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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  August 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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off the highway... the
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right now at ten... family and friends remember a beloved local music teacher, killed by a suspected drunk driver. " he was like a little snail or a snake sliding his body out the window" manatee county deti slipped out of their custody while in the back of a patrol car. a pizza delivery driver.. abducted at gunpoint and put in the trunk.. hear how she managed to escape. ((lloyd)) good evening, i'm lloyd sowers. ((haley)) and i'm haley hinds. thanks for being with us. ((haley vo )) a tribute to a teacher whose music and guidance improved so many
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caroline sine died from injuries after an accused drunk driver hit the car she was in with her boyfriend. the crash happened last weekend.sine's memorial service was today. ((haley )) fox 13's evan lambert joins us in the studio. evan you spoke to some friends outside that service? ((evan mp))it was clear that caroline sine was loved by many.hundreds packed the pinellas park performing arts center to say their final goodbyes--to a woman that will
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((evan mp))a friend tells us sine's boyrfriend sean hankins is still in the hospital--
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manatee county deputies are searching for a man who managed to climb out of a police car and run away ... barefoot and handcuffed! fox 13's kellie cowan spoke to neighbors who witnessed it all ... they say they couldn't believe what
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we've been checking with manatee county deputies all day - so far.. they have not caught canchola. hillsborough county deputies are investigating a shooting that happened early this morning.. deputies say.. the victim knocked on someone's door on english
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?report he had been shot and ask for help. the victim's injuries were ?not life threatening. it's not believed the shooting was random.. but authorities are still trying to determine the circumstances of the shooting.. so far.. nonames have been released.. a march with a message -- today -- dozens of families -- whose loved ones were the victims of gun violence took to the streets in hopes of ending the violence. carrying signs and wearing shirts -- families and friends -- walked along 22-nd street to bring awareness to all of the vi the walk ended at a local library -- where participants were encouraged to vote... and be the voice for their lost loved one. organizers say it's up to local groups and businesses to band together to help each other. door. >> you know it's very, very important that organizations step up and that we try and help owhenever we can because sometimes the community is not
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-- but the two people in the car behind the cruiser were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. deputies tell us the driver who caused the crash -- 70-year-old "alfredo roddriguez jimenez" was arrested for driving under the influence. also tonight.. the highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash that happened on u-s 301 south of jordan road in pasco county. troopers tell us lennard pasco was killed when the car he was riding in crashed into another car. pasco died from his injuried and the car he was driving in had driver seriously injured.
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highway with a mother and child inside. 27-year-old woman and a 6-year-old girl was pulled from the wreckage. the whole time the mangled car dangled upside down over the edge of the overpass, ready to drop at any moment. the mother and child were taken to the hospital but we are told >> and someone ordered a pizza delivered at an abandoned home and when the delivery driver arrived she was forced into the dritrunk of her own car by a man with a gun. he told her he was on his way to lake city to kill someone. the car rolled and she was injured but the owner of a pizza
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of the way. >> she is a great woman, and she is a mother who does everything for her kids and she is here helphelphelping us out so she ce money at home. >> health officials believe we could be battling the zika virus in the u.s. for the next couple of years. workers sprayed. nationalnational institutes of h officials that other cities and areas are vulnerable to the disease for example n louisiana which has experienced flooding recently. >> and fires in a mosque were first thought to be electrical but now have been ruled arson.
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hours of each other. lab results show signs that gasoline may have been poured on the a/c unit. crimestoppers of tampa bay is offering a $3,000 reward that leads to an arrest. >> a hillsborough county deputy is being recognized for an act of kindness. this injured fawn was so thed on the road out to be injured and blind. he was taken to a bearss animal clinic and later it will be transferred to a local zoo. >> that is one of the great stories that went viral after being shared on social media. >> and firefighters are making progress against that massive wildfire in california. >> but not before destroying more than 100 homes. >> we didn't have much in the
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change this week. we'll talk about that, plus, take a look at the tropics which are heating up at this point.
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bittersweet news for folks in california affected >> folks in california effected by a huge wildfire. >> they can go home now if they have homes to return to. many were destroyed.
