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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  August 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. unfinished.. unsafe.. ?unacceptable.. unfinished unsafe, unacceptable. and a close look at what athletes walked into when arriving at the olympic village. >> and parent teacher 101. how mom and dad can get an a when it comes to their chide's classroom success. good friday everybody. we made it. i'm laura moody.
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rhodes. we're inside again today. yep. because of thest right right dave i just told our producer anne marie we probably could have squeezed it out. you know rather safe than sorry. out over the gulf everywhere only few showers that made their way on shore. 9 o'clock in morning rain. kind of a dreary start to the day too from sarasota down through osprey. into venice, 41 is wet parts of 75 down there are wet. now, a morning early afternoon hours. not only going to warm up to upper 80s but also going to start to introduce the showers for everybody along the coast. 60 to 70 percent the rain chance for today. >> for tomorrow, for sunday. and even further than that, we'll explain all that coming up in a few minutes. vanessa. >> all right thanks, dave. big shut down here along u.s. 41 if you're just joining out pa pasco county pasco lake area. acres area use 41 at bowman is
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diverted. of course a lot more of this story to come. i do want to give you work around before we get to that. suncoast parkway northbound drivers, you would detore oh state road 52. southbound drivers please do that at count line road. all right. vanessa, thank you. this developing story out of pasco county, we'll stay with one detention deputy is in hospital recovering, another man is dead. that a long involved story that began unfolding our 4 o'clock this more than just held news conference a few minutes ago. fox 13 shayla reeves is at the scene. shayla, breakdown the story for us. yes, this is a story involving multiple agencies multiple counties. i want to take you there from the beginning. we're about a mile away from the scene unfolding here pasco county. you're looking an area impacted near u.s. 41 and bowman road. this is expected to remain shut down now for several hours.
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events unfolding here. here's what we were learning. according to pasco county sheriff chris nocco. around 4 o'clock this morning. when pasco county sheriff's office received a 911 hang up from a female who said that a man was following her. in the area of county line road. we're told pasco deputies responded to the call and once they arrived they learned this was actually on the hernando county side. and deputies there had already responded. we're told pasco deputies did but, eventually they took off. we're told that the vehicle, that was involved in that incident on the hernando county side was then involved in a crash a short time later. we are finding out that the driver of that vehicle who is now been identified to us as 30-year-old ronald michael reportedly hopped out of vehicle, took off running towards a coca-cola plant on the pasco county side.
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stole the a tractor trailer the cab of the vehicle not tractor trailer attached. took off driving down roadway there happened to pasco county detention deputy and pasco county sergeant both of them en route on way to work happened to be in area when they encountered this vehicle along the roadway. eventually we're told there was some sort of engagement some sort of struggle between the officers involved. we're told the officer was in a situation where according to at sheriff, he said he described being choked out by the suspect. that's when he fired his weapon at least two times. so a this point, still ongoing. still developing. the section of u.s. 41 impacted is expected to be shut down we're told for several hours. of course we will continue to follow this throughout day and
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details reporting here in pasco county, shayla reeves, fox 13 news. all right shayla, thank you. >> another week, another case of a parent road rage this time ended with man shot. it happened at the intersection of nebraska and 1 "09 avenue in tampa. at stop light carlos rodriguez got off mort motor rodriguez walked away. back towards the bike. when officers say he was shot in the back. the driver took off, but was arrested nearby. hospital is expected to be okay. man accused of a doing shooting is now at the orient road jail on $75,000 bond. he's charged with aggravated battery with deadly weapon. should make his first court appearance later today. >> developing right now las vegas, a possible shooting on the strip. you can see the heavy police presence that is in this picture here. just outside the wynn casino hotel have is very busy area. officers have not released any other information but we will
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situation. and we'll update you on airand online at more trouble for donald trump with swing tate polls and like ability numbers heading south. all of that fueling concern that is republicans could lose more than the white house in november. doug luzader has more from washington. she could have an or next president could have as many as 5 more likely it will be three or four >> donald trump talking about impact hillary clinton could have as president. the kind of attack republicans in washington have been clamoring for after days of distractions. >> and for trump, there is this good news. >> hillary clinton's like ability numbers are terrible under water by 11 points with 55 percent of registered voters saying they don't like her. >> the problem for trump, his numbers are even worse. 63 percent unfavorable. and then there are the swing states, the real clear politics
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in florida, michigan, new hampshire and pennsylvania and that's not all. >> he is in the especially perverse situation of forcing other republicans to take a position pro or con on his antics. that's disastrous. that could imperil gop majority in congress especially the senate. in year where republican haves a more seats to defend than democrats. but supporters say trump cannot be counted out. that he was under again and again through the primaries. >> and that's back like issue for moment. there's new ap poll out showing young voters in particular do not like either trump or clinton. >> in washington, doug luzader, fox news. it doesn't look like congress will be coming back early for a vote on zika funding they are on recess until labor day. and all right at odds how much money to dedicate to if i fighting virus. there good news though. aerial spraying that control mosquitos seems to working in south florida according to cdc.
