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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  August 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:59pm EDT

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there's more rain on the >> there's more rain on the way. your soggy forecast when the
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"she starts school in three days, so how am i supposed to "she starts school in three >> -- in three days so how am i supposed to recover? >> residents of a hillsboro county apartment complex are trying to figure out how to put their lives back together after a fire that destroys their home. >> this is a safe state. >> control in south florida where they are valentin valen sprayinr mosquitoes. hoping to stop the spread of zika. and another cat is thrown out on the howard frankland bridge, but there was a happy ending to this one. good evening, i'm lloyd sowers, thanks for being with us, haley
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well, it was a rainy weekend and the vain not over yet, what can we expect tomorrow? >> more in the way of rain, lloyd. and just off shore, this is radar estimates and it's not necessarily -- it's how much the radar picked up. this is 16, 17 inches off shore and you see how heavy it was, but right up against the coastline heavy rain from citrus and southwest portions of pasco county as well, and then scat reasonscatsscattered rainas you. you see this getting closer, the rain redeveloping over the next couple of hours or, so and that means the flood watch is still in effect.
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and done, factor in today and tomorrow and tuesday's rain you could be talking about over a foot of rain in spots. more rain redeveloping and moverring into the coast as we move into the overnight hours and into monday morning. heavier year the coasts and that is where the flood threats are, and then that pesky pulling away late tuesday into wednesday, we'll talk more about the dryer air on the way, and when it will r really arrive. >> and new at 10:00, gone in 60 seconds, that is how long it took for this woman's entire apartment for go up in flames and now all 13 people in her building are out of their homes.
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sly avenue, how are the folks there handling this? >> they are glad ever everyone s okay but it got dicey with the fire ripping through the apartments. ten ntdstenants helping each ott but for one family who just momomoved here, they are afraidy lost everything. >> one woman it was, saying something glitched in her stove, and the extinguisher didn't work. >> and there are not any sprinklers in the unit. >> neighbors say it's fortune firefighters got here in minutes.
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extinguishes quickly. >> more than a dozen ten pretenants areout of their homee chief said it could have been much worse. >> had it happened in the middle of the night, we could have had 132 fatalities. >> i'm happy we are okay. >> but still she says moving forward is not going to be easy. >> she days and so how am i supposed to recover? >> and there was another fire here in march and in may a deadly drug related shooting. we contacted apartment management but have not heard back. >> tonight authorities in citrus county are investigating an incident that shut down crystal river.
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shut down while crews shut down the flames. so far no word on what may have cause it had. tonight police in st. pete are investigating a deadly single-car crash on 54th avenue north just off of fourth street. it appears that the driver hit a tree and flipped the car on to its side. no one else was injured. it is not clear if the cash was related to conditions. and two polk county men have died following a crash in auburndale and deputies say they were among six men riding in one single pickup truck. a white ford f-250 was traveling along when the driver lost control. it flipped throwing passenger out. no one in the truck was wearing a seat belt.
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impairment may have been factors in the crash. and this little kitten you see here is safe and sound now but she had a rough start to day. this morning she was tossed from a pickup truck and a good samaritan saw it all happen and came to the kitten's rescue. >> we sat down with the woman who saved her to hear about this dramatic rescue. >> florida highway patrol, road rangers and st. pete fire, a whole team of rescuers to save one little life. >> you could just see the eyes peeping out looking at me like save me. >> a kitten trapped in the wheel well of after woman's suv. >> i saw something black fall out and i was not sure what it was and i thought was that a cat? >> not a cat but a kitten, only
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thankfully for this sweet little girl, claudette zoll saw it happen and pulled over on the bridge to help. >> i thought oh my god, this kitten is not going to die on my watch. >> but someone has been tossing cats out of moving vehicles on the bridge, in the f past severl months, six have been found dead on the bridge, and zol doesn't believe this was an accident. >> i tried honking my horn but the man just kept on going. >> but now she is safe and sound and under the careful protection of a new foster mommy. >> that is mia's one miracle cat, and they say they have nine lines, that poor thing now has eight.
