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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  September 8, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. looking for the key to the universe.. we'll talk to nasa ahead of looking for atey the universe. good look with that. no, that's you. dave's going to be talking to nasa about their mission to look for the asteroid. >> that tall task. then usually it's the cheerleaders who support the football players. but one high school is switching things up a little bit. we will have the reason why. and good morning. welcome to at 9 o'clock hour of good day tampa bay. >> hi laura. i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. old habits die hard. it makes more sense to do it our way. how you doing?
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>> where you going? you're just backing out of it. just backing pick up backing out of the shot. i don't know where they are going. it's good out here. it's nervous energy. it's good out here. it's nice outside. really is nice edge morning we've had in quite some time. let's check our temperatures here in the 9 o'clock hour. we're, tampa's at 79. which is exactly where we were yesterday at this time. although we were in the 60s earlier. crystal river back to 72. brooksville at 75. and sarasota's already in the rain chances are the same today. 20 percent in the tampa area. 30 percent from sarasota south. and high temperatures getting back to about say 91, 92 degrees, vanessa. all right. and we want to check in, dave right now on southbound 275. was looking pretty slow for while now. a crash off to the shoulder. near hillsborough. actually just south of hillsborough that is completely gone we do have big improvements to travel advertisements. a one point sitting about 58 minutes for this drive here.
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still on heavy side, and also dealing with a bigger congestion points here westbound i-412 minutes from mlk to 275. >> all right. thank you, vanessa. it is a story that really makes you wonder how could it happen. but a ten-year-old boy in marion county is about to face a judge. accused of a killing his two-year-old cousin andrea jackson has more. good morning to you. the ten-year-old was booked into the marion county juvenile detention yesterday. appearance in front of a judge here at the marion county courthouse later this morning. here's what we know so far. the charges follow the death of two-year-old journey. toddler was transported to a hospital with severe head trauma on june 21st. she passed away from her head wounds about two days later. the initial report given to detectives suggested her head wounds were a result of her falling out of a play pen. but the medical examiner determined otherwise. the only other witness a child
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was physically abusive when adults were not around. >> that ten-year-old's first appearance is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. with judge robbins here at the marion county courthouse. fox 13 news. and as this ten-year-old sits? court his awning will and father of the dead two-year-old sit in jail. kendall is awaiting trial in 2014 death of at child. to orlando now. tourists was shot outside of a hotel in the international drive area. i drive. around 1:30 this morning orange county deputies say the they found 53-year-old man with a gunshot wound outside. this happened outside wind ham orlando resort. he was with his wife at the time. she was not hurt. it is believed it was robbery attempt. right now shooter is still on the run. manhunt is under way. about 11 o'clock this morning, the polk county sheriff's office expected to release more information into an
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three police officers and polk county deputy were conducting a traffic stop for a drug task force on wednesday when man they pulled over opened fire. the man shot 32-year-old francis perry was well known to police. he had an active warrant. he's known as violent convicted felon. he just recently got out of prison happened in march and has been convicted of attempted second degree murder among other things. perry was taken to local hospital. we still don't know his condition. >> new this hour an arrest deadly shooting bay area business. earlier this week we told you about an online sale that turned sour outside of a family dollar in bartow. deputies tell fox 13 that victor mans jr. agreed to buy an item from seller at the store on south virginia avenue. but instead mans stole the item and then shot and killed the seller's friend when he tried to stop mans. >> deputies have not said how they found mans. they are expecting we're expecting to get an update on this case later this morning.
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fighting for his life this morning after trying to stop a robbery at the brandon town center. fox 13's shayla reeves is live forever us in brandon this morning. shayla. just how much did this thief get away with? >> hi good morning to you. actually hillsborough county sheriff's office in ybor. we can tell you in this case, the thief took off with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. right now deputies are asking anyone with any information to please come forward in this case and share what you know. i want screen. what started in jewelry store ended with a clerk a store worker in the hospital hurt. this is video captured at the mirage diamonds and fine jewelry west fill brandon mall tuesday. deputies tell us a man asked to try on about $25,000 in jewelry. but instead of handing over cash, he bolt. a worker chase thief all way to the parking lot. and hopped on the hood of get away car. he didn't get far though.
