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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 11, 2016 7:00am-7:56am EDT

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((russell- an ironic twist. a man with a history of road >>russell: ironic twist. a man with a history of road rage is fatally shot by another driver. at least one person is calling this justice. plus -- >> donald trump, hillary and a guy with suction cups. i'm doug in washington. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail just ahead. >>laura: and no time to waste. a woman gives birth to her baby in 60 seconds. and she did it standing up. there you see the pictures to prove it. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. it's all ahead. you have to stick around -- you
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you've got no place to go, nothing to do better than that. hey, dave. >>dave: let's just skip everything and start with that. wow. amazing. 75 degrees out towards the coastline this morning. it is a beautiful start to the day. and a couple of spots we have some leftover cloud cover from last night. no biggie, though. i think we'll hold off on the rain until late this afternoon. look what just popped up over the horizon. it's beautiful, lake mirror, 75 degrees with that sunshine this morning. we're going to go back to 91 with the rain chances of 40% along the coast. 50% inland. primarily late in the day into the evening hours. >>vanessa: all right. and we have a big trouble spot brewing here northbound 75, hillsborough county. a crash we're seeing here live in the area of i-4 is blocking, say, just one outside lane at this time in the northbound direction but causing traffic to back up towards the area of the selmon expressway pretty heavily so drivers can take a few
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area of concern is from i-4 back towards the selmon expressway. we have sky fox checking out a crash along southbound u.s. 19 in the area of east bay roosevelt, that intersection, and the outside lane is blocked here as well causing some delays, getting back to gulf to bay. plan extra time and that's your route or avoid the area if you can. avoid the travel times if you can. northbound 75 is looking heavier at a 16 minute ride where that crash is near selmon expressway to fowler avenue is the span that travel time covers heading into the interchange from bearss to 275 southbound, also in the red at 22 minutes. >>laura: there is a bizarre twist in a fatal road rage case. it turns out the victim went to prison 15 years ago for the same type of incident. >>russell: and he was the killer at the time. fox 13 shayla reaves at the hillsborough county sheriff's office with the latest on a very strange story. good morning. >>reporter: yeah. good morning to you.
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attorney's office will determine what happens next in this case. however, so far the person who pulled the trigger wednesday has not been charged with any crime. this, of course, comes after the victim in this case, we're learning new information the victim spent time behind bars for road rage crime several years ago. now, the man that we're talking about in this case is gary durham. he's seen here on your screen. he served 10 years in timothy gibbs in 2001. now, gibbs struck his head on the pavement and died days later. gibbs' wife spoke with fox 13 after learning the man charged in her husband's death has now died, too. >> he got what he deserved. he did exactly what he did with my husband. i feel really bad for the man that shot him today because i don't want him to feel the grief
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>>reporter: now, wednesday authorities tell us durham became involved in a disagreement on the road. this one happening near forbes road and martin luther king, junior boulevard in tampa. you're looking at video from the scene. investigators tell us it is unclear who was the aggressor in the case but a man now identified as 42-year-old former army ranger roger pageant fired a weapon and then performed cpr. we're told he is cooperating with authorities. we have not received comment our crews did reach out to durham's family but found a sign posted on the door with the quote, shame on you for coming here and go away. certainly still an active, ongoing investigation here in this case and certainly a lot of answers that we hope to learn as this progresses. we'll continue to follow the story and keep you posted as we gather new information. back to you. >>russell: talk later. thank you. >>laura: survivors of the
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find out today how much money they're getting. there is $23 million in the one orlando fund. survivors will share that money with the families of the 49 people fatally shot. those families will get the most money since they had to pay funeral expenses. there will not be any compensation, however, f -- mateen. new attention to an already unusual year for donald trump. >>russell: and he made another controversial comment about the president. doug has more from washington. >> as donald trump and hillary clinton are both clamoring for voters' attention, one guy in new york yesterday got plenty of it, armed with only suction cups. it doesn't get much more dramatic than this in a presidential campaign. a man climbing trump tower in
