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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  August 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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tragedy in punta gorda.. the latest -- after a 73 year old woman is killed tragedy in punta go dar the latest a 73-year-old woman is killed during a self-defense class. and developing this hour, another case of road rage in tampa bay. the details out of hillsborough county. good afternoon everyone. we will begin with that developing story out of hillsborough county. a deadly case of ride rage ending with a shooter trying to
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ambulance. fox 13's everyone lambert is live along mlk ford's road and plant city with latest i know discussing new details what can you tell us everyone? >> we just got an email update from at hillsborough county sheriff's office. and what i can tell you, is that both men involved in this road rage incident have been identified. they have identified the man who was killed as gary durham of brandon. and deputies say the shooter was robert his street is being withheld at this time but the incident happened just east of here. that light behind me is forbes road and it happened along mlk. they found the deceased mr. durham in the road. and i want to take you to some video of from skyfox so you can see the response to this. deputies say they got a 911 call alerting them of a shooting. when they got here they found a man dead on the ground.
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identified as gary durham. and they said that they found the shooter overhim performing cpr at the time. they say at some point the two men got into a fight and it ended with that shooting. and the man who was killed they say he was in his 40s. at this point, they have not charged that person robert pageant. they say they are working with the state attorney's office to find out if charges are appropriate. looking into whether this m a case of self-defense at this time. but either way, deputies saying this all could have been avoided. we urge the public you did, don't engage with people. it's not worth over some type of traffic related incident or a 5 minutes late to work or school. just drive by and ignore the person and don't get in some type of confrontation. it's not worth anybody's life. and as debate charges
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looking into this was a stand your ground case or a self-defense case. investigators say that that shooter mr. pageant is cooperating with them at this time. i talked with a witness just down the road who says that she heard four gunshots i'll have her interview tonight at 5 and 6. >> just too many cases of road rage just keep on driving. thank you, so much. we are mourning and missing mary as she was of our community. utter disbelief in punta gorda a bottom participating citizen academy grill with police was ablgdly shot and killed. fox 13's kim kuizon has more on how that happened. >> investigators just removed the crime scene tape from the punta gorda police department. what happened here last night is unbelievable tragedy. but we do know it's a citizens police academy was being held here at the police department just off the tamiami trail.
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a training exercise on when to use and not use lethal force. it involved randomly picked participants 73 yaerl mary knowlton was picked somehow during the exercise a live round made it into the role playing scenario. and mary was shot and killed by a police officer. the police chief called this a horrible accident. and today many are grieving. >> we want to express our deepest sympathy for the family and friends of mary knowlton. we are shocked by t accident and our grieving deeply over mary's passing. we also would like to acknowledge the impact this has had on the other participants who were present during this tragedy. we have taken special measures to support those individuals. the chief brought in the police department's chaplain to speak with people who were witnesses. grief counselors are also being offered for anyone who was present or knew mary.
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husband and very active with the library. she was a board member for friends of the punta gorda library. mary's family is asking for prayers on facebook her niece said family is grieving and a heartbroken. jenny tucker christian seven said her aunt was devoted wife and mother who will be forever missed. fdle is handling investigation. of course the question that's on everyone's mind is how that live round made into role playing scenario. they are hoping they will be able to answer that. from punta gorda, kuizon. punta gorda police chief expected to speak about later it with fox 13 for updates throughout day. >> new at noon a long time host of espn has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 61. the death of john saunders was announced this morning oh sports center by hanna storm. details surrounding long time sportscaster's death are still unclear. saunders joined espn in 1986 and went on to co-host nfl prime time.
