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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 23, 2016 7:00am-7:58am EDT

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((russell- healthy choice. getting your kids to consume ??less >>russell: healthy choice, getting your kids to consume less sugar. new guidelines for parents to know plus -- >> immigration reform and emails. what donald trump and hilla the campaign trail. i'm in washington. we'll have more on that just ahead. >>laura: persistent pooch. a dog would not let this driver get by. we'll tell you why the person at the wheel probably regrets not stopping. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. a lot ahead. first we have to talk about a
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that's backing up traffic. let's get to vanessa for that. >>vanessa: good morning f. you're just joining us, this is blocking eastbound 70 west of u.s. 301. we don't know many details about this crash but we can tell you usually about four hours of blockage for that deadly crash investigation. meantime, alternates should be 63rd avenue east. we also want to get to -- they're moving on. all right. we'll get to -- all right. they're moving on. i luckily saved a still shot here. i-4 westbound. weav truck. entrance ramp from county road 557 on to westbound travel lanes, good news here, the driver is not hurt but you can see there's some debris in the roadway, partial lane blockage. we'll try to get you shots in a bit. we'll get to dave. >>dave: it's a very warm, stuffy morning outside. temperures are in the lower 80s. it's pretty, though, no doubt about it. sun up in two minutes over at the john hopkins all hospital
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beautiful place we live. don't you think? 82 in tampa. temps still 83 in clearwater. lower 80s along the coast. even winter haven still has an 80-degree temperature. by 9:00 like yesterday, we'll be in the mid 80s. lower 90s for high temperatures but the difference is at least we're running a few afternoon thunderstorms and today's rain chance goes up to 40%. >>laura: thank you. there are some new guidelines this morning regarding the amount of sweets we should be sgar more to the point. shayla reaves is in our break room so explain now on avenue c with all the goodies we cannot say no to. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you guys. we have quite the selection here in our break room and it's treats like the ones behind me that are a little concern when you're talking about the american heart association. there's some new recommendations out there, and this is what parents need to know as far as added sugar is concerned.
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association, the average kid eats about 75 grams of added sugar every day. so we're not talking about the sugar you find in your fruits. we're talking about the sugar added to some processed foods and anything you might add if you're maybe sitting at the dinner table and want a little bit of extra sweetness with your meal. just to give you an idea what that all breaks down to, look at this. if you take this soda and this bag of chips, that's about 75 grams of su another bag of chips, 75 grams of sugar. a couple of energy drinks and a little container of cereal, 75 grams of sugar. that just gives you an idea of what we're talking about in terms of numbers. if we bring you back up here, this is what you need to ow. as far as the recommendations go, the recommendation now is children between the ages of two and 18 should have somewhere in
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less. that's about a third of that 75 grams we just mentioned to you and according to the experts, the reason for this is all of the risks associated with increased sugar consumption. it can put you at a greater risk for things like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, weight gain, just to name a few examples. so they are encouraging parents to take a closer look at the types of snacks, the types of foods that children are eating, those sugary drinks, keep those to a week for children and teens and for kids that are under the age of two, the recommendation is that those children don't have any added sugar at all. so if you take a look behind me, you've probably been eyeing the snacks all morning. we have found the number of snacks here, the candy, the cookies, the beverages, all of it, you name it, these are the types of snacks that the american heart association is
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hopes maybe their children will be able to make some healthier choices and not be at risk for some health issues we just mentioned to you. back to you. >>laura: hard habit to break, though. hard habit to break. thank you. it is 7:05 now. first date becomes his last. >>russell: today four people appear in court for murdering a 27-year-old single father. police in auburndale say adam hillard went on a date with a after the date, he took the woman back to his pardon me. that woman was looking for things to steal. later that night, she and three other people returned to his home, ambushed, robbed and killed him. police suggest meeting in public places if this is a first date with someone you've not met before and also, don't take them home on the first night. just be careful. >>laura: and here's some tips here. be aware of where you park your
