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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  September 7, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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((russell the hidden dangers in your child's phone.. the warning from l > hi warning fromaw enforcent about something that could change your students' life forever. >> and flu season already? why you might have to make yr little one get the shot instead of the nasal spray thisyear. >> from tab'sumr n oews station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody its agent o'clock. good morning everybody thank you for waking up on this wednesday morning september 7th. and the roads just got a little busy. we're going to get straight to traffic with vanessa. >> yeah, good morning. we have two big closures to talk about. the first is carrying over from our last hour as the secd.
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bus and also a pedestrian and another vehicle involved with this crash. shet down here southbound nevada avenue south of busch boulevard specifically intersection oh pa loo is a. we also have a single lane blocked it looks like turn lane. particularly southbound make sure you're avoiding probably taking florida on other side of 275. from this their get to tarpon springs. big delays here pinellas avenue. also known as alternate 19. there's crash reported at south anclote boulevard. two lanes are blocked northbound southbound delays pry male seeing southbound delays alternate u.s. 19 unfortunately you can see pretty jammed up as well. just make sure you're leaving early, dave. vanessa, we're sitting here at 76 degrees we've been here all morning long. 5, 6, seven, 8 o'clock. still running around 70 up in crystal river. i mean you look at these temperatures, pretty nice first thing this morning i like it. 73 in wauchula bartow lakeland
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dew points are lower 70s. so you know you can't say thaits oh just absolutely gorgeous nice dry day. no still a little bit on muggy side. we should easily get back to lower 90s today all about rain chances. we'll keep them low from tampa north today around 20 percent. south of tampa, around 30 percent. thanks, dave. there's a new trent in teen drug use. it turns out it's on the decline. that's the good news. is softening. that's not necessarily a good thing jennifer epstein is here with look at newly released statistics. good morning, jen. >> hey laura the national students of drug abuse show one in 12 high school students admit to taking vicodin for nonmedical reasons. and one in 20 say they they've used oxycontin to get high as well. number of prescription drugs used by teens actually jumps to 1 in 5 when you add stimulants
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other painkillers. here in florida, prescription medications have killed 300 percent more people than illegal drugs. here's the problem. many teens don't see prescriptions as bad because they are prescribed by doctors. they are also easy to get ahold of usually unlocked in medicine cabinet in the their home and could purchased from classmates or through online pharmacies. while all of this may sound a bit concerning, drug use in general by teens is at its lowest level in years. but, belief marijuana is bad for them. it is an illegal substance it's abused more than any other drug in age group. so experts suggest it's time to educate them on the real effects illegal substances can have on them rarms of what the drug is. laura. >> all right, thanks, jen. and another concern for our teenager and parents sexting. something that lot of us probably don't think we need to worry about. but we do even for our children
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law enforcement agency say they sees these kinds of cases almost daily. kids that snap nearly naked photos send them to another classmate who then shares them with other students. and majority of cases don't end up with someone in trouble. some inn in case go unnoticed because apps hidden on teen's phone. sometimes it won't until threats, shaming and name calling that a pattern will find out what happened to their child. with their child. by that time the damage is already done. you know parents we know that when we were in don't didn't have social media cyberbullying wasn't a thing. experts say we are living at an age now a days we need to ask questions. we need to monitor what's going on with our children. and to not be afraid to get involved in their lives. they might be angry about it now, but they will thank us for us later. so internet experts suggest looking for duplicate apps like duel calculators, some of those ghost apps look very similar to the ones that are already on our kids phones. >> almost 8:05. hundreds of bay area students in
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to do next after itt tech shut its doors with little know. after 50 years technical school closed yesterday in n email to students college officials apologized to students and blamed the department of education for new rules banning them from accepting students that get federal aid saying it had no choice to close after exploring alternatives and coming up empty handed. itt tech along with other for profit schools have been under fire for using federal grants and loans to at least five which my classmates had finished all the classes and hadn't passed their exit cam. so on their transcript is going to have incompleept. for last two years you had people that came to school that had families, worked doubles on weekend so they can do their clinical hours in the hospital. and do all of their class work during the week. they are out. >> former students claim they