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saunders is survived by his wife wanda and two daughters alia ya and yes in a. is your drinking water safe? the answer to that question may be no. according to a new study published by environmental science and technology letters millions of americans may be drinking water with unsafe levels of industrial chemicals. >> these chemicals may have been length to high cholesterol hormone suppression ask even cancer. they were found in drinking water for six million people in drinking water from 13 states accounted for 75 percent of the detections. but that list includes florida. >> there is progress in the battle to contain zika virus. mosquito control director of miami-dade county says the mosquito population is dropping in the miami neighborhood linked to more than 20 zika infections. county hired contractors to boost mosquito control staff. worker are dropping insecticide into storm drains and residents are being urged to eliminate
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property. school is back in session for most of the bay area. and both kids and teachers excited. fox 13's ken suarez takes a look at largo multi million dollar renovation welcoming students into a new school year. school's opening up all across bay area as a matter of fact all across the state. i understand that a 40 out of 67 counties started school today. we're at la go high school which has been redone incredibly. they invested $65 million into this place. it looks great. they have all kinds of new programs to tell us about let's go to megan. you're not a new teacher but a new teacher here. >> yeah. what do you think about the new school and? absolutely beautiful. i recently moved from west virginia and accepted a job with pinellas county schools. and this is like, a college campus. it is absolutely designed for success for the students. >> attitude of students, oh i've got to go back to school or were they psyched? students were really excited to be here. of course some of them ballots
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ready. motivated to at 7:05 this morning students ballots traffic. we were off camera you were talking about you balloting traffic. yes. i most certainly balloted traffic too. it wasn't expecting quite the back up on missouri avenue. but it was wonderful to see all the parents taking their students to school this morning. tell us about the program that preps kids for college. the avid elective as course housed within excel program here largo high school. this course really puts the students in a position to be successful in college. there is an piece, public speaking piece, a lot of emphasis on writing but for them to take ownership of there education enroll in higher level courses. advance placement courses within the school. ever so quickly why did you become a teacher? because it's not an easy job. you know i became a teacher because i feel like i have an obligation to help students be successful. i, i love what i do. i believe that i have a lot to give to our students here in
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family we were talking before her husband is teacher, her mom was a teacher. her aunt was a teacher. so think she had no other choice. but isn't wonderful we have people like megan who are willing to come out not making a fortune but dedicated to this profession and one more year to get down to it. back to you. >> thanks ken great family tradition i agree with you. traffic was steady but busy. didn't seem to have problem on my way into work today kids were loading ton 0 ton buses we caught students getting o and way to oak grove middle school in clearwater bus drivers weren't only ones watching out for kids, crossing guards also had their hands full making sure their kids stayed in cross walks. heading to class. parents at club elementary in clearwater say it was busy, but it was a good start for the school year. >> my son was very excited to go back to school. so he's looking forward to it. he loves going to school anyway. this great school here a plum. >> students in pasco polk county and sarasota counties will head
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everything back on schedule today. days after a power outage caused its computer systems to fail. l still s some ng with the delays and maybe even some cancelled flights. that's whatter this elementarying it us delta already cancel more 230 flights delayed even more on top of nearly 1600 that grounded were grounded already this week. thousands of people across the world have been stranded. but company they've apologized. the voucher airline is trying to get everyone where they want to go. so be patient. protests in ferguson, missouri turned dangerous in a hurry last night after a driver hit one the protesters in the street. a spokesman for city says it looks like this was an accident. that driver is cooperating with police. we still don't know the condition of that person hit. the protesters were marking two years since the shooting death of michael brown. shots were fired after the driver hit that protester.
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still ahead, following a year long investigation triggered by death of freddie gray the department of justice release a report on policing in baltimore. plus an amusement arc where a ten-year-old boy reopen this afternoon what we're learning what went wrong. a first day of school for jim's son so mike's in. beautiful oh there to start school for many folks. currently we've got sunshine, we've got warmer temperatures and no rain on what a difference a day makes. and how about the rest of the
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the justice department has just publicly released its findings -- after a year-long civil rights investigation into the justice department just publicly released its find a year long civil rights bo baltimore police department feds say vast majority are good, the doj also discovered some disturbing patterns of policing joel waldman has more. >> a 163 page officers routinely discriminate against african americans using excessive force, and are not held accountable for misconduct. the doj also discovering black residents were more likely to it be stopped and searched both as pedestrians and drivers. these violations have deeply erode the mutual trust between the bpd and community it serve as officers recorded more than 300 thousand pedestrian stops
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>> nearly half of them were made in two small proceed dominant alli can american districts that contain only lenny percent of city's population. seven black men were stopped more than 30 times each. those who choose to wear this uniform and choose to blatantly disregard someone's rights absolutely should be uncomfortable. the year-long probe was launched after april 2015 death of freddie gray a 25-year-old black man who died from spinal injuries suffered in police custody. gray's death set off protest and riots although charges brought against the six officers involved ended in either i quitals or charges being dropped altogether. >> we have a very long journey ahead of us. and i'm grateful that we could begin this process of meaningful change while i'm there. this doj report is just a first step next will be court enforced agreement that will hold city baltimore accountable for making reforms.
