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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:56pm EDT

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>> a tota s with whats brewingutn theul g the late efficntn the pression >> we'rechatingest 99 for 12s. and and this is what it is. and >> and. >> and blowing in and you arengt is not underneath the clust of storms. westn cuba that's the problem
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head our way. we'll be on the wet side. the models have a track of a tropical storm heading to thebia thursday f now i not favor it is always a concern. environmt ives canoning the int,he envirment does not e overify on the line it could e right-hand side. that's t dirty side. we rain and
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will be many hours of a west this verifies. miles per hour. andou g the winds o coast. be an issue.looding and it could and it isafternoon thursday and winds. strongest atlook the wesloudy we'll talbo 'll wan you. for p who wanted to b
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will be more on the storm. and standing water that's raising concerns. managers say it is importantnd on the property as soon as can you. that will rede the number o mes and prevent the spread of the zi >> containers we made, class tick jugs, tires, saucers, they will hone in on those partly because they are close to the types of people they like to and ey arereat habitats. >> therere 530ravel
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did ht she dtik. >> for the family a vacation in the virgn islands was a break from reality, exploring, snorkeling. it was an aamazing end. >> it came with mount st. mosque she started feeling worse on the i started noticing a thathowedp like prickly hea pread and covered me all together. >> when she got home looked up herympts,ou cck thboxe that mypts
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to the doctorhinking she could i knew there was nothing that woul me but mak se i wasakg all t right ch to minimize t ris to anyone else that was scary. >> st rults cack and confngirmi the she had travel related zika. the symptoms went away within days but it can linger for weeks. to keep them from spreading it to others she wears she wants others to take symptoms seriously. >> the iortant thing to educate our maintain around what we need to do to mimize tpact a. that's what we can do together. that's the thing we can control. >>he fas nestecae eyere nothowig
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>>a cribse with bullets andhe girlhat i the crib was shot in the wrist. it was after a drive by sh the video shows the car involved and speeding awayfter opening fire. it is unclear who the target was but he says the mother of the baby is aan member. he is furious abo her claims that she was tniur herife around. >> it is bs, they are trying to turn their lifeun turning it around do it. throw the crimina o o t houshing has to be done, the cnr kids danr. eir ownhen bng someone's life io it.
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ren in the home, gang. including two are staying with her family. after a girl is a judges frustrated. it is delay after delay. granitchie is aused of dumping her body near the courtney campbell causeway. arey and ming matrs wse the torneys had a trial that too a couplef monthso wrap up. the t that's aon time to get itears done. >> yes, for two and a half
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, i wouay we can be ready se trial,e wants t set aialat nn cot. theaswill hold thme crtouecides what to do with the dth penalty laws. >>th day for mongisnor he ishe fouinri pt of the church on himes he was the director for 50 he died on wednesday but a public viewing with the rosary at 7:30. there are visitations tomorrow from noon 9 p.m. wednesday morning. f primary day across the state oflodaut cordg elecs 2 million fdon'aveo vote t
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the rest are votingy mail. a you watchg. >> here weave a republican and decratic race w the republican race we're not seeing surpris here. g. the makf a blow out and millions of dollars. moreour own down in some cases he is not gettictagnst with thih over ala. grayson ishe unddo leaders
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cruise to the nominations as the pollsuggt. that will be a nai ber and, could debbie waerman-z knocd
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we'll olitics and we'll ha perspecti the cell get int the ma. 11:30. >>expaeport asyou well.
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there was a big crowd today at a a big crowd here at the job
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airport. they are opening new restaurants and the new food court. >> it is very nice. and lloyd sowers reports there is a big constructionro pct. >> the airport is not just a place to catch a plane t is a place to g to work. something i wanted to do. >> and tracy stephens was part of a b crowd at an airport job fair with nearly 300 positions to fill. experience. >> many of the jobs are for the new food court set to open. if you have not been here a new restaurants have opened. it is part of the overhaul that will bring 65 shops to the airport. it does not stop there. >> they are building a new 1 .4-mile people mover to take you from the plane to a newental car facility rating thousands of
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the eloyment page. that would --woulde a fun place toork. ard rock or all of the above. check it if you are looking. they are there and as is the storm now wch is technically tropical depression. we don't have a name for it here in the next couple oys it
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had bands o rainoi was coming . we have a lot of moistur oever us, despite the fact that the clouds increase rapidly today. another day above average. 1.26 for the year. can yo see today how there is a reflection of the low pressure. look at the wind these arrows are whipping along from east to west. that's an indicator. and tomorrow will be another day just likeoday in place and any e heating makes the air bube up. you have storms moving at us now there is light rain for our friends in englewood and venice
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>> it is moving. couple of showers around tampa bay it is around and a wet afternoonnd a few citrus and couple of storms in hernando and rain jumping over 75. and the next half hour. they're in the 70s and avu a wave near texas. avu a wave near texas. storm across the atlantic. there will be a race to see who gets hermine first. either 8 or 9 if 8, 9 could be ian or 9 could be hermine and 8 could be ian.
