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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  September 6, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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could what happens between the sheets land you in the hospital? dr. jo could what happens between the sheets land knew in the hospital? the dr. jo explains the possible price of pleasure. okay. plus the push to reunite this flag with its owner. why it's so important from the man who found station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's an 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm jen epstein laura moody has morning off thanks for waking up tuesday september 6th. time to check in with lindsay she's in for dave. great start to day weather wise we started out a little cooler in most spots. skytower catching a break we have dryer air moved in and we need a break from rain if we're enjoying start to our tuesday. >> outside as we look towards
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limited clouds this morning. and that's a sign of some of that drier air that's in place over clearwater beach. kind of a breezy east wind. near the beach. on the water you're boating today update in our temperatures crystal river you're still in 60s. but you climb to 68. elts 75 in tampa. low 70s in bartow. lake placid you're in mid 70s. and at 76 in sarasota. but the best part of our morning is this. that's our dew points that have dropped about 5 degrees in most spots it feels more that will limit our rain skytower showing sprinkles on east coast and only 10 to 20 percent rain chance mainly south of tampa today. here's vanessa with a traffic update how's it going we do have that fatal crash we're following with lane block blockage an earlier screen shot when skyfox was here a bit earlier this morning. so it's facting state road 70 at bets road. you can see a full shut down. was we mow about this crash involves a truck you can see here. looks like it was carry something sod. a lot of debris in roadway.
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we did see a deceased on side of roadway. we will get you more updates on this as soon as we learn more about exactly what happened and who pass wood in crash. nen time state road 64 will be best work around up towards north here. we do have building delays. this is westbound i-4. camera near 30 one. crash here traik up some left lanes. looks like they only have right lane passing here. delays back towards mango road i'm seeing notably quicker to take u.s. knee box mango as i just said. 8:02 right now. it's a requirement we have no choice but to have health insurance. and now, you're about to a have to dig even deeper into your pocket for it. starting january 1st insurance through affordable healthcare act is expected to go up an average of 19 percent. florida office of insurance regulation says increase is to make sure medical plans stay in compliance with the federal
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15 different insurer submitted rate filings in may after it was all said and done average family will pay an insurance premiums if they have an annual income of $53,000 and they live in hillsborough county will be $447. in sarasota, it's $308. and manatee county, $484, ad polk county, $505. right now the numbers have to be finalized by health and human services department. >> it's not only insurance under the affordable healthcare act that's going private insurance will also see an increase just not as high schooling. >> 8:03 law enforce the officers will be lining up along the streets of tampa. to pay their respects to one of their own.pright now the casket body of tampa police master patrol officer fred arnold is being prepared for travel to his funeral. the car carrying his casket will leave funeral home at 8:15 officer arnold died late last month in nevada he was diving
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war ii era bomber when he had a heart attack. he proudly served his community for 27 years. even volunteering countless hours mentoring teens in the police explorer program. >> he was 48. leaves behind his wife and three children. his funeral at 11 o'clock at the light point church on hunter's lake drive. this is a live look of that church right now. house under renovation goes up in flames. and now tampa fire figure out what started the fire in the first place. just before 1 o'clock this morning. fire crews were called to this home where they saw heavy smoke and flames coming from the roof after an hour they were able to get it under control. no one was hurt. well hermine is gone but destruction left behind is still very visible. pasco county released preliminary assessment damage touring 60 percent areas affected by hermine.