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are allowed to return but the fire has destroyed more than 100 homes and 500 sheds and buildings. firefighters are working around the clock to keep flare-ups to a minimum. there are six other wildfires still burning in california. >> scary to wonder what you're going home to. >> here dry sunday, not a lot of rain discoverrage. discoverage. >> and overall it's staying in the low end tomorrow. still a few stray thundershowers, i drove through one but overall the rain chance ls be down for the next couple of days but before we get to the forecast, we have to talk about the tropics as well, we have to do weather trivia and here is
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how many degrees fahrenheit? 500 degrees? 5,000 degrees, 50,000 degrees or 500,000 degrees fahrenheit? >> well, lloyd and i both ended up going with b. >> the same answer again this week, guys. >> i just copy off of haley. >> but i worry because seem to be the popular answer on twitter. >> so you can't always depend on that but you picked b but the popular answer was the correct one. the listen lightning doesn't haa temperature but it heats it to about 50,000 degrees very well
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500 times hotter than the surface of the sun, and this is why we always focus on the dangers of lightning. it's the matter of electricity and the here i sheer power of lightning. unnorwicunfortunately, guys -- >> no points have been awarded. >> we go down as a team. >> where about that from? >> between that and the sad trombone. >> by the way, that was the entire weather budget for the week spent on that. stop that! i'm going broke as you do.
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showers go for tonight. one more day just like today. west wind transitioning to more of an easterly wind as we head for the middle of the week, and the moisture is gradually on the increase. 91 the high and 71 the low, and another warm and muggy and 20 more dates, let's county down to where our average high is at 90. and we dip below that and we'll start to see our average highs closer to 80. relative humidity 69 and the barometer steady. 81 in brandon, 85 in sarasota,80 up in brooksville, and 80 down
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dewpoints sitting in the mid 70's or so and they will remain he elevated the next couple of s as long as we have that on-shore wind continuing. and now to this continues on the track and curls up to the north and should become a remnant low the next couple of days. we should was watcht meantime we have invest 99 out there and 90 out here and a 40% chance of developing and 90% this develops in the next five days but this is the one that is perhaps more interesting at least to our weather. 90 out here, and likely to become at least a tropical
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hurricane, but it's 90 out here, but in the week it looks to increase the moisture across the state. certainly s something to watch t it is still several days away from any impact across the state. dry sinking air across the area, not expecting much in the way of rain chances as long as that high pressure sticks around. starting off okay, maybe a couple of storms possible, but notice the future cast is not showing a lot of moisture and not a lot out there to be had. inland there's just not going to be too much in the way of shower activity. here is your forecast, 79, and clearing skies. warm and muggy. for tomorrow, 91, partly sunny and hot. a stray shower possible but the rain chances not too high.
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highs to the north and to the south. 92 on tuesday, and 30% rain chances and then the west chances wednesday, thursday and friday the further south you go. and we'll see about 50% rain chances toward the end of the week. >> without rue pearlman we may not have heard about many of the most famous boy from grace. >> and dirk koetter has had time to de digest the game tapes. coming up we'll hear what he had to say and also what some of the
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((haley vo )) lou pearlman became famous... for making >> lou pearlman became famous by making other people famous, including famous boy bands, and then came a monumental fall from
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his lineup sued him and efers hs convicted of running a ponze scheme and went to prison. reports are that he died in prison yesterday. >> and now people are speculating on how the world should remember him and what they should say. >> his impact was huge, he was almost respondable for the boy band bad craze, but also remembered for hisonze scream conviction. people magazine marking the moment with his picture and even rolling stone devoting service to what it notes as a disgraced
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his office is filled with memorabilia, like original studio tapes of back street bacs and gold records, and other memorabilia. >> he was big poppa. a creative, energetic entrepreneur in the music industry. to others he was the biggest swindler and con man in history of florida. >> and a lot of those stars sued him. and this man repre represented . all involved now dealing with the death of a man who played a large role in their lives. >> sad to hear the news. it's sad any time someone passes but i know it was doubly sad for the people who were close to him that lost a lot. >> but it's the crimes and
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believes define's pearlman's legacy. >> many remember him as one of the most dishonest businessmen to ever come through orlando, sadly. >> several of his former clients tweeted about his death, justin timberlake saying i hope he found some peace, god bless and rest in peace. and others tweeted mixed emotions right now but r peace.thers tweeted without loui would not have met my four brothers or had the opportunity of a lifetime, rest in peace. >> we are getting new details about a terror attack in turkey, and they are disturbing. >> it is believed that a child was the suicide bomber that killed 50 people at