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news. the kansas water park where a ten-year-old boy was killed was just reopened. and new at noon, sources have confirmed with the associated press that that boy was decapitated. i hate to hear that ride he was killed op will stay closed forrest season. this as more people start to come forward reeventually they've also had bad experiences on that water slide. they say restraints on slide did not work properly. the park has not commented on those claims. and the case remains under investigation. a football coach in washington state says he was fired for praying. now he wants his job back. joe kennedy is filed a federal lawsuit against brehmer ton school district. claiming he was let go because of his religious beliefs. he says he's prayed before and after games since 2008. students have been known to join in. the district told him to stop last year. but he kept ongoing it. his lawyers believe the district fired him illegally violating his free speech and religious
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football season i know lot of you are looking forward to that perhaps florida state seminole wills have walk on spot available for this girl. check it out. this michelle. she just released this video display uncanny skills throwing, catching and kicking the old football. this idaho have she also effortlessly i say kicks 40 yard field goals. that's pretty good. and does passing drills on basketball and volleyball courts. michelle is member of delta she zest she's always been a tom boy and started playing football at the age of 4. i love that. wow. i got to tell you my 14-year-old daughter plays football too. i don't think she can kick a 40 yard field goal but she has good arm. that is no the that unusual. you hire a. lot of football teams the soccer players on there. you get lot of girls that kick these field goals. i can't kick a ten yard field goal. i think it would make it fun
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starter. really cool story. you know what else is cool? >> the sun. blue skies >> right. i'm with you. >> holy cow. i mean, outside, what a difference a day makes. i mean, last four days just clouds and showers. and today, finally, you get a little bit of sunshine. it's heating things up. we're already warmer now by way at noon then we have been the last four days for our high temperatures. that's pretty incredible. you can see clouds off in east coast there. some off the west but overall, seeing more sun than clouds. sirata beach cam, nice view out of beaches. beach is great place to be today. u sf marine science building back to west hilton clearwater beach cam showing blue skies. and finally brook dale bay shore camera haven't seen that sight in quite some time. skytower radar, nothing right now across the skytower radar. in fact, we sweep the area with our powerful radar there.
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there's nothing over the area. towards the east coast to find - storms near vero beach. i think it will be a while before we start to see some showers and storms pop up up this afternoon boy oh boy it has been wet around here weeki wachee eight inches of rain, seven inches in spring hill, six inches palm harbor port ritchie. tampa over two and a half inches in the last several days. we could use time to dry out. there still will be showers and storms out there. just not as were the last several days. 87 current temperature. dew point of 76. other temperatures across area already 90 in brandon. 90 in sebring. 80 in arcadia. 86 in brooksville. and 88 up in crystal river. dew points hitting in mid to upper 70s. still steamy out there. that unfortunately will not be changing. here's the wide view satellite radar. low pressure, it's still there. just farther west. so a lot of moisture pouring into panhandle there. we're going to wait and watch
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southeast coastline. eventually those are going to start to work back west. and almost as if we have a little bit more of southeast wind or southerly wind today. so that should allow sea breezes to kind of travel inland a bit. that means our best rain chances are going to be inland a little bit later this afternoon. in fact here's how it looks rain chance wise. and just looking over some latest model data coming in right now. i'd probably drop these maybe 10 percent or so. closer to the coast closer to 30 percent rain chances. maybe more like 40er around tampa. and 50s, 60 percent at you head inland for later afternoon and evening storms. 89 for today. storms developing. a little bit later this afternoon. 78 for tonight. evening storms warm and muggy. here's your seven-day forecast, rain chances dropping. so 50 percent for today. 50 percent the next couple of days or so. then by this weekend, dry air starts to work in. we lower rain chances, of course with that, you raise temperatures.
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thank you, mike. after manatee got stuck in crap trap a good samaritan jumped no to help taking oh daring rescue. this fox 13's josh cascio shows us, it was a daring move. but one the rescuer believed was their only choice. i'm a little concerned to be honest cautious, but determied. watch as christopher approach as manatee in distress near the pier at the safety harbor marina >> soon as i got to it and got close i realized how bad it was. i mean it was making indentations in his neck. it didn't look like it was doing too well. crab trap was wrapped around manatee's neck. part rope was caught on pier. struggling animal was choking itself. immediately i thought, well, we can call it, but how fast will be until they get here, and you know, is this going to be okay in time.
