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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  August 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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she starts school in three days, so how am i supposed to she starts school in three >> she starts school in three days so how am i supposed to recover? >> displaced by fire, one family is among dozens of apartment tenants looking for a new place to live. >> it was pretty close to the ground, and so yeah, dangerous. >> now one out of a job after he barely cleared drivers stopped on a busy road. >> i tried to honk my had horn but he just kept on going. >> another cat is thrown on to a bay area bridge but this time there is a happy ending as police look to catch the person responsible.
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sowers, haley at the night off. and more of the wet stuff on the way. it's been with us all weekend and it could stack up more rain as the days go by. mike ben bennett is in to talkt it tonight. there are two sand bag fills locations opening back up as county officials urge residents to prepare for flooding it's too late. more than a dozen people are looking for a place to live after fire ripped through an apartment building. >> one family is not sure where to turn. >> things are getting back to normal here but they got pretty dicey here this afternoon. that is when fire broke out. a woman who lived in one of the
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malfunctioned and then so did her fire extinguisher. thankfully she and her family got out and so did her neighbors. firefighters were able to knock down the fire in a few minutes but had to keep putting out hot spots for some time. and now the tenants have to figure out how to move forward. >> she starts school in three days. >> you have people around here and it's not just what happened it's what could have happened. >> we are told there were no sprinklers in the apartments and folks here have dealt with a lot this year. there was another fire in march and in may a deadly drug related shooting. we contacted the complex's management but have not heard back. >> and we are continuing to make calls for investigators in
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ripped through a business plaza. you see the intensity of the blaze as crews fought to control it. the fire marshal is still investigating the cause. and new at 11:00, an orlando helicopter pilot is in big trouble, he was flying a chopper meant to show tourists around just a few feet above cared on a highway. we talked to visitors who could have been in that very helicopter. >> oh, it's too close. >> that passengers had to this photo. >> according to the pictures it looks bad. >> the osceola sherriff's office shshowed us these pictures. deputies say they watched the helicopter the pilot was flying hovering just a few feet above
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kissimmee. kissimmee. >> deputies say they tried to talk with him but he refused to turn off the shopt chopper and d up more passengers and took off again. when they finally were able to talk him to he said he was flying so low because he was wearing he was arrested and immediately fired. the company didn't comment about what happened, but the customers told us they had a great experience flying high above the attractions. >> it felt good, my daughter love it had. >> we feared nothing. >> a day of fishing turns
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hit a puddle causing it to turn upside down in a water-filled ditch. the boy was able to escape and ran about two miles for help. medina was transported po the hospital but he was declared dead. he is believed to have drowned in the truck. >> and a skyrocket of gun licenses a 250% surge in 2009. these licenses give gun shop owners and collectors the authority to obtain parts and make firearms to sell. and st. pete police officers received an incredible gift today from the widow of one of their own. the widow of jeffrey yazlowicz
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hiding out in an attack. and she says she hopes this new body armor will save deputies' lives. >> it's note as invasive for them to have them on their bodies and especially in a swat position they can move faster and more comfortably, against whatever they are fighting >> she purchased the body armor with money raised by her partners for life charity. ms. clinton will be at the -- ms. clinton will be -- released an attack ad for trump for attacking the families of a fallen muslim soldier, but the gop hitting back scrutinizing
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sircircuited with an interview t week. >> it's one thing to lie and another to lie about lying and friday she gave us the perfect explanation. her brain apparently short circuited while she was talking to you. >> she said what the director acknowledged to be true. when she spoke to the fbi the fbi thought her setting were truthful. >> with clinton touring florida monday and tuesday to talk about jobs jump is expected to unveil his which economic plan in detroit before clinton heads for the motor city on thursday. and it's about to get a lot horder fharder for minors to ger hands on vapes, and that means shops will not be able to give
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anyone under the age of 18 and now every must go through an application process with the fda, officials hope to curb the rising trend of teen vaping users which was increased among high school opport students by e just four years. and it'sot things for our good day school supply drive. there will be drop-off points at two locations right here at fox 13 on kennedy in ca tampa and te long center in clearwater. you can go to our website, and tossed from a truck along a busy bridge, one lucky kitten
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st. pete fire rescue, road rangers and a good samaritan all teamed up this morning to save a kitten after it was tossed from a mo moving pickup truck on the howard frankland bridge. look al this, a woman pauled pud over to help and the kitten climbed into the wheel well of her suv and they had to take the tire off just to get the out. and now h she is safe and sound and has a new home and a new mom. florida highway patrol says that someone has been tossing cats out on the ho howard frankland bridge. in the last six months six cats have been found dead on the bridge. it is unknown if they are related but the woman doesn't think this is an accident.