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saying promised jobs but school never came through college left to reimburse students most federal loans will be discharged according to release sent out by department of education at the end of august, but there is no promise about any private loans. in at the inn they morning big changes coming to college camps across the country. diversity sessions will now be a part of freshman orientation. incoming students will be trained sexual consent as well as how to intervene when they see another student drinking excessively. or those who may be about to engage in nonconsensual sexual behavior. about empowerment. teach's students that they have the power to prevent something bad from happening to each other. there is a desperate search this morning for man who beat, choked and then robbed an army veteran in at parking lot in broad daylight. and if you think that's bad, it gets worse. he used the mans walker to
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fox 13's shayla reeves is live for us outside the st. petersburg police department with this man's story. then look at the video too. good morning, shayla. >> yeah, good morning to you. right now st. pete police are asking anyone with any information to please come forward and help them solve this case. right now i'm here with a spokesperson for st. pete police rick shaw to talk a little bit more about some of the details surrounding this case. good morning, what can you tell us about this? good it started last friday. he was on his way the veteran 66 years old on his way to walmart and things took a turn on that trip. >> he was walking towards the front of walmart with a walker. he has hard time getting around. as he got towards the front of the store a young man much younger than him came up and asked him for time of day. when he gave him the time of day this young man put him in choke hold threw him to the pavement, and proceeded to punch and beat him. he then took his walker and started hitting him. a couple of other people
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yelling at the young man to stop. the guy took mr. walker his checkbook and some personal effects as well as his money and ran and got into a blue dodge durango. what would you say about boldness of this person? this is something that happened in the middle of the day essentially. a quite unusual, 1 o'clock in afternoon almost in front of walmart. very unusual. >> how important is it to get this attacker off the streets? so this doesn't happen to someone else? we'd love located and arrest as soon as possible so this doesn't happen to anybody else. before we let you go. is there anything you'd like to add i understand you all have video of vehicle believed to be involved in partial plate. correct we have a video of the suspect vehicle it's a blue dodge durango. 2004 to 2009 model, we believe. w believe the witnesses said the first three letters in the tag were gka. the suspects anywhere from 29 to 35 years of age.
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call us we'd like to have this guy arrested as soon as possible. thank you so much for your time. again we've following this story since fox 13 news late news a 10 and 11 o'clock last night. we will continue to follow throughout day and keep you posted as we we gather any further details i will back with another live report coming up in the next hour. back to you. we'll see you then shayla, thank you. 8:09 right now. a man walks into tampa music store with baby stroller but he cams out with more than $1,000 worth of stolen goods. deputies need yourel him down. hillsborough county sheriff's office says this man walked into the sam ash store on northdale may prehighway last month. he had a woman and a baby with him. when he went into a room where dj equipment is kept. deputies say he put a pioneer mixer in stroller and walked out. anybody with information asked to call crime stoppers. new this morning stlt st. pete police are reminding gun owners to keep guns secure after 4 firearms were stolen from a block of cars. thefts happened over the past
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boulevard. indianapolis street northeast. 18th street north. and 28th street north. police say burglaries are not related to each other. they are asking people to either take their guns inside and lock them up or keep their cars locked. a florida grandmother will have to climb down from the tree house she calls home. after county court ruled it isil legal and unsafe. johnny has living in wood cottage in north miami for last 25 years. it's complete with mini oven, sink, a couch, a someone complained that he was violating neighborhood policies. by running it as an apartment complex. after year-long legal battle they will demolish this tree house within next four months he does not plan to go down with without a fight. she says she will chain herself to her home if it comes to it. >> pretty cool.
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that's going to fun to. doesn't look too unsafe. i don't know. we'll see. all right. going to be another fall-like day? it feels nice out there or is humidity going to be back dave will be back with his skytower radar forecast helping kids recover from concussions parents may be doing more harm than good. and saving money is tough. we all need a little help. what everything we've told up until now is wrong? we're going to take look at five huge money myths at 8:30. right now charley is at a place i need to be. with his two little friends. believe me i need to get bowser to dog training dog training center. dog training club. i always look a sign cheating dog training club of st. petersburg. nonprofit organization. oldest of its kind in pinellas county. they partner with plenty of rescue groups like pet pal. and this is cricket.
