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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 25, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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((russell- look at this. >>russell: lake-effect -- look at this. police want to hear from anyone who knows who this man might be. he may be responsible for odd behavior at the usf campus. plus -- >> hillary clinton could face trouble from wiki leaks and donald trump seemingly changing his position on immigration reform. we'll have more from the
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>>laura: and saving money. the best day of the week to book your next cruise. you can save up to 20%. and welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. probably don't want to go on the cruise in the next couple of days, though. let's get to dave to talk about what's going on in the tropics. >>dave: maybe you do to get out of here. we still have a disorganized area over hispanola and is, it's obviously much better than it was 10, 15 years ago but it still has issues when there's no definitive area of low pressure and that's why you've been seeing what we call the windshield wiper effect. models all over the place. they're starting to come to a reasonable solution that whatever that becomes, which right now is nothing more than, again, just a weak system, disorganized, whatever it becomes looks like it may run through the state early next
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rainfall threat. at minimum, a heavy rainfall threat next week. we have to get through the next few days first. how about 78 degrees outside the door now? highs 92 with rain chances very similar to yesterday at 40%. >>vanessa: update to a crash from our last report reported nebraska just south of fletcher and we're learning it's a school bus crash. we have sky fox showing us the scene. this of nebraska. everything is going to be contained to this left-turn lane. we don't have any reports of delays and the good news as well, we're hearing no injuries. there weren't even kids on the bus. that's a good result from this. looks like actually they might be bringing a second bus. my arms aren't mistaking me. maybe they'll try to take this one out of commission.
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yep. looks like they're moving along. i think you're good to go. wesley chapel boulevard outside westbound lane is going to be blocked after a crash at gateway boulevard just west of 75. >>russell: well, this is nothing short of a miracle. this accident at kennedy and west shore. they think the driver hit three different poles before wrapping the car around one of them and as bad as it looks, the driver serious injuries. accident took several hours to clean up. backed up traffic to the howard frankland. >>laura: we have some new pictures showing a person of interest involving a flasher on the usf campus. shayla reaves is there with the investigation. and the search for this person. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. those who showed up for food received more than a meal when a
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authorities tell us it happened not once but twice in the same day on the usf campus. investigators need your help to track down a person of interest. i want to you take a gad look at your screen. this is the man investigators want to identify and if you recognize him, you're encouraged to give them a call. he's not charged with a crime but again, considered a person of interest in this case. and here is the reason why. they tell us last thursday, someone entered two campus dining facilities and themselves to several people. the first report came in around 6:00 in the evening, then another two hours later. this impacted the juniper poplar dining facility and the argos dining facility as well. police tell us they want to interview the person you're seeing there on the screen. he's described only as a male believed to be between the ages of 25 and 30 years old. if you have any information that
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usf police a call. back to you. >>laura: thank you. >>russell: it's almost 7:05 and father and son are in jail this morning. the incident began with st. petersburg police trying to serve a warrant on 26-year-old xavier williams. they say he had a gun pointing at them. they shot in his direction and then williams put the gun down. he was taken into custody on robbery and kidnapping charges. his kad went to jail for harboring a fugitive. both men facing because officers found marijuana growing in the house. a lot of people in citrus county are talking about this one. 21-year-old killian mc lean accused of trashing the old county courthouse. then he climbed up on the roof. there's graffiti on the ground, a lot of broken glass. there's even damage to the clock tower. investigators say that he may have been drunk. he's facing multiple charges. awful to see. >>laura: many catholics continue to mourn the death of monsignor
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public visitation will be held on monday and tuesday with a final farewell, fine funeral mass celebrated on wednesday morning. all services are being held at st. lawrence church on north himes in tampa. higgins was one of the longest serving priests in the st. petersburg diocese, spending 49 years serving the same church. his reach, however, went far beyond the catholic church. he contributed to many local causes and was known by many as a civic >>russell: two hospitals in orlando are showing compassion for the survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting. they're not charging for medical expenses. dozens of victims. many in critical condition. they spent days, some cases weeks recovering. millions of dollars in unpaid bills. the hospital will try to get reimbursements from state and federal funds and private insurance and charity but none