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control didn't have a have have description but now they might if the cases are related. an old brown pickup truck with a silver top is what was described. anyone with information is asking to call the florida highway patrol. and today the widow of a st. pete po police officer brout in a very special gift swat team. >> her husband was killed by a fugitive and she wanted to do something to help the department. with money raised by her charity, she bought new body armor for the entire swat team, that is 40 sets of armor, around $22,000 worth of equipment. >> a lot of times the police
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to all of these people here. you can be like yeah, and they are like yeah! it's a bond. >> and this was the 11th year for the tampa bay version. liberty guests including normal reedus and many others. >> and disney is taking steps to prevent a new alligator attack at its plus, a look at the damage left behind in mexico by hurricane earl. the rain triggered massive mud
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in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. "republican senator marco rubio has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message
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>> more change rg coming to a walt disney world lake where an alligator killed a toddler earlier this year. disney put up warning signs ropes after the 2-year-old was dragged by a g lake. his body was found 16 hours later, but now disney is building stone walls around the will lagoon, a part of a new sey plan. and the battle against the zika virus is underway. the larvaicide is meant to
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that could potentially spread the virus. the number of cases is holding steady at 16. and scott says in miami and dade county have been effective. >> thousands and found one mosquito with zika. >> tourism is the state's biggest industry, and so governor scott is damage control. a florida beach vendor has died after being struck by lightning. -- there were reports of three lightning strikes in the area and in fact there have been five lightning deaths. and there were several reports
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caused mudslides and flooding. and mike, you called it an enduring weather event with wavwave after wave of rain. >> the i best chance of seeing e rain is later evening and into the morning that to come. this is the hilton beach cam, the time lapse view, and you see the breezes at the beach and waves of 2 to 4 feet, and as the showers rolled on through, there were less and less people on the beach. here is how it looks on sky tower radar. that band of rain setting up off
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making its way back. it's already raining out towards cedar key, and it would look like it would arrive within the next three or four hours or, so and so best chance for rain again tonight, again into the day on monday would be the farther north and west you go, and you look and see the moisture sitting out over the gulf waiting to make its way on shore. here is the waiter view,ll part of this area of low pressure. nontropical in nature but still a lot of moisture and even if this doesn't develop into a tropical depression, it's still going to bring in a ton of rain, and sure enough, parts of big bend have picked up 10 inches of rain in just the past couple of days. so here is how this plays out. the bands of rain come on shore,
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then more rain on the coast extending toward tampa, and heavy rain pushing in tomorrow morning and into the afternoon, and then everything pushing farther south and east and that gives you to the south and inland a better chance of seeing that rain a little bit later on in the afternoon. and then kind of the shower return once again, and so we get a bit of a break and it looks like night and into tuesday. here is a look at the rain chances for the day on monday. the highest rain chances the closurcloser to the coast you gd then 60% extending down through sarasota and 50% north and east of that, but another day of elevated rain chances. don't pay attention necessarily to the numbers but where the
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looks like the heaviest may just be out of our area but still hefty rainfall totals. 3, 4, 5, 6 inches of rain possible and once again closer to the coast over the next couple of days. here is a look at the highs today, because of the showers and the cloud cover, the highs you get hold it off to a bit later in the hap arcadia, and expect a similar break-down in temperatures tomorrow. current temperature, 79, dewpoint of 75. don't expect the temperatures to drop off a whole lot more heading through the overnight period. another warm and steamy night and the dewpoints are sitting in the mid 70's or so.
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way of showers, earlier in the day especially closer to the coast, 84 and a little bit later in the day as you head a bit farther south and east, this is the pattern for the next couple of days. and then we watch the area of low pressure start to make its way out and i think we drop down to about 40% chance thursday, friday, saturday and sunday and then we'll see the higher rain chances a bit farther inland. lloyd? >> all right, there's a lot of controversy about the u.s. paying honey to o iran and whether or not it was random for u.s. prisoners. -- he is a long shot to make this club but he is making the most of his shot with the bucs. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee,
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>> controversy continues around the white house as a $400 million cash payment to iran when happened to take place as at thetehran release ad number f prisoners in a swap. >> as president obama took in a few rounds of golf while on vacation in martha's vineyard, controversial continued around the administratios million payment to iran in january. it happened as iran released a number of prisoners in a prisoner swap. >> we have just learned a $400 million random payment, the same day, a coincidence, right? cash. >> and it was said by the administration to have the
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future, precisely because if we did we would start encouraging americans to be targeted much in the same way that some countries that dupuy ransom end up with more of their citizens taken by various groups. >> since the cash had payment two iranian americans have been arrested in iran. >> it doesn't matter what president obama says, it matters what the and torists and gangsters around the world think and they clearly think that this was a random payment. >> meantime members of congress is asking secretary of state kerry to appear before a foonl l for questioning. >> and releasing new attack ads over the weekend.
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((lloyd bwx )) police say a pennsylvania family of five has died in an apparent murder-suicide... >> police say a pennsylvania family of five has died in a recent murder suicide. they had difficulty getting medication for their daughter who need ad heart transplant. they were found dead along with their 8, 5, and 2-year-old children, along with their dog. the mother wrote about her anxiety about her daughter's condition on a families dealing with congenital heart issues. and this is a police sketch of the man involved in nine shootings that killed seven people in phoenix. a 21 and a 4-year-old were shot at while sitting in their car. they were not hurt but seven hours have not been so lucky. community watch groups are
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helps of help from the public. and two skydivers have died in california when their chutes failed to open, one was a teen and the other a veteran skydskydiving instructor. and reports say a man was passing out it sickened several people. the man is facing money drug trafficking charges. and both party's presidential nominees went on the offensive this weekend, both releasing attack ads. and polls continue to show clinton on top nationally in a head-to-head race. >> republicans hitting hard on
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about the fbi investigation into her private e-mail server. >> it's one thing to lie and another to lie about lying and friday she gave us the perfect explanation, apparently, her brain short circuited while she was talking. >> she saying what director come acknowledg she was talking to the fbi the fbi thought her answers in that setting were truthful. >> she responded with an attack video, including showcasing inner party had in-fighting when had trump failed to endorse fellow r republicans and attackd a goal star family.
