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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  August 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:58pm EDT

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kelly. i'm mark wilson. first up here tonight we have a deputy involved shooting after they tracked down a wanted man the suspect tried to flee pointing a gun. and nobody was hurt and a fatr and son are in custody. and let's go to the scene. evan lambert is there. how did this happen? >> deputies are at this house and they are carrying out to shoot a wanted man a detective's bullet did not hit the suspect. the 26-year-old xavier williams but it stopped him add low him to arrest him. he is bei called a dangerous ma wanted for several crimes, robbery and kidnapping. detectives came to his house to serve a warrant. he came out crouching and pointing a gun. a detective fired his gun and
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arrested he said his plan was to shoot the officers. >> he made a statement are you lucky to be alive i put the gun down i heard the shot. it's not my worth my family losing me because of cops. >> williams' d was arrested. here he is outside of a squad car. he and his son could face more charges because investigators house inside. both men are being held at the pinellas county ill jail. back to you. >> evan, thank you. let's talk about the tropics, we're watching a system that could reach. >> what do ynk, paul. >> a threat to i 4 to 5 days. it is nothing is clear-cut. we have a development and be a hurricane not concerned about that.
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it cannot organize at all. it will move west northwest. and approaching the turks and icos. the environment should be more conducive as we head through the
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the models are all over the place. showing a hurricane and heading fo texas. >> and has a weak storm. my >> a storm going up like this and as i made the model if this was to verify would not be we
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((linda--vo-)) today-- the bay area lost a legend. monsignor laurence higgins, a trailblazer in the a trail blazer in the community passed away at the age ever 87. bee have more on the lifetime of work he leaves behind. >> reporter: the mon mongisnor was known for his big heart and work for tampa his home of 58 years. he was a pastor for the people. he was known in the his soft spot for service. taking on projects even just a month before his death on wednesday morning. >> when the lord came for larry i'm sure that he heard the words that we all wanted to hear well done good and faithful servant. >> he was ordained in ireland and started work in tampa in 1958. his lofty assignment turning a pasture into a parish.
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priest for 49 years. >> he was a priest of good, dedicated to the church and service as a priest. >> the work was beyond the pulpit. he was a familiar face on the board of dozens of organizations. including moffitt cancer center and the chamber of commerce. >> it is broader than the church. he was a counselor, pastor everyone. he helped to build the city to what it is today and leaves the legacy of a legend. >> this a big loss for the city of tampa. he is an icon a legend of tampa, a part of history. >> the his funeral will be next wednesday, august 31st at 11:30. visitation is monday and tuesday from noon to 9 p.m.
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public. thank you for that. and florida's a must win for donald trump and he tried to th. he hel a rally where he made a pitch to the minority voters. and evan axelbank is there. what did he have to say this afternoon? >> reporter: linda he said the party has taken mar voters for granted he said the party, including hillary clinton. have ruined america's cities. he said would rather give a job to an illegal immigrant an unemployed african-american or hispanic. this is the rally. he enters the last two and a half months trailing badly in the polls of phaoeufrpt voter like in pennsylvania and florida. but he face as balancing act saying that he will build a border wall that does not poll
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he said black voters have nothing to lose. they walk down the street and will be shot and he will fix the inner cities and crime. >> you know what? african-americans are tired of being used by the phoney politicians. hispanics are tired of being used by the phoney everyone else is tired of being used. believe me. >> he said several times during the event that the effort will be critical. he urged workers to work hard. there are 48 days left to register. and so several of the people who spoke before him urged people to take action as they try to match the ground game that they built here in frida.
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5000 people in the roomt day. can you see but the state fairgrounds say that number was closer to 3000. it would not be a rally without protestors. 20 of them showed up outside of the rally holding signs and addressing as the gop nominee. anrmy vet called out the deferral of service during the vietnam war saying he knows nothing of the sacrifi that servicemen and women o t him. man said the l does charged with murder he said he is a monarch who believes that god is his only judge. a judge has no part of that. we spoke with him recently, he said his case should go to a higher court and filed the paperwork to make that happen. >> reporter: when we saw him in
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>> i'm a living monarch. >> the woman his was being kicked out of court. >> remove her now. >> thank you. >> he is free on bond talked to husband. he said that he is a sovereign monarch. religion. that's all the explanation i need to give, that's not easy to understand or follow but to him it means the u.s. laws and courts do not apply. his ais say only god can judge him. >> you go into court. we would like to let you know we're sovereign, you will pick a jury that's not about peers. >> he is accused of killi his
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>> this is a standing ground not a chasing down somebody. s a legal argument that does not belong in the couroo because the judge does not understand who he is. >> if she does not up holder her oath of office then i have to accept. >> he wants the case to be heard by a higher court the supreme court. standing as a if is the log sick hard to follow the argument is strange and nonsense and they clog up the courts with complex legal sounding arguments that are rejected every time. we'll let you know womans. back to you. >> thank you for that. and the governor is continuing to meet with leaders across florida he confirmed a
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zika. , this is in addition to another case announced. it is reaching out for the cdc rnment wants people to dump standing water around the homes where a bug repellent and cover up as much as possible. free test something available for pregnant women at health departments. >> robbery in polk county a man takes a donation jar. wait until you hear who he took it from and why he says he
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured.
