen's pupcoming isn't birth features
9:43 am
pand also feature's william's pwife kate middleton. pwe learned that the kwaen queen pgreat grandson calls her gangan .m. it more than three years psince justin timberlake released p2020 experience. phe hasn't confirmed anything but phe did post instagram pictures pthat make it look like he's back pin the studio again. osted pictures along with harrell and timber land. ptimberlake working with both of pthem in past. pwhatever reason for pictures pjustin is not showing his hand. pstars of batman versus superman, pjustin, hit red carpet for pmovie's new york city premiere. pfilm follow-up to 2013 man of psteam which is strictly superman pmovie, feature returning to psuperman while ben aflex makes phis debut batman marks debut of pwesterned woman. pthat batman versus superman dawn
9:44 am
p$150 million this weekend. pgiving it biggest march opening pever. p>> batman has an attitude roblem. pso he's going to have a problem pwith everyone. pi wouldn't say that. pi think, it question seriously. pi would say, just about us pcoming to terms with the pnecessity of the other. p>> bad man versus superman dawn pjustice hits theaters this pfriday. p>> one person who will not get pto see it in movie theater ben pafleck 4-year-old son samuel paflex fours years old too young pto see this movie. phe doesn't want to give him pnightmares eventually samuel may pbe able to see an edited version pof the movie. pstill ahead an ep dem pequilibrium sending thousands of pchildren to the emergency room
9:45 am
9:46 am
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hi, guys! spring is almost here and you know what that means! easter is hopping along. so, if you're looking to stretch your dollar this easter holiday, just look at these savings at your local walmart. tampa, in head-to-head shopping, the total amount saved at walmart vs. winn-dixie was $14.07... that's 10% on this week's easter basket. why shop anywhere else? fill your basket with walmart's every day low prices and get big savings. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today. and see what you could save. p welcome back. psome updates here to this news palert we've following out polk
9:48 am
phas ended along i-4. pjust west of u.s. 27. pwithin past couple minutes or so pyou can see that two of those pleft lanes have actually preopened in the eastbound pdirection a right lane remains pclosed. pbut we are still dealing with psome very heavy delays. pjust a to kind recap was we know phillsborough county sheriff's poffice says it was pursuing pstolen vehicle. pthey were alerting the polk pcounty sheriff's office this was phappening. pwe don't know how, but the chase presolved itself here along the pside of the roadway. p>> alternates uns again i pmentioned old polk county city proad, an alternate to i-forehe's pbound a sdeen still road. pwe'll bring you more updates as psoon as we can. p was mess. pall right thank you. pnew study may have you thinking ptwice about where you keep your rescription medication. pnew report shows just how pdangerous it is when children pget a hold of them. psafe kids world wide is preporting 59 showers children in pu.s. end up in emergency room pevery year.
9:49 am
pmost of which involve taking pmedicine. pchildren under age of three make pup majority of those er visits ptoo sadly enough. pthey enjest pain reliever pvitamins, even diaper cream. pso the question becomes how can pwe prevent it. pthey suggest you make sure your pmedicine high up in cabinets out pof reach of children and make psure that to use the dosing pdevices that come with the pmedicines. pusing spoons can often lead to paccidental over doses. pfinally, make sure that you keep oison help line in your cell pcell phone for emergencies that pnumber wunt 800-222-1222. pthere's an exciting new program pin arizona which allows amputees pto run. pfor those taking part a chance pthey've only dreamed about. p>> reporter: awesome. pabsolutely awesome. p>> this is a first time jim has prun in years. p>> probably first time i'm run pin 15 years. psince i used to work for
9:50 am
pever help south amputee running pclinic was all about held a pgrand canyon university. pwe've really just spent the pmorning working on how to begin prunning technique. phow to build up so you can start prunning longer distance. plosing limb doesn't mean you pdon't get to exercise it they pare both he legal harp tee prunners. pthey were on hand to encourage pothers to get out and run. p>> few runners of all different plevels from very, very beginning prunners to people who have spent pa little more time running. pthose in attendance were also pable to get tweak and tricks to phelp make prosthetics more pcomfortable. pwhen we give the opportunity to pothers to learn how to run and pfor people who run for the first ptime in 15 years, 20 years, i pmean it's, it's just amazing to psee their face and hear oh my pgosh i can do it. pas for jim he's already hooked, plooking forward to hitting the avement. p>> get out there, get some pcardiovascular exercise.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