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20 trucks in pasco and hillsborough county recently and in most of the cases, the trucks are sitting outside motels near i-75 while the owner is sleeping inside. the thieves have taken thousands of dollars' worth of items, things like guns and sunglasses and tools and the guns are concerning for police, sheriff's deputies. detectives are looking for at least two people right now. if you can help, call crime stoppers. >>russell: after two days on the run, the man who broke out of a wearing handcuffs is back in jail. joel cancholla chose to turn himself in. he was taken into custody saturday night for violating his probation for drugs. he was somehow able to roll down the window of the patrol car and get out, run. now he's facing escape. >>laura: we're learning more about what happened before an alligator attack that killed a 2-year-old at a disney hotel. nor floor fish and wildlife report says that someone staying
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told a cast member there he saw an alligator in the area just 45 minutes before the attack and he said just before the attack, he saw 2-year-old lane graves playing in the water and when he went outside to warn them about what he had seen, he heard the mother screaming. the report also says that lane did nothing to provoke the attack and his father reached in the gator's mouth in an attempt to free his son. despite all of this, fwc says that graves died after a sie very difficult to prevent in any case. we may never know the full extent of the zika virus outbreak in south florida. >>russell: researchers predict there will be more cases that we won't ever know about. a few hundred by the middle of next month. four out of five people with the virus don't show symptoms. you may not even know you're sick. doctors are only able to detect 5% of zika there are currently 36 cases
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mosquitos in miami beach. governor is allocating another $5li mil miami dade stop the spread of the virus. >>laura: city of tampa is trying to reduce the mosquito population. mayor says they just bought 3600 mosquito dunks. these dunks can go anywhere where there is standing water and each one is capable of killing the mosquito larvae for 30 days. >> each individual homeowner needs to do their part. you could have a pot in the back with a there's this much water in it, and that's all it takes for the mosquitos to breed. >>russell: they're harmless to people and animalsment if you ever any concerns about standing water near your home, report it to city code enforcement immediately. >>russell: hillary clinton facing the release of thousands of new emails and donald trump trying to explain what appears to be his shifting position on immigration. doug reports from washington.
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and hillary clinton dealing with the new email disclosures that could at the very least undercut her claims she's been fully transparent. >> have you considered using face time instead of email? >>reporter: hillary clinton making light of her latest email questions. >> my emails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. they're so boring. we've already released 30,000 plus so what's a >>reporter: a few is about 15,000 that clinton did not turn over to the government. the f.b.i. found them in their investigation and the state department has been ordered to make them public soon. it's not clear what they contain but they could shed more light on the complicated relationship between then secretary of state hillary clinton and the clinton foundation which republicans pointing to evidence of influence peddling. it's not clear how much traction any of this will get. >> she has had one big piece of luck this year in that she has
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troubles than she does. >>reporter: and donald trump is behind in polls. latest trouble, immigration reform and whether he's backing way from a commitment to deport all illegal immigrants. last night he said his priority would be those who committed other crimes. >> police know who they are. they're known by law enforcement who they are. we don't do anything. they go around killing people and hurting people and they're going to be out of this country so fast, your head will spin. >>reporter: and trump was slated to immigration reform this week that has now been put on hold. >>laura: it's time to book a flight. coming up, why you were smart to wait. >>russell: also ahead this morning -- a barking dog knew something the driver didn't. unfortunately, the person behind the wheel was not listening. we'll show you what happens coming up.
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nice, comfy 82 degrees. i'm trying to use the word comfy to describe our steamy weather outside. as you're heading off to the bus stop this morning, no major weather issues. it's just another typical august morning. we'll go back to 92 degrees today. the difference is the rain chance today goes up to 40% and it will be later in the day. z22r7z zy6z y22r7y yy6y in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car
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z22srz zy6z
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>>dave: top 'o the morning to you. we have 77 degrees in pinellas park, west chase, brandon, plant city, many other spots, including clearwater. still sitting at 83 degrees this hour. i can always count on my friends in citrus county to cool off a little bit. inverness, floral city, crystal river at about 73 degrees this morning. and lower 80s bradenton, you just switched on me. now you're 79. sarasota at 81 and then upper 70s lakeland into the sebring area. i would say our cooling is done. now it's time to warm things back up again.
