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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> the bands of rain moving on shore. it will move away. there will be rain and raining pretty good in manatee and sarasota from long bow. this is moving northeast and it and this is not enough to cause the flooding. and the rain and. and a patterns change underway.
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we'll talk about more rain. kids going to school tomorrow morning i think the rain will be out over the water and during the day the heavy rain to sebring. that is moving east northeast. >> back to you. is a pro. not alarms or locked doors not cameras. and and he broke into 22 homes since march. they are giving police and homeowner as heck of a time. and. >> they are quick and they are not making mistakes. even with the photos, investigators are coming up empty handed.
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shows his shock after arriving home on monday evening. >> the door was ajar, i thought i left the house in a hurry i did not look the door, this was not a mistake of his own as it opened the hallway was ransacked. >> one thing that they missed was the camera capturing the whole thing. you see him walking through with a >> black rubber gloves. a gray sweat suit and rubber shoes. >> it is one of 22 home robberies likely committed by the same suspect since march. they believe they worked quickly as a team to case the home and break in during a weekday when the owners are at work. locked fences, dogs. alarm system are not deterrents t is a challenge.
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plan they are not making any of the mistakes we expect them to make by this point. >> and images have not generated tips. police now have reason to believe that they are from south florida and traveling back and north to some of the sought after real estate to grab and go. >> i want the neighbors to take care of each other and watch out. if you see something call it in. >> police believ suspects were driving a bright blue kia yesterday but it appears they are switching up the cars when they commit the crimes. the criminals are seen knocking on doors. ringing doorbells. if you are home it is a good idea to alert people of your presentation but if you don't recognize them do not open the door. a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night may have
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and flames were shooting out of the bathroom. that family of 6 is safe. aaron mesmer is in the control room. how are they holding up. they lost everything. and. >> one step at a and they are reassembling their lives. it is in a burned bedroom where wendy kept things like an urn. >> once she is outside talking about the devastating fire the emotions sink in. >> i cannot process this. what hurts are the things she cannot replace. , they were out getting
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her husband saw it first, i heard him say oh my god i ran out thinking he fell and i saw flames coming out of the bathroom. all six people and four kids got out. her mother got in the car and headed from tampa, we got on the road and drove here for her and trying to help her out. they are trying to figure out what can be salvaged in the boxes and the miles of clothes. inside there chaos. soot and water and mud. , she is glad her family is alive to make new ones, we're thankful. my husband is guilty for not saving the house but he saved us. , and on the outside and it pay
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, they're okay tonight. >> this is a sanctuary. a rescue was raided today seizing nearly 200 animals. most are pigs and the owners were arrested. chris has a video that prompted the office. >> we're not going to show you the most disturbing parts. >> and this is members who got a tip they were being investigated. according to the witt a no kill. >> and posing as volunteers peta recorded this over the course of a few weeks and many pigs that
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>> and one pig here had a broken leg. >> and they were in distress, she found a steer. and deputies got a warrant and arrested the owners. >> they violated the law. and violated the principle for taking care arrested them. and this is the ownerships. and it was admitted they did not feed them every day they fed them a certain portion during the week. they are charged are animal cruelty and animal neglect. investigators removed 200 animals from the property, including 137 pigs. two had to be put down.
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animal control. and now the sheriff said the frustrating part is that the group had plenty of money in the bank. a celebration for dave mc kay. he was found dead in his home. a memorial will be h pete starting at 5 p.m. friends and fans are welcome. tears are expected and would not have had it any other way. a ferry service between tampa and st. pete received a final approval. and the commissioners voted yes on the pilot program. the decision is after approval
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commission. the ferry will take the passengers 20-miles from the convention center to st. pete beach drive. the project started on november november 1. and remember that. >>and was during joaqui l 33 on board died. millions of property s inside vault. there is a push to get it and they are left dormant in a number of safety deposit box. when it has been abandoned they will send the contents to the stelt where the are hel fowo yrs.