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ma'am notice -- nominee. trump made an explosive claim about president obama saying he was responsible for the growth of isis. >> he founded isis. and i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton facing more email controversy with a new batch of messages showing uncomfortably close the state department and the clinton foundation when she served as secretary of state. but she is making more headway with some republicans. two former officials from the george w. bush administration, director of national intelligence and commerce secretary, both figure prominently on clinton's website, backing her. >> i'm humbled and moved by the republicans who are willing to stand up and say that donald
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values. >> and the debate over debates continues with three presidential debates looming, clinton says she's in. trump says he's willing to consider but he doesn't like the dates and tells "time" magazine it will depend on who moderates, something that hasn't yet been announced. and that first presidential debate is getting pretty close. it is scheduled to take place on september 26. >>laura: new this morning, sarasota deputies called in a a man they say skipped out on a $26 bar tab. it happened at miller's ale house in sarasota. late tuesday night, jacob davis walked out without paying for his drinks. the 29-year-old sped away in his car. but when the pursuit became dangerous, helicopter was brought in to keep track of him. after using stop sticks, deputies say he crashed into a gate and then rammed a cruiser several times. david has a history of burglary,
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on dui, aggravated fleeing and other charges. >>russell: we're learning more about a fatal shooting at the police academy training session in punta gorda. investigators say 73-year-old mary nolten was accidentally shot by an officer during a role playing scenario. he did not know that the gun had real bullets in it. it's always had blanks in it in the past. >> we were unaware of any live ammunition for this weapon existed. we believe that the particular caliber of the weapon used, that there were only blank rounds available to the officer. >> she was iconic and she lit up the room. she's a hero. she should have had this much press while she was still living. >>russell: the chief says that officer coel has been with the punta gorda police department for 2 1/2 years. he's on administrative leave during the investigation.
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and that's not all. he also says his mother supported the police and that's why she and her husband gary went to the chamber police night. photo was taken of mary with the chief tom lewis shortly before the presentation began taken by the charlotte sun newspaper photographer. there's a memorial today for local radio host dave mc kay at the mc he was a 5 years old. >>laura: one down, 175 more to go. first day of school is now back in the books for thousands of bay area children. classes are now underway in hillsborough, pinellas, manatee, highlands, hernando, hardee and citrus counties and no major issues to report so far. students in polk and pasco go back on monday. sarasota on tuesday.
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pictures. post them on facebook and twitter. we'll show them all into next week. >>russell: well, today's good day, good deed comes from clearwater fire rescue and this deserves two thumbs up. this is ernie. over the weekend, he was with his dad at a costco and decided to do what kids do. stuck his fingers in some holes underneath a display table. well, he got his finrs he couldn't get them out. his thumb got stuck. dad tried to use soap and water to loosen it up, didn't work. eventually they called 911. the crew from station 49 tried a number of methods before finally having to use a hacksaw to release ernie's thumb. his dad wrote the crew a letter thanking them and calling them heros. thumb stuck. >>laura: it's one of those
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this? then you give up. great. get 911 on the horn. new flavors for girl scouts cookies. >>russell: more luck in one week than many have in a lifetime. man's unbelievable good fortune after surviving a fiery plane crash. >>dave: 7:11. off to the beach we go. a beautiful start to the day at the media coastline. we just had someone walk through the camera shot a moment ago. what a great day to start your day off if you get out there. 75 i 77 in sarasota and tampa. 75 for inland locations. 50% the rain chance inland today. same for tomorrow.
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>>dave: well, 18 minutes ago, the sun came up. by the way, this looks worse than it really is outside. it's a nice little start to the day. while we have a lot of surface moisture and a little bit of leftover cloud cover, i think the sun should quickly take care of this and it will be a great
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afternoon and that's when we're going to hav to deal with the shower and thunderstorm activity. you know, yesterday it was late. 6:00, 6:30, some cases 7:00 before the storms really started to pop up. expect late in the day, same thing is going to happen. lakeland, beautiful. over lake mirror, looks gorgeous. they're nice. 76 is the normal low and i can tell you everybody seems to be within a couple of degrees of that, which is fantastic. in apollo beach at 75 degrees. wesley chapel at 75. new port richey at 76. trying to pick up spots i haven't said already this morning. lakewood ranch, 74. myakka city at 73 and this is comfy. 73 to 75 degrees in all of polk county, hardee, de soto and highlands county. it's a great start. going to be a stormy finish. now, what will happen is southeasterly winds will start the day.
