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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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((russell- school of hard knocks. overcrowding ??already. why this ??wa roim >>russell: overcrowding already. why this was not supposed to happen. plus -- >> more email trouble ahead perhaps for hillary clinton is donald trump is once again trying to shore up his own party. i'm in washington. we'll have more from the campaign trail just ahead. >>laura: and dramatic finish. did you see it? last second decision that won an olympic runner the gold medal. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. a lot ahead. first the forecast from lindsay. she's in for dave. >>lindsay: sunrise and it is a beauty this morning because we have fewer clouds but enough that we can see the sun kind of flirting with the layers. great view over downtown tampa despite the fact it's 80 degrees and extra steamy. if you're boating this morning,
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lighter east wind. with that east wind, very muggy from atlantic moisture. 78 sebring, good morning to you. i have 79 leesburg. 81 now in clearwater and 79 in sarasota. fewer clouds to start out the day but hints of some shallow low cloud cover. not lasting long. radar is quiet because every wind arrows light out of the east. sprinkles give way to midday showers well inland. 9:00, look at the heat. 84. we're going to hit 92 at 5:00 p.m. and that includes a 50% rain chance in the coastal areas. chances for rain go down by the weekend and chances for where the rain starts first switches a little bit. we'll discuss more detail coming up. right now, here's vanessa who is tracking the roads. how is it going? >>vanessa: busier for sure. we'll start out with the biggest slowdown due to a crash. this is carrying over from the last hour. manatee county, two left lanes
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direction. backups are pretty notable across the manatee river so that bridge backed up from where the crash site it all the way to u.s. 301. so please take the business 41 bridge if you have to get between palmetto and bradenton. u.s. 92, seffner area at ming owe road intersection is blocked. starting to see dreks build through the intersection. take mlk instead or williams road. to the area of u.s. 301, palm river road, lane blockage after a crash reported here. causing some southbound delays. minor to moderate in nature. northbound lane blocks. as i mentioned, southbound is the area to give yourself some extra time. >>laura: police in milwaukee remain on edge after another long night of protests. >>russell: city was marred by violence and arson beginning saturday after the fatal police shooting of an african-american man. after two days, the streets seem to have calmed down.
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neighborhood when 23-year-old silva smith was shot and killed by police. yesterday hundreds held a peaceful vigil in his memory. hours later officers in riot gear came in. smith's family is asking for calm. many don't believe it will last. >> it's not going to come. there's more issues than that. that was just a spark. it was just like a spark of something and bubbling for a long time. >>russell: six more arrests were made last night. no destruction of property. 10:00 p.m. curfew is in effect for teens and the national guard is on standby. >>laura: a popular music teacher hit by an alleged drunk driver has died. caroline sine passed away yesterday. she and her boyfriend, sean hankins, were driving home from a date early sunday morning when
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he ran a red light and smashed into the couple's car. macleod is charged with d.u.i. manslaughter and in jail. if he gets out, he will have on wear a g.p.s. monitoring device as well as a bracelet that monitors alcohol intake. family and friends will attend a funeral today for nolten. there should have been blanks in the gun instead of real bullets. nolten was 73 years old and former teacher. her funeral is open to the public. doors open at 1:00 and the service starts at 2:00. >>russell: 7:04 right now and there may be more email troubles ahead for hillary clinton. meantime, donald trump still trying to turn his numbers around as some republican leaders consider cutting him loose. doug has more.
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nervous republicans. hillary clinton, meantime, preparing for yet another email dump. hillary clinton with a boost from vice president joe biden in pennsylvania and he went after donald trump. >> this man is totally, thoroughly unqualified to be president of the united states of america. >>reporter: there may be more trouble on the clinton. state department poised to release more emails and congress may have notes from their interview. >> hillary clinton lacks the judgment, as said by bernie sanders, stability and temperament and the moral character to lead our nation. >>reporter: donald trump in ohio making his foreign policy case and blaming both president obama and hillary clinton for the rice of isis.