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adult population. they know that. and while there is some environmental concerns, officials say that they are only spraying a little at dusk and dawn. the u.s. home ownership rate may be a slow lowest level in 50 years. new report from national association of realtors says many people renting in tampa actually can afford to buy a home here. association estimates that 38 percent of those renting in tampa make enough money to qualify for a mortgage. tampa tied with columbus, ohio for most affordable cities to buy a home. to miley cyrus lady gaga outfits there's new music memorabilia at the new hardrock cafe opening up inside tampa international airport. for first time ever, it's at an airport. fox 13 alcides segui is at the location now at tia. good morning, alcides. >> you jealous? be honest. a little bit. you got good gig. for several reasons.
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well yeah. memorabilia i thought was. but then look at this, i mean this is a king's breakfast or lunch. this is legendary burger you can get here 24-seven. french toast which looks outstanding then whole lot of burger. that is >> whole lot of love. so whole lot of love which is breakfast burger which i think has guacamole. that is outstanding. and of course you can get their signature drinks at the hardrock need. there are soft opening is actually tomorrow. and then their grand opening is about a month from today. >> so they have so much memorabilia. we talked a little bit about coming up 7 o'clock hour now we will highlight during 9 o'clock hour the piece that i think everyone can relate to everyone has seen the video. if i could turn back time that one video everyone has seen before at least ones an incredible piece.
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'89 when they shot the video they did did it in san diego on uss missouri the gave gave them permission to do this. when cher came walking out incredibly skimpy outfit the navy liaison had a melt down you can't do this. you can't do this but it's cher. they stuck to their guns. and the rest was history. it's, huge piece of 80s pop history. and i, yeah. this is kind of highlight of the hardrock cafe here a tia this one piece. depends on who you like. it's really hard to, at any hard rock hard to name highlight because there are so many great pieces. really whatever kind of music you're into or whether you enjoy instruments or clothing or just cool stuff in general there's going to be something that resonates with you. all right. what do we got over here? let's come back out live. we have other memorabilia as well. brian jones is his snake boots. snake skin boats founding member rolling stones.
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through the past dark. you can see brian wearing those very boots. they are actually python skin. that is neat. over here lady gaga miley cyrus outfit. i guess miley cyrus wore in photograph for the magazine back in 2015. she wore in v magazine. and gaga wore this latex outfit on tour in 2011. it's, really indicative i think of both of their r top styles. and we're, we're very focused on getting these pieces from con temperature raer stars. the clothing in particular is amazing from women like this. because the designs are over the top. they are eye catching tar t.i.a.sic. we love it. that's what hardrock cafe is all about. jeff thank you very much. i appreciate it for time. thank you my friend. so again, the soft opening is actually tomorrow. today as you can see, they have some folks out here right now,
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hardrock cafe at tampa international airport is actually tomorrow. they have grand opening in about a month. but so so excited for a lot of folks out here at tia we've talking about all morning long. you've got 65 different restaurants and shops opening up here in next year or so. a lot of excitement so much addition happening billion dollar project out here at tia back to you. so true. joe is since he's come on board, this place has really risen in the all right, alcides, thanks. >> coming up the good and the bad about parents being active and involved in school. fine line between being involved and a little over bearing. >> and the u.s. swimmers do it again take beige viral car pool karaoke. we've got fun video coming up. speaking of fun, charley is super hero today.