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only clo losing a child can bri. those people should be honor and treated with kindness for the rest of their lie lives and i dt think donald trump will ever understand that. >> trump is expected to unveil his economic plan with clinton counter punching on thursday in detroit. >> the presidential race comes to our area tomorrow. hillary clinton will hold a rally i be at the coliseum. they will outline her jobs plan which she says will be the biggest investment in jobs since world war ii. the rally is scheduled to begin at 3:30. rebels in syria have made what has been called a major military breakthrough. the insurnlgts fought back and
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campaign. the syrian government seizing the only route into aleppo and that set off a rebel counter offensive. 300,000 people were trapped trappedaleppo one of the largest besieged areas in the world. and an iran a nuclear scientist has executed for providing information on the country's program to the u.s. he claimed he was abducted by u.s. acts while on a pilgrimage to assau saudi arabia. and take a look at this. rescue workers forced to carry
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and thousands of drivers railroers werestranded accordin. no word on injuries or fatalities. well, cities are suffering with a glut of
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((lloyd vo )) much of the nation is still dealing with the effects of the housing collapse. hundreds of the effects of the housing >> much of the nation is still dealing with the results of the housing collapse. as hundreds of how manies were abandoned and allowed to fall into disrepair. now a ground-breaking plan to sell many so-called zombie houses in one california city. >> they really are like the living dead of properties. boarded up for decades and abandoned by their owners and frequently trashed by squatters. they are basically unsellable on the open mark but now dozens of these homes are guessing a new lease on life. >> we find meth lab contamination and people use them as restrooms and they sit for a long time and also become unsafe for the communities.
10:37 pm
taxpayers. but thanks to a $3 million social impact bond, city agencies have partners with banks, judges, nonprofits and local contractors to acquire te homes, fix them up and sell them. >> turn key on this project is going to be lovely. >> the idea is to stabilize neighborhood, create jobs and give low-income buyers the opportunity of a lifetime. >> first-time home bayers who really can't buy in this market a chance to own in the city they live in. >> residents like this one. >> like a dream. >> like a dream. >> have you ever owned a home? >> income. no ma'am.>> so this will be you? >> yes, ma'am. >> with rebates built in to
10:38 pm
more homes. >> and at no cost to taxpayers that bond was bought by a local bank in hopes of selling 80 of these properties in the next couple of years and if it all goes to plan social impact bond would be an answer for other city struggling with zombie homes. >> and this weekend a race was held in england that is in a class by itself. the competitors are lawn mowers. it's held in the english village of five oaks. 43 teams participated, there are three drivers per team so they get some rest as they change out and they race up to 50 miles per hour, and run for 12 straight hours. more than 1,000 spectators
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have never had a lawn mower go that fast. >> you would get it done quicker if you did. >> and the bucs andre davis is living a dream. trying to make the team he grew let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot,
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>> alex rodriguez career has come down to one game, against the rays next friday in new york. after that he is going be released by the new york yankees ending a 12-year career in the big apple that was filled with home lot of controversy. the yankees are still on the hook for $30 million which is why they are making him a consultant. he has lost his power, and since june 18 he had hit just one home run and he is four shy of the 700 mark for his career and doesn't look like he is going come up and hilt hit that any te
10:43 pm
him, which i don't see happening and right now it's a forced retirement. >> no athlete ever ends his career the way you want to. we all want to keep on playing forever. but it doesn't work that way. accepting the end gracefully is a part of being a professional athlete. saying good bye may be the hardest part of the job. >> the twins the rays are now just a loss away from holding the worst had american in the american league. the twins hold that distinct now but after watching them they appear headed for the bottom of the a.l. and this is why you have to have the roof on the trop. it's not the heat, it's the humidity of course, the rain, but the rays 18 seasons and this
10:44 pm
hit the teflon of the roof. bottom of the first, miller drives in franklin, and it's 1-0 rays but here is that guy once again, miguel makes sure that the roof doesn't get in the way this time, and the tw twins takt lead with this three-run blast. and then this one dead-away center, and on top but minnesota then tacks on two more and this make it is 5-2 twins. evan long longoria gets one bat the rays end up dropping the game 6-3. and the bucs took the day off but they will be back on the training field on monday morning
10:45 pm
we take a look at the wide receiver who is hoping to make a splash and improve his chances of being on the roster of a team he grew up cheering for. >> a dream that began long before making acrobatic catches in bucs training camp, and before starring in high school. this is why wr the dream began, as a child in bucs uniform. >> my dad was a bucs fan and i grew up into it and i just love -- i love being out here with all of my peers and teammates and i love the coaches staff, i just love everything about it. >> he was on the staff but now is competing for one of the
10:46 pm
them make plays that makes me excited. >> but the real excitement would be running out as a buc on opening day at raymond james stadium. >> it would be cool to be a buc on opening day, that is what i'm working towards. >> thursday night he can suit up as a buc, one more step in his pure suit of dream. >> and the tampa bay storm opening and looking for a different result here. this ties the game up at 14 but there is a reason that philly is the top and the storm is the last seed. they out score 63 to 41 in what
10:47 pm
coach. and then here it is. call involved in a big crash and that would red flag the race where the crews cleaned up the track. hamlin takes over t lead and holds on to it. you see truex s spinning out the as hamlin takes the checkered flag. >> and jim furyk was not contention and when he walked offer the course, most of the gallery missed him making history. he scored the first 58 in pga history with ten birdies and an eagle but it was only good for 1thplace, but it dis did move h.
