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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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place at a public school. he was joined by his wife. he said it was an honor and he was confident about the outcome tonight. >> and hillary clinton voted with her husband at an elementary school. new york is expected to votes in clinton's favor. e pyre state is the last 7 presidential elections. we're covering it from all the angles. and lloyd sowers was tracking hillsborough and dan matics is there. dan, let's start with you. what have you been seeing? >> well, i can tell you as far as how quickly things have gone and the voter turn out is incredible, 2/3 of registered voters in pinellas cast their
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give you an idea. that's inside of the office this is the room where they are canvassing the ballots that have come in. and if you move here this is the room where they are actually feeding it. there are no problems to tell you about and there are several reports of ballots. that's an issue that was corrected quickly. i want to bring lattimore the supervisor of elections. this is going to be going quickly here. you will not have a long night. >> we hope not. we may have one, there are voters out there. and so we have an opportunity still a couple of hours left. >> reporter: are you getting an idea with the turn out, we're at 72% right now which is where we were in 2008.
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mark. and there has been a lot of interest in the voters. >> reporter: the county has gone with the last four presidents elected. if there are any problems we'll bring it to you. >> thank you, dan. lloyd sowers is in hillsborough where a were reported. >> reporter: the scanners that you slide the ballots into, officials say several of those scanners got jammed. they say the ballots will be counted and it was a couple of precincts. >> voters here get national
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hillsborough votes for the winners. it's on the i-4 corridor that you go democrat or republican so it is a battle ground. we meet a couple of people in a politically divided house. >> donald trump. >> unlike your wife, unlike my wife. we have a difference of opinion. i said have you voted? it's their our future, our country. >> she voted for clinton; he voted for trump. it should be an interesting election night. one more problem. fish hop ranch. slow voting. officials sent an additional scanner. if you're in line by 7:00 you will get to vote.
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thank you, as the polls start to close, there are some key times you need to know about and battleground states to focus on. let's turn to craig patrick for that. this is what people need to watch out for. >> we'll start with right now. you have the pool in manhattan to release the first wave of data. it will show us who turned out indiana and kentucky. then 7 p.m. a wave of states coming in. when to keep an eye on is georgia. this is a state that seemed to be up for grabs. the polls closed at 7:00, that's a time to watch. it looks like trump is holding a slim lead. if it is early a good night.
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some more drama later. you have to keep an eye on the state of virginia. this is another battleground state. 7 p.m. expect that trump will start with the early lead. they will come in before the dc suburbs. the polls have favored hillary clinton for weeks. we think it is liening to hillary clinton with kaine effect. and this is coming up just later. the key swing state of north carolina. this is one that the keys in at 7:30 p.m. after the first wave of states. this one was split. obama won it in 2008 by the skin of his teeth and then romney in 2012. this is one state that may tip the balance here that we're watching carefully. you have ohio the key time there again like north carolina, it is going to be 7:30, this is a
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weather but the polls have favored donald trump and have for the past up to of weeks and the battleground state that's the state of florida. yes, the polls will close here at 7:00. but we have a couple of different time zones and close at 8 p.m. in the western panhandle. we will not have a call on the state for a while. democrats have the advantage. 90,000 more voted earlier we know more than half of the vote is in. it democrats and republicans but the independents. 22% that will decide which way florida goes. from there, more states will weigh in from east to west. what we see in the first what bh an idea of which way the race is going.
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marco rubio. we'll go with evan axelbank and the marco rubio campaign in miami. >> reporter: i spoke with a senior member of marco rubio's campaign team. they say they believe that marco rubio is in very good position to continue in the senate. it was the democratic favor by a bit. they believe that that early vote will come around for marco rubio. many people here athe expecting a win. and over the last several months there are 53 polls done of the marco rubio-patrick murphy race. marco rubio has led in 48 of those polls. take a look. hoping to continue in the united states senate. he lost florida primary 8 months ago and was at odds with the nominee who he wound up supporting all be it holding his nose.
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many were angry over donald trump and immigration. will that base hold for marco rubio here tonight. and will he get support from the die hard voters in florida. there was a big dust up and how that plays out. if he wins. how does he win. how much does he win we spoke with part of the history. i stand by everything. i never predenied this is an easy choice. the one thing i knew was no matter who the next president was it would be someone i had strong disagreements with. i wanted a senator that would stand up to the bad ideas of the next president even if they are from your own party. >> election nights are and some of the questions if hillary
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republican in the race for the senate? florida does not have a history of splitting the ticket. that will be interesting here. he got back in in june. mitch mcconnell wanted to hold on to control. we'll see if he makes good on let's turn to aaron mesmer in palm beach gardens where patrick murphy will watch the results and he hopes that the people will go down the ticket. >> he is. >> reporter: optimism is what we're hearing. he is facing a battle, that's the case since marco rubio entered the race a little late.
