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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  November 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 news at noon. a bizarre chase on i-4 in hillsboroughco and it is a story that deputies will not soon forget. good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado. thanks so much for joining us. now this all started this morning when someone saw the men stealing lawn equipment from someone's garage. when deputies arrived that's when the chaos began. >> fox 13's chen war suarez lives orient road where it all came to crashing end tell us about it, ken. >> most of us know i-4 from driveing on it. well 3 suspects that you were
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chasing them saw different perspective. from right back there after they went off roading and a right into that gig old ditch. the three suspects two guys and a woman were arrested a little while ago. investigators also found a gun and two magazines from bullets and their suv. this all started around 8:30 this morning someone someone called hillsborough county sheriff's office after they saw suspect stealing a blower and wed walk walker when from n aep garage when deputies arrived, david addiction son jumped into the suv. michael took off running. investigators chased suv that you neighborhoods and eventually on to i-4. apparently the shake the deputies the suv went off road. and into this deep ditch. the deputies were close in pursuit they did the same exact thing. both vehicles end up getting stuck. well eventually they will all towed they did round up all
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two out three lengthy criminology records. now now charge with burglary and probably a lot more just because of a couple of pieces of inexpensive lawn equipment. back to you. >> wow. okay ken i'm glad to hear no one was hurt. thanks. see you again at 5. others the 0-1. this is going to tough play. the cubs win the world series! stay up for with the cubs make a monumental comeback ending one 08 year drought. it was a spectacular baseball game. many say best world series game ever. >> and chicago cubs fans are desperating today. cubs overcoming really incredible odds to earn the win and a game that kept us all on the edge of our seats and up really late. fox joel waldman is outside progressive field in cleveland with more.
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matter that they did it on the road. all they care about is that after 108 years, the cubs have finally brought a world series win home to chicago. >> i've been waiting for a long time, 76 years old i couldn't wait. finally get a championship. they did for me tonight finally. victory did not come easy with cleveland instance tying the game in 8th with two-run homer. players and fans then had to endure 17-minute r it was all worth it for cubs faithful look third base man chris bryant's expression as threw to first base for the final out. >> that's one the best games anybody will ever see. history did not seem to favor chicago victory. these cubs are first team to overcome a 3-1 series deficit in 31 years. they are also the first chance to win game 6 and 17 on road since 1979.
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championship trouth drags on. it hurts because we care. but, they need to walk with their head held high. because they left nothing on the field. and just to put a little more perspective on it chicago cubs last won world series in 1908. but wrigley field didn't even open until 1914. in cleveland at progressive field sarasota police are still trying to figure out what caused a bad crash on bay front drive. that crash happened before 8 this morning. closed done bayfront drive for several hours. two cars were involved in a head-on crash. we don't know yet how those drivers are doing. we do know that all lanes are now back open. in the race for white house today, national polls show donald trump closing in on hillary clinton. although still behind in many swing states including north carolina.
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their final pitch to voters before they head to the polls in just five days. fox lauren blanchard has the very latest now from the campaign trail. >> it's the final sprint of the 2016 election as both campaigns are trying to avoid missteps. donald trump joking last night in florida his advisors are warning him to stay on message. stay on point donald, stay on point. notice noe side nice and easy. nice and easy. >> trump's campaign manager maintaining he still has a chance. saying there's a large number of quiet trump voters who will turn out on tuesday. >> the undercover trump voters not they are embarrassed to say they already decided voent voth for hillary clinton for any number of reasons. some moll sters show renew f.b.i. investigation impacting her lead in polls her campaign says it's focussing on flipping some traditionally red states
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last night. >> arizona has only voted for a democrat for president once since 1948. so for the first time we have a real chance to turn this state blue again. meantime trump picked up points in blue states like colorado and pennsylvania. and a new poll in democratic new hampshire has analysts predicting granite state could be more important than anyone anticipated. if trump wins new hampshire, that tie. which would make heads explode all over the country i'm sure. >> in what turned out to be a very tight race both clinton and trump are in north carolina today trying to woo voters as that state is now a must-win for both campaigns p.m. in washington lauren blanchard, fox news. florida supreme court is agreed to reconsider or to consider rather removing a controversial amendment from next week's ballot. amid one seekses to change state
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growth. but solar advocates say it's misleading challenge comes a lead proponent of amendment one was recorded saying measure was written to appear pro solar. it could actually end restricting solar growth in florida by costs. a spokeswoman for utility funded group that supports the amendment called the legal challenge political grand standing. she argues the amendment will protect consumers. police arrested a tarpon springs man after they say he stole re little league baseball program. john fehr regard is no longer the president of the tarpon springs little league. he current himself in for stealing nearly $13,000 from organization. but the amount may be higher. starting back in may police say it he knitted to pocketing money from concession stands as well as trfshing money from little league's account to his own about $300 at a time. >> when the league started asking questions that is when fehr regard actually turned