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forecast, next, and a bide's far who died before the wedding but a man who received his art was there t in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington - "republican senator marco rubio has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama.
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>> a pretty dreary day throughout. take a look at the riverview time lapse. you are several hundred feet in the air but you see the showers rolling on through and just waves of showers and a few rumbles of thunder and some heavier downpours. more to come heading into the day on monday, but still the best chance of rain is closer to the coast you get. inland you may not see as much. offshore but you head inland, and again, high lands, hardee, and desoto, you really didn't see any shower activity during the day today. but this maybe quite impressive, throw on the numbers here, and this is close to the coast and doesn't include what tell
10:52 pm
can double this. and just inland, another inch or two of rain falling for eastern portions of pinellas, and after this fell we kind of got a break in the action with folks to the north, and to the south you saw your rain. this has pushed off to the east and this is what is left. just like last night, we are watching this batch of showers redeveloping and now this line is getting a little bit closer and so it passes east of cedar key and it's slowly sliding toward the coast of citrus county. it may be there and farther south you may start to see it towards the middle portion of the overnight hours. through tuesday evening, there will still be a threat for heavy
10:53 pm
tuesday and so we'll continue to watch that threat. as far as the airport goes, still above average for the month and still well above average for the year. now, i mentioned rain chances, high for the next couple of days but they will start to go down. and 60% chance on tuesday but by the end of the week we drop it down to 40% inland, this is when as a rule the best chance of seeing rain. we'l afternoon storms inland later in the week and heading into the weekend. 76 the low bow average and we'll do that again as we head into the day tomorrow as well, so 77 tonight, and coastal showers redeveloping and moving back on shore, and well below average. 84 degrees with the shower activity heavy, and steady near the coast. tuesday you start to see that pattern change a little bit.
10:54 pm
still the southwest wind and there will be lower rain chances heading towards next week. >> all right, lloyd, thanks. a bride was able to have her father walk her down the aisle in a very unique way. he was shot and killed in 2006 and his organs were donated. of his heart and says he would have died without it and then jenny was able to feel her father's heart beat when she laid her hand on his chest. she says it felt like her father was there spiritually and physically. >> i was just so thankful that my dad could be with us here today in spirit and in a piece of his physical being as well,
10:55 pm
for us. >> what greater honor would a person have been than walking the daughter of a man who has given his heart to him. i can't imagine a greater honor- >> even though they had never met, jinny wrote a letter to thomas asking if he would walk her down the aisle and was thrilled when he said yes. >> we want to -- there will be drop tomorrow. right here at fox 13 on kennedy boulevard and the long center on belcher road in clearwater. find more information on our website, new at 11:00, a fire rips through a hillsborough county apartment complex. we talked to one family among the more than a dozen looking for a new place to call home
10:56 pm
now an orlando helicopter pilot is in hot water after flying over cars on a busy street. and with counties under a flood onewatch tonight we are keepingn eye on the skies. plus where you can find sandbags before the rain returns. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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she starts school in three days, so how am i supposed to she starts school in three >> she starts school in three days so how am i supposed to recover? >> displaced by fire, one family is among dozens of apartment tenants looking for a new place to live. >> it was pretty close to the ground, and so yeah, dangerous. >> now one out of a job after he barely cleared drivers stopped on a busy road. >> i tried to honk my had horn but he just kept on going. >> another cat is thrown on to a bay area bridge but this time there is a happy ending as police look to catch the person responsible.


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