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of that chevy camero. this victim is valiant as he was trying to be, you know has been critically injured. and hopefully he will survive it. so it is definitely a serious offense. and we take it very seriously. we hope the public will give us some information in identifying who he is. now the thief is believed to be between 25 and 30 the get away vehicle has described at two-door newer model chevy camero. it was last seen heading north on i-75. anyone with information about in case about either the thief involved or any information about the vehicle just described to you you're urged to call hillsborough county sheriff office a call. back to you. >> and you know we talked about this earlier this morning it sounds like the message from hillsborough county sheriff's office is just not worth your
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they, do not encourage people to chase after. they encourage you to be a witness, get the information and pass it along. but don't put your life in danger trying to intervene in a situation like this. >> all right. okay. shayla reeves live for hillsborough county sheriff's office. all right. thank you, shayla. >> well it was unique method, but it in an effort to convey fear and anxiety many floridians feel republican congressman david jolly brought a container mosquitos t wednesday. >> i rise today to talk about zika. i rise straight from florida. the mosquitos can travel only about 150 feet. but through assistance of a plane ticket and research at university of south florida they have made their way from florida to the well of this house. >> yeah.
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to fund the fight against zika jolly is ouring fellow lawmaker to act quickly a senate democrats blocked $1.1 billion bill to combat the virus. >> they were on the same stage just not at the same time. hillary clinton and donald trump did share a goal at last night's commander in chief forum. they each took turns trying to convince voters especially veterans that they have the skills, they have what it takes to be commander in chief. both were asked to refrain from attacking each other. that did not happen trump rightly credit wall words for u.s. military under president obama. while clinton he rows in on trump's attitude towards muslims. i happen to hear hillary clinton say that i was not against the war in iraq. i was totally against war in iraq. it absolutely been a disastrous war. by way perhaps almost as bad was the way barack obama got out. that was a disaster.
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family captain khan make it more difficult to coalition ms. lum majority that is not going to help us succeed in defeating isis and protecting our american homeland. >> well, this is warm up. the real debate happens on september 26th. >> you got a feeling the tone. just then big news outs the sporting world this morning the new york mets have won the de-tebow sweepstakes after out for number of teams show case last month 29-year-old signed a minor league deal with the mets that was expected. according to folk sports mlb8 teams were exploring the possibility of signing tee bo before the mets did. former nfl quarterback will reportedly start off in instructional league as he attempts to hone his skills as an outfielder. still ahead walter allen takes us inside this massive
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on its big space rock. dave o. explains daring mission that could help us explain how we all got here. >> and we're going to check back in with charley belcher hanging out with newest generation of doodlers. absolutely. animators. sign me up for any school where you can have donut in your lap during class. nice. i'm not sure that's allowed every day but kind of a special day when good day comes to visit. how's that donut? pretty pretty good. wh drawing? >> my drawings. good answer my dear. see they build confidence here as well. you're exactly right. elite animation academy in the
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9:13. i want to check these temperatures outside this morning. we had a little bump up 9 o'clock hour. lot of upper 70s. but you know when you step outside it doesn't it feels nice. lot of 60s on map this morning. in citrus and hernando county. those are replaced by mid 70s in brooksville. 79 over i i got frostproof at 78 degrees. 79 in sebring. and 80 in palm dale region. but really, it, running about two to four degrees, if you will, cooler than it was in some spots. you can see temperatures running here 77 palm harborst. petersburg at 79. 76 in sun city center. 79 degrees in plant city. i'm looking visible satellite.
