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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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multiple times back and forth. >> anchor: developing right now, a horrific story. a mother under arrest after her six-year-old son kills her newborn. sheriff explains the very unusual circumstances of her family >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 6:00 news. >> welcome i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. developing right now at six, a story almost too tough for an infant is dead and police say her six-year-old brother killed her. their mom shown right here is under arrest. still that's only part of what the sheriff says is a very disturbing story. evan axelbank os this. sort this out. this is beyond horrible >> reporter: [ no response ] that's certainly what the said. the words were, this is the worst he's ever seen.
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county talking. what we're told is that the mother left her three kids alone in a hot car while she went into a cell phone store to have her cell phone repaired. while she was inside of that store the 13-year-old baby, baby kathleen, started crying. the six-year-old who was also in the car told deputies that he took the baby out of her car seat and began beating the baby, pummeling the baby off of the side of the inside of after all they were locked inside. take a look. this here is 62-year-old kathleen steel. she is charged with aggravated manslaughter for her negligent in this case. she is said to not even believe what her son has done and described as being aloof about it. the baby is said to have been beaten into what the sheriff described as mush. the six-year-old told deputies that everyone makes bad mistakes sometimes. >> steel turned the car off,
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windows up, and went inside the business. steel left the kids unattended while she was in this business for over 30 minutes which is confirmed by video. while in the car with franky and phillip baby kathleen was acting up and crying. frankie, the six-year-old, removed baby kathleen from the car seat and began flicking her multiple times back and forth, dropping her on the floor, slamming her head against the ceiling, face and causing severe, severe trauma to the baby's head and face. >> reporter: the mother is described as being inattentive, as being ill-equipped to be a parent. we're told she was even on a reality show several years ago. she is 62 now. several years ago she was on a reality show called "55 years old and pregnant." evidently there were several episodes done about her in her quest to become a first-time
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she was 62 and was artificially inseminated by the sperm from her dead husband who died several years ago of cancer. take a look at what the sheriff had to say about that part of all this. >> there's another troubling aspect. that's some supposed medical professional who agreed to impregnant a 62-year-old woman with her dead husband's sperm and she gives birth to a baby she is unable to care for. >> reporter: both have bee we're told the -- and his brother. we're told that the six-year-old is a student at lakewood elementary. and that the superintendent has been informed of this personally by the sheriff. the superintendent the sheriff ez is going to have decisions to this child. as what to do with - where to place this child. we're told this was a very capable child, a very smart child. but also a child who has severe, severe behavioral issues. and now the school district is going to have to deal with that.
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boys have been placed in foster homes separate from one another and they are being called therapeutic homes because these kids are described as having very, very deep developmental issues. >> anchor: s sounds like the understatement of the day. i know you will have more tonight at ten. we'll see you then. >> anchor: so sad. there is one question on the mind of everybody. why was live ammunition used during a role playing scenario at a citizens police academy in punta g 72-year-old woman, a librarian. this morning chief lewis held a press conference but this but no new information was given. he says he accepts full mary nolten.ty for the death of- his officer lee cole remains on administrative leave as the fdle continues to look into what went wrong. >> we have complete faith in the florida department of law enforcement to determine the correct facts. although we expect their
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weeks, our intention is to be completely transparent with the public when those details finally conclude. >> anchor: the chief would not answer any questions today. he says the investigation could take two to four weeks before it's wrapped up. chief lewis says he will no longer talk about the shooting until there is new information to be released. fox 13 investigative reporter tina jensen has been looking into officer kohl's history -- >> he had a record of excessive force complaints in miramar where he was asked to resign. an attorney says it was no secret that cole was a problem officer and he tried to warn people before tuesday night's fatal shooting. >> on your knees. >> what's the first words out of this officer's mouth? not how are you doing sir? what are you doing sir? why don't you have a light on your bicycle? will you please stop? he yells stop or i'll send the dog. then he did.
