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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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welcomed me in the fire department and welcomed me and told me everything would be okay. >> fire trucks and hundreds of first responders from pinellas county gathered to remember their lost friend. lieutenant huffman was diagnosed with colon cancer and had to leave his job before set to retire after 35 years. >> huffman is strong. he was comforting us. and our time here. >> lieutenant on the job lead to the cancer diagnose. he fought for a bill that would make sure all firefighters recovered if they got cancer. gi don't want to come to another one of these funerals for the young guys that gave l all and been around fire and to beingic chemicals and they die young with occurrence. >> reporter: days law for cancer coverage for fighters. florida does not. lieutenant tried to change that. his friends will continue his
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plate and serve our heros and families. and pete fought for that. >> for his memory and marci and all the firefighters, we need to do that. >> including his son who followed in his footsteps. >> in pinellas county fox 13 news. >> the huffman's family plan to continue the fight for benefits for firefighters. senator jack has sponsored that bill the past few years and last near made it through commitise but still did respruns it and experience it again. >> reporter: hundreding rrm the city year old woman killed when an officer fired a loaded gun at her during a training exercise. witnesses of the shooting attended. family members spoke about the role faith and forgiveness had in her life. they are investigating yet officer had a loaded weapon during that drill. >> reporter: pinellas county music teacher hit by a drunk
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caroline and her boyfriend sean were driving home from the movies early sunday morning when it happened. bryce was drunk when he sped through a red light. t-boned the couple. today he was charged with dui manslaughter bond at 150 thousand dollars. the victim's advocate for mothers against drunk driving said the crash traumatized an tire community. >> can you imagine how many people this traumatized. she was a music teach are. taught 5 schools. imagine what her students are feeling. it is indescribable the trauma it inflicts. >> bryce mc cloud as a number of arrestos his record including a dui in 2006 and not injured. >> you could call at this time dunk tank it is serious business. water training for police
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lives. fox 13 got the chance to take part in that training with the tampa police swat. can't wait to see this. >> you been it, lynna, the swat team members are loaded down with equip. if they go the the water the training could save their lives. >> if youor tactical response team in tampa, taking the plunge come with the territory. >> surrounded by bodies of water we have to know how our body will call this is the chair. they train for a chopper crash. >> being upside down that is what happens when a helecopter goes in the water. >> key is not to panic to keep your cool when you are upside down under water. >> training for the worse. >> you are actually having to operate upside down. so we want people to be comfortable. >> for a first timer comfortable, no but ready to give it a shot.
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up from down and finding the buckle that the set me free and swimming to the surface. with practice it gets easy. and that is the key to this training. so officers become very good at surviving whenn things go bad. >> thanks to the response team for keeping me safe out there. they tested equipment their lives depend on everything work right when they are called out. cynthia. >> impressive. thank a bizarre murder case unfolding on florida's east coast. a florida state university student with no criminal record stabd and killed a couple and then bit the dead man's face. 19 year old austin fatalally stabbed john and michelle steven in their garage. he found him on top of the man biting his face. a neighbor was slashed several times. >> twice here.
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the jug lar. and three small wound in the back and one large cut about the left side. >> wow. the name is in the hospital. there is no evidence that he knew the victims. police are look to whether he was on a hallucinogenic drug at the time. less than a few hours earlier or hess well he was eat withing his family in a restaurant and stormed out agitated about slow service. his parents were worried behavior they called police and the attack happened 45 minutes later. >> marine scientists hoping to solve a mystery in the gulf of mexico calling it the death zone. why marine life is dying on a normally vibrant coral reeve off the shores of texas. divers notice a patch of hazy green water. dead marine life and corals
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>> these are important not only because we consume them as we fish but we can extract medicines from them. we they are beautiful to look at they drive the diving industry. >> work with texas a & m on this study and think that the corals getting less light and more organic matter since the fresh water moved off shore. >> blasting florida with tv adds and hangup in the poles. we have new time to bring in the editor craig patrick crunching the numbers to break it down. >> a huk despairity in terms of spending on television ads you see it by watching throughout the day. a huge advantage in favor of hilary clinton. hilary and her al ice special pact supporting clinton sent this far 23 million dollars. advertising in the state of
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dollars to trump who spent over 3 million dollars. a huge disadvantage for trump, very one sided when we say trump and allis we mean his al ice the camp pain has not invest and trump is not a the attack ads can ads and his own. he says he doesn't have to he gets earned media much of that company weeks and tluchl is ramping up with plans to build a ground game in florida that is bringing more vol steers in the field offices throughout the state. there is not that much time now until november. >> the business question is the ad spending for hilary and not trump. is it making a difference in the poles. >> it is moving the numbers in hilary's favor. we have seen over the course of a week. five poles.