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tonight out of trukey.. >> disu disturbing details out f turkey following a suicide bombing attack at a wedding. it is believed that the bomber was a child. >> connor powell has the latest from jerusalem. >> it was meant to be a day of celebration, a wedding party in a turkish city, torn massive explosion, the turkish president blaming isis for the explosion. >> preliminary findings appear that this was an act of dash. >> officials say a destroyed suicide vest was found at the scene and it appears that appears that theattacker was be4
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the dead, and funerals will have to wait as dna tests are needed to identify many of the victims. >> we ran to the site and almost all were lying in the blood, some had lost their arms of other part of their bodies. u.s. is being blamed for calling for the attack. >> we have asked for the return of the head of an organization like this and if he is really a perpetrator, this will cast a shadow on our strategic partnership. >> the u.s. condemned the attack
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discuss the attack in a trip next week. >> a 9-1-1 call resulted in finding five people dead, including someone who was a pregnant woman. someone called to report a trespasser said to be derrick dereman who has already turned himself in. a found in the home still alive. >> 20-year career and i have never seen a scene where there were five people brutally and visually murdered. >> it is obvious there was some type of instrument other than a firearm used on them. >> he is expected to face six counts of capital murder, one
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pregnant woman's unborn child. >> and 13 people were shot while at ahouse party in richmond. two gunmen were believed to be at a neighboring house hiding in the bushes when they started shooting. several people were shot in the face and were taken to the hospital in critical condition. at this time no arrests have been made. >> and thousands of people across louisiana are to help the victims of the flooding. in walker, church volunteers gave out bagged lunches outside a home improvement store, and middle schools also chipped in handing out more than 100 bags of food. the louisiana farm bureau even set up a grilling station where they delivered hot meals to flood victims many of whom lost
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>> we take for granted that we can go out and have lunch or dinner, and these people basically have nothing. they don't have food or water, nothing, so this is minute compared to what they are experiencing. >> i i officials say more than 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed in the flooding. >> against the taliban after the group recaptured a strategic area. fighting in the country has sharply escalated since the insurgency started spreading from its strongholds in the south and east into the north which was one peaceful.
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others injured after a bus crash in northeast china. witnesses say it appeared that the driver could not steer clear of a car on the road and ended up slipping over. the accident is under investigation. >> and new information about the drugs that led to the death of singer/songwriter prince. officials say some pills found at his estate were and contained fentanyl, a synthetic painkiller 50 times more powerful than heroin. authorities still don't know where he got those drugs. >> olympic swimmer ryan lochte apoapologizes again this time to the people of brazil.
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>> i was highly intoxicated and
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that didn't happen, none of this would have happened. >> gold medalist ryan lochte apologized for having made up a story about being robbed at a gas station. he admits that he overexaggerating a tale of being robbed at that station. >> the olympic committee says there will be disciplinary action taken against lochte and his teammates. >> they against lochte and three of his teammates. >> they get down their country, and their team and our hosts in rio. >> they landed in hot water during the rio olympic games. lochte originally claimed he and his buddies were victimming of victims of anarmed robbery but n
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>> i take all responsibility. this was my fealt. fault-i overexaggerated the story and i wonder that to myself every day now since then. like brazil doesn't deserve that. >> rio authorities also released surveillance video showing the four men vandalizing a gation gasstation bathroom and then handing over money to security tale. >> if i never told that whole story, none of this would have happened. i cas was coming from a friends house and i was intoxicated and i made a immature call. >> lochte says he hopes to be able to compete in the 2020 tokyo olympics for his country.
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of the end of the olympics. >> i know there's been a lot of brighter moments to talk about. the u.s. olympic basketball team we'll talk about tonight, and dirk koetter doesn't often like to talk too specifically after a game, well, there is still room for improvement but the good news is they have room for more trpractice
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>> well, koetter didn't want to talk too much after he saw the team tape, but now he has seen it. and they got out of to a slow tape, acard according to what te showed. >> i think we have to get jameis off to a quicker start.