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super heros every day. well thank you walter. i'm just out a reporter doing my job. today it brings me to tampa bay comic con at the convention center kicks off at noon. all sorts of comic and collectibles and movie stars. and entertainment. like this improv group right here. i love their name penguin night fight. i like that. penguin night fight an improv group that means they are good at improv. yes. yes. make something up hurry and 1, two,
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((walter/wipe vo)) you've heard about the problems at the olympic village. wires exposed. welcome back. 9:15 you heard about problems olympic villains wires exposed. now we're seeing agents a little bit more from jamaican team. their bathroom isn't done? come on. really. can you imagine all of those, all of those events and no shower. pieces of dry wall. the worker aren't looks like take at least a few days to finish up. how many years. i'm. i'm going to stop. the teams, again teams are trying to make the most of it. usa swimmer always seem to have a little bit of fun. they are showing their singing skills they took a page james
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? ? ? ? ? ? yeah.. they also played along to the themes from "friends show". also some they also played along with themes. that 70s show. yeah they been there before they've done it all. i would be so nervous. you know. if first olympics it's true. i don't know if i could cut
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think about every little thing. good for them. opening ceremony, you want to watch, a little watching if i can stay up. yeah. 9:18. all this rain over gulf and. and decent day i know around clouds and some the shower tifrt. forrest of pretty nice that will change pretty quickly too. late more than as showers start to develop and start to work their way on shore. the park is worse than the bite. down around sarasota only part i got any rain hitting ground in viewing area so far around osprey. and east on 72. couple of quick showers, our temperatures sparting that warm up lower 80s once showers take over noon time or so, then we will we will keep temperatures
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good. we do have something we need to keep an eye on over the weekend. and that is the perhaps development of weak area of low pressure in northeast gulf. many are pinpoint to this exact scenario. the probable is with this will put us at low to northwest high to the southeast, and truly, just begin to funnel. moisture of a rainfall after rainfall. so the computer models themselves around really going gang busters. what i need to fine tune this, but i can tell you that is it t. does look like we will above normal rainfall for next several days. 88 for high today. rain chance running 60 to 70 percent. hold that through the weekend into the beginning of next week. as well. >> vanessa. all right thank you, dave. >> we've got update to an earlier hernando crash.
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boulevard in area of bar clay. looks like we do have lanes cleared seeing all delays gone as well just reminder telling folks through morning emergency road closures expected to last until wednesday. bruce b. downs boulevard southbound just past fletcher 131st. the center lane will be blocked. so might be a bit slow slower than you're used to driving through that area. all right. so the count down is on. 5 days leffo in bay area lot of optimism a lot good spirit. teacher are getting to know the kids. they are also getting to know the parents. sometimes that's good. and you know, you want to start the school year off on the right foot, right? >> and you teach fifth grade, right? >> yeah. can school are you at ballast point elementary. all right. so let's talk about you know, i think the thing i say u want parent involvement.
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think contributes the most. certainly to the parent teacher relationship i would say. but i think again x and millennial parents our generation sort of get that hover syndrome going. hover mother, hover father syndrome. how do you balance being involved and being a little over involved in the most important thing is realizing that those parents are there for a reason. so they are handing there child over to me for 8 hours, you know eight hours a day five days a week. somewhere my job as their teacher to make those parents feel informed, letting them know what's going in classy room letting them know their child is safe we're working as a team. i want to build that relationship pie i want to welcome them in my classroom hopefully giving through all information they need, they will realize on i'm working together. and then offering them other avenues within the school to help out. always other places for them to vlunteer. and then when time is
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come into my classroom. but letting them know i care about your student, your student is safe. and letting them know what's happening. i think can really help build that hip to where it doesn't seem like over bearing one but working together. >> yeah. you can manage it. our generation too is busier than ever as parents we're very busy. and there can be a lot of parent oversight we feel like we're only one. but we sometimes onus is on us to help our children remember their homework certainly at the elementary level when they are how do you handled parent oversight. how should parents handle that when they forgotten to send their child something to school or they've, you know they've not followed up on memo, what's the best way for them to, how do you y'all communicate. most important thing is for when parent goes in, you know a lot of teachers a lot parents going in for meet the teacher making sure email address is correct. because, me me tha have had email address from kindergarten the child is?