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reluctant to lie down. >> reporter: last october 25th-year-old richard schumacher was mauled by officer lee cole's k-9 for nearly two minutes. in the video he can be heard telling the k-9 to keep attacking. >> get down! >> my client in no way threatened that officer. and he decided to second the dog on him. . >> reporter: the injuries put schumacher in the hospital for two weeks. >> after i saw the video and my prior experiences with the officer i knew the chief had a problem. him to take care of it. >> reporter: criminal defense attorney weinberg had represented other people cole had arrested during his time at punta gorda police department. cole had made a lot of arrests in a year and a half. but stats provided show prosecutors dismissed more than a third of those cases. >> there's anast row nomcally high number and those cases are dismissed early on. >> reporter: he was never disciplined for the k-9
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chief directly. telling him cole had a problem of problem policing and should be taken off the street. when that didn't happen he sounded public alarms. in the news and even on bub ba the lv sponge's radio show. >> i know the police chief he is a very good guy. but i think the mo are poub listy this gets the more likely this officer will no longer be allowed to hurt anybody else. >> reporter: weinberg says punta gorda spent the next few weeks waging a p.r. campaign and a dog he rescued and video of cole and his k-9 in a helicopter. >> for what purpose that would serve i have no idea. other than to get people to say isn't that nice. ai assume that's why he was in this training program. they were trying to soften his image. >> reporter: the spokesperson says cole has been on the facebook page several times because the k-9 unit serves a,
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role. weinberg says he is filing a lawsuit against the department for his client's k-9 injuries. >> anchor: thank you so muff. a developing story now back in tampa involving a tampa police officer. adam york has been fired and arrested after a woman he pulled over accused him of sexual battery. it happened six months ago but he wasn't arrested until today. erin is on this one where the chief explained why. what did he say. >> reporter: the chief says the officer was i off the streets when the accusations came down. he was fired a month later. he says that was quick action. as for why it took six months for an arrest he says prosecutors and detectives had to make sure all the evidence made sense and all was in order before press k charges. police lights flash. a person can be seen walk around the cruiser. other than that, it's hard to tell exactly what's happening in this surveillance video but it led to this moment. >> yesterday a warrant was
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police officer adam york. >> tampa police officer ward says this video was recorded during a traffic stop february 1st. officer adam york stopped a woman in her 20s for peed speeding. >> he was on his way to work. >> reporter: they pulled into the dick's sporting goods parking lot on kennedy. investigators say york sexually assaulted the driver according to the police report his dna was found on the victims clothing. york was fired a month later. >> we took swift and appropriate actions because the facts of the investigation warrant this type of response. anything wrong but the chief says all the evidence pointed to a sexual battery charge filed this week. >> this is a very complex case. >> reporter: and it's hard forward to comprehend any officer doing this, especially a 12 year tpd veteran with a clean record. >> it was a shock to us. something that's hard to believe. >> reporter: york turned himself in and has since bonded out of jail. we stopped at his home but no one answered the door. his former boss says he'll have
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any time that happens, it's very disappointing. >> reporter: we did talk were york's attorney. he said adam york has impeccable career without a blemish. unfortunately there are allegations against him. ones that we will soon be able to defend and clear up. he says there's evidence that hasn't come out that he also thinks will clear up some of what he believes are misunderstandings in this case. mark? >> still to come tonight, keeping more people from having a criminal record and out of the county jail. up next, why pinellas county
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new at six tonight: easing up on crimi new at six, easing up on criminal sentences. at least when it comes to minor crimes. in march the city of tampa voted to slap a civil citation instead of handcuffs on anybody carrying small amounts of marijuana. st. pete conde cover all of 3i pinellas county. >> isolated small time offenders won't be clogging up the pinellas county jail and court system and won't mean a criminal precord for somebody who makes mistake. >> each year around 45,000 people end up in the pinellas county jail. many after getting caught with small amounts of marijuana on them. the sheriff says that needs to change. >> there are way too many people
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alone, single misdemeanor possession of marijuana charges. >> reporter: on thursday the sheriff spoke with st. pete city councilors about a new program designed to keep more juveniles and adults out of jail. >> this is not dealing with people who are committing repeat crimes. this is designed to address those people that have committed minor crimes on isolated basis. so there's a big difference. we need to treat those people differently. >> reporter: petty theft and possession of small amounts of marijuana or alcohol by anyone crimes the pinellas county sheriff says shouldn't result in jail time. huge fines or a criminal record. the adult free arrest diversion program would allow those who have committed a minor offense the chance to pay back society through community service while bypassing the court system entirely. >> on the front end is that you stole something here, do community service hours ur done as opposed to you stole
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get to jail. get a judge. and guess what? you get community service. let's short circuit this and eliminate the record. >> reporter: he says the diversion program will not presult in a criminal record. so a minor mistake won't close doors on things like employment or higher education in the future. >> we want to make sure that people succeed even when they make minor mistakes. >> kellie cowan, fox 13. >> the diversion program will not be available to frequent offenders. and the sheriff says confident that most offenders won't repeat and the program should prove far more cost-effective than going through the court system. >> let's hope so. seems to be a trend across the country too. so we know what a drain it hear so far. paul, i saw something today that took me back. we had a little bit of sun yesterday but today was almost too nice. >> good for most of the day. now we're watching sky tower. storms developing east. let's take a look to the east.