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don't we? a couple clouds off east coast. you know we're set up like we were yesterday. where we have dryer air aloft especially near tampa area. that's going to hold back our rain chances for later this afternoon. i think in keeping at 20 percent for one more day. and then steadily. so 92 for high temperature this afternoon. if you're going to get a storm, or a shower. the best chance will be to the south like it was yesterday sarasota south. tonight, overnight low degrees. under mostly clear skies. mild continues. and then hot and humid with isolate storm tomorrow. tomorrow is rain chance. will run in neighborhood of around 30 percent. with high of about 91 degrees. the marine forecast will show you that, we're looking great. seas running two feet. just light chop water temperatures in the mid 80s. the next seven days, rain chance increase to only about 40 percent. near norm um late weekend into the middle of next week. vanessa. all right.
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pinellas county. before we get to some slides i want to talk about was we're seeing just getting word of a pedestrian involved crash along bay pines. and it's going to be in eastbound direction near bill young. we hear there could be pretty serious injuries here medical chopper on stand by. be prepared for possible delays in the area. and we'll update i as we get more information about this crash. meantime, out in pasco a crash in the eastbound direction as well here. but stat ride 54 oaks citied two lane be in that area. and then, back to pinellas. structure fire reported drew street. in case you missed it, prosecute from our last hour west highland avenue by couple intersections or so. delays were seeing eastbound westbound of course you will want to avoid area due to traffic control in the area from police. and emergency vehicles. later today, nasa plans to launch it's first mission to land on an asteroid.
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just a bit past 7:00. atlas 5 rocket will blast off at cape canaveral. so here to talk more about that is nasa's jim garvin. we appreciate you joining thus morning. we are psyched about this. because, this is something that you guys have been talking about and talking about and here we are. we're at it. tell me what's going to happen. well today we're going to launch a mission that 3 missions in one these asteroids that sometimes come close to earth that are building blocks we think of chemistry that helped seed early earth with the stuff that we think could have made life or at least proto life. and by going to see them we'll explore history of our solar system. by bringing samples back. we'll leave behind science legacy for generations like apollo mission that is went to the moon. >> you know i was reading about how you're going to do this.
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to me. because you're going to fly out there, take a couple of years. circle around it. get the pictures, extend an, i mean how are you doing all of this? >> this is the magic of engineering in 21st century. and when you put signs and engineers together magic happens. and this mission, is all about that. in fact, we're going to go to an asteroid and map it at the scale you map your backyard to plant a garden. but, in doing so to then encounter that asteroid. touch it taste it, vacuum samples off of it and return them to earth. all for the price of a block buster movie. this really is engineering science magic. >> is there is a particular reason you pick this asteroid versus the thousands of others in asteroid belt? >> yes. because this particular asteroid has been skwis sitly well study from eat base telescope and
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we know it's orbit. we can get to it easily. it's the right stuff. it's a b type asteroid that we think contains organic chemicals. things contain carbon. so all the right stuff in the right place, but we could get there with this magical mission. i know this is the first time you guys have tried to get close to an object this small. but with the gravity so light of how are you planning on getting this probe close enough to sample the since asteroids are pretty unstable in general >> well this asteroid has been very well mapped and similar in many ways to docking with our international space station. we'll approach it carefully. we have special instruments that involve lasers that will tell us where the surface is. we'll back in at sort of the scale in which you do high 5. and then extend it len foot arm to do the sampling itself. this is landerless landing on an asteroid.
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track. this is something you would see out of hollywood. it really is. and i wish you the best of luck. quickly when does it return to earth? the samples will return to earth in september of 2023. okay. so, in october of 2023, will you join us on good day and talk about the results? hey, count me in. people of the world will salivating over these samples. i'm excited. i can't wait for the launch. we're a of luck to you and hats off to awful your engineer and everybody over there at nasa. we appreciate all the work you do. >> thank you so much, dave. still just amazed russell and laura just how they are going to pull this off. i mean i really am. we'll watch. thanks. all right. if you love a good bargain have we got a story for you. that's right taking place today this massive estate seale just north of tampa international airport. fox 13 walter allen is there.