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he is up from a few points to several points ahead every vote will go here. he is making one last attempt focusing on the issues. >> they are accusing him of exaggerating and being a counting on a push coming out to vote against trump yesterday it is important to keep pushing today. >> the supporters every door you knock on could be the difference. now with technology.
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>> that's what he is hoping for. and he is getting a lot of support from the president and joe biden. we'll be here and hear more later on this evening as the supporters get here throughout the night. aaron mesmer at palm beach gardens. >> we have crews all over the place bringing it all. another hot contest the house race between david jolly and charlie crist. that's next. and marng history. people gather to pay tribute to susan b anthony. what they are leaving behind. and almost ten years after lap band surgery. did the weight stay off a
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the race for the house district 13 has been contentious. charlie crist is running against david jolly. it has been dubbed one of the house seats that could flip from republican to democrat. let's go to josh cascio he is covering charlie crist.
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ballot. the polls close in about two hours. this is interesting, charlie crist has the gatherings serve owe vonoi that was secured by david jolly a little gamesmanship by the incumbent. but the ball room is not a bad place. we're live in st. pete >> and haley hinds is with david jolly party. >> and the campaign here at jolly headquarters very optimistic. he mentioned that the numbers are showing him with an edge. he can pull off a david jolly, who held office about two and a half years now, has run a
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county ahead of politics. , he is taking a different approach he introduced legislation that makes it illegal to ask directly for money. and he pushed back against his party refusing to endorse donald trump. the results will show whether his approach helped or hurt him. would get his vote for president. >> i'm not part of being part of a broken congress. that got me throne out of my party. i understand that. i have a policy differences with mr. trump. for me i will not support him on tuesday but i encourage everyone to get out and vote for who is right for america.
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florida politics. and charlie crist the former governor up with a slight lead. we'll find out if the number does stack up with the results tonight. people took the time after voting to pay tribute to susan b anthony. mostly women but some men lined up outside of her grave and placed the and since this is the first election with a woman on the portland as president some felt compelled to see her grave. >> to be voting for a woman for president ising that that i never thought i would sigh. this is emotional. i'm thrilled to honor the woman who made it possible. >> you can hear the emotion.
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before women gained the right to vote through the 19th amendment. she could not cast a ballot herself. now your sky tower radar forecast with paul dellegatto. a perfect day to be outside. can you drive to the polls, walk, roller blade, take a bike. , good weather across the you can see no issues. we have been on an incredible streak. 14 straight days. two weeks straight of temperatures above average. on top of that. and we have not had much rain at all.
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without rain fall. below average later this week. there is nothing that indicates that rain is on the way. we could see sprinkles tomorrow. we go 20% on tuesday. they need the rain of while fires. and on twitter. and news our sister station. this is up in north carolina.
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dry. wildfires the drought is extensive. it stretches from western north carolina by greenville and clemson and then down to atlanta and birmingham. the eastern half i'm talking about charleston and myrtle beach and fayetteville and raleigh. they're recovering from the flood of matthew you have flooding impacts then to the west. we're not try enough yet to be in a drought. this is a dry time of year. winter was wet. a couple of showers showing up. light rain. this front or trough will go by. we'll see more clouds around. there could be a shower or the
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the clouds will be cooler. they may be getting low average for the first time in two weeks. sarasota an 82. they are low any rain that tries to fall before it reaches the ground. the winds not as gty 54. winds at 7. the only rain on the election day is along the texas coast. louisiana. ohio besides that. the map is high. coast to coast a great turn out. and helping out a bit on days like this. partly cloudy. 66, tomorrow cloudy a passing shower. cooler.
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make that a mess. hue humidity if you are beating. mostly dry and cooler. haveveteran's day in the 90s. an accident or premeditated murder. the trial of the dad accused of
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we have an update to breaking news we told you about at the top of the show. st. petersburg police have police have charged a man with dui manslaughter for hitting a school crossing guard it was on ninth avenue north. david and charles walton was driving drunk when he hit a vehicle, the guard, sign and a tree. they say he kept going several blocks before he stopped. they say he was driving eratically for several blocks before the accident. an 18-year-old in the car was not charged. the jurors were excused early in the murder trial of a mans whose son died in a hot ca. they were given a hot day to make sure they could vote.
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his son to die in his suv in 2014. the against says that harris loved his son and it was an accident. >> the jury will resume deliberations. voters in manatee and sarasota head to the polls. the turn out there. a man on trial for murder pick as fight with the judge.
