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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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good evening and welcome. i'm kelly ring. i'm mark wilson. it is a wild chase and much caught on camera by the sheriff's represent. the call started as a wrong way driver. the chase turned into an attempted carjacking. josh cascio is on top of this for us. give us the play by the first thing what a chase and think about it. there were lives put at risk. keep in mind the middle of the day. he was going the wrong way. we know how dangerous the drivers have been. now later in the video he takes off from deputies trying to get away. he is hitting high spieds and he
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killed someone or killed himself. at the goes into a gas station to get another shirt. as he is out in the middle of 60 he is trying to carjack vehicles. he hopes into a maroon truck they take a he has a story to sell. and he ripped my shirt. that's when he kind of come up there trying to get around my neck and stuff. and that's he just took hit him
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truck. >> this is the suspect. notice the eye. that is getting hit. and a crazy chase for the deputies with mr. johnson on the ground in cuffs. why was he running? we asked the deputies, they don't know he is not . a lightning bolt a bang and the house was shaking. it destroyed their 6000 square foot mansion. i'm sure the family is shaken up. , they're all safe they have
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they can salvage. you realize how lucky they are. look that the. that is a hole and in the roof. they believe it is a loss. and a mother and were inside. and they felt the house shake. they didn't know they took a direct hit but they heard crackling and they are filled with later we're told the roof exploded. the father was ion his way back from orlando and got the call. i knew they were okay. grab anything weuse. needed to get out. >> and as i mentioned they went
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could salvage. they saved some photoings everything else is gone. and the family is getting some help from members. the next step is to talk to the insurance company. they were helpful after a flood. they hope that the around goes s that one did. >> they are safe bottom line. i know they are shaken up, they have good support from the neighbors. thank you for that. >> and big break in a burglary spree. they were breaking into several homes in the middle of the day. they found the suspects. and we have more on the investigation. they around the clock on this, they did. the police say this was a top priority case for them they
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an was pretty good, pictures. too. >> you see him calmly walk to the house with a radio. black rubber gloves a gray sweat suit and black rubber shoes. yet five months and 25 home burglaries later no leads. no arrests. >> i want the neighborhoods to take care of each other and watching out. you see something suspicious >> victims like lost valuables and even more importantly his sense of -- accepts of security. >> as the door opened i could see the hallway was ransacked. clothes everywhere. >> the robbers were bold, doing their dirty work in broad daylight. one tripped up said use of the t card was the reaction who we were looking for. when we had the store they had video and identified the subjects who is an employee of the store.
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three. they did not recognize them because they're not from here. they live in south florida which is where they were arrested. and luck had no part in this. it took a team of detectives working long hours to crackhe t case. >> this has been a very long drawn out extensive labor intensive investigation. i want to thank all of the detectives that are behind me dhey did the har >> the video the appears in court on a string of charges. >> the suspects stole about 100,000 doll dollars worth of jewelry and items. they hope to have them back to the victims soon. back to you. >> thank you. >> and a teen who was here on vacation is charged with stabbing his mom and younger brother. melissa ramgrin called for help after 9:00.
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stabbed her and her brother. and he said the family family and friends was having fun but something happened. >> i'm not sure how it transpired. something happened that led to the stabbing. the 16-year-old is being charged with attempted second degree murder. the mother and 14-year-old son are in the hospital but they will make it. they're in stable condition. and they are expected to be okay. four people are in jail as cart of a retail crime bust with walmart. deputies are looking for the three other people in connection with the crimes. investigators say the men and women hit walmart stores across
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priced items in cheaper packaging. and over a 2 year period. you know who pays for that. not walmart. do you as the consumer. as the hard working person who goes and takes care of the family and lives the right life but they have to up the >> call crime stoppers if you know the other three people. they are facing racketeering. they will face 30 years in prison. a nursing home is in danger of closing its doors but the resintan to save it a handful of employees of the university of village nursing center drove to tallahassee. they were hoping to meet with the agency for health care administration today. they ordered the facility to close down and shut
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center cannot pay its bills. we arwred to. when they don't come to work and what is going on. i'm staying in the fight. >> we're waiting to hear what happened in at the meeting, we think that was this afternoon. if the state pushes back their deadline they are not out of the woods the center has to find owners and a new family company to take over the property and pay the bills. next, what a new exhibit is hoping to teach you about corral reef. >> paul? mark, a busy afternoon tracking storms, they start earlier today and right now they're pinned along the coast. on the coast in citrus. all the way into lee county to the south. a line of storms they should be ending soon. we'll talk about that and a
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? man: ?the ties are made in china."