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she's eight years old looking for a home. she's so sweet. i these old dogs need love too. she's a good girl. anyway, contact pet pal to adopt cricket and stay tuned to learn more about dog training club of st. petersburg. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my
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we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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((laura 2shot)) new information released about concussions this morning shows that as parents..we might be doing m new information released about concussions this morning shows as parents, we may be doing more harm than good when helping kids not on purpose just because we may be relying on out dad the brain's recovery process. experts say many parents will wake up their children multiple times throughout the night to make sure they are okay. we've always been told to do that if you suspect a concussion. well, now they are saying that may be messing up the recovery process. some parents also admit to prevent beening there kids from doing any physical activity that's also bad. doctors say you should let them take walk fresh air helps them feel better and gastrointestinals them a sense norm see. also taking away a cell phone
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their friends hurts them. they need to stay social and be around people. flu season may seem far away but it is not. some pediatricians weighing in on this yearing vaccine. they are saying nasal spray is ineffectiveshould not be used in upcoming flu season. all children ages 6 months and older should get the flu shot this year because it will give them better protection. the association says providers should provided those shots no later than october. here we go. always start this early. i don't know. it feels early early it does feel early. wow. okay. early morning. >> there you have it. hey dave. humidity. feeling a little nicer out there i think. i dare say. i don't know. a little bit. i mean, it's still going to be in the 90s. we're still going to difficult points in the 70s.
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we will bringing down oppressiveness. 74 in westchase that the hour. tampa has been solid at 76. it's as you walk in door. 78 degrees in st. petersburg. pinellas park at 77. clearwater at 77. you do see couple spots in lower 70s here at 8 o'clock. crystal river. inverness brookville you're likely to see nice little jump up in these temperatures by the 9 o'clock hour around here. 76, 77 for bradenton to sarasota. and low to mid 70s, through highlands county. here it is dryer air aloft, lower rain chances. simple addition problem. further south you go, the better the rain chances are going to be today. for tampa around 20 percent. forth meyers is closer to 50 percent. so you can, depending on where you are half way between, 35 percent. give or take. so higher the rain chances will be much further south. especially in south to. 92 for your temperature today. going to look and feel just like it did yesterday.
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70s. thursday scattered clouds and an isolated afternoon storm. tomorrow's high temperature 92. looking at boaters today east northeast winds at 10 knots. with seas running two feet. seven-day forecast i wouldn'ted look with a bring rain chances to more normal september level. around 40 percent for the weekend vanessa. all right. thanks dave we want to talk about right now some construction closures. that we're seeing. starting off citrus county just a reminder f missed it earlier reports u.s. 19 southbound, we do have a closure because of this hole reported at snug harbor road near crystal river mall. work around here going to be northwest 6 the avenue. also, we have some closures here. this is affecting seminole boulevard, 16th avenue southwest largo area northbound lanes are going to blocked for about ten days. so fur alooking to avoid that clearwater largo road or starkey
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concerns of our congestion levels. looks likes we have some moderate ones here. northbound 275 pinellas bayway to i-435 minutes. 16 minutes westbound i-4 buck man 75. give yourself 7 minutes to get selman to i-4 travel 75 northbound a quick update lies look we're seeing improvements perhaps in the lane blockage as well a delays definitely here alternate 19 pinellas avenue. and a previous crash withdrew mentione benefits of working out with your better half. then it is the day tech fans have been waiting for. apple's big reveal the new iphone is expected. but what else? what can we expect at this big event charley belcher is getting training. helping with some training. he's at dog club in st. petersburg.
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." i like people that weren't captured."
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because florida needs a full-time senator. marco? marco? yes, it is a good day. hi puppy. hi. kisses? kisses? oh this is heaven. i'm surrounded by puppies. oh, sorry. i do have to talk on tv too. i just want to play with you guys. can you believe somebody dumped these two on the side of the road. they are actually up for
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assuming from the same litter. they are now available at friends of strays. and oh, my goodness i just want to -- just want to donna all day. sorry. all right. nobody going to listen to me if i have them whole time back to friends of strays. i show you the puppies that are available for adoption at friends of strays. to tell you about the dog training club of st. petersburg. because they will tell you if you adopt a puppy or an adult dog from shelter you will g discount for training. get a discount on training because we strongly belief that every dog deserveses to be a trained dog a trained dog a happy dog. a trained owner. we train people to train their dogs. that's our public mission. and we start with our puppies, right in puppy class. 10 to 12 weeks old. you can bring a puppy. and we subscribe to the akc american kennel club star puppy program. we teach them to sit. we teach them to spin.
