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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  August 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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inning. and really would never recover. gave up a total of 5 runs, two earned. was pulled after just 1-2/3 innings pitched. a huge thorn in the the rays' side tonight. 5 rbis. shut them out. 7-0 the final. rays have tomorrow off before facing the yankees in a three-game weekend series. and game one of that weekend series is going to be the farewell to alex rodriguez. and you can on fox 13. arod's goodbye to the bigs as well as the day about you of shortstop matt duffy for the rays. coverage tomorrow night right here on fox 3. tough loss in gainesville. florida antonio rilz suffers a torn acl. he was competing for the starting guard position. the gators' o-line has no returning starters.
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philadelphia with position battles aplenty. starters not likely to get a series or two. in that window toffensive line will keep jamis winston protected and looking good potentially. this o line has a lot to prof. especially for dotson battling back from injury last year on the bench. this is a contract year and he's playing with a chip on his shoulder. >> oh yeah, i ain't getting no younger, man. i'm trying to make opportunities i have and realize that, you know, time is short, you know, based upon what happened last year. i didn't expect to get hurt. i thought i would be out there and things happen. so it brings life into its own perspective for you to realize you go to appreciate every snap and every play because you never know which one is going to be your last. so i just come out here and fight and battle every day and just compete. >> dotson tomorrow. finally best for last.
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he's got nachos in one hand reaching for the ball and there it is. wearing it. wearing the nachos. this is like an ultimate nachos, mustard, ketchup. >> he got it all. all of it. >> who else is wearing it? man. >> just him. they did give him a free t-shirt, which is nice. >> what happens when you wear a white shirt to the game. >> put the nachos down, right? >> he got it all over. he couldn't have done it again and gotten more >> not if he tried. wonderful. >> >>: thanks, scott. >> i'm hungry after seeing that. if you're craving a late night snack, you may want to reach for the march malowes and chocolate. >> it's national snores day. the ladies behind our favorite cookies to make the big announcement tgirl scouts in west central florida are adding smores cook toys the 2017 lineup. yep. the graham cracker sandwich cookies filled with a creamy chocolate and marshmallow filling.
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>> it will join classics like thin minutes and samoas. they have strong ties to the traditional camp fire treat. they wanted to do something special to celebrate 11 years. you have to wait until january when they come out. >> january? i can't wasn't until january. >> thin minutes. i can't even open them. they will be gone. >> i can't wait to get my hands on them. >> that will do it for to us night. money, power, politics coming your way next. >> good day starts at 4 a.m. from all of us here at fox 13,
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in a world that needs a hero, justice is spelled b-o-x. say hello to a powerful tool that gives you options to fit your budget. ? oh, i'm tied to this chair! ? dun-dun-daaaa! i don't know that an insurance-themed comic book is what we're looking for. did i mention he can save people nearly $600? you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible. you're doing things to hurt my children. >> i think all of her hair
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>> this is a disaster. >> i wouldn't feed this to my dog. >> i feel awful about this. >> you seem kind of busted up. >> prize winning journalist charley leduff continues the investigation of the water scandall in flint. people are suffering while politicians play games and point >> you have the windows open. i know you're in there. >> plus the fire storm over trump and the clip about the second amendment that burned him yet again. and scott is back in the hot seat for a quiz show on odd ball moments in politics. this is money, power & politics. okay. on monday i predicted that donald trump would bounce back from his rough week staying on
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rors and distractions and gaining growns. but the next dae he said this. >> if she gets to pick our judges. nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. i don't know. but i'll tell you what that will be a horrible day. >> will trump blame the media for misintepting him he wasn't suggesting violence. paul ryan misinterpreted what he said, too. >> you should never joke about could observe political pressure. not shooting her. why consider political pressure a horrible day. that's where he left his quip to troubling interpretation at the least. >> maybe there is, i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> michael hayden, former cia director under bush said if someone else said that they'd be in the back of a police wagon.