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coral reefs are some of the most important ecosystems corral reefs are some of the most important eco systems in the world. the existence is being threatened. >> it is and mike bennett has a look at the aquarium that hopes to educate people on the threats and lead people to make changes,
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inspired by the beauty under the water. >> the third largest corral reef sits south of the aquarium and is critical to tourism in the keys. >> they are one of the most imprtant environments in the world. that's where the fish and invertebrates are. they grow up and. >> with the they are threatened. it corral will go ahead and leave the corral. >> they hope that the exhibits will teach the public how important they are and why we need to work to restore them. >> that is a great exhibit that women showcase what it looks like. >> it involved mad science. it has been effective. growing it in the laboratory and transplanting it back into the
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rate. that's not all, replanting some of the corral found here into the keys, some of the species are more resistant to the warming sea surface temperatures and may hold the key to the survival around the world. and they hobe that's the case. mike bennett from we hope so. >> very important to all of us. >> if you go to the keys and get a cans to -- chance to see a reef, that's the word. we see the beautiful pictures what it is supposed to look like. it is overrun. how weekly can you destroy the planet and happen like that. >> knowledge we need to know. we want what is best.
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>> ongoing now. and every day is different we harp on that and today storms develop earlier in the day that means they end earlier in the evening. it has been the summer of shelf clouds. over the bay an hour ago in sarasota for the the second day in a row getting hit hard with rain and lightning. we appreciate that photo. sarasota bay and they had bands coming in from the east. and south there is not much. and now approaching indian rocks beach and this is over the skyway. this is 20 minutes ago.
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say we'll wait. now on anna maria. >> and a. you talk about collapsing. that's that. and this is pac and and we zoom in. and. and raining and the location. the storm is moving off.
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and the rain are heaviest. and the east wind. and a pattern shift. and inland and during the afternoon. and the sea meeting the sea breeze. and. >> and that's the summertime in most cases. and they were 97 for a high
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inland. and overall the rain coverage is not going to be high through the weekend. it is because of the access. and and you can forecast it. and they are turning because of the west and the southwest. the storms that pop up are drifting inland and the pattern on the west coast during the afternoon. that's the set up. this is low pressure or wave out
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fiona. and this is moving across the will be moving west and could. and watching that as it should. mostly moon lit with a 78. the storms will be drifting inland a high up coverage. a few storms. and high up near 90. the 7 day forecast and lows. scott is up in jacksonville tracking the bucs. what have you got? >> another good day at practice a familiar face here we caught up with. a long time defensive
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jags. we'll share that and a chippy day out here on the fields. we had our first fight here.
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jacksonville. two good days of practice here now in the books. dirk koetter is pleased with the team and the performance out here saying they looked a bit sluggish. they have done a good job of keeping it clean. we had the first fight of joint training camp today. at thisit involved donte fowler. and fowler was told to get out of practice. they kicked him off this was towards the end of practice. we do not get video there was enough it made sense this would happen. it ramped up the intensity on the pass rush drills with the offensive linemen which is to be
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when we came there was no fighting. we don't really fight. that's the other teams. we hit. they did a good job. >> that's football. a little >> it was a good view. >> are awe smack talker? >> absolutely not. >> that's a positive thing. >> he is a nice guy, one of the guys we enjoyed catching up with is monty kippen. he is with the jags.
