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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  September 26, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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((walter ahead this morning: the loss.. of a sports legend. the life of golfer arnold palmer. and the legacy he left behind... here in florida. and another tragic loss in the sports world... with tampa ties. an all-star pitcher dies... in south florida. and the impact is felt in ?every major league stadium. ((walter plus: a ?shocking loss for the tampa bay bucs. in more ways than one. why the home debut... had fans ?rushing for the exits. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter
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jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now,
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the sports world is mourning the loss of a legend this morning. golfer "arnold palmer" passed away last night in pittsburgh. known as "the king" -- palmer was regarded as being one of the greatest ever to play the game of golf. he won 62 times on the pga tour and is fifth on the all-time wins list. he became the first person to win four times at the masters. and palmer did so much more ?off the golf tournament.... and even helped start the "golf channel." arnold palmer died from heart problems... he was 87 years old.((more)) palmer was also a constant fund-raiser for the arnold palmer hospital for children and women in orlando. hospital released a statement on his passing last night. it read - in part: mr. palmer built a world-class medical center that has had a tremendous impact on the lives of children and families in this community for more than 27 years.
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nicklaus... had this to say about the big loss: quote... "arnold transcended the game of golf. he was more than a golfer or even a great golfer. he was an icon. he was a legend. he was the king of our sport and always will be." we will have much more on the passing of arnold palmer.. and the reaction pouring in from all over the world.. all morning on good day. and another big loss in the sports world. all of major league baseballl held a moment of silence... for marlins pitcher "jose fernandez." this was the ceremony here at tropicana field.((more)) jose's death hit very close to home... because he actually went to alonzo high school right here in tampa. since then... he went on to become one of the best pitchers in the majors. he was even up for several awards
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fox 13's shayla reaves joins us live from alonzo high this morning... where the tributes have been pouring in.
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it was only five years ago.. that the marlins drafted fernandez. got that phone call.. right in the middle of a fox-13 interview in tampa: fernandez would be playing in the majors just two years later. but before fernandez played for the marlins - or the alonso ravens - he and his family escaped cuba to find freedom in the u-s. it took ?four tries.. and on the final attempt.. fernandez saved his mother's life.. rescuing her from rough waters on the way.
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draft... his high school baseball coach had this to say.. about the young star: as fernandez's loved ones mourn his sudden death.. one of his last posts on instagram is especially heartbreaking.. less than posted this photo of his girlfriend on instagram. the couple is expecting a child.. and fernandez wrote: "i'm so glad you came into my life. i'm ready for where this journey is gonna take us together.. family first." detectives in pinellas county are investigating a shooting... that sent one person to the hospital. it happened sunday morning near a shopping plaza on gandy boulevard north.. in unincorporated saint petersburg. 25 year old
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he's now recovering. another man -- 30 year old "tony thong-deng. -- has a a warrant for second degree murder the motive behind the shooting has not been released. in polk county: deputies are working to figure out what led to a deadly crash in lakeland. it happened just after 1:30 a-m sunday morning along diamond road southwest. deputies say the nissan altima -- driven by 23-year-old "morgan nason" -- spun out of control and hit a tree. impairment and excessive speed do not appear to be factors in the crash. in hillsborough county: the highway patrol is looking for the driver involved in a hit-and-run crash... with a school bus. it happened on friday afternoon in dover. troopers say the driver of a black ford f-150 rear-ended the school bus while trying to pass it on "east dr martin luther king jr boulvard" near gallagher road. the truck and the bus both pulled over, but the man driving the truck took off before authorities arrived. thankfully... no one was hurt. call f-h-p if you know the driver of the truck.
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bay area veteran will ?finally be laid to rest. nearly 66 ?years after he died fighting in the korean war the remains of army master sergeant "charles brown" junior were found several years after the war, but never identified. they were shipped back to america with other unknown soldier remains. his remains were finally confirmed by d-n-a testing recently... and they were shipped down to sarasota late last week. the burial is this morning at the sarasota national cemetery with ?full military honors. ?ready for the fireworks? we're now just hours away... from the ?first presidential debate beween donald trump and hillary clinton. it's all going down tonight... at hofstra university in new york. and it could be the biggest moment yet... of this race for the white house. it's also expected to be the most ?watched debate... in u-s history. it's expected to ?easily break the record set by the 46 ?million households that tuned in for the 2012 debate between president obama and mitt romney. the debate will be hosted by nbc's lester holt.
