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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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still no sign of a father, ?missing >>laura: there is no sign of a father missing after his 3-year-old son is found alone on an island. developing this morning, the clues that have left investigators wit questions. >>russell: nearly five months after the pulse nightclub massacre, we're hearing the gunman in his own words as he explains his motivation for the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. >>laura: and the chicago cubs are looking to do what few have done before, bounce back from a 3-1 deficit to win the world series. if cleveland has it their way, this series ends tonight. >>dave: visibility has been a bit of an issue in brandon, up
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of fog between the two spots so look out for that. we have temperatures 67 degrees in tampa, 63 in brandon, mid 60s in polk county. upper 50s, i like that in citrus and hernando. guess what? doesn't matter where you are right now. you're going right back up to the mid 80s for high temperatures with lots of sunshine in general. vanessa? >>vanessa: check of the roadways here at 6:01. we start off with a live look on the interstate system. boulevard exit. pretty quiet but it is starting to pick up through the area. no crashes to report, no major slowdowns on the interstates. meantime, this one is carrying over from our last hour. an accident reported in pasco county, port richey area. u.s. 19 at fox hollow drive. watch out in the southbound direction. outside lane is blocked but the good news is we're not seeing any big slowdowns here.
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3-year-old son is found alone on an island. 38-year-old william morris of river view was reported missing just before 6:00 yesterday. it has been 12 hours and there's still no sign of him. >>laura: and shayla reaves has an update. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. i reached out this morning to a spokesperson for the hillsborough county sheriff's office and she tells me no active search taking place at this hour. it's unclear exactly what the plan might be as we make our way into daylight hours and authorities continue to ask questions and try to determine where 38-year-old william morris might be. so i want to take to you this video of the area we're talking about. this is some daylight video along the alafia river. according to the hillsborough county sheriff's office, morris took his 3-year-old son jet
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from the ride. now, we learned his wife reached out by cell phone and the child answered a request to face time. a good samaritan found the boy on an island west of i-75 known as island 75 by locals. a search of the island revealed an adult jet ski and life jacket and missing man's wallet. we know the hillsborough county sheriff's office worked with the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission on monday's search efforts be okay but it's unclear exactly what information the child might have revealed, if any, as investigators continue to search for his father. so many questions still out there as authorities try to piece all of this together, searching by air and by ground monday but still, only locating the items mentioned and no sign of william morris from river view. so we're going to continue to follow this throughout the day
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information becomes available. reporting here at the alafia river in gibsonton, shayla reaves, fox 13 news. >>laura: strange story. all right. thank you. >>russell: tampa police investigating a shooting that sent two people to the hospital. one of the men suffered non life threatening injuries. detectives are still working to identify the shooter. we'll keep you updated as soon as we learn more. >>laura: there is reward for information leading to an arrest near lake wales. a woman crashed her car. she managed to flag down adam panell and he called for paramedics. sometimes before they arrived, someone hit them and jessica died, deputy janell is severely hurt. >> you're a coward. that's what you are.
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wearing orange sooner or later. >>laura: the deputy has broken ribs, broken arms and broken pelvis. he's scheduled for surgery today and according to the sheriff, his recovery could take months. jessica's mother is trying to figure out how to move forward after losing all three of her children, including two this month. her son had a massive heart attack last month and now she's planning a second funeral and has now set up a go page. >>russell: the city of orlando released 911 calls made by the pulse nightclub shooter. while they do not stray from transcripts released months ago, recordings do show the cold tone of a man committing the worst case of mass murder in our country's history and it gives us a window into how police strategize to keep him on the line. >> i want to let you know, i'm
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shootings. >> what's your name? >> my name is i pledge of allegiance to the islamic state. air strikes need to stop. stop collaborating with russia. let it be known in the next few days, you're going to see more of this type of action going on, okay? >>russell: well, he repeatedly hung up on the police negotiator than a dozen times. gunman was later killed in a shootout with police. 49 people died, dozens hurt in that massacre. there's still 200, 911 calls related to the shooting that have not been released and attorneys for the city of orlando say they depict suffering and they should not be made public. >>laura: 7-year-old girl ended in a burn unit after her grandmother attempted to light
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household chemicals. 62-year-old wanted to make green flames, something she learned watching a youtube video. when she left the pumpkin, some burning chemicals splashed to the child. she was flown to a hospital in gainesville. family says she is doing just fine. >>russell: there is just one week left until election day and hillary clinton is playing defense as donald trump seizes a new political opportunity. >> with more than 23 million ballots already cast through early voting, it is unclear how the latest email controversy will impact the results. the current real clear politics average shows clinton leading by 3% nationally. trump got a big boost after taking a four point lead. >>russell: clinton is holding a
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hernando state college east campus in dade city. the event is from 3:00 to 5:00 this afternoon and the doors open at 1:00. you can sign up for free tickets on hillary's website. trump is back in florida tomorrow but not expected to be in the bay area. >>laura: new cross bay ferry will make its maiden voyage this morning and we'll have a camera and reporter along for the journey. the the convention center. it will carry up to 149 passengers on a 50 minute trip across the bay. first trip is expected to leave about 10:00 this morning. it's not open to the public until friday but tickets go on sale this morning. they cost $10 apiece. >>russell: cubs celebrated halloween in style.
