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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  August 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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miserable monday turns into a terrific tuesday. just change miserable monday turns into a terrific tuesday. just change how you think. doug arms is here how to fall in love with your job. >> and roommate wanted. but only if you're of a certain color. the controversy over an ad which the debate over and good monday morning hope you had a nice weekend. i'm laura moody. a lot going on this morning. let's get a quick check on the weather though. that's where we will start with lindsay. >> good morning. it is heating up outside. humid too. as we expect. the east wind bringing in some atlantic moisture. but let's look west towards the beach. where uch a mix of sun and high clouds. at least in terms of appearance. great day to hit the beach because it will be a hotter day today. low 90s down to clearwater beach
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with storm chances waiting until later today to build back west. look at this jump in temperature. we have climbed 3 degrees this hour in tampa. 84. also 84 sarasota. you've joined the pack, winter haven and sebring both in the low 80s. factor in the humidity, look at those heat index values scraping into mid 90s in spots only get hotter until it rains any rain round is 60 miles to west and not even i 95 on east coast. so while rain chances 40 to 50 percent, especially in dark develop until late day. especially going to strongest and heaviest between 3 and 8 o'clock later today. vanessa, how's the commute? >> looks a lot better now. we're starting to rid last rush hour congestion. here on 275 we're back in green within the past few moments or so. live look at the downtown interchange 275 and i-4. it is taking by way 11 minutes to get from beers to i-4 along 275. updates here, out tampa area to the damaged fire hydrant in work
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northbound lanes are now open. but we're hearing from tpd eastbound lanes will be completely blocked off for the rest of the day. make sure you're avoiding that area. all right vanessa, thank you. milwaukee remains on edge this morning following the fatal police shooting young black man. second night in row pro terse hit streets with some even throwing rocks at officers. one person was also hit by gunfire. but, there was no widespread destruction of property as there we morning. caroline shively is in milwaukee with latest from the scene. >> another night of demonstrations here in milwaukee as people protest at fatal police shooting a black man. some pro protester throw objects at police and at least one person is shot overnight. round chaos unfolding one day after seville smith's killing sparked riots and an arson in wisconsin largest city governor scott walk activating national
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those individuals trained from military standpoint but they also have law enforcement background. police say smith was killed while fleeing a traffic stop on saturday. >> authorities claim the 23-year-old was shot by a black officer when he refused to drop his gun. >> the individual was hit in the chest. and hit in the arm. >> but those demonstrating say smith didn't have to die. >> we angry. the police are supposed to serve and protect us. supposed to be here for us apology. they looked the us like we was just a disgrace, some just, some dogs. >> meantime the man's father now talking to media saying he blames himself for his son's killing. >> i just got out jail probably two months ago going back and north in scombral they see these things i'm loot apologize to my kids because this is role model they look up to. >> police say their body cam footage of the shooting but no word when that will be released.
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fox news. and remember these protests from last november they popped up all across the country on college campus stemmed from racial and discrimination allegations. force a number of president and other education leaders to step down a various schools. minority students claim that administrators did not take racial incidents on campus seriously. many groups wanted what they called safe places where minorities could gather together. that of course spark ad debate about diversity. this morning there's new roommates. jen has more on all of that >> that's right all started with an aknock with us ad for roommate. three students need ad fourth. so they took to facebook. but at the end it stated poc only. poc means people of color. and that sparked debate. it started with the another student questioning how asking for only black students to apply is not racist. at first the college june your
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want to live with white folks. the thread became huge debate over what's considered racist, safe spaces, and the feelings that are still on campus. >> it also sparked this article in this student newspaper, the picture from 50s or 60s when people of color were forced into segregation. using different water fountains bathroom and housing. with picture and a headline like that, it was sure to go national and viral. and it did. the worm defended her request to the washington post saying "when and if context it becomes clear students of color seeking a living space that is all poc is not only reasonable but can be necessary." she continued with we live in world with living circumstance of poc are grounded in racist social structures that we cannot opt out of. these conditions threaten the minds, bodies and souls of people of color both within and without at realms of higher education. we are fighting to exist.