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of the game, we had vince wide open and winston would have made that throw in his sleep, and jacksonville helped us with a couple of penalties but we'll talk to the guys and i don't think there is anything magic. we'll work on it. >> and all of the important battles, the game certainly wasn't mistakere tough lessons come easier after a win if a young teem. >> the bucs showed a nice hop out of the visitor center, but when the offense took off, things bogged down, with missed throws by winston and a tipped all about that became an interception, and some general sluggishness that passed as
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a win on the scoreboard, a first for dirk koetter but even more important is emerging injury free. >> it's important but not the best important thing. we have bigger fish to fry here. >> and roberto aguayo was an uneven as many of his teammates. koetter seemed more annoyed that worried. >> this is the paid to make kicks, he knows it and i know it. everybody knows it. it is what it is. >> sometimes a kick is hard, and you miss and it's like ah, but you have to let it go, as much as you want to keep on thinking about it you have to let it go and move on. >> i don't think these really count, i think he is just it'sing pteasing people right ni think he is going to surprise
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>> and he could be speaking for the organization as he talks about progress made and work that still needs be done. >> i have some work to do but i feel much better than last year and my focus is it's much better than last year, my body is better, and i will be ready to go the start of the season. >> the texas rangers still own the best record in the american league but the rays took it to them this weekend, there something about the weaker teams in the league that bring out the worst in the rangers but the rays are not complaining. they will take the victory, and then the rays take over this game. two in the fourth and this one from dickerson, and we are tied at two. after a sac fly, the rays kept
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the season and the rays are up 6-2 and then in the eighth the rays were on a power surge. sousa rips this line drive for his 1 13th homer of the season. 8-4, the final, and a spint cup guy finished 24 hours after the green flag ifinally they got this going. but it was a bad day for the busch boys. and thea few laps later his bror gets loose, and kirk finished one place higher than kyle, in
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kick off this week just like it left up a with alabama in the a.p. pole and the tide has the edge, the third time that alabama opened in the top spot, receiving 33 of the 61 first-place votes. and the seminoles despite starting a rocky quarter back, lsu rounds out the top usf picks up three votes. and then durant does it again, scoring a team high number of points in the first half, running serbia just right out of the gym. they go on a 29-10 run to blow the game open, it ends as the most lop-sided gold medal game
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croatia. it's the third in a row for the head coach. how about that? 24 years since the dream team, it seems like yesterday. >> it certainly does, and make is back with a look at your seven-day. >> and we introduce you to belly flopping as a sport, that is
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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>> welcome back. who an august weekend it was, not a lot of rain out there, really no rain at the beaches. i hope you enjoyed it, not too weekends like this. this is the time lapse camera looking east, the clouds coming in towards you late in the day, and they are storms coming inland with their tops being blown off and sent back to the west. here is a look at the rainfall from today, and we saw kind of a streak just northwest of i-4 but
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inland, and along the east coast. it was of course hot, especially without the rains to cool things off. 96 in lake placid, and remember yesterday, you were at 99 and so maybe a touch cooler or so. for the day tomorrow, once again right back into the low to mid 90's. and maybe even a couple of upper 90's reading and along the coasts pretty much in the low air around. winds calm, relative humidity, 69%. 82 in st. pete and 84 in sun city center. 80 in brooksville, and 80 in sebring and 82 up in lakeland. here is a check of the tropics. you have invest 90 in here and
10:55 pm
what is now tropical depression fiona downgragraded from a tropl storm. and here is the path. it kind of take it is out to sea and should start to curve out but it's invest 99 really watching. we'll see what happens once it reemerges past the bahamas last next weekend, and satellite and radar view, not a lot of shower activity and more dry air to come for the day tomorrow. here is your forecast, 79 degrees, clearing skies, warm and muggy, and we keep the rain chances down, 20% for tomorrow,
10:56 pm
slowly bring it up to wednesday, thursday, friday. the best rain chances the further south you go, and more moisture saturday and sunday with the answers up to 50%. >> a warning now, this might make your stomach hurt just watching. boom! i know. norway held its datzi competition, which is basically a be belly flop, and they genery curl right before hitting the water, but many do not do that. and they cite that one does not need to be athletic to be good. >> why? >> i don't know. >> it looks fun to wash. >> here is what we are working on for the fox 13 11:00 news.
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belo teacher killed in a drunk driving crash, while her boyfriend continues to recover in the hospital. >> and how hot zones plan to protect students. >> now author amy shumer is taking a jab at tampa in a new
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here...
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n taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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>> we are now looking back and remembering her. >> friends and family say their good buys byes to a local music teacher how her friends and family say her on. >> and we are back in session in school, the plans in place for schools to protect students from the zika virus. >> and dangling over the edge of a busy toll road, mother and son caught on camera. good evening, i'm lloyd sowers.


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