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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  August 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:57pm EDT

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its quite a sight off the courtney c causeway. quite a sight off the drivers pulling over and taking a look when the
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probm and need to take drastic action. >> anchor: folks flat out sick and tired of the constant flooding in their neighborhos. theyay something's got to be done to fix it. slow down. those crossing guards are there >> anchor: a reminder tonight to take it slow during tomorrow morning's commute. it's back to school for much of the tampa bay area. that's not a rescue operation. that's a death operation. >> the owners of a polk cnty animalescue chaed tight wi neglecting more than 100 pigs, leaving some of them to die >> announcer: you're watching fox 13. and the 10:00 newsrts>> ancr: . welcome tonight. i'm mark wilson. >> i'm kelly ring.
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everybody. we're gegin goo neai fallearing t. is going to he a lt our sky terar rad i a cpl s. buome pasco cnt neighborhoods, they're still dealg withdwater. and crews ared to clear roads and drains. haley hiebds is live in o of eporter: it is.streets. as we speak rht now floodwater out of this neighborhood. what you are seeing back there is a retention pond that overflowed here. and while that is helping in the short-term, neighbors here are desperate for a long-term solution. many people who move to florida dream of waterfront property. >> we moved fm rtlaoron.
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ssibly a ltle bit of rain. but this was a little more than we barring ivend for. >> overwhelming. >> reporter: days of steady rain have turned parts of ierpon bark drive into extensions of an over flowing retention pond. >> we have to walk along the side of other houses, bring in extra water. really not the best way to live at this point and time. in this day and age this shouldn't happen. >> reporter: officials know it is a chronic problem. >> that particular area is prone to flooding because it's aging infrastructure. and this particular casehe is no real infrastructure right where it's at. so we've been taking that out by way of truck all day long. >> reporter: in other areas like trinity's thousand oaks community is when only seeing mild street flooding the county installed a temporary six-inch pipe, moving watery om a boggedown ser. >> ithelps. s. eporter: tho a shorterm fixes. promis transparenc and p on
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meaning currentsisnt count h consulted a consultant to develop a plan to take water north through a culvert system. it would cost $2.5 million and the purchase of seven homes. forowll neighborsos ll ces donrierays erev t tplinand e couny. r:te the project esentedt meeting in october. if there is any good news it's that we're told no floodwater has gotten inside any homes here in pasco county. crews will be working throughout the night and tomorrow trying to get the floodwater out of here with crews on standby in case anymore heavy rain moves through. >> kelly: hope they stay on top of it. thank you, hay. >> mar police are investigating a string of home burglaries in tampa bay. we've got pretty good surveillance video from inside
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this is just yesterday. the thief is speaking spanish on a cell phone, wearing gloves and a gray sweat suit. looks like a onesie but it is a sweat suit. police believe the crooks are working in sophisticated teams because he is talking to somebody. but they are leaving no fingerprints behind. they're working quickly durin the daytime making it very difficult to track them down. >> chill went through me because obviously they're just hitting neighborhood after neighborhood and house after house. >> the group was seen leaving the victim a blue kia forte. police believe they're switching out cars regularly to avoid detection. remember, most of these are happening during the day. especially late morning. keep an eye out. if you have any information, please call crime stoppers. >> kelly: and the school year starts tomorrow for much of the tampa bay area. that means teachers are preparing classrooms and deputies are putting out warnings to make sure drivers watch for children. fox 13's evan axelbank is live
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but when it comes to safety here at places like mitell elementary, we know there are going to be crossing guards posted at intersections just like this one to make sure that kids get here safely. deputies say the most important thing we can all do tomorrow is drive carefully. tw, n laland, t other last taa, killed while walking to school. >> we're going have there to help slow people down. >> reporter: w necsalytaultn those cases, the sces ar reminderhat t school yr t' tat c ol zone stopped school hehone trsike isot ing ixto f a child thatets hurt. they'reur most precious resource and we're going do everything we can to protect them. >> reporter: street safety means just as much to deputies,