12:22 pm
life in his own hands. i know they are mostly docile and really nice animals. but when something in for its lie something as nice manatee. it's go to freak out. tails are powerful as he wrelss crowd gathers. that's very heroic. couple peoples manatee almost like knocked him out. i never realized the power of these things until i tried to grab the lasso around the other eventually join him finally after several minutes they free the frightening manatee. once again, that animal free to know going to survive with such a great feeling on its own. tattooed on his leg would be proud. i don't think anybody else would crazy enough to do it i figure i had to make decision to be one to do it. would you do it again? absolutely. josh cascio fox 13 news.
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appeared to be just fine. now fwc recommends people notify them about manatees in distress. but this case good samaritan had to make quick decision and thankfully it all turned out okay. after the break how converted fedex plane is giving gift of sight to people around world we show you inside flying eye hospital next. as you maybe enjoy that first day of school without your kids at home heir 13 our viewer sent we love when you share your family with us. i hope all of our kids have a great first day. we're back right after this.
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equal. until now... mako. the tallest, fastest, longest coaster in orlando. now open. for a limited time, get a single day ticket for $69. only at seaworld. feel the predator power. z22whz zi0z y22why yi0y a so-called "flying hospital" on a mission -- to help save the sight of
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sko called flying hospital office on mission to save site of some people in the most remote corners of our world as rob roth explains a hub medical operation is on an old fedex jet liner. jet liner was cargo carrier for federal express. now it's something completely different. >> nothing like this anywhere else in the world. that is state of the art hospital with the wings who sole focus prevent blindness in developing countries from rett d-monitor an up to date equipment man thos the country's it visits. preventible is most prevalent africa, india, and asia. the flying eye hospital jets around the world teaching opt molths in those countries latest surgical techniques for eye diseases include cataracts and glaucoma. seating area double as classroom. we show them all the process that are proper and accredited
12:27 pm
infection control, because we train not only officers we train whole team. this operating room half patients that come here or children who get teddy bears with eye patches after surgery. a patients are brought to plane from hospitals by ambulance. >> we equilibrium bring them the skills they need to better treat the conditions and problems they are seeing in their neighborhood. flying eye hospital making pit stop here moffit field on fund raising mission. plane and pro donations much of the staff is volunteers. the flying eye hospital set to leave san francisco bay area next week next stop china where it will help teach and treat patients and after that off to indonesia. why another off script moment from donald trump is generating more headlines.
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in the race for the white house.. hillary clinton is taking heat from in race for white house republicans a father orlando shooter was a spotted at one of her rallies. donald trump is dealing with a yet another controversy. fox's peter doocy has more. >> a rocky day on the campaign trail for donald trump. the republican nominee under fire some as a threat to his competitor. >> hillary wants to abolish essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although second amendment people may be there is, i don't know. the statement called dangerous by hillary clinton's campaign manager trump says he was simply misunderstood.
12:31 pm
away. she wants to leave you unprotected in your home. this tremendous political movement. democratic nominee meanwhile is dealing with gun controversy of her own. after the father of orlando night club terrorist omar mateen, attended rally earlier this week. >> secretary clinton should your campaign have known omar mateen was at your campaign rally, yesterday >> thanks, folks. will you answer my question? thank you all very much. clinton campaign not so tight lipped saying was not invited and that she sdw disavows the support. because we just have wonderful people working for us really doing a good job in trying to make sure. >> donald trump on the campaign trail in virginia and florida today where clinton was yesterday. the democratic nominee meanwhile focussing her attention on voters here in iowa. >> in des moines, peter doocy, fox news. as for that stop difficult
12:32 pm
the presidential nominee will be in fort lauderdale later this afternoon. and then will hold another rally in kissimmee tomorrow night events come recent polls show trump trailing hillary clinton by a small margin in the sunshine state. >> and a south florida congressional battle bernie sanders may be looking for a little bit of pay back. on tuesday vermont senator sent email urging for donation and support of tim, he running for are seat held by debby wasserman schultz. last sanders pushed to oust wasserman schultz as chair of the dnc. closer to home now, big changes are coming to macdill air force base this fall. they have to close an entire runway because they need to make major repairs. this is an exclusive look at the surface of the 13-year-old runway. as you can see it's crumbling in places. they will shut it down mid october and the aerial refueling
12:33 pm