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taking advantage ultimately the children you're stealing prosecute from a child. nasty what it comes down to. >> police believe fehr regard was having financial problems and may have even been he vicked from his home recently. the league sent a letter reassuring parents saying this has been really rough and then they thanked police a little league sponsors says plans for new score board have been pushed back fehr regard has sincing released from jail. on a good note, the season of giving kicked off today in tampa. the holiday tent is now open for your donations. the iconic red and white tent has become a holiday tradition this time of year. more more than 18,000 families are expected to seek help at the holiday tent this year also need more than 10,000 volunteers. and at the present time has new location in year want to make sure you know where it is near corn which cass street in nebraska avenue in downtown tampa. the tent opens 8:00 a.m. monday through saturday. there are also donation spots in
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about cubs world series victory. we will take look at the tampa connections to the team when we come back. and you probably have been to amalie arena for maybe hock game or concert. but up next we will take you behind scenes and show you some things you've never seen before. but first jim's here to tell us about our forecast. hey jim. you know we're looking another beautiful looking day today. scattered clouds, temperatures running upper 70s, low 80s. still watching that cold front working its way towards us. looks like front may be not quite as strong as what we but still we're talking about some nice looking weather for the weekend. latest on that got a couple of showers showing up on skytower
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(linda nr) former rays coach joe maddon must be thrilled today.. finally former rays coach joe madden must be thrilled to today. finally breaking the cubs 108-year-old curse he and another former ray ben zobrist played a big part in the win. fox 13's alcides segui >> lovable losers no more. chicago cubs are now aworld series champions and it has lot to do with two former tampa bay rays including joe madden and ben zobrist who are outside of joe madden's house earlier this morning. a large banner outside of his house big w on it has fichter picture of joe madden on bottom as well. joe never looked better is what it says. also talks about 108-year-old curse. curse of billy goat.
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world series. and again has lot to do two tampa bay rays manager joe madden and outfielder ben zobrist with rays several years ago and plays key roles for the cubs success this year. cubs manager joe madden quickly turned a team that finished last place in three consecutive seasons into world champions. he also helped bring his ben zobrist fresh off a world series title with the kansas city royals. a great move and a top of the world series facing two strikes with a potential go ahead run on second place, zobrist hit his shot down third baseline. getting the cubs the lead and eventually winning the world series. cubs dream of not winning a title is the longest and major league baseball history. again winning game seven of the world series and their first title in 108 years. and by way ben zobrist was named most valuable player. congratulations to both.
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segui, fox 13 news. thank you, alcides. usually our one tank trips take us out of town but not today. today we're going sthoe you part tampa landmark you ever probably never seen before. fox 13 walter allen takes us on behind scene tours of amalie arena. good afternoon everybody. walter allen on a one tank trip. thankfully this will not take an entire tank of gas. maybe just a quarter. because we're at amalie and what's really cool is it's not just for hockey games or shows. so much more here to see. and that's what we're getting doone this one tank trip. tour of amalie arena. one highlights my opinion is the hydroponic garden. this really is a self sustaining building they grow their own vegetables. and when you're up at the fire stick grill or different concession stands you get lettuce and tomato on your
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rick you're in charge of guest services. let's talk about the tour in general. how can people do that and when can you do it? on game days we have three and a half hours before every game. we start in the ticket office. and you can go into the ticket office, purchase ticket for the tour. it's $7 for adults. $5 for children. if you have group of ten or more $5 as well. we meet in ticket office three and a half hours before the game. and then i have two members from guest services team that takes you on building tour. we hit every single level. we have 7 levels of building. not everybody knows that. so it goes from our press box all the way down to our marshalling our ice level. one highlights you get to see is the garden. and it really does feed the entire building. yes. like i said we use it newer oh fire stick grill restaurant our catering lounge. some of our premium clubs, you know the chase club, and lexus
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herbs in those areas. and the reception has been really well. but nothing like having that fresh produce that we pulled out back, you know maybe that morning before the game. >> also, speaking of chase club you guys shave your own ice here you don't contract that out. no we have our own ice room. we have a group of staff that make ice sculptures. we'll make a whole bar out of block of ice. or and we do it for if somebody coming into a sweet or loge and we want to do something special or play-offs we will ice sculptures all over building our guys right here or making it and sculpturing it for the areas here in the building. >> and then we heard earlier this morning between the pipes. that's one of my favorites spots you get to see everything and not spot everybody can hang out. between pipes is pretty cool.