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his slide in the polls will endanger republican majorities in congress. >> if he's losing by four or five points, even six points, we can make up that difference. it's when he inches up toward 8%, 9%, 10% difference that you can't make up the difference in the campaign. >>reporter: speaking of polls, the commission on presidential debates put out a list of the ones they will use to determine which candidates take the stage. you need a 15 now the only third party candidate who even comes close is libertarian gary johnson. but he's not there yet so as it stands, it looks like these debates will be between hillary clinton and donald trump, assuming that trump shows up. we don't know yet if that's going to happen. >>russell: and the trump campaign is opening a new office today in orlando. it's near the pulse nightclub.
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a lot of people think it's disrespectful for him to put his campaign office so close to the nightclub but a campaign spokesperson says it's not the case. >> that never would have been our intention. we recognize that that act of radical islamic terrorism that took place there is a big issue for our community. >>russell: trump's campaign says they didn't even pick the location. it was a donation. >>laura: in polk county they have an this is at a school specifically built to handle overcrowding. ken is at davenport. we had no idea this was coming, did we? >>reporter: i can tell you the issue is overcrowding here. certainly a little bit but it is something that is kind of a growing pain. joining me is the principal of the school. tell me, the school was built for 1400.
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kids? >> right now those kids have a seat at the school. we are counting students on a daily basis. yesterday we had 1270 students show up so we are making sure everybody has a seat and then we'll see what happens from there. >>reporter: important thing is they're not turned away from the door. not immediately bussed to other schools. you have a meeting on thursday, is it? >> yes. on thursday we're going to see what the numbers look lik decisions at that point. >>reporter: and what are the possibilities? lay out the plan here. >> at that point we're going to decide, do we need to bring some portable classrooms in? do we need to see what the enrollment is at other schools and possibly send them to other schools? so some of them may be able to stay here if we can bring in some portables, if there's room at other schools and it's more convenient for parents to bring
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that. we're going to just lay out all the options. >>reporter: could portable solve the problem and let everyone stay here? everyone has been talking about the school and how cool it is. >> yes. that's right. everybody is so excited about attending citrus ridge so that might be the best option and everybody will be happy. >>reporter: when do you think it's going to be resolved? >> i think by the end of this week. or maybe middle of next week because we do something called an eight-day count. >>reporter: if they were to be you probably can't bus them to area schools because those schools are pretty much full up as well. >> well, there are some area schools and we're looking very closely at the enrollment at those schools as well to see what those student counts look like. >>reporter: and it seems to me that parents signed up on the last day of school but i want to tell you guys at home, they could have signed up at the beginning of the summer so, you
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i leave that up to you to decide. but we know that at this point, we have too many kids here. what are the options? maybe portables, maybe busing them somewhere else. we're just going to have to watch this one and see how it plays out. back to you. >>laura: thank you. sarasota county is the only district in our area where students have not gone back to school. they start next monday, the 22nd. there are about 45,000 students in sarasota county. landmark that is just not there anymore. >>laura: plus a sad story. police find a little boy trying to sell his teddy bear for food. and then what they found when they went to his house. >>lindsay: switching gears, it's a beautiful start to our tuesday. we love the east wind. mornings are just so tranquil and good visibility over lakeland this morning. fewer clouds. that means the heat, though, creeping in a little quicker today. speaking of the heat, how about
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north of the bay. we're locked into the southeast wind so the storm chances through thursday at 50%, building less in the day. by the weekend, we flip-flop the winds and timing of the storms.
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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>>lindsay: we've melted through a couple of the clouds behind downtown tampa. check this out. bright sunshine to start out the day and that means more heat. we hit 95 in tampa st breaking. and warm all the way down to the beach. as we look toward the gulf waters, a couple of clouds but no rain. dry hours to be had. warmth to be had as well. headed to sirata beach this morning, lunchtime looks good, even early afternoon but late afternoon a different story as we look towards the eastern sky for showers and storms. as of 7:00 a.m., a couple of 80s. 81 in clearwater or almost hit 80 in most locations.
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pinellas and i think by the time we head into the 9:00 hour, we're really going to notice the heat indexes specially in the coastal areas. on the east coast today, well, we've got a couple of sprinkles. guess what? east wind is back from the pattern you're seeing around the state which features clear skies this morning, hints of low clouds lifting already. as we head through the day today, skytower radar will be active, mid-afternoon into early evening favoring our coastal counties late in the day. 50% rain chance and at the beach by late afternoon or early evening. midday and early afternoon, polk county, highlands, you're going to see the 40% rain chance. let's time it out on future cast. here is 1:00 and these showers build to storms between noon and 2:00. then look how quickly they move toward the coast. here is 6:00 for the evening commute. we're not talking about a huge area of rain areawide but scattered storms will b around and then they exit by sunset.
