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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  August 12, 2016 4:00am-4:29am EDT

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on reality television. she p peared oa t-l-show in 2009 lled "im 55 and preg." steele was
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doctyork. with oz erfrom her late son in this ca... likelbirth. says she's not done having kids. she td puties ba ija.d to have anot the six year old bod his threyear old brother haveaced in a ster o ains behind bars. ne quest with the 6-year old.. superintendentf schools has been notd ofifiehe siatn. car. and today, r father and grandmother are facing charges for it. timothy ada and his mother anna are chard with child neglect after policeimothy's ree year-old daughter in a ?hot car whi they went into walmart. ppened in lake wales. poli say adamsctually took s ix year old daughter hetore, but for me reason left ree-ar-old behind. she was in the n for abt thirty minutes befo someone
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adams to police was an and his mother thought the ?other psohad the little girl. pco county dees need your helpfi man. his namis"dakota kidd."er they say in tace during argument.. breakingse a r left eeone as well. s y wh tried l 9-1-1.. kidder even took her e phonaway. he's now wanted on multiple charges including feny battery. and if you don't gne his face... you might recognize that taoo. iyo u see him.. llhe pascoffhe's a ?fid tampa poli ofcer is now chard with sexual battery t cidentappened infebrry, uring gaarilla we ice saadop yord for speeng.. woman w is in her 20's -- says dunghe stop, york toued her manner. e we to a hospal to t ra . york cs
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anident on aamusen pa ride. this ti, a e year old boy feroer r in pen. it happened at the "i wn oode coaster, built almostei yes ago. it safety restraints. the boy s consous before he was flown to the hospital. no word on his condition. and all these accidents this week aaisire r some new concerns r parents: how do you keep your kids ?safe... when they ride? it'a big ise in our area... because of a the theme parks ju a short drive aw busch garden.. to talk abou these concerns. a we have to emphasize shayla... none of these accidents have
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two months ago ?today... one of the worst mass shootings in recent history, happened in the heart of orlando. a man went on a "pulse" nightclub, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. and while that community still tries to recover from that tragedy... an event this weekend in the city, seems like really bad timing. it's called the "american renewal project conference"... and several of the speakers are anti-gay evangelicals. also speaking at the event... donald trump and marco rubio. the owner of pulse nightclub in orlando is speaking out agnst appearances by rubio and trump at a pastor's conference. trump spoke yesterday at
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scheduled to speak today. a sister of one of the pulse victims is denouncing the speeches. some people call the speeches a slap in the face to the families of all those victims and even the city of orlando. those attending the event have defended it, saying it was only a gathering of faith leaders seeking political empowerment. more than seven ?hundred pastors are expected to be there. several groups have already gathered outside the conference to protest it. another small victory for hulk hogan... in his lawsuit against the "gawker" website. on thursday awarded hogan the "indemnification rights" of former gawker ?editor... a-j daulerio. hogan also got the editors ?stock from the web company. daulerio filed for bankruptcy protection after hogan won a lawsuit against gawker.. claiming he only has 15- hundred dollars to his name.. but he's expected back in court next week... to testify a popular sports bar in st. petersburg is ?closed this morning, after failing health inspections. "fergs" was temporarly closed yesterday, after state officials found
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nine of them are considered "high priority. and that includes finding insects, rodents, and other pests in the kitchen area. the bar was ordered to stay closed... until the violations are corrected. "fergs" opened about 25 years ago, right next door to tropicana field. it's been a popular spot for rays fans ever since. no word on how long it will take to address those violations. the bay area said goodbye last night, to a local legend: country radio host "dave mckay". family, friends and fans all came out to the mahaffey theater to celebrate his life. and as fox 13's josh cascio reports... mckay's ?impact on the community, will definitely live on -------------------------one by onea& speakers mckay storiesathey all - e shared the same themes -ave mckay loved everyone a and had a huge heart. 14;03;56 "he put himself in the cheap seats as we say it he wasn't trying to be a star he wouldn't say'm dave mckay he leaned in and talked to you," fellow radio host orlando davis - worked with mckay for more than 20 years. though their styles in music differeda&their connection was like that of family. 14;01;37 "it's been hardt's
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to have something like this happen is hard."mckay passed away pete last thursday. he was 55. known for his love of the city - he was often called the mayor of downtown st. petea&.here's the former mayor.. on mckay. 14;05;39 "he ved st. petersburg he lived here he played here he ate here he loved st pete st pete loved him back,"his impact could be felt among the crowd - turning out for thursdays event. the seats were full. 14;09;28 when you start your day every day and someone ings that much life into your day...that's gone its monumental14;07;44 everybody loved him he was such a friendlyuy he had tegrity. and hhad the kind of connection audience t other djwould envy. 14;03;40 djs try and dictate where they try and move the crowd dave was more of a person who wanted to listen to the crowd he wanted to reflect the audience.tonight it was the other way around ...hereect "dave, i love you a&