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a unique spot. is unique view the ice as well an area where people can go hang out. they have a ticket to the game this don't want sit in seat they can hand hang out in standing room area or student rush tickets if they get standing room only. another area they can hang out and you know we have the bars right there. tvs, you know organ platform. it's nothing but excitement through the whole game. >> that's seventh floor. you go down to you're talking i say level. and sam zones and you get the zamboni driver there to answer any questions when you're taking the tour. yes. one first spots on the tour. we go down to the lexus lounge. then around the zamboni tunnel. and then our zamboni staff and our ice crew are amazing. to me personally i think they are one of the best in in the league. you know they take the time that they will take 20 minutes out of their day getting ready for a game.
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what it takes to maintain the ice. and what we do, you know stevie nicks left six hours ago. and we have the ice crew getting ready for guys to skate this morning. thank you so much. i appreciate it. good good to know their good tours here amalie arena. that's your one tank trip, walter allen. >> nice one thafrngs walter. bucs are set to take field in prime time tonight as they host falcons raymond james stadium. head coach dirk cutter keep pace with high flying falcons tonight game former suction safety john lynch lead team on field before being ininducted into rng of honor kicks off 8:25. one pan probably watching could in a. check him out. this video makes it clear it's a bucs. dirl chapman sent us this video. this was he does when bucs get in red zone. he likes touchdowns apparently as much as we do.
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fun clip. that was touchdown score bucs. so remember we love to see your personal videos here on fox 13. you can share could in a touchdown danks because i post it had or send me video of your own find me on facebook look for fox 13 linda hurtado and like the page. or you can send me message by way of twitter just look for linda hurtado, fox. so jim i'm a little tired today. didn't make it through the whole game. i fell asleep before the rain delay. but my husband we to celebrate alone. i don't know does that count? >> i guess so. but you know, i'm tired too. i made it through the whole game. but, through the rain delay and everything. rain delay hit and first thing i did i grabbed my phone, skytower arrest app, that's not going to last long i'm stick it out 17 minutes we're back on. so you know it was definitely exciting. you know to watch really a historic game there with that. so congratulations to the cubs. you know we're looking a pretty
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we're looking partly cloudy skies. across the area. that moderate humidity once again for today. still watching cold front which will be working its way down the state as we go into late tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours. we continue to see some scattered clouds and couple showers showing up on skytower radar. really not whole lot to speak of you can see with that easterly flow picking moisture off atlantic they've been they have got a couple showerses in ask around orlando down across florida into say eastern or central polk county you might see quick shower later on this afternoon. that's, that's pretty much it. i don't think showers will work their way all the way across the state like what we were seeing yesterday couple other showers south highlands county down towards the lake as well. outside right now, we're at 81 degrees. dew point is at 61. that makes the humidity at 50 percent. currently the winds they are out north, northeast at 10 miles an hour. still plenty of sun. that is warming temperatures up.