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aain for wednesday and thursday. by friday, lighter winds mean a more active sea breeze. here is wednesday. look at that for the ride home. looks like a few more storms on the west coast. tropics, heating up. on track for another named storm the next couple of days. 70% chance of development the next five days from what we call invest 98. it's moving west now but all the computer models, or at least most of them show the west-northwest track. that means what we call a fish storm out to sea but a named possibly a hurricane. i do want to point out, noaa issued an update on the forecast last week. five named storms, two hurricanes but on track for a 30% chance of an above average season. el nino is ending our cape verde season meaning that africa is beginning. next week another potential tropical wave worth watching as well near africa. these tend to be the strongest storms.
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scattered and afternoon evening storms pushing west. 92, above the average high of 90 today. partly cloudy, warm with storms ending before sunset in most spots. 78 for the low. now wednesday morning sun, 91 for the high. i'll keep the rain chance 50, possibly 60% tomorrow so we'll have to watch the model trends. for boaters, you need to get out early. if you wait until late day, storms coming from the east. those are winds today, seas two feet. low tide, we're still kind of on it. highid throughout the next seven days we go. rain chances bumping down to 30% on sunday but that's because our storms will be shifting across the interior so the overnights will be a little extra steamy and the afternoons a little more seasonable. >>vanessa: we have sky fox checking out an earlier mentioned crash, collier, parkway, land o lakes area. i want to see what the nature of the lane blockage was and the delays. we're seeing this in the intersection more or less blocking up multiple directions.
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direction update for us. they say this is southbound where we're seeing this so not northbound as we were told before by authorities. but nevertheless, we're seeing delays both ways. you can see there's somebody in the intersection presumably a deputy directing traffic here so make sure you're being aware of that person and then giving yourself some extra time. a few extra minutes at the very least if you want to pass through this intersection any direction you're going. that's collier at hail road. updates here on the delay, still southbound on tamiami trail. we have the southbound lane blockage. alternate, business 41 which is going to be the bridge there to the west. the backups we're seeing beyond 301 at this point getting toward 17th so we can presume this will continue to grow until the crash clears out. we'll check our major roadways. looks like we're sitting in the red, bearss avenue to i-4. southbound 275, picking up a bit here along southbound 75,
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and 19 is the drive time between buckman highway and 75 c. >>russell: that is an icon coming down. an implosion in vegas. that's the riviera hotel. that brings an end to the first high rise and one of the most famous a lot of movies there. original oceans 11 with the rat pack, casino, diamonds are forever. what's going in its place? new vegas convention center. >>laura: iconic, yeah. it was falling in disrepair, though. >>russell: probably time. still. >>laura: pursuit of perfection. coming up, the american olympian who unfortunately lost her balance. >>russell: and the case of the
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on appeal. and it's all over money. what's going on, man? >>charley: "good day" to you, russell. students aren't back at usf yet but the athletes are here. we're celebrating sports. football is up first and they have hashtags. i don't know if you can read them. hashtags on the football. hash tag all in, hashtag leave no doubt. hashtag, do something. i like that. inspired already. we're talking to quarterback flowers wide receivers and that trio, they should make some noise this
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii.
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((laura- welcome back to good day tampa >>laura: welcome back. time is 7:23 and police in northern california say that someone deliberately set a destructive wildfire. >>russell: 40-year-old suspect is in jail accused of setting several recent fires, including one burning right now in the small town of lower lake.
7:24 am
busy since saturday. 200 homes nearly have been destroyed. businesses, too. more than 1,000 structures are at risk. thousands of people have had to evacuate. estimates up over 10 million for damage. this is the same area where more than a thousand homes were lost by wildfire last year. >>laura: it looks like the death toll from flooding in louisiana is up to seven now. another body was found yesterday by a volunteer patrolling in his boat. at least six rivers have and the flood warnings extend into tomorrow for many parts of the state. sretch of interstate 10 is still shut down. more than 10,000 people are staying in shelters. >>russell: new york city police arrest someone for the murders of man and his friend. detectives say they found a gun at a home plus clothes similar to the person seen on surveillance video leaving the scene.