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saying social media is not the place to have an in depth respectful discussion on race or any other passionate topic. mr. oliver continued to say this creates "more heat than light and invites extreme view points." the school prides itself on diversity and intercultural studies and understanding and accepting differences within each community is part of their mission and value statement we have right to be heard and the responsibility to thanks, jen. it's 9:06. another big day for students. this time for polk county and pasco. they are headed back to school. yeah fox 13 ken suarez is polk county's newest school. citrus ridge. good morning, ken. hey good morning we've talking all morning about this but i just want to give you quick synapsis of what's going on back here. we're talking about one the first schools in entire country that to have curriculum it does based on civics. so what makes a good citizen
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kind of stuff. we also a little while ago talked to superintendent of schools here jackie bur. she went in there doing her thing about an hour or so i want to know what's going on inside there. good morning, how are you again >> good morning. doing great. what's glog going on inside there a lot excitement kids are excited to be in schools teacher are excited. we have an excited parents to come in and see beautiful building, the kids are smiling we've had breakfast this morning. and now they are ton tours of the facility. i know i love food what was breakfast in a pizza quiche and a kids enjoyed it first day of school new school or not there's an awful lot of orientation. where's the classroom how do i get from here to there. is that what they are going through? yes they are. we're actually allowing some the siblings to walk them to classrooms if they have siblings to make sure they are at ease and they are comfortable to find their classes, and to see where art rooms are the music labs, the band rooms, that's what's happening right now. >> this is really a very big
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like an elementary or a middle school. really both. >> yes. so the capacity has got to be lot of kids lot of things going on. yes. lot of moving parts right now going on in there with that. we have our middle schools are third floor our kindergarten through second grade is on our first and 3 to 5 is on our second floor. hard enough for me on same floor i couldn't find anything. out there yelling at me i knew i was good kid. so explain ever so quickly about the program itself. the focus of this. you know it's about earlier this morning it's about teaching children that you know they want to be inclusive of everyone and know will rights and duties of everyone in this program. and so, it's about they all come together, they are not excluded they re inincluded in everything. teaching government. >> i you've busy all morning what your sense of going on in schools throughout polk county? >> you know, this morning getting everyone in getting ritual and routines down. and making sure that we start the school year off right, you know we're hearing great things at doors are open.
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our students all over polk county. we're looking for around great year. that's a good attitude. i think kids and teacher will have same good attitude especially at this mace because a lot of excitely stuff going on. jackie will be back with us at noon. you will hear mo about what going on in this school and schools all over place. happy first day of school you guys in studio and to all of tampa bay. all right. back to school. i like it. thanks, kenny. on to other news now 9:09 pinellas county school teacher is fighting for her life morning caroline sign a popular music teach person and her boyfriend were hit by a drunk driver early sunday morning. they were on park boulevard when bryce mccloud ran a red light and slammed into sign's car. mccloud refused a breathalyzer on scene police say he was obviously impaired. he's charged with two counts of dui with serious bodily injury at last check they were both still in critical condition. happening today official beginning election season. early voting opens.
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that scheduled for august 30th. various sights throughout counties. most open around 10 o'clock in morning run until 6 o'clock at night. early voting continues until sunday august the 28th. >> coming up some ways to fall in love with your job. job expert doug arms is here with how to do it. he says it's all mind over matter. and then charley is showing off pretty unique and cool company. he loves the business model. what's going on here? dust it had off. have you ever, have you ever had a pink >> i just bought some on saturday. >> did you really? i've never heard of it. granny smith, the big red ones. red delicious. red delicious. red delicious. anyway i've never had one of these i just ate one oh my god that may be best apple >> pink lady? >> pink lady apples out of washington man that is good. i don't know if its organic or what. it tasted candy cotton candy.