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we are seeing a lead based on the new numbers showing hilary leading 48-39 p.s. up nine points in that flam the possibility here that she is gaping ground from our fox13 pole over a week ago showing them separated by a point. again this is a common thread and hilary in this pole and others are doing better with democrats than trump is doing with residence. clinton is voters that spells bad news for trump but it is early. people don't key in a lot of voters until around labor day. trump has time to turn it around in the state of florida where the needle can move quickly. time is running short. >> thank you. >> more than 4,000 acres burned and the fight is not over. battle for fighters out west and who the police have under
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why staying here means so much
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii.
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proud sponsor of the american cancer society's making strides against breast cancer events. all this week we'll be bringing you stories leading up to their annual kick off. >> reporter: many ask me were the dollars raised or donateed the mesh cancer society go. tonight i will show you an example. hope lock on the usf campus was renovated thanks to money donated. a couple will tell you when it has ment to them and others
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>> make a milk shake. we will get the spoon out of the drawer. mary wolf has everything she need in the kitchen to take care of her ailing husband. >> i puree his food. >> dick is battling a second round of cancer treatment. >> you find yourself tired a lot. and find yourself out of sorts. >> now imagine commute three hours to get to and from t treatment at movet cancer center. >> megan williams is the assistant director the hope lodge. mayor and he dick's home away from home. >> provides housing and support for cancer patients and care givers going through treatment who is don't live in the area. >> reporter: next to the usf ca campus. >> vital to their treatment. >> come back to the lodge and lay down.
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because what will hit you is the a lot. >> reporter: the kitchen is supplied with everything care takeers need to take care of loved once unique needs. a library, tv's and an environment that offers information but stress relievers. like coloring with volunteers. if something guess wrong in the night. the cancer center is right next door. >> it takes a lot of the stress off of me as a before, when we were here, he had some really bad reactions. i could call right straight to the hospital. they would tell me to come over all i had to do was call the night manager. >> they built a comraderie and build each other up and celebrate the victories and hold on to each other in the harder times. it is a really special place. for me, it was wonderful.
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wonderful knowing -- i still get a little -- knowing that we were close. and knowing that all the care and -- all the help we had right here. >> reporter: holding a kickoff party to show you how to get involved and walking during the making stride against breast cancer walk in auvenlth here are date and location. in pinellas 6:00 p.m. hilsboro august 1 look for fox13'slinda and like the page. >> reporter: saying thank you with water. a woman collects thousands of bottles. she and her friends dropped off 7,000 bottles of water to the fire department. they started collecting them a few weeks ago. want to do something nice they figure a few hundred. once the community found out things took off.