7:25 am
a cyclist 10 minutes after the shooting in queens. victim pz just left a midday prayer service at a mosque. we still don't have a motive. >>laura: new developments in the death of 10-year-old caleb schwab. he died while riding a water slide in kansas city. new reports say that the raft was 15 pounds underweight. kansas city police are denying that. investigators think the raft may have flown off the side causing him to hit his head on a cage that ride is shut down. >>russell: mother and father under arrest after a little boy was found trying to -- listen to this -- sell his teddy bear for food in ohio. when officers arrived, the boy told them he hadn't eaten in days. so he took the 7-year-old back to the station, gave him food. when police went to the boy's home, they found this. deplorable condition. in all, five kids are living there. parents face multiple child
7:26 am
staying with a relative. meantime, a church is collecting donations for them. >>laura: and this. animal rights group peta is taking a photographer back to court over an infamous selfie featuring a monkey. this is the picture at the center of a heated legal battle. in 2011 david slater set up his camera and the monkey snapped the shot. it was brilliant. a few years later, the picture ended up tried to have it taken down but the website and peta argue it and any proceeds belong to the monkey. slater won the lawsuit but now peta is appealing the decision. the group wants to change copyright guidelines to include animals. >>russell: monkey took the picture. monkey's picture. maybe. i don't know. i don't know where this one
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i forgot about that. it's cute. it's really a gorgeous start to the day in most spots. low clouds so i'll start where it's beautiful. boating spectacular at u.s.f. marine science cam in st. pete but north of the bay, northern citrus, eastern hernando, now eastern pasco county and some locations patchy fog but for the most part, it's low cloud cover. it will be lifting out over the next hour and then these numbers are going up. the temperatures which are warm. 80 i 79 frost proof. on track for the east wind to bring in some rain this afternoon. as early as lunchtime inland. feeling like 100 plus. kicking up a 50% storm chance, building back to the beach with highs in the low 90s. is it heating on the roads? >>vanessa: definitely. we have a new crash out of manatee that's causing some delays along 75 southbound. in the area of university parkway, so far haven't heard of
7:28 am
causing some traffic slowdowns here. extra time along 75 southbound there. we're still following a crash at manatee avenue. southbound lane blockages. delays back toward 301 and beyond. we'll let you know the alternate work around here, business 41 which is going to be to the the west. that's starting to jam up southbound as well so either way you go, we'll certainly not go this way but if you take business 41, give yourself extra time. you could possibly take 75 southbound run into slowdowns getting past the university parkway area where i showed you that earlier crash. we'll get to 301 in the river view area southbound lane blocked at bloomingdale. some delays northbound and southbound and then a reminder that the railroad work is officially underway here, massachusetts east pine street, downtown lakeland, that railroad crossing will be closed around the clock. good news is kentucky should be cleared at this point. >>russell: whatever it takes to win. coming up, the olympic athlete going home with a gold medal
7:29 am
end of the race. >>laura: and then driving away with a brand new car. the search for some daring thieves doing exactly that. aaron is covering that story for us. >>reporter: we're talking about a crime dealership crime spree from coast to coast in florida and despite a half dozen arrests last week, crimes haven't stopped. we'll have the latest coming up. >>jennifer: keeping kids fit and focused on living and eating healthy, that's the goal of up to play 60. we'll find out how the program we'll find out how the program is empowering kids all
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z22rvz zy6z ((laura- welcome back to y22rvy yy6y good day tampa ba >>laura: welcome back.