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good for me. i'm going to eat 20 of them. that's probably not good for me. tampa bay organics where you can get mease beautiful apples. they taste really good. they will deliver them right to your front door. we're talking about and seeing how they do what they do. loading up boxes getting ready to load up van. when we come back i will tell you about everything else you can get delivered that isn't food or it is food but not frujts and in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind?
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((russell/wipe vo)) your job. some days it's better than others. the people that your job, you know some days better than others people that
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duties with passion and excitement they love what they do it shows. so do you ever wonder how you can become one of those do you want to become one of those? doug arms our jobs expert is here. he's vice-president of kelly services. hi. good morning. what are you doing? hanging out with us? >> good to see you. good to see you. >> thanks. all right. you've got some things how do we learn to love our jobs? >> how do we get ourselves >> or seriously like your jobs. in your head. it is. because what you feel about anything that. and when you come up with negative attitude you're going to perpetuate that and it will affect other people there are technique things and things to start loving your job more. put your job in its place. you know, this is one, you got to, people that workaholics can work 24-seven. they are work working on weekends. start building resentment for their job. even in job they really like. overtime you build resentment. turning off your job walking
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take true vacation and not be connected. it really matters. absence makes heart grow fonder if you're looking forward to getting back to work that good thing i was one of those folks for long time who didn't use all of my vacation time. and, at the end of year there would be like a week. maybe week and a half two weeks left. and then i started realizing you got to take that time off. you strart blaming it on job get mad at other why he did because he did. because you ca you're allowed. you're supposed to you can turn it off and walk away. believe in what you do. >> finding meaning in what you ado. this is really big in millenials we do work place surveys we find millenials really, really concerned with having meaning in their work. working for companies and a jobs that have some greater purpose. and anyone can find greater value in the job that they do p. sometimes you got to dig a little bit deeper. you find certainly through medical field education, things like that or a little bit easier
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you know are you helping people making good decisions for people making their lives easier through your job. so looking a little deeper. in my job in employment i'm helping people with career putting food on table getting people a sense of purpose i can feel good about that. you have to find way to look at it. you do. here's next one. know that you're in control. two kinds of people, people people that are victims and in control believe world makes decisions for them people that believe they make decisions. you control your job. you choose job that you even if you feel you don't work where you work because you want to be there. >> if you're not happy, find something else. actively look for something else. you're truly not happy don't believe you're forced into a job it becomes servitude that's going to have negative, negative feeling throughout you. >> finally, fix what's broken. yeah this is just kind of a check, you're got to get your car oil, changed everything.
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off fix it. relationships that are strained in your job take, be proactive. book a lunch, book a coffee talk it out tough relationship talk it out. even you just been in rut at your job change your office surrounding clean up get through your paperwork make changes that are necessary so you can feel clean about where you are. i think lot of that has to do with relationships that you have to at work take, take initiative to really fix what's broken. you're pondering that. i am because we have few seconds left. all of this really good stuff this morning and i think about at the times in my life when i hated where i was. and you really can do something about it. you can. sometimes you feel stuck. i think that's when you feel a little bit helpless i have to be here no other choices i don't think people give themselves enough credit for how marketable they are. if don't know. unlimited experts, you know whether in employment industry are friends, that in highering capacities other companies see
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see review resume figure out how to market. you. and if you, we got to go anne marie. if you really hate it but if you've goat a manager somebody you trust go and tell them i'm really hating right now help me. ask for help. it could a roll are coaster but you don't always, that good to recognize as well. all right. take ware. hey lindsay. good morning. a lot of us maybe hating humidity at this point. it's been months. heat is back today. but at least we can plan our days because the storms are so much later this afternoon. live look over downtown tampa. just kind of looks hot. clouds whipping by. we have an east wind triggering some showers on the east coast. but as we look towards west coach buoy beach place to be east wind will delay onset of our rain this afternoon. >> want to take you to skytower radar showing some showers to our west to our east. 50 miles off shore. by about 1 o'clock may see spot shower inland.