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i was amazed at all the people that were donating water. the support was just amazing. >> are the same for the police department last week donated 5,000 boles of water to them. the police department challenged her to collect even more for the fire department. i think may be that is how it happened was lay down the challenge and get more. >> sure enough. >> the skies opened up above our studio. >> >> there was five minutes things going crazy. i was so busy at the top of the news cast. looking out the window and tracking the storms they are moving along. look at skytower moved off the coast. they have not been lingering. we had an east wind. storms zipping along that was the case today. let's take closer views. the lightning we had over 500
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pinellas and -- thankfully folks got off the beach they were storms rolling over hilsboro and approaching pinellas from the eve late this afternoon. huge cluster of storms and think about this was the case. yesterday at this time. you remember yesterday the line of storms from pinellas all the way dawn to manatee and in the same spot and they are moving along. left over light rain. the height of one nice thing day. i mean despite fact not fun driving in the heavy rain and the dangers of lightning it account cats like natural air conditioning and knoxes down our temperature in places 10-15 degrees. we are watching storms for ponta gorda and they are moving steadily to the west and northwest upon venice and anglewood storms are headed your way. wachula to sebring up and downus
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proof. they are moving to the west. they will move in to an air mass that has been cooled from earlier rains. these could weaken as they move to the west. >> a busy afternoon in orlando the storms drifting down by the airport and headed to disney. they are moving to the west am huge cluster of storms by cedar key. not in our viewing area. impressive storms from cedar key up 19 west and moving along. storms will diminish and back again tomorrow afternoon. and again our million wat radar is scanning the skies and looking at this vertical develop am off the coast line. we'll fly down. storms getting up here between 30 and 35,000 feet. can you tell bite development on skytower they are putting out heavy rain and lightning and
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tall as the ones near the coast am skytower scanning and showing the vertical development. we watch that for lightning and possibility of hail with the cells. wind today, are moving along. and again not much in the way of a sea breeze. there is no sea breeze the storms don't get hung up near the coast they go on their merry way and you get 20 minutes of rain and that's it. oh . 79 rain cooled in tampa. 80 in st. pete. brandon 79. these have been close for low attaches at night. what is a nice bonus to get this cool air doing the afternoon away from the rain. 85 in brooksville. 83 in dade city. 90 in sailor society a. 88 in venice. 81 in grotto. we are not showing wachula they
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week. we can run out of jokes showing you that number over time. storms move to the west. we get sun tomorrow morning and afternoon storms again. it looks like the amount of moisture in the atmosphere may decrease a bit late in the week. we may drop rain chances to 30%. beginning thursday and may be lasting in the weekend. tomorrow. rain coverage 50%. west of interstate slightly low are amounts coming in from the east and southeast. by the wait waves in the atlantic looking better on little saite. should be a tropical storm but a fish storm affecting the water and not land. tonight storms end becoming clear. do you believe to 79. temperatures holding steady. tomorrow sun early. afternoon storms and 91.
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with a high back up to 92 if you are boating wind become welch five knots light chop. low tide 8:30. 7 day shoes showers decrease in coverage in a couple of days as the mercury stays in the low 90's. >> you have a fish-nayedo in a fish storm. >> come out on tv. how about this tonight the capital in tallahassee take trees and dirt. it is not a beautification project the trees are doing damage. the roots are damaging and why it is costing so much to fix. also coming up. you will not believe this no trespassing signs at a cemetery. why faerms families are told to keep out. if they want to visit their loved ones they have to dig them
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some areas you may miss out to savings. savings. the consumer report will be z22sjz zy6z
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my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through
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you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. z22qzz zy6z time to see what's making y22qzy yy6y consumer news sorboni >> reporter: time to see what is making consumer news. start with a recall for us? >> we begin today request a recall and this is for any of
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mitsubishi are recalling 35,000 out lander sport cross overs the concern is fire. the model year 2015. improperly installed hose clamps that could lead to fluid leaks that spark a fire. dealers will reinstall free of charge. take care of that if you drive that vehicle. >> also the price of gas is headed less than 2 dollars a gallon. probably you have to have it stopping at the same gas station all the time temperature is convenient and on your way home. me, too, right. guess what that habit could cough. according to the u.s. energy administration the average vehicle travels 33 miles a day. weekly stops at the pump for most. 76% have a regular go to station. the top money wasting at the
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survie. >> it pays to shop around if you are using the stagsz you use because it is convenient or perceive it has the best prices you could be wasting moan. >> waiting to fill up can drain your wallet have you to pullover immediately no matter the cost. >> we all procrastinate. also 86% use a credit card or debit card gives carbback. i love the cards that give you points to travel and fly. >> i do that. >> all right. we got one out of 3. between the 3 of us. are we spoiling our kids? the price 2016 kid and moan survachl looked at spending habits nearly a quarter of parents they spent more than 300 dollars on a child's birthday.
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activities. with college more than 60% of kid say hay expect their paraphernalias to pay whatever school they want to attend. >> yea. found many parents will pay for college out of their rerequirement. it pointed out that few are parents are requiring kids to pay for things offering an aallowance they cover things as need leading some to question there is enough responsibility and understanding with some kids what they are buying and paying for. >> interesting. >> uh-huh. >> some of us who went to school and college lones. right. >> you go, how long would this take me. 10 years. took 10 years. >> lones, scholarships. >> appreciation for moan. >> exactly. >> [laughter]. yea. >> you are paying for it. >> ive going kids an idea of hey, you earn third degree now we will do this with it. save it or whatever. >> i agree. >> more responsibility. >> thank you.