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a 10:00 p.m. curfew paid off in milwaukee last night. they had less violence and fewer arrests. >>russell: there's still a lot of tension because of a mries police shooting. caroline shively is there this morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. you couldn't call last night calm but definitely a calmer scene compared to the two nights of violent protests. the sherman park neighborhood damaged amid the unrest over the week shot 23-year-old smith who authorities say was fleeing with the stolen gun. smith's sister says the two men, both african-american, went to high school together. smith's sister is among many asking for calm. hundreds held a peaceful vigil on monday. >> the faith community had responded to the mayor's office and my department and they along with various community leaders did an excellent job of seeing
7:34 am
attracted hundreds of people remain peaceful. >>reporter: officers later were brought in after arrest sparked anger. 10:00 p.m. curfew is now in effect for teens. >> a lot of parents and guardians have taken very, very seriously the curfew that went into effect tonight for those under the age of 18. >>reporter: many in the community don't think the violence is over with just yet. >> it's not going to come because there's more issues than that. it's just not -- that was just a that was just like a spark plug spark or something that's been brewing and bubbling for a long time. >>reporter: national guard remains on standby in case that violence once again picks up. back to you. >>russell: thanks. >>laura: also developing this morning, a crime ring that targets local businesses. this video shows several men breaking into an auburndale dealership. they drove away with a few cars.
7:35 am
before. good morning. >>reporter: good morning. there have been some arrests and just when you think this crime ring might be over, another dealership gets hit. and that's got to make the owners of some businesses like the dealerships behind me pretty nervous that there are some other criminals out there. so let's get back to the surveillance video. thieves smashed through the glass doors at kelly used cars in auburndale and went straight for the car keys and then drove off. the criminals got way wh vehicles. if this looks familiar to you, there's a reason. two week ago, citrus county deputies caught six men doing the exact se dealership in inverness. those suspects are believed to have hit nearly a dozen dealerships. the problem is the crimes didn't stop when those went to jail. they believe it's part of a larger crime spring. businesses alone have been hit in davenport, winter haven,
7:36 am
and that's all within the last few weeks. some vehicles have been recovered. all five in the auburndale case were found but there are still some of the vehicles out there missing and obviously there's still some suspects. so anybody with information should call police or call crime stoppers. >>laura: thank you. hillsborough county detectives are hunting for a robbery suspect. surveillance video shows him walking into the circle k on glen hollow road. it's in plant city about he appears to be talking to his cell phone and eventually takes out a gun and told the clerk to hand over the money. he drove away in a dark hatchback. if you know who he is, call crime stoppers. you may be eligible for a reward. >>russell: somebody in el paso, texas left florida with the zika virus. they were visiting an area of north miami where mosquitos have been spreading the virus. this is the first case in texas where someone got zika from
7:37 am
health officials will watch that person closely. symptoms usually go away within two weeks. here in florida, the governor is enlisting the help of commercial pest control companies to kill the mosquitos and also asking for enough money to pay for additional staff and mosquito traps. most of the areas are north of downtown miami but investigators are looking at three other locations. two in miami dade and one in palm b blood bank in sarasota county has a new weapon to fight zika. suncoast community blood bank is using technology they call the intercept blood system. it works by flushing out pathogens like zika from the blood platelets. machine will eventually help cancer and burn patients as well. >>laura: we have a serious problem with childhood obesity in this country. about 20% of our kids fall into that category.
7:38 am
community leaders are discussing ways to keep our children in shape. jennifer epstein is there. good morning, jen. >>reporter: good morning. it's a cool program called fuel up to play 60. it basically is what it sound like. they're encouraging kids across the state, all across the country to fuel up, to eat right, nutritious, healthy stuff and that way, they can fuel up and go out and be active for at least 60 minutes a day. that's what the program is and that's what this town hall is all about. we have karen with us today. karen, you're with gen youth and you put this whole program together. >> absolutely. in partnership with the dairy council of florida as well as the buccaneers are hosting the first florida town hall. >>jennifer: why tampa? why pick this location? i know why but you tell me why. >> we certainly the buccaneers as well as the farmers of florida identified they wanted
7:39 am
nutrition and physical activity of florida youth. we're in 65% of schools in florida, reaching over 700,000 kids here but we want 100% of schools. >>jennifer: we do, too. how do you empower the kids? what are you encouraging them to do as far as nutrition and fitness? >> we're all cheering on the champions in rio but here in florida today, we're bringing together around 150 leaders in schools and business to talk about how nutrition and physical activity so our florida youth are champions in the school room every day. we're doing that providing funds, resources, incentives to hlp kids, to empower kids to be change agents with their peers, in their schools and communities and giving them grants and programs online that they can get involved with. >>jennifer: this isn't just about adults telling kids what to do. you're getting insight from children as well on what kind of
7:40 am
them. >> exactly. it's about empowering the youth. it might be starting a walking club or doing a dance program, creating smoothie recipes or starting a school garden or visiting a dairy farm to figure out where the food comes from. >>jennifer: you have 65% of schools taking part already. what can a school or school district do if they hear and are interested? >> the spram free. they need to go another resource. and just go online, sign up their school, identify a program adviser and kick off the program. >>jennifer: what a great program, karen. thank you so much. good luck with the event today. as you heard, this is all about getting youth involved, to get them out and play. we are at raymond james. it's all about the buccaneers today.