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distance. heavy thunderstorms near lakeland. they'll be moving into pasco county soon. we got a ways to go. fairly active evening. you can see the storms firing up inland then moving towards the west coast. also on the corner of your tv stet look at this mess in the central gulf over here. this is what hit us over the and i tell you it's going to sit in the same spot over louisiana literally drench them. more rain for them. then they could possibly see during a tropical storm. so that will be making headlines too. but for us, we've got a slow moving line of storms inland. they'll be moving towards the west coast. we can zoom in and show you rain. this cell or cells down by wauchula really hasn't been doing much if anything it's weakening as it moves west northwest. so i'm not expecting much from
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lightning south of wauchula. as we put it into motion it is weakening with time. this thunderstorm will put this into motion, is moving to the west northwest. getting close to zephyrhills and dade city if it holds together. it probably will. claremont and the turnpike. and that is moving west north west. goes all the way back to near orlando. up by leesburg. that will be moving into our northern counties. then the r is kind of diminished. it's mostly up by marion county along the county line along 200 i think is the highway road up there. then there's been storms along 75 along the sea breeze. you can see a sea breeze line here. really any place along our west coast between now and 9:00 we'll see storms around. they'll tend to move offshore then skies should become mostly clear. storms moving to the west coast.
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evening. there's the pure tropical moisture back here with that low. that moves away. and our weather is governed by afternoon sea breezes. that means sunshine in the morning. then afternoon storms firing up along the sea breeze. there are hints the rain chances could drop a little bit over the weekend as some dry care comes from the southeast. don't forget tonight the perseid meteor shower peaks after midnight. get away from city lights. open view to the sky. after midnight and perhaps the best view in years, maybe 150, 200 meteors per hour at the peak. so check that out tonight. storms wind down tonight. and they move offshore. sunshine tomorrow morning. more afternoon storms along the sea breeze. then many slightly lower rain chances on saturday. then more afternoon storms on sunday. the good news is for now at least the tropics are pretty
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is usually the peak. then it slowly ramps down into october. for now, things are pretty quiet but we got a ways to go. the national hurricane center updated their forecast today. going for 12 to 17 named storms. the average on any season is 12. five to eight hurricanes. average is six. and two to four major hurricanes. the average is three. you get the idea that they're thinking is this is going to be a pretty average which we haven't seen an average in awhile. this reflectss how it was in 2012. we'll see how this plays out in the months ahead. 89 now. the dew point is 75. a west southwest wind at 12. storms will gradually wind down tonight. we'll watch this big rainmaker in louisiana/mississippi that will cause significant flooding. south of the front today, lots of heat. for the bucs pre-season game in philadelphia tonight, just like
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temps in the 80s. thunderstorms around. new york city is 93. and raleigh is 86. forecast for tonight is any storms ending. partly cloudy then 76. mix of clouds and sun tomorrow. afternoon storms likely and 91. the summer sing along continues on saturday. we're in the low 90s. your 7-day forecast is pretty much locked in. 90s for highs. 70s for lows. and 40 chance. >> bit of a home-field advantage for the bucs. we're less than hour away from the pre-season. what players hope to get out of tonight's game one and florida state continues its fall camp with one key difference this year. they're the subject of a reality tv show of sorts on show time.