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>> once they arrive, they are your source of energy. they're what keeps you going. >> reporter: sixth grade math teacher beth calazone is doing an olympic theme this year to make math more relevant to her students at wilson middle. we watched her write the first day's schedule on the board. >> my goals this year are that all of the students that i teach will feel successful. >> reporter: her plan for success starts right away. >> greeting a student. we do a lot of getting to you know type of get to know who they are. how they learn. >> reporter: deputies say it's all of our responsibility to help students get into ms get to work tomorrow so you are not in a rush. >> 235 school crossing guards out there working a lot of busy roadways. there's going to be kids and you can be assured there's going to be one that are going to dart out in front otraffic. >> rorter: fines for speeding
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$300 for onl going ten miles an hour over the limit. obviously, thees get m higher than that as you continue to go faster and higher above the speed limit. but, kelly, the stakes are obviously much higher than that. >> kelly: you bet they are. evan axelbank reporting. thank you. students head back to school in hillsborough, pinellas, manatee, haand andhighlands county. pasco and po day is august 15th. raso tft >>ar m all right new at ten, a fire forcesarn springs family from their home. story at ts mobile hom here in afternoon. it took firefighters from tpon springs and paul harbor to put the home was fully involved when firefighters arrived. two adults and one child did make it out okay. the red cross is involved helping the family this evening. a family of six is alive tonight thanks to asband's trip to the bathroom in the middle of
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house was on fire. waonsn't beforemes were the famy including four kids got out and thewners are afraid they lost just about everything though including their family phographs. but they're certainly thankful that everybody is okay. >> we're thankful. my husband kind of feels guilty for not saving the house but i told him he saved us. that's what he needs to worry about. >> mark: the family believes an electrical panel may haveaught fire somehow. investigors are now looking into the possibility. >> kelly: a polk county coue mall neglect and cruelty because of all what investigators say they found at a place that was supposed to be a sanctuary for unwanted farm animals. the sheriff's office started investigating after pita handed over a video showing what they call in horrific conditions. eporter: viewers you may h.- find this disturbing and we're
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their faces. isig h infection. another one laid on the ground for 14 days. 14 days in respiratory distress until it finally died >> s prided herself in a no-kill shelter. so she would let the ones that were very sick sit there and suffer until they die. that's not a rescue operation. that's a death operation. >> reporter: so this morning deputies arrested the owners of
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that's 65-year-old darl and her husband 61-year-old butch martin. martin told reporters that the situation isn't as bad as the sheriff's office is making it out to to feeding the animals only four days a week. investigators removed 197 animals from the property including 135 pigs, 43 chickens, seven dogs, seven cats, two ducks, a horse, rabbit and one emaciated steer as you see there. two of those pigs had to be veterinarian. zer ner and mart rin charged with three counts of animal cruelty and 138 counts of neglect. >> kelly: so sad. >> mark: it is so sad. quite a show during rush hour. what was in the water that was stopping traffic. >> kelly: you have to see this video of a dolphin too at seaworld. it's going viral. getting a little too playful with the guest's ipad. up next hear from the man who
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>> get off your ipads folks you are at seaworld. we're going tell you about the clinical trials that look promising for early detection of alzheimer's. this could be b news. 10:30. maybe a clear radar. >> rain is still underway inland. the big newss the weather pattern change on thursday. still kind of a so, so day torn. watching the gulf maybe more rain developing late tonight. we'll talk about that and the big change for the weend that's coming up in five minutes. don't go away. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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mother nature gives drivers on the courey campbell causeway a big show. . >> mark: mother nature gives drivers on the courtney campbell quite a big show today. several matees were mg on several driverstelp of the but stop and watch them roll in the water. on the southide of the causeway. the mal often splash around to get the attention of the female. and mating can begin as early as march and go through >> we thought they were in distress. now we see they're getting lucky. [ laughter ] i guess they're doing good. glad they're doing good. >> mark: apparently they're doing very well. remember, it is illegal to touch the manatees. just let them enjoy themselves. >> kelly: okay. it is a video out of seaworld that's going viral this week. you may have seen this. a woman got a close encounter with a dolphin that she didn't bargain for. the animal snatched her ipad
