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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  September 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the search is on in st. pete this morning... for the man who ?attacked a handicapped veteran. ?beat him... with his own walker. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us live now, with more on this disturbing crime.
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the presidential race is ?back in florida this week. and get used to it. the i-4 corridor is once again expected to help ?decide this election. hillary clinton was the latest candidate to stop in the area. she held a rally with supporters at u-s-f. clinton touched on a wide-range of topics. but right out of the gates...she addressed why the sunshine state is crucial to
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it's no coincidence that clinton held her event at usf. millennials are expected to play a big part in this election. and hillary's husband will be campaigning in florida today. former president bill clinton will stop in orlando later this morning. clinton is scheduled to speak at the doctor smith neighborhood center at 11-15 a- m. about two hours. doors for the event will open up at 9-45 in the morning. president clinton was just in orlando last month... making a surprise visit to the pulse nightclub memorial. donald trump was just in tampa last month. he spent tuesday in virginia, holding a big rally in virginia beach. trump is making a big push for the military vote. virginia is a state where many current and former military personnel live. trump says under presidents obama and clinton... the u-s became a
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trump suggested that the public is being deceived about civilian losses: trump also released a list of 88 retired generals and admirals... including 18 with three or four stars... who support him and oppose hillary clinton. ?found an american flag... is still trying to find the rightful owner. but he does have some leads. ted froberg found the flag on saturday. it was properly folded... and sitting on the shoulder of an overpass on u-s 19 in clearwater. he believes it belongs to the family of a service member... because it's folded the same way casket flags are folded during graveside services. ted posted photos of the flag on facebook, along with information on where he found it. the post is now getting shared all across the state. froberg says he's
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might be theirs. but he's still trying to get a confirmation. we're now less than a week away, from marking the 15th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. but one bay area library is starting the rememerance, with a new exhibit. it's called "and then there was quiet- new york after 9-11." it's part documentary photography and part art installation. and it was created by sarasota artist 'dave gordon." it focuses on the intimate moments from the tragedy that gordon captured on his camera when he toured ground zero. while other photographers focused on the ?big things.. he focused on the little moments. the exhibit has already toured several museums around the country. and it's now at the manatee library in bradenton. the opening reception is at six p-m and it's ?free to attend. artist dave gordon will also be there... to answer your questions. bigger and ?greener. that's the new motto for carnival cruiselines. the company just announced plans
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two of those ships will be built for the "carnival" brand... and the third for a cruiseline in england. the mega ships will be the ?largest in the carnival fleet, able to carry more than five ?thousand passengers. they will also be powered by liquified natural gas... considered the cleanest burning fossil fuel. the ships should be completed in about four or five years. and the ship ?attractions still not revealed... but this could be a sneak peak: the carnival ?horizon... which sails in 20-18... will have an imax park, a minature golf course,
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ready... for launch. up next: nasa gives the gr liftoff at the cape. and later this hour: it looks like it was just a "summer love." the swift sendoff... for two hollywood stars. but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. no big winner in the mega millions. so friday's jackpot is up to 111 million dollars.((change cg3)) and tonight's powerball jackpot is worth 186 million. good luck, and good day
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nasa is now just one day
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was just completed ahead of thursday's rocket launch. united launch alliance will fire an atlas 5 rocket from cape canaveral. it's carrying a special osiris-rex spacecraft... which will spend the next two years traveling to a nearby asteroid. the spacecraft will then return to earth in the year 20-23. the launch window opens at 7:05 thursday night. and... from a launch, to a landing. three crewmembers from the international are finally back on earth this morning. their capsule landed in kazakhstan , late last night. it was actually around seven in the morning ?their time. american astronaut "jeff williams"... shown here on the left... was joined by two russian cosmonauts. williams actually broke the nasa record for most ?total days in space... at 534. that's over four missions. he beat the previous record, set by retired astronaut scott kelly. the ?next space
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((walter/2shot)) the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending stories today and social media was in ?shock tuesday over the latest hollywood break-up. okay... not really. in fact... most people have been ?waiting for this day, for the past three months! "hiddle-swift" has officially split. that's tom hiddleston and taylor swift... for anyone who hasn't been on social media all summer. the two stars got after the "met gala" in new york. and it wasn't long before they started taking vacations together... and getting photographed holding hands and looking like the perfect couple. i guess looks can be deceiving. insiders say taylor broke up with tom... because he wanted to keep the relationship ?too public. another tribute is in the works... for the late comedian "gene wilder." one of his
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of his longtime friends, will help introduce it. "fathom events" is holding a special screening of "young frankenstein" next month... in about 300 theaters across the country. and the screening will have a ?live introduction, from it's director... mel brooks. the intro will take place at the same fox studio where the movie was filmed. brooks will share stories about the filming and working with his friend gene. wilder passed away august 29th. screening is october 5th. at least five bay area theaters are taking part. tickets are 13 dollars. and fathom events has ?another special screening ?tonight. its the 19-84
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never-ending story." it became a cult classic... and has a theme song you will ?never get out of your head. the film is screening in six hillsborough, and sarasota. - tickets are also 13 dollars. new parents are getting some new technology at one bay area hospital. up next: how the contact with their their babies... from ?anywhere in the world. plus... dave has another check on the
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a bay area hospital is debuting some new technology today... that will help connect new parents... with their babies in the intensive care unit.
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lets parents monitor their babies 24 hours a day... without even having to be at the hospital. the service is called "nic-view." a camera is installed in the neo-natal intensive care unit showing the infants in real- time. parents and other family members can then stream the video to their phones through a secure online portal. it helps parents bond with their babies... when they can't always be in the same ?room as them. the camera system gets its debut around ten this morning at medical county. a big ?change for drivers in sarasota. the city commission just voted to bring ?back it's parking meters. the meters were originally taken out in 20-11 after shop owners and homeowners complained they weren't user friendly. store owners believe the meters were actually discouraging people from coming downtown. but the city decided to bring them back... to help with funding and accessibility: you can expect to see the new meters early next year. today in pasco county:
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hernando state college. that's in new port richey. the event begins today with a free seminar from 3-30 to 6-30 tonight. that's where you can learn free resume and interviewing tips. and tomorrow is the actual job fair... starting at nine in the morning. more than forty employers will be represented. and a job fair today... here in tampa. and it helps bay area veterans. the "tampa resource and joint career fair" is happening from 11 a-m to two p-m at the clarion hotel on fowler avenue. more than forty companies
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((//2shot)) toss to dave...
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a shocking attack in broad daylight.. an army veteran's attacker -- still on the run this morning.. as police hunt him down.. plus.. donald trump has denouced pay-to-play politics.. but now he's answering questions about a donation to attorney general pam bondi.. and.. why that didn't stop a man from bulldozing a nearby house.. ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the


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