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impacted. 9 of those completely destroyed. 297 had major damage. 197 had minor damage. and 322 had storm related issues that did not necessarily cause damage to the home. if that isn't enough to worry about people in those storm affected areas have one more thing to mindful of all that standing water and 18 crease in mosquitos. >> we've been told by the experts that the mosquitos that carry the zika virus will not breed but, they do breed in small man made containers. pasco county there are a plenty of places to hide thanks to all of that water. >> shayla is back there this morning. and i don't know shayla, so far have you seen lot of those types of containers? we're seeing bottle caps they can breed in bottle caps how small this is. oh, absolutely. a teaspoon, bottle cap, that's
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that water can stand for about a week. and thoughs conditions would be ideal for mosquito breeding laying eggs. and we're talking about containers when you say things that they can things that kandahar bore standing water tires maybe in your front yard or pet dishes, your trash containers or your trash. anything where that water flour pots can stand for short periods of time all you have to do really is jew dump that such a that. well right now we're off elfers parkway. this is in elfers one of the areas hardest hit in the pasco county. and we have seen the water here. it's continuing to recede. but there is still visible signs of impact. you can see some of those right here behind me. if i step ahide here and just kind of show you what we're looking at you can see while much the water has receded in this area, there are still places like this section of
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still covering the roadway. and though it is receding the concern about mosquitos and some of areas that we mentioned some of items left in the yards, those can become a greater concern. further we move away from the initial storm and some of initial flooding. well today lawmakers are back to work in washington. zika funding is on at agenda congress trying to pass billion dollar bill to address it earlier this year they didn't get enoug this summer florida had dozens of locationally acquired zika cases identified including a case of pinellas county. the governor authorized millions of dollars to help fight zika. you he says that money is almost running out. he actually planned to theed washington today to speak face to face with lawmakers. ultimately cancelled that trip to continue the to deal with the impact of hurricane hermine here on florida. so we will continue to follow this throughout day.
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anything further. a lot of folks here in pasco county hoping to dry out soon. so they can work on getting their life back to as normal as life can be after dealing with events unfolding over the weekend. thanks we will stay with this for a little bit. >> thank you. >> thank you. and just a few hours an emergency management teams are holding a disaster relief session in citrus county. officials with county american red cross and salvation army ll questions and address any concerns. it's been held at the lecanto government complex in room 280 from 1 o'clock this afternoon until 7 o'clock this evening. there will be another one also tomorrow morning. at 9 o'clock. and you can feel it in the air. you already said it it's a dryer much more pleasant day. >> but will it stay that way? lindsay's back in few minutes i was just talking about my fab someone noted, know it's not
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wear thing white. sex into your 80s. that is good for your heart? it all depends. dr. jo jo has the answer and a segment you don't want to mitt mover over dads. you've got nothing on this mom why she decided to dress up i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico.
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so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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not sure kwl i got this segment but here we go. you found that funny, lindsay? all right. is sex healthy for our bodies as we get older, new study out this more than is is tackling that very question. >> dr. joette looking at all this research. we will treat this like adults joette. we will. adults that we are. we will. good to see you. let's start with women. how does an active sex life help them as they age. >> so this particular study, they followed about 2200 people for five years. they were in their mid 50s to mid 80s. when they looked at women after five years, those who had an extremely satisfying or pleasurable sex life said that
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question they actually have lower blood pressure. they think they do better perhaps with women there was social he or emotional support there was decreased stress increased well being. they also talked about original achl and basically the women did very well in this will particular study as they aged. and again blood pressure dropped. why ado i feel like this not going to same for but let's hear it. it was not. in the study, with the men, those who had sex one time or more per week thought it was very pleasurable. you know or even just satisfying, they had almost two times increased risk of having a cardiovascular event. now prior to the study in early parts they looked at different things. they looked at their cardiovascular risk and then they looked at events. so those events are things like