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it into the water. the guy who caught it on video lives here in the tampa bay area. crystal clark spoke with him today and i bet he never imagined his video would get this much attention. >> reporter: just two days it's been viewed millions of times online and shared all over the world by people who can't help feel sorry for the woman but also can't seem to look away. >> oh my god! >> reporter: maybe it's her salmon covered case that made this dolphin snatch an ipad right out of a >> she was definitely upset. she tried to snatch her ipad out of the water as soon as possible. >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: laughing hysterically, claudia gomez of wesley chapel was able to catch it all on camera >> i was trying to get my son and my girlfriend petting a they were wtiain lineehind everyone. >> reporter: he hit record early when he noticed the dolphin peering up at the wan whose gaze was locked on her device. but he never imagined the animal
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his buddy a high-five after the act. >> they're usually friendly and swimming around and they go on the ledge every now and then. that day they seem like they didn't want to get pet that much or touched. >> reporter: or maybe they just wanted to take their own selfies. the same dolphin splashed the crowd seconds later sending everyone running. gomez says it was a trip to seaworld unlike any he's ever experienced. so he had to share the video on his facebook. >> just started taking off from there. it was totally unexpected.
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happened and theidn' believe he he showethem his footage. i'm guessing she is gog to get the same on fro theeatol ita tor rar forecast with fox 13 chief meteort paul dellegatto. >> paul: another wild weather day today. check this out. shelf cloud arama. this has been a summer shelf cloud. incredible. same thing in st. pete with a band of rain coming on shore late today. andrew in dunn eaton. look at that wild looking cloud. shelf cloud in clearwater. that was in advance of a big band of rain we were tracking off the coast. and sky tower today has been scanning and looking for additional areas of rain. the nice thing now with our million watt radar is that things are quiet over the gulf. te rain has all moved inland.
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see and see what happens in the eastern gulf late tonight. i do expect there to be additional areas of rain developing. but the area of low pressure continues to drift away. so the line i don't think will be as impressive as it was the past couple of mornings. the thing for tomorrow, even though it's going unsettled is most of the rain will dump early in the afternoon. it is a veryind of damp evening acrs county. steady rain from i-4 and haines city all the way south through highlands county, hardy, desoto and eastern manatee. this rain will gradually diminish overnight. our attention tomorrow morning heading back to school, the kids going back to school. so check out the eastern gulf. some rain but i don't think as much as we've seen past couple mornings. after a tough july where heat was the story it's been wet all august long.
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2.19 is the avere. and going back to january 1st, it is a wet year, folks, 38. st above the avage. 81 degrees.dayn tampa? it seed lik wreoi90 pluery you . 76 in brooksville. and 78n bradenton. underway. low pressure is spinning in the western panhandle. it will bring with it the moisture, the deep tropical moisture now is still over us. so that's why rain chances tomorrow will still be around 60 percent. but by later tomorrow and tomorrow night, low pressure in the tropical moisture start sliding west towards louisiana and arkansas. that wil leave us with east atinoh msture
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so en though the deluge will be gone we'll still have enough activity to give us afternoon storms and storms die down tonight. there will be a few on the coast tomorrow. they'll move inland during the day. then by thursday as low pressure continues to move away, the winds turn to the southeast. that means sunshine finally in the morning as the mercury hds back to 90. we're back to normal in a couple of days. tonight becoming partly cloudy watching for storms in the eastern gul late tonight. any shiftinland tomorrow. highs up to 88. finally on thursday more typical set up. highs approachig 90 during the day. afternoon storms. by the way, the tropics are still very quiet. not a lot going on as we transition to a more typical summer pattern beginning on thursday. back to you. >> mark: we likeatpaul florida' millions of llars ounclaimed property right now. >> kelly: all kinds of things to get forgotten in safe deposit
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collectibles. up next, where it's being put up for auction. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone?