for about two months. the base says it should be a pretty easy move. >> with tampa been just adjacent it will be pretty seamless transition for for months we will operationalclosures. so very, very minimal. the tanker will be right by the private corporate jets at tia. now air force says move won't affect operations there at all. plans call for at least four tankers to be based tia until the end of the year. >> county trucks are out to remove all that water from flooded neighborhoods in pasco two days of heavy rain has overloaded trains there. county officials say they know flooding is a chronic problem. they believe aging structure can't keep up. and temporary pipes are helping but engineers hope to eventually build culvert system to take water north their final plan will be presented in october. >> walmart is expanding grocery pick up service. in response to customer demand, the company will nearly triple
12:34 pm
going from 4 to 11. one of those stores in walmart is on east lake road in palm harbor. it starts offering the service today as a matter of fact. other six wal-marts from pasco county down to sarasota county should all be participating by the end of the month. that service by way free. you just go online and order, and the bags are brought right to you your car. disney makes a big bet on streaming baseball games. if you thought you've blocked ads on facebook, think again. lauren simonetti has market report. michael kors says it's feeling effects fewer peep going to shopping mall and decrease in tourism in some major cities. accessory company reported sales in more $915 million in recent carr that was not ad bad as feared. they did offer sales projection for current quarter that is down. disney taking a stake streaming video company so it can sell more sports content directly to
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reassure investor that is an it can remain relevant despite a decline. that decline is over shadow stellar quarterly perform appearance studio and theme park. on wall street stock markets are at or near record highs. big tech names you know boosting nasdaq shares amazon they are up 13 percent this year. facebook shares up 10 percent. and microsoft gaining 5. this has facebook blocks ad blocker on detective top version service and argue well made relevant adds can might not agree but facebook is giving them more and easier ways to help decide what types of ads they want to see if they have to see them. that's business. for more log on to in new york i'm lauren simonetti. >> ovary oh something is off with dive pool right now. water as you can see has turned green. . pool was perfectly blue during men ten meter platform event on monday. officials still haven't said what caused that water to
12:36 pm
divers are in danger. hmm. >> meanwhile seems gold is michael phelps favorite color bringing his total tally to 21. >> he started by winning 200 meter butterfly. he beat chad who won race 45 minutes later phelps was back in pool swimming anchor leg for team usa in the 800 meter free style. phelps is nowhere near done in rio. he has chance to win three more medal as this year's game prelim for 200 meter im later tonight. on women's katie ledecky was at it again she beat out all of her oponents she now has total of two gold medal and one silver. on matt u.s. women gymnastic took home second gold with dominating performance. their score was more 8 points ahead of all of other teams.
12:37 pm
with plenty of other have put team us amount on top the leader board in rio. the u.s. has 27 medal ten gold. china, japan, russia and australia round out the top 5. still to come here at noon a scam that sounds so real it has people believing their electricity will be shut off. wheelie show you where plenty of
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
scammers are targeting duke energy customers --- ?especially small businesses.. scammer are targeting duke energy customers especially small businesses. the conartists threatening to turn off their power. consumer reporter sorboni
12:40 pm
reveal just how convincing they really are. m name is john. i from duke energy. it's at call that sounds like your in trouble for not paying your electric bill you need to contact the department to avoid any disconnections. that message was left for groomer in largo. but they are not alone. bars and restaurants targeted too. unfortunately some of our customers have a paid thousands of dollars. tarpon springs police putting out this bulletin warning that duke scam is in their area. >> if you get aggressive, and they are demanding an an amount immediately, even within an hour you can be pretty sure that's not duke energy calling you. >> calls can convincing listen to this one from a different scammer, who goes as far as replicating duke's voice response system. >> to start >> thank you for duke energy how can i help you >> yes, i got message i didn't pay my bill i wanted to call and find out what i can do to keep
12:41 pm
>> okay. i'll happy to help you sir each though it sounds li jet customer did not receive any prior notification that bill was overdue a big sign a call is fake. >> just need to go down to the office and pay it? another sign, the scammer pushes for an immediate payment saying credit cart won't process fast enough to keep power on only prepaid card. you want to me to bring an $874.92 for payment in cash please know duke energy will never ask for payment in like a prepaid card or even in itunes card. we ask for regular payments. in this latest skas the phone number did not match duke's and when we called, it appeared to be disconnected. but some scammers are even using caller i.d. spoofing to replicate duke's customer service numbers. so only way to really know for sure you're talking to your
12:42 pm
bill. i'm sorboni banerjee fox 13 news. here's a live look outside right now. oh, the blue skies are back. this week, you're taking a well-earned staycation... determined to make it the most relaxing staycation in the history of staycations. thankfully, you have enhanced dvr from bright house networks... and you've loaded it with hundreds of hours of hd movies and shows... just for this very occasion.