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six 15 minute segments and three topics selected by the moderator. the topics are: america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. each topic will open with a question... and each candidate gets a two minute answer. they also get to respond to each others answer. the third party candidates did ?not get an invite tonight, because they didnt get 15 percent of the vote in recent polls. and there will be at least one ?celebrity in the crowd tonight. "mark cuban". the clinton camp gave him a front row seat. cuban has been very critical of trump during this campaign and he officially endorsed clinton back in july. trump responded to that invite over the weekend by joking that ?he would invite "gennifer flowers" to six next to cuban. she is the woman who had an affair with bill clinton in the 80s and 90s. flowers tweeted that she would come... but the trump campaign confirmed sunday that they never ?actually invited her. this will be the first of
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sunday, october 9th at washington university in st. louis missouri. it will be moderated by cnn's anderson cooper. the format will be a town hall meeting... where half the questions come from the moderator and the other half come from people in the audience. the third and final debate will be wednesday october 19th... at the university of nevada in las vegas. the moderator is "fox news sunday" host... chris wallace. that debate will have the ?same format as tonight's. and hillary clinton's running mate will be watching tonight's debate right here in florida. start his day in lakeland at an organizing event at the lakeland center. doors open at 10:30 a-m. he's attending a debate watch party at "church street station" in orlando... starting at six tonight. kaine has several other events in central florida today and tomorrow. if you were out last night, you definitely noticed the ?lightning in the skies across the bay area. but one largo fire station got in mother nature's path. largo fire chief "terry
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got ?hit by one of those strikes. thankfully no one was injured and the station is operational. we're told just a few outlets and computers are affected. and that lightning also got a little too close for comfort... at sunday's ?bucs game. the storm forced officials to delay the game and evacuate the entire stadium. the delay lasted about an hour.((more)) that delay actually happened with just two minutes left in the game! but those bucs fans were probably better off ?not rern because the first ?home game of the season, was ?not a very happy one. the bucs hosting the los angeles rams... and this one was a shootout. the bucs led 20 t0 17 at halftime... but the rams owned the second half. the bucs had to keep battling back and jameis winston... never slowed down. 36 of 58.... 405 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. in the final seconds the bucs had a chance to get the win. they drove all the way down to the rams 15 yard line before winston threw two
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and then got tackled on the five yard line... ending the game. bucs lose... 37 to 32. they are now 1 and 2 on the season. dave and i will have much more on the game coming up in sports... including reaction from the locker room. and after the break: one midwest city bracing for a dangerous week. the storm canceling several ?days of
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z246wz zy6z y246wy yy6y thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes in cedar rapids, iowa. the cedar river is rising... and threatening some
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schools in the area are already ?closed for the next three days... and people are piling up sandbags in preparation. the river is expected to crest ?tuesday morning. they're fearing the second ?worst flooding levels... in that city's history.
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin... with the bucs. a team that showed a ?lot of promise after that week one victory. but the two weeks after ?that.... haven't turned out the way the bucs wanted. including their first home game of the season on sunday. hosting the los angeles rams... and the bucs defense got things off to a good start. first defensive takeaway of the season... kwon alexander picks one off... and takes it all the way back. "roberto aguayo" misses extra point though. rams backup warmed up after that though. he threw two touchdown passes... including a 43 yard strike to tayvon austin. jameis winston threw for over four hundred yards and had ?three touchdown passes, including one to mike evans. the bucs were down five late in the game with one last chance... ... winston scrambles and doesn't see robert quinn coming from
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they are now 1 and 2 on the season here's reaction, from a ?frustrated locker room: time:44oc:"panicking right now"
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and things probably won't get any easier for the bucs. they host the defending superbowl champs... the denver broncos... next sunday. now to baseball... where the tampa bay rays just played their ?final home game of the season. and it was definitely a ?memorable one for the fans. david ortiz playing his ?final game at the trop as well, since he's retiring this year. the rays ?were planning a ceremony for him,
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pitcher "jose fernandez." and during the game... ortiz gave the rays a parting shot. he drove in the winning run... in the ?tenth inning. dustin pedroia scores... after playing twister with catcher luke maile. replays show pedroia somehow managed to slip and then when maile finally ?does get a tag, the ball falls out! yup... thats the game winner. rays lose 3-2. when we come back, i'll
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charlotte dealing with another day and ?night of protests, following a deadly police shooting. and this time even the carolina panthers football game was affected.((more)) protesters lined up outside bank of america stadium sunday as the panthers took on the minnesota vikings. securi -- visibly higher in preparation for the protests. they added extra police and banned extra items, like backpacks. and just after midnight this morning, the city finally ?lifted its overnight curfew. the latest round of protests come after charlotte police ?finally released their video from the deadly shooting. that includes the dash cam video and video from the officers body camera. but the video does not ?clearly show the gun they say lamont scott was holding at the time of the shooting. a gun and
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scott's d-n-a on it. and police say they have several witnesses who saw scott with the gun. today in washington state: the man accused of a deadly shopping mall shooting, is expected in court. an arraignment is scheduled for 20-year-old "arcan (see-tin)cetin" police say he opened fire inside a macys store at a mall in burlington on friday night. five people were killed before he ran away. the motive is still unclear, and police have not ruled out terrorism. they say ceti immigrated to the u-s from turkey and ?is a legal resident. still ahead: the bolts.. .back on the ice! where you can see them play... is just one more day. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in tampa... following
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