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tampa. we're bot an 81 degrees. wesley chapel a 77downtown st. petersburg. bradenton you're at 80. sarasota 81. down in venice currently sitting an 82. dew points still sitting in that mid 60s ranges. that's what we qualifies a moderate huey midst. now we will see changes as cold front works its way through late friday. so right now right in this moderate range, looks like kind of drop down into that pleasant range as cold front starting to look like maybe it won't have as big of an impact as it works its way over the state. but still, compared to what we have remember yesterday we were 88 degrees for daytime high. so if we cool down, either into upper 70s, or 80-degree for that high on saturday, with that dryer air still going to feel delightful outside. you're going to still going to love weather we have this weekend. ridge of high pressure that continues to kind of breakdown
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southeast. you can still see a lot of cloud cover along that boundary. but as it works its way down over us, a lot of that just going to dissipate and move out. so we're not really expecting much in the way of any rain with this front. maybe a little bit of cloud cover. that's just about it. front works its way through late friday and some dryer air starts to filter down the state. but really the heart of the dry air is probably going to stop up across the panhandle. so we just miss out on really, really dry air as we get into the weekend. but still it looks good scattered clouds. daytime high 85 degrees. then for tonight a pleasant night overnight low of 68 degrees. for tomorrow, scattered clouds. we stay warm. daytime high right around 83 degrees. on the water, winds out north about 10 to 15 knots. seas two feet moderate chop on bay high tide comes up 6:orr 4 this evening. here's your seven-day forecast. we've got warm temperatures for today and into tomorrow.
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breezy weather on saturday behind that front. and we start that very slow warming strend as we trent as w in i call it monster in me. it's a disorder that can cause severe swelling. this kind of swelling.
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i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. ng with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible
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there's an old saying.. a picture is worth a thousand words. and that's there's an old saying a picture is worth a,000 words. that's especially true when it comes to a condition called h aechlt. for some symptoms can missed. dr. jo shows us what to look for and how doctors at usf are hoping to shed light on this serious disease.
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picture, i call it the monster in me. the story myrtle's life long battle unfolds. i've had it from head to toe. there there isn't part of my body that hans seen swelling at all act counselor to publicly show what condition called hae does to her. scenario brought it on was i got hit in the stomach with a table. and didn't think anything of it few hours later i proceeded to vom sxit get very, very ill. and very, very swal enand very, very big. so big doctors thought she was pregnant. dr. tom is an allergy specialist at the university of south florida. >> there's lot of people that that don't get diagnosed because they go to the emergency room. they have abdominal pain they don't have a lot of swelling that's visible. and often times those people if you don't think of it might have exploratory surgery or they get
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a problem since surgery can make symptoms worse. that's because people with hae can't breakdown a chemical that causes blood vessels to leak fluid. even simply trauma triggers its release. patient would get a dental procedure and then swelling in the mouth. and some times spread down to the upper airways swelling that blocks airways can be fatal. my elder brother died fra it at 31 years old. now myrtle hopes an drug called dx2930 will help her avoid that same fate. the doctor is supervising the drugging clinical trial at usf. with this particular study we're looking to go see if we can prevent attacks. preventing begins with recognizing you might have the problem. >> if you have unexplained episodes of abdominal pain, and especially if you have swelling in your arms or your legs it
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physician about whether or not this is a possibility. dr. jo tells us clinical trial at usf is ongoing but no longer accepting new patients. >> while the fight continues to take a kia rabbiing city back take a kia rabbiing city back from amendment 1 is endorsed by florida's firefighters... and unsafe solar installations. safe solar for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1.