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and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that me overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. ? know you're budgeted for the expected,
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the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple. know your investments can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offe
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baseball cards, all that sort of thing. you name it, we've got it. >> anchor: sounds like a good deal huh? it's actually somebody's unclaimedproperty. there's a new push to clear it out of the state's vault. a lot of people keep stuff in their bank safe deposit boxes. what happens when it is forgotten. >> kelly: it gets turned over to the state. cynthia is here with a look at where it goes from there. >> just wait until you see some of the stuff. pretty amazing what apparently don't claim. millions of dollars worth of unclaimed property just sitting inside the state vault in tallahassee waiting to be collected by it's rightful owners. but everything from gold, silver, baseball cards, watches, jewelry, silverware, antique silv silverre. once a safe deposit box has been abandoned for three years, banks send the contents to the state where the items are held for two more years. so that's five. after that, they auction it off. and the next auction will be
10:26 pm
tampa. >> people who never attended one of these will be surprised at the amount of items and the quality and types of things people leave in safe deposit boxes. alone will be surprising or just the intensity and the action will also be interesting. >> reporter: once an item is auctioned off it's rightful owner can still come forward and collect the money made from the sale if they turn up then can prove it was theirs. this saturday's auction will be held at the tampa marriott west shore. it is open to the public. you website and look at what they're going sell this time. you might be astonished. we have a link with all the information in the seen on tv section of get load of those necklaces, kelly. >> kelly: it would just be fun to see what they have. what people leave behind. accidentally. thank you, cynthia. donald trump did it again. >> mark: you got hear what he said today that's got everybody talking. and hillary clinton's response
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[ bell rings ]
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university poll finds the presidential candidates a new quinnipiac poll finds the presidential candidates virtually in a dead heat. at least in florida. with hillary clinton leading donald trump 46 percent to 45 percent. there's a big gender gap as well. women in the sunshine state prefer clinton while men are backing trump. donald trump stirring up controversy yet again tonight. >> kelly: he seem to suggest that hillary clinton should be dealt with harshly should she defeat him in november. and fox's carl cameron has the story. >> reporter: on stormed north carolina today visiting fayetteville and wilmington where he veered off message and seem to suggest that voters exercise their second amendment rights to prevent hillary clinton from packing the courts with liberal judges. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. but i'll tell what you. that will be a horrible day. >> reporter: the clinton campaign issued a statement
10:31 pm
a tru campaign statement said, quote... trump hit clinton again for being more of the same. >> hillary clinton is going to be four more years of obama maybe worse. four more years of isis. four more years of high taxes. >> reporter: but trump's gop support continues to fray. susan collins of maine last night became the sixth republican u.s. senator to pubically declare trump unworthy of being president. after yesterday's open letter from 50 gop national security experts panned his candidacy, trump kissed them off as
10:32 pm
trump maintains he'll make no changes to reassure gop doubters. >> i don't think it's appropriate to start changing all of a sudden when you have been winning. >> reporter: reporters reached out to the secret service for a comment on trump's second amendment remarks. all of the secret service would say is they were aware of the comment. custom airly by mission they're required to investigate any verbal threat of a protectee. in fayetteville, carl cameron, fox news. >> kelly: as state officials announced four more zika cases in miami, hillary clinton tries to use the political points. at a rally in south florida today, she blamed republicans for failing to pay for an adequate response. clinton visited a miami neighborhood clinic this afternoon handling zika cases and she pressed congress to pass emergency money to fight the virus. the house passed a $1.1 billion compromised package before going on the august break. but it got stuck in the senate over restrictions on planned parenthood funding
10:33 pm