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and he is in the defensive role working under gus bradley. what goes around comes around. he was the defensive coordinator as bradley was the linebacker coach back about the bucs for a few years. he tried a year of retirement he thought you know how many walks on the beach can a guy take. he missed it. and he reminisced about 1996 coming to training camp under tony the team toughness. , we got a lot of work done. we got on the about us with tony 1996. drove the car. a different field. get up early. and be a football player whatever. and the head couch i saw him
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it is all good. i'm a jaguar now. >> i'm fired up. >> season certainly fired up. florida has their final scrimmage of the pre-season coming up tomorrow. he named his starting quarterback. he and they were fighting it out. and the third college having been alabama, in the state. >> we're going. >> that is stopping practice early and telling his team
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the team how cool is that, you know teams would like to have maybe like more two adays like this you end on the beach. >> the bulls the first game in two weeks. and at raymond james. that will work wonders in the retruthing trail. sometimes we practice we go to the beach. you may get kids to sign up for that. practice is here in jacksonville. and saturday the second pre-season game. >> all right thank you. see you soon. straight ahead here at 6:30 >> two swimmers indicted for lying about being robbed. you heard about this. police have a press conference on what happened to four american swimmers. there is video out there. from the gas station. where it happened.
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y236ay yy6y they went to the station the bathroom and on purpose one or more than one of them we're investigating started to commit acts of vandalism in the bathroom. a very different account coming from police in rio.
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lochte and james fegan have been indicted for reporting a false crime. ryan lochte said he and three others were robbed. he has backed off the original story of a gun being pointed at his head but he said they were just pointed in his direction. but as we report tonight the police have a different version of what happened. >> several members of the swim teamre questions arise surrounding their claims of being robbed in rio during the games. police are investigating the incident but confirm the robbery told by the athlets did not happen. they were with fellow swimmers. it was sunday morning and they said they were robbed in a taxi as they returned from a party. it occurred several hours after
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drunk and damaged the bathroom. security called the police. they became aggressive. and two swimmers were heading home when the authorities pulled them from the plane on wednesday. >> they will cooperate with the police. >> due to privacy we cannot refer to. >> three of the four here in brazil being questioned. ryan lochte left before the judge gave an order to seize his passport n rio. >> the charge of reporting a false crime carries at the most a six month jail sentence or at least a fine. even though they have an army of firefighters there getting a handle on the blue cut fire it has been no easy task. it has burned through more than
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spread overnight. it is one out of several out of control. >> more than 1000 firefighters are working hard to get the fire under control. it burned more than 31,000 acres and forcing evacuations. the fire ripping through the canyons fueled by high winds, heat and dry conditions. >> the fifth year which has dropped. and extreme levels. and probably the probability of ignition very high. >> depending on the winds, air operations are conditioning -- continues as they called 83,000 people from homes in the area. people are now wondering when they will return and what they will be going home to.
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leave. we have been on stand by, it is scary. >> and in northern california near the wine country they are gaining ground on another fire. the clayton fire has burned more than 6 square miles. they have it 5 contained but it destroyed 300 structures and 175 homes. >> i want to see it there. >> and i have no ide >> the temperatures are dropped a bit the conditions are very difficult for the fire fighting a warning in effect through tonight and possibly spread into the weekend. in california, adam housely. >> the flood waters may be receding but people need help in louisiana. the death toll is pickin up with 13 people now confirmed dead.