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that sort of thing, we have it.t if it is not claimed they are auctioned off. that's this saturday the next. and the west shore. they are open we have a link if you need it. report votes during the election. today workers checked the accuracy of the machines to test them to check if they were counted. we want to know. the public wants to know that. and the step another test after
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audit. they will select a location and run them through again to make sure they are counted correctly. big changes for macdill, changes that include tampa international airport. we'll tell you about that.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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new at six tonight.... we're getting an exclusive up-close look at the runway at macdill air force base. as
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use. and the only runway will be shut down for repairs. this is a base what happened when it has no run way. in the sky the refueling tankers had smooth sailing when they land things can get rough on the the chunks and the ruts. and they decided to shut down the runway this fall. we're going to mill it away and repave the runway, how can it fly tankers with the only runway closed for two months, they found the answer at tampa international. the tankers will move in with the airliners.
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s. >> and they will be parked as the jets. >> and and the tankers with a dozen and they will be ready. >> and >> the project is slated and mid-october, in between you may see a tanker taxiing near the airline. >> they will not use the gates. they will not see disruptions. while they smooth it out at macdill they will get a
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>> some were moved over and this october they will be there for two months. >> we have been and once or twice. you get them. and that's a and up the coast. and we have the wild looking. and the radar sky tower showing ra.and decent develnt
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and the radar. this is cool. here and nthndoreast the are out here is the view which is seeing rain and well off the coast. they have been severe. the county. >> this will not last. i know it is coming down in buckets it will not last long.
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northeast. >> and coastal citrus. and august we had a similar set up. we are had heavy rain it has not lasted last year t rhel i'mkingt third. and spring hill 7 and 6 and 2.6. that goes back to saturday. it is a lot of rain when it comes intermittently it is not. and the key to the forecast is going to be this manufacturing
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another in check. you and 95. clouds and rape. cooler, that's a nice thing. >> and the real deep moisture. we will stay soupy and give us the storms it does mean. inland i would watch for showers. and that will be it back to a
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and. and another band of showers. late tonight and partly cloudy and 77. coming up on thursday storms in the afternoon. 40 and 50%. scott. all right. thanks. would you attend a rays to watch tim tebow. he wants to make a michael jordannesque attempt. some are laughing him off but one big leaguer says he has what it taking. an element of grit comes to the bucks.
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for the second straight day a dust up. tis was more heated than a day ago. evan smith brought the teams
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>> and the end bring something welcomed to the defense. >> and he is on the side of chaos. he bringss what they have been missing an edge rusher with an attitude. he brings grit. >> sometimes you know things happen and a fight breaks out. >> it is the nature beast. >> we need it. we need that. >> i think that if were paying attention he has guys falling behind. >> they like the grit but the players will tell new training camp that grit gets under their skin, he will get under your
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you get upset with him a bit. >> and we feel like he is doing something. i'm sure they say the same thing, he played with controlled aggression and within the rules. flagged three times what drives himotor is a will to win. a straight throughout the and gerald, that dude sets t tempo t is contagious. you we want to get it and win. >> he will be 31 at the start of the season and his time is getting throw eo getting it done. ra are at trying to bounce back fm their
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ke a debut onyrida as he returns from the dc, his start will cone site with a-rod's friday's rays and yankees broadcast has been moved here. the final game coming against the rays just after 7:00 on friday chrisrche will get the start. you heard tim tebow wants to play baseball. he will host a try out to take a school. he is 29 now. and he was quite good all state here in florida. would have been drafted if he did not commit to play football. some are calling it a publicity stunt say no, he is doing this. and gary sheffield, said that he watched him and he said he has the it factor. he thinks he can do it.
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they will try this. to that i say sign the guy. rays sign the guy, i know a lot of people. low risk they think it is a gimmick and imagine the possibility if he ever, you know -- >> you know his personality we do through the media. he does not seem like he would be doing something like this out of a publicity stunt. his heart is in a good place. >> but he does not want it out, i say i agree with you. let's go for it, someone will sign him, he will play minor league somewhere. >> interesting. >> sell some bobble heads. 6:30 a new candidate in the race for the white house. who that is next. can you be sued for a bad review on yelp. before you write it what our attorney and legal expert has to say about it.