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wow. former president clinton made a stop at the pulse nightclub yesterday. they say he was taking his time, reading different signatures on the memorial. he was in orlando to campaign for his wife hillary. visit comes on the same day that state attorney jeff ashton took over the case. his office will determine if the officers' use of force was appropriate. they fatally shot the gunman after a three-hour standoff. >>laura: there are now 43 non travel related cas here in florida and the latest patient is in palm beach county. the governor made that announcement during a zika round table discussion in tampa yesterday. one of the other 43 cases is in pinellas county. we're still not sure how that person got the virus. centers for disease control is trying to help, they say. they've already spent $35 million in federal funding to fight the virus. some of that money has gone to purchase items for zika prevention kits and that
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governor scott says that's not enough. he's been asking for more without getting the and he says his patience is wearing thin. congress will not vote on zika funding until after the labor day holiday. >>russell: take a look at this. an indication of how the polls can change and one poll can be different from another. donald trump has a slide -- slight lead in the stays. he has 43%. hillary clinton at 41. libertarian candidate gary johnson has eight. other 8% else or can't decide. trump came to tampa yesterday. he told supporters he's made his share of mistakes. >>laura: it's the message that many republicans have been waiting for. here is doug. >> hillary clinton will be on the attack today trying to tie donald trump to the controversial so-called alt right movement but the clinton campaign is looking over its shoulder not knowing what wiki
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hillary clinton is already facing problems ahead in the polls but battling damaging reports about possible ties between her family's foundation and the state department very p -- she presided over. now wiki leaks says more is on the way about clinton. >> it's a variety of different types of documents from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign. some they're quite interesting, some even entertaining. >> but it's not clear what specifically that will involve and clinton's campaign coffers are overflowing. during a three-day swing through california, the associated press says she raked in donations at a rate of $270,000 an hour. in total, $18 million. donald trump, meantime, lagging behind clinton nationally and in critical swing states will meet
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hispanic leaders. >> we have to follow the laws of our country. >> he's walking a fine line, trying to reassure supporters he will hold firm against illegal immigration while at the same time, suggesting that his stance has softened for illegal immigrants who are otherwise law abiding. >> let me go a step further. they'll pay back taxes. they have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty as such. there's no amnesty. but we work wit >> we work with them. if you recall, that's the position of a number of trump's rivals through the republican primary process. candidates that trump ee vis rated over this very issue. >>russell: well, he's not just man's best friend. coming up, the dog that everyone in town knows by name. >>laura: and cars that stopped by themselves when you're not paying attention. sounds like a great safety feature, right? why aaa is saying they do not
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>>dave: almost 7:11. getting ready to walk the kids to the bus stop this morning. it's warm, muggy, similar to yesterday. a few storms to finish. the rain chances today and tomorrow both at around 40%. take a look at the tropics, more in depth what's i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really?
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>>dave: pretty over lake mirror this morning. look at that. shot of the lakeland net camera. we're at 78 degrees, by the way. 70s all the way through into from that picture. 77 in frost proof, bartow you're at 77. back to the coast with sarasota at 79. bradenton at 77 and 76 for our friends in pasco county this morning. rain chances are going to runabout 40% for today. very similar to yesterday. same direction coming from the northeast or east later this afternoon. before that happens, we make it back to the lower 90s. you got a whole huge area of convection and a lot of heavy rain going on right now in the
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the circulation for this system being disrupted by these high mountain tops of the dominican republic in haiti. so i know there's a plane flying around, trying to investigate this area but it's going to be tough for development for this over the next couple of days as it interacts with this land. and really, the computer models are all saying that. it's not going to happen much here but as we move this system over the weekend, up into the bahamas and the straits of florida, a w story. then it's going to undergo a situation where you have light wind shear, no dry air around and record warm water temperatures so that's where the development will really take place as it works its way to the north and the west. so the problem with computer modelling, even the most reliable computer models is if there's no way to pinpoint a center on this, the models are