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and to be able to be a happy healthy dog at home. and that's rumored and rumor is what ten weeks old, right? she's ten weeks old. amazing she can already sit and already down. basically on command. nor reason ooshgs u said it earlier i see a well behaved dog i think it's like a magic trick. i don't know how you do it. it's no at magic trick. it's just consistency. and a lot of time and effort. but, we really want people to train their dogs. so that's but what, what if my ten-year-old dog or my, my one-year-old dog needs basic obedience? well you can come from basic obedience at any age. not too late. not too late. and any dog can respond to basic obedience training. and be a much nicer dog to live with. when do you offer basic obedience classes. basic obedience classes here are offered every day. and we have all of our session.
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during week in evening so we can adapt to owner's schedule. and because you are a nonprofit and you're instructors are volunteer i say assume that keeps your prices lower comparatively? well we try to price our classes so that individuals aren't discouraged from coming to train their dogs. but if i think oh, well, instructors are volunteers so they must not be a good somebody paid living to do that >> well for me personally, i think our volunteers, i would and most of our volunteer instructors are also competing with their dogs and training their own dogs. nor reason thank you very much. i got to end. bring the puppies back in bring puppies back in here. friends of strays by the way located just, not too far from where we are right now 27th avenue. i'm sorry what's the address? 2911 47th avenue st. petersburg.
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drops dogs on the side of the road? who does that? somebody going to be lucky to get those dogs. i'm guy that picks them up too. >> i know. called russell's house. please stop. all right. beautiful faces. oh. i know. i know. killing me. oh. see you later. thank you, charley. oh. targeting the vulnerable. alcides has a warning for people affected by hermine who may still be hit different kind. and in college scholarships. they sound good, but they may not be all they r. they are cracked up to be. we wil i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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((laura 2shot)) it's 8:xx now.. and in this mor it is 8:30 now. in this morning top stories, florida department of health is confirming 7 new nontravel related zika cases in the miami area. and one of those cases in miami dade, but health officials will not tell us where it is. right now there are more than 600 cases of virus in state of florida. that includes 80 women and 56 nontravel last week the head of cdc says agency has spent 194 million of the 222 million allocated to fight zika. about 35 of that has gone to florida. but that doesn't include the amount of money governor scott has allocated to the issue. also this morning, national transportation safety board has decide deadly helicopter crash, three people killed when a chopper went down yesterday
8:31 am
atlanta melbourne area. all right. let's talk about these cases here. we'll move on. trying to get you there we have a problem wur teleprompter i apologize. hang on everybody. hang on i'm getting us there. all right. we're going to page 855 everybody. okay. all right. all right. okay. we'll move on now former president bill clinton headed to sunshine state just juan day after his wife was in tampa trying to appeal to bill clinton will be in orlando to talk about hillary xik plan. according to clinton campaign he's scheduled to appear at neighborhood center about 11:15 to talk about how she plans to build an economy that works for everyone. 8:31 right now. now the dust has settled in pasco reality is kicking in sadly scammers are coming out hiding in people's lice at very vulnerable time. and pasco county has a warning for it's community. alcides is live there with the
8:32 am
scammed. good morning. good morning how russell. sheriff's office telling all of their residents be careful for a phone scam. people just trying to take your money. we're in elfers parkway. you can see a lot of still standing water here flooded streets. but for the most part the water has gone down significantly from where it once was. but clearly these folks still have to deal within convenience of this flooded streets. also the water damage they sustained because hermine that impacted the bay area almost week ago. now the sheriff's office releasing some information about a phone scam callers claiming to be from fema. and demanding a deposit for stolen damages or just demanding money to file a claim. obviously fema does not operate that way. florida cfos jeff atwater's office investigating allegations of fraud across the state of florida. reports suggesting people posing
8:33 am
demanding cash as much as 150 bucks to help residents fill out fema claims. state and local officials want to remind everyone don't giver out that personal information. and don't give out money without verifying another dent tee of the person who is asking for it. government officials carry official identification as do insurance company representatives. if they don't have that folks, don't give them your money. don't give them personal information. that's another big thing here. they are asking security number. a lot of people giving that away without knowing for sure who they are speaking with. big no no. that's why again the pasco county sheriff's office wael local law enforcement and state law enforcement reminding folks to make sure the person you are speaking with is either with your insurance company or with fema. do not become a victim. because there are plenty of people out there trying to take advantage of you. just think about it paying $150 to fill out a fema claim that is