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caught on camera stealing caught on camera stealing he went into a ups store and stol from a toys for tots box. this was not ordinary. the thief said that he had a good reason why he ripped it off. >> ups takes items from they send them off. detectives say this guy turned the tables he came in and took something from the store. >> a donation box. >> it is terrible. that someone will take it. the money was supposed to buy books to learn to read. the intent was almost impossible to read.
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story. my wife is sick. we cannot pay our bills she gave him $5 he took off but not for long. a minute later he came back. according to the detectivese sailed i'm sorry i have to do this. grabbed the box and took off again a startled clerk ran to the door and watched him disappear. the sherifs office is looking for a guy who fitshe description. 135 pounds. last seen wearing sunglasses and a mask. unfortunately, this is not the first time that toys for tots has been ripped off. >> we had a trailer several years ago. someone came in and took the trailer, the box was not a treasure trove of cash. it had less than $40. if he gets caught after stealing money meant for kids the judge
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>> and it has raised more than 3 million to buy books. great things. and having a rough time you cannot take money. paul, take us the next few days. a forecasting challenge no daughter about tha it as a storm. and in the meantime today winds are up. storms are moving rapidly today. we're left with lingering clouds. this will continue for a couple more days. high pressure near puerto rico. the between the high and low you
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there will be more fast moving showers from northeast to southwest. right now if you want to find rain go to the south. they're moving along in a line. if you are watchin ot sar some will be impacting you. a clu northwest. and west of fort myers and that's that. and watching the showers moving in this evening. 84 and 85 in sebring. highs today cooler. tampa 88.
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this and it is complete disorganized here. and it has a long way to go. make it happen. get rid of the sheer and now between early op friday. i don't see much change. i mean thiss they found wind speeds that's a and speed. no closed circulation. andunning into the dry air and the shear that will be slow. there is a lot of warm and it is deep that's potential e for a system. the models are showing a track to the west northwest.
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this position here is pretty good. the models are all over the board some going west. some parallelling the coast. some up the spine of the state which is a possibility. others east of us. and have it move into the gulf. th that will allow the storm to move more north-northwest over the state from the south. we saw this. this is a position sunday at 8:00. this is -- the run had a hurricane approaching texas. i would not panic over this the
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something that you have to watch and the panhandle. the gfs refuses to play along. it is nada, gilch. it's not an easy forecast. we have an agreement between all the models that should be coming by friday. partly cloudy and clear and 77. morning sunshine tomorrow afternoon storms and 92 they trend. moving it along and the 7-day forecast the rain chances go up. and invest 99 l. the rays. he chris archer pitches the game. and plus after a two hour practice the bucs likes to sharpen his skills.
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind?
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can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those companies that move overseas?
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in creating good payingjobs sin. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. the bucs held their final full practice of training camp today... nearly 4 weeks from when it all began... and this friday is
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bucs held their final full practice. we'll get the best look on friday wt atlanta in less t and dirk koetter saidoo thie session. jameis winston a nice drive. here to jackson. and for a long completion. over the middle. first down. ted ended with an interceptio a great grab but dirk koetter said the effort was an improvement. david coming off a pro bowl season. d he is ating to his skill set. look at this. after the two hour practice, david worked out as pass catching skills.
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a onhe ball. >> and stealing stuff. and doing a good hand. the last two days like to work with another team a competing during, i will stay these days on the defensive side. chris archer did a great job and
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the rays could not get the key hit they dropped and fall back to 20 games under 500. archer gave up an earned run and striking out 6. but the problem last night was he include 109 that's too much.. he is one loss away fro t the record. he turned thing lastige turned it around. he puts his shirt on and the hoodie. people having fun with this one today. he is having fun with it. bakingewunrhese thingspp hd will be out the next two races again. out at michigan and darlington
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>> they are diffent. >> they would not clear them. >> they didn't. >> all right. and he has a prior commitment it will be. all right. tonight a report with disturbing news about cancer. a race against time rescuers search for survivors after i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move ? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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((linda--take vo-)) the death toll stands at 159 from e earhtquake that hit central italy. rescuers have been using their bare hands to dig survivors out of the rubble.... this ten rescuers are been using their hands to dig out of the rubble. the number of dead and miss something uncertain because many people were in the area on vacation. the err central -- central italy. thousands are now homeless. >> reporter: death and devastation striking on wednesday morning. the earthquake leveling homes and towns northeast of rom and mountain villages were hit hardest. crews have pulled victims out of
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race against time to find the survive survivors. >> we're trying to pull people out. 90% are dead. some make it out, address we're here. >> reporter: it is hard to statement because of the number of tourists. and officials have been in coac >> to offer his condolences and the people following the earthquake that struck. and. >> he offered any help and italy may require and stay in contact. the pope led prayers add
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zone. it is difficult to get in and out. >> it there was another earthquake. and struck the asian nation one person was the person killed was a security guard they are trying t track down the terrorists.