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going crazy until you find that center. that's why a couple more days will really give us a great idea. but in general, as it moves in response to this area of high pressure to the north, this high may sneak a little further east in the long term, say early next week, and if that happens, then you'll see the system start to turn more toward the north in response to that. i can tell you last night, european model and this one thing and that's the west-northwest and eventually a northerly turn the next few days. but that's where the agreement stops because they both have a completely different sized system as it comes through the area. what you need to take away from this on thursday morning at 7:16 is that early next week, we have the potential for some very
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i'm going to show you two different computer models. one with five to seven inches of rain which would obviously cause flooding and another one where you're seeing four to five, maybe six, seven -- you know, the point is that as this low or whatever form it may be moves up the west coast, say it moves up over toward the west, the primary threat at this point is no doubt goi t once again, very latest gfs model, which came out really just a few minutes ago, is showing how this system is going to start to ride up the west coast. it doesn't develop it but you don't need to develop it to cause rainfall issues and that's what i want you to get into your mind for now. obviously as the storm moves over the warmer waters away from the dominican republic, then you're going to get a better handle on the intensification part of it but this is something we need to, again, not let our
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we're talking about a system moving in monday night, tuesday and going into wednesday as well. it's thursday. i know we still have a few days and the forecast will be tweaked. it will fine tune one way or the other. two ways you can figure that out, right? watch all our news casts or okay? updated on there as well. 92 degrees for a high temperature today. tonight the overnight lows in the upper 70s. tomorrow again, 92 with lots of heat and a few afternoon storms and i don't see really changing until late in the weekend. so i will say, yeah, ink -- i think the seven day is going to change. >>vanessa: 7:18. we have sky fox in the river view area checking out a reported crash northbound 301 north of 75. the good news is it appears to minor. it is in the median but some vehicles are close to the left-turn lane. palm harbor, delays southbound
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road 39. a viewer tweeted me and said he saw a center lane blocked in the south bound direction and we're seeing some delays worth giving yourself a few extra minutes if you have to head that way. updates here, i-4 eastbound at county line road, throughout the morning we'd been watching a crash that resulted from a medical emergency with a bit of scene on the shoulder. check on the veterans expressway right now, 19 miles per hour southbound near gunn highway. overall looking at a 30 minute ride or so from the top to bottom. northbound not see anything delays at all. >>laura: thank you. it is 7:20 now. aaa does not trust the technology behind automatic braking. they say it will not prevent accidents. braking system does not always work, they say. aaa says 67% of car buyers are under the assumption that the braking system will stop the car without any help from the driver. about 10% of new cars have this automatic braking system. 40% of u.s. drivers want that feature when they buy the next time around. it will be standard on almost
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>>russell: almost 7:20. conclusive new evidence shows there's more to finding a great deal on a cruise than just hoping you get lucky. if you're planning to book one, you may want to book now. according to a study from cruise, fares are at the lowest on thursdays. they say prices can drop nearly 20%. o more than 600,000 cruise price reductions they looked over, there were more than twice as many price drops on thursdays than any other day. listen on this. don't that's considered the priceiest day to book. i want to know why. >>laura: long weekend. >>russell: maybe. all right. >>laura: new discovery. a planet that is a lot like earth. coming up, how long it would take to get there. >>russell: plus walter with an extraordinary ordinary that i'm very impressed with. >>walter: thanks. people are food and secure. many americans are.
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that just comes with being a college student, right? >> hungry minds don't think well so we want to make sure our students are well nourished and can succeed. >>walter: they want to make sure college students don't have to make the decision between books and bread. her efforts are coming up next. charley belcher is digging into some ice cream. perfect for these hot summer days. >>charley: do you smell that? it's a shame it's not smell a fresh waffle cones being made in the background. smells like waffle cones in here. i love the smell of waffle cones in the morning. i'm in dunedin. we're talking about strachans ice cream and desserts. they started this in palm harbor, two locations, one in dunedin and now a new family is continuing this tradition.
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((laura-2 shot)) welcome back to good day tampa bay". the time is 7:--. there's a lot of torando damage to clean up today in indiana.(russell)) >>laura: there's a lot of tornado damage in indiana. >>russell: the town of kokomo was the hardest hit. tornado may have been an ef3 with winds as high as 165 miles an hour. damage is extensive. piles of rubble where homes and businesses once stood, incredibly no reports of anybody being seriously hurt. the he says that campaign will have to wait. >> governor of indiana, i have no higher priority than the safety of the people of our state and so we're headed home and we'll be home so long as it takes for to us make sure these communities have the resources and support they need to put themselves back together after these very violent storms. >>russell: close to 30,000 people lost power.