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they are warming up 84 in sarasota. it's 82 in clearwater. good morning frost roof you're 83. factor in humidity, it feels like mid to upper 90s. it's going to get hotter because we're going to delay our rain today. to the west, remember all of those clouds from yesterday that upper low what's left of it situate west of our area we will look to east to rain chances today by the way our up there, 50 percent. but, with this pattern our storms, they quickly ride off coast plan on 50 percent rain chance 3 to 8:00 p. time frame for seeing that. 92 so a little bit more heat with more sun mixing through the clouds. our coastal storms will end by 8, 9 o'clock. then warm and clearing a bit overnight. we will rinse and repeat for tuesday. how about that 91 for high hanging that rain chance at 50 percent favoring our coastal counties. on water a long as you don't wait to get out until late day, looks to the eastern sky storms will be building. southeast winds are somewhat breezy this morning but down a bit by the afternoon. seven-day forecast shows rain
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the weekend they start near coast and shift inland at 30 percent rain chance by saturday. send it back inside to vanessa. all right lindsay, thank you. and out of davenport area crash that we're following could be cause something concerns. maybe not so much lane blockage, but, i should say delays but definitely travel concern safety concern. because we do have one lane at least blocked in northbound direction u.s. 27 north of i-4. this davenport once again where you will find this crash, traffic crash. we will county for some of you folks who missed csx work that was scheduled to work today at massachusetts. at east pine street has actually be postponed. so what we're seeing is that going to start tomorrow. and then, the kentucky avenue work that we were seeing with the closure has actually be extended. so we'll continue to avoid that area tough tonight. and of course we will keep you posted if anything changes with that project. >> all right. vanessa, thank you.
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down right disgusting. but there may be some temporary relief in sight. aaron mesmer has more now. some scientific research may be good news for us, right? >> yeah. that's right. and disgusting is really the right way to describe it. anybody has out to beach where there has red tide you can know how bad can smell cause trouble breathing a small red tide earlier off coast of tampa bay beaches but really haven't had that big a problem is this summer, it doesn't look will be an issue this fall or really even potentially next year at all. according to researcher with usf and florida fish and wildlife, conditions are such it there might not be a red tide issue because elevated nutrient levels in gulf of mexico. if that happens, that will be first time since 2010 that we haven't really had anything, any red tide to deal with. every year since this there have
9:22 am
reported hire nutrient levels in gulf, helped certain plants species survive and that keeps away the algae that can cause red tide to grow. those finding were recently published in geo physical research not only is this good news for marine life also good for businesses that rely on fishing industry. and on tourism also. and anyone who like i said been to the beach you know how bad it can sitting out here with that smell and with the trouble and rough breathing it can cause. hopefully at least forrest year potentially all of next summer too, laura. yeah because when it happens there's nothing you can do about it, you know. >> other than try to get out of the off the beach into your car. drive away. all right aaron, thank you. >> yeah. >> coming up, a nice way to have night out on the town with some good food and some good beverages. how it can help the community it's time to rock the block and charley belcher with a very special company doing very
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from a tampa bay organics in lutz. it is a home delivery service for 100 percent certified organic fruities and vegetable hillsborough and somer hernando county for now. joshes place. josh's business. we talked about all the great fruits and vegetable actually been loaded up in van right now for deliver. but you also can add other things to your box online. >> that's 100 percent correct. not only do we do organic produce we offer whole bunch other organic items such an organic olive oils added into your box. local raw honey dade city right up street from us. >> different, yeah we have an
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deorder rises the fridge. fridge buddy he swears by it. we keep in our cooler that is fresh newer coolers as well. >> well i was going to say like rock deodorant i've gotten to work for me? you know what i'm talking about? rock deodorant? >> i don't know. >> i'm not familiar with that showing his hippy, not quite that hippy dicaprio. all right. good to know. good to know. all right. we will he see you later unfinish facilities health