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first. it is a race. a plane from macdill. and we saw 1006 mili bar. no strong winds. 35 miles per hour. and 84. west. a upper level trough and the storm of all things is going to do a u-turn. this happens a lot in there will be a trough and grab the depression. this is the problem. that you have a track that will be northf u the center is up here. that's far away. and t srm a sea out. there will belooding.
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tornadoes. this is not bad. and it could be between 5 and 8 inches. any time you have a storm moving across the waters of the gulf the environment doesn't favor the it can happen it has happened before. we didn't think it would. something we'll have baby s and see how this plays out. tomorrow m up most likely there will be a tropical storm watch o and the compur melsrein picking up on that approhing trough. and look at all t tpica moisture the system. why w are conce about heavy rain. let's take a look. these are projected rain fal
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you know 3 to 5 european chose and lesser amounts. the wind speeds up on thursday and 44 appears to be the lucky number. the highest tides are tuesday afternoon. rt some heavy near 9 clouding up on wednesday and more persistent or consistent. 85 degrees on the 7 day forecast. and we see slow improvement for the weekend. temperatures then up near0. scott. in sports bigames of the week aic in t forecast. if you seehris archer and with georgepringer.
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more chance to make the case to
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(scott) ursday night the only place youing to thursday the only place you will see is jameis winston is on the sidele it is all about the backups. and the most hotly contested position is at wide rver. th they hav lockedp spotsment we have eight players battling for three spots and played in the system. that gives russell sheperd the edge. >> the biggest ihi taken the step and you know second yr in offense and two t the reps. i reiver andsh cooinator
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us up. from theeight roomhe meeting room. you know to the studying everything. and that -- and the competition it is best out of eryone. you have to be on your ps and qs. and the are finally ni his tmyeh he willitch in first big league geam. and by chris archer in the win over houston. and a 10 pitch with george springer. he was pumped up looks and maybe jawing a little at one another. after the game springer said you know he was playing coy but he was asking what his favorite animal was. he said there is no beef we're
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big games of the week. and one ste further predicking the sports forecast. check the picks from last week. this one a three check mark week. we started monday getting that right. boston over the rays. missed that o. we have the midweek game and the west and the preeason game. rounded outhe week and 3 out of 5. how aut last week' picks. we're starting with three and he has not lost. red sox win that one. d they give oneack. tennessee appalachian stayed. we know he can sprin the upt. that happen thursday? not on thuday. tennese is good. how about friday?
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after two scares spreading panic throughout the airport. >> put the candle back. >> don't put the candle back. >> remembering the betweenous of
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in florida, it used toe that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i we to save them unless we were willing to bsued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we dana young for the florida senate.
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m hillary clintothis message. t now. the world's clean energy super. power's either going to be geany, china, u and i'go make sure is us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first te, to precision manufacturing.
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th we are following what is going on in the tropics tonight very closely.((kelly)) tropal depression number we are following the tropics. >> depression number 9. >> we'll be talking about this for a couple of days. thes concern if weave a bad set up here it is like
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and you a system usually in ought most of theime in oug if somhing i going here and up to louisiana and it is unusual to have a trough approachinghe t it will pick up the system and. and in the gulf it is not favoring any rapid there is sheer and getng cranked ups it moves to the big bend area of the state in a couple of days. deeper convection and center and 24 north and 84.8 west. 35. and you know this track verifies the models are coming into agreement and a track that is
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puts us on the wet side. wind near the coast this will not be hurricane force winds in the viewing area but a fast crying night and thursday and hear rain and gusty winds and coastal flooding. and modeling and update the forecast at 6:45. >> the race for the white house donald trump is getting to give a speech. and over the reports of e-mails. and we have more from happy, hoping to make up ground during a speech on illegal immigration. and he is to lay out his policy that has seen a shift in the ndidate. >> the piece of his legislation has in his campaign is bui the wall. no amnesty no citizenship.
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the campaign is busy figuring out what stance they want to take the clintons are facing criticism and accepting dough nayss while hillary clinton was the secretary of state. they are pointing to the dropping trust woriness but experts say at this point voters will not be swayed. >> you see democrats saying that her numbers are so high in some higher than trump but she is ahead of will not be trusted. >> a poll shows that the historically the number of voters have an unfavorable view of the democratic candidate more than any other election in recent history. the poll shows that clinton is with a commanding lead and the gap closing since this month. >> if you vote for clinton this is what you get.