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their right mind would think he suggested shooting his rival. beyond arbitrating what he meant, trump should realize the impact of his words how they could with interpreted or misinterpreted by people who are angry and unhinged. at the least, it took him off message, yet again, and with that i'll revise my prediction monday night that trump will gain ground in the polls this week. we'll have new polls in florida, that is tomorrow night. tonight we're month investigation of a scandal and a national disgrace. americans were poisoned to save a buck. our government failed us in flint, michigan and our contributor charley leduff shows us how and why our government is
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we are le pars now. people can you take baths and showers? yes. at caution. why? because our government didn't care. they still don't and it hasn't went anywhere and it's time now. >> flint, remember flint? what's going on with the water? turns out... not much. >> i stopped i haven't used the water. you can't use it for anything. what can you use it for? even showering you itch and dry up. what good is it to you? >> you just became aware of this? >> it's been more than 250 days since governor snader a admitted flint was lead poisoned through water pipes after his emergency managers decided to
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contaminated flint river to save some money. so far, what is going on in flint? when are we going to get something done? >> things are getting done, charley. >> list them? >> in terms of things getting done? >> yeah. >> there's been a lot of fixture replacements in the schools. we see improvement there. in terms of addition gnat phosphates in the water lines they are recoated. there's pilot lines taken out. two or three dozen coming out. >> a wait, it gets worse. now flint doesn't know where it's long term water source will come from or its permanent backup water source. whatever it turns out to be it's going to cost us another 35-70 illion dollars and according to the state, that could be as much as two and a half years away. >> there is a lot of
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system. most of those, the starting point for those discussions is with the city. >> the city is in charge or the state is in charge? >> the city is in charge of their water system. >> the city is in charge. >> yeah. >> we follow the accusing tip of the governor's finger to flint city hall. mayor weaver's signature is required to continue the funding of flint's new water system known as the kwa. but she's stalling and she's not explaining why. instead, press conference to insist she's not guilty of accusations. that she embezzled water donations. >> this will be my last comment but it's interesting to me that my ethics were in question. >> so that's your update. flint's a mess. now this brings us back to the unanswered question. who decided to make the switch to the flint river in the first
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how would flint pay to link up to a new $300 million water system when the city is broke and in a state pointed emergency management? well, here's part of the answer. flint's switched from the more expensive detroit water to the cheaper flint river water but charged the citizens the same price for the water. now the difference in price was funneled back into upgrading the water treatment plant and infrastructure in preparation for there's one problem. the necessary upgrades weren't made to the plant and the people were served water not meant for a pig. >> it's ridiculous. >> how are you? >> dane walling was the mayor at the time of the switch. but he was also chairman of the board of the new water authority and he was put in charge of the water plant by the emergency manager. and he was the guy who switched
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you were intimately aware of what was going on o. you were in charge of the water plant. you want to take responsibility? >> well, it's important that, you know i ran for reelection when this water crisis began. so everyone in this community had a chance to ask me questions to know exactly where i stood. the reality was flint was under a state appointed emergency manager for four years. i didn't make a personnel decision. so, it's not fair to blame me or the city council or the community for what was done by the governor, the emergency managers, the state department environmental quality. >> so we followed the former mayor's accusing finger to then emergency manager ed kurts house. the former president of a commuter college who signed off on the flint water switch.
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garage and front door. >> you have the windows open i know you're in there. ed, i need to know why you made a decision that ended up poisoning a hundred thousand people. who advised you to do this? did you m up with this on your own? that's an important question. who told you to do it? they are going to raise our taxes for his decisions. >> using the flint river as the primary drinking water source. signed ed kurts. >> this is what we get. thanks, flint. appreciate you. >> we have a series of reports on the water crisis on our youtube channel. search nor craig patrick money, power & politics and click subscribe at the top of the page. you can find other informationings, extended interview, humor segments and prior shows you may have missed.
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odd ball segment. you may not believe what we
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in sports, scott smith makes us follow the plays. but in politics we put him to the test. time now for call it with scott smith. >> and here he is. scott smith, round two here.
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you did pretty well. how do you feel sna >> batting six hundred. those are hall of fame stats. >> can you keep it up. we're going to start with bob kwast for senate. an ad. >> hi. i'm bob. running for open seat in the u.s. senate. term limits for congress need to become the 28th amendment to our u.s. constitution. i believe in every aspect of our constitution which even a bea by knows include the second includes the second amendment. what happens next? he cries like a baby. he threatens to castrate a sex offender. he threatens to boycott the state of florida or a baby magically strolls in and there's the rest of the ad? >> i'm leaning between a and d. let me go a. >> he cries like a baby? let's see how it plays out. >> if you're a sexual
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come to do harm to my girls. i'm going to use my glock to blow your "[bleep]" off. >> there you go. >> didn't see that coming. >> that was a sharp right turn sdmrchlt that came out of nowhere. next one. this is natalie tenant. secretary of state of west virginia. >> where do they think their lek tris tis comes from? it's our hard working west virginia coal miner that is power america. i fought to protect our coa jobs alongside joe man which i know. i'll stand up to leaders of both parties. i'll make sure president obama gets the message. >> what's the message. did she a, shut down the power grid and cause a massive blackout? b, have mitt romney step into frame and say i'm with her? c, have chuck norris step in and say she's tougher than me. or d, a dog says i like turtle
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>> chuck norris. >> i'll make sure president obama gets the message. >> oh, man. you are off to a... well you did good last week. you're still having a decent average. next up the candidate for this one. wyatt scott, candidate parliament wyatt scott. >> for raiser canyon. >> he crashes on top of a dragon? catches someone dropping out of the sky? he bumps fists with a space alien? he destroys a robot or it's all of the above or none of the above? something totally different? >> you know what, this has not been a good day. i'm going all in. all of the above. >> that's your final answer? my final answer. >> take a look.