p we'll be right don' t let dust and allergies get between you and life' s beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. 3 here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. panother live picture of board on pwall street. pnot lot going on p>> from fox business network pstudio lauren simonetti is here pto talk business news with us. phey lauren. phi there. pyou know stocks did open
9:54 am
pnow we've turned slightly phigher. poil prices reverse st. guillen pthey are now up financial pgaining helping stocks out in pdow is slowly pushing closer to pa 18,000 around a round number a pmilestone we like it. pjust 400 points away? pwe can do it maybe this week pfriday. pgood friday. p>> okay. pkeep this march going. psee you later. pokay. p>> thank you. p>> and don't miss lauren sim pnelt on our sister network pstation if you're not sure where pto find log on to and look for pchannel finder have a new is we pwill get back over to with this pbreaking situation. pfinal check along i-4 eastbound, ponce again, this is the site pwhere police chase of a stolen pvehicle appears to have resolved phere on side of roadway. pvery heavy police presence in pthis area eastbound lanes we're pseeing just the two left lanes assing. pwe do have heavy delays as you pcan tell from this shot here. pand so, drivers should probably
9:55 am
pi'd say as far east 557. pyou can see delays extend back ptowards 557 and then even beyond pthis site here, just east of 27 pis when it starts to really pclear out. phcso says they were pursue pragusa stolen vehicle polk pcounty sheriff was notified and pget you more updates as far as pthe details of this chase as psoon as we can. pbut in meantime avoid the area. poh, it's breezy outside. retty outside. pand it's definitely cooler. pin fact our temperatures this phour running 15 or 20 degrees pcooler than they were yesterday pat this time. pstill in upper 40s, crystal priver to brooksville. plakeland bartow, these spots are pstill in upper 40s. pand mid 50s from brandon back ptoward the beaches. pand, of course, kweef that very pstiff north wind. pthat's running 15 to 20 as well.
9:56 am
pway below normal. ptonight, want to talk about pbelow normal back in 40s and an peverybody away from the water pwill be in 40s tonight. ptomorrow, fast rebound, dry air pin place. pand high temperature of 73 pdegrees. pand then that's it for cool air, pit's gone. p79 by wednesday afternoon. pthursday, friday, saturday, psunday, high temperatures in the plower 80s. pthe only question mark is going pto be you know how much rain and pwhen kind of comes through this pweekend. pbecause it looks like it may be panother unsettled weekend psimilar to what we just had. plike that several days from now. pbut in the meantime just if you plike this cool air enjoy it not pgoing around for all that long. pyou know what it makes it tough pabout forecast like that? pwhat? pit makes it so hard to dress the pkids. pi'll bet. pi'll bet put jacket on them. ants and blistering by the pafternoon. pyou know what i mean? pthere it is. pand it's easier week too. p>> four-day week.
9:57 am
pvanessa everything okay now? p>> still dealing with the same plane blockage as before. pso that right lane is blocked. preally bad delays as i pmentioned. pit doesn't look like this police pscene is letting pick up we have plive look up there, i have on my ptraffic maps. pand there it is. pthere you go. pso eastbound delays, we're also pseeing some westbound delays but pof course no lane blockages in pwestbound direction old polk pcounty city road or dean still proad. pgood alternates right now. pokay. p>> we've got to run. pyeah we do. ptoday monday march 21st, 2016,
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
pup next >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, film, broadway and television star, jeff daniels. and from "my big fat greek also, we'll check out the hottest new luxury cars as we week. plus, "billons" co-star, malin a kerman takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are michael strahan and malin a


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