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pretty neat. but what's there is pretty cool too, right? >> yeah. it's kind of a double whammy as far as really interesting things that are going on here not only items you can find but also the family history. apparently reading website on estate sale the family can traced back to norway. then imgrade over and 1800s and then, some point lived here, and then throughout years, unfortun moved elsewhere. they just kind of had this land. and they had this house they realize ad bunch of stuff inside. and that's when they hired a company to come in organize everything, price everything. and then, sell it. so that's what you have. why you have the estate sale here and prices and everything. i wanted to show you this container. this one of a number of containers that has a bunch of different things. car parts, lieu look at antiques.
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and the old, it's just, they are dresses in there. there's old family photos chandeliers. on inside our last hit >> you saw a chandelier from columbia restaurant. then they redid their lighting now the kind of result of that i want to walk over here. this is, one of the big ticked items. donny is eyeing this. >> >> what interests you small block chevrolet engine and dump hump heads. older fuel heads were 194 or 202 valves. so if they are 202 vavrls >> i don't understand what that means, but that's okay >> sizes of the valve and motor and valve on the head. most importancely you do and that's all that matters. you've got tires to go along with this or not? no it won't go with these another hotrod.
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boour, you're successful today. yeah we're great. great day we'll back sunday again. apparently 50 percent off sunday. yeah. >> so, and we're, just whatever's left. whatever left south hillsborough and, east, east of air cargo. just this little plot back here. 8 to 5 today through sunday. you heard 50 percent off sinned, sunday, sunday. they have motorcycles. they have an old carmen mom and dad telling me stories off riding one in their honeymoon back in 70s. just, bringing back a lot of memories. unfortunately, probably going something like this for my parents house when they decide to move on. so kind of prepping prepping but interesting nonetheless russell, laura. can they show that? i had to ask russell what it is close enough to show? >> no. well here. if you stay with us. sorry making roy walkthrough the
9:23 am
because it is a big plot of land over here. okay. we will come over here it way you see orange car over there? 1972. windshield is gone all windows are gone i belief and tires are flat. but, other than that i think it's in pretty decent shape. other than that its real fine. it's better than corp varus, it's not on blocks. it's amazing what people see sometimes in things like that. so this is perfect. and hold on >> 2500 or best offer. 1972 carmen gia. very nice. walter allen, thank you so much. this has been fun. all right. we'll leave it there. >> this has been fun. >> yeah. all right. have a good one. all right. still to come this morning on good day how female world war ii pilot was remembered arlington national cemetery. plus get the tissues ready. high school football team makes girl suffering from leukemia very special.
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from at westchase ig tampa. elite animation academy is the name of this wonderful art school. exactly what it is. todd, you guys started this in orlando. this is your second campus. and you were here, mainly after school. after school. 4:30 to 6:30 after school and then on saturdays we are here all day from 10 to 2. ages 8 and up. i mean, obviously focussing on young people and students.
9:27 am
students. >> yeah. we've taught adult students virtually. we've taught them in our studio. they are just part of the family too. and you know, they sit by eight-year-olds too some draw better than them. kids, leave great foundation to go on to another art school and just really who knows where they can take it this anywhere. sky's the limit we're focussing on fundamental and foundation. w like to see of our school ready to get into the better art schools in the country, we're there to help them with their portfolio. now time to sign up deals online right now go, sign up. go to our web page. elite animation we have special offer for the viewers. nice. very nice. all right. let's talk to these wonderful art students. so i would never insult you by saying what do you want to be when you grow up i'll ask a very sophisticated question now that you've learned this skill set, what do you plan to do with it
9:28 am
>> i plan to make my own comics are be a story board artist. nice. i'm totally buying your comics. give me issue number one signed copy. i would illustrator. >> very nice. i would like to go to college and end up probably working at disney. >> what a groel goal that is what do you want to do when you grow up i like to animator and entertain other people. very nice. very nice my man. what do you wt enhance my drawing and just keep on drawing. and more drawing. more drawing. graphic arts. or what do you think, man? you like animated side. moving side of it just, i like more of the animated side. i like drawing anime and other stuff. very nice. let me show you what he's working on today.