7:26 am
tornados in indiana and ohio this week. >>laura: the death toll from an earthquake in central italy is up to 247 now. searchers say that 9d -- 90% of people they pulled are dead but there are stories of survival, including a 10-year-old girl found under a pile of debris after rescuers heard her calling for help. people standing nearby began to cheer when she was pulled out. te quake struck probably the worst time, around 3:00 in sleeping. >>russell: new documents show the soldier who fatally shot five dallas police officers last month had symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. he sought treatment for aing sglit, depression and hallucinations but v.a. doctors had come to the conclusion that he did not pose a threat to himself or to others. police had to deploy a bomb carrying robot to kill him. >>laura: there is a cake controversy in northern
7:27 am
sacramento are facing backlash today after posting a picture of a ken doll birthday cake that was dressed like a barbie. while some people were delighted, others began to trash it almost immediately. one of the bakery owners says there was a lot of rude comments that turned into an lgbt debate. somebody who attended the birthday party that this case was meant for told fox news the backlash took the group by surprise. >>russell: astronomers found a new planet that ours. earth. about the same size, planet warm enough for liquid water and rocky terrain. it would take more than 20 years for a spacecraft travelling at 20% the speed of light to reach it. another four years for any information to arrive back on earth. >>laura: one of the best towns in the country to live in is right here. coming up, where it is. >>russell: you have to wonder on that planet they're saying the same thing. >>laura: about us. >>russell: yes.
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when no one else would. alcides segui is on that story. >>reporter: brave men supporting other brave men. sarasota county sheriff's office stepping up to support and honor those who sacrificed and gave it
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>>dave: 7:31. let's head down to the tropics because we still have this very disorganized system down there. planes are flying around every six hours to investigate this. what really they're looking for is the low level center. in the past couple of days, they haven't been able to find it. not finding it again this morning.
7:32 am
pretty tough winds inside there. 50, 55 miles an hour with gusts. this disorganized system will eventually move west-northwest. it's going to move into an area, the florida straits, or even bahamas, where it's favorable for development over the weekend. so while you sit here and say, it's nothing, you're right. it is. however, the potential is there for the development plus as it tracks up toward our state and perhaps up the west coast, i want you to think heavy because that will be, i think, the primary issue right now early next week. now, i want to stress this again. this is not going to be a saturday, sunday deal in our area. we're talking late monday, tuesday, wednesday as this system moves through. the big question mark is will it be a tropical storm? a depression? will it be an open wave? i still think heavy rain is going to be the dominant threat right now, and again, we're going to talk much more about this coming up in the latest
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tampa leaders will discuss the fate of a popular music festival that landed people in jail, the hospital and two young people died. we told you about the issues with the sunset music festival in may. event was held at raymond james. police arrested dozens of concert goers for drug use. two young people even died from overdoses. today tampa fire, police and tampa sports authority will release their findings at a city they'll discuss ways to improve safety and cut down on drug use and they could even decide to deny the festival a permit for 2017. >>laura: port richey is the latest place in the bay area to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. anyone caught with less than 20 grams will receive a civil citation and have to pay a fine but no jail time and no criminal charges. tampa is already allowing that. st. petersburg and lakeland are considering it. new this morning, three fallen
7:34 am
attend their funerals. >>russell: a group of sarasota deputies stepped up to honor these veterans and alcides segui is in sarasota county with their story. good morning. >> yeahment it's a good day, good deed, no doubt about that. sheriff's office going above and beyond to pay respects to those who served our country. the department put the pictures on their page and they got a lot of attention. they attended a burial services of three u.s. army veterans who friends in attendance on the the department's facebook page it states, the community affairs office put out a call across the agency and of course, it did not take long before several deputies, including from several different ranks just decided to attend that that burial service and the services were held at the sarasota national cemetery. and according to their facebook page, it says we hope the servicemen rest easy knowing their service to our great