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maybe -- i don't know -- it's me. i was like, oh, it seems a little muggier this morning than yesterday. well, indeed. dew points are up a little bit. 75 to 77 degrees but in general, it was the mid level moisture that kept us from getting a nice, cooling thunderstorm yesterday. we're going to start to increase that mid level moisture as we're shifting everything back toward the east. so we're going to scour out this red which is drier air several thousand feet up. get bring back the moisture and rain chances., brings back the okay. a lot of activity in the tropics but there's really only one system that i'm watching. fiona isbout gone. gaston predicted to be a hurricane. this is going to go out to a. it's this one, 60% chance of development, invest 99l moving west-northwest at 20 is gaston. it should easily become a
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brings it out to sea. here's the island of bermuda. typically the storms that stay east of bermuda, they got no chance of turning to the west and coming toward the lower 48. this is -- again, just a very large area of disturbed weather. very disorganized. seems to be a little bit of a spin to it and the hurricane center has been watching it and watching it and they send a plane out to investigate the area later today to see if they find that low level spin. none becomes, it's going to drift just overall toward the west-northwest. and the computer models -- and i'm telling you, it's been awhile since i've seen a disagreement like .this they're all ove the place which means we have very closely watched this over the next few days because you could be looking at a tropical system just east of the bahamas going into or later in this upcoming
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does it make a hard turn? does it go into the lf? lot of . there's no way. everything is all over the place. i can tell you to head to, watch this with us and of course, during our news cast as well, i think at 8:00 this morning, the hurricane center will change, maybe change the percentages as to how they believe this will develop. it's just a watch and wait and see what happens. 92 degrees for a high today. i have a rain chance overall o normal for this time of year. that's what we're going to hold on to through thursday and then there's a solid 50% rain chance friday, saturday, sunday and monday. >>vanessa: thank you. we have a couple of trouble spots here to follow in pinellas county. seeing notable eastbound delays in lanes of 118th avenue north. crash reported at 34th street north. hearinthat one lane is going to be blocked so the delays
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intersection back to the area of 49th so some time here or avoid if you can. if you're just joining us, we have this crash that's still carrying over from the last hour t. does involve a pedestrian, some serious injuries reported, lane blockages as well. palmetto street at myrtle avenue. updates here out of tampa, last hour also we had told you about this roadway obstruction that tpd went to check out. this is at columbus and we fnd there's a depression in the roadway. it's about 10 inches by four inches by two and they say it's going to be north of the intersection near the median so they're urging drivers to use caution and we're heari possibly could be some barricades set up and we'll keep you posted on that. drivers in bradenton, a fatal crash, heavy eastbound delays
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>>laura: sort of like an episode of "lassie." this dog is trying to get the driver's attention but unfortunately, the driver didn't listen, choosing to ignore this relentless barking. i mean, this goes on for awhile. this dog barking in front of car. thpooch finally gave up. got out of the way and watch this. driver speeds up, accident at the intersection just down the road. i mean, i don't know if it's premonition. does the dog know? >>russell: he must know. i'm not sure what the dpie hit. guy or girl or whatever. >>laura: the dog is wning him ry- >>russell: don't go. don't go. did it hit a car? i couldn't tell. we're going to see this again.
7:20 am
here we go. >>laura: i don't know if the dog knew. he was whi rights toli continue on. >>russell: dog . saying the dog. >>laura: i want that dog. >>russell: i know. do you really want another now that you mention it. now that you mention it. >>russell: i'll take that dog. that dog seems to have my best interest at heart. >>laura: that dog would provide a lot less frustration f than the one we have, bless his heart. l: a rude of wakening. gas prices skyrocket. this morning a look at how high they may go. >>laura:oor jim. plus hang in there. >>russell: poor laura.