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why are out-of-state billionaires attacking amendment 1? because amendment 1... stops. their. subsidies. with amendment 1, you don't pay for someone else's solar. to stop unfair subsidies, vote yes on amendment 1. afghanistan are killed while on a mission targeting two u.s. soldiers in afghanistan are killed while on mission target taliban commander four other americans were wounded in that air strike that also killed about 30 afghan civilians. taliban targets raid were taken out. so were about 60 inviewer suri gents. combat back in 2014. some troops are still there to help afghan forces. >> a brutal fight carries on in
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isis rule. as fox greg palkot reports civilians are caught in the middle. >> iraqi troops patrol streets mosul thursday. as civilians rally with them carrying white flags. while allied and kurdish forces advance on the city. with u.s. led coalition support, isis leader is sending his own message to supporters. calling on his followers to remain resilient and steadfast in the fight. rege isis rule. if one violated their rule he he or she would be a beaten or pushed off building if they discovered a spy or police officer they would decapitate the person immediately. meanwhile number of people fleeing region continues to grow one camp west mosul took in eight 00 refugee oos lone. leaving some in a pattern. we waited here for checking in to the camp for two days. we hope the procedure can completed today. about 5,000 tents have been
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capacity for about 30,000 people. camp managers say international aid is needed to keep everything in order. we have some difficulties in the aspect of camp security. especially as winter is coming and continuous rain is forecast for these days. >> taking mosul would key to driving isis out the country. and while progress is being made, fierce fighting continues in the city. in iraq, greg palkot, fox 13 shot and killed in ambush style attacks. now this suspected gunman is in custody but motive remains a mystery. police are remembering the officers who died. >> foxx steve rapaport has the latest. >> two des moines area mroisz ambushed and killed in separate attacks early wednesday. i don't think he may even made aware there's gunman next to him. police say 29-year-old officer justin martin and 39-year-old
12:33 pm
investigators a 46-year-old scott michael greene carried out the attacks police say greene surrendered wednesday flagging down a state employees along a rural road. he flagged down an employee of dnr. presnted his id to that employee. and asked that that employee call nippy 11. mr. greene was taken into cutted without incident he has history flee confrontations little more than two weeks ago he was removed from a high school football stadium after displaying confederate flag. president obama is among those paying tribute to explain officers saying they put on their uniforms to serve and protect they were tan in shameful acts of violence. >> the sergeant is being remember ad husband and father. he goes by tony. and he's been with us since 2005. while officer martin was new to urban dale iowa police department having just joined on in 2015.
12:34 pm
final moments. >> it was a puzzling thing about this he didn't get out any idea there is any warning or fear or anything going wrong or that he was going to make the stop or go out with anybody. basically stopped it was going to proceed president obama seed through an intersection when he got confronted by this gunman. steve rapaport, fox news. according to national law enforcement memorial, 52 u.s. police officers have been fatally shot on duty this year. that's up significantly from this time last year. in north dakota officers the controversial dakota access pipeline. dozens were hit with pepper spry as they waded through waist deep water to reach property owned by pipeline's developer. confrontation came after regulators criticized company for not immediately reporting discovery of native american artifacts on that land. now pipeline developer could facing fines. president obama is announced feds are looking for way to
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>> opening statements begin in north carolina. in trial of a former police officer charged in shooting death of an unarmed black man. in april of 2015 officer michael slager shot ask killed 50-year-old walter scott as he ran away during a traffic stop. the officers lawyer says he may have been provoked if scott wrels taser from him. panel of 11 white jurors end one black juror will hear the case he faces 30 years in prison to life if convicted. >> authorities in mississippi are as a hate crime. hope well missionary baptist church in african american church in greenville was burned in vandalized tuesday night. f.b.i. is opening a civil rights investigation. someone also spray painted vote trump on side of that building main sanctuary has most damage. 22 member church has been at that site for 111 years. one retail launching black friday deals day before thanksgiving. why a popular fitness tracker
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fox's lauren simonetti has your midday market report. no emoji reaction for this one. facebook profit nearly triples in third quarter thanks to 1.8 billion users. marketers spending big bucks to advertise to those users. mobile add sales making up 84 percent of facebook revenue. but investor ares disappointed that facebook's ad growth could slow next year. >> fit by the isn't having a best work out. prices tanking after reporting quarterly sales that grew 23 percent. fit by the is projecting only slight increase in all porn holiday quarter blaming production issues related to new flex 2 wrist bands. >> how about some black friday sales before thanksgiving. they are coming to jc penney the chain is moving up start black friday deals to the wednesday before turkey day. on turkey day. jc penney will be open starting at 3:00 p.m.