7:35 am
were in their 80s, one actually 87 years old and the other was 83. they passed away earlier this month and there was also a vietnam veteran that was included in yesterday's service to coming up a little later on day kay, we reached out to the sarasota county sheriff's office. they're open to speaking to us about the event and why they got involved and how they heard about the burial services. so again, hopefully we'll talk to them in the 8:00 hour. back to you. >>russell: see you then. thank you. >>laura: 7:35. you've been chosen as one of the best places to live in the united states. and siesta key is a big reason why. it's one of the best beaches in the country. but u.s. news and world report took several other things into consideration, too, when putting the list together. things that add to the quality of life. the average commute time in sarasota is 23 minutes. median home price is almost $227,000. and the average household salary is just shy of $40,000 a year. and sarasota schools do a good
7:36 am
college, too. health care was another factor to consider. scores very high. only one other place made the top 20. melbourne at number eight, best place to live. mc allen, texas. you know it? >>russell: yeah. >>laura: town is along the mexican border. seems to come as a little surprise to our texas guy, russell rhodes. >>russell: yeah. >>laura: no? >>russell: no. >>walter: u.s.f. students went back to campus a few days ago setting u used to the new class schedule. there's an even better worry. it's food. many college students are food insecure. and that problem is worse than you might think. that's where this week's extraordinary ordinary comes in. >> eating well and balanced is important for everybody, especially with college students. hungry minds don't think well so we want to make sure that our students are well nourished and can succeed academically.
7:37 am
nutritionist on the university of south florida. in her mission for better meals, they discovered a recurring theme. >> some students didn't have the resources available to purchase the foods that i was recommending. we have students that are financially independent and rely on financial aid so when financial aid runs out, sometimes they do struggle with being able to actual ly afford groceries. this was really students that don't have the >>walter: students now have a place to turn to. a campus food pantry appropriately called, feed a bowl. >> you get two breakfast items, two snack items, two canned soups, two canned protein, a bag of rice, two vegetable, two fruit so they kind of have a variety of items. >>walter: it might not look like much but this closet takes care of 20 to 25 students a week. yes, students. only students.
7:38 am
they do, however, need a valid student i.d. this extraordinary ordinary says that hopefully one day this closet will be an entire grocery store with fresh produce examine gives students the ability to choose food for themse. as a nutritionist helping to feed those insecure, feed a bowl is intangible. >> we've had students that have sent us thank you cards. i mean, when you read those, it just again, it just makes you feel good and it allows you to know that you are providing tha wtknow we are doing the right job here. >>walter: this program relies solely on donations, food and monetary. their goal is to get to $3500 by mid september. right now they're close to 1,500. i put all this information on my facebook page. there you can find all that and you can put in some suggestions for extraordinary ordinaries. just go to facebook fox 13 walter allen. laura? >>laura: thank you. if you're in downtown tampa and
7:39 am
the last day you can set on a very different kind of beach. the last few weebs over a million plastic balls have filled amalie arena. thousands of people have been drawn in, too. everyone from kids to adults which, as you can see right there, those are kids at heart. the idea came from a similar project that was held in washington, d.c. but it is coming to an end. the attraction is free but it's suggested you book a time slot on facebook. the last session is a p.m. >>dave: the rays and the red sox play again this afternoon at tropicana field. they won 11 innings last night. 40-year-old red sox slugger became the oldst player in major league history to hit 30 home runs in a season. the rays were able to overcome a three-run deficit and forced extra innings and they won the
7:40 am
this blistering ground ball went to first base. running to tag the bag, he comes home from second to score. rays beat boston 4-3 snapping a two-game losing streak. the rays will start a road trip tomorrow in houston. tv ratings for the olympics were okay, not great. an average of 25 million viewers during prime time. that's down 18% from the londo but nbc says a lot of people were streaming the olympics on the web and mobile devices. more than three billion minutes worth of coverage. social media also popular during the olympics with facebook reporting 1 1/2 billion posts, 187 million tweets resulting in 75 billion views on twitter. those numbers are just huge.