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is so bad for maiages. but first, charley belcher >>charley: i canrelate. bouzer has had an upset stomach this week. he slept in shower the other night. let's leave it at that. feel sorry for my wife. e's the one getting up and cleani u the floor every couple of hours. sometimes you don't even want the ones you have but you can't get rid of them because you love them, right? i am in fight this fall. he's an up and comer, wants to be champion of the world, right? that's the ultimate goal, right? champion of the world. let's talk about some charity thing this guy does to get back to the commk about his gym here it's changed a little bit since i was growing up with muhammad
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everye? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those coanies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax.
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(laura- welcome back to
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>>laura: welcome back. time is just about 7:24. four spo are dropping gold medal swimmer ryan lochte. >>russell: this is in response to him lying to police in brazil. the surveillance video shows he an his friends getting into an altercation with security guards at a gas station over alleged vandalism. his report was a lie. u.s. olympic considering punishment which may mean a ban for him from the sport. lochte is a 12 time medallist wi a potential of adding to the total four years ago at the olympics in tokyo. >>laura: people in the bay area woke up to a hike in gas prices but experts say we shouldn't be worried. it's not going to last long. as of yesterday, tampa's average was $2.10 a gallon which is five cents below the state average. however, that number has jumped six cents in just theast week.
7:26 am
to rise? the experts say prices typically jump this time of year when suppliers switch over to the winter blend. also key expters are meeting to talk about balancing the oversaturated market. >>ruell: sounds like coffee. the winter blend. president obama goes to louisiana today. critics say it's about time. he returned from vacation yesterday. more than 40,000 homeowners were suffering from flood damage. white house sayshe was given several briefings on the flooding during his vacation and he made an emergency declaration august 14 freeing up federal resources to help those victims. >>laura: another theme park scare. this time in hershey's park in pennsylvania. several thrill seekers were stuck in the air. all 27 passengers were carefully taken off the ride. no one was hurt. park officials still trying to figure out what went wrong.
7:27 am
i don't know. >>dave: at least like walter said before, at least it's not stuck upside down. that would be a problem. 7:27. lower 80 as -- 80s along the coast. look at the lakeland net camera. sun just coming up over the horizon. by the te we get into the 9:00 hour, we'll all be in the mid 80s, at least the heat index takes over. it will feel like 100 degrees by noon time today with a 40% chance of a shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon. high temperatures getting back to about 92. >>vanessa: it's 7:27. drivers in lutz, we're seeing southbound delays south of the split with dale mabry highway. it's going to be closer to willow bend. we do have reports of a lane block in the southbound direction so leave earlier if that's along your morning drive.
7:28 am
congestion levels in the interstates. we are in the red here taking 15 minutes to get from branch foshs to 75. for those of you who are travelling between pinla and hillsborough, 21 minutes is the drive from the 175 exit near downtown st. pete heading up over the howard frankland bridge. tampa side, seven minutes the drive selmon expressway to i-4 along 75 northbound. reminder once again, bradenton, a couple more hours left of the closure. we would expect state road 70, delyadra u.s. 31. take 33rd avenue east instead. >>russell: sex, drugs and violence. three things most parents don't want their cldn seeing on tv. why the current rating system may not be working. >>laura: and skipping the pledge of allegiance. ken is on that story. >>russell: this morning the question is to say the pledge or not to say the pledge? kids have a choice.
7:29 am
in the sand because of that choice. i'm on flag patrol. walter, what are you up to this morning,buddy? >>walter: good morning to you. coming live from tampa international airport where today is cheap flight day. a lot of people who are getting on board a flight behind me probably are missing out on cheap flight day. we'll tell you what it is, why it's not just one day, it's more than just one day and what t in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue
7:30 am
dana young for the florida senate.
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i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really? i'm still looking for their socks. seriously, you want me to hurry? oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale. we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day. it's that simple. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too.