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welcome back... the time is 9:xx. developing this morning.. 9:dlun. developing this morning a one person was shot after a second night of violent protests in milwaukee. police people set police cars on fire. they threw rocks at officers and fired off bullets all of this comes after police officer shot and killed a black man during a traffic stop. >> a siville smith was shot killed on saturday. officers pulled him and another man over but they ran. and police say that when officers told them 23-year-old to drop his gun he did not listen. so an officer shot him. and since then protester have filled the streets near where smith was killed. 17 people have been arrested so far. four officers have been hurt. police have not identified the officer involved. they have only said that he is six-year veteran who also african american. he's been placed on leave while
9:32 am
investigates. happening today, catholic. grimes from all over world converge french town of lourdes to a celebrate fees assumption crowds began forming before dawn for series of outdoor masses. that is beautiful or what? >> feast of assumption is when catholics believe jesus mother marry ascended to heaven shrine is under extra security at recent terror attacks across europe. that is a spectacular picture. >> police continue to search for man who fatally shot a mosque leader and his friend both blank saturday. yesterday police released a sketch of the shoot area man was questioned last night but police say he is not the suspect. some of muslim community fear this could be a hate crime ad advocacy group is offer a.10 thoundz reward travel letters a jfk airport or sent running for exits. this happened last night term a and 1 were evacuated as
9:33 am
shots fired. >> port authority police they have out in found any evidence of firearms. any rounds of ammunition or shell casings after this report. traveler will notice a heavy security presence today though. but it should be business as usual. >> all morning we have telling you about the bad flooding in louisiana. 10,000 people are in shelters some just say they are lucky to be alive which they can out. a woman and her dog i know you can't see anything yet. just watch. woman and her dog rescued from it happened in baton rouge on saturday. tv crew heard woman's cries and three men pulled together to get to her and pull her out and then pull the dog out of the car. >> weather folks say more flooding is expected as overflowing rivers drain toward gulf. president obama has declared a major disaster in the state. trust us the dog does come out
9:34 am
>> in case we don't get, dog's fine. lady is fine. how crazy video. so nice community coming together. complete stranger jumping in there getting people out. >> insane amounts of rain started thursday night went through saturday really nonstop. and since then we've seen improvements. but, look all of these flood watch and warnings from the rivers that still need to crest in some spots. whap what happened that is low that was stalled overhead is combined with this front and lifting away from southern louisiana. will see additional rain but just rivers that are either cresting this morning and then continuing to drop or just rushing into the gulf of mexico. so we will monitoring this situation. really in days ahead. skytower are here locally it's quiet. we have rain to our west some spot showers east of the state. and we're going to look to our east not west for our rain today. so it really will take much the afternoon before it moves in. visible satellite showing times kind of cloudy but and expecting good deal of sun as well mixing
9:35 am
that's why now sebring you're at 86. 84 in tampa. 84 sarasota. brooksville you're not too far behind at 81. but look heat index values. not even 10:00 a.m. and until we bring in some rain, especially between 3 and 8 o'clock tonight, going to feel like triple digits. sebring take it easy. 102 is what it feels like. now the tropics, will be heating up in next couple of weeks that's for sure molts show pattern change start pattern change what we call ininvest 98 l. 30 percent chance of develop over next five days range northwest will be the track it some dry air and wind sheer in the short-term. next thing fiona. models running on for you to check out. 92 pm storms building west. that's especially lalt today. as quickly a storms move in they move out by eight action 9 o'clock. warm overnight 78. back to 50 percent rain chance on tuesday with scattered afternoon and evening storms. mornings dry on water get out early before those storms come
9:36 am
