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mous 32 years? >>yes. just thinkbo howany peoe e me happy. >> imagine retirement for r. >> tim f fox 1 11:00 news. thanks, ys. updated information the tropical depression nine. woma theks really ints.ely scary. >> wll show you wha people areoing to >> that'shy'msking the peoplfe o floda to return me to the it ssenate tt i can connue this wk on yourbelf that were sred, our, budesfe we have a large sta the staf taking care of em. >> a frightening end tthe scho day. lightning sends two teacher to
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gotn updaten tropical deession number nine so let's head to paul for the latest. this close to bei a icalontinues to impve to tomorrowt, i will be aropical ms nowreni to s, isnder stt. you s le theery -- ntend other way and there's some d ow blowing from the ts of the efficientac mne in theulf of ki of workingtogether. these tlropi systems literally are heat machines. thisne is becgin better organized so ptty soon, ts is going become a tropical storm ands it'egni t tn
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tropical depression nine, 24. to winds a 35 andhe t's t essure o tusan millibars. this iday at 8:00 a.m. pretty f teest of tampa, aouple huned miles buttion from nohet, the storm going in that direcon tends piler u along our west coas so would expect sooding likely thursdaylongur coast line, especlly duringhe mid afternooh tide betwe 2:00-3:0 here, a 70 mile anr tropicalor the hurrica center --
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gog to be on the sou a soutast deit's not t place tbeae uth west as potentiallym strong tropilca storm cat rrane pseo th t to emt.the forecasracketng locked . butsalways it's been like year forecasting is alway tough because we still d not
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onship between atsphere and t ocean andow that kind of comes together inte tro system. ry heavy rainfallear the ast, a. this is primaly ler tomorrow nightnt i thursday and withhe south and south west wind we ma have top that. maybe 4. obvisly higrat wer as y get clor to the center but t predied winds arroay ternoon,ll the water up alo the coastein and we learnhis from tcal astor li in ely june. stil caud issslour asdot.t et,il m out is the continentalhe, it's shallow, eye upwater. astalloinlwhreat r. we'l tkorebond eeou ain a 11:2 backo you.>>nk tha you,paul
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safe than sorry. >>man: just putting extra lines slack in the l for stoe's enough andhis le sngoc anli rolng a ltlebit. the marin provided slip and lied for us so we weren't ing allea bt up. >>reporter: schools say it's too early to determine if any schools will close on thay. w dneer trow te dtrticiscu >> a themessere fromt. ress ohat seriouy.>>mave we' bnblessed, w haven't had a hurricane in quite a while but we're going to have
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hurricane watch zone so you know all es are glued to theadar tonight. we saw several people in this spring hill area today filling sandbags to fortify their homes. many of them telng us a strong rain shower could lea t flooding em. definitely concerns eto could bring thr feet or more o storm surge.
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ephisgers crsed. up theteenr nsole l you can . >>man: y w actuayll keept ithete >>reporter: thenty r out urging peopl to be prepared llphon charged.ur basicay e tngs youea hr "you i faiain. rds, county ising getow >>josh, th.anks if you'd le a lis of the bain locations around th bay area, you can find that on our websitelong with constant updates on the tropics there. the results are in as we move along to pnow. senator marco rubio won the g
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ho sd be quite a show down. those werewof the ke races. let' sow the vot aed up. on the rlicanside, rub soefti ser others i that re o tubcan de. on theemocraticside, there werelso several caidates but patri murptheonsm s grazan. and oerth candite building a few votes there in that race as well. with this race behindhim, murphy is focused on beating marco rubio. n: in the senate, will fight for you every single day. you compare that to senator w justesrday saio ,ss wt to comentmt to
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>>man: o i lookorward to this campaign because the best ones are the ones that give you clear choe and this one will be a clearchoice. futureeo whoasdnehf of thita t andomho has beegiven hi bere. there wasust one cotuonal amendhe llhatse with73 percent. wi peoehonsll neant seethe, 73. d 60erce tnto pass. nowhe rults os,eave liv updu we w of e screehr toughout ns
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ma o gls f you to be here i stat in the prisonor thees rtf your life. ow duties track down tha wan man thousands es fro re.