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off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china." [ di (laura- welcome back to >>laura: welcome back. the time right now is 7:32. there are a lot of us that grew up reciting the pledge every morning at school. >>russell: this florida law does not require our kids to do it. now the response from one parent
7:33 am
social media. ken is here to tell us what this is all about. >>russell: i'm like a lot of people out there. you just put your hand over your heart, you say the pledge and back in school, you would not think twice about it. you certainly wouldn't question it. but as we said, the law now gives kids a choice of either saying the pledge or not saying the pledge. so when leon county school officials pointed that out recently to parents, one guy absolutely melted down. the guy's name is micah. when his waiver sent home, he posted on facebook. one of the posts says what's happening to the country? a lot of people are asking the same question. he's gotten 13,400 shares in just the last six days. this is what has him so upset. the waiver says i understand my rights as a parent and i request that my child, noted above, be excused from reciting the pledge of allegiance. this request includes standing and placing his or her right
7:34 am
his sister is outramed this morning. she writes, this is the dumbest thing i've ever read. i'm ashamed of this she wrote on the waiver and sent it back. in her mind, case closed. a lot of conservative groups are saying this is just one more example of how liberal the school system is. the school system says we didn't write the law. we're just letting you know what it is. >> see you later. >>laura: well, if you've been waiting to get an airline ticket, cob grat kaish done grat lagses. walter allen will tell us all about it. hey, walter. >>walter: and i'm the guy who has to break the news to everybody who has flights already, that you could have saved even more money, some up
7:35 am
people who already booked are probably not going to get it. it's cheap flight day but it usually starts right around this time and lasts up until thanksgiving. why this time of year? well, it's when vacations are over, kids are back at school so people are not travelling as much as they used to. of course, prices are going to be inflated during the summer when people a travelling, vacations, that sortf thing. so here's some tips that i found online for cheap flight day. you can save even more m you're looking for air fare coming up so book about eight weeks out. look for sites like google flights, expedia, that sort of thing. you can set up alerts on what types of flights you're looking for, destinations, that type of thing. yocan go to cheapest days of the week, tuesdays, wednesdays. believe it or not, saturdays are actually a cheap day to fly as well. avoid fridays and sundays.
7:36 am
you want to fly -- and then do the opposite. pick unconvenient times that you want to fly. fly out on a red eye and you'll be able to save money there and don't check bags. that will save you at least 50 bucks. there you go. a some cheap ways to save a little money and then starting around this time will it be today or tomorrow but keep your eyes on some of those price tags for some flights, likely down 10% to thanksgiving. >>laura: thank you, walter. >>walter: absolutely. you bet. >>russell: 7:36 right now. when you think august, you think heat and those never ending downpours. you can also add divorce to that list. researchers from the university of washington found a pattern in couples who cut the ties. turns out the months of august and march are popular for couples to file for divorce. to get divorced during sacred times for families like the
7:37 am
for two reasons. easier on other family members, especially kids. secondsly, people tend to get their hopes up expecting a perfect christmas or family camping trip and things will get better. when it doesn't happen, couples take a few months to get their finances in order and then they file for divorce. >>laura: all right. 7:37. you know, most parents like to censor what their kids watch on television. we rely on the parental rating system. hope was to help us things like sex and drugs and violence. unfortunately, new research says those ratings are not working at all. dr. jo will talk about this. good morning to you. good morni. >>laura: this is -- we've not been able to trust in this for awhile. where do you start? >> do you know what? pediatrics, this was in the journal. what the researchers did is they watched television, looked at 323 episodes of 17 popular show,
7:38 am
there was violence in about 70% of those episodes at the rate of minute.onds per episode per other things they found were alcohol use, sex at 53% and smoking at about 31%. of course, the concern is the children see this. they're going to emulate it and they're going to have an increased risk of maybe doing those same behaviors later on.
7:39 am
the good news was that if you looked at the time periods when some of these more -- let'say reallyfter 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 at nig so thatoes maybe help guid you a ltl >>laura: comn a som you're nots. conversal rit. ha are talking about? violence? cussing? sex, no. you weigh what you're willing to
7:40 am
>>laet ove to yo va thanks. so we'oireng to bealki outraur tic tip tueay allyeresting topic yove been stuck in traffic a you get to wherrafficta a u're the crash? er ishebris? the s gng tlk officer roy about
7:41 am
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>>dave: anybody order extra soupy this morning? 80 in st. petersburg. 81 in sar society a. lakeland at 7:00 in the upper 70s.