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>> wt a y meeting with volunteers before a rally where he tried to drum up the fight,ill fight to give every citizen a better future. a better life. attacking over reports ty w ven and she ran like a failed later, the polls show that he is trailing clinton and with som sy he needs to win in large states. >> are you left with a big play order win.o execute in
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pennsylvania. >> the campaign on the defense today after an ap report found 50% of the meetingsith citizens w tec were with donorsr charity. her campaign manager pushing back saying the report is here we or 1700 oth meetgsha t s h. she was the secry of steand mtis it outrageous. and h campaign said they are on the way to the goal. >> and speakg of polls. trump is ahead now by two points. a man and woman are accused of murdering her sister in california and kidnapping her three children. police north of los angeles say
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armed and dangerous. they led after the murder. they found her body. she was shot several tes. they a tryin tgo dmieterne a motive. >> there are some narcotics usage but theree victim as far argument that we knew of at the 5 years old. > inors are goingk. hthro the ashes of a chicago apartment after a fire killed an adult and three children there. they are questioning a person of interest in the fire which they are calling arson. they say the charges could be filed this evening. they bel the person they are questioning intentionallyet ay memorial for the girls, 7, 4 and 3 months old is growing
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i cannot understand what that must hav been like. i kwowespete i was wangp to smoke. an i knew that i could probably get out. pore them that's heartbreaking. >> the other who died was living in the apartment next door. cancer and the devastating impact. and cancer is leading cause of death here in the us right now it is heartaseh for 22 states in 2014. cancer was the number one cause of death in alaska and minnesota. now isnt' the 22 states t is the leading cause of death f hispanics and pacific islanders.
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returned home to houston. she was greeted by balloons and cheerleaders as well. that's the mayor of houston there proclaiming it simone biles day. she picked up four gold medals and the women's individual all around. she is not slowing down. she and her teammates the final five will be a part of the tour of champions which will have a stop here in tampa at amalie arena in let me show you this here. i call this the window on the
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havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. pretty! hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks sweetie.
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life looks good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties,hirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?banglash.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trp: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" th have to great ties. they are the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china." [ audience laughter ]
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y236ay yy6y well turkey is stepping up the fight against isis launching a campaign involving tanks, special forsnd syrian rebel fighters. and it is all backed by air-strikes. >> the tanks backing an offensive along syria t is not surky -- but the large west special forces andkiackedebels thee cf isthreatm the border a. >> whoever pose as threat to turkey will find the national standing against them. >> the offensive pushing back the forces fromth the help of u.s. air-strikes. it has a double purpose and will
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american backed kurdish forces. they are supporting the rebels but not angering turkey. >> the elements that we part of the forces thehey must move back across the river. >> but it has been one of the most effective fighting forces in syria. the u.s. said it will work with turkey and the kurds thread reminding both they're on the same side f n. >> t crux of our strategyill be supporting forces. the u.s. has offered support to the forcesn the ground. >> and they have been working on the corporation in syria. the moscow condemns the offense evidence and objects to the inenvolvem by turkey
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denounced the induration into its territory w syria and turkey have the same goal trying to work here to push back isi and the kurds. there is a new record hold they're is literally out of this world. after sg nds in space. jeffrey williams celebrated that achievement today. he surpasss the record of 520 days set by scott kelly. by the time he wlil log 534 days inpace. his replacement iheemale record holder forhe longest time spent in space. plenty of people are playing pokemon go. in one park it is costly. see why next.
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chho beens. ausins for friends. >> it reflects our p cycling and cofe. how newrend is brought t the bay area. that's at 10. you now the epi pen is a life saver but the makers are under fire for jacking uphe
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few years. the drug make ser mylan some members of congress want the ftc to investigate the hike. there are reports that this woman here the ceo has gotten a healthy raise lately her pay ne up more than 670% in the nine years. she and others are under fire for increasing the price of the device heret prevents fatal s price went from 100-dollars t mo than $5 today up 40% of that company's profits w>> and a the sckslipped the do is down. and the s&p wasff 11. it wouldo this. poli in michiga are on pokemon patrol. they are ticketing players who violate park rules after dark.