7:41 am
speaking in a little bit. the event runs until noon. maybe we'll talk to him as well. we'll find out. >>laura: he may feel compelled to come over and chat for a few moments. all right, jen. see you next hour. >>jennifer: i hope so. thanks. >>laura: we'll get over to walter right now with a look at sports. >>walter: good morning. in sports this morning, the rays start a 10-game home stand with a win. still the bats are hot. they beat the padres 8-2. drew smiley only and that hit was a bomb. he was leaving the game, he left after seven innings. fifth straight start with six or more innings we'll giving up two or fewer runs. three-run homer during a five-run, eighth inning. he also stole two bats. the rays have won two straight. they play the padres again tonight. rodriguez has no desire to play baseball again this season. he plans to hang out with family
7:42 am
to rest for the marlins. they needed somebody filling the roster spot. a-rod is getting paid $7 million from the yankees for the rest of the season. another $20 million for next year. they chose to release him over the weekend with time left on his contracts. you can't win them all. biles had to settle for the bronze after stumbling on the beam competition. she was able to regain her balance and finish biles has been dominant during the olympics. three gold medals already. she still has a chance to win one more in the floor routine. this might be the most memorable moment of the olympics. american allison felix running frer the bahamas at the end of the 400 meters. look at this. here we go. two steps to go. miller dives over the finish
7:43 am
people are calling this an upset. felix was trying to win a record fifth gold medal. when you look at the rules, she did not break the rules. >>russell: you can do that. >>walter: the torso, apparently the torso of the runner has to -- whoever's torso gets over the finish line first. >>russell: however you get over it? that's interesting. >>laura: she didn't fall. she dove. the right direction. >>russell: fell the right way. >>walter: regardless, you're not first, you're last. that's all we know. >>lindsay: reminds me of nascar, the photo finish there. >>laura: if you ain't first, you're last. dave, if you're going to fall, fall forward. >>lindsay: runners outside this morning, let's see what they have to look forward to. mainly clear skies. we're cracking up this morning. i can't keep it together.
7:44 am
sprinkles on the east coast. we're mainly quiet but look at the ride home. storm is more active between 2:00 and 6:00 the time frame. 50% storm chance including lightning and storms that pop
7:45 am
7:47 am
>>lindsay: it's tuesday. it's another quiet start weatherwise. brookdale bayshore, check out the east winds and the limited clouds, warming up quickly today
7:48 am
out the day and the beach goers love the east wind. they have most of the day to enjoy. look how quiet the radar s. look how smooth the water is. we have an east wind but at times we'll bring in a moderate chop if you're boating this afternoon. skytower radar pretty quiet. a couple of sprinkles on the east coast, not amounting to much movement to the west. polk county, highlands, a couple of showers but it's afternoon and evening storms pushing towards the west coast. north of tampa bay, some up, especially northern citrus, eastern hernando and anywhere to zephyrhills, dade city a little patchy fog. this will be lifting the next hour. temperatures lifting as well. now 80 in tampa. 79 in sarasota. where you hit, 96 tied a record yesterday. melbourne feels like 92. for us feels like 85 in tampa. heat index values extreme this afternoon. take it easy. satellite and radar, quiet.