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it turned out those who thought it was at extremely pleasurable they did even worse. so it looked like they, they thought maybe it's exhaustion, maybe it was stress. maybe it was they were taking hormones. perhaps they are taking sexual enhancement drugs. they really don't know the reason. again we can't assume cause and effect. in this study. you're not speaking russell. >> so, well i'm so, what's your advice to older couples out there don't you dare say women get a younger man. okay. okay. all right that blows my answer. yeah i think that basically what they are saying is that men should really be screened for cardiovascular risk. there were other studies exercise has a benefit. lots of ways to mitigate any kind of cardiovascular risk that you may have. you know, cholesterol, food, diet, you know all of those
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personally think about sex for men is your exerting yourself. so you have to be in shape in some ways. i think that maybe that might help a little. i don't know. i don't know. i think we're going to need more study on this. this is a sociology type study not real medical but definitely of concern. i think we did okay here. we almost made it. >> w good to see you joette. thanks, russell. >> both handled it very well. >> very mature. >> hey lindsay. hey good morning i feel like everybody's in good mood because of weather a little bit. give yourself a pat on back girl. and but i can't. feels great this morning at least in terms of how it typically does this type of year. and beautiful start to the day. sunshine a little bit of breeze. and maybe not quite smooth in st. petersburg this morning
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east wind pulling in at least some clouds over lake mirror a little peek peek a boo sunshine. lakeland 72. bartow 73. we're in mid 70s. upper 70s in venice st. pete. 75 low average here in tampa. we're blue meaning a couple degrees cooler than this time yesterday. we will call it milder. but the biggest thing that you notice just not quite as steam. or as oppressive as dew points meaning on our dew point scale where we stand, it's about here. that's in the sticky range as opposed to oppressive range. it will be around for few days limiting our rain chances to 10 to 20 percent. clouds bubbling with high of 91. and 20 percent rain chance a little further south of tampa bay. tropics still active hermine not bet letting go bring thing rough surf. officially the winds of stronging wind lopsided. so while winds are at 65, this is still hang out through
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surf and coastal erosion that people will be dealing with in this region. then one other area we're watching off of africa could develop over next five days we have time to watch that. 91 for today. a touch less humid under part toll mostly sunny skies a mild couple clouds upper 60s tomorrow morning and still hold back rain chance wednesday to 20 percent. 91. really friday rain chances more typical for this time of the year. a little breezy on water moderate chop our sea two possibly three feet this afternoon rain chances let 20 percent we double it by friday. friday through weekend afternoon and evening storms pushing west. so dry ours healer in the day. time for find out what's happening on roads here's vanessa with an update. good morning. yeah i've trying to follow this rolling roadblock happening on 75 southbound. definitely seeing delays here originally reported south of i-4 they see they are on move. i've checking cameras here to see where they are at.
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broadway see if we can see anything. definitely moving to the south here. 75 southbound. delays back towards bruce b. downs boulevard. i'm ununsure what this is related to. >> but definitely plan some extra time if you can heading this way otherwise take 30 one. let me see if i can track them down here at state road 60 here. it's a rolling roadblock. i've seeing it, it's a whole row of police cruisers. th lights on. and they are stopping traffic at each exit. can't get camera to change. there we go. it's looking very slow. once i pinpoint this i will give you more information. but meantime very backed up. as far south we're sea selman expressway all way back towards bruce b. downs boulevard southbound 75. all right we will get to pinellas county right now. 118th avenue north at 43rd street north. wee got eastbound lane blocks self definitely seeing moderate
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118th plan extra time heading that way. meantime we have some emergency road closures to talk about. this is actually from over the weekend. large hole formed along state road 72. sarasota county. that's closed starting east to west of seidel road. and so you'll avoid that area. we're thinking for the next 7 days or so that's time line according to f dot weather permitting of course we'll check travel times right now. look pretty slow as ashowed you before southbound 75. bruce b. downs this red there pretty heavy as well southbound 75. 75 to i-4 tli 35 minutes then westbound i-4 delays getting towards 30 one area. where we do have that crash taking up still those left lanes. buck man to 75. 31 minutes of drive. so if you can avoid that stretch, might save this some time. >> we've all heard this before if you can't beat them join them. that's what one texas mom's mission in life is. and when she saw that her son
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she decided to do something about it. >> she went to drop her son elijah off and noticed cool was really busy when she asked why elijah told donuts with dads day. she said she know thing its hard to see other kids when he does notted have one around. so she turned it around. she went home, dressed herself up to look like one of the fathers. >> that's brilliant. she says she does what she can to put smile on her son's face. look that morning she certainly succeeded. you like that? i love that. great everything about that. it looks like he's happy about it too. elijah you got a great mom. time is 8:20. under a new ruling some antibacterial soaps are no longer approved by food and drug administration should you throw it all away? ahead at 9 dr. jo is back with look what this means for you and your family. but first walter in for charley.