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costume. later he was wearing a top hat. tonight the world series moves back to cleveland where cubs hope to tie things up and force a game seven. indians are looking to put the series to bed. and their 68-year dry spell in the process. game six starts tonight at 8:00. you can watch it right here and coming up at 6:30, we're expecting a live report with a look at what both teams are >>laura: good. let them breathe a little before tonight. right? still ahead, iraqi troopers are finding a disturbing new weapon on the road to mosul. >>russell: terrorists using teddy bear bombs to target civilians and investigateors find another piece of puzzle as they work to solve the mystery of what happened to amelia earhart. an old photograph may be the key. >>dave: upper 50s brooksville
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lower 70s back toward the coastline. we do have a little bit, just a little smidge of fog up in pasco county as well. other than that, great start, very similar start to yesterday. dew points are in the moderate category so we'll continue with the mostly sunny skies, moderate humidity today. enjoy it. highs in the dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's top priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way.
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power
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>>dave: majority of us clear skies, mild temperatures is just a few of us dealing with some low clouds and fog. but it's not thick. just want to let he know there will be a few patches here and there walking out the door. pasco county, hillsborough county, eastern hillsborough county and then up to orlando. visibilities down a little bit. don't walk out and go, oh, okay. i wasn't expecting that. it's 71 in st. petersburg. clearwater at 70. everybody else in the 60s. new tampa, plant city, apollo beach all in the mid 60s. west chase in the mid 60s.
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north with clear skies, we get back in the 50s. inverness, crystal river, brooksville but those are the only few spots. bradenton, you're at 65. lakewood ranch at 63. 63 as well over in polk county, lakeland. it's just a beautiful little start to the day and it's going to be lovely. it's going to be warm. once again, the northeast wind continues. but this weather pattern going on around the country, for instance, you're talking about game six of the world series tonight in cleveland, november 1 their high temperatures today in the upper 70s so yeah. that's abnormally warm. it's not just those folks. it's really the eastern 2/3 of the country. eventually we're going to change that as a cold front comes into the area. that cold front will provide us about somewhat cooler weather for the weekend.
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you've got high pressure in control, above-average temperatures by the weekend, say by friday, this front moves through the area. it does look like now that the front may provide the tiniest of showers as it comes through. again, not a big deal but i just wanted to point that out because yesterday it looked like it was going to come through dry. now on friday afternoon, you may get the tiniest of showers but not a big deal. mostly sunny, warm today, high around 86 60s. in fact, where you are right now for temperatures, expect pretty much the same thing for tomorrow morning at this time and then sunshine and warmth with 86 degree high temperatures for your wednesday afternoon. boaters, northeast winds at 15 knots. i've got a moderate chop set up for you with tide at 9:52 the low tide over the st. pete pier. next seven days, you'll see other than that tiniest of rain chance, we're going to go.
