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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  August 11, 2016 9:00am-9:41am EDT

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wal-mart shoprs almart what? yore by theul very well decide r it'ste necessary. good thursday morning everybody. i'm it humid. it's, it's heat yeah. with low visibility at it should quio t back to 8bit. forom
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hour ago mile, mile sun will winhi there are stickiesabou today wi. now p day just le yest makecommute. but then i with school being have some more pleasfic and weas if you're lingering from last h
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butucion and social issues. hel what theyair cry. t choices given f do think that h vote f hyet.
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his blabb lki candidates i you'd i'd in elect that s hillar about olympic sport dyo an clinton becaus basically no one i candidate. th both
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sa bought a vacation home. an his fans and are crying foul.ocritical slamg hillary millionaire jane sanden l friet nald trump about those learni comments regarding hillary clinton aecond amendment. although secret service will not confirm or deny.
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olence, just trying to get gun owners to vote against clinton. and you probably heard on more than one occasion, trump claimed the election is rigged. well governor scott in way, disagreed ag scott suggestedhat people could play games with the election in florida. when when he was asked to been times when convicted f abl. although election experts shamefulnd that there has not beny widespread fraud in this state. >> happeningtoday, vicms and tack will find out how mh club they are entitled to receive from one orlando fund. 3 million has collect so far. protocol will be post one orlando fund and will outline homuch people willet based oneverity of whappt haened to
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familiesf the people who died will get the most. people who were wounded and people were at pulse can also apply for the funds. everyone will have a month t th the checks are handed out. well, it was a strange twist on a tragic traffic event yesterday morning. the man who was shot and killed in an apparent road rage incident, listen to this was unconvicted himself of road fox 13 shayla reeves i office. following this story. wow, since yesterday you were there yesterday, and now you've got more information this morning. heyshayla. hi good morning to you. was we can tell you this morning i've had a chance to speak with a public information officer for the hillsborough county sheriff's office. i'm told the ultimate decision final outcome in all of this will be up to state attorney. but, getting to that point could take some time. in fact thenvestigation has to
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once the case i turned over, we're told eire process could take weeks or even months before reaching a final outcome. this of course comes after a disagreement on the road took a deadly turn wednesday. you're looking a some video from at scene right now. this is video nr the intersection of forbes road and martin luther king, jr. boulevard. authorities tell us this all started with a disagreement between two drivers. it's unclear which of those drivers was actually the but what is clear at some point a man now identified at 42-year-old robert padgett pulled a trigger at least one bullet struck man seen on your screen gary durham former army ranger whohot him tried to save his life by perfoincpr after the gunfire. . it wasn't engh durham died. neither man's family hasalked about the case publicly. but we did find out that durham had been in trouble for road
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tithy gibbs in 2001. gibbs struck his head on the pavement and died days later. now 15 years later, the man responsible for gibbs's death has died too. according to a hillsborough county sheriff's office, the man who shot gary durham is coopating with investigators. so far he has not been charged in connection with this case. but it is still early on. follow t continue to - and keep you posted as any new details become available. >> all right shayla thank you. a curious little boy got himself in quite the predicament a costco in clearwer six-year-old ernie was in the store with his dad and brother. and somehow he got his finger stuck in one of the ras. but thanks to th clearwater fire department everything eventual worked out. in letter written by ernie's dad he explained what happened. he said,ure was really wedged in the. dad andoso manager tried
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so they called 911. and an eventually firefighters had to dis-mantle the entire rack and use hack s to saw through the steel to get to his finger. one firefighter was doing that another was pouring water on ernie'hand to try to keep it cool. another was protecting finger from the blade. all that team work paid off in end. ernie the moment finger came free was moment of pure joy. at least he was able to keep it. and after ernie calmed down he wanted a picture with his heros they were happy to oblige. even wrote the firefighters a thank you note when he got home. and is saidhank you for rescuing me today. thumbs up. all righ coming up more drama
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prostitution s's with the speaking olympics jen as very excited gymnasts the new generation hey jen. hey, good morning, guys. yeah olympics are inspiring young boys and girls to fulfill their gymnaic dreams. we're live a suncoast gymnastics. we're there having tons of flipping tumg blinfun. nice. >> a then, charley belcher is geing ready for making strides against canc. od morning. believe. august we're talking about october. wh i think of octer think breast cancer awareness month lot ofple think of women and the col pink i'm here to tell you not only ca men get breast cancer men canerinly support the cause. re men wear pink, ladies and gentlemen. and you'll meet these pink
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((russell//wipe vo)) if there were any doubts that katie ledecky is the best women's swimmer... she obliterated them last night. look at any doubt i your mind. she obliterated. take a look. she's the 800 this 800ree re and ledecky anchored team almost a skd behind australia. a lot of time in the pool they tell us. she pulled it off she took the blew away everybody else. and agn, by more than than second. katie's third goldf the games. she had fastest split out of all of the women's swimming by 2 and
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the prelimor t 800 free we've g phelps versuslochte. what think about ?at huh? individual medley. these two have swimmed this race for3 years the race is heduled toplace in 10:00 p.m. vrpt he we haven't heard much from rn lochte. >> i don't know, wlle wid outght. say that again, a mar na 5akin to gymst mrhtr all aro. an after winning thegold o nightsgoll e
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th i at has s believ.gnd how an, it i really spea of aweso tsgymn, weg. day aff. of ourere oood stoal aut .h toy. jen, good rng. about, it can't be right?