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a high court ruling that uk government cannot trigger start britain exit from european union aprocess that could take two years without a sign off from pafrl meant first. that means prime minister must put it up for a vote which will delay and perhaps stop the process altogether. the government plans to appeal. that's business for more log on to fox in new york i'm lauren simonetti heart stopping toy car right into on coming traffic right in middle of rush hour fortunately that little boy was not hurt drivers managed to drive around him until police officer eventually picked him up. boy you could see how precarious that was. toddler was safely returned to his mother. wow. >> in case you missed the country music awards last night, and lot of you did with the world series on, it was jam
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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if you were watching the world series on fox last night you may have missed the cma's country's brightest stars gathered in "music city" last night for the 50th annual c-m-a awards! from legends to newcomers... all took part in a f took part in night full nostalgia reflecting on five decades from country music. jackie recaps nashville's biggest night. >> bigger winners 50 anniversary cma awards maybe country music fans themselves. as show bossied most performance of any cma's ever. >> the night started with a touching tribute to country
12:41 pm
travis suffered a stroke in 2013. has recently been making more public appearance and was just inducted into country music hall of fame. superstar carey underwood and brad paisley could hogsed festivities for a nipt time political jokes they did make cut. you're all going home with special gift right. your very own basket of deplorables. wow. other stand out moments include the surprise guests like beyonce and taylor swift. dolly parton was begin 2016 willy nelson lifetime achievement award and got teary watching power house group female vocals pay tribute to her
12:42 pm
? ? ? ? when it comes to honors handed out covenant entertainer of year award went to superstar garth brooks. >> pretty cool to win it on 50th. but also, man, 20 years thing we wept home. break out star morris won new artist of year told us what this means to her after such a world wind of success this past year. i think i just got it back together. yeah it was an emotional moment. co-host took female vocal is chris stapleton went male vocal is of year. in new york, fox news. just me or dolly doesn't age. wow. she looked great.
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hae zika i'm charley belcher coming to you from downtown st. petersburg. north straub park. home of the st. wine and food festival don't actually started last night with wine tasting and pairing dinner. to want tacos tequila. tomorrow night a craft beer festival. saturday and sunday big grand tasting. donna is putting all this together second year for went festival. last year was incredibly successful and so far so good in wonderful this year as you know the weather is tremendous. so just going to be perfect day. but we have four days still going like you said last night. we had our sold out month early but all festival tickets are still available. we have tacos tequila fest. 24 eight tequila cocktails. going to be blast. you had me at unlimited tacos. me too. i got a little excited there. and then friday night is our beer night st. pete, second annual e.
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actually have local brewery's make special beers. never had had them before. never again. so really special. 15 local restaurants coming. unlimited food again. just absolutely incredible. then saturday and sunday, we had a couple restaurants come out for us this morning cook up a couple of things that they are going to be providing for folks. you're just going to have ton of restaurants saturday and sunday. we are. saturday and sunday our main event. it's grand tastings part of st. pete wine and food year. we're talking top restaurants in the area. we'll have competition for best it is a. best savory bite. food spectacular. unlimited food. 100 plus wines. it will be lot of fun. you do this during the day saturday and sunday. yes during day no better time to have glass of wine with us. very vip gets in hour earlier for beer night if you do vip you have special section and some special wine, special food also
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great great tastings give me hours. taco and tequila 6:30 to 9:30 we buy tickets on door becausist cheaper online than going to be at the door. then tomorrow, for the craft beer festival, 4:thir for vip. 5:30 start. it goes until 9:30. saturday and sunday noon for vip, one for general admission and it goes until 5 o'clock music out here just going to be spectacular. the ticket includes forgot about the a lot festival you have to buy tickets and give ticket for each taste one ticket gets gets you in door gets you all everything all wine you want all whiskey all the you know food you want. just put your wallet away even water. we provide water. nothing you can buy. you to pay for cab or uber to get home. st. pete wine and food festival this weekend. downtown st. petersburg. go to and we'll link you to their website
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charley belcher, fox 13 news. >> thank you, charley. i think we will order good weather for that food and wine festival. weather looks good we will get even better as we get into weekend with temperatures starting to cool down a little bit. that dryer air works its way in. all and all great time for year for lot outdoor activities. skytower radar showing a small showers orion other side of the state. kind of hard to see on wider view as we zoom in. you can see way from the west towards the east down across florida turnpike. rain doesn't last all that long. these aren't going to really make their way all the way across the state. if you're in polk county, over towards lakeland, haines city, down towards lake wales you may see a quick little shower. heir along the west coast probably not going to see that rain make its way all the way across the state. sop enough sun that we're still warming temperatures pretty