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it was sad to see something call out and nobody stop for it. >> florida highway patrol says they didn't have a description until now and perhaps if this case is related according to claudette zoll the woman who rescued the kitty this cat was tossed from an old brown pickup truck with a silver topper. and so anyone with information is asked to call the florida highway patrol. >> nearly two months after a alligator at a disney resort, crews were out building a phone stonecall around the lake wheret happens. a part of a new plan designed to keep guests safe. the toddler was dragged into the lake by a gator back in june.
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dwoanweekend to be at the beach. first of all, moderate waves out there, and overall probably not the best boating weather as well, and you see the rain drops that are continuously moving on to the camera with the waves of showers moving through the area. this is what we'll continue to have during the night and into the day tomorrow. here is a making their way into citrus county, and down through arcadia, and north port, getting a quick shower as well. we'll watch them dissipate but this is the main batch of rain sitting over the northeast gulf and this all continues to swing farther south and east. the hernando county coastline you are not too far behind that
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pinellas and pasco heading into the day on monday. so weather headlines? more rain developing. it's already out there but just had to move on shore, and it's going to do that monday morning. the closer to the coast you get the more rain but there are signs of the low pressure that's within bringing us moving farther to the north to give us a more typical summer-like pattern. 82 for a high, 82 in brandon, 79 up in br brooksville. expect similar break down as we head into the day on monday. upper 80's for n 90, and dewpoit is 76.
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proof. dewpoints in the mid 70's and another warm and steamy night, and warm and steamy to start the day on monday as well. here is the wider view. and here is the area of low pressure. you see this one wave of showers pushing through, and you will get another one monday morning pushing through, and this is thu see the its way on shore and so heavy downpours and maybe a few rumbles of thunder. and then more of that redeveloping later on and on into tuesday morning. but there is our -- it kind of takes all of that moisture with it. so by wednesday, we'll still see
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panhandle and entering into the deep south. we'll see the rain chances go up, 77 degrees. and rain chances tomorrow, 70% or so, a little bit higher the farther north and west you go and 60% rain chances on tuesday, bump it down to 40% by the end of the week and on into the weekend. lloyd? >> all right, mike, thanks. >> dc comics battle b but more come out on top. plus a video that will give
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>> okay, this video will definitely make you take a second look before backing out of the driveway. a m woman driving a classic car ended up on top of a no one was hurt but both cars were damage and that is goes to cost some money. and the home of pok?mon has plenty of reason to celebrate and they did it with a giant pikachu parade. there you have it, dozens of giant p pikachus marking down te street today.
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year due to the recently relealeased pok?mon go smart phe game. it's a craze. and closer to home, the clearwater marine aquarium are hoping to li lure pok?mon trains this prevent running from 1:00 until 5:00 p.m., and despite scathing reviews suicide squad opens this weekend. it scored the biggest august debut ever, take in more than $135 million.
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place. and tampa bay comic con has come and gone but it was certainly a memorable weekend for many. star wars fanning big and small had light saber battles from just about any comic book or video game you with with think of we caught up with a couple of female ghost buster who is told us why they like the all-female cast of this >> wam watching it i felt really empowered and having the female spin on something i grew up with as sawsome. >> this was the fifth year for the tampa bay comic con and we have not been once. >> we are always working. but we have the video, and we can watch it. but it's really been a rough
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they've won just twice this season, and jameis winston had the day off but he will tell us it doesn't mean football was not on his mind.
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>> there are just some teams the rays have to beat, and we are talking the minnesota twins are one of them. they came to town with the worst mark in the america league and they are leaving town making you wonder if the rays should hold that climb now. miller drives in franklin to get the game off on the right foot for the rays but miguel hit the roof the first time up and this time he wanted to make sure it was not taken away from him. and it was 3-2 twins but minnesota tacked on two more runs in the eight with this double to the corner by dozier making it 5-2 twins. and longoria swinging a great
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land. the tampa bay storm opened the play-offs against the top team, the philadelphia sol, new season and they were looking for as th. but that is as close as it gets. the philly team are the first for a reason and the storm are
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not started. they will have o open practices and football season is here. and football season is here. >> all right, thanks very much, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. ? she's walking... ? look she's doing it!
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from tampa, this is the money, power and politics anniversary special starring craig patrick, melissa lynn, bea arthur, diane carol and the jefferson starship. now here's craig. happy 50th. whoa! look at that. boy, our 50th. here we are. i never thought we'd get this far. >> so glad to be here.


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