7:41 am
washington, d.c. area. yesterday she threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the nationals game. she wore her medals to the ball park but had to take them off beforehe threw. we know she won five medals in rio, four gold. she's enjoying some time at home before heading to stanford where she will be a freshman. she'll continue her training and i'm sure we'll see her four years from now. nice pitch. a lot going on in the tropics this
7:42 am
i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really? i'm still looking for their socks. seriously, you want me to hurry? oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing.
7:44 am
that's my plan. >>dave: 7:44. nice thursday morning. won't you say? hilton clearwater beach, beautiful water temperatures still at 89 degrees.
7:45 am
august now but of course, it's still in the lower 90s for high temperatures. you look upper 70s to start, some mid 70s inland. we're starting the same. we're going to finish the same. 40%. keep an eye for the afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. 92 for a high today. 93 for a high temperature tomorrow. and it's really a waiting game and just seeing what happens with this big cloud mass which, yeah, we've been calling it 99l. invest. this is depression. it's not a tropical storm. could it be? absolutely. i think for that to happen, though, it's going to have to the higher elevations, the e of- mountains of hispanola and haiti. there's a big mountain chain here separating this country and you can see a lot of times what that does is tend to disrupt any type of circulation from developing. in general, it's going to move west-northwest and the thing i don't want people to let their guard down about is that while,
7:46 am
but there's no low level center. it may take its sweet time and it may be up here, right? just before coming into the state early next week wre it starts to intensify. so don't be surprised if you're into the weekend and it's still invest 99l and then all of a sudden, it just ramps up. lighter wind shear up here, extremely warm waters up here making it conducive for development once it moves away from the but the long-term question is where does it go? what kind of impact does this have on us? the two most reliable computer models that we use, the global ones, one is the gfs, the brand new gfs takes a weak system, not even a depression, just a ton of moisture and rides it up the west coast of our state through next week. that's going to bring us a lot
7:47 am
the european also takes the same path so this might be the first time in this whole cycle of models over the past few days they've agreed on the path. this one makes it a stronger tropical storm. either way, both models predicting a lot of rainfall for us and that's what i want you to focus on right now. prepare at this point for some heavy rain, the whole ste week. not just the panhandle, not just south port but i think all the way up the spine of the state. minimum we're going to have to deal with several inches of rain. as this storm approaches south florida late this week, early next week, we'll fine tune it, the wind forecast. 92 degrees for a high temperature today. rain chances normal. normal rain chances for tomorrow going into the weekend. i can tell you the seven-day will obviously change as we get into next week but in the of your mind, i want you to
7:48 am
possibility. say monday, late monday, tuesday and into wednesday. that's what we have for you now, vanessa. >>vanessa: thank you, dave. and check the roadways here. it's 7:48. unfortunately we're starting off this report with some sad news out of spring hill, a deadly crash reported at the intersection of harrow road and elk lane. we do have lane blocks here for a crash investigation. usually those take a few hours so avoid the area. we don't have many details who is involved with this but information. as far as the traffic standpoint, it's more in a neighborhood so less of a traffic impact but to get around this, take mariner just to the east. we'll get to pasco from here. state road 52 at hicks. we have some lane blockage mostly westbound delays. plan extra time heading that way and bradenton, a crash reported with the left southbound lane blocked at west. let's see how that congestion is looking. pretty heavy here bearss avenue to i-4.