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it really was road signs bent over because of the force of the water. you know, gushing down the street everywhere because we're on an incline. anything that anyone's left out is moving down the street. we always think we're the keeper of the house... it makes a lot of sense you would have flood insurance. knowing that you have that and if you need it, it's going to be there, and you've done everything you can that this house mighbe here in a hundred years for another family to enjoy it.
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hard, just to get by. but in washington - "republican senator marco rubio has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message
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((mark--vo-)) donald turmp and donald trump making a stop on the campaign trail. he dropped by a small business in wilmington, north carolina. the owners talked about the rising cost of health care and
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employees. more twists and turns in the race for the white house as donald trump is getting stiff armed by former republican national secured officials who say that he is unqualified to be president. and the biggest surprise a new candidate for president. >> i don't believe this, this is unbelievable. >> and he is campaigning in a state that many say he must win to become president. north carolina. the gop nominee's visit to the state candidate announcing plans to make a bid for the white house. >> this is the last moment when someone can offer an alternative >> it is after a speech is delivered for growing the economy a concern for voters according to a roll. 50% believe that trump would do
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f.a.n.l. fate. she short circuited. it is another to be whacky and make bad decisions. but to the matchup it is a different story. hillary clinton ahead of trump by double digits. and the stormer secretary of state has seen how health officials are battling the zika virus. >> i disagree with those who say that it is an insignificant issue. my opponent in the race his officials have said that. >> and she is named in a lawsuit by the parents of two libya victims. they say that her use of a private e-mail server contributed to the attacks. hillary clinton's campaign
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father of the orlando nightclub killer. look to the right with the red hat cheering for her at a rally. they were unaware that his attendance was an issue until after the fact. we asked if they would have endenied him his seat. the campaign did not respond. and he was athe rally because he supports hillary clinton and got the members of the democratic party did. four more people in south florida have tested positive for zika virus. that brings the number of cases to 21. and the epi center is a ghost town. and winwood is usually packed. this were empty today. business owners say they barely had any customers. planes have been flying over dropping insecticides trying to
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in texas it has deadly consequences. a travel related case there leads to the death of an inmate. >> and it strikes again this time in texas. officials confirm the first death with the virus. and a girl dying shortly after birth. she was an in a latin america and traveled to harris county in her second trimester. >> reporter: zika erts are a priority in another state, florida. officials here are looking into a case in palm beach that was contracted here. the person traveled to miami-dade where more than a dozen infections were announced last week. >> and brought in experts on the spraying and dealing with the
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ourests. >> it is a hot topic on the trail. hillary clinton visited the transmission zone today where she is calling on congress to cut off the summer recess to deal with the virus. >> this is a serious challenge we need to address before it expands even further. >> the pre $1.9 billion to fight zika in february. the it was passed but the legislature was stalled in the senate. at this point congress is not scheduled to return to capitol hill until september 6th. in miami. another rough day for delta airlines as it tries to recover from the ouplg that grounded its entire fleet. you can see a number of flights
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the airline said it has pared back the schedule so things should improve. for some stuck overseas it cannot happen quickly enough. we have the story from new york. >> reporter: the cancellations continue. grounding more than 300 flights on tuesday a day after a massive outage led to glitches that caused more than 1000 flights to be canceled. close to 3000 moreer >> leaving people stranded around the world. >> for the people who are cannot exit. they are screwed and in limbo, they are offering refunds and the ceo issued a public apology. some passengers are taking their travels in stride, others say it is a problem that should not have happened in the first place, we have been taken off the plane twice.