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with enhanced dvr
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hey end i'm charley belcher coming to you from st. petersburg right on fourth street. at place called funky sweets. and it's funky and certainly sweet. a 1970s theme. we boyfriend girlfriend that came up with the idea for this place. so, let's start with the funky. why 1970s theme, spencer? >> can't you tell? >> it may or may not be their real hair i want to get on record now. fun is vibe is fun. you know, it's a good time. we like to color as we like to, i don't know, man just a good time. it is. i mean nobody else really has this type of theme. so that's the funky part.
12:45 pm
it started, started with donuts. donuts and coffee you felt there was need in st. pete. we lived in this area for couple years. we know having to drive everywhere. there was nothing here no donuts coffee no ice cream. we figure why not give a shot see if we can take a great product and a fun positive atmosphere with impeccable customer service and see if we can't, you know have a shot at difficulties decent business. you started with mini donuts i love chicken buckets full o donuts. people can swing by share with office or something like that. yes, absolutely. >> but then, you thought about funnel cakes. how did idea of going to funnel cakes come to be? everybody loves funnel cakes you just can't find them you got to wait a park a mile out pay high price and get your shoes dirty. here we avoid we step our game up offer all of these topping you can put on. start stacking them. stack them up, man. highest we've done right now 13
12:46 pm
middle once we start getting that type of elevation. we're working on it. getting there good coffee from dark canyon out south dakota. happens to be where erica is from. good coffee. plenty of sweet treats and oh yeah working cow ice cream. a nice local company. you offer ice cream the company amazing. product is amazing. and when take that product and put it on top donuts and have our, become a popular donut sundae, it's just, you had it. yeah, yeah. but unfortunately that's all i have left. just, imagine donuts with ice cream on it. they are amazing. our best seller. also do a double stuffed oreo dipped in funnel cake batter and turn into sundae put ice cream. like going to fair in 1974. >> exactly. what days of the week are you open? we're open wednesday, thursday, friday from 7:00 a.m. to
12:47 pm
thursday. 10:00 p.m. on friday, saturday. and then sunday is 10 to fiction. nice. closed monday, tuesday. closed monday, tuesday. yes, sir. very nice. fourth street where's nearest >> so we're north of gandy south of 275. >> there you develop right on fourth street funky sweets you can find them on facebook go to we will link you to their all their social media and website information. and i just telling you if you come, prepare to drool just a little bit. look at all that sweet charley belcher, fox 13 news. chao tharl. so happy to see that the weather cleared up in time for all of the kids going back to school. lot of kids have to stand out a bus stop in morning. yeah can you imagine if it was yesterday morning or day before. yeah, and big, big difference a day makes. we're finally getting rid of that area of low pressure plaguing us last few days. by getting rid of that we bring the sun. so if you step outside right now, you've got sun, there's no rain over us just yet on radar.
12:48 pm
still the rainy season. it's so not like we're going to dry now for next six months. but its certainly going to be less wet than last four days. 87 in tampa. you see some clouds off in the distance there. meanwhile johns hopkins all children's hospital camera looking out east from st. pete, not too bad looking sky cover there. 82 degrees. skytower radar view notice shower activity. vero beach more tip cap southeast wind even. shore. trying to into, somewhere in between there, just kind of light and variable winds. with that i think we see the sea breeze. makes inland progress a little bit later this afternoon. it was wet last few days. so far for the month at the airport. some areas picked up 8, nine, ten inches of rain. of course for the year, that means we're more than ten inches above average. weather headlines highest rain chances inland for the next few days. so, you may not have seen whole
12:49 pm
week or so, that changes though right on through the weekend. now, later this weekend though, we see some dryer air really work into the picture. and then eventually next week we see that southeast wind really take over. so with that, you see more of afternoon evening storms kind of piling up on the west coast. current temperature 87. dew point of 76. other temperatures across area 91 in sebring. inspect for you in palm dale 89 in sarasota. 82 in st. pete. 86 up in 88 in ocala. 87 in orlando. so much warmer now than it was 24 hours ago. or at any point this weekend. low pressure off to our wus, continues to now work off to the west. notice all of the heavy rain associated with the good news is, that will stays off to our west. water vapor loop you can see dryer air really working into the picture. all of that deep moisture staying off to the west. in fact, here's, atmospheric moisture. just basically measure how much moisture in atmosphere.