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it was a big night for bucs fans. well... until the first kioff. later this half hour in sports: the high and ?low lights, from their first preseason game. plus: a rescue in los angeles... ?hundreds of feet in the air! but this was
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making headlines around
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least 4 people are dead... after a rapid succession of explosions went off in thailand. officials say 11 blasts were detonated within a period of 18 hours. those explosions started yesterday and continued into this morning. 5 different areas were hit... including markets, police stations, a clock tower, and a beach. dozens of people were hurt. police are still searching for the people responsible... but say they have ruled out international terrorism. the blasts come nearly a year after an explosion at a bangkok shrine killed 20 people. warning citizens traveling in the country to take precautions. "macys" just announced it's closing another one ?hundred stores nationwide. the chain has already closed about 77 stores since 20-10. the company says those 100 stores make about a ?billion dollars in sales... but apparently that's not enough. the company says it's putting more focus on its ?online operations. macy's has not yet announced ?which stores are closing... but the shutdown is expected to happen
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and a dramatic scene in california... as firefighters worked to rescue a man stuck on top of a crane. this was in downtown l-a. it took precision moves by the helicopter pilot.. to get that rescue cable lowered to the injured man and to the crew securing him. the whole rescue took place ?hundreds of feet above the city.
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finally, i discovered new tide odor defense. it eliminates the yoga aroma. so i can breathe easy hummmmm. don't just mask odors. eliminate them with new tide odor defense. if it's gotta be clean, it's gotta be tide. time to talk some sports this morning... and our first ?bucs highlights of the season. tampa bay hit the field for their first pre-season game last night in philadelphia. and you could definitely tell it was their first game. right from the very first
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kickoff... kenny bell fumbles the return! gives the eagles some great field position, and just three plays and 97 seconds later, the eagles get a rushing touchdown from ryan matthews. second bucs possession... jameis winston drops back and gets hit from behind. it's a fumble... and the eagles would convert ?that into a touchdown too. eventually winston would get the bucs offense going. tosses it to russell shepard for a 26 yard touchdown. winston finishes 7 for 9 , 97 yards passing. and how bout this irony... the kicker we drafted in the ?second round... roberto aguayo from florida state... ?misses his first kick, and it's an extra point. he ?did later hit a 38 yard field goal. the bucs lose the game 17 to nine.. not that the score matters much. ?so how did dirk koetter do... in his first job as head coach?
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and to baseball... where the tampa bay rays are back in action tonight. and you can watch the game, right
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one of a series between the rays and yankees up in new york. and it's also the ?final game... for alex rodriguez. he announced his retirement a few days ago... and the team wanted to give him a few days, for a proper sendoff. chris archer gets to pitch to a-rod for his final at-bats. coverage starts tonight at 7-30, right here on fox when we come back, i'll have another check on your friday forecast. plus... from dogs... to dog-fights. a look at all the hot happenings you can check out this weekend, in
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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looking for some fun things to do this weekend? well start making a list. here's a bunch of the hot happenings going on in the bay area... for the whole family. you can cool off this weekend with your furry friend. saturday is "dog swim day" at the fossil park pool in st. petersburg. there are two sessions... one 9:30 to 11 and another from 11:30 to 1. dog's can swim and play leash-free before the pool closes for the season. dog's need proof of current vaccinations to swim. there's no swimming for humans. it's 5-dollars per dog per session... humans are free. are you feeling the need.... the need for speed? you can catch "top gun" at
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their summer classic movie series. and it's actually part of a double feature with "die hard". there will be full bar and prizes. tickets to see ?both movies... just seven dollars. and it all kicks off saturday at 7 p- m. the beach with no water... is still open in downtown tampa. you can can swim in more than a million white, plastic balls at the amalie arena. it's called "the beach tampa." the event is free... but you still have to book a time to experience it... on ticketmaster. weekend times are already filled up. but they will let extra people in. y'll just have to wait in line. the event runs through august 25th. or, you could just spend the night with this guy. rocker alice cooper is performing in clearwater
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is at ruth eckerd hall. tickets start at 48 bucks. but for about 650 dollars you can get vip tickets... along with a meet and greet. still ahead: some of the best olympians in u-s history... took center stage last night. and this morning... they have the ?hardware to prove it. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in tampa... with ways to protect your kids...
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