12:49 pm
81, westchase. at 79. along with new tampa. plant city 82 degrees. head into downtown st. petersburg, currently sitting at 77 degrees. upper 70s, low 80s to our north. dade city you're at 82 degrees. then, you work your way to our south. down into manatee county. lakewood ranch bradenton barack obama at 83. string of 81 sarasota all the way down into inglewood. north port currently sits at 79 degrees. lakeland you're at 81. and you head down into currently sitting at 80. dew point still in that moderate range. when we're sitting in mid 60s zone its not comfortable. about not uncomfortable outside either. but we get into weekend. cold front works its way down state late friday it will dry this air out. it will cool us down. going to cool us down until just, just a touch below normal. our average high for this year one degrees. we will sitting about 79 to 80. so pretty comfortable with drier
12:50 pm
will certainly feel very delightful that will continue into sunday as well we we start that slow warming trend we get ito first part of next week. still you can see some scattered clouds. small showers working there way across the state. ridge of high pressure that's really brought us the nice quiet weather for what about a week, week and a half now. that's going to start to breakdown more and more. at cold front works its way into the southeast. light now you can see lot of activity along this front. you see the showers across the all the way up into ohio and pennsylvania. as this front continues to push down across the southeast it will pretty much dry up and we'll see some clouds working there way through. but all in all you get the front will move through not going to notice much with the front. other than a shift in the winds and then that dryer air works its way in. it will happen late tomorrow into the weekend. so that's why you go to bed on friday night it's still fairly
12:51 pm
notice that nice change we get into saturday and sunday. forecast for today still looks good daytime high about 85 degrees. with scattered clouds. then for tonight pleasant night. overnight low of 68. for tomorrow, another nice looking day. daytime high with scattered clouds 83 degrees. seven-day forecast, keeps highs in 80s over next couple of days. and we'll cool down say into the lower 80s or upper 70s we go through the weekend. with that much drier air working its way in as well. linda. thanks, jim. a little girl is l bob buesing... on the record. he sues tax payers to cover the outrageous cost of a lavish courthouse. buesing files forclosures on homes critical to seniors. his law firm is accused of running up costs on a school
12:52 pm
for things she never did. so we ask... mr. buesing, will you do anything to win? anything? to beat this woman.
12:53 pm
one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? a little girl is bringing more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. a lot of joy and hope to
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a little girl bringing a whole lot of joy to patients with a special creation. it's inspired by someone in her life facing challenges. kelly ring shows us what's right with tampa bay. >> eight-year-old sienna is carrying her pumpkin bag as she makes her way through tampa general hospital with her mom joy. but she's not she's actually handing them out in lift gift baskets. and sienna has included something extra special in her bags of goodies. i'm wearing beads i will never ever take it off. thank you so much for that. okay in see sienna was inspired to make beads for tampa general because a very special patient who has been receiving care at tgh. >> my mom was recently diagnosed with stage three colorectal
12:55 pm
scary. she told me that everybody in the hospital felt really sick. so we wanted to make this prayer beads to cheer everybody up. thank you so much. oh my goodness. >>, thinking about other people. and but also helping to send a very important message. we think that everything happens for a reason. we think the reason got this sick is to give me the opportunity to spread the word about getting early screenings. thank you. along with a patients, she's giving a prayer beads to a token appreciation for those that have been there for her mom. >> thank you so much for what you did. very sweet. nice story. that was our kelly ring. washington state police officer
12:56 pm
bell view police officer craig can be found at the state park. he always has his skateboard with him and says a great way to have fun and meet teens in the city he says he hopes is efforts will knock down barriers between police and the community. >> listen he's having good time too. come on. >> that's fun in the middle of the day. not bad. so gorgeous weekend. almost, almost there. almost there. we continue count down cold front going to come through late tomorrow. not going to notice up on friday. but you look at the seven-day forecast, the other thing we're going to dealing with is breezy conditions, and don't forget saturday night, we turn clocks back and get hour back after staying up late last night. that's where i need to get that hour back right there. yeah. >> well news does not end here. we'll keep posting latest all day on our fox 13 news app right on your phone. look for more news, weather and sports beginning a 5 o'clock. i hope to see you right back here at 5.
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