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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  September 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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when it comes to threats to schools... districts all across the state of florida are ?not taking chances anymore. starting tomorrow... october first... senate bill 4-3-6 will go into effect. i threatens to carry out violence on campus. and fox 13's shayla reaves is live in pasco county right now.. to explain the
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making headlines across the state: police officers in south florida will soon be among the first in the country, to start using ?non-lethal shotguns. the new shotguns will fire bean bags instead of bullets. it's a potentially life-saving change.. in the weapons the officers will use.. the department will start to exchange the as november - retiring the standard models. initially, we're told there will be 40 police officers using the shotguns. an update on the number of zika cases in florida. the state health department says it's now up t0 932 patients. that includes ?four new ?non travel cases in the miami-dade area. florida lawmakers are finally getting more help ?fighting zika, thanks to that deal in congress this week. representative david jolly was one of the florida lawmakers who lead the charge
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just came back from d-c on thursday. and he told fox 13 that he doesn't see eye-to-eye with governor scott... on how the ?locations of zika cases are reported to the public: when it comes to the newly approved zika funds -- jolly says it's a good first step and he'll fight to get more money if needed. bad news for a bay area beauty school regency beauty institute" abruptly closed ?all its u-s campuses wednesday night. they had 79 of them... including one in carrollwood. the school says it just couldn't afford to stay open. students tell us they're crushed.. because this throws
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regency is encouraging students to complete their education by finishing up at ?another accredited school several have already come forward to help. agreements with those schools should be finalized by next monday. this is your last weekend, to enjoy a legendary bay area restaurant. the "spaghetti warehouse" is closing its doors for good... on sunday. the chain has tried several times this year to reopen or relocate from their ybor city location. they even surveyed customers... who hoped they would move to ?brandon. but that plan has fallen through. the owners say they hope to open again... ?sometime in the future. the spaghetti warehouse has been a staple of ybor city... for over 30 years. but in recent years, it just hasn't been profitable. toss to weather...
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we are go for launch... of a brand new ?ad campaign. how the state of florida is now attracting ?future space travellers. and... ?better than beyonce? a tough act to hour: the nfl confirms which ?pop star... will be
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there's a new 'out of this world' campaign... to boost tourism in florida. and they even made up a new word, to go with it.((more)) it's called "vacationauts." a term for tourists who come to florida... to experience our
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it comes from "space florida", a company created to keep florida a global leader in aerospace research, investment, and commerce. the company just launched its new multi-media advertising campaign, aimed at promoting the space business to tourists. their tag line: "come for the sun, stay for the space." space tourism has been on the decline ever since nasa scrubbed the shuttle program... but things are ramping back up thanks to ?private launches from companies like 'spacex.' the company also wants to get a head start attracting tourists who will get to ?travel to space.
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the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending story. a big
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the next halftime show performer has ?finally been confirmed. and lets just say the league didn't have a very good "poker face:" yup... it really ?is going to be lady gaga! the pick has been rumored for weeks, by the nfl just kept on denying it. and then last night, the league ?and gaga tweeted out the big news. no word yet if she'll have any ?guests joining her. but she has done a lot of work with "tony bennett" in recent years. gaga sang the national anthem at ?this years superbowl. the ?next superbowl is sunday, february fifth... in houston. and you can watch it right here...
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if you drive on i-75... a warning before you leave the door. after the break: a live update on a crash causing one ?huge backup. plus... dave has another check on the weekend forecast,
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coming up in the 5 o'clock hour of good day tampa bay: a homecoming tradition... with a lot of heart. one teen asks a girl to the dance... with one ?sweet surprise. and fox 13's shayla reaves is live in pasco county... where schools are about to take ?threats a lot more serious: also ahead at five... he went from cooking high dollar meals... to feeding the homeless. meet this hometown hero, coming up.
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we're continuing to follow a news alert in tampa.. and a potential headache for your morning commute. all southbound lanes of i-75 at fowler avenue are shut down. good morning everybody, i'm walter allen.. and i'm jen epstein. let's get
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