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the lower 90s and then the sea breezes are going to start. they'll meet at five, give or take a half an hour, sometime in that time frame. then all of a sudden, the storms are just going to boom, pop like they did yesterday and then drift back toward the coast. so if you're at the coast, it will be toward the evening as the sun is going down and the storms come in, they'll be coming from the east. if you live along o boy, things are rocking and rolling there last night. same thing might happen again today, too. overall rain chances are going to run 40% along the coast, 50% inland. high temperatures, though, pretty close to normal, about 91 degrees. it felt really hot yesterday because it had been almost a week since we'd had heat like that. partly cloudy and steamy, low 78 degrees. tomorrow, same thing.
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stormy so the friday evening commute can be a nightmare in general. we'll have some thunderstorms to that for you. rain chances, 40% to 50% and your high of around 91 degrees. good news for boaters is that you're going to have pretty much most of the day to enjoy things out there in the coastal waters before you have to worry about storms and if you're out in the coastal waters, they'll be coming from the east again, okay? 50% the rain chance tomorrow and we'll knock it back to 40% saturday, sunday and the high temperature is pretty consistent, around 90, 91. >>vanessa: thanks. we want to get folks an update on the trouble spots. first one 75 at hillsborough and then over to pinellas for u.s. 19. still the same lane blockage, perhaps more emergency vehicles since we last checked in on the crash. northbound in the area of i-4, this camera is south of i-4. it's not quite in the area with i-4 and 75. it will be close to that stretch
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checking in on how far they go back, 20% an hour is where they see the crash site, backing up to state road 60 and starts to turn red here in the area of the selmon expressway. so drivers, looks like you might find a better route taking u.s. 301. while it is showing some congestion, not as bad as what we're seeing along 75. we want to get back to the sky fox shot. still dealing with -- it looks like a partial lane blockage here. southbound direction of u.s. 19, this is in the and roosevelt. i had a viewer tweet me saying they saw a motorcyclist being loaded on to a stretch he were. that might be it. it's hard to tell. it's sglamed out quite a bit. we're seeing some southbound delays here. lots of red. eight miles per hour. backups to the area of sunset point so definitely avoid that area. this crash just causing some moderate lane blockage and delays in the grand scheme of thing. wesley chapel boulevard at bruce
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extra minutes out the door if that's along your route. >>laura: thank you. girm scouts have released two new brands of flavors in light of the upcoming 100 anniversary. they are mouth watering. look at him perk up at that. troops announce two s'mores flavors yesterday. special edition, too. one of the first published s'mores recipes was in a 1925 issue of girl scout leader magazine. one is a deeped in cream icing. then dunked in chocolate. second version is a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with a marshmallowy filling. you can't have both. either way, you'll have to wait until january to try it. >>russell: it was a good and a bad thing when emma stopped
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cookies, wasn't it? it was fun, wasn't it? a great cookie. another excellent reason to stay in school. the new pay gap between high school and college graduates. >>laura: then gone in 60 seconds. a woman's baby bump. it took her only a minute to give birth while standing at the entrance to the hospital. standing up. and charley belcher, segue that. >>charley: wow. i got nothing. i got a couple of things but i can't say them. >>russell: but you got nothing. trust me on this, you got nothing. >>charley: russell rhodes, i'm going to follow your advice. wise man. "good day" to you guys. we're in wesley chapel this morning, shops at wire grass, getting ready for october, breast cancer awareness month, american cancer society is making strides against breast cancer. jazzercise is here.
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((laura- the united states air force >>laura: welcome back. united states air force has a shortage of fighter jet pilots. >>russell: they need about 700 more and that 1,000. it comes at a time we're fighting three air wars in iraq, syria and libya. air force is losing a lot of pilots because airlines are offering better pay and benefits. air force secretary deborah lee james is asking for permission to pay pilots $35,000 retention bonus and she hopes that will encourage them to stay. >>laura: the water park in kansas city is back open this morning.
7:25 am
schwab was killed while riding the world's largest water slide. it will be closed the rest of the summer. it drops riders almost 170 feet, hitting nearly 65 miles an hour. one person remembers feeling safe because she felt the velcro straps could not keep her in the raft. listen. >> the lifeguard looked at me and assured me that it's really not a big deal. the velcro straps are really just to make you feel safer, just to hold you in. they're just to make you feel safer. >>laura: caleb's death is under investigation and also prompting calls for change in the amusement park industry in total. advocates feel it lacks federal oversight. >>russell: 7:25 right now. all right. this is some good luck to tell you about. he survived the crash landing, now he's a millionaire.