12:50 pm
that finally moves off to our west. more typical pattern, works in even some dryer air trying to work into the picture. maybe saturday and on into sunday. so here's your recap, that as we head into the day today, time now, into afternoon 89, storms continuing to develop. best chance for rain this afternoon will be inland. 78 for tonight. evening storms warm and muggy. and then for the day tomorrow, 90s scattered afternoon storms. mainly sea breeze storms out here's your seven-day forecast, rain chances about 50 percent the next few days. lower closer to the coast. higher inland though. watch those temperatures climb though. back into the low 90s this weekend. we'll drop rain chances as well down to 30 percent rain chances. sunday and on into monday. when we come back, following the wedding couples usually take their honeymoon together, right? why that's not case for one
12:51 pm
will take you for foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. d they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs. for monster appetites. i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp.
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he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
12:53 pm
there's nothing better than good ice cream on a hot summer's day. "bo's ice cream" there nothing better than good ice cream on hot summer day. along with whole lot of smiles. as fox 13's kelly ring shows us, this family owned business is what's right with tampa bay. another blister hot summer day. and daniel mendez brings his girlfriend and nieces to his favorite place to cool off. >> beau's ice cream.
12:54 pm
was in high school. >> it started in 1954. making it the oldest ice cream shop in tampa. kenneth watched his father create the establishment from the beginning. my father wanted a place to get good ice cream. he couldn't find any. so he decided to he was going to move to florida and open one up. back then you could score yourself a cone for just dime. my dad was purchasing agent so he you know knew stuff without paying too much for it. >> starting with an only a few flavor options, they have come a long way. >> all kinds of sundaes and ice cream sodas and floats. she started a work a there as young teenager i remember working with my grandfather actually a big influence on me.
12:55 pm
while the summer heat lures in guests, that's not the reason for the popularity. >> it's delicious. he's cream, a true tampa treasure. 61 wonderful years and hopefully another wonderful 61 wonderful years. special memory that is last a lifetime. that's was kelly ring my husband actually took me there on one our first speaking of weddings. an indian photographer. one thing is missing. his bride. they got married back in december. and to follow-up up in shall this is planned oh two week trip to out leah couple days before they were to leave sheerns ad moment that would may world traveler panic. she realized she lost her pass pot her new husband decide to go anyway oop tweeted photo of
12:56 pm
seat. you're looking at it for a while they thought the tweet saved the day. scombas minister saw it took steps to get dupe cat passport his new wife need a visa for trip and couldn't get that before the honeymoon is over. should he have gone on honeymoon without his wife? if you'd like to answer that, or share this picture ahead over to my facebook page. listen the women that are answer so far what do yo >> i would say no. that wasn't good idea. look for fox 13 linda hurtado, and post your comment there. can't as much fun if you're speaking to someone who just went on honeymoon it can't be an as much fun alone >> just such a simple answer to that, it's like no. you stay home, and you know you. yeah. so we can talk about this now there's not all that bad weather over us. much nicer weather today certainly lower rain chances.
12:57 pm
drier air this weekend. bit more of a typical summer pattern there over next few days. all right thanks, mike news doesn't end here weep keel posting latest all day on facebook, twitter and been if. plus look for more news, weather and sports beginning a 5. page 6tv is next. i'll he right back here a 5 until then have safe and
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access. r rio. >> i'm thinking you're looking forward to the rematch. >> what's the old saying? you don't poke the tiger? >> oh, it's on tonight. michael versus the rare soul who's beat him. and he he's a cocky one. add to that the new war between these two. >> we're going to go up to christ the redeemer. >> no, no, we have a few more. >> it's one of the seven wonders of the world. i'm natalie morales but the meaning runs much different for a brazilian model. >> what is it for you when you see the christ? >> you must be be okay to walk away. >> it's the most important bargaining rule at rio's hippie market. i'm kit hoover but unfortunately


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