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about a common pain reliever used by pregnant women. doctor joe explains the findings. >> fire crews making progress against a wildfire burning earth noof san francisco what was intentionally set.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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we're hearing from a good samaritan who rescued a woman after a drunk driver smashed gad samaritan rescued a woman after a car flew into a pond. valerie spoke to the driver who did not hesitate to help. >> a woman is home tonight after her car crashed in the pond. being started here at the traffic light at the trail and waterford lake town center. you see the tracks lead up to the water. >> we heard a big and we saw the lady's car the white car go off on the ditch and into the water >> it was after 2:30 this morning when investigators say 38 year old vanessa was stopped when a drunk driver pushed her into the water. troy was walking by with a friend. >> we heard her yelling. i can't swim. help, i can't swim. immediately -- you know -- i
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take out my keys and i sprint. towards the car. >> called 911 as he ran to vanessa's car. >> i moved the bumper and opened the car door and she was gust pinned in here it was at an angle. i told her. let me get her feet out first and i took hear hands and said i told her she will be okay and we'll get help. i was pulling her hansed tord me of the water. >> can't feel my legs. >> troy waited for paramedics to pull her out of the car. her friend got off work and still wearing her uniform. >> she remembers waking up. she blacked out when she went under the water. there was a gentlemen and a lady kwho tried to help her. if not for them she would have drowned. >> alexander was under the
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test. >> when they refused the test it should be mandatory not an option. >> troy is relieved vanessa is okay but he was nervous being in the water. >> i'm an ohio boy. all i here about is gators in florida. i'm looking around in the water. man, i hope i don't get bit. i was worried about that to be honest. >> can hardly blame him. good for him tha reporting. floods in louisiana are blamed for 10 deaths. death toll up to 10. louisiana governor says the flooding damaged 40,000 homes. that storm system dumping 20ins of rain in four days swelling rivers and creeks. waters baton rouge are starting to go down now they're rise nothing other areas as the water moves down stream in the mississippi and other rivers off the gulf.
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gi want everyone to understand we are still very much in an emergency search and rescue response mode. for much of the florida perishes. >> saving life is the most important priority we have. >> fema saying the state of emergency is not over, yet. churches and concert halls and public buildings are opening to take in flood victim who is have nowhere to go. >> a man arrest in the new york for the day time murders of an irk map they arrested oscar on sunday. charged with second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. police upgraded the charges after finding a gun in his home and clothes similar to those worn by the gunman in a surveillance picture. investigators are trying to figure out the motive. police say despite 10 arrests over night things are calming. no shots were fired last night. different than saturday and sunday.
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hurt. vehicles damages and no businesses were damages. unrest started when an officer faelthsally shot smith who ran from a traffic spot. smith and the officer went to high school together. >> crews work to put out a wildfire in northern california. burned seven square miles 100 miles north of san frap. we are learning about the man who may have started it. they think he might be behind other >> crews in lake county working hard to get a handle on the clayon fire burned through more than 4,000 acres. destroying 175 structures and leaving thousands homeless in lower lake. >> crews reported progress over night but this fire is active and unpredictable. >> we have a lot of risks that the fire could throw more embers down on hopes and the roofs and
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>> reporter: investigation continues to the suspected arsonist. dam damon arrested yesterday and now charged with at least 17 counts of arson. investigators say there could be ore charges to come. >> a tragic day when we identified any individual who intentionally starts a fire. and a fire like this that was devastating your community. >> further south another wildfire the chimney fire burned 6,000 acres structures and damaging 20 others. now returning to homes to assess the damage and help their neighbors. >> heart goes tout to people wo lost homes and memories. things can be replaced but life can't. >> reporter: in low are lake the town under evacuation orders and still unclear when tell be save for people to be allowed come in and see what is left of their property.