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z22pvz zy6z
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y22pvy yy6y the bucs presea the bucs pre-season starts tonight. a win or loss isn't really necessarily an indication of what's to come this season. teams have gone winless in the super bowl.and went on to the - remember the detroit lions? 0-16 season in 2008. they were 4-0 in the pre-season. take tonight's game against the eagles with a grain of salt. we probably won't be seeing
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long. in fact six players are definitely out tonight. that includes golson, sims and sweezey. it's really about all the fringe players trying to make the team as cuts approach. how long jameis winston and the starters will play a mystery. take it from da mar dadson, less is more. >> what up? just, you know, i don't know how long. but if it's ten snaps or if it's 20 sps prepared. you got to prepare for the worst man. last pre-season i was out there longer than i thought. so hey, you know, i thought i was going to be out there three snaps and i was out there almost to half-time. >> you like the pre-season? >> do i like the pre-season? >> i like when it's over with. [ laughter ] >> the rays are off after losing last night and dropping the series in toronto. friday they begin a three-game set against the yankees.
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three-run bomb in the first inning. really unable to bounce back after that. he was pulled from just the second inning. gave up five runs. two were earned. walked four batters. cash said that snell lacked command and location. and really the first time he's seen that young lefty struggle. here is snell so what he thought. >> two innings, not even two. but 70 something pitches. that's crazy. it. going to get better. i mean, you are going to have those games. it's going to make me a lot better. those games are something that happens to everyone but it's how you bounce back. >> a friendly reminde the raise and yankees on friday that broadcast has been moved to right here on fox 13. alex rodriguez's final game with the yankees. and we think in major league baseball but we're not sure. it is the first for the rays new
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7:00 tomorrow here on fox 13. college football. ranked fourth and already spotlight on the seminoles. this season show time is following the noles in a series called a season with. similar to the nfl's hbo hard knocks show. a possible heisman candidate says the key for players is to minimize all the outside attentions by focusing on themselves. >> that's especially with the cameras and stuff around. people patting you on the back telling you it's going to e a good season. we got to block that out and go to work. we got to go out and put the work in and, you know, [ inaudible ] >> if it's anything like hard knocks it's going to be compelling television. as an noles fan the distraction of that, i mean, just the cameras, it's, you know, you have grips and mics and they're
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so it's interesting. stuff you want to see. >> is it too much? >> that's the question. >> after awhile they'll forget about it won't they. >> they've had their share of attention for the past threeor four years for a number of reasons. [ laughter ] still to come here at 6:30 we've got new exclusive polling data on the presidential race hre in florida. >> we're going to show you the numbers in a couple of minutes. high drama in maryland this morning as a huge fire burns through an apartment complex.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve
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how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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our government isn't giving us good protection. our government has unleashed isis. i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. >> anchor: donald trump in florida today doubling down on hillary clinton to the start of isis. in what is seen as a response of sorts to trump's economic speech erlier this week in detroit, clinton is in michigan talking jobs. the real message of her issue oriented speech may be to draw a sharp contrast between herself and trump. fox's doug mcelway with more tonight from washington. >> reporter: speaking at a michigan engineering company hillary clinton delivered her economic rebuttal to the mix of
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deregulation offered by by donald trump at the detroit economic club earlier this week. >> my mission in the white house will be to make our economy work for everyone not just those at the top. >> reporter: under clinton's tax plan corporations that move jobs overseas would be penalized. she also wants to make public colleges and universities tuition free for middle-class families while making major investments in infrastructure projects. >> we will put americans to work building and modernizin roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our railways, our ports. >> reporter: while clinton who is ahead in most national polls used the opportunity to contrast her policies with that of her opponent, today's speech also served to contrast her style. issue oriented and carefully scripted. for his part, trump again had to spend much of this week as he did last explaining away or doubling down on his off the cuff remarks which many deem offensive including the newest assertion that both clinton and
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state. >> isis will hand her the most able player award. >> reporter: dozens of former elected republicans sent a letter to rice priebus asking the rnc to suspend funding to trump's campaign and focus on down ballot races. however preeb uts is bound by charter and contract to support the nominee financially and otherwise. let's bring in fox 13's political editor. you data. it seems all these distractions are not hurting trump. surprising. >> not one bit. we have more than 600 respondents. this is a poll sent in the field after donald trump's controversial remarks about the second amendment folks regardless of what he meant it was left to troubling interpretation at the very least. after a quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton leading by one point here are the results of our fox 13 poll that show the same story.
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donald trump at 44 percent. kerry johnson at six. not many undecided. undecided still at four percent at this point. what this is telling us is that the race seems to be somewhat static in florida. also neck and neck and within the margin of error. of course florida is the ultra-battle ground state. it shows the race in florida ultimately as is nearly all the case will be decided along the i-4 corridor tampa bay. >> you have also got new polling numbers about the senate race. >> you would think rubioo would be in the driver's seat but we're not finding that to be the case. in a thee rat cal match-up with patrick murphy they are effectively died add well with rube oe at 45 percent and murphy at 43. this is telling us once more that florida is going to be up for grabs. it will ultimately depend on turn out as well.