urge the leadership of congress to call people back for a special session and get a bill passed. . >> kelly: the clinton campaign also dealing with a controversy last night in kissimmee. the father of the gunman who killed 49 people at the pulse night club in orlando was seen at the hillary clinton rally right there. and clinton campaign officials said he was not invited by clinton or her campaign. saying they did not .as there until after the event. >> mark: s critical condition tonight with a traumatic brain injury after she fell from a ferris wheel. eccident happened at the county fair in greenville, tennessee. one of the baskets reportedly flipd over when the ride got stuck causing three girls to plunge more than 30 feet to the ground. a ten-year-old and 16-year-old both suffered minor injuries. that accident now under investigation. . >> kelly: alzheimer's affects some 5 million people in this
10:34 pm
could be key, big in treatment. fox's phil shuman reports on some promising new clinical trials. >> reporter: susan come poe on one of -- campo on one of her regular heights through pasadena's arroyo seco. she is 67 years young and works hard to keep it that way. knowing the devastating impact though alzheimer's disease had on her father as he aged -- loss of memory, difficulty with speech, with writg, traffics -- she's worried the same thing may happen to her. >> i really dislike alzheimer's because i saw what it did dadver t years. and, you know, i'd like too some prevention. >> i'm dr. keith black chairman of the department of neurosurgery at cedars-sinai. >> reporter: her curiosity led her to a video featuring a neurosurgeon who lost his own
10:35 pm
alzheimer's. >> open your eyes. >> reporter: he touts the clinical trials of an early alzheimer's detection test he designed. a retinal scan searching for a specific type of toxic plaque build up as seen in this example. if the plaque shows up now in the retina it will also be in the brain. >> the key is early detection, intervention before one loses the brain cells, before one becomes symptomatic. >> reporter: campo being examined by neurologist aiesha is one of the first to be tested. the idea for her and any other patient if there are early signs of the disease of that plaque build up, you now begin what doctors call a lifestyle intervention. a lifestyle intervention means you exercise more you make sure you have plenty of sleep. you eat better. you do mentally stimulating activities. the whole idea is to prepare your body and your mind to fight
10:36 pm
>> you don't have to go to medical school to know that diet and exercise and sleep help you. >> right. >> so what's the connection to alzheimer's? >> there are cases where there is a genetic pro clefty for developing the disease. for the most part, what pushes a person off the precipice and causes the disease are lifestyle diseases. you know, like diabetes and heart disease and strokes and things of that nature. so by managing these risk factors aggressively, evidence that the risk for alzheimer's disease reduces quite significantly. >> reporter: campo is well aware of the implications of this research. the idea of a low cost, early warning system? well? >> i think it is a wonderful idea. i was a science teacher for 34 years and i'm happy to contribute something to science even if it is a tiny little bit and if, you know, we'll find out if the hypothesis is correct or not. >> reporter: detecting such a terrible disease long before it's too late to make a
10:37 pm
medical break through. the retinal scan seems like a simpledea but the question is will it provereabli nd>> ae're done reporshuman, fox news. >> mark: theway at macdill airforceis bas badly in need for repairs. >> kelly: it's going shut down for awhilehere do all the refue
10:38 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:as a line of clothing now where were these made trump: "these were made, i don't knowhere they're made. but they were made somepla. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.?
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z22q3z zy6z
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y22q3y yy6y coming up >> kelly: coming up tonight at 11:00, it's back to school tomorrow for kids in much of th. this year they'll be learning about something new -- zika. how school districts are handling this new mosquito-borne health concern. that's just ahead. and kaley anthony would have been how some folks are making sure she won't be forgotten. we'll see you at the top of the hour for the "fox 1311 o'clock news. the runway at mcdil will be closed this fall for major repairs. >> mark: we'vesi look. it is crumbling in're going to tankers will go to tampa international airport for about two months. >> with tampa being just adjacent to us it will be a pretty seamless transition for
10:41 pm
so very minimal. >> mark: the tankers will be with the private and corporate jets. the airport says it won't affect operations. the plans are calling for at least four tankers to be based at fm mid-octobe mid-cember. how are you scott. >> reporter: pretty good. the rays were raking tonight in too. ghlits next and t same day tim tebow nounces his baseball dream, boom, a contract offer.o younyat plus camp. it's camp karaoke with joe holly up next. ?