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and facing the biggest housing crisis since katrina. >> i have over 100 volunteers on the ground from all 50 states. louisiana is an incredible state. people were coming in and asking if they can help. we have a lot of is a massive operation. >> homeland security secretary of secretary toured areas and thousands have registered with for aid. it is busy and parsing every world that donald trump said in the last 30 minutes crow it not worry about what the clintons have been up to in 30 years. >> and mike pence is kept up the
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today. and rival hillary clinton met with top law enforcement leaders in new york. and lauren blanchard has more on the meeting. >> supporting our police officers and improving police going hand in hand. >> hillary clinton meeting today with law enforcement officials at a round table in new york city. a meet something not a response to trump's effort to paint them as anti-police as he brands candidate. >> everyone is safer when there is respect for the low. >> hillary clinton is letting trump be trump and focusing on expanding clinton's lead. across the board, polls show that the nominee is ahead of trump by 6 points. that goes for polls in battleground states.
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the campaign that is something experts say the trump campaign should be concerned about. >> can you not find a poll of any repute that does not say that donald trump is trailing. if that's not what is true that's what romney said as well. >> donald trump is pumping millions into an ad blitz. and what we can expect, craig, what do you make of this. >> it is an indication of more investing $5 million in ads in the states of florida, north carolina, ohio, and with this it is an indication that they will be bearing down on those states. pennsylvania, north carolina. nis will be to redirect the message that ne gingrich said three things went wrong, the democrats had a good convention.
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errors. he left $75 million worth of attack ads from the camp unanswered. now that is changing. look for the ads to hit the airwaves tomorrow morning. >> they have not done much here in terms of buying ads. what will the first ad move the needle. >> not much at all. >> the trump camp knows it. 5 million in a state of 19 million. not all is going through but three other states. >> this is the start. what extent will they try to project him as cool and calm and measured to answer the criticism that hillary clinton is hammering him with day after day. that will not move the needle
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indicator of how he will respond and if he exit as sustained campaign over 82 days. what about tonight. 11:30 what have you got. >> state spending and the national race a look at 75 million-dollars spent on deals. we'll take a look at the international race at the battle in florida. how it is playing off. , we'll see you then. >> thank you. former football star darren sharp ser sentenced to 18 years in prison. the former safety was charged with drugging and raping as many as 16 women in four states.
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the charges. prosecutors suggested a nine-year term but the judge ruled that was too lenient. he ended a 14 year career. he was a television analyst and women started telling similars of blocking -- blacking out drunking with him and finding they had been sem allly abused. the chicago superintendent will recommend officers in the shooting of laquan macdonald. he was shot 16 times by the police officer. the officer is phrasing first -he pleaded not guilty. seven others at the scene that night will be likely fired. the recommendation must be finalized by the police board. the end of
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uni vision. it will be shut down next week. it filed bankruptcy after hulk hogan won theudgment several months ago. and the company has other blogs apart from the namesake and jezebel, focused on women. and gizmoto and dead spin. they will remain open though. still ahead
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getting a stream of lava flows into the ocean. check this out. and and look at that. it isic maaing its way to the sea cliffs and down a 200-foot fall to the shoreline below. >> you can feel the heat. i don't know it is like welding it is very special feeling t is super different. and than what i have done before. >> it has been erupting since 1983 but the last time lava reached the ocean was 2013. the longest aircraft takes flight in england t is a hybrid of a blimp, helicopter and plane. for the first time the aircraft
6:45 pm
england. it is the aircraft is filled with helium. that is sweet of you but i'm an ice cream kind of girl. who does not like pie? >> it is a look at the first date of a famous couple.
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(kelly osteoporosis and low bone density affects more than 40 million adults in the u-s. os osteoporosis affects americans and why it puts them at risk for early death. and an exercise program that is new to the area and build that's coming up at 10:00. stocks rise near an all time high. and s&p up 4. this is the summer associate from harvard law. he invited me to a community event. >> what is his name? >> barack obama. >> what? >> the first couple's first date
6:49 pm
first day of the obamas. south side with you produced by someone that you may have heard of. john legend. it tells of a single day in 1989 the first day that a student spent with his advisor. she was a second year associate with the corporate law firm. and he believes it is a date. she thinks she is spending the day with a colleague. take aoo >> you seem like a sweet guy. how many times do i have to tell you we're not going out together. >> well, michelle, thank you for saying that, you seem sweet but i have to correct you, we are out and we are together. >> not on a date. this is not a date. >> the rest of the day exhibits at the art institute, a picnic lunch and a movie. the rest is history.