7:49 am
interchange from 75 if you're taking i-4 westbound and eight mites bween the selmon a i-4 alongorthbound 75. >>laura: we all know that ryan lochte has sea legs but let's hope he doesn't have two left feet. he's in talks right now with "dancing with the stars." if he joins the cast, it would not be his first stint on reality tv. back in 2013, he starred on a brief e-series what would rye on lo controversy, as you know, with the rio olympics. 32-year-old said he was robbed at gun point which was not exactly true. ason 23 of "dancing with the stars" premiers september 12. and it looks like j-lo is single once again. 47-year-old singer and her 29-year-old boyfriend, catcher smart, are no longer a couple. they've been on and off since 2011 but for the most part, they're kept out of the spotlight. they met not long after lopez
7:50 am
anthony. sources say they've weeks nnds. ps for her had no comment. >>russell: minnesota dog is proving old habits die hard but it's all worked out for the best. bruno was a stray in a small town of longville. well, he was eventually adopted by a loving family but you know, turns out that bruno, laura, just didn't want to be tied down. so every day, the bear-like dog walks four miles from his home to the center of town and there he continued to roam the streets. snacked on treats and gorged on belly rubs. he's been doing this for the last 12 years. only about 150 people live in the town so everybody knows his name, bruno. one sculptor decided to make a in the park with a sign that
7:51 am
ambassador. we well deserved title, we think. >>laura: that's kind of cool. a mascot. >>russell: i assume he goes back home. >>laura: i was wondering the same thing. >>russell: maybe somebody puts him in the car and takes him home. >>laura: nose looks sore. >>russell: no. just life. >>laura: make sure bruno is good. >>russell: that's just life. >>laura: we'll get over to charley belcher. hello. >>charley: good day to you. i'm in dunedin at they're known for being family owned and operated. the ingallharts are known for ice cream and carrot cake so you know they had to combine it. that's carrot cake ice cream. oh, my goodness does that look good. then that butter finger ice cream caught my eye, too. it all caught my eye and it will catch my stomach eventually. stick around.
7:52 am
here's what ed narain believes
7:53 am
and i oppose private school vouchers that take funds away from public education. i opposed "stand your ground" gun laws and i'm against rick scott's hate-filled agenda. i strongly support medicaid expansion and i want to increase the minimum wage. democrat ed narain. endorsed by florida's teachers and kathy castor. hey girls wanna be in the commercial?
7:54 am
(anchors wrap with charley) ((russell/2 >>charley: "good day." i'm charley belch coming to you from dunedin this morning. it was in the late 90s when mr. and mrs. strachan opened a little ice cream place in palm harbor. it took off. it was the homemade recipes, the sweet couple.
7:55 am
dunedin and had great success. they're no longer with us. they passed away. however, the ingallhart family bought the business and are keeping it exactly the same. really. just great commemorative family and brook is the daughter of this new family here keeping it up and running. you're running the dunedin store. >> yeah. both locations. palm harbor as look familiar to people. it was a neighborhood classic, wasn't it? still is. >> oh, yeah. i mean, we're right in the community of the street from palm harbor middle school. so we get all the kids from after school and, you know, families all the time. >>charley: it was important for you guys to continue the strachan traditions. her carrot cake, the ice cream made with tender loving care. >> all his recipes, he would
7:56 am
were busy and all the carrot cakes, award winning for 16 years. that's all hers. we can't take the credit. it's all her. >>charley: that's nice and still this is a great neighborhood place. we love to come in here. you do it all. ice cream, cakes, pies, waffle cones. >> and fudge. >>charley: and you're making it here. >> all made right here, too. we make the waffle cones and fudge in front of the customers and cakes and pies are all done in the back, fresh every day. if we didn't make ice cream and cakes and pies every day, we would be piped >>charley: nice walkup window. if you bring the dog through, they might get a low fat yogurt treat. >> they jump up there. that's the puppy window. they get their ice cream. >>charley: you're going to show how you make your world winning, world prized -- what am i trying to say? carrot cake. >> yeah. >>charley: and i want to give a
7:57 am
she had a little incident this morning. she's not going to make it but she's home watching, we hope you're watching and sorry you're not here with us. >> yes. we love her. >>russell: do you know back in the old days when before you took my job that i did a show at the other ice cream place? the other one? >>charley: i'm sure you d. the original location. i'm sure. >>russell: and i didn't pronounce it right back then. i can tl y right now, i did not pronounce is want that job you have right there. >>laura: it's coming. >>russell: you most likely have seen allhe bng brought to the area. a girl from plant high school wants to do something about it. >>laura: at 8:00, find out what this teenager is giving up in order to help all these pets. we'll be right back. ?
7:58 am
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in flo be that if ahild, a senior or one of our four legged friendwas trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
8:00 am
((russell a ?proper farewell - to three men who fought for our country.. what a local a proper farewell to three men who fought four our couny. did when they found oh three war veterans were to be buried with little fanfare. epi pen frustrations it is at an all time high. that cost, this morning four ways to a save money on this lifesaving tool. from tab's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's eight!. i'm ssl rhod i'm lau


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