8:34 am
for. just something you fill out and you send over. but again these folks out here in pasco county, still having to deal with flood waters look like this resident here she's walking over to her house right now. and you know, you got to feel for her and rest of folks that are living in this neighborhood. it's been almost a week. yet streets here still flooded. and this poor woman having to cross that dirty water because i can tell you russell, that water is dirty. and it stels mad. feeling for her right now. back. hard to see. all right, alcides, thank you. 8:34. and during the storm nearly 700 kids and more than 200 seniors a safe place to thanks to tampa parks and rec. after school, rec centers announced they will opening theirs with almost 1,000 people taking advantage it was definitely a necessity. new this morning an if you
8:35 am
don't worry water officials are doing routine maintenance which include a short-term switch from chlorine disfeks. those impacted pinellas county utility water customers as well customers clearwater pinellas park and safety harbor. you be notice a slight different in taste and odor from your tap water. but still safe to drink they say. if you have any questions call customer service at the number on your screen right there. flight away frontier announce new nonstop flight between tampa and las vegas. southwest only other airline offering this nonstop fliert to mccarron arnt national offer, this is the latest in nonstop destinations out west for tia back in july officials announce united would begin daily nonstop flights to san francisco in february of 2017. quick flight over to dave right now. and look at this.
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>> yeah. no need to go to sin city. it is gorgeousness. sirata beach cam tra too. a chance to dry things out what we've had over the past few days. i know obviously getting hot again because the lack of rain chances. but still so much water on some of the sides of these roads and in the gullies and this and that. that, i mean obviously the standing water still an issue. i'm hoping with rain chances being low the next couple of days that will takes care still in tampa. 78 in st. petersburg. double 7s in sarasota. punta gorda with temperature of 75 degrees. tropical moisture has been pushed a little bit further to the south. so you go to the scale. and brown ask yellow that's drier air aloft. that drier air settled in yesterday. and just kind of ate up. the rain chances, its going to do the same thing again today. now slowly over th course of next two or three days we will
8:37 am
should return normal. normal being around 40 percent for this time of year next couple of days, we keep these rain chances at around 20 percent. you notice future cast, kind of pushes everything further south. tampa runs with a 20 percent rain chance. yet fort myers is around 50 percent. with their extra moisture in the atmosphere. so if you live in between you're somewhere between 20 and 50 percent. but closer to 30 around sarasota or so. now tomorrow we'll get a couple more storms here and there. by the weekend, more in line with what we should be getting for september. that 40 percent rain chance. that means 92 degrees again today. under partly cloudy skies tonigt. our temperatures drop back to 75 degrees. and then for tomorrow we are back to 92 with scattered clouds and an isolated afternoon storm. boaters another great day. boy, that last week was just brutal for you. now we're making up for it. light to moderate chop. seas running a couple feet. low tide just before 1 o'clock this afternoon.
8:38 am
percent rain chances. we will then turn to 40 percent and pretty normal set up for you saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. because of all bad weather, last week, we had to suspend our giving mugs away. but we're reinstating it today. and we're starting it off with this absolutely gorgeous picture of rainbow springs river from richard grimesly. have you even been up there? the water is so crystal clear around citrus county north. and this, that whole that fresh water the water's chilly but just beautiful. and fox 13 good day mug for you my friend. for sending that picture in to us get pictures in go to my facebook page fox 13's dave osterberg click on #we live here. great picture i feel like i could see bottom of river so clear and so beautiful. that's nice. i love it. enjoy that mug. all right 8:38. right now debris reported in the road out of tampa. armenia at sligh.
8:39 am
blocked. apparently street song that downed by a disabled vehicle in area. not big blockage. of course use caution in the area. also use caution here fowler 275. city crews are en route to the this to fix it. meantime remember, of course you're going to proceed through intersection with caution. flashing lights indicate four-way stop. and then, expect some delay as traffic pattern is disrupted a little bit. here's another emergency road work to talk about. and this is ongoing. so this is just a connu out of sarasota. state road 72 remains closed. east of myakka park to west seidel road looks like we have six more days left of work out here. is due to hole that formed in the roadway. 20 minutes away from the top of hour now. majority of us struggle every day to makes ends meet we're always looking for ways to save. there's no doubt we've heard next five things about saving. and probably believe them.