7:26 am
from last week's crash landing in dubai. not a scratch on him. this week he is a million dollars richer after hitting t jackpot in a lottery on wednesday. he said he actually bought the ticket last month. he plans to retire soon and will use his earnings to return to native india and find a job helping other people. >>dave: good morning. that's luck. visibilities are down in a few spots as we deal with i'm noticing sarasota with a quarter mile visibility this morning. mile and a half in brandon. 3/4 mile in brooksville. eastern pasco county, some fog. so a lot of leftover moisture, especially from the storms that happened last night. just be careful. fog favored areas may have a little bit the next 30 minutes to an hour and then the sun will take care of it. 77 in tampa now as well a brandon, sarasota, clearwater. i think we easily make it back to 91 give or take a degree for
7:27 am
it's actually pretty close to noal as we're going to run 50% today and tomorrow and then 40% saturday, sunday and monday. >>vanessa: all right. thank you. and unfortunately, no improvements here out of pinellas, u.s. 19. sky fox is monitoring the crash with the bad southbound delays along 19 and originally we had this reported by authorities at roosevelt. it looks like it will be a bit further north there closer to the belleair road area. so we have those delays from that point back sunset point. you can see really heavy backups. that's the southbound direction we're checking out there. there are the shots. work arounds, mcmullen booth or belcher. same goes for this. an area to avoid, we still have the outside lane blocked northbound, 75, south of i-4 and your work around, once again, is going to be u.s. 301. most of the delays from this point back towards the selmon expressway as i showed you earlier. here's a new update. this is the veterans expressway.
7:28 am
checked in on the travel times. we're averaging around 20 miles an hour on the ehrlich road. southbound getting towards the area of waters, linebaugh, hillsborough avenue. 33 minutes is going to be the top to bottom time on the expressway. >>russell: groggy during class. coming up, a sleep study on college students. >>laura: and then granting a dying wish. alcides segui is covering that story. it's a sweet one and sad at the same time. >>reporter: it really is. good morning to you. yeah. a couple married for 60 years and thanks to the staff here at the regional medical center, they got their last and dying wish. you have to hear the story. it will melt your heart and it's coming up next on "good day tampa bay." >>jennifer: alcides segui, people are jumping for joy for the women's u.s. gymnastics team. here at suncoast gymnastics, they'v been tumbling 30 years. we'll learn some of the secrets
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america runs on dunkin'. welcome back to good day tampa bay. >>russell: welcome. time is 7:32. new this morning, a love sto you cry. makes us cry. >>laura: it is the newest kind of love story. it's about a couple that kept their wedding vows through 60 years of marriage until the very end. fox 13 alcides segui is here to tell us how in the end, this dying wish was granted. >>reporter: it wasn't almost. pretty difficult circumstances before everything actually happened. first, let's go straight to the
7:33 am
just a perfect couple, if you will. they never spent a day without each other and then mr. foster, of course, through time was an elderly man and was ill. he was at the i.c.u. at florida hospital north pinellas. they wanted to spend the final hours together after 60 years of marriage. as mrs. foster was actually getting ready to go visit him at the hospital, she injured herself, requiring the paramedics. she was transported here to regional medical center, bayonet point here in hudson. this is actually pasco county. her husband, mr. foster, was in pinellas county. we're talking about a 30, possibly a 45 minute drive. so at tha point, the folks here, the staff at this hospital really started working hard to try to figure out how they can take mrs. foster to pinellas county to be with her husband. and that's exactly what happened. the staff here worked hard, they
7:34 am
medical response, and amr agreed to transport mrs. foster to pinellas county to be with her husband. and the result is that amazing picture. you see it right there. they were cherishing every second they have together. the family wrote a letter to everyone involved that says the transfer allowed their nana, quote, to have her last moments with our pappy, the sweetest man you would ever meet. he acknowledged nana with the squeeze of his hand. that. wow. upon leaving pappy's room, nana said to the staff, i cannot believe you did this for me. as a family, we would like to say we can't believe you did this for us. people are loving this story. it is heartbreaking but touching at the same time, kinds of pulls at the heart strings. we're also trying to make contact here with the folks here to see if we could speak with the nurses involved in bringing
7:35 am