6:50 pm
comes out next week. >> interesting. >> i want to see that. >> i want to hear that story. >> and they did a great job. paul, take us away a rocky night you think? >> earlier today. the storms are underway around 4:00 and they are winding down. big lightning show, frequent lightning along the beaches. let's look. west and can you look. that's all heavy rain which is slowly moving away f we stayed here we probably will see a lightning bolt or two. that may take a while. there is heavy rain and it is moving away. this is a cluster of storms that for a time was lined up and down the coast. this batch held together.
6:51 pm
minutes. it will be off the coast. indian rocks and curves down. it is moving to the west northwest and over bradenton t is just about over now. it has been active. and it is pretty much finished. one one nice thing about the rain, you know, highs in the 90s and now in the natural and free air condition something a good thing. west of venice and storms to the west. down by lee county. this is impressive. this is lined up along 19. into levee county. west northwest. crystal river. and this is going to be moving
6:52 pm
this is a strong line of storms. gusty winds. heavy rn.lig. hail. inside the view 104 lightning strikes in the past 20 minutes. take it easy so the line moves off the coast. that will be that. the high 92 big ones. 76. and 39.66 for the year. almost guaranteeing it will be storms now moving off the west coast. tomorrow will start a transition as high pressure starts to shift south and get into a west wind. a stronger sea breeze and it means during the afternoons instead of off the west coast they start migrating east coast in the afternoon. right now not bad. 70s and 80s.
6:53 pm
rain near the coast. lots of cooling with the rain. storms die down. and then tomorrow the winds are light and the overall rain coverage is not break great. it will favor inland areas. 40% inland and 30% near the coast. and the west winds. they mean that you don't see a lot of rain. the best chance is points east. here is a wave here. and that is heading to the open atlantic. this wave, many models will crank this up and move it. this is the one we have to watch. fiona not much. near the coast. and a movement. good looking and 78. sun and clouds tomorrow with storms driftings 92.
6:54 pm
it will be from the west. the 7-day forecast. kind of stuck at 30%. and near 90. the sky tower app for the storms near in florida, it used to oour four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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could the next michael could 9 next -- could the next michael phelps be in a pool near you. one club fever. they're what's right with tampa bay. ?[music] ? 825, 30. at 50. another day of hard work at the greater tampa swimming association. the club start in 1956 to get kids swimming, we want them to enjoy swimming, be safe. some kids will be more competitive.
6:57 pm
recreationally. >> there are more than 170 swimmer, 5 to 18 that swim for the club. and ela marlow set the record last year in the 50 fly. >> that would be cool to go to the olympics. that's my life goal. >> a goal that morgan has. she has the fastest time for teens in the 200-meter >> very never been first. i got second or third. that's exciting. >> swimmers learned life stills. >> they have to be good at managing their work. and you know being here at practice and being disciplined. and those things go on into life when they get jobs. ready, go. >> it does all about physical fit nets, too. that's important keeping busy, and competing. >> and competing.
6:58 pm
not competitive you will not survive. >> that's true. >> good for them. >> we keep on going,.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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lights. access. rio. here they are now in the taxi and what you're going to see is, it looks like it's stunning. >> you heard ryan lochte's rio robbery story. has it completely fallen apart? i'm natalie morales. frame we frame, we camera. >> put up his hands again. >> you guys are like a comedy group. >> liam hemsworth. >> give these girls their own reality show. i'm kit hoover asking the questions the final five have definitely not heard before. >> you owe me for making fun of me so much. >> huh-uh, grandma! >> they're watching the last


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