9:29 am
it's charley's demon. i think it's pretty good. in fact, most people in the newsroom have seen this side of me. you know, it's the nice guy on tv. but that is my alter ego right there pretty much demon big ears bat wings. of course even as demon he has my catch phrase righted over here, it's good day tampa bay. even as demon. could still good day. i like that. that will be worth a million dollars when he's rich and famous. stick around everybody. we certainly hope you sketch out
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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w this is good day tampa bay. and welcome back. former secretary of state colin powell once again dragged into the hillary clinton email saga. newly released email chain from 2009 does reveal that powell advise clinton oh use email servers just two days a. she was sworn in. powell wrote he had a personal computer hooked up to a private phone online. so he could talk to friends without going through department he also said he used to do business with some foreign leaders on. in july f.b.i. director james comey called clinton use of a private server extremely careless. >> a female world war ii pilot has finally been laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. >> elaine harmon died at the age of 95 last year. she was one of the female air force service pilots known as the wasps.
9:33 am
ineligible citing limited space after push from family members and supporters president obama signed legislation allowing the group back in arlington. health continues to pour in for veteran who was an itacked in area walmart minutes ago st. pete police tells fox 13 that an anonymous donor dropped off $600 in cash for jeffery hardee man. last week someone robbed him attacked him with his own walker outside of store on 34th street. officers say man who donated from one vet to another hope this makes things better. great. >> nice. >> all right. it's here football fans. opening day. and we are starting to the season with super bowl rematch. denver broncos will host carolina panthers tonight. 7 months ago broncos beat pan chers in super bowl. now the panther ares ready to move on kick off is at 8:30 in denver. back to dave we go to not talk about asteroid, but
9:34 am
tonight. yeah. i knew it. >> i don't know. it's your time. you just had the dave o. graphic behind you. was funny. that is was funny. okay. another beautiful start to the day. we are closing in on 80 degrees here in tampa so far this morning. we got down to mid 70s. it really was a nice start. now obviously we will creep back up and it is september, folks. and i know what you're thinking oh it's cooler fall right around the corner, no. we have several more weeks. but it was nice feel temperatures in 60s to our north this morning lakeland winter haven, frostproof, bartow all 79. st. petersburg tampa, clearwater state-wide marathon in mid 80s. still pretty warm and soupy over south florida. that's where the best rain chances will be for today. really, for the next couple of days. before the moisture slowly starts to slide back in here.
9:35 am
and while it doesn't eliminate the rain chances, it does knock them way down and keeps them back to right around 20 percent. and the future cast just kind of showing that we have a couple of showers later today. the best rain chance you see watch as we freeze it south. so from sarasota south. you have a better rain chance. and really the same thing for tomorrow as well. with overall rain chances running 20 to 30 percent. a couple of things to look at, tric islands. other well to the east. that way you can come off coast africa couple days ago. both of those are expected to turn toward the northwest. you can watch those with us. by heading to so, we'll go partly cloudy hot today. high of around 92 degrees. slowly the rain chances slide back in. 30 percent tomorrow and for saturday. and 40 percent for the rain chance sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday.