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this morning. we are at a place where it is hard to resist. jumping climbing, swinging. basically everything that i was doing in that tease right there. you created this out of your backyard. >> yeah. and to see it grow to this. this is incredible. it really is. i really don't have words for it. because like i said we started as almost like seminars like once a month. from there grew to every other week. from there grew to weak classes. so cool and our community loves us so many different things they give so much so we wouldn't have school if it wans for community. if wasn't community all different ages you have all different ages your oldest is 68. 68 your youngest four years old. let's talk about youngsters. i mean, obviously they have that wanting to climb stuff. i mean when you kid that's all we did climb stuff. bringing them here you give them a platform to do that. yes our youngest classes are
8:25 am
that's age 4-7. 30 minute class they learn one technique every single class. after that kids program that that's what we have here today. kids classes. one hour class they learn a little bit more advance technique climbing running jumping that over there is caught a cat hang. they learn to land feet first. i was climbing trees and young man i fell off flat on my back knocked wind out of me. i thought i broke ri. think their kids will get hurt. we don't have any trees around here. thank goodness for that we are teaching people to a like for instance, aen got up there. and then next step 14.2 warped wall. big thing i try to tell our kids honestly world will not get in smaller for them they have to adapt and be prepared. david ava joining thus morning. how did you get into this?
8:26 am
i started looking a it on youtube. where can i do this in person. because if i need questions they are not going to answer them on youtube. i was looking and there's all of these ones out of state, out of city. gainesville all of that. and then i'm like okay, then i see this school. okay. he's on american ninja warrior, awesome. then i learned he was in tampa. mom, let me go. so for my birthday i got to go to the school for my it was really fun. thanks, we ran out of time i really want to quickly ask you ava, a lot of people are saying that is boy's sport. obviously al boy's spotty anybody can do thp it is really, if you feel that you can do it and it's what you believe you can do just because you're girl. just because you're an a little bits overweight you can do whatever you want to do. love it. love it. thanks, guys. more good day on other si [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive?
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here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing
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those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. today, technology is changing... homes are changing.... lives are changing. and all those changes take energy. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. so no matter how things change, we're always here ....
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pz zy6z
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diving near the he was nevada.on vacation in last month while arnold died late officer home at 8:15.. left the funeral carrying his casket the car church..look outside the this is a live his preparation for life point church just arrived to the arnold is being officer fred master patrol of tampa police carrying the body the casket ((russell/jen live)) ((russell/jen live)) taking live look now at the procession with a casket carrying body of tampa police master patrol officer fred arnold. he life point church. they are taking live look outside. seems to be they are just arriving to the church right now. the car carrying the casket left the funeral home an 8:15. officer arnold as we talked about earlier on the show died late last month. he was vacationing in nevada. diving near the wreck age of a world war ii era bomber. apparently had a heart attack served his community for 27 years. volunteered countless hours
8:31 am
he was 48 years old. wife and three children. funeral is at 11 o'clock at the life point church. that's on hunter's lake drive. >> all right. it's 8:31 right now. and online advertisement ends with seller dead and a killer on the loos. >> now polk county deputies are searching for the murderer, but they've got very little to go on. sunday night 21-year-old jeff morrow was with a friend that was selling an item he online. a buyer planned to meet them in parking lot lakeland family dollar on comey road. during that transaction investigators say the buyer grabbed the item and ran. >> and morrow chased after him. and then seller heard gunshots and called 91. was too late. he died at the hospital. investigators aren't saying what item was up for sale and only have a vague description of the buyer. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. if you are going to sell something online, and agree to
8:32 am
suggest you do it in department parking lot. that way if something does go wrong help is nearby. if you plan on traveling in or out of tampa international there's big changes taking effect starting tonight. now listen to this, this is going to be to be a big deal. airport is closing. the blue side for arrivals and departures every day between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m., and 4:00 a.m. that impacts flights from american, delta, united. during that time, all pick ups and drop offs will need to go to short-term parking. these changes will be in effect for a while until next year. >> disney now scanning children's fingerprints to a ticket sharing for now kids kicked would have been easy to transfer because no finger images attached to them. that's changing for kids aging three to 9. they will be scanned just like older kids and adults.
8:33 am
want your child finger scanned you can use yours in their place. folded flag can mean so much to family of a lost soldier or lost law enforcement officer. this morning a local man is on a mission to reunite a missing flag with its owner. fox 13's ken suarez is live at that man's home in largo. last we spoke to you a couple good leads. any of those panning out? >> as a matter this on u.s. 19 over weekend has making some calls. so you called up macdill right because we were talking about funeral coordinator over there. saying give me a ring you did that. what did you find out some she said that they use specific size flags for funerals. and i happened to think that the size of this flag is 4 by 7 and a half feet. she's going to verify that the
8:34 am
a specific size just to fit over caskets. she's going to get back with bhee with me i will call her back and find out. that will tell us if this in fact is a funeral flag used for caskets. and then we can maybe go from there get more information. we've hanging out all morning i find it really interesting, he said casually, well is 4 by seven feet. how did you find that out? something you did not want was to open up that flag you otherwise. i measure distance between two stars here. then i looked up online the dimensions of a flag. and it shows you the hoist length the fly length and the dimensions of the stars. you know, between the stars. in percentage ratios. so this happened to be o..126 the dance of hoist length. that let me figure out how, how wide the flag is.