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questions. we're going look at other theoretical match-ups. much more tonight at 11:30. >> earlier this afternoon you got to spend time with donald trump's running mate mike pence. what did he tell you? >> i asked him about donald trump's choice of words and what he thought about them given the recent controversies. not just as it relates to the second amendment and calling hillary clinton the the co-founder of isis. he called her the devil. mike pence said there is no place for name calling in politics. so i asked h and here is what he said. >> the american people aren't focused on semantics. they're focused on the ideas and policies and leadership that are going to turn this country around. >> and according to our numbers that just came in he appears to be right about that. we'll bring our full interview with governor pence. that's coming up also tonight at 11:35 on "money, power and politics." we'll take a deep dive into this evidence of doctored
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tampa. pollster terry will join us. we have a lot of ground to cover. >> see you tonight. thanks. a house republican task force says intelligence assessments approved by senate leaders at u.s. central command exaggerated the progress of the war on terror. a report released today details persistent problems over the last two years with central commands analysis of u.s. efforts against isis. that includes training iraqi forces and combating isis in iraq and republicans formed the task force after they learned an unnamed analyst filed a formal complaint saying intelligence had been manipulated. central command spokesman says the demanding is reviewing the report. crews continue to search for those still unaccounted following that deadly explosion at a maryland complex this morning. two people found dead in the ruins. dozens of others were hurt including three firefighters. residents did whatever they
6:36 pm
flames. >> some people, you know, leapt from the building. jumped from multiple story windows. >> workers at one fire station a mile away actually felt the explosion. crews are looking into what caused it. and they do know there was a gas furnace. stoves in every one of the units the virginia teenager who tried to climb new york's trump tower yesterday has been formally charged with reckless endangerment and criminal stephen row gata. his suction cup climb drew a live audience of millions on tv and social media yesterday. it ended abruptly when police removed a window and wrestled the 19-year-old in the building. he is from virginia and had posted a video on youtube saying he is an independent researcher seeking a private audience with trump to discuss an important matter. he was taken to a new york hospital to undergo psychiatric
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states have legalized marijuana use the federal government still considers marijuana a dangerous substance. it's not softening its stance on lighting up either. fox's william reports tonight from l.a. >> the drug enforcement administration standing firm on marijuana. the agency deciding to not reclassify the substance and still considers it among the most dangerous drugs. the dea's decision comes after consulting with the health and human services agency. the announcement quote... hhs concluded that marijuana has a high potential for abuse. has no accepted medical use in the u.s. and lacks an acceptable level of safety for use even under medical supervision. marijuana therefore remains a schedule one substance. putting it in the same class as heroin, lsd and ecstasy. despite that, more than two dozen states and washington, d.c. have laws allowing for medical use of the
6:38 pm
are using it on a consistent basis to help with hiv and aids and gau coma and cancer -- glaucoma and cancer and ptsd and general pain. >> reporter: pot use in the country may grow more widespread. vote rz in five states will see legalizing marijuana on their ballots this november. if passed they will join four other states and d.c. in allowing recreational use. three more states are voting on medical marijuana. >> until such time as from the controlled substance act i don't care what any state, city or county tells me to do. i'm looking at ten years to life in federal prison. >> the dea is allowing the increased study of marijuana by permitting more institutions to grow pot for research. in los angeles, fox news. in world news tonight, no let up in high winds is making the fight against the wild inferior in southern france -- fire in southern france difficult.