7:49 am
chances while they're at 50%, by 6:00, 7:00, the storms move along to the west. to our north and west, our stalled front. lots of flood watches and warnings from the rivers in southern louisiana but the steady rain is non existent now. it's the rain all the way up the ohio valley and this looks east so the next 24, 48 hours will feature some intense rainfall totals in some spots. for us rain chance is 50% the next three days. while rain may be locally heavy, this is storms get stuck. they move off the coast. by saturday they start near the coast with a 40% rain chance and shift inland. update in the tropics. these numbers have gone up. we expect this. 80% chance this disturbance develops the next five days. it's not headed west. it's headed west-northwest. good consensus it will not impact the u.s. but will become the next named storms. two hurricanes this season but things will be heating up in the
7:50 am
really hot the past few days. warm this evening. rain gone by sunset which is at 8:07. during the day on wednesday, sunshine in the morning, afternoon storms are popping up. 91. as they build back west, a couple may reach stronger limits tomorrow. if you're boating today, we'll call it a light to moderate chop. next seven days, boating is better this weekend and beach goers late in the day. look at the rain chance going down to 30% by monday. it's been busy. >>vanessa: definitely in the thick of it as far as congestion on the roadways. we'll see how the veterans expressway times are looking. pretty much jammed from the very start of the vets. 19 miles per hour is your average speed there. lots of red all the way past the area of waters and starts to thin out as you approach hi hills hillsborough. the good news, northbound drivers, you just picked up a minute over ideal travel times,
7:51 am
enjoy that. we'll see how the other toll roads are looking. selmon expressway westbound, about average where we typically see this time of morning. it's 14 minutes in the opposite direction with most of the westbound delays from the start in the area of 75 and then heading towards 50th, thinning out as you approach the downtown tampa area. following this crash, we showed you in the last report southbound 75, manatee county approaching university parkway, lots of red at this point, backing up to state then trickling back with moderate congestion toward 64. so that's an area to avoid if you can. meantime, still an area to avoid, tamiami trail. earlier crash working with lane blockage. southbound is jammed up badly toward 17 as well as business 41. so those are your two big alternates or two big bridges, i should say, between palmetto and bradenton. if you're thinking of maybe taking 75, possibility but just
7:52 am
near university parkway. time right now is 7:51. you're getting into the spirit, cha charley? >>charley: i am. get your horns up for this season. our bulls are ready to take the field. there he is, university of south florida quarterback, flowers out h here. a lot of pressure. wide receivers running routes for quint on and look. we even h heading out to the field. we have a game going. can i catch coming off the hands of quinton flowers?
7:53 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" de someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
7:54 am
7:55 am
>>charley: "good day." and go bulls. right, ladies? yes! we are ath south florida getting ready for fall sports and we cannot talk about fall sports without talking about our football team. i'll tell you, a lot of buzz about this team and the preseason here. flowers leading this team. you have to be excited to get out there and just to start playing some games now after the momentum coming off last season. >> yes, ready to get out there. ready to play the first game. you know, playing the first game
7:56 am
>>charley: a couple of wide receivers, went to lakewood high school. what's it like playing college ball in your backyard? >> it's great. raymond james, everybody comes to watch you play. everybody from high school coming to watch you play, it's a great feeling. >>charley: a lot of pressure, too. some guys may disappear. i'll play in other part of the country but no pressure, they're watching you every saturday. >> there's no pressure. it's just football. i do it every day. come out and play how fine. >>charley: i love the hashtags. all in, leave no doubt, do something. that's got to be coming straight from coach, right? he's an inspiring guy. >> every day he tell us to come out, leave everything on the field. you want to be out there, get off the field and you're thinking about it. just go out there, play your game and leave everything on the field. >>charley: how much does it mean
7:57 am
you like it, don't you? >> yeah. i like it a lot. >>charley: shall we do it? >> yeah. >>charley: you can hold this. what are we doing? what's the play? >> we're going to run a slint. >>charley: don't break my fingers, all right? >> i got you. go! >>charley: first the speed. look at that. >> okay. >>charley: look at that. go, bulls! fi that's a good om he n. stick around. more "good day tampa bay" right
7:59 am
8:00 am
sorry room for you! what has some parents scratching their heads this morning.. sorry students, some parents scratching there heads this morning. and a brushing your teeth with charcoal? yeah. >> why people are doing this and why you may not want to try for any number of reasons. from tab's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. i bet it tastes real good. it's 8 o'clock. i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning thanks tore waking up with us tuesday, august 16th. my mother's birthday. happy birthday phoebe. just hit me. >> hey lindsay.


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