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sunday morning, after you've turned your clocks back, you're going to wake up an hour earlier and looking at 58 degrees. so cooler and drier for the weekend. >>vanessa: love it. all right. thank you. 6:16 and good news is we don't have any new incidents to tell you about, but we do have an update to a crash i mentioned in the last report. two lanes are going to be blocked on southbound u.s. 19 at fox hollow drive following this crash here in pasco county. you can see now we're starting to build some delays heading that way s planning a couple of extra minutes and we'll watch that one and try to get more information fom the sheriff's office and whether there are any injuries reported. we'll get to majors right now. no big complaints here and looks like we are running up to speed. russell? >>russell: thanks. 6:16 right now. iraqi police force, special forces have pushed within a mile of mosul's eastern border. they stand poised to enter the second largest city in an offensive to drive out islamic state militants.
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enough for civilians in mosul. militants are using disturbing new weapons, explosives hidden inside of children's teddy bears. examples of these bombs have been put on display at a training center for bomb disposal experts in iraq. sad reminder what they can expect to find on the road to mosul. >>laura: a new discovery could help solve the mystery surrounding amelia earhart. she vanished while attempting to become the first female pilot to fly around the world and for ca landed on a remote island and died as a castaway. now there's new evidence. bones were discovered on a remote pacific island in 1940 and doctors originally said they were male, ruling out the possibility they belonged to her. in 1998 fshths scientists proved the bones were female. now thanks to this photo, scientists are able to compare her forearms to the skeleton.
6:18 am
more piece of the puzzle. >>russell: that's fascinating. well, despite single handedly saving the world time and time again, james bond wouldn't make it as a modern british spy. real spies have to cope with complex, moral challenges saying bond lacks a strong ethical core. now, while younger praised bond's there are other things they look for, like team work and respect for the law. i'll take bond every day. >>laura: any day. honor flight is underway this morning and partially thanks to a very special boy.
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amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. it's solar done right.
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carson and i have seen some terrible ads attacking our mom dana young. for things she never did. it hurts because mom is cool. she is caring, she works hard. whenever something is not right mom is on it. trust us we know from experience. mom put her career on hold for us. to raise our family. she is a role model for everyone in our community. i'm proud of you mom, we both are. dana young for the florida senate. new this morning ... an honor flight is just getting underway >>laura: an honor flight is just now getting underway and these flights give veterans a chance to visit the capitol and see the monuments built in their honor. >>russell: ken found out about
6:22 am
all possible. >>reporter: dozens of vets are winging their way to washington, d.c. they'll visit monuments and going back in time, remembering some things that they did way back when in world war ii or korea or even in vietnam. it takes a lot of people to pull this off and a lot of money. we want to talk about one person in particular. not a 40-year-old or a 30-year-old or a 20-year-old. we're talking about a 9-year-old boy. he's not here right now but his mom is. this is linda landers. your son so vets could have this experience. how did he do that? how much did he raise? >> he started a community service project for school. the superhero fun run. he's raised over $40,000 in the last four years. we dress up as superheroes, we run around freedom lake park once a year and just have fun with it. he does the superhero fun run for the real heros. that's how he has labelled it. so -- >>reporter: how did he get this idea in the first place?
6:23 am
heart. he's always -- you know, there's no pushing. it's all drive. he's pulling me to go do things and he's like, you know, veterans come first. >>reporter: you're driving him around and coordinating some things so you have a commitment to the cause as well. >> absolutely. if somebody calls, i check allen's schedule first and get him where he needs to be but all joking aside, i'll do whatever he needs because our veterans do come first. idea in the first place? >> we don't know. he dresses up, we have a cloz he will full of costumes and one day he's batman, ironman, whatever he wants to be. that's what he is that day. he's just taken it and ran with it. >>reporter: how many vets can go on honor flight as a result of his efforts? >> 100. this year he passed over the 100 mark at $40,000. >>reporter: you're going up with earl, one of the 100.
6:24 am
what does it mean to you that a 9-year-old kid is doing this? >> he promised me four years ago he was going to send me and i'm going today. >>reporter: pretty psyched, huh? >> yes. >>reporter: so many people say the kids today are so rough and all on the wrong past. what do you think of this one? >> they need more of them like him. he's a terrific kid. >>reporter: i can tell you that it takes hundreds of people, 200 to 300 people to pull off one honor flight. costs but what a great investment. back to you guys. >>laura: nice story. all right. we're asking you all morning long to send in your halloween pictures. cabbage patch kid. all morning long, send them in with the hashtag, "good day" tb. we have a lot of cool pictures. post them to facebook, instagram with the hashtag and you might see yours.