8:40 am
myths. so let's just go through them. first you need to have huge emergency fund. that's false. financial planner typically recommend clients have enough saving to cover three to 6 months of expenses. but for those living paycheck to paycheck, that could take years. so experts suggest you keep 500 bucks on hand. next getting married means higher tax bracket. also that's not true. third myth, roth ira's great way to save for retirement. that only true if you are in a higher tax bracket. really are not going to do much for you at all. next they say you should roll your 401k into an ira when you leave your job. you maybe better off leaving it where it is oh transferring to your new job's 401k program instead and then last one scholarships help reduce the cost of college. nope. they will only reduce the amount of financial aid a student can be offered. basically putting them in same position they would have been without the scholarship.
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its suicide revenges week we've got someone here signs you need to look out for and s appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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((jen stud b)) it is a tough topic. suicide. and this month is suicide prevention month. time to shed light on something silent killer. there is a one death by suicide every 13 minutes here in the u.s. and it's something many people are afraid to talk about. but it's time to do this this more than we have claire reynolds from crisis center of tampa bay to talk about the prevention and an event you have coming up. good morning, thanks for being here. thank you so much for the opportunity to be here today. i know it's just an uncomfortable topic people don't want to talk about it but we need to the standards are really
8:45 am
suicide is truly a public health crisis. we talked about zika. it has been the news all the time. but we forget that suicide is second leading cause of death for individuals between the ages of 13 to 34. so fourth leading cause of death for 35 to 64. so it is a significant public health crisis that we have in this country. and we don't talk about it. so this is a wonderful opportunity to be able to do so. >> and this is, good to get the conversation going. absolutely. what can, what can people do, what can they watch out absolutely. so, suicide is completely preventible. one only health crisis that we have that is completely preventible. so was we recommend is if you find your friends your family your neighbors are disconnecting from you, maybe they are talking about wanting to take their life. maybe they are wanting to talk about leaving things like that. this is great opportunity to do things. connect to that individual. communicate with them. show them that you care. if you feel like that that
8:46 am
contemplating taking their life, please don't hesitate call 21 one. reach out, let us assist those individuals. crisis center of tampa bay is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help anybody in moment of crisis. and suicide is unfortunately one of the areas that we see many people talk about. i know, you know even a lot of cases people say gosh, i could have done something i wish i did something. >> right. get conversation going with that person if you're concerned about them. absolutely. there's nothing wrong with saying the they are nothing wrong with starting that conversation and it can absolutely be a life saver. crisis center does so much about community. talk about things that you guys do. thank you for the opportunity. so again the crisis center of tampa bay our mission is to insure no one in our community has to face a crisis alone. we do that, we are at community's gateway to finding help hoping healing. starting with calling 21 one single point entry into crisis center. we were able to connect you
8:47 am
family stabilization services. we're also those certified rape crisis center. so we can assist anybody that has been a victim of a sexual assault. we do all of that in our facility located at florida and bearss. but alsos in waste tampa in brandon facilities. and the number 211, 24 hours a day someone is always there. someone is always there. >> and talk to me about there's a special event coming up this a suicide prevention month but saturday is also a special day. that's right. september the designated as world suicide prevention day. we will be hosting an event. at the james a haley va hospital from 2 to 4. wonderful opportunity to get out and learn more about how you can really prevent this incredible preventible public health crisis. thank you so much. a pleasure meeting you. thanks for all the work that you guys do at the crisis center. thank you so much as well. appreciate being here. time is 8:47. time to check in with charley belcher having fun with those
8:48 am
yes, indeed. we are at the training club dog training club of st. petersburg. but they do such great work with local shelters. we're giving them plugs at the teases here unit farms. every dog you see on this board here is up for adoption. and it's unity. like a baby lamb because they are all hearding dogs every dog you see right here up for adoption. so unity farms, yeah check them out and you can they will be here this saturday, training club of st. petersburg. starts at 9:00 a.m. saturday. when we come back, we're on the hitting agility course. yes teaching your dogs to do
8:49 am
8:50 am
donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
8:51 am
((laura on cam)) you could call this florida couple a ?match made in heaven.. here's a look at why.... a florida couple a match made in hurricane. here's a look what we mean quite literally ed and f they supported coordinating efforts for better part of that time their love matching started when they took country line dances and then it just became habit. now it's part of who they are. their 17-year-old grandson decided to document their style and on twitter instagram. now they are famous for it. ed told people magazine, yeah, it came out not just clothing that matches they do match deep down. and they know how to read each other. isn't that great. if you're wondering about their
8:52 am
they still do it. 5 times a week at their retirement community in the villages. good for them. if you're watching this morning, how great is that? >> people magazine, we will get over to you charley, hello. we kind of match today. good stuff. this is so much fun. dog training club of st. petersburg. it's a really huge facility. we were in the basic obedience now we're on agility sid with big a jilt course. casey highser to talk to about this contestant up standard moolgdz named bently. closest to bently i'm ever going to get that. i remember that joke. let's see bently do this. go bently, go. casey, this is just fun. fun for dog and the owner. you have to have good connection with your dog i might want to back up a little bit. here the big finish. and well done.