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natial awards know ieall makes us i knowel.eikhat am go training d hfd work a oot dedication.ot ks all age todaeans young a a hf to olds 17 whi ihe way. t ancth how many o tulymp t gwme. sohat' i p som pereleerfor.ou'veot g se ksho t all abo c peus h to hav good right? nncougeid t ce and
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>> guysrwh?>> applae y
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we'll e you. ow i thke ha w my thkfully you'v oap. extime ys. 80 degree kno's wet out. weid som o t cov tthadareris mog. et'sake n . yeery t didakerit?toy. gethundstorms gog. n ty somes, pacthesin gon hy.
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eveningti comtonighly stovernightow n deeeen to deteine mor soos withd
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ercencdioini muc tkctiockssib. whha ed? well we had a patient ce inha had actuallylen wh ilehe w vitger as well atloridaho.spitd they t sundayighahu tsn dotog wellbaro mng take stare
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t g to s her sband. d allantedo t doe getherso the maff,y charge viynd house supersor dna contacted the to get this pient t the flidorhospital to see h husband. they all cameher without aprom because they were >> lotoes i woy out paent e definely ihes clo all loo did i all thlves did all wk themsees a ituserrdin ent tt hp. g to se nd cpl urhusbd. iv somewhere in hudson. her husnd was trapoed thoitaln s rrec0,5 mite drive.
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p'tsna ute back hal a mri cot.rrec ouisersiovetis ty ar mpassion and love. to makhe ikff ome way even e a trauti no, it'lw tothe mmi tyot toit has t welet s thehno e d tjo defity shat
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for more informatio story and if you want to see photograph again to our website thank you, alcides. >> . keep the poft anoer rson to hot i could hur ybrai wirera gg stdes t shops of
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launch oleain campgn i'm h t thereearsn counit e waoraschrese, agr an f the makstrid s jus thrfee boual weapire. intromo a
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foerarms prese yoth timgoes on.nd ey oy bi e seer f corn do,deump anwrpe rn dogith 7gramof pin cruey coating. n sterms cdogs.
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aptment le broke jceth, dozenid fighters shehe 0. walhtf t expted .ay however,en andple srt oth artps. re say a hotsb'ul trucileselsed a tailed rn erday.investorat fou s not uo sareileil devaated lon por bot 4eople werekilled..
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crto pok?mon za sng g tt she iuffering fm vaon oprac classctn lawsuitas filed in al r he ever sin a became si ?n gymhereye p iout. .eavlebeen tryg coverenceo intoa so far tit h notn ceified. ans crt has n decided whether >> t penni wor nearly $870,000 two r $0.01ns cating bac to792 auc ancalifornia. onof tknhem own birch cent soldor $517,000. otherilver ceer. made iide.s u nt.old $352,500 expeed.lyown the auctise was hoping for
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we. >> you know souou w outside.u say sticky? what were you about to say dave? >> i caugh halfhat story that onha , about no i wasreading. too by reading fe roltya oso sort. i could it vy well. yeah i couldn't okay. ay.ry. go ead. is all right. qugirinmi e youave home al y penniesigre all you want with my luck, i'dd m in the in founins cash it hadntar ine. iknow i dhe teing. >> we are at0 ingredients 'sitretty steamy tside. lo mur sn ple. we're loong a very typil augus morning aund
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you g some sts like sebring, pmdale,neing rasotat other just touched0 ta andith visible satellite y can actually see wre low clouds and f see here in hilroboh part pasco coty. ll sun is doing its best to ke care of that. the erall r chances you're going to run that 40 peentne aloast.ines cha pernt a goinnd ar andhen all of sudden, evythingrts to drift back rd to the coasin i wanouge tha into you mdin that, tngs will beingrom t east likely ay pecially along theoast. so ho humi 9grees. you got theain chae running 40o0 perc toght, 7nd partly cloy sks. d tn torrow, back scatteredft aerno and
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an0rcpe d hhsear90know wt i know it wil. but just nic to be back tonorma. >> we do hav oirst by pass along to you day on this thursday my turning one today. she lov to watchcaoons,he s loves to dan with grandma. faasti fst that y hav sweetie. cu. >> hope you have nice birthday dance with grandma tay. eny yrday. righnow we want to check on rowaad her 9:36. cra reported it oldsmar area hillsborough avenu causing eastbound lane bction o winter haven from the. aepdlso with eastbound lane blocks. cyprus gdear cypress gardens road please beareful re so we look. what? ladybeohne was askg i
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a few centuries ago. alght cin up t 't makesense. gog on between a ctain actorerts and tonyta makes an aparance on instaam. he's already fighting. >> a little bit later the real reason we te vation may surprise you, but it's
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?? ? ? ba da ba ba another reason to le an you're watching good day tampa bay. yet ather reaso to love take look what she posted on inagram. this was plea to new moms evywre to chill about weight e caption read"there'so shamenaining weight ding pregnancy or ever. there's no shame if itakes longer than you think i will to
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breaki down and ki yng lly own jea shorts because l mmer's just too dan short f this suer's thig.hs bodies change, bodies's gro body's shrink it's all .ve otrwe.t tells y >>preach. like that. now we get to th very cut story. u.s. gymnastic staim sone biles revealed she has actor zac efron s got lif zeut c of him th'v g back and forth on twitte congralated her when team made it to the finalshen she said, hope you canch wat it tomorrow ght. ande di and look at thi picture. he postethis a their big win in the teacoetition. niceguy, huh? >> saying ocourse i'mchg finally 5ominate the floor. some admirio there maybe a little crush goingh bot ys? yeah, that's nice. >> by the way they ar only nine.
