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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  September 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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what would ?you do... if your boat started sinking?
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bay area man may have saved his life. and fox 13's shayla reaves is live in
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in winter haven:
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the men who broke into a radio shack and stole a bunch of phones from the display! you can see the three men in this video from last friday. it shows them running through the shop and and yanking phones off shelves.. they worked fast. they were in and out of the store in less than two minutes.. they all appear to be in their late teens or early twenties... anyone who recognizes them.. can call heartland crime stoppers. a fire... at tampa international airport? don't worry... it was all just a ?test. firefighting units from tampa and st. pete thursday took that focused on plane fires. they use a very different approach to put out these types of fires..compared to house fires. that's because fire crews have to deal with ?hundreds of passengers on board a plane.. and the threat of fuel leaks: all firefighters have to receive this type of training
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and later this morning: tampa fire rescue won't be training... they'll be remembering. they're holding a ceremony to mark this weekend's september 11th anniversary.... tampa fire rescue will have an observance at the firefighters museum downtown. mayor buckhorn will be there along with members of tampa city council and representatives from local emergency services and law enforcement. the public is encouraged to attend. the event starts at nine a-m... seating begins about thirty minutes earlier. and another 9-11 memorial this weekend, in clearwater. first "tunnel to towers" five-k run tomorrow morning. the run has been taking place all over the country... in honor of firefighter "stephen siller." the father of ?five lost his life on 9-11 after running through a tunnel to reach the twin towers. this is video from the last tower run... in new york city. the clearwater event starts tomorrow at 9 a.m. at coachman park. an update now on the zika virus. state health officials say there are now nearly 750 patients with the
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transmitted ?in our state. the university of miami held a discussion about the virus' impact last night. health experts focused on understanding zika's migratory patterns..through mosquitoes. the zika response team plans to track learn more about the virus' long-term effects. and.. in about thirty ?minutes... miami will start using a controversial insecticide to kill mosquitoes. the spray is known to, quote: "essentially kill everything." but the c-d-c says it's safe. the from the european union. there was a big outcry in the south beach community... and that actually forced the city to ?delay the spraying from yesterday to today. spraying will be done from planes. its set to start at five a-m... and it will continue through the end of the month. donald trump is ?back in florida today. he has a rally scheduled in north florida. it takes place at seven tonight at the pensacola bay center. doors open at four p-m. you can r-s-v-p for free tickets on the trump website... if you feel like making the road trip. and
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campaign stop in pensacola. he was also there back in january. the trump campaign says the panhandle is really important to them right now... because of all the military families there. a big birthday celebration is taking place today in brandon. and it's been more than a ?century in the making. "iva lee haygood bell" is turning 105! she was born back in 19-11n alpharetta, georgia... and later moved to tampa with her family. she was married for 56 years... until her husband passed away. iva now lives with her daughter in brandon. for her health? she's never felt better. in fact... she claims she's ?never taken medicine in her life: bell admits she has no secret formula to long life. but she never drank alcohol, and never ?smoked... even
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19-30s. her only vice? coffee. she's actually been drinking it... since the age of ?five! the bloomingdale west rec center is hosting today's birthday
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a side effect of hurricane hermine... affecting almost every tampa driver: pot holes. up next: why the city of tampa is doing ... to ?fill the problem. plus: grab those tissues. a singer's pulse nightclub survivors. her amazing offer to help his future... coming later this half hour. ((walter but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... tonight's mega millions jackpot is worth 111 million dollars. and this weekend's powerball jackpot is up to 205 million dollars. good luck... and good day is back in less than two
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skirted past florida's west coast. and mandatory evacuations have been lifted in pasco county. people are finally getting back inside their homes... to see all the ?damage left behind. pasco county officials have announced almost 90 million dollars in damage from the storm. they hope they'll qualify for federal aid--but it could take ?weeks to find out. and this weekend... fema representatives will be in ?citrus county to assess storm damage there. the sheriff's office estimates hermine caused almost two million dollars worth of destruction... that's well above the 500-thousand-dol for federal assistance. fema will go street by street... and door by door to see what kind of help is needed. the city of tampa stayed relatively damage-free during hermine. but one thing the city did not escape... was ?potholes! they always seem to get ?worse right after a storm. but city officials did point out this
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the city says it has repaired about ?thirty potholes a day since hermine. but that's actually a ?low figure. after last summer's storms... the city had to fix nearly ?seventy potholes a day. the city says this time around, the
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the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending stories today and we begin, with a big debut in theaters this weekend. it's a movie featuring an all- star cast... taking on the story of a real-life hero: that's the voice of tom hanks... playing the role of captain chesley "sully" sullenberger. the movie is called "sully"... and it's directed by clint eastwood. of course sully is the pilot who pulled off the "miracle on the hudson"... landing a plane ?safely on the hudson river after losing the engines. the movie actually focuses on the ?investigation that followed. the movie getting lots of oscar buzz. and critics also say you'll
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credits... for a special ?bonus scene, featuring the ?real captain. ((walter)) and now... to a story that had all of social media getting teary eyed thursday afternoon. it was a special moment on the "ellen" show thursday, where she had on a survivor of the pulse nightclub attack. "tony marrero" told ellen how katy perry's song "rise" helped him get through his recovery. and you probably guess what happened next: yup... katy perry
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they had a long hug...and both he and katy were brought to tears. katy was so moved by his story she wanted to help him personally. marrero has dreams of going to film school... and katy offered to pay his first ?year of tuition. still ahead: dave has another check on the weekend forecast.. plus... how you can help celebrate the first ?bucs game of the season with a free party. and coming up in the next hour of good day: backing up... some needy families. a man who is ?carrying on, his mothers amazing legacy. we'll meet that hometown hero... in the five o'clock
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off the nfl season with the bucs? just head to downtown tampa today. this week's "eat at joes" event will have a bucs theme. that's the lunchtime party the city hosts at joe chillura courthouse square... usually featuring food trucks and live music. well today... they getting the bucs cheerleaders, football play park... called "the bucs squad experience." it's all from 11 to one p-m today. wanna visit the glazer childrens museum tonight? get ready to pay up. tickets ?start at 125 bucks! but it's all for a good cause. the museum is hosting it's annual fundraiser gala tonight, called"imagination." during the event, guests are encouraged to let their inner-child out... with an interactive party. it starts at 6-30. the museum
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you can sail over to the tampa convention center today... for the official kickoff of the "tampa boat show." more than a hundred boats will be on display... from fishing boats to yachts. and that's just along the water... outside. there will also be plenty of exhibits ?inside as well, along with seminars and demos. the show runs through sunday. one of the biggest stars in country music is rocking the midflorida credit union amphitheatre tonight. "miranda lambert" is on her "keeper of the flame" tour. the show is tonight at 7-30. tickets start at 25 bucks. and coming up tomorrow in tampa... get ready for the most ?colorful race of the year. it's the fourth annual "flavor run" 5-k.
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with fruit-flavored colored powders. there will also be live entertainment and health vendors. it's all taking place tomorrow morning at the florida state fairgrounds. it benefits the charity "girls on the run"... which helps inspire confidence in little girls. ((//2shot)) toss to dave...
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the coast guard rescues a man 12 miles off shore from pinellas county... how crews were noy only able to save him... but his boat as well. ((jen and a 5-week-old puppy is badly burned! the heartbreaking story... and when he'll be ready for a new home. ((walter plus... the spraying has begun. miami officials are now spraying some zika-killing chemicals... despite a 24-hour delay.
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thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's


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