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them. we know a lot of you dressed up. what is that one? >>laura: construction worker. look at that cat and mouse. send them in, folks. we love seeing them. cute. >>russell: very cute. all right. still ahead this morning on "good day," did you know that candy has an expiration date? >>laura: we're going to tell you what to watch for and make sure that your candy doesn't make you sick, even though right now we're all feeling a little sick from the dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. good morning, i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. let"s check in w >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm mad mood. we'll look at the forecast. >>dave: good morning on this
6:29 am
our temperatures, at least along the coastline, are well above normal. 70 degrees in clearwater. 71 in st. petersburg. upper 60s in sarasota, tampa, there are still a couple of spots in the upper 50s. enjoying the sunshine, enjoy the warmth. we're back up in the mid 80s for today. as we talked about yesterday, a cold front just a few days away. so we'll discuss that in a little bit. >>vanessa: see you in a few minutes, the roadways. we have a new crash that's reported. doesn't look like the actual crash site is going to be in the road blocking lanes but f.h.p. is reporting some debris here at bruce b downs boulevard. keep your eyes pealed as you make your way through that intersection and we're watching u.s. 19. we have southbound lane blocks, two lanes blocked at fox hollow drive.
6:30 am
an island in the alafia river. it's been more than 12 hours since he was reported missing and authorities are no closer to solving the mystery. >>russell: i know there was a 3-year-old found on this island, this child of this missing person. is the kid okay? >>reporter: yes, russell. the information we have is that the child is okay but so far, it's unclear if the child has been information to authorities to help them locate his father. so there's still a lot of questions out there regarding the whereabouts of 38-year-old william morris. i want to take you to video of the area we're talking about. this is the alafia river not far from interstate 75. we know just yesterday the hillsborough county sheriff's office worked with fwc to try to
6:31 am
according to authorities, tchls just before 6:00 in the evening when he was reported missing. according to the hillsborough county sheriff's office, morris took his 3-year-old son jet skiing but did not return from the ride. his wife reached out by cell phone and the child answered a request to face time. it was a good samaritan who found the boy west of i-75 known as island 75. a search of the island revealed an adult j the bank, adult life jacket and the missing man's wallet. but still no sign of him. so at this point, we can tell you we have reached out this morning to the hillsborough county sheriff's office and the spokesperson tells me at this point, there's no active search happening during the overnight, early morning hours. it's unclear what the plans might n as far as resuming that search as we make our way into daylight hours. we'll continue to follow the
6:32 am
available. back to you. >>laura: thank you. >>russell: new study using mice finds that the zika virus may harm the male reproductive system. mice infected with zika had sharply reduced sperm counts and fertility. it's not clear how the findings translate to humans. doctors need to take a closer look how the virus is affecting men infected with virus is already known to cause severe birth defects. >>laura: take a look at this. 340 foot tall radio tower at a water treatment plant came crashing down after a tractor hit one of the support cables. two trucks parked at the plant were crushed but no one injured. tower was used to remotely monitor sewer stations around the city. took two cities to reroute the tower's monitoring capabilities to another station. >>russell: bomb scare at the
6:33 am
someone called in a threat around noon yesterday. detectives searched the building. no bomb found. authorities say the bomb squad was never sent to the scene. threat comes after a g.o.p. office in north carolina was fire bombed last month. well, it is do or die again tonight for the chicago cubs. if they win, they force a game seven. >>laura: if they can't, the cleveland indians will score their first world series championship since 1948. obviously the cubs are not going down without joe maddon loves to be the underdog. joel is in cleveland right now where the excitement is building for tonight's game six. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. i'm a little bundled up right now. i have a jacket and a vest on but who would think that november baseball between the cleveland indians and the chicago cubs would have a forecast on november 1 for 75 degrees. it is hard to believe. of course, the cleveland indians