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>> up next a new warning for pregnant women the common
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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>> reporter: till not is the safest drugs for pregnant women of half all expectant mothers take temperature a study is raiseings questions about a link the drug may have to behavioral condition in children. doctor joe was look what did they find. >> this was almost 8,000 pregnant women followed them over time. babies born in the 90s. and what they did was ask them
5:39 pm
ever taken aseed min felony. they waited and then when the children were around 6 and a half and seven they looked at their behavior am those who were exposed to tylenol around the 18 week period they saw conduct problems and hyper activity and 32 weeks were more problems like emotional symptoms. contact hyper activity and total difficulty. there those who were a little later in their pregnancy. what the retasearchers think, w can't prove it, they think it may do is disrupt the hormones in the body lie the thyroid or could have a stress on the development of the developing baby brains. >> are there say alternatives? before we leap to this conclusion.
5:40 pm
points to the hyper acttivity link. however. they couldn't judge how much the moms took they could not look for a dose response in this study and again more things will have to be done to look for other explanations for the behavioral problems and look for a concrete mechanism of action. she also really warnd that things like fever and chronic pain and pregnant women lead to premature labor she is not saying stop taking it i think tell give people pause in our pregnancy we want to be safe and you don't want to over take anything you don't need. >> take it when you really need temperature change over to zika news. texas reporting a domestic travel related case. first of its kind. what do we know do you expect to see more like it. >> this one not good.
5:41 pm
that area in miami where there is active zika transmission and he went home. develops symptons and tested and positive for zika at this point they don't think it spread to others he did acquire it while visiting that area in miami. we look at hour texas in general they say they have got 108 total cases travel related. we have all right 30 locally palm beach county area. florida is leading the way and we have to be careful. wear repellant and stay indoors and ac. >> it is not going away. >> scott, what do you got going. >> traying camp, buks and jags prepare for joint practices starting tomorrow. things may get chippy what cut are thinks about that next. everyone is talking about the
5:42 pm
the dive across the finish line. wait until you see how in incredible finish impacted the race post game interview with kevin bass. i will show you in david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son,
5:43 pm
when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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>> reporter: weather geek i find this interesting. edward in accept not a security camera pointed the driveway. look at the lightning bolts reflecting off the roof of the car. is that cool? i find that interesting. it is a weather geek thing. look at that. that is on my facebook if you want to see it. huge light show in pinellas. now the storms are moving away. people are buzzing about the this one looks like the boat is on fire, doesn't it. >> does that look like the boat is on fire. >> think that is two for two. >> >> from ellen, both of those photos on my facebook. i get the best viewers. whole community on facebook with pictures is incredible and every day there is something to show.
5:46 pm
the heavy rain that soaked pinellas moving away. as we predicted last night. a good east wind. storms are moving along and for most places they are done. a couple of exceptions. show you radar to the south. here is the cluster of storms that was overnight tv station. we were rocking and rolling a few hours ago now the storms are moving away a lot of lightning they should be gone in the half-hour to 45 minutes they are impacting north port and anglewood putting out heavy rain and lightning. could sneak into venice. frost proof has a thunderstorm. moving right along to the west and northwest. if you are watching in forecast proof and sebring. small storm that will last a half-hour and the storms near
5:47 pm
huge thunderstorms with the sebreeze. hernandez not much going on. the wind today -- moving along so no sea breeze with the storms to get caught and develop along the coast. we can get heavy rain without the day time heating they don'tling are for more than half an hour to 45 minutes if that. >> cool because 79 in tamp sa and 90 in sara societyasm 93 ponta gorda. that will be cooling because of rain. lake land is 79. there may be a slight decrease in tropical moisture in a day or 2. there will be storms tomorrow afternoon. they will move along again. computer model are dropping the amount water a little bit. thursday and friday, i will go down a 30% rain chance.
5:48 pm
decrease in thunderstorm coverage. 50% tomorrow. west of 75. tropical moisture that pounded louisiana is now moving to texas. slightly dryer over us will lead to slightly lower thunderstorm coverage into the weekend. and some point tonight or tomorrow this will be tropical storm fiona again a named storm but only a concern is if boating between the united states and africa. because i don't think it will impact land any time soonful tonight the rain is done in most spots not every place. becoming clear down to 80. mix of sun and clouds afternoon storms up to 91 and that trend conditions on thursday. 30% chance of storms and 92. and here is your seven day forecast. afternoon storms 30% kohn
5:49 pm
of rain means more meat heat as heise top off in the low 90's. let's get ready for the next game, >> coming up on saturday the travel day for the buks up to jacksonville for joint practice leading up to the second preseason game. wednesday and third degree's practices are filled up. fans not registered for the tickets not attend the practice in case you were thinking about head up that way. buks heldoi past. 2012 and 2013 against new england. practice serve as a break. give a team to size up. tempers known to flair up between teams practicing together. jaggy head coach want to avoid. >> main thing we are on the same page and the coaching staff for both team usa know what the ground rules are and enforce the rules that is the main thing.