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voters nationwide are making their voices heard voters making their voices heard after this very long@ election season. they were waiting in long lines to vote for hillary and broward will be a important county. and sarasota turned out in the numbers. >> they believe they will set a record number of votes. >> excitement in the air. and. >> i would rather go a certain way just trying to help out. >> it is the first time ever casting a vote.
5:31 pm
candidates ever. besides that it is good. >> voters in manatee have been doing their part. the supervisor of elections expect as turn out. >> there is an enthusiasm out there. they believe they have caused a rush to the ballot box. people are into this election. >> before they open more than others cast their battles today. >> i'm excited that we have so many people wanting to ramp in what i consider one of the greatest things, they are expecting the most of any election, in 2012 we had a 75%
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this is the year they want their voices heart. >> we vote for your foundation and the future of the country. >> kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. the counties say it it was the first without lines througout the day. they attribute that to early voting. rejecting a trump. they claimed people were allowed to vote after. and they had no basis for evidence that it happened. and keep it here on fox 13 for complete election coverage. updated and the results from the
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and on the foxed 13 news app on the phone. the woman accused of shoving another in front of a subway train said she is not guilty. prosecutor say that melanie liverpool admitted but when she heard it she said she did not admit to anything. she is described as emotionally disturbed. of killing an 81-year-old man. carlos cordaro is facing murder charges in the case of alfred waton. he was hired to do handy work but a fight over money led to the murder. the judge said they were considering seeking death in the case but then came to the conclusion. >> i we have met regarding the
5:34 pm
filing to seek. >> not a big surprise since the death penalty has been in limbo since the supreme court. portions were unconstitutional. and three weeks ago the state supreme court said a supreme court must decide. and until lawmakers fix this, the death penalty cases are on hold. he picked a fight with the judge and dragged away to jail. now oren bevens will prepare. and what happened in the courtroom. not something that you see every day. >> but the defendant had confrontations with the judge in the past but today, his luck ran out. >> you are taken into custody. >> , take him. >> hauled off to jail. >> i. my phone. >> the judge had enough of the murder defendant. he had picked a fight with the judge from the very start.
5:35 pm
can you turn the camera off. >> i cannot do that. >> i have a order i'm duly noted i have an order should not be on. >> i cannot hear you come forward. >> you can hear me, he said he is a sovereign monarch and does not believe the laws apply to him. he is defending himself and wants it heard by a higher court. the judge has tried the patient. >> come forward. >> i got it. >> he does not get a fourth, you don't get a fourth. >> he is accused of killing his ex-wife's new husband but claims it was self-defense after being dragged to the front of the courtroom he continued to be combative. >> schedule a hearing date for the motion, yes or no. >> take him into custody.
5:36 pm
he was sentenced to five months and 29 days. >> now he still wants to represent himself so that means that a judge has to make sure that all the documents in the case get to him in jail in the next 30 days so he can continue working on his case. we will follow this case. >> thank you very much. ten years after lap band surgery, were the bucs fans able
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y262jy yy6y this week we're catching up with people who shared their stories of dramatic we're catch err catchings up
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stories of weight loss. we have a couple who underwend lap band surgery together. >> reporter: and if you are a football fan you have seen the big nasty the most iconic fan. we meet the man bee need need the persona and his wife in 2007. a year after they had surgery. >> i ballooned up to 400 pounds, they shrunk down. she was 276 pounds lost 120. >> i used to wear these to work. >> keith dropped 100 pounds. >> how you feel now is phenomenal, ten years after the procedure we decided to check
5:40 pm
that sunk in look. >> at 325 he said he still feels better. >> before i was taking six shot as day for insulin, i'm off. and it is less stressful and but big nasty is terrified of needles. >> i'm not as thin as i got, i was not looking good i was looking a little ill in the face, she dropped down to 135. today she helping her stay 100 below her original weight. it is there as a reminder whether you have something to eat again it will not let you, she would like to drop a couple of dress sizes she is confident. >> there was a time i would hate to get dressed and have to socialize now i'm ready, before
5:41 pm
i didn't think he would cheer on his favorite team. >> it is 105 and are you screaming, you put the extra work on the heart. >> well again good success this is consistent with the studies before that you gained some of it back but it stays , he talked about the health results which are important to him i was not taking insue lin, that's huge turks is way
5:42 pm
>> we loaf that are you following this, do you have another one. >> this is twins with surgery together. you see this here. and we followed them up. they opened a restaurant. >> looking forward to seeing that one. >> and mr. scott smith, we hear someth news. >> and he has yet to do. that's coming up in sports. one area that you see
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if you were lucky enough to get this election day as a paid day off work... you weren't alone. thousands of workers all over the country were given a holiday today. if you it got this as a paid tay off you are with others. they hope they will get out and vote. some of the big companies, gm, ford, and there is no law requiring workers get time off to vote, state laws vary what is required.