6:34 am
chicago cubs are going to try to push it to a historic game seven. cubs fans lining up monday as the team boarded a bus to make the trip to cleveland. >> he autographed our hats. we never got them before. >> it's a huge treat. especially for the little guys. >>reporter: cubs and indians will go head to head tonight in game six. indians run in the series 3-2 and the teams' players a >> the body is feeling good. everything is feeling the same as it did last start so hopefully that bodes well for me. >> we're excited to be home in front of our fans. >> we can go back to what's comfortable and the comfortability of our home state and fans behind us, we're going to get back to doing what we've done. >>russell: the cubs coming off a nail-biter of a victory sunday night think they have what it
6:35 am
a really rested bullpen because of what he did puts us in better shape in the latter part of the game. >>reporter: it's been decades since either won a championship. >> i think they respect their fans, care about their fans and we're out here just rooting them on and hoping they can do it. >>reporter: i just took a quick look at stub hub. tickets here a little cheaper than chicago. standing room only, about diamond box seats going for $50,000 a ticket. meanwhile, if there is a game seven, that will be tomorrow evening. again, here at progressive field in cleveland. >>russell: how much did you say? i don't think i heard you right. >>reporter: you heard me right. $50,000. in chicago, there were box seats going for $100,000. so you can buy a small home or, you know, an rv or you can get a
6:36 am
your choice. >>laura: they've all been waiting a long time. once in a lifetime chance. >>russell: sure is. >>laura: what a series it has ben. >>russell: we'll talk later. thank you. and again, game six starts tonight at 8:00. if the cubs do win and they force a game seven, that game is tomorrow night. as always, you can catch both right here on fox 13. coming up, we're going to check in with dave for a look at weather. >>laura: andee found a winning formula. another timeless classic is getting a live action remake. we'll be right back. i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay?
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>>dave: it's been warm. we know that for the past few weeks with the exception of a few days behind that first cold front. but the november temperature and precip is out. climate prediction center does this at the beginning of every month and they're calling for
6:40 am
florida, but much warmer weather back to the north and west and out to the rockies. in terms of rainfall, we see a change because it is likely going to be drier than normal and we've had a taste of that in october as we've had a pretty dry october overall. but we had such a wet spring and summer that it's kind of held the rainfall totals up overall for the year. so kind of deceiving that for the normal for the rainfall because the last month or so has been quite the option. we're at 55 in crystal river. 59 in brooksville. two spots in the 60s this morning and we have a couple of patches of fog from brandon to brooksville so in that area along 75, just heads up for that. doesn't seem to be a huge problem. you know why i know that? because vanessa would be yelling at me, and she's not. that's why i know it's not a big
6:41 am
57 in panama city. 59 in yak sopville. we have the mid 70s down over south florida and yes, the humidity is same as yesterday. it's in the moderate category. it's just high enough where if you're outside for any length of time, you start to notice it but it's not oppressive. it's not summertime levels and the forecast really keeps it like this for the next few days. you know, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday morning the same. this. you see that yellow up here? in alabama, mississippi and georgia, this is drier air and watch how fast this comes swinging through so by saturday morning, we're back to that comfy air mass we had a couple of weeks ago. remember that? same thing happens this time around. there may be, by the way, a tiny little shower associated with this front coming through late in the day on friday.