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>> incompetence. but you know what will do you about it. they are starting the process of getting the travelers where they need to be. it will knob be easy the flights have been 90% booked. the airline needs to make an investment in new back up system to make sure this does not happen again. >> this is a chance to make all of the people who were mixed up in the fiasco totally of delta's consumers and passengers should not pay a price for delta's incompetence. >> inis to refunds, passengers who were delayed for more than three hours are eligible for a 200-dollar travel voucher. in new york, laura ingall. advocates want more oversight at water parks after a boy died on a water slide. he was found dead in as pool
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slide. caleb shah wab died from neck injuries but they are not revealing the circumstances. it will reopen but the slide will stay closed. investigators work to figure out how three girls fell from a ferris wheel. it was in greenville. a 6-year-old girl is in critical condition with a traumatic brain injury. two other as 10 and 16-year-old are in stable witnesses reported seeing them rocking the seat before they fell. in these two scenarios here with the ferris wheel. that from my impression was mechanical,le gate was configured improperly on the sweep arm or something else came off the car and obstructed the rotation. >> how about on the slide, the water slide that's a debacle.
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criminal really what happened. that how old not have opened in the first place. >> authorities are investigating both incidents and reviewing safety regulations for both places. a dentist sues patients. what? why? they posted bad reviews about him online on the web site yelp.
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today, we can connect more.... play more... do more. anall that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovativtechnology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here.... ...with power for your life. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs. and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 mls for under four dollars. ((kelly--vo-)) have you new at steak 'n shake! have you ever written a bad review on yelp. people let it know they let
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and a dentist is suing over bad reviews. he said they tee famed him and hurt his futures business. does very a point. when sun is being sued. can you sue someone over anything whether that lawsuit has merit is another question. yes he can sue the patients, he has done that in the and even though they are meritless it could cost $20,000. that's what happens in the real world as far as lawsuits in the case what we're talking about someone who can be argued to be a public official, a private individual that sets themselves out there.
6:43 pm
they that wrote on yelp were the statements false or malice a disregard and chose to ignore the facts and say this on yelp. i don't think there is merit in his lawsuits but that's a different question whether or not can you bring the lawsuits and whether someone will be paying money on them. >> what about the first amendment writes, can't we say anything we want. >> can you, you to free speech and write the reviews but it is not free it can be at a cost. these are meritless and they could publish the criticisms because they. >> they were not knowingly false the problemhough they can be suedver it and get a lawyer to defend themselves and that could cost money. people realize they have the law
6:44 pm
write a check to get out of it because it will cost them. >> it's not worth it. >> if someone feels compelled to write a review on a good or bad on yelp let's talk about that. easy.t should we not write. truth is a defense. if it is true you will be in the ri that does not mean you cannot be sued. they can say are you wrong and hire a lawyer and that costsf you put a post up there it does
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(kelly alzheimer's afctfesome 5 milln ople mber is growing. anth alzhmer's affects five milln people in the countryan how an early test cld be the key to better treatme. howhis scan works.
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10:00 news. and health and tech companies giving stock as nudge. the dow is up jus about 3 and three quarters. and the s&pp a point. a marginal gain. does this sound like you are glued to your cell phone. people walking around and never looking up to see what is in their way. there is an app that will change that. it is called look up. it is a see when you get near a interseion it pops up encouraging to you look up something that the players of pokemon go should be using t is available in new york city but could branch o to other cities and devices. people should start wearing their glasses on the top of their head back that's what we see their forehead, we talk
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have your phone in your hand when you walk acr street. that's dangerous. unless are you checking your radar app. ht want to do that. >> no. >> paul, the app has been something lately. >> if it says lightning look up not down. let's lkutside. sense. because we have action t show you clouds around tampa b now. that's the bokal d shore camera. lots of cudsn a hf acture. we'll stay cloudy for the rain is movingn. and theattern i startg to change, i think we'll see showers near theoast in the morng. tomorrow theajit of the rain will developannld and the tcoas line s be, and if schoolomorrow when you weak up i etxpec some rain off the cot. th deve to school should be going to school now ins.