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online.lebrities are having st a few days ago tom hiddleston made his debut on he posted this picture of avengers movies. the quick caption jtd he'sback.e ll his friend and co-star robert doey,r. decided to rib him little. i love this. welcoming him to igram wh e is
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t erth oominooreke ofhe peteraon and fox'h robertell is and bryce dallas howard. that's a dragon. dragon to new geration o film heads to theaters with a star studded ct and some new spec effects. just want to help star robert redford got nostalgic working o the projec i drove it home. return meo mywn childhood it s a chance to kd of reenonvisi if not replay a bit of my own childhood. even though i would be an older charactern story sll was story about young person and
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nature and an animal. >> and those were important elements for my up bringing but you lose them when you become an adult. broois dallas howard spoke with their demanding dragon colorado co-star. was eating so much like their it's like they need to take care of all greens they were having to ship in all of these leaves because he was just eating the entire set. so fun. she also shared that she's been a fan time. i was really happy with the way they handled it because it was, it didn't step on my memories of the original becauset was so incredibly diffent. andyet, wha is cenal to the 1977 film and this film , is, you know this character of a boy who has lost his family who learns to find a family and his best friend who's a dragon and an ultimely ds find a family.
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one in parti stands here's out. the first time i husband we got together when we are 19 years old. i, i saw him and i broke out into hives. i was with my best friend. my best guy friend. and he looked at me he said what just hpened to you i was beat red. that boy, that boy. i wrote i'm going t marry. hollywood jonathan hunt, fox news. all right. hives are good i guess. russell >> no, hives are not good. she said. >> but still. okay hiv are bad >> benadryl good. ves, benadryl is good. all right. russell the movie comes out tomorrow. t coming unext, the real reason why people take vacations and sometimes it's not to relax. russell and laura are goi to talk about that.
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hey guys, i'ing to tyou what it'ke to be airan. ? helping you connect bright house nworks. lcome ck evybody. it 9:49. if you are packing few extra podshere m be new motivation to take it off. yeah as it turns out being overweight or obese maye jus as bad for your brain as is forou belly. a new sdy from universit of cambridge has foundhat obese than those of thinner peopleidly researchers focused on how
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uff that helps different parts of therain talk to each other. for this.0 people were studied it w found overweight people thaneople who wer ten yrs tter olr than them. the experts only say thathe difference is occurred from middle onwd which they say suggests our brains may be particularly vulnerable during this period of aging. hmm. facebook there a growing body of research that suggests that link between how much people sleep and how much they weigh, would ever more demanding american worker and employers bed time is one mos sought afteroments ofhe day. >> but, would you sacrifice your precious vacatioayn ds just t slp? >> yes. >> well new research shows a shocking number of people actually do according to a princess cruise's annual relaxion report, when it comes to catching more shu eye 72 percent of american
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that sounds great. 40 percent say this would take 5 or more days off per year. and even if you have two weeks off from your employer, many americans e then usi what's left to catch up onrrands. yeast. get so far behi indyour life. i always take naps vacation things. always buildn litt nap time. we did a cruise line that was su whoa you so sleep. me interesting side notes women are more likely to fe streed about taking time off living in midwestre me ose relaxed. theeport conclude by saying no vacationim has becomeard red, work you need a vacatio from the
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morning- macs
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and as always you can get
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st farrents aps. even a smallne can tow u off yo gam thappe hanre a decisa rnogith in aeyrung ca foster far corkeg appeteo ay
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announcer: it's ive" with kell today "moderfaly" star ed ilnel. and fr "omme of thrones" actor chiel door." and jer o'conll isxt her -hos [ctioning ma possible by


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