6:42 am
severely impact your friday afternoon or anything. i just wanted to point out that potential is there. we put a 30% rain chance on the seven-day. that's it. mostly sunny, warm today. we'll go up to 86 degrees. it will be clear, 68 tonight. we're back to 86 tomorrow. more sunshine, more warmth. boaters, it's been day after day after day of moderate chop and yes, that continues as well knots and there's your seven-day. 30% rain chance. but look. not only do we get the extra hour of sleep, right, going into sunday morning because turn the clocks back, but we have highs in the 70s for the weekend. who is going to complain about that? somebody will, i'm sure. >>vanessa: not i. >>dave: not vanessa and she's not complaining about the fog, either. >>vanessa: no. i haven't had any big alerts because of it but if you have
6:43 am
definitely slow it down and use the low beam lights. meantime, our majors look pretty clear. it is starting to pick up here in the area of the downtown interchange. this is the camera near jefferson street along 275. definitely looks busier here. and we have normal congestion for this time along 275. folks travelling through pinellas, you're in the clear. five minutes is the time between pinellas bayway and 375. seven minutes the drive along i-4 westbound between mlk and 275. if you're coming into pa road 54 to bruce b downs boulevard should take seven minutes as well as you hit 75 southbound. we have some entertainment news for you before we get to the main entertainment. so we're hearing about this. a live action remake of snow white is in the works at disney and it's reportedly going to expand on the music and story from the 1937 classic. no directors or writers are
6:44 am
beauty and the beast is going to be released march and disney is working on live action remakes of aladdin, lion king and mulan. and to this now. upcoming season to the american horror story is going to be bigger than anything he's attempted. there are a lot of folks that are very, very attached to this show. ryan murphy wants to cross over characters from season one and season three that poses russell's face, are you piqued? he seems to be a little over this show but maybe some folks will -- okay. dave is not. yeah. series is known for using the same actors in different roles. american horror story is in the sixth season. series has been renewed for a seventh. director james cameron wants to raise the bar with his upcoming avatar sequel.
6:45 am
projectors to play the movies. the original avatar set records for traditional 3d movies. cameron announced a plan for four sequels with the first hitting theaters in 2018. now to the main show, the main entertainment. we'll get to charley belcher. good morning. >>charley: glasses-free 3d entertainment. i think that's called broadway, thank you very much. it's live >>vanessa: so true. fulfilling all the expectations we have of you and more. >>charley: my goodness gracious. happy november. at this point just put your hands up. the year is over. it's a rollercoaster and here comes thanksgiving, christmas and 2017. let's enjoy it, though. i'm excited about it. i am no dave o. the science pro. we know that. dave osterberg is the scientist
6:46 am
internet i decide to share with you. >>vanessa: there are a lot of scary things out there. >>charley: we'll call this scary space news with charley belcher. tis morning in scary space news, did you know that every year our moon is actually getting farther away from us? >>vanessa: that's sad. >>charley: we're going to miss that moon, aren't we? the moon gets fou away from the earth every year. eventually as it gets farther and farther away, the gravitational field should be enough to keep the moon from -- gravitational field will keep it -- it won't just go away forever. it will stay but it will get so far away that the earth, it will slow our planet's rotation down to the point where a single day will take longer than a month.
6:47 am
locked in place. >>vanessa: sometimes days are pretty slow as they are. >>charley: can you imagine that workday? take lunch around the 15th of the month. that's one scary space news. everything will mess up because the moon gets farther away. it's going to take a long time. something to think about. finally in scary space news with charley belcher, our sun is constantly using nuclear fusion to combineyd burning. right? however, its hydrogen is not infinite. if it gets used up, the sun will get hotter and hotter. eventually, it will get so hot that the earth's atmosphere will be burned away and our oceans will boil and evaporate completely. then once all the sun's hydrogen is gone, it will expand into a red giant consuming the earth
6:48 am
>>vanessa: "good day tampa bay." >>charley: and that's scary space news with charley belcher. >>vanessa: plan accordingly, i guess. >>charley: ask dave. it's going to happen. the sun will one day -- yep. true story. now, hopefully that's like 10bajillion years from now, but it's going o happen one day. there you go. how are you guys feeling now? see? there's the point. don't worry today. you're worried about the kids eating too much candy from last night, you worry that christmas is almost here again. don't worry. one day the sun is going to absorb us all. >>vanessa: one can only hope. no. just kidding. >>charley: i have a great place. i'm going to take to you school. it's not astronomy school. i'm taking you to metals school. these places have been quite popular recently.