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favorite times of the day to wish a happy first birthday to one of our fox 13 viewers. now this is legend. legend enjoy watching paw patrol and playing with his two older brothers. so from all of here a fox 13, happy first birthday. vanessa. all right. thank you. happy birthday legend hope you're enjoying your day. right now we want to the roadways one new incident to mention out south tampa area getting reports of second pedestrian involved crash. this one is we're seeing northbound southbound dale mabrey highway in carlos street. so definitely avoid dale mabrey we will let you know if we hear anything more about this accident. all right. vanessa, thank you. new this morning a high school cheerleader in california is getting a lot of love from her football team. >> let's get to jen epstein to explain what's going on here. this is a great story, guys. football season is just getting started. but this is already one of the
9:37 am
as football high school players enter field friday night's game all 57 of them laid an orange rose at the feet of ashley. orange is designated color for will you keek yap aware senior cheerleader was diagnosed with leukemia in early august. here cheer coach said teen has gob through daily chemotherapy treatments ever since. >> on her twitter account ashley she had was shocked, overwhelmed and overall speechless from all the support. she went on to t for making her first game one to remember. and for making her cry tears of joy. >> and this story certainly show that is sometimes when players do before they take the field is even more important than what they do on it. >> absolutely. to be sure. sweet. coming up kanye west hosts a fashion show in new york. but it wasn't clothes that had everyone talking appear em coo tim cook becomes most recent
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kanye west.. turned out to be a bit of a disaster.. welcome back entertainment news fashion show hosted kanye west turned out to be bit disaster he showed out new collection this was outside on new york city's roosevelt island. well high temperatures actually caused some models to collapse. but it didn't end there one model had to remove cher shoes ood heel actually broke while she was walking. my goodness. so to top it all of some were not even given snacks or water. and forced to wait in line in the heat. >> doesn't look look fun. all right. how about this, apple co kicking off unveiling new iphone seven with musical nod to his home state tim cook bet odd leonard sky nard sweet home alabama with late, late show host james corden.
9:42 am
? ?, the video also included fashion advice from farrell williams. and it ends with corden aappearing to drop cook off convention center where he was due to unavailable that new iphone. >> a lot of fun there. after more than 7 years, after the so-called miracle on the hudson the untold story emergency water landing comes to life in colin eastwood sully. in fox adam housley sneak peek. >> we're unable. tom hanks plays in new clint eastwood bio pick sully. the drama focus on investigation into why sul eng berger chose to land damaged plane on the hudson river instead of returning to a nearby airport. >> not a crash forced water landing simulation show you can make it back to the airport. >> fascinating story. i didn't know that there was a
9:43 am
so when, it came up it was presented to me as the idea for a movie, i thought well, it was such uplifting story what conflict of it. this is at captain. brace for impact. based on book highest duty he also consulted during filming. >> i had turn buckle on upside down. it was important that he get eat motional temperature of this ride. it was important that he told this story as accurately as he could and with the kind of respect we feel for this story ourselves. >> and after all of this, captain sully is still as humble as ever. i'm not best pilot in world but i think that day we were at our best. and we found a way to do something that we never had done before and get it right the first time in 208 seconds.
9:44 am
news. looks like a good movie still to come on good day how school helped honor staff members that saved 13-year-old's lives first up to celebrities. and good day tampa bay continues
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here?
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video just into the newsroom.. this video yee just getting go fox 13 newsroom moment deputies walked virt mans into the a polk county sheriff's office deputies say mans agreed to meet jeffery morrow, jr. and another man outside of the family dollar store in lakeland. an t item. when morrow's friend tied to chase mans down deputies say mans shot and killed him. deputies are not saying how they found mans they are expected to update us on investigation later on this morning. now to miraculous story of recovery a middle school student is very happy to be back in school of an after near death experience during volleyball try outs.
9:48 am
life were honored. >> it is homecoming this creek valley middle schooler never expected. amazing. it was clearly humble to receive. how did i do? i got video from. thank you. 13-year-old amanda marquez was the unofficial guest of honor at her school's home volleyball game supporting very team she was trying out for on the morning of august 23rd and she suddenly collapsed on the court. we were doing like little warm ups like passing the ball. then we got all in circle. and they started asking us questions. and at that point i just remember looking over at my friend and then, that's it seeming healthy seventh grader playing volleyball in past had gone into cardiac arrest. coach checked for a pulse, marquez had flat lined.