again, try to bring that final wish together like they did a couple of days ago. we'll have a lot more here. >>laura: it kind of reminds me of "the notebook." >>reporter: it does. you're right. >>laura: thank you. it is 7:35 now. to a developing story out of maryland, the search is on for several people missing after an explosion at an apartment building. flames engulfed the complex i injuring 30 people and three firefighters. all of the injured are expected to be okay. the flames are under control this morning, not immediately clear what caused the fire. as summer wraps up for the college students, age old question of, is the cost really worth it? maybe popping into the heads of some students. here are the details of the new report, walter allen. >>walter: simply put, the answer is and pretty much has always
7:36 am
house's council on economic adviser shows in 2014, those who earned a bachelor's degree made nearly 70% more than somebody o has a high school degree. that number roughly equates to about a million dollars more over the course of a career. data shows that those who have earned their degree have a much higher chance of getting work. authors of a study said, quote, higher education may be the single most important that young americans can make in their futures. about as much money as you could earn after college, you generally don't have much while in school. one thing students will also miss out on, sleep. a new survey done by the higher education company tag shows an alarming number of students don't get the sleep they ed. just 60% of the nearly 50 students -- excuse me, 500 students surveyed said they got eight or more hours of sleep before classes. other than homework, what's
7:37 am
overwhelmingly students said time with electronic devices. 86% said they take their devices with them to bed. researchers believe the fact that students know how much sleep they need and realize how much time their devices take way from that is at least the first step in changing their habits. good news is most college kids have plenty of time each day, means they have plenty of time for naps. >>laura: lucky for them. thank you, walter. florida is tough on drunk drivers. on when it come dozen forcing the law. website wallet hub took several factors into consideration when grading all 50 states and the district of columbia. florida is the 14th strictest state. we score the highest when it comes to fines, jail time, average insurance rate increases and the length of license suspensions. drunk driving results in more than one million arrests nationwide. nearly 10,000 deaths and over $40 billion in economic damage.
7:38 am
space station will have to wait for a supply shipment. the company in charge of the next mission is delaying its launch until mid september instead of later this month. orbital atk says they need more time to inspect and test the rocket. company has not flown a mission with the kind of rocket they need since an explosion during a launch two years ago. they're one of nasa's prime shippers along with space x. >>laura: you know that giving birth is not easy. a woman gave birth in less than 60 seconds. she was sent home from the hospital after doctors told her she was not far enough along into labor. after taking a bath, things sped up pretty quickly and jessica and her husband rushed back to the hospital. she didn't even make it through the front door. surveillance camera caught this. jessica giving birth to her baby girl right there in the entrance. the nurse wrapped the baby in a
7:39 am
two mid wives to t there. they say this is not exactly uncommon to have these fast, painly births, at least in women who have already given birth already once. mom and baby are just fine. >>dave: the game tomorrow night will be the last for alex rodriguez. of course, you might know he's retiring. the rays got shut out, though, last night in blake didn't last past the second inning, allowing five runs. he threw 68 pitches and only 37 of them were strikes. 18 games behind the first place blue jays. one of the highlights at the olympics last night, another swimmer. katie swam the anchor leg of the women's relay race.
7:40 am
she erased that one second lead and made it to the finish line two seconds ahead. that is amazing. it's her third gold medal and she's the favorite to win the 800 meter freestye. i can't wait to see that, laura. >>laura: aquatic portion of the olympics has been amazing. you may remember that the u.s. women won the gold as a team the other night in gymnastics. individual competitions start tonight and the u.s. is to do very well. a lot of kids are taking up this sport. they are watching. these are becoming examples for them. we sent jennifer epstein to odessa to find out how popular is really is. good morning, jen. >>jennifer: if you saw my tease a couple of minutes ago, you know i'm no olympic gymnast. he even broke a nail doing any flip. >>laura: that was on the way out anyway. >>jennifer: yeah. that's true. these are the competitive
7:41 am
pretty amazing. young girls of all ages are here. this is the competitive crew here at suncoast gymnastics. they have competitive girls and guys that compete and then just reeational gymnastics as well. either one you decide to do, it's fun, right? >> absolutely. >>jennifer: you're owner of this gymnasium. talk to me about how these girls feel seeing thesehletes competeg t kids. time for a do you traomh work the ladder.