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>> reporter: two days to go, both campaigns are trying to bring in money as we get into the final ten weeks of the election. >> he resigned over a texting scandal and anthony weiner is in trouble over sexually suggestive photos again. the post ran pictures that he send to another woman. according to the post he is lying on a bed with his son texting the wom in his wife huma abedin, the vice chair of the hillary clinton's campaign said it is time to separate from him. and after posting a picture of himself on twitter. he admted to exchanging messages and photos with sever women. hundreds filled a cathedral to honor nuns found murdered
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foun death innt yearsg the neede home las wee aft they did not show up for work at a rodney sanders is charged in the case. he is being held without bond. he confessed but gave no reason. following controversy the maker of the epipen said it will make a generic version of the device. mylan said a general version will cost only $300 for a two pack. a regular two pack is over $600. they are used in emergencies to street allergies to insect bites. food, nuts and eggs that can lead to shock. the device last a year and they have to be thrown away after a year. they have been accused of price gouging since the price has gone up 500% in the past few years.
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los angeles as we find out there were two scares that caused a bit of panic. >> a chaotic scene as they emptied the terminals. police started receiving reports of a shooter in terminal 8. word spread throughout the terminals by word of mouth and social media and calls made to the police shooter in other terminals. the panic caused more than 2 cancellations and delays.ted and >> and people saying there is a shooter. everyone is in a panic, we got off the plane and saw just a would mob a crowd running to us. we started running. >> the airport said about the same time there were reports of a masked man with a sword and
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that word was plastic. >> no charge nothing like that. everything is clear. there was a misunderstanding. >> the situation follows terror attacks on airports in belgium and turkey and shots fired at jfk in new york this month. police say last night's shoinot noises.ere caused which by loud and the concerns across the country lax has dealt with attacks in the the recently in 2013 when aan killed an agent. in los angeles adam housely, fox news. a senator from new york is pushing for a firefighter cancer registry. charles schumer presented the bill. it would be voluntary and managed by the cdc. there would be information diagnosed with cancer and track where they battled the fires. it would be used to see if the
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that information would be compared to other cases to see if there is a connection between exposure and the rate of cancer in dying know ses. that could be upunning by the first of next year. fans are remembering an actor known for his committeddic roles and portrayal of one of the most iconic cracters in movie history, come with me and you'll be in a world of pur imagation. >> gene wilder, who starred as the candy man in the classic willie wonka and the factory died after complications from alzheimer's. he was known for classics like blazing saddles and young frannstein. he was paid with richard pry an his late wife.
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new video shows a dramtic view of the devastation in central italy from a powerful earthquake. italian firefighters are releasing drone a e devastation in italy showing the deruction caused by the ago ago in italy. the death toll has gone up by 2. nearly all of tm are coming from one town. we have the very latest. >> the death toll is rising after the earthquake in central italy. and looking for survivors and
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the buildings that are dangerously close to falling down. >> and can you see behind me the firefighters are working with the mobile ladder trying to remove the tiles that are loose and a chimney that is not stable. >> and the earthquake destroyed several towns. thousands are displaced from the homes with many living i tents or their cars. >> all the days i have been living in a car nea the riv. now the bishop said he will speak with the c they can put hol sacrament >>he pope will visit with those the region. >> ahe readiness of which the authoties. police civil pction operating demonstrates how important solidarity >> brothersnd sisters, i hope vis y tng tou in person t comfort of faith. b ony
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epi center of the earthquake but saw littleamage do you to a government program that manateened buildings. >> if the project did not place we would be inhe situation as others. >>nd museu will donate ticket sales from sunday's sales to the rebuilding effort. nearly 2rthquake survivors needing shelter have been staying that in the camps and other governmentlters. as ofow no plans have been announced fousing. and mark zuckerbg met fe to facwith the pope. they met withope in vatican city. theyant to use technology to relieve poverty in some of the most disadvantageed communities. he posted on facebook. the popeay have seen it
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she isnown as lucy. oldest
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llary clinton and i he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexo. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. again, if you don't make things so don't believe the hat.yout
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(mark/ if you spent anytime outdoors this weekend---listen up. it's peak season for ticks across
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peak season for ticks. how a bite can result in lyme disease and something worse a rare and fatal condition that can stop your heart. how to protect yourself tonight. and stocks now and some gains they hope for higher interest rates. and it is -- jumping 107. s&p gaining 1 1. scientists may have discovered how the oldest an crestor the she may have died after falling from a tree a study ggests the cracks in the bones match fractures seen in humans who suffer injuries from a high fall on to the hard ground. her upper arm bone was shattered suggesting that she stuck out her arm to break your fall. they saw similar fractures in the ankle, knee, rib bone.