8:35 am
they call 1.9 times the hoist length. i know all very complicated. there is somebody a numbers guy here and that would not be me. but i think that really indicates what kind approach you would take to this whole thing that it would very dee dee tail oriented. at first you had no leads at all. nobody calling in. now we have 13,000 plus people that have seen this. people have seen it on air as a matter of fact. we did live shot for orlando. now entire state is finding out about this. >> yes. so your sense now a couple days into this? how much hope do you have that yo this flag with the right >> i've got lot of hope. i think we're going to do that. especially with all television coverage you're giving. that's wonderful. somebody is bound to see it mention somewhere. they may not even know they've lost it yet. but maybe they will say hey maybe that's my flag. you know i did travel on 19. so maybe i better check. i think it will a calling up that's my flag the number of people have already done that.
8:36 am
just to make sure that we're talking about the right flag with right person. we can talk about that a little bit later. he's going to grill them. so you know if you're going to calm you better the right person. of course we want as many people to call as possible just so that we eventually get to the person he's looking for. >> right i apologize in advance to have to do that. but i'm hoping that the rightful owner the real owner will appreciate me doing that. we will keep you updated. what great guy for seeing on that the road and stopping and hopefully finding the true owner of that. great story, ken. thank you. >> we hope. he want to get back to this now, it's important. and we feed to see it. this is the arrival of the at the church of a body tampa police master patrol officer fred arnold. we've telling you he died during
8:37 am
the funeral service today at the life point church. and as you can see there, his body just arrived at that church. and it's been carried in for the funeral that happens around 11 o'clock this morning. he died from from a heart attack. but still, a sight to see when that many police officers gather to honor one of their own for whatever reason that officer has passed. all right. hey lindsay. >> hey good morning. 8:37. if you slept in and have extended your holiday weekend don't waste the morning. it's beautiful brook dale bay shore. less humid this morning. we have obviously have more sunshine. a little bit of a breeze you will notice if you're heading to beach today. by the way at the beach today i know yesterday late in day had some rain, limited rain today as drier air has moved in and here to stay for a little bit. 71 in brooksville.
8:38 am
72 lakeland. mid 70s in sebring. 77 degrees in st. pete. so we're still looking at that blue shade, 24 hour changes are down. several degrees from lakeland to brooksville. and what's noticeably down is the humidity and our dew points very much in check. near 70 or slightly below north of the bay. that's why you feel the difference. just feels a little more manageable and is dry with east wind maybe couple showers south of tampa bay this afternoon. but if we do see one or two here in tampa, it's a 10 percent holding to our north. lot going on tropics hurricane newton made land fall near cabo early this morning and 90 mile per hour winds. that's a strong cat 1. this kind of an unusual track. typically storms glide cabo this way but a direct hitomy to 17th one for this area. a lot of rain. winds extremely strong near cabo bringing rain to the southwest and coming days. and hermine hanging on bringing some big waves to new england. but winds are down some today.
8:39 am
will develop a new one off africa had 60 percent chance this it will over next five days. that's next area of interest. still time to watch it its a ways away but few days from peak hurricane season 91, touch less humid. partly sun skies. good evening to get out and about. 74, if clouds mild with 60s north. and 91 again on wednesday with about a 20 percent rain chance. few days of drier air. kind of brooedz by the bay the next few days with chop. >> seven-day forecast shows rain chances doubling by friday to 40 percent. for weekend it's afternoon and evening storms. and you know, we're still in the rainy season for few more weeks. so elementary away be watching that. and we have a beautiful good day mug winner today. #we live here is what you want to use. look closely. this is from sean matthews from gandy bridge. what i'm calling sky on fire. but i think that shadow might be in the dog. what do you think?