7:42 am
versus hke m? >> starts with about those first couple of and then e >>jennifer: are youls from peopd of want to join the gym and they're really interested in fromolymcs? >>absolutely. it's grt. you don't have to be a
7:43 am
to get involved in. the benefits from -- you realla. so to time is recreation as well asnkou so mu. and i'll tels y o for abou exhausted so i that's for behind me a favorite part of and say no adultsght over i that's all thein tell you, looking up about whatshs become.racticed l right.s.tion. it's paid off.
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2rvy yy6y morning. so clouds a where you e, surface next hour or late in afternoon when the storms start
7:48 am
but pretty over lake mirror and lakeland where they're sitting at 75 degrees at this hour. quiet. there's not on the radar which is fantastic earlier this week, what it was like. we were quiet until about 5:00 to 7:00 yesterday and then all of a sudden, boom. showers and thunderstorms, they lined up here east of 75 and then they drifted back toward the west. same type of setup this afternoon. we want to get right back to the lower 91, 92. then the late day storms are going to take over and i think they'll kind of start with that sea breeze collision just east of 75 which means inland locations, you're going to start things off, right? 50% on your rain chance and then that activity will then drift back towards the coastline and back toward the west. this is a very normal pattern. we're entering mid august and to be honest, looking at the next seven days, it just screams mid august for you. it does.
7:49 am
scattered afternoon storms today starting east of 75 and then drifting them back to the west. so be looking off to the east if you're along the coast. that's the direction everything is going to be coming from. and of course, your skytower radar app will be very handy with that as well, especially paul yelling out in the middle of nowhere there's lightning in the area. upper 70s for lows. heat returns and we keep those scattered afternoon and evening >>vanessa: yeah. he was certainly busy on my phone yesterday. very vocal. all right. dave, thank you. right now it's 7:49. update here. looks like the lane blockage northbound on 75, this crash we followed this morning at i-4 is now off to the right shoulder. still looking a bit slow in the northbound direction approaching the scene. travel times, selmon to i-4, 16 minutes. there are notable improvements but we're still in the red so
7:50 am
the door if you have to head this way. i'm not sure whether the 301 is going to save you that much extra time now that we've gotten down to the lower side of red here. bearses to i-4 is 18 minutes and then just moderate at 75. we're still dealing with delays here out of pinellas. u.s. 19 approaching that earlier crash site at belleair road so i would probably still avoid this area. your work arounds once again, mcmullen booth take belcher road to the west. we'll check in on the selmon expressway. right now looks like we have normal delays here, westbound direction starting to slow down in the area of 78 and 301 and you can see starts to lighten by the time you get to 50th. 20 minutes is the time from 75 to gandy. it looks completely clear in the eastbound direction. rope >>russell: coparenting is hard after divorce but you put your
7:51 am
>>laura: tom cruise has not seen his daughter suri in three years. the mission impossible star has not even tried to see his 10-year-old little girl. church of scientology is rumored to be the reason why. apparently they forbid members from associated with non believers and that incdes now suri and her mother. despite the lack of a father figure, she's said to be thriving with plenty of friends and a nice, >>russell: he's an oscar winning superstar. you would think all doors would be open to him but matt damon has a problem. he can't get his kids into private school in new york city. he and his wife applied to the st. ann's school but the school turned them down because classes are already full for the fall and try as he might, the school would not intend the rules. tuition for three girls would have runabout $40,000 each. >>laura: wow. >>russell: that's new york. doesn't matter who you are.
7:52 am
that's the way it is. see that bald head? >>russell: no. you looking at me or what? him? >>laura: him. i look at your bald head every day. we'll get over to charley belcher with a look what he's up to right now. >>charley: oddly enough, ben affleck's kids did get into the school. i think that's why matt was upset. i may have that story we're making strides against breast cancer. we're in pasco county to tell you about october, breast cancer awareness month. put your teams together, teams like the crew of black beard revenge. they take the limo. i think that's black beard right now. stick around. tell you how you can get this team together for this wonderful cause when "good day tampa bay" continues from the shops at wire
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here at wire grass october 22 but they're happening all over the country during the month of october. we encourage you to go to, making strides and find the nearest walk mary anne and only august.nve to be
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