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dunkin' donuts ' beliable seltion of breakfast sandwiches, freshly de all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, ou am oh .. it'samp karae wi ((kelly/ a growing wildfire is continuing to burn continuing to burn out of control in southern california tonight. the fire mushroomed more than 50 percent overnight burning in the san bernardino mountains east of los angeles. more than 900 firefighters have been called in to battle the fire which is only so far just about six percent contained. >> mark: fox's jonathan hunt reports thousands of homes are in danger now. >> reporter: powerful wind gusts continuing to fuel a
10:45 pm
southern california's san bernardino mountains. roughly an hour east of los angeles. >> it's been watching a fire. >> reporter: the fire at this point still largely burning out of control. dangerously close to homes. >> hopefully just sits there. >> reporter: strong winds monday night pushed flames and at this point the fire is roughly 11 square miles. prompting mandatory evacuation orders for hundreds of voluntary ones for thousands more. but many residents are choosing to linger having been through fire threats in the area before. >> we're all packed ready to go just in case. neighbors who stayed, this is our third go round. we're veterans. >> reporter: smoke from the fire is already affecting air quality more than 200 miles away. across the mojave desert in the
10:46 pm
california's largest wildfire les.expanded to 104 square it contioes t burn north of big sur.however more than 5,000 firefighters plus an airforce of tankers and helicopters have been making some progress. at this point they've surrounded 50 percent of the nearly three week old fire. but here in the san bernardino national forest, those kind of containment figures are some way off. this is a longight one. near lake acalifoia an fox news krit. >> kelly: it is bad. they need rain. >> mark: wish we could share. rays did pretty well? reporter: they played rlly nice tonight. just 50 gameto go if the regula season. can you believe it? they're looking like the team many assumed they would thaebt start of the season. they're .500 during the all-star break.
10:47 pm
game two against the team in this series. logan led them off. first at-bat of the night and all jose batista can do is watch this go into the pen. one-zip rays. skip ahead to the fifth. rays lead two-zip and stephen sousa junior singles into right. that plates brad miller. up to a 3-zip advantage. just about everybody getting in on the action tonight. evan longoria three for five this evening. gaps this one to left-center. that's going to bring another one across. then drew smiley holding up his end of the bargain. six innings pitched just six hits allowed, two runs. got a lot of help tonight as well. in runs. longo, they all drove rays crushed theays ine g
10:48 pm
formerea gary shfi say heve belie it. oneeam is . the indepenrontier league offering 29-yr-old a coract. of crse undisclosed terms. nfl training camp is a ground. mixing it up every once in awhile as nice change of pace. that's what we're doing with our new segment calle "camp karaoke." and all week offensive line will
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millennial. ? [music] ? here we go. woof woof woof where are the dogs at. >> very close. who let the dogs out. >> 20 tens. i think this is your sweet spot.
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jeans skin was showing ? where do you think you're going baby ? and this is crazy ? here's my number and call me maybe ? >> yes. there we go. two out of four. not bad. i think bonus style points here and feel more confident now? >> it's all about the effort man. i tried. make sure you get in there and vote for joe holly. >> ple joeyfatone>>.elly: ll we uuhhh. >> w stops you realiz don't know the words. if you want to vote go to my facebook page. any like that you have on his video will be tabulated. we're going to run an offen lineman every day this week then we'll have an award next week. >> kelly: i'm going vote for him. there's notng like a boy band hit with a big gnarly beard. there's not enough of them. >> he is fun.