6:39 pm
anti-security measures being put in place in france and germany. the move comes following a series of attacks in recent woke killing hundreds. as fox's kitty logan reports, france's laws went into effect yesterday and germany today but not without controversy. >> france and germany have both been rocked by terror attacks in recent now they're planning a sweeping new series of laws and regulations aimed at stopping attacks in europe before they happen. >> the three elements are the number and organization of our security authorities. second, prevention and integration. and determination and rigor against those who break the law, endanger and support radicalization. >> some critics say many of the proposed measures go too far. these include faster dough pourtations, longer detentions
6:40 pm
patient confidentiality. france and germany also working together on a plan to overcome the use of encrypted networks by increasing domestic surveillance. >> this is a key issue in the anti-terror action because much of the information exchange among terrorists is encrypted which makes it difficult to launch intelligence operations. >> critics say the proposals don't go far enough. the right wing parties calling for a tougher approach including a ban on the full body burqua worn but officials in both countries say their response to the attacks will be based on logic not fear. >> what is certain is that our country will not answer to the violence of the perpetrators with hate and division. we'll not grant the terrorists that triumph. >> reporter: germany's interior minister says he hopes most new measures will be in place by the election set for september next year. kitty logan, information news. americans are going hungry. yet tons of food are being
6:41 pm
when we come back see what's z22sjz zy6z y22sjy yy6y i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties.
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man: ?the ties are made in china." [ audience laughter ] when it hit, it really was quite dramatic. road signs bent over because of the force of the water. you know, gushing down the street everywhere because we're on an incline. anything that anyone's left out is moving down the street. we always think we're the keeper of the house... it makes a lot of sense you would have flood insurance. knowing that you have that and if you need it, it's going to be there, and you've done everything you can
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. for more information call 888-rain-730 z22qzz zy6z y22qzy yy6y listen to this.... almost half of the food produced listen to th in this country every day winds up in a landfill. half. that's a staggering number catching the attention of lawmakers and those struggling to feed the less fortunate. >> every day across the country tons of spoiled, rot be or unappealing food is being thrown away. decades of cheap plentiful food have left americans with a carefree attitude and the consequences are piling up. >> food waste is a staggering problem. we've got about 40 percent of the food that is provided in the
6:44 pm
>> reporter: money is literally being thrown away. >> if your you are a family of four you are wasting $1,500 of food every year. it's roughly $0.10 of every american dollar spent on food. so we're talking big dollars. >> reporter: the environmental protection agency says produce is the single biggest single source filling up landfills. last fall in fact the federal government kicked off a campaign to fight the massive waste with a goal of reducing it by 50 percent by 2013. and >> it's kind of frowned upon to waste food. so i think people are changing their mindsets. >> reporter: in suburban washington the nonprofit group nourish now is seeing an up tick in food donations as well as increasing demands from food insecure people. >> every day we get a thousand pounds of recovered food. all food that would get thrown out. so we're going to restaurants, catering companies, cafeterias, bakeries, any place that might have food waste and diverting it from the landfill. >> reporter: in chicago the
6:45 pm
high-tech solution to divert produce from the dumpster using smart phones and drivers to connect food donors with recipients. >> our supply says we have 15 sandwiches available between two and 4:00 p.m. today. that goes into our system. step one. it's matched with a need that is already established in the community. >> reporter: the group's already planning to expand operations into other cities. a key factor here in the staggering amount of waste is the is causing leading too many to adopt when in doubt throw it out. democrats are proposing a federal bill to simplify the labels. >> clarify and simplify and standardize the labels indicating dit dates on food so people know what it means for there to be peak quality and what it means that food is up safe to eat. >> anchor: congressional efforts are not only giving an
6:46 pm
food but to help feed the hungry along with saving the environment and saving money at the same time. still ahead tonight, macy's makes an announcement that investors love and some shoppers
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(kelly the battle against childhood the battle against childhood cancer is never easy. but a new treatment is offering
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going to show us how a type of proton therapy works. see why it's unlike traditional radiation and how it's helping young cancer patients recover. that's tonight on the fox 13 10:00 news. starting next year, macy's is closing 100 stores. the nation's largest department store chain made the announcement during a call with investors. exactly which stores has not been announced. macy's says it's also boosting it's online presence bec by some forecasts next year amazon is expected to surpass macy's as the largest online seller of clothing. the news didn't bother investors. macy's stock closed more than $5 higher today. stocks on wall street gain add little bit today thanks to energy companies and retailers. the dow up 117. nasdaq 23. s & p gaining ten points today.
