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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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two deadly road rage attacks... and one man linked
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fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from the hillsborough county sheriffs office, with more on this tragic twist.
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a memorial service will take place today for radio host "dave mckay." w-q-y-k will host a "celebration of life" at the mahaffey theater in st. petersburg. friends, listeners, and the entire community are invited to come out and share stories about him. mckay has been in the radio business for decades, and recently cohosted the "dave and veronica" morning show on q-y-k. mckay passed away in his sleep last week. the cause of death has still not been released. doors open at 4- 30 p-m, the memorial starts at five. an update on the zika scare in south florida. health officials now say there are 22 ?local cases. they added ?another case on wednesday. and they're still waiting on results... from at leaset another ?forty cases. and right now, ?all these local cases are in south florida. zika is becoming a big ?economic issue in south florida. tourism officials are worried... and so are local businesses in miami. several had to shut down in the wynwood area for the past
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at least ?one is already back open. "the yard" is an outdoor food and music spot. the owner says he couldn't ?afford to stay closed any longer. the mayor of miami-dade says all that spraying has now killed off 96-percent of the mosquitoes in that neighborhood. the hunt is on in central florida... to find a bear that's been roaming through a neighborhood. it's leaving many people in winter garden on edge. they fit started seeing the bear last weekend. and they saw one again, hanging out in a tree wednesday morning. residents want city offciials to do something now...about their unwanted neighbors:
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garbage cans. but residents say that's going to be hard -- since they don't have garages or bear-proof trash cans. disney world is turning off the lights... on a nighttime tradition. the "main street electrical parade" is set to end it's run at magic kingdom on october ninth. it will then head over to disneyland in california for another limited run. the parade ?debuted at disneyland back in 19-72. several versions of it eighties and nineties. it came back to orlando in 20-10. one day down... about 179 to go. but don't worry kids... time flies when you're having fun. the school year is officially underway for most of the bay area. and day two begins, in just a few hours. classes resumed wednesday in pinellas, hillsborough, hardee, hernando, highlands, manatee, and citrus counties. polk and pasco counties will start next monday.. and sarasota schools start next
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first day go? we were there as parents came to pick ?up their kids at mitchell elementary in tampa. here's what they thought about
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the school year started 2 weeks earlier than usual this year, because the state decided to allow districts to set their own start date. the earlier start will allow students to finish their exams before winter break. and this gives new meaning to the term, "teachers pet." one clearwater teacher is welcoming an extra student into her fourth grade classroom this year. "plumb elementary" christina chapin is a volunteer "puppy trainer" with southeastern guide dogs. she's been working with 7- month old "cocoa" all summer. now, with the permission of parents and the pinellas school district-- she's continuing his training-- in her classroom:
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guide dogs in march to finish his formal training. he'll then be paired with his forever partner, as a fully-trained guide dog. and... we're still celebrating the first day of school here on good day. in case you didn't have time to send us those adorable photos of your kids yesterday... just send them this morning! post them to social media... twitter, facebook, or instagram, with the hashtag: "good day t-b." and we'll be sharing them throughout the morning. toss to
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get ready for another spectacular show... in the sky. where and when... you can see a big meteor shower. plus: ready to "catch them all"... in college? the school out west, that just added "pokemon go" to its course catalog. night's winning lottery numbers. the mega millions jackpot rolls over to 45 million friday night. tonight's powerball jackpot is up to 82 million. good luck, and good day is back in
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h combo starting at $7.99. if your kids are hoping they can use their pokemon go skills to succeed in ?school.. it turns out.. they can! at least at one college.. fresno city college, in california, is now adding a "pokemon go" class. the class will be listed as a physical education course. and get this, students who
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and... a great reason to stay up late tonight. the annual "perseid meteor" shower is expected to peak tonight... and early tomorrow morning. it happens every august. but this year the shower is expected to be a little brighter and last a little longer. onlookers could witness as many as 100 meteors
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rio... goes "rogue." why star wars fans have some ?extra incentive... to cheer on team u-s-a today. plus: get ready rio... "leslie" is ready to land. america's most hilarious ?fan... finally arrives. and the olympics
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?? ?? ??
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the time is now 4xxx... and here's a look at the top trending stories today and if people needed ?another reason to watch the olympics today... how about one very stellar debut? the new trailer for "star wars: rogue one" is expected to debut today... during nbc's olympic coverage. but we have a quick preview: thats the teaser disney released promoting the trailer. the debut on nbc is a bit ironic... considering disney owns ?another broadcast network... abc. the new trailer is expected to include an appearance by darth vader. still no word on what ?time the trailer will air... but it should be ?online very soon after. the movie hits
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and we can't talk about the olympics without getting an update on team usa's biggest fan. comedian "leslie jones" has taken social media by storm with her hilarious commentary on the games this week. and yesterday... nbc flew her down to rio! even though jones was busy packing and traveling... she still had time to tweet out her shout-outs to team u-s-a wednesday. and it hasn't been all smooth sailing. jones had some ?extra time, because her flight out of miami had some delays. she tweeted out that she might have to find another airline... and tagged "american airlines." the airline quickly tweeted back... saying they would fix the problem. and a little
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that's leslie on her plane flying to rio. team usa and several u-s players have been tweeting out their excitment to have leslie down there. the swim team is even asking to have her at the .. to cheer them on. a sonchance... for bay area crimnals. up next: one sheout his plan for ?less arrests. plus,dave has on the forecast, when we come on the forecast, when we come back. back.
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breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox? if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. today in pinellas county: the push to ?lighten marijuana laws. and it's coming straight from the sheriff. pinellas sheriff bob gualtieri will speak to the st. pete city council... about the "second chance" program. the goal is to lessen
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adults who end up losing jobs and homes... because of that criminal record. instead of getting arrested, people caught with 20 grams of marijuana or less... would get a citation and community service. and you can get caught ?three times... before that becomes an arrest.((more)) the program may also include underage possession of alcohol, minor theft, and some battery charges that don't involve domestic violence. back in may, the city council ?delayed voting on the plan until the sheriff has further details. ?have any old musicial instruments lying around? they why not put them to good use. the glazer childrens museum in downtown tampa is hosting the "recycled tunes drive". now through august 31st you can drop off unwanted musicial instruments at the museum to benefit music education.
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instruments will be refurbished and donated to local schools. the museum is open today at ten a-m. you can check an "out of this world" musicial tonight in st. petesburg. it's the free form theatre's presentation... of "pirates of penzance." this production actually puts a new spin on the "gilbert and sullivan" classic. this time, the pirates are in ?space. the musicials influences include star wars and star trek. the show runs... through
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ahead this hour: two deadly road rage incidents... 15-years apart. and detectives say: ?one man... was involved in both of them... but the outcome is ?very different, this time. ((jen t apart... until they landed in different hospitals... with time running out. how some good samaritans... are making sure a dying wish... comes true. ((walter and... what a story ?this man has to tell. lady luck was incredibly kind to him... ?twice... how he escaped ?disaster... then hit the ?jackpot... all in one week.


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