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i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ? ? ? honey.our turn?n? yeah, go left right re. (wom v g adventureare still out ere. we'll find tm in our baru oback.
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baru.get zero perceno subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. you ju inheredt, your sister's last-generation, hand-me-down tablet... which was handed down by the generation before her. but you my friend have lightning internet from bright house networks, with the speeds you need. so this old device can still surf, stream and game and now connect to... standard tv and 50-megabit lightning internet.. only $94 a month for 12 months. now your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 chief meteorologist paul dellegatto. >> paul: we will slowly transition the next couple of days where we'll get more dramatic sunsets. but i still love the scene on
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looking. there's some steve winestein gets a fox 13 umbrella. go to my facebook page, like it. there's an app or link on the page that says weather pics contest. upload your photo through the app and we give an umbrella away monday through friday. the value of the umbrellas has gone up dramatically during the past four to five days. still rain around. this rain inland will gradually diminish this evening. light rain through polk then rain down we're seeing rain way off the east coast and our radar on sky tower. then we'll start watch for additional showers to fire up in the eastern gulf. i don't think there will be as many as there haseecoayhere wil showers moving inland during the day on thursday. still somewhat unsettled. you can see that by the forecast tomorrow. temperaturesill stay in maybe as high as 87. then back to more classic florida weather beginning on
10:55 pm
whether you are red or blue you might not have enough green for retirement. according to a new study, 14 percent of republicans say they do not have a retirement account. 20 percent of democrats do not have one either. but more americans regardless of political party are digging themselves deeper in debt. total household debt jumping to more than $12 trillion last quarter. meanwhile if you are buying a new home bring some extra cash to close that deal. the average closing costs for a $200,000 loan is more than $2,100 right now. house hunters are paying the most i and the least in pennsylvania. pet lovers looking for a new home? you and your furry friend may want to check out florida. a new report ranks orlando the top pet friendly city this year. costs for a vet, outdoor activities, home rentals that allow pets are some of the big reasons why. that's business. i'm maria bartiromo. . >> kelly: the tiny house craze is growing. >> mark: real tiny. coming up next, why a bunch of them are popping up in texas where everything is supposed to
10:56 pm
will mean for some p
10:58 pm
((mark homeless people in lubbock, texas, are getting homes to call their own. ((kelly/ they're tiny >> mark: homeless. he lubbock texas are getting homes to call their own. >> kelly: they're tiny homes. a nonprofit group is building 48 of them. the entire project funded by
10:59 pm
the homes are ten by ten. they sit on cement bloc. they'll be installed with solar panel systems for air conditioning. >> the big thick is probably security for most people. they'll be able to lock a door. they won't have to worry about their belongings. and i would imagine probably sleep better at night kwing nobody is just going to walk in on them. >> kelly: that's right. officials say each home is tempy but two residents will be in each house for about a place to live. >> mark: the detroit zoo welcoming it's newest addition. a babygiraffe. this little tike is anythin but weighi i at 166 poundand more than five feet ll. she stays very close to mom. the zoo has not named theut b e much o ba anymore.owhe s won't >> kelly: look how precious
11:00 pm
yep. >> kelly: time for the "fox 13:11 o'clock news." >> mark: cindy and chris take it away. >> the eve of a new school year for lots of counties in our area. >> a year that may include a new kind of science lesson. >> they would like for school districts to get involved in educating families and students when it comes to zika. >> how schools are getting involved in the fight agains the new virus. >> in this day and age this shouldn't happen. >> after days of streets remain flooded in pasco county. water logged residents want a permanent solution. >> with as tight as it was around its neck and how powerful he was struggling to get away from the pier, i don't think it would have made it. >> didn't look good. hear from one of the men who jumped in action to save a manatee. fox 13 news at 11:00 starts >> announcer: you're watching fox 13.


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