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in the moment of traumatic injury. the fall killed her bones can heal in a living body. lucy's body had no signs of healing. her remains were found in ethiopia in 1974. let's rn back to paul now a lot can happen. we're looking at a lot of rain. >> let's close attention. >> from the moisture coming from the atlantic, we up 2 inches of rain, squalls now around orlando. between now and friday when you add the rain up five days in a row, you have a calculation could be a half foot to a foot. and the moisture a cool sky on thell chirp's camera looking east. that's a need loong sky. area of lowressure is southwes of us.
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depression with winds of 35 miles per hour. it has us on alert. you have a system in the gulf and the waters are warm and as warm as they get in the year. the thing that is going to save from us a huge, huge deal is the fact that there is a lot of dry air around and shear and it does not go bonkers. i'm not saying it capital happen. it happens. you get a cat 2 or 3. those are thehi of our head we watch and wait and tine signs of development. 91 was the high today be -- yeah the high is 90, average is 90. low 75. satellite and radar you can see the wind arrows. watch. they are whipping in east to east indicating there is more motion in the atmosphere today than there has been the past couple of days a group has gone by but there are other storms
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rained in other spo. that's moving to the west. you have rain hea from lake was and frost proof from the east. you have nothing around tampa bay but sprinkles and showers frommest withern polk and you get rain i brooksville and down 50 to 19. inverness and everything is moving to the west. and a group of storms passing by orlando t is an indicator of the amou - fall. temperatures a cooled because ofheer rain. there is the spin off the coast of cuba. lots ofs, not on the center but displaced and unst oen cter. l that gs away it will be a struggle. we'reot expecting much intesfy of all the maps in the pt, you
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red. dry air here and that's why there will be limiting factors on how much the storm can intensify. and the systems are heat machines. they have moisture to work with. and it could hinder the development. that's what we're banking on. the 24 north and top winds and it accelerates. any tck like this here and here it is about the same. it is a gusty wind with squalls and rainnd this i a prime spot whe there could be tornadic activity on thursday.
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>> and highs back up near 90. d thursday not so good rain and squalls and friday we're back to typical summertime stuff the message is not to hype. and always concerned about giving the wrong message out. it had to be balanced and not go crazy. any time you have a system in the gulf. that way. you have to be concerned. >> and we have to look at that if it pitches t the north. >> we'll have the southwest win similar to collin which impacted us back in jun where you have, you foe, 12 hours of 45 miles per hour winds from the uthwt. you will have flooding. >> and the good news is thathe people watching me now tha live in the sts know the deal and know howo handle the high
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>> a lotf people have bn wonderg when will w kw the track, tomorrow? >> every run we get a better idea n we g a sense. but to say the srm will be on that lin on a thursday whe this is monday it is tough to do. it'sot right. there will be fetuning. >> okay. >> updates a 10. >> watch facebookive. >> are you a rk star. >> hug >> [ laught ] >> that's his ten minutes. >> a you supposed to say yes, i don't want to lie. >> me and free time. >> we'l you then. >> can't wait. still ahead tonight, helpi
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my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningit vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. while unmmon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trs a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds trevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines.
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a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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coming up tonight at 11 tonight at 11, mold concerns at a charter school and parents come fe to face with the school ceo who is putting their chilen at risk. we'll have that for you. and w primary day less than 24 hours away, an app madeere is helping voters take a stando. thank you, cis thatening birth dr work ishat'sh tampa bay. >> marks of beauty a baby darcy. i think thecar is gorgeous, darcy was less than 30 hou old when she had surgery. >> this is the chest tube scar. this is her scar fromhe pair,
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>> it is a defect it the diaphragm does not form normally. >> me here, kids are born wit lungs that may be half t size of normalr ahird the siz of normal. >> tifny is her mom. her baby girl's cdition was discovered after a full body scan in michigan. >> they said she h a 25% group that led her to johns a hopkin allhildren's hospita >> being here now is a miracle. i'min fng it a miracle. >> one in 00 babies are born with the defect every year. >>e're goo at this,e have gotten srter at knowi should haveurgery and that's an important concept. >> a concept that has produced a 90% success rate. >> the end of the day we bieve
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surve. >> it has been three months here to they can have a lifetime. it worth it. >> time that has changed her family forever. >> i can be a mom becau of them; three months there. they can have a lifetime, precious goodness, yes. >> the news keeps on going. in florida, it used toe that a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was hr re n allowed to sa them unless we were willinge?
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n do. afteale love they give. dana young for thelorida senate. n da return to common sense. give. z23msz zy6z
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but before i do that, i'm going to talk. that retu.eech,haromance, it was bonceho ruled the i'm sco evans and who's that verything youd to ideo? know taylor. >> she's someone i've been in loveith since i was 22 years old. >> trueov l on thestage, we takeou momen by moment drik an evening. >> which of the style stars was draped in $12 million worth of jewels and why not keep the couture flowing and flashback


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