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cabinet. i'm here to fight for canada. university is two dang expensive. >> thanks, more. >> healthcare and social programs should be expanded not cut. the indigenous people aren't even protected betheir own government. change is coming to canada and i'm here to lead that charge. are you ready for the shift? i am. my name is w >> good try... good try... good try >> you nailed it. he did all of those things and you nailed right there. >> did he win? >> he didn't win. >> he should have won. >> he had the most interesting. okay. this one you probably know. it's a classic. a viral hit. but it was one of my favorites. the campaign manage for herman cane mark block.
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nobody has ever seen. then america has never seen a candidate like herman cane. we need you to get involved because together we can do this. we can take this country back. >> what does he do next? eat a ham sandwich? smoke a cigarette? chug hot sauce or jump up like howard dean? >> the howard dean reference. let's go howard dean. >> howard dean. we're going to tak back. what does he do next? >> we can take this country back. >> i had seen that ad. >> a slow smile from herman cane. that is what we have for round two. >> i need redemption. >> next week. >> good. >> we'll see you next week. [cheering] coming up.
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show you what's changing and
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okay. it's map time we van. evan look at the map. look at wisconsin. we hve a new poll showing hillary clinton tripled her lead there. that's 15 points up. not going to trump but clinton. say today you start looking at the numbers and trump's reaction has to be sort of ooh.
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trfrp finds more than one path to the presidency which goes through florida. assume trump wins florida. not nearly set in stone but just assume for argument sake he does win florida. it's very difficult to see how he wins. especially when you consider that wisconsin at this point looks to be blue. pennsylvania the polls leaning hillary clinton's way. >> the polls have shown pennsylvania is increasingly out of reach for donald trump. f hi clinton there. colorado a nonelectoral vote take there that appears to be in the clinton camp at this point. >> gives donald trump little room for error. >> it does. one new thing in new hampshire is trump is having trouble with republicans there. the former senator gordon humphrey, a well respected person said no way donald trump should become president of the united states. that makes new hampshire even more difficult for donald trump
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respected figure. look at that. 273-193. she has three more electoral votes than she would need. one other thing i want to point out. right nowng that hillary clinton is doing better amongst democrats than donald trump is going with republicans. in fact, hillary clinton got 92% from dpats and donald trump only 83% from republicans. that makes it increasingly difficult for donald trump to win in places like new hampshire, virginia and places like georgia. on this map we haven't discussed ohio, iowa, nevada, nevada also looks increasingly blue at this point. the paths for donald trump are narrowing. >> if the election was today. the good news for trump is it's not today. the caucus was leading big in the summer over-1988. a lot of people don't key in until labor day or later than that. that will be telling and that ultimately will be the turning point in the race.
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that's in next time donald trump is going to have to reset this race. he wants debates to come as soon as possible. >> evan, thank you much. >> coming up. predictions from the crystal balls dr. come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes at half price during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake.
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with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake! you're going to have some receding of the double bounce hillary clinton got. half of the bounce from her convention.
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mistakings trump made after his convention. some of that recedes. we'll get to labor day and see the point spread. it's obvious clinton is going to be ahead on labor day just not by as much. >> we should get a temperature check tomorrow. we have a a fox 13 poll. our pollster will join us with the results this time tomorrow morning. mike pence will be our special guest. we have him booked and jon wilsons my view now. we'll see you power & politics tomorrow night.
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because when you have insight, you know. what's up, y'all? welcome to "dish nation." today's a special guy's birthday and we wanted to special lady to tell you. mama dee take it away. >> yes. ? happy birthday to you happy birthday to ya ? happy birthday >> gary? ? happy birthday, happy birthday to -- you ?? >> what's up? >> happy birthday, y'all! time to start the show. let go. >> whey. >> holler! captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company welcome positive "dish nation" two claps and a yeah! mama dee in the building. had so much fun had to bring you back. >> thank you so much for having me n. has order. >> indeed.


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