day with that breezy southeast wind. high tied 12:08. is heat is here. the patterns stays same until thursday. then we flip flop the winds so with lighter winds storms shifting inland. those bigger storms through the weekend. rain chance down to 30 percent. and we have gosh, so many first birthdays what special day for some of offer youngest viewer and cutest viewers. check out. they love watching mickey mouse club how following the kitty around house and swimming in the pool. that today. we also have amaya turning one. she loves dancing to music get a hold of toys like remote cell phones and dog toys. so sweet. we also have want to wish papp first birthday to andrew. hey andrew he lost dog dogs and watch mignon his family says he's always smiling and what smile to shine throughout day final first birthday to jade. hey sweetie a very happy baby who loves playing with her older
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she says emma. enjoy your day all. at the gun. here comes bolt. but gatlin has a big lead. can bolt catch him. usane bolt. i've seen this about 5 times. it's still remarkable every single time. fastest man on earth, folks usane bolt they are straight title in seventh olympic gold with that race. who more chances for medals 200 meter on thursday. and the 4 bye 100 relay on saturday. now track and field events are now in full swing. now that swimming has ended. the final race is in pool were held sergeant night party afterwards. but almost turned tranl imagine four four american swimmer ryan lochte and three others were on
9:38 am
frnlg french hospitality house lochte says taxi was pulled over by a men posing as police. ryan described them as having badges and guns but nothing else. they took swimmer's wallets and money. thankly they are okay. no first ioc international olympic committee denied the robbery took place. then reversed itself. but then the brazilian sports blamed swimmers because they were outside of their places of competition, and outside of the appropriate ti. athletes and families a lot of them are done competing and will start touring the famed city. there be mixed reviews ioc took chance on rewarding rio for south american city to host it now comes the question will what's happened here influence their next choice for host city. host cities for next three olympic are already set 2018th lymph olympic in south korea. 2020 is tokyo japan and 2022
9:39 am
2024 summer games, five cities in running paris rome, budapest hungary germany and loss ang is germ anne with drew its bid after public voted it down. and that's the problem. bigger more advanced cities are saying no hosing olympic that people that live there don't want to spend public money new stadiums security and things like. american olympic committee original wanted boston to boston said no. question with under developed cities like rio having big problems and bigger more stable cities saying no are we seeing the beginning of the end of the olympics. hope not. russell. hope not. >> got a problem on their hands. they really do trying to figure this out. all right. one celebrity got hitched and shouted it out. and then another has rumors swirling but she's denying saying i do.
9:40 am
celebrity drama.
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today, we can connect more.... play more... do more. and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. . over the weekend, rumor ...with power for your life. had it "adele" would be
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it an adele would be a singing in the next super bowl half time show. but l.a. concert saturday she told audience she was asked to perform and she turned them down. she said they were very kind and asked her, but half time show really isn't about the music, her words. she can't dance are sing anything like that she added i'm sorry but maybe next time. big congratulations going out to kevin hart this morning. complete unactor married long in california. >> the two exchanged vau's in front of 200 people. hart's eight-year-old son was his best man. that's cute. look at that picture. nice. wedding has be a long time coming for the couple by way they got engaged two years ago. speenging wedding a lot of folks asking is suicide squad star really married. and friends are saying yes. so robb recently dismissed some
9:44 am
boyfriend tom secretly tied the knot but according to women's day insisting within their group of friends it is well known that the two got maefrd. it even goes so far referring to them as husband and wife. now this is not first time it has been brought up rumors started last union when pair were spotted wear matching gold bonds while filming suicide squad. congrats to them if it's true. coming up rocking your socks off with great food and fun. we're talking with very special rays players coming up next first let's take look at today's
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((laura//take vo)) see a need. welcome back. you see a need, fill a need. that's what they say. >> and there is need right now in pinellas county. at wives of the tampa bay rays are getting together to fill it. one block at a time. and we have anna box burger wife of pitcher brad box burger, and wee glad to have him back. and we have ali for scythe your husband logan starting. we're so happy to have you guys. good morning.