8:40 am
sunset. kre creative. thanks for sharing. love it. good choice, lindsay. >> love that picture. >> all right. it is about to switch over to 8:40 now. not loving this picture. we shoed you delays on 75 in hillsborough county. last report, we mentioned a rolling roadblock. can't find it. it appears to cleared out. we still lot of back up we're dealing with northbound southbound on 75. they seem to a stem in the area of i-4. that that last camera shot by way shot near selman bacup direction. i think we had something to westbound crash i-4 all that traffic heading northbound on 75 trying to get on to i-4 southbound traffic on 75 also slowing down trying to do the same. northbound delays here. back towards the selman up towards i-4 southbound drivers we still have back up towards bruce b. downs boulevard. avoid if you can take 30 one. if not give yourself extra time meantime i-4 severely backed up eastern hillsborough county and do remember we right lane only
8:41 am
might want to take 92. or if you have another alternate you like to use for i-4 please do so. pinellas county drivers crash reported minor lane blockage here. just couple extra minutes outdoor. keen road east bay drive. just one lane blocked.
8:44 am
((jen stud b)) the children's cancer center has so many programs welcome back. children's cancer many programs and support groups to help make life a lot ester as they go through the process. this morning patio leery with children's cancer center along with leah to talk about some the cool events that you guys have for young kids going through a lot. so you just turned 13. in july. happy birthday. >> thank you. so talk to me a little bit about yourself. >> well i was diagnosed with my seventh birthday july 15th. and you were diagnosed on your birthday. oh my goodness. after all of that, a lot of
8:45 am
and they gave me support, friends, second family. and really, helped me through the issues that i was going through. >> yeah. yeah. >> so if i couldn't, i couldn't be a kid. but there i wouldn't get judged or be stared at and looked at differently because i was bald. and this stuff along those lines. >> so how are you feeling today? >> i'm feeling good. just a little nervous but i'm >> don't be nervous. so you're feeling healthy. you're lot better today? >> yes. i am let's talk of the programs prom is big deal we were talking earlier that the fact that not a lot of kids who are sick and are dealing with all the cancer treatments and surgeries are able to take part in those normal activities that most kids can. uh-huh. so you are now that you're 13 you're able to go to prom. that's a big deal. finally. yeah to where it's just good to have that because people they
8:46 am
own high school prom or other social events. so patty tell me a little bit about some other programs that cancer center offers. current will we have over 24 support programs that the entire family is eligible for. we have lee here today. lee and her mom together were able to take advantage because we recognize when that child is diagnosed the whole family's diagnosed. so, leah was able to participate newer oh team group this we taylor programs around the dynamic and the needs of a family. so i think really, we know leah best through our oncology support group. that meets every thursday and families come in and as leah said is like a family we have dinner together and a kids get to the play and parents have support group opportunity to share and really help one another through this journey, right? >> yeah. it's not only, you know, the fun stuff but educational as well. >> yes. it is. it is. it's educational. emotional. and really it is financial support as well. we're one few organization that
8:47 am
crisis often times families go into a bit of bit financial distress along with emotional and medical distress. >> so you have this card over here for the fall stampede. talk to me about that. >> the fall stampede is just raise awareness we run with the kids. it's really fun. and it's a 5 k. >> yeah road race and one mile walk for chide hood cancer. which is childhood cancer awareness month and 10 oh 0 percent of proceeds go to cancer center locally here on saturday. coming up right around the corner. very nice. hopefully the weather will be nice for that. >> before we let you go, you said that you're feeling good today. you really think that the cancer center is big part of that >> uh-huh, yes it helped me realize i'm not alone in this fight nobody is alone if you really think about that, it will truly help you. and you'll basically have new family.
8:48 am
family here today. so they are supporting you. is this your first time on tv. she did a great job. leah is fabulous. thank you. thank you both for being here this morning thank you for having us. let's head out to walter. he is filling in for charley belcher this morning did you pull a hamstring or anything? last time i saw you. not yet. not yet thankfully. yeah we're just hanging around the school right now. we're going to do aerial acrobatic and talking with anne. she's one who teaches that portn we're justing all three of them look at them go. that's they'll learn right
8:49 am
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y2455y yi0y ((jen on cam)) a little boy in texas was running late to class.. but he didn't let that a little boy in texas was running late to class he didn't let that stop him from honoring god and his country. and picture was shared thousands of times. this is royce. he decided to stop just outside of the entrance of his school because he hears the other students reciting pledge of allegiance he ignored clock bowed his head for short prayer saying thank you, god. thank you for giving me a wonderful day. he then walked into school, carried on with his day not thinking twice about how much that moment meant to his mother.