7:44 am
70s so you've got tons and tons of surface moisture. i'm telling you, you would have thought yesterday the thunderstorms would have been popping all over the place. but today is different. we're getting rid of some drier atmosphere.mid levels of the we're going to get some moisture back. in turn, the thunderstorms start to kind of roll through the area. we'll put a 40% rain chance for later today. the big picture, the tropics and you've got what's left of fiona losing all o this morning. you have a new tropical storm that's gaston and a very impressive looking, still disorganized tropical wave here just east of the islands. g gaston is going to become a hurricane, turn out to sea. it should not be a bother for anything but the shipping lanes. we need to focus on this. it's very disorganized. it loses convection, gets convection, loses convection.
7:45 am
gets in toward the bahamas, down the road over the weekend, there's the potential for this to develop. long-term. right now hurricane center is giving this a 60% chance for development over the next five days. they may send a plane out to investigate this area later today. the computer models, they are all over the place. it's so disorganized, there's no real low level center. i wouldn't -- i kind of take a grain of salt with until we get a plane out there to investigate this. you're going to get a much better result. but it is a situation we need to watch very closely because you get a storm anywhere near the bahamas with the record warm water temperatures they have and light wind shear and it could quickly drop. so we're keeping it in the back of our mind, watching it. watch it with us by heading to rain chances today, 40%. 92 for a high.
7:46 am
low. 40% rain chances again tomorrow. then they starting to up. more on the 50% range come friday, saturday, sunday and for monday. let's check the roads here at 7:45 with vanessa. >>vanessa: nothing new has popped up on the roadways but we do want to remind drivers that we still have the overturned dump truck here in polk county. this is the live camera, i-4. county road 557 and this is going to be the entrance ramp heading to the westbound travel lanes of the interstate. on its side. no injuries are reported but we have some partial lane blockage. this is showing you you're able to skirt by but please be careful while you're doing so. we'll check the drive times on the interstate. we do have lots of red to show you here southbound 275 bearss avenue to i-4. 17 minutes i-4 westbound. give yourself 16 minutes to get from bruce b downs to i-4 if you're taking 75 with the roadw.
7:47 am
folks on the road apparently. u.s. department of transportation says we drove nearly 1.6 trillion miles during the first half of this year and that is a record. it's the equivalent of 250 round trips from earth to pluto. no doubt lots of traffic jams in all of that driving. i just love our traffic tip tuesday this morning. we're talking about the traffic jam but more specifically, t mystery jam. you know, you don't have any crashes or anything. you're like, what's going on? why is it backed up? >> good morning. happy tuesday to everyone. yeah. traffic jams are a mystery and we've all been in them. you're cruising down the interstate, everything is going well and all of a sudden, you're at a crawl. you're in there for like 10 minutes and then it just opens up. there's no traffic crash, nobody changing their tire, there's nothing suspicious going on or whatever and you're like, what in the world just happened?
7:48 am
then you get going again and it happens again. researchers have found out why this traffic jams are occurring. it's because people are slowing down, tapping their brakes and it's creating an effect with all the other cars behind them putting on their brakes and slowing down and it's causing traffic jams. it's causing people to slow down. so we've got some dos and don'ts when you're out there to try to either happening and what you can do to keep traffic flowing as easily as possible. number one on the dos is -- or on the don'ts is don't drive in that left-hand lane unless you absolutely have to. people get in that left-hand lane and they call it the fast lane. it's not a fast lane but it's a passing lane. get in the passing lane and they drive slow and what it does is it backs traffic up. the other thing is passing when they don't need to.