9:23 am
addresses correct phone numbers are correct so they are receiving information. we send out information like you said with gen xers this whole new world of technology. so no longer we're looking a flaggers and back checking things online, you know, getting emails making sure that those lines of communication are open. and those parents are receiving it. we're humans. we understand that. things happen when kids forget homework it's not end of the world we understand that mistakes happen. you know, we're there to support their child. parents. so you know, just keeping that in mind that mistakes do happen, it's okay. you know, not to stress, last thing i would kid to stress out about forgetting there homework when it's okay. we can work through it we can find another way you know, and just making sure if that happens to be problem let me find ways to make sure homework is getting done. you know. i know lot of teachers we've talked a lot this past week about back to school and lot of things our generation we make
9:24 am
well. but there are some things that you should know certainly if our children have iep's or 504's. emotional or behavioral things you want to know that coming in right? definitely job teacher it is the law to know when a student has an individualized behavior plan, whether it's iep a 504, it the law that teacher understands and knows what are those intervention that is the teacher needs to provide. within our school tm this week we took half an the day just pulling out those forms. looking through them make notes i know already the students coming in my classroom what they need. and so i can start intervention day 1. so it's important that if a parent doesn't feel like that's happening to discuss that with teacher right wie we want to make sure we're providing what's best with our students. god bless you for dealing wul of us parents i know you can handful we need you in our schools. we need you there because
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from school to home. we need our parents in there. thank you so much. i appreciate. good luck this year. hope you kick it off right. >> and remember, when you're out and about this weekend tax free holiday starts today. so get a few extra supplies for some less fortunate schools. fox 13 is teaming up with hillsborough and pinellas county schools. we've got a supply driving go on monday morning. next monday between 6 and 10. we have a station set up at our studios here on boulevard right there come say hi to us. long center in clearwater. you can come see say hi to them you can come see say hi to them and stock up on supplies we at carrabba's, you can come see say hi to them and stock up on supplies we we've never celebrated our grill like this. for a short time, choose two or three grilled favorites on one plate - like chicken bryan and linguine positano starting at just $15.99.
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at carrabba's, we've never celebrated our grill like this. for a short time, choose two or three grilled favorites on one plate - ositano starting at just $15.99.
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tampa comic con kicks off noon today you can expect auto sorts of great pop culture fun collectibles games, memorabilia, of course comic books are here actors from walking dead and game of thrones, and you name it lord of rings. stars wars they will here. also some fine cos play and a people dressed in costumes entertainment penguin night fight >> that's right. that's our name. we did that on purpose. i like that. name improv group of orlando you've performing here every year last four years we've doing tampa bay comic con performing with them. and everything. what does an improv troupe do? we just make up stuff everything unscripted everything's wild. one for kids in day one for adults at night. oh yeah. dirty shows?
9:29 am
>> we have a show 2:30 today, 3:30 and 10 and then tomorrow saturday will be twon:30 and then 10 what sunday >> sunday 12:30 one family show for that today. 5 shows in total. 5 shows. 5 shows. nice. best part of being an em prove troupe you don't have to remember any lines. no lines at all. you just get to the have fun. >> now will be super hero themed or walking dead or game of throwns? what sort of themes might we see. depends on your suggestion. anything come to you. we'll ask a simple question like what favor super hero we will use inspiration it can whatever you determine what theme is. very fun. i like that. i feel like right now we should, assign you all duties and have show. but, why do that when i should pay for ticket and come see you. let's them off the hook. penguin night fight. look for them tampa comic con. walter for some reason i think of jen epstein worst nightmare
9:30 am
but a great name for annive prove troupe. >> i mean seriously. she loves them and that. yeah. why can't penguins just get along. we've got a lot of issues. shirts are very appropriate. back to school means stressing. jennifer epstein theek
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she's walking... ? look she's doing it! ? watch it, right here... ? again, again, we going to rewind... ? for every hello there's a connection... ? ? waffles! and for every connection we have the opportunity to make a friend. ? for that... we thank you.