6:47 pm
happy about this. >> and it is out of control. seriously. >> wayne police say they have handed out 61 tickets in just about one month for people lingering in the park. most like dan i had here playing pokemon go. >> $276, that was a week ago, his first was over $200 as but he will be the first to say he was in the wrong. >> i was told to l back like an idiot. and i -- i have been issued two tickets. >> when the app first appeared on the scene, the park in wayne was a hot spot, . >> there are a bunch and a gym. >> there are hundreds of people could you not find a spot here i mean to tell you this grass was all it was trambelled that much. when it started we could stay
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copstarted ginin.that t first sa givi o they started that accordingo the pyers changed it a little. >> after we heard about the crack down. >> it set back and there are t o people. and you ahead of time it is time t c >> the player is an eas targe for police. >> more of a money grab. >> they are hoping for an extended hours when it comes to hus in the park,e can compromise it is not that big of a deal. >> police say they can stay in the park but the problem is that
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it iseaded our way.orms, may my weekend i bei hell hostage. >> and skyfox. >> that works i like it. that's version 2. that's version 2. i'm wngn patent. look and lightning is about.3 m from the. that is life saving. the clouds now are rain went by today. the storms areouthf tampa bay. at i nice moved in early in the day.
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play inetween t low the m oveme. ngering.he case theyilot b ififou watching me you have a stormnderway now. it in between and over sebring. and heavy rain and lightning this is moving ridly to the west. if you are concerned it is heading for arcadia. staying south of wauand it couldnto sarasota county if it holds together. cooler here and earlier rain may not make the rn to the coast. some should. an then storms off tst ca g will move away. that's it for today. nothing of note around theay area b of the rai i thin we're pretty muc done
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aroundring and punta gaston should hurcane. invest 99l, 80% chance of development in the next five days. a toughecast. the problem really is here that we have had zero continuity from model run to model run. i mentioned earlier that we have a lot of faith iuropean mo is, last night, this a.m., i woke up. checked that out. had a strong hurricane becoming a major hnerica cutting over florida and all the way out to texas. then 12 hours later, the new run is significantly different with a storm parallelling the west coast. this is not a tract that happens -- a track that happens. the 2 a.m. run and subsequent ones this will change.
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small but never theless, with a system southeast of us, a motion to the state ihe gfs model new oneng now. i'll not buy it. it has produced weak low pressure. if it is right a model coup because in the case the european is the so we'll see how this plays out. partly cloudy. clear tonight. we're down to 77. storms moving rapidly across the state northeast to southwest tomorrow. and 92. another day with fast movg frid. we stay in the low 90s. and hangs. and it shod b tropica herme. 'll tal about that tonight at 10. all right, paul, tnks.
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a successful piz ownertory
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coming up tonight at tonight at 11. keeping drivers from gting behindll we' by keeping drivers at bay. make the roads safer. paying his respects quietly. why bill clinton made a visit to the site of a pulse nightclub in orlando. that's tonight on the 11:00 news. >> thank you, cynthia. he grew up on the streets, only to become immersed in child's play asen a adult. and kelly ring shows us he les the faces of people everyone. he is what is right with tampa
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studio is child's play. >> are youhay, bru berry's company creates kid-themed projects. for churches. is like a kid when younesses. take a project on it is y itour own. >> he -- strike -- strike startg age with his dad who an animator for disne he taught me to to cartoon and thi got sick and passed away when he was a teen. his family moved to florida he stayed behind to finish high school. >> a found a basement to live in i wasre a month or t before i could not myent.homele. >> i ended up living in my car going to high school. i lediv in a park. and through the seasons of the cold and s and wet, sleet and
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it was the best thing it put me on a path straightened me out, this is ouroom. >> he left the military and started whacky world studio in 1979. >>hard wor that's what it take it is never handed to you, i wa it whacky looking. >> he takes personal ownership of each project. >> i'll sit down and i'll draw with the clients i'll cartoon and design and create in front of y approach o company, we design it, createt, mol it, make it and installt. >> if you would let's go to the photos. >> he thankful for the pe and the b have come his way, i'm humbled of what i have and where we have gotten today. >> kelly ring, fox 13 news. >> special story. >> yes, sounds great, w keegoine
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wel seeout 10.
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te> lights, camera, access.mes lelyye over renee gives some very personal answer, she questionste >> i cou fl h tchg me. >> amy schumer on her sexual assault. i'm liz herndez. now am questioning why s's being judged for sharing her >> you know, iothis perfect rape. i'mtt evans.e. everything changed.ay is that wt you though >> why wouldou y d this tome?


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