9:48 am
they are here to talk newest venture you have this new project going on all about rock the block and we will talk about that in a minute but florida dream center and adopt a block. tell us what they do. >> so florida dream center is this great organization here. sxe really, they kind of two sides they do the reach out to human trafficking human trafficking survivors and then also another adopt a block side where they reach out to these really hard hit under served communities in pinel and it's so much more than just you know dropping off toiletries or doing lawn service or helping them out. they get to know these families. and they are helping you know, people that are dying from aids that are living under bridges. and really just getting to know the people. and understanding what their needs are. and helping them get in touch with the resources to help them rather than just here you go here is shampoo and like sending them on their way. a great organization. >> and you know, there's so many
9:49 am
that need help and love. where do you start? how do you figure out who needs help and where you begin? >> i think we were originally drawn to this just because we, you know they reach out the area that they serve, it's lealman and south st. pete. which happens to be right in the backyard of the trop. you know. and so it's something that this place has become our home. we're. and worry here so much. and you want to help out and dream center is they, they don't advertise. they don't have call center but they still manage to have over 10 volunteer that is show up every week to help clean out blocks or adopt them so to speak. so, anyone can go by and help at any point. it just was important to us since it was literally in our backyard. just grassroots effort. so anna let's talk a little bit about us bah tampa bay rays wives club, you are just as much
9:50 am
>> we try to be. >> so you are trying to pitch in and help. you've thrown, you've got this idea for this great night out on the town to try and help. >> yes. to assault and batterying about the event how we can help. we will we threw some how can we get adopt a block really on forefront of their efforts. and one off personal favorite steak houses in st. petersburg, they are offering up an incredible opportunity for us. we're going have on incidence wednesday night from 6 t incredible food and beverage. some tampa players wandering around hanging out. we've got silent auction items ranging from a weekend at the hard rock hotel, to players signing jersey as beach house for a week. all proceeds going to the adopt a block program. so anyone out there can actually attend the event. we have few tickets left. we've had huge response already. that you can visit florida dream
9:51 am
you can actually just google rock the block with the rays. r o c the block with the rays. and you'll see in an event in page and purchase tickets there or finally you can email our wonderful friend at the inn dream center and zelda. she help you get our tickets. only on wednesday so only a little bit of time left everyone that comes out their tickets, they'veing they donate all going to this program helping adopt a block boys are ba f stretch in new york what an incredible night that was on friday night with a-rod. so we're glad to have them back. we hope you all are well. tell me when you're due >> october. like a week apart. >> they were together when their husbands worked for another team so you're very good friends >> yes. and other wives i know pull together and do so much great work. we're so glad to have you and ali thanks for being with us. good luck on wednesday night. you have to see some people.
9:53 am
my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them
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. a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. ((russell//live pix)) here's another live picture of the another live picture. this is significant. this is big. >> yeah. > is it? >> yeah. what's up? >> record.- that's right. fox business network studio to
9:55 am
simonetti. hey lauren. hey are we going to do another tri-februarying at that today? we did one on thursday, dow, nasdaq s&p p all record highs for first times since 1999. it's happening right now. will it happen come close not sure oil prices up in big way above $45 now. all of these reports. we see reports time and again. but now they have a little extra credence. that saudi arabia biggest oil producer is talking with russia, and other oil producers to take su when ever you have those talks price goes up. all right. >> want to go? you take it. this will be your next guilty pleasure. it might be. sue take a whopper. you stuff it in a tortilla. you roll it up. and what do you have? >> well you would say something like that. what do you say like, i just say something you need to defib on
9:56 am
>> it is an exact you can buy it today in almost every burger king across the country. limited run. another example, of we've seen this from chip company cook companies fast food companies of trying concoction things and weird mixes to get customers in the doors. i got to tell you it works. because burger king had chicken fries hot dogs max and cheetos now this and guess what, their parent company stock up 19 percent this year. >> come on we're seeing a picture of it right tell me that doesn't look good. it looks good. you're queen of guilty pleasure too. so you always. are you talking about me. i, what do you think? both of you? i think it looks great. i think i'm trying it later today. for lunch. all right. maybe i'll try it. if you do it i'll do it. this one sneak our way over to cold stone. that's true. shooul do ice cream any ice
9:57 am
more sweet less savory. see you later. hey lindsay. we all know what we're having for lunch. radar's quiet i'll show askytower before we leave tune in a noon couple showers could developing inland. between 3 and eight a 50 percent storm chance through wednesday. and then by the weekend lower rain chances as our storms move inland. >> wee got to go in trouble. say good-bye she said just wrap.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
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