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?? ?? ?? ((walter//2shot)
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is 9:?? welcome back everybody 9:32. is time on your friday morning miami therapist suing police officer who shot him. remember this story, man was trying to calm down a man with autism who was sitting in middle of the road charles kinsey accused of officer of using excessive force. incident was caught on camera last month. miami officer shot kindz in the leg as he was laying in the street with his hands up. officer says that he was not aiming at kinsey he next to him had a gun. >> as it turns out it was a toy truck. >> kintsz is speaking unspecified damage. rio police are investigating a shooting that left a would be robber dead. they say it was russian diplomat that tried to stop an attempted robbery. diplomat wrestled with robber when gun went op the criminal died. but here's where it gets a little strange russia is denying whole thing took place denying
9:34 am
while brazilian authorities did not identify anyone involved they did say one man was russian vice consult. we had an update now to that knife attack in london. we now know american woman who died is from florida. >> darlene horton was married to a psychology profess are a florida state. they were in london for study abroad program. fsu. deep decree great and condolences to family police arrested attacker he has history of >> another heart break tragedy out georgia. two 15-month-old girls died after being left in hot car. it was parked in front their apartment home by time police got neighbors grabbed girls and holding this em until baby pool trying to cool them off url it was too little too late the girls were rushed to the hospital where they were later pronounced dead authorities charged father detectives say the mother was in atlanta at a hospital after getting into a
9:35 am
sad, sad story. all right let's get over to dave with look at the weekend forecast a lot of rain on radar, right? we do lot of rain on radar. in effect just a ton of moisture in the atmosphere. so from here, all the way up through tallahassee. i mean you look, there's a bit of a west wind in mid levels of the atmosphere. what that's going to do to is start to push some of the activity on shore. so heads up citrus county up through levy thunderstorm activity is very, very slow moving. so as it starts to move on shore, the potential is there for some pretty hefty rains. and it's not just today. it's likely right through the course of the weekend into the beginning of next week as well. so all of west coast of florida going up through the big bend area. you have that potential for some very heavy rain which in turn could lead to the possibility of
9:36 am
look at this tropical moisture. this red is really toward the end of our scale. you take all that tropical moisture, you add in a little heating of the day in, and a little extra lift. that lift is probably going to come from a weak low which may develop out here in northeast gulf. you put all of that together, and guess what? you've got potential for very heavy rain. right along the coast, especially to the north and the west. i don't want you to look at these numbers and say oh my obviously change. this just gives you an idea. one computer model. look at the rainfall amounts through next wednesday. it wants to throw out. really not much in highlands county. but a lot up in citrus county. now we switch to another computer model. reason i'm showing this to you. i want you to check back in this weekends with. this one obviously painting higher rainfall set up for us over the next few days. a lot of activity going to come sunday, monday and tuesday.
9:37 am
forecast to see how it all plays along. because it wouldn't take much to push all of this heavy rain and keep tut out northeast gulf. so that's what i want to let you know. meantime, today, a lot like yesterday late morning early afternoon here come showers then they move inland 88 degrees for high temperature. and then, of course on and off wet set up we have all weekend long. 70 percent chance of that saturday, sunday, even into monday as well. first birthday i want to pass leah, look at that adorable little cutie having her big day. she loves nursery rhymes her families and doesn't have singular favorite food. she just loves to eat. i'm with you on that one. leah happy first birthday. all right let's face t for most kids, the best part about going back to school is the new wardrobe. last year's clothes never going to happen. especially if you're in high
9:38 am
know what's hot and what's not for fall 2016. meet ang drew and kayla. sophomore and palm harbor university, best friends who love to shop. perfect. i'll follow their lead. first top tilly, decide to go their separate way. he has her eye oh romper and anything floral. >> this is really cute like sleeves on i could definitely wear this to school these might be a little too short. but this one, is perfect. >> so then maybe le flannels are back. >> this solid color might cute over a dress maybe. or tied are around the waist with printed color shirt. i was wear flannels in 90s i think i can't believe they are back. would you wear that full shirt? yes, definitely over blue jeans or something like that that would look so cute and roll it up in summertime. next up bottoms. i got really excited about another throw back.
9:39 am
skinny jeans ripped jeans. high waisted. so you can wear it with shorter shirts. we met up andrew all about comfortable and casual. >> i'm looking at all of this, i'm looking. it's the green shirt. nice pocketed shirt. i also like this white one it will match a lot. and has a nice silky feel to it finding pants were julie schenecker an easy. colors are in. right. colors not just blu also the colors. hands full and headed for dressing room they tried stuff on and i waited. >> thank you. i like yours too. wow. it looks good. thanks i like your outfit. then we waited. and kayla modelled some more. i love that. good? >> yeah. really pretty. then we were off to pack sun. this time we stayed together and
9:40 am
for the final fashion show. i really like that. i like yours too. this is so comfortable. of course best friends don't mind matching. we're matching. we look the same. i know. i think we should definitely do this on first day. i'm pretty sure they picked out enough outfits to last them the whole year. and remember, when you were out and about. pick up an stratum or two for less fortunate schools fox 13 is teaming up with hillsborough and supply drive. it's monday, between 6 and 10 in the morning two locations you can stop by behind our station right here on kennedy boulevard and meet good day gang can long center in clearwater where charley and i be stop by say hi. i just want to say that you know we were at the mall stores. but you know you can take fashion and you can get them anywhere. you don't need to pay big bucks. we folks from good will on earlier this week. lot of different trending
9:41 am
holiday is three days instead of 10 computers are not on. because wife and i got a computer a while ago. we did. and maximum item on clothing is $60 versus the normal $100. a little less as far as specific item goes. definitely worth it to check it out this week who is boogie $100. they are besties. very fun. you guys are going to school like what did you do this summer? i into a twins. a could another cute couple already be married vanessa has entertainment scoop coming up next live look at the big board
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they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs.