5:50 pm
are used to seeing here and two practices going on at same time of our offense against their defense and put on the other field. similar drills and similar number of reps and you know like we do in a regular week. >> the rays is on pace for a career year and last night hit a homerun that won a distance. 440 seat in the win against padres one of brings the team total 154. which already was more home runs than seven other teams in the past and 45 gapes to play. on pace for 213. really is amazing considering they never reached 200 in a season. game two against the padres tonight. the rays former ray edwin jackson for the pause.
5:51 pm
sailing. the netherlands won the gold. simone biles won gold in floor. ties her for the most gold by a female oshg olympian. which she shares with american sprint are allison footwork elix looking for career gold 5 am the loss to the photo finish she was in lane 4 but a driving mill are from the bahamas in lane be seven diving a line beating her by seven felonith of a second. most decorate the female oshg olympian of all time. kevin cash holding a post game press conference. and listen as players in the adjoining club house getting excited >> it was a ball game. their guy -- it started like we
5:52 pm
>> tries the pitch count they sound excite in the there. shut up! [laughter]. >> good. >> [laughter]. >> yea. so the club house is next door and that -- i was. >> i'm sure they were. >> so, raises the question what was it like to wake up after a loss like
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
the dow dropped 84 points. the nasdaq slipped 34 points. >> reporter: dow dropped and the sx punish down 12. how do you recover from a loss like the one allison had last night. access hollywood caught up with her in rio. >> reporter: it was an emotional night for sprint are allison felix the thrill of victory become the most decor star ever. the agony of defeat after she took the silv are not gold. it was a legal rule and spoke to allison this morning about the dive. >> what is with the diving. we talked about this. allison may be you should -- this is a new thing. >> i gotta get it together. >>you were gracious after. >> it is always difficult dealing with defeat. gotta pick up the pieces.
5:56 pm
may be over. amber's dismissing the restraining should. asking the course to dismiss the case with prejudice if granted she can't refile temperature the couple is work out a private divorce settle and want a report saying dep p could pay her 7 million dollars. >> not sure about that. >> you can watch access hollywood on fox13. >> and fox136:00 >> reporter: rescue of five children. they were taken out after home and these 2 are behind embarrass now. coming up at 6:00 what investigators found when they went in the house. >> two men arrested after a traffic stop. what they were doing last night that worried police. >> reporter: you will meet a deli clerk who goes out of her way to help people. and to give back.
5:57 pm
news. in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car
5:58 pm
so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. z236az zy6z y236ay yy6y to get home" a tragic
5:59 pm
is facing more serious charges. runs:05"hoping, fingers crossed and everything, that he will attend, you know, this school." parents in a panic... how a brand new school is already pushing the limits. runs:"when the two firms got together they came back and said you need to close how awe new school pushing the limes. >> 2 firms came back and said you need to close the garage. >> a situation with the parking garage, wait until you hear the price tag t >> reporter: welcome i'm mark wilson. >> reporter: i'm kelly.
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this home were again there were 5 children living here according to tpd - ranging in age from 8 to 17. listen to the conditions they were inathis coming from the tampa police department. there were roaches, rats, and insects insidea&.there was no electricity to the homea.and apparently they had to use buckets to go to the bathroom. there was spoiled fooda&holes in the kids rooms..and mold just about everywherea. ??hard to believe anyone - let alone 7 people could live like that. ?? ((josh))both colon and boone are in jail a& bond set at around 15 grand each. we're live in tampa josh cascio fox 13 news >> the home has been condemned no one can live in it again. five children were living here according to the tampa police department range nothing age listen to the conditions they were in. again. this come from the tampa police department. there were ropes. there were rats and insects. no electric ity to the home and apparently they had to use buckets to go to the bathroom. there was spoiled food. holes in the room and mold about every where. hard to believe everyone let along 7 people could live like that two adults were placed


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