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stuff. 7-eleven is giving you a a free cup of coffee. it will score you a free krispy kreme doughnut which is good. >> i printed that out. >> and free pizza. world of beers has dollar drafts for the first round today. everyone got into the act. after spending 18 hours lost at sea they found an us a 18 hours. this is the video getting tossed around. this is off the coast. and the rescue arrived right there. he has mild hypothermia. >> and the biggest fear was the sharks you know especially first thing in the morning after swimming all night. and the birds feed when the sharks are around and a couple of flocks of birds close to me i
5:47 pm
>> he didn't like the company and what it meant, looking to do some scuba exploration, he started getting pulled away and found him 30 miles away. that's how far he was. there are some serious sharks there. he is lucky,ky not think of anything -- i cannot think of anything more terrifying of all snakes or whatever it could be, a night in the ocean alone. >> treading water. >> are you wondering if it is nibbling. the cren phone is not working, you cannot tweet. >> that's terrible. >> thanks for the great election day. rain in ohio good. the sun set. >> we had so many pictures this one is different.
5:48 pm
like we did last night. and good. temperatures are still in the low 80s of the almanac data. another day above average. 83 was the high. 80 is the average. the low is pleasant down to 64. we may get a couple of blue days below average. the average is 80. a 78 or 79. close to average as we head into the than we had today. but it is a weak boundary. and sky to you ser picking up rain to the west. the air mass over us is pretty dry. so a lot of this should evaporate. we could see a couple of
5:49 pm
wednesday. tampa is the warm spot. and resly chapel. and an 80. dew point is key light until. not much as far as weather goes. rain in but you head out west. looks good. >> and for them. and a big dome of high pressure lots of sun shine. seattle is 70. los angeles is 78. chicago is 55.
5:50 pm
add vote without a big jacket. highs in the 70s. we bottom out near 66. the sun is back. temperatures are back and looks good with temperatures near 80 there is no sign of rain. >> a streak is guaranteed to end this sun when the bucs host the bears. >> they have still beaten the
5:51 pm
winston has been playing better each week him rolling out of the pocket. dirk koetter likes his efficiency when he is out of the pocket. , he is doing a good job. i is seeing the field when to throw and and when he does. >> and that's the biggest issue outside of the pocket we wanted him to take less hits. >> and getting ready for the game.
5:52 pm
>> and that is 11 years old. >> a bad sequence of calls here the final play of the half. first richard sherman jumps off sides. runs into the kicker. flagged for being off sides but not for unnecessary roughness. when they went to kick it again. a delay of game was >> the head said that the crew did not make the correct call. >> it is ridiculous. he is -- he is over on the sideline taunting us. i had some words. i said are you too good of a player to act like a (bleep). that's what i said. >> it was not dirty.
5:53 pm
you go for a block. even if they said i was off sides. >> free agency starts today. and among the rays becoming free agents. they believe that jep sen will be along the players that the rays would like to retain t. we kiermaier wins gold gloves. and area finalists. kevin pillar. and the announcement is set for 8:00 tonight. and finally. tim tebow the hero in the game. and bottom of the ninth. the walk off r.b.i. sing toll
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>> and batting advice. and that another shifting to the right side. and knock it the other way. >> that's not real hot but you know it has been a while.
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for election results. the dow rose 72 points. the wall street closed in the green. the nasdaq increased and s&p climbed 8 points. the 6:00 news is next. ladies, thank you. not much longer to get out and vote in what has been an interesting election. >> florida again in the spotlight. and why our state is so critical in election. and charlie crist hoping to take david jolly's we'll see what is at stake with
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time is winding down to get out and vote in what has become one of the most highly anticipated elections ever! but has it been smooth sailing at the polls? both presidential candidates have cast their votes.... now they wait the candidates cast their votes. now they wait. why florida will be critical in the race. and will charlie crist be going to congress or reelect david jolly. this is the fox 13 6:00 news.
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i'm mark wilson. turn out has been strong and lines around the block here and in saint pete. look at the lines. the others already voted early and by mail and that kept the process moving smoothly. >> hillary clinton cast her vote in new york. the nominee along with her husband former president clinton they have been voting for 16 years. >> and in manhattan was donald trump with his wife. they greeted children and shook hands and they voted. >> we have coverage this election night. we'll start with lloyd sowers who is live in hillsborough where there have been problems with a few machines. >> the. ers that you slide into a couple were jammed.


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