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((vanessa//wiep vo)) we've seen blake shelton and gwen stefani take the stage together. but today, tmz is reporting they'll tie the knot together too. the but today, tmdz is reporting they ae going to tie the knot together too.
9:45 am
renowned wedding planner jerry wol woot she planned events cma and nfl and nhl some intimate some others big as 15,000 people. no word yet from the couple or wool worth on any more wedding details. >> now to another couple who being hush hush about the state of their relationship. singer and tennis star anna kournikova, two have had an on again off again relationship since 2001 with but a few months their pictures people are wondering about those. if you can look at her left hand. but certainly looks like wedding bling. enrique always said he does not need to get married. but he might have said i do though. because in his latest interview e online when pressed about any plans to wed he said who know what is future holds or the past. then he laughed.
9:46 am
us. director break thing down barriers in hollywood according to l.a. times the selma director will first african american woman to direct a movie $100 million budget. she was just third woman ever to do it. she'll be it helm disney's film an a. wrinkle in time. a film adaptation of 1963 book the same name. and it's due out next year. >> it's 9:46 right now. we'll right back after take look some other celebrity birthdays
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so no matter how much you do, we're always here.... ...with power for your life. here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. another lift picture of big board on wall street that rally up one 37 points. we will take lawn simonetti to talk with us triple digits. wow you got it market is now positive for week nasdaq. what happened we've got july jobs reportyou called that. it was really good. and you know i'm critical. one month doesn't make a trend. you know when voters go to the polls in november, the economy is one the top issues. if not the issue on their minds. so the question is, this job report is good. great. in fact. but yet we just got gdp growth
9:50 am
was do do? what does the fed do in fed cried wolf. they keep hinting they will raise rates. kwhe is will they now that we got more evidence economy is doing better. okay. let's go to the movie theater now. apparently they are doing something. adding another d not three d but 4 d. then ad an x think disney. you watch big screen, and you see fog and water and hear music and siren and your seat an immersive experience. tickets are pricey. $28.50 here in new york. regal theaters is due. right. regal entertainment is doing adding 4dx screens to 17 new markets in the new two years. lauren i just want to say love you for bringing up. i mention that to these ladies our producer and laura they were just like, what? whatever.
9:51 am
equivalent of one or two flights to disney or couple of park passes if you have to drive there. it really expensive but cheaper than actually going to disney. true. all right thank you, lauren. have a good weekend. you too. don't miss lauren simonetti on our sister network station fury in the sure where to find it go
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it's been a good week.. but its' quickly coming to a close. ((walter)) welcome back. in it's been good week but quickly coming to close before we sign off let's take look this week's good day goodies. you can light this neapolitan you do this. droopy tip. yeah. see i'm making a mess already.
9:55 am
not as dangerous car 95 russ flower, not going to attack us not yet. maybe a few thousand years it may evolve a little more. i love i'm sinking there you go. tough gig for those folks, you know what did jen leave the show and >> changed. >> went over there to play. that's what you got to do sometimes. yeah. then you got swimming at amalie arena. let's get to give. dave. we do have all that rain sitting out there over the gulf eventually it will move on shore. rain chances are going to run 60
9:56 am
oh. over upcoming weekend. beginning of next week. what did you say dave? >> raining on my birthday. that's so cute. thank you, guys. can i have one of those balloons happy birthday. thank you. oh. happy birthday. have a good weekend everybody. we have a minute. you get to eat whole cake right in front of us. nobody brought a knife. just break into it. yeah. one just pussy your face in smash cake pound cake do it. jen. and while they are buying gifts for laura buy extra school supplies and we've got at that drive coming up on monday. drive two location you're center with charley you will be outside. oh look at that. look at that. buy a gift for laura. school supplies. if you're just what kids need go to our website,
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oh. oh. oh. laura cross, thank you, laura. thank you. see you guys on monday. bye guys. have have a good weekend. happy birthday. happy birthday laura jane. we love you. "realtime closed captioning company."by u.s. captioning - i think everyone's home becomes a part of them or takes on their character. and you lose so much of that stuff in the flood that made the house your home. you just cannot imagine how much damage a little bit of water can do.
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