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rainy season. let me show you rainow. this is at manat a sarasota. and jumping inland f you are watching us in b o by land and auburndale there is ra and it is moving along and at least a half hour to minutes of happy rain in western srmsver sarasota jumped east at 75 hding a some temperatures. and down to sanibel and nea the gbi storms with more moisture and day teim heating. stmsoro the south generated by heating tod. for our friends in citru is a line near inverness that curves newspaper marion cnty. nothing severe here that's moving out of the viewing area.
6:51 pm
way away. vero that rain is moving away. tomorrow the storms will fire up. theyill jump id.nlan thursday we'll get back to the east wind. and theft aernoon 4.55 in the rain bucket this month. anotheresson how you look back to july which is hot and most areas rain was below average. generally speaking all the time. most summers eventually things kind of even out. now in the areas it is even an average above agevera rain fl this summe38.27 for the year. 27.89 is the average. cooler temperatures because of the clouds and rain. check this out -- every checkpoint in hillsborough and pinellas in the 70s at 6:00. 78 brooksville and bradenton and
6:52 pm
head inland. by the way the tropics are quiet. there is nothing of note but this area of low pressure which for a while, you know, the hurricane center is saying a 10, 20% chance of development. we -- development. we did not expect much out of it. you can see the storms firing up towards east of us. that's being generated by the day time heating. the low will pivot away from we're done with the rain near the coast. the deep tropical moisture in the red rust color. watch it as it moves away. and we're still in a summertime atmosphere. we'll see the storms around but they will get into more of the afternoon variety and sunshine in the morning, the tropical sky, clouds building and by 4:00 to 8:00 we start watching and waiting for a storm development. partly cloudy tonight.
6:53 pm
a lot will jump inland. and back up to 88 and on thursday back up to 89. and 90s are back. we have been out of the 90s for a while. over the weekend with a 40% chance of afternoon storms. back to you, thank you, paul. after the break the perfect
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and chris cato here a positive story about pokemon go. some players helped a trapped manatee. you will see what one did to free the tangle tangled creature. and several county goes back to school. a new lesson for students. what they will learn about the zika virus. that's tonight at 11. >> thank you very much, chris. there is nothing better than
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day. and bo's ice cream is serving up tasty treats and smiles. the business is what's right with tampa bay. ?[music] ? >> another blistering hot summer day. daniel mendes brings his girlfriend and nieces to his favorite place. >> my mom and dad brought me here when i was a kid. she came here in high school living in west >> it started in 1954, making it the oldest ice cream shop in tampa. and ken bosanka watched his father create the establishment. >> he wanted good ice cream, he could not find it. he was going to move to florida and open one up. >> could you score a cone for just a dime. >> my dad was a purchasing agent so he, you know, he knew how to
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much for hit. repter: starting a few flavor options, it has me a long way >> all kinds of sundaes and floats and shakes. >> coming up. >> and tammy vet is ken's daughter. she started working at bo's as a worked with my grandfather. head a big influence on me. i think that he helped my work ethic. >> cherry d guests that's not the reason for the popularity. >> it is delicious. tampa treasure.ream a true 61 wonderful years and we v to have another 61. >> ready? >> yes. >> happy now? >> yes. >> good. >> creating special memories that last a lifetime. >> it is really cream, that's awesome. >> i know, we need some now, we
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twitter and instagram.
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access. r rio. >> i'm thinking you're looking forward to the rematch. >> what's the old saying? you don't poke the tiger? >> oh, it's on tonight. michael versus the rare soul who's beat him. and he he's a cocky one. add to that the new intense cold wa >> we're going to go up to christ the redeemer. >> no, no, we have a few more. >> it's one of the seven wonders of the world. i'm natalie morales but the meaning runs much different for a brazilian model. >> what is it for you when you see the christ? >> you must be be okay to walk away. >> it's the most important bargaining rule at rio's hippie market. i'm kit hoover but unfortunately i don't know if it's going to


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