6:49 am
go out and you learn how to paint for a night and everybody goes home with their own painting, usually after a bottle of wine? same thing without the wine because it's all about metal work. same kind of thing. you come in with your friends, you sign up for a class, you have a good time. these parts right here and you end with your own -- you go home with your own metal work project. it's called chin whiskers metal school. the guy that owns this huge metal shop, which does real metal work and welding and builds wonderful things out of metal, he's got a passion for this. he wants to share his passion with others and he thought, what a great intro to metal shop, if you will. maybe that will continue this trade into the future. so we're taking you to chin whiskers metal school this morning in clearwater. and despite the sun one day
6:50 am
"good day tampa bay." >>vanessa: you had a quick glitch in the video and i thought, oh, the sun is angry. we have to get through the live shots. thank you. we'll see you in a bit. >>charley: all right. >>laura: it is 10 minutes from the top of the hour now. police negotiators talking to the orlando nightclub gunman were not sure at first if the person they had on the phone was in the pulse nightclub. audio recordings with police negotiators were released monday. should be made public. the city of orlando had previously released a transcript of those phone conversations but not the ones themselves. there are still 200, 911 calls relating to the shooting that have not been released. attorneys for the city of orlando say they sdpikt -- depict suffering. the ferry will take passengers
6:51 am
to the tampa convention center. 98 foot catamaran will leave about 10:00 this morning. not open to the public yet but tickets go on sale this morning, friday it starts. they cost $10. ken is headed there right now and he's going to bring us a preview coming up at 7:00. also this morning, tampa's lick manatee viewing center in apollo beach opens waters seeking warmer water. the viewing center draws an average of 275,000 visitors every season and as always, admission and parking is free. that's not all. just a few weeks, viewing center will unveil a new touch tank. it will be the winter home for the rays that live at tropicana field during baseball season. >>russell: november 1. throw out the razor. why men are letting their facial hair grow wild the next month.
6:52 am
that you feel like you could die? not really. but turns out that sugar overdoses are possible. we're learning how many candy bars it would take to put you into a i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
6:53 am
6:54 am
i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message
6:55 am
>>laura: do you feel it yet? >>russell: what? >>laura: it's the post halloween sugar crash. >>russell: every year americans spent more than $2.5 billion on halloween candy and no matter how hard we try, a lot ends up in the trash. while hard candy may last forever, it's important to remember that some sweets do have a shelf life. anywhere from two weeks to a year. listen to this. expired chocolate can have salmonella. i never let chocolate get old so i won't know. here are signs that chocolate may be past the expiration date. a texture that is grainy, flavor that's off, change in color. and candies that have a fruit or nuts, it can mold. >>laura: and this. have you ever had so much candy that you feel like you could die? as it turns out, it's possible. but unlikely. according to the cdc, and they've studied this, you need
6:56 am
for each pound of body weight all in one sitting. the average man at 195 pounds would have to eat nearly 2600 grams of sugar. that's 132kitkat bars, 155 fun sized in thsnicker bars. >>russell: dave has done that with twizzlors. there two of them support the troops overseas. they're operation gratitude and soldiers' angels. they have big, national networks and you can find out how to donate to their websites. it's the first day of november, marking the start of movember. it's meant to raise awareness for men's health issues like
6:57 am
started off as a joke. it's grown into something much bigger. since 2003 it's helped raise more than $700 million. well, a warning for parents. you ?may beputting yourchildren in danger without knowing it. at 7:00, what kids are doing when adults are not looking. >>laura: and making friends on facebook. it doesn't matter how many. that can help you live longer. >>russell: and fact or fiction? see if you know all the answers >>dave: and the visibility is getting better. brooksville up to eight miles another as we're getting closer to sunrise. one mile in brandon. so other than just one or two isolated areas of fog, that should be good to go, get ready to walk out the door. a lot of us sitting in the 60s this morning. a mild start to the day. it should be a warm finish as
6:58 am
carson and i have seen some terrible ads attacking our mom dana young. for things she never did. it hurts because mom is cool. she is caring, she works hard. whenever something is not right mom is on it. trust us we know from experience. mom put her career on hold for us. to raise our family. she is i'm proud of you mom, we both are.
7:00 am
((russell- a mysterious disappearance. a father disappears while jet skiing with his three year old >>russell: a father disappears while jet skiing with his 3-year-old son. the boy is okay. the father, nowhere to be fo of the recent controversies have an impact? i'm in washington. we'll have the very latest on that just ahead. >>laura: and living longer. it's easier than you might think. try making friends on facebook. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. a lot ahead this morning. we start with the weather and dave. >>dave: we've had a good morning. good morning, russell and laura. it's november. we're so close to finishing the


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