9:49 am
aed and quickly get back to amanda's you know with this device. because we have that's what we need to do. nicole used automatic external defibrillator to deliver a single shock to marquez's heart. the coach started cpr and 14 seconds later marquez began to breathe on her own. her assistant principal called 911 and the three coaches who played a fitful morning were awarded for their actions. june try to down play the honor amanda is one of mine. and i i want the very best for her. for marquez who cheered from sidelines there's nothing but love in her heart. it was very emotional. seeing the people who saved my life, feeling like award, that they really did deserve. it meant a lot to me.
9:50 am
for her. did you hear that coach say she's one of mine. >> yeah. doctors say that marquez was fitted with pace maker which she will have to wear for life. and however she plans on trying out for volleyball team again next year. >> good for her. we'll right back with last look introducing carrabba's new family bundles. choose one of six favorites plus a large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99. it's carry-out without the compromise.
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picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. ((laura /2sh/ tack another live look not good day so far. dow down almost 70 poindz. lauren simonetti from fox business network is back with us to talk a little business news. hey lauren. hi there. good morning. it's not a good day. you just said the dows down, nasdaq's down reversing what was four-day winning streak. that brought us two record highs in a row. >> the biggest raise in stocks are down is because what happened by european central bank. officials there are not making any changes to doing nothing to prop up the economy. investors a little bit dissatisfied a hence a slight sell off 23 minutes into the session. well we know starbuck's can make coffee. they can make c d and sell music. they can sell food. can they sell news? >> yeah. this is strange. okay. >> they can make movies. that's the new thing. they have original content. a series ten episodes called up
9:54 am
basically these around feel good true stories about ordinary americans doing every day extraordinary things just to make an impact in a positive change in their society. this is totally a howard schultz, he's the ceo of starbuck's. his him type of story he does this sort of thing honestly i think it's great. i do too. i think this is. it's odd. for coffee company but not odd for starbuck's. no. you're right. >> cool. yeah. all right. let's talk about amazon in what could be considered a genius move. amazon stole apple's thunder yesterday. i don't think they meant to. i think it was a mistake. obviously people go to amazon to a buy phone cases. so amazon has details about the iphone 7. and started they made live their
9:55 am
their iphone 7 announcement. oops. i'm surprised apple released enough information for >> well amazon you know what i mean. products have to already been in place. that is true? right cases have to already be ready. somebody has to know what's coming. >> well it's interesting. there have been years where people or companies rather start making these products based on or different varngs based on expectations of what the real iphone is going to and then they make tweaks in end. a couple months later you get the products. apple got a great public relations tm in place they don't do anything. we do it all for them by guessing. we usually guess right. yeah. but yeah this is. they do nothing. we just guess and guess and guess. we start all of these rumors. and i am comfortable. i'm very comfortable reporting a rumor about apple. because i know 90 percent of the
9:56 am
that's just how it goes when you cover apple. and it's genius of them. yes, it is. how is apple stock looking today? >> bad. so it was up yesterday two thirds of one percent a little bit strange 80 percent time apple makes a product stocks goes down today is down about one and a half percent. okay. we have got to run. see you tomorrow, okay? all right. bye. >> is tomorrow friday? yeah. it is. starting to get warm again hope you enjoyed t cooler weather. so yeah. we're going to back to about 92 degrees. give or take a degree. back to lower 90s for the next several days. in terms of rain chances, today, still with drier air aloft keeping a 20 percent. by sunday, we'll bring rain chances up to about 40 percent. have a great day. you too. all right. that will do it for are today is thursday september 8th live with kelly is coming up next scary we think same way. followed by wednesday williams
9:57 am
be good everybody. have a good one. "realtime closed captioning
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