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tonight, two teachers are recovering -- after being injured by lightning! it happened during dismissal at a tampa charter school.. because it was raining... studts leadership technology academy stayed inde... while the teachers dected parents through the car line. they heard a clap of thunder... then seconds later... a male teacher holding an umbrella took an indirect hit... along with a female teacher anding under an aluminium awning. the same bolt stru the school threotka under alunum nihechiluo mistra neassessing
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thi type goe surerydy is doors. i tt'ar ,lineha et a wednesd.>> ye a a moistur changeable, off and showers andndtossheain gng pkepe an incfin.lot gtoby ay t hquallsant rams,percoou kw justr typical augusig nht
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rain around us. we turn o attenti south where the rn s been local heear the coastin splenks up i pasco. ls broe.n eastern sectis you have rain in sarasa and ea 75. this is definitely a sign of things to come. not only wet tomorrow but hea rain on ursday, even friday when the storm will be out in atlantic, we'll b kind of le in jus a soupytmosphere in a sou westwi,hat means moreowers andhunderhowers likely fnriday as we shoulkaut . rain delgear n port, venice has light rain,
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gran a tropical system developing in the gulf of mexico. spki of that,hu sndertorms areel devoping nearhe cenr andst time tre tnder stos now north and a little bit west of eenter and it looks like there'sood outflow devoping a . anls wn here, allf this will move in tandem wh the developing syemnd be overur state on thuray. an we're gng in that southeast side. east se mea gusty winds and south wt windsill be eugnoe cotaeginniturn and ng.
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hundred t . ts s a littl closer we'd haventctma impactthis is likeay tr cou upto en a the sou of that line, well hav hu from the north. i dothink we'll see hurricane conditions in our viewing area. ts a e, i certnl ty apica sto for storm mctuallyndd hea the wes cd that's a possitys well. ce in pink, hurricane icane center, literally 48 hours to put up a watch because
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do is put up the watch because intensificnatio before it makes thes watches will be upgraded to warnings. i would expect higher storm rge closer to the cent. still fighting d air but enough moisture now for the to . comput mo ba ite, afar as the th area no doubt about th. eastf the center is the deepest moisture and that kind of rides up along the coa in tandemith the whic w b a tropical storm and then slides nortast. so aouple ofays in soupy airas ofrain means signicant ban that slides norths rtheast.
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tampa bay. could be 2-4 and certainly 3-5 is likely north. highest amounts, you see that greater than three feethe w ye and all the way around the big ben. potential impacts as we fly down, rainfall amounts are going to be coiderable. we've already had a couple inches of rain by bands of rain that wen by today. and even yesterd so it doesn't take in our get a couple ihe o ra. 4-8 maybe 5-10 along t coast and then we talk about winds in, -45 southstronges near theoa mo on whatd ho torrow,ng with icalhesrod ght,mo stly sthf nurous showers.
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produce a lpe rain thursday will be the unsettled day becoming windy and squalls likely. we stay in the ing the day and even friday should be unsettled. i'll have more posted on my facebook page tonight. our website has lots of information. we'll see you tomorrow morning on good day, tampa bay. >> busy night for paul and in politics. >> craig joins us now with a look at what's comg money, power, and politics. it was a very big night for marco rubio and patrick murphy and now they're in a collision course for november.l er st ste legislative st ste legislative and golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges.
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america runsn nkin'.
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neco bf th n trthsmoo,ll ieflav. w haven deputies say a man who fled the country who got-ybahaedh ased t for two years and in 2014 after learning she wasegnant, he le his job at a pizza place and uimately the countr >>ecd pho call
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pregnt. he left work, told hiss bos i'll wll chase you to heckd fle the. the ends of the earth in orde to arrt you,ase unnd 's iasy though. they had to work with the guatemala national police to track him down and even after they extradition process took four months to complete. republican presidential candidate donald trump says he's wi the presidef mexico et tomorrow. he t jed ot w
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it's one of the ocean's fastest, fiercest predators. it knows no equal. until now... the taesllt, fastest, loes coter odo
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now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours.
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i'm craig patrick... results from florida's primary are starting to come in. cing up tonight on money we also henteres ou florida. we have debbie holding on to her seat. weho you what this means for t bnivementl biere in tampa bay as well. all of that coming up at 11:35.
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