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>> and sunny afternoon. >> things are all working. then, of course, the pattern starts kicking in. >> watching storms fire up east of us. by the way, hotter right now in philadelphia for the kick off of bucs pre-season game. 92 in tampa where it's now 89. you got storms building east. clouds are dark. there's rain near plant city. all this activity moving west. we're tracking it on sky tower. good tonight i think skies should be mostly clear. so with that in mind, if you are out and about tonight find yourself an open spot. being on a boat is a good spot too. away from the urban lights. perseid meteor shower peaks tonight. it could be as high as 160-200. i think that's high. that's from nasa. probably maybe 100 per hour. you get 60 minutes in an hour so
6:51 pm
two per minute. that's a lot tonight. look generally northeast. but to be honest really any place in open spot just look up in the general direction of the northeast. you are going to see meteors for sure. best viewing always is after midnight. and the later the better. 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m. the best time. you can either get up early or stay up late depending on how your thing works out. find a dark area that is unobstructed by city lights. that's always a good idea when you are all. peak tonight even see some tomorrow night. but tonight is certainly the best night. thunderstorms moving west across the peninsula. you would expect that. on a mid-july evening. storps are also firing up around tampa bay. we'll zoom in. you got random storms in manatee. a couple in southeastern hillsborough. one near brandon. one near the bay. over the gandy bridge.
6:52 pm
heavy rain. that's along the leroy sellman, along 75. and where 60 kind of hooks up by the mall. that's heavy rain up by top golf is getting rain i would think. elsewhere some storms in north eastern hillsborough. some rain that's approaching dade city. and zephyrhills is weakening a little bit. elsewhere the storms are heavy up by claremont. this heavy rain up by the turnpike. that's moving west towards bushnell. then a line of storms along 41. it's heaviest up in marion county where right now there's a severe-thunderstorm warning north of our viewing area by ocala and dunnellon. could be heavy weather in citrus county. there's a storm in eastern manatee county. and the rain from wauchula to arcadia has weakened.
6:53 pm
they'll be minor variations day by day. but the general theme of sunshine in the morning and afternoon storms is going to hold true. i think into at least the first couple days of next week if not longer. ever once in awhile there could be a slight decrease or uptick in moisture. that will really determine the amount of storms we get in the afternoon. the tropics are quiet. there really isn't a on. there's tropical wave in the lesser antilles. next week or two i don't see much. here is the outlook that was updated today from the national hurricane center. 12 to 17 named storms. the average is 12. five to eight hurricanes. the average is six. two to four major hurricanes. the average is three. the peak of the season is september 10th. we'll see how it plays out in the next month or two. all it takes is one storm over us or over you and it is a bad season.
6:54 pm
down to 76. storms fire up tomorrow and we're back up to 91. no change coming up on saturday. highs low 90s. pretty much locked in. 40 or 50 percent rain chances. highs today in the low 90s.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
tonight at eleven... nearly nine-months after tonight at 11, nearly nine months after fire destroyed several condos at the top of the world complex some residents still haven't been able to move back in. we'll hear how they're disaster assistance housing. u.s. senator marco rube rubio and donald trump are scheduled to speak at a pastor's conference. why the oftener of pulse -- owner of pulse night club aren't happy about it. family, friends and fans remembering country radio host dave mckay tonight. a celebration of his life is
6:57 pm
99.5 hosted the the host passed away last week at his home. he was known for having a big personality. a strong connection with listeners. he loved his listeners. he had been with wqik since 1992. >> dave's impact is huge. because he was a guy that lived for the connection with the audience. and everybody has a story. if you look at the facebook you will see include you got my pregnant wife to the front of the light at the porta-potty at the strawberry festival. or you helped me change a flat tire. just those kind of things dj's strive to have that connection with their audience and dave was incredible at it. he had a huge heart. >> he certainly did. his passing was a sudden one. we're told the cause is still being looked into. though police have ruled out foul play or suicide.
6:58 pm
and a great friend to both of us. very, very sad when i heard of his passing. >> just horrible. our thoughts are with his mom and brother and all of his radio family as well. and for those of us who were lucky enough to be friends we'll
6:59 pm
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get 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake! lights. access. rio. >> he wants to beat me. i want to beat him. >> it's every man for themselves. >> phelps versus lock at the comes to its epic conclusion tonight. i'm natalie morales. there's another fri going head to head. tell me about the rivalry. >> did i win? >> ho you did know you didn't win? >> cycling gold part of armstrong's journey. >> he said, mama, why are you crying? didn't you win the bike race? >> no wonder. >> takes more than rain and gale-force winds to get in the way of our olympic fishing reunion. i'm billy bush and my pal johnny weir just upped the ante all the


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