7:49 am
traffic and they can't sit still in traffic and they're just passing all over the place. it causes other people to put on their brakes and causes that chain reaction for all the other cars. now, this happens when you have a big traffic -- a lot of traffic, okay? so just a few cars on the street, it's not going to happen. when you have a high volume of traffic and people are tapping brakes, that's what researchers say causes traffic jams to occur for really no reason at all. okay? so stay out of that left-hand lane. don't pass as then also, some of the things that you want to do also is where you get traffic jam $ -- jams is where lanes are coming together. you're coming from three lanes down to two lanes down to one lane. and that causes that bottle neck. now, remember, we've talked about this on other traffic tip tuesdays. go all the way up. the lane that is closing that is going to be shutting down, everybody wants to get over
7:50 am
the front and then the people in the lane that is a through lane, let those folks in. it's called the zipper effect. it's like a zipper coming together. so one car goes, the other car comes in. another car goes, another car comes in. when thathappens, it allows traffic to move smoothly and you're going to slow down but it just keeps traffic moving. so again, just a recap here, researchers say these traffic jams are causedy tapping those brakes. they're not paying attention. they're driving fast and they're going slow. going slow or putting on the brakes and backing off on their speed causes the other cars to do that also and that's what causes traffic with high volume to slow down. >>vanessa: you mentioned the tapping of the brakes unnecessarily. sounds like maybe just maintaining a consistent speed. >> that's the whole thing.
7:51 am
traffic move very, very smoothly. >>vaness you haven't seen office space but folks who have beginning scene with he's weaving, getting from one lane into the next and the next lane it stops and he's like, oep, i'll get over. i guess that doesn work. >> it doesn't. we all do it but yeah. that changing lines like the guy in that scene, that causes traffic to slow down also. >>vanessa: very cool. i enjoyed this topic. very eye opening and good tips thanks, officer roy. >> thank you. >>vanessa: right now we want to get over to charley. how is it going? >>charley: he looks over and sees a guy with a walker passing him. that's a good movie. very good movie. sometimes you get behind the wheel and feel like fighting somebody. here you go.
7:52 am
partners. i'm standing outside the ring. i'm a lover, not a fighter. i'm not very good at either. he's pretty good at getting in
7:53 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.?
7:54 am
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7:55 am
>>charley: i'm charley belcher coming from lutz, from hurricane sammy's boxing gym. that's hurricane sammy. 22 years old, professional welterweight boxer, been fighting since you were five years old? boxing. there's a difference between fighting and boxing. there's a ne to true. >> most boxers like ourselves consider it an art form. it's not just a sport, not just about fighting. we take passion in what we do. it's a lot of hard work. >>charley: everything that you've seen, that is all about guys being brutal and grappling
7:56 am
regain its crown one day. >> absolutely. that's pretty much the plan in my caer, what i hope to do. bring boxing back to the spotlight and bring some fans back again. people have the same hunger and passion for boxing as an art form. there't a lot of potential that the greats had back in the day. it's what they carried themselves as people. >>charley: as a kid, nobody bigger than muhammad ali. and then everybody knew mike tyson. i don't know if we -- antonio out there and winky white. i don't know if that's -- it just doesn't exist right now, does it? or am i missing it? >> throughout the years it's slowly died out. there's potential up and coming. there is hope for the sport. there really is hope for the sport. >>charley: there hope here. what's your record?
7:57 am
>>charley: you put that in there. all right. i'm not getting in there. calm down. we're going to come back, talking about sammy's training, what's going on at his gym and what he has in the future. >>charley: okay. >>laura: a real gym. it's a real gym, you know? like gritty. >>russell: and i like him, too. that's neat. all right. cool. see you later. >>laura: thank you, charley. sugarshock. at 8:00, the new guidelines for your kids that they won't think is very sweet at al or a sauna? a warning during the summer months of letting your kids loose in those outdoor bouncy houses. >>laura: and then precious baby teeth. what is inside that enamel that
7:58 am
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((russell tooth fairy, fly away.. the benefits of baby teeth.. on your child's future health.. tooth fare fly away bn fits of baby teeth on your child's future health. >> and a banking whi bounce. are those bouncing castleses for children and all steamy weather and florida summer months? >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8! i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. thank you for waking up on this tuesday morning it's august 23rdrd. we need to get straight to dave for look at the forecast. >> hey, a nice lovely 83 degrees


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