8:53 am
do all of this stuff. here comes a little shelt tee. honing do it take to do something like this casey? >> usually about a year for them to be really connected with you and your body language and learn different names of the obstacles. and to do them confidently. it's, and i think dog learns a little differently pew need to but not only is it great for the owner and the bonding, but dogs i would say, i would safe to say, most dogs don't goat the mental stimulation in a day that they need. and so, this would really help that? this is great. the dogs get to use their minds. they get to learn. it's great confidence building for the dogs. >> who was that he didn't get or she.
8:54 am
introduction katie i'm sorry but nice job. how fun. so, what do i need to do to put my dog through agility classes? >> your dog needs to complete one of our basic obedience classes >> okay. >> the dog needs to have good sit, stay, you need to have good control over your dog. sure then you would start intro class here where in next segment we will show you all introductory equipment end how we teach the dogs. >> and in this saturday, everybody about the open house which is starts at 9:00 a.m. >> 9 to 3. >> will you be doing you will doing these sorts of agility demonstration saturday >> throughout day we will have an area called my dog can do that. we will have little baby agility equipment set up. and anyone off street can come in one of our instructors we can teach you you know your dog can do this too. that's great. >> and of all the equipment, i,
8:55 am
be the toughest >> it depends for different dogs. because you go in that that's a little dark if you want to check it out. if i go in there i'm not coming back out. blue man group. but i would think to go the dog to go in there and come out other end >> we start with tunnel almost completely wide open so dog can see straight through. >> oh. that makes sense and then we slowly start to close it and close it. actually, the weave poles or prob >> is that right that's not a natural movement for the dog. interesting. you have another poodle. so bently is gone. who is this? >> this is austin. usa want to run course i cannot get enough of this go austin, go. well there you go. dogs will be dogs. that's what you do. there you go austin. good boy. nasty what i would do too,
8:56 am
he wants to go say hi. oh yeah go around that. that's okay. austin is like me in school. big finish. big finish, austin. yay. there you go. well done. for more information dog training club of st. petersburg. it is a nonprofit group. all the instructors are volunteers big open house this saturday at 9:00 a.m. for more information go to and sign up for basic obedience classes and the agility training. when we come back, russell, how to start the training cocoa and josephine can one day be agility champions >> you know austin may be smartest of them all. ran right up to thing going i'm not jumping through that i'm going to go around it. austin is a smart one. he's social, do a little sniff half way through tunnel i'm going to stay here. like, you know what dogs lying
8:57 am
all right. i love this play. a disabled veteran is attacked in at middle of the day. while using his own walker. now st. pete police want to find the person who would do something like this. shayla has an update on the story for us in just a couple minutes. and we heard of snakes and creditors being displaced by all that bad weather from haern hermine. citrus county officials found something a little bigger i never shop without a list. and at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. a big day for apple fans. ? ? ? big day for apple fans. company expected unveil its new eye offender. but how you get most money for the old one? >> and do you want improve your relationship? don't hit marriage counselor. hit the gym instead. yes. >> hey everybody. i am sorry. i am just thinking about it all.


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