8:52 am
8:51. time to check in with walter. showing off today, aren't you? >> i'm showing well. not really i'm just swinging. nasty what we all did a kids didn't you have jungle gym with this stuff. oh yeah. that's what we're doing. what i love about this place. you can't resist fact you want to climb and swing and jump and do all of that stuff. you deal with the acrobatic side of things. so the aerial hoops, the silks trapeze. so i mean how hard is it? it complicated. i'm not going to lie to you. definitely an acquired skill. but it's one of those skills that with hard work dedication and a little bit of time and effort, training, anybody can accomplish. so your students, was their median age, who are they? where do they come from? youngest student i have is probably about four years old. and in the oldest student i currently have is in their 40s. and there are all shapes, sizes
8:53 am
they are people who see cool stuff and want to do cool stuff. you've seen emerge incidence of silk classes as way to get fit. other ways of getting fit. what do people get out of this physically? >> so what makes this so good is that it is a goal driven physical activity. so, a lot of people go to the gym they say i get so bored just going to the gym and lifting weights, or trying to run a mile. but this gives people something that they want to achieve. like they come in climb to top of the silks i want to do drop and be able to fall and catch myself. so it gives people something to work towards. and fitness wise to have goal is so much more beneficial than to just go out and say well i'm going to do exercise for 30 minutes. >> where did you start? how did you get into this? you said you, university of florida? >> i did. i went to university of florida. while i was up there i was a
8:54 am
could not join the circus. so instead i joined sir includes club. and within the sir includes club i started to learn all of stuff theater program offered a fantastic aerials area. and they talked trapeze, silks, and the entire time was up there i study it had i just fell in love with it. okay, so, what do you get out of it? just doing it by yourself. i'll ask you what get teaching by physically. what i get out of it is actually when i first started aerials i was kind of doing a very luke warm. and then, i ended up breaking my arm. and the rehab process was really difficult. because it is a first time i ever broken anything. i broke it in something completely unrelated. but when i came back to aerials again i noticed wow, i'm not as strong as i was originally. and it gave me goals. it gave me something every week i was working to i can pull
8:55 am
again. in the longer i did it more i realized the more i learned the more i could express other things through dance through mvement. if i was having a bad day i could get on here and just practice. it made my day so much better. for me it's really cathartic to get thereupon and perform. when you see your instructor and your kids doing this. so first time i ever see my kids do something new it's always a little bit yeah. i'm distracted. she flipping over here. i know if i look away, she knows what to do. she knows how to be safe we do have rule you always have to have buddy doesn't matter how skilled or good you are accidents always happen you get tired foot gets strap incorrectly people get stuck i've seen professional who is have gotten stuck in foot locks and because they are exhausted. so, it is scary. but you know they are in safe environment. i know they've got people watching out for them.
8:56 am
it's called choose your own adventure which is we want you to do whatever you feel comfortable with you i don't feel comfortable doing this today, that's fine no one will judge you when you do feel comfortable we'll watch you and make sure everything's wrapped correctly that your technique is correct. and then you just go for it. there you go. thank you so much i appreciate it. and we're going to toss about back in to russell. russell is outside right now you remember climbing jun nothing to this size, of course. >> yes. >> a lot of fun. >> tell her my aunt maud did run away and join the circus. well. >> all right. russell aunt maud ran away and joined the circus. that is end of the story? >> no there's a lot more. it was she graduated to be shot from cannon and we never saw her again. that's whole other thing.
8:57 am
now i have a new goal. >> there you go. another strive for. see you later, man. have agood one. coming up at 9. congress heads back to work today after a very long summer recess. first thing on the agenda, zika. shayla is live in pasco where they are very worried about a lot of standing water and the next step in getting rid of it and what to do to get rid of those mosquitos. and this is not a bunch of kids just playing around in class. we'll t
8:58 am
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