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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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during the first presidential debate comparing it to an airport in a third world country? even so his plane gets the water cannon support there. their discussion lasted the an hour and a half. much longer than anticipated. >> well, i just had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with it was wide ranging. we talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a white house, we talked about foreign policy. we talked about domestic poll si. and as i said last night, my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is
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by the, i think, interest in president-elect trump's wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces, and i believe that it is important for all of us, regardless of party and regardless of political together, work together to deal with the many challenges that we face. and in the meantime, michelle has had a chance to greet the incoming first lady and we had an excellent conversation with her as well, and we want to make sure that they feel welcome, as they prepare to make this transition.
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to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. please. sir. >> well, thawm, president obama. this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and we were just going to get to know each other. we had not met each other .n i the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. and as far as i'm concerned it could have gone on for a lot longer. we really -- diddiscussed a lotf different situations. some copped wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. he explained some of the
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flying assets, and some of the really great things that have been achieved. mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you, everybody. we're not going to be taking any questions. thank you, guys. thank you. don't answer any questions when they just start yelling. it's a good rule. come on, guys. >> the president president-elect telling him he didn't have to answer the questions being shouted out to him by the press. the white house secretary said the two men didn't try to resolve all of their differences but it was a little less awkward than reporters might have imagined it would be. later axe handshake up high with paul ryan on the balcony of the capitol building. ryan showed trump and his wife and mike pence a sweeping view
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platform under construction where trump will take the oath of office in january as the nation's 45th president. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell joined them. trump pledged to work closely with republicans and told reporters they're going to lower taxes and fix healthcare. michelle obama sat down for tow with melania trump. the outgoing first lady give the house. step one complete in a whirl wind transition. >> it was interesting to watch. thank you so much. so far wall street has been liking the aftermath here. the dow closing eight record high dealting the all time high it set in august. the dow up 218 points. nasdaq was down 42. and the s&p up by 4. >> mariah good lived to help others. but she was shot and killed at
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tonight family and friends are celebrating her love of life and the man who police say pulled the trig certificate behind bars. we are live where deputies say mariah was an insent victim. kimberly. >> reporter: linda, deputies say the man who shot her was actually aiming at someone else. and tonight her friends and family have had their hearts torn to pieces. deputies a vested davone freeman in freeman had a beef with mariah's friend and it came to a head sunday afternoon. he and freeman exchanged words. then freeman who was could not confine tied wheelchair, took out a gun and shot at the car she was in. she died. today her family and friends gather to remember her. remarkably, the girl's mother says she forgives freeman.
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i want him to know the love in jesus, that the jesus that mariah knew. i used to watch and wonder how people would uncaption ll a forgive someone like that. i've seen it done before, but i never thought that i would be doing it. >> reporter: now, she had a full life ahead of her. she worked with kids at the island community center. she was studying to become an emt, like her older brothers amount remain in jail without bond. he'll be brought over to manatee where he will face murder charges. in about an hour, mariah's friends and family will gather at the riverwalk, hold a candle light individual until honor of her, and they say they're expecting a lot of people to come out here because matchedariah attracted a lot of friends and people who loved here. >> he thank you, kimberly. a man suspected of ambushing two pennsylvania police officers has
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investigators say he shot and killed one officer near pittsburgh this morning. wounded another. they were responding to a domestic call. once the officers a right gunman opened fire without warning. investigators say the suspect killed himself and the pregnant woman when ha a protection from abuse court order against him. >> well, they come to the door, because hi my porch light on. and he come and told us turn the light off and just stay put come to the front door and asked us if we would leave, like, asap. >> it was before 4:00 this morning when i first -- i thought it was a garbage man but then i realized today's not garbage day. then i got up and heard something saying something about my partner is down or been shot or something along those lines. and then i knew we were -- something serious was going on. >> reports say that that injured officer was shot in the stomach,
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closed today while police made sure there were no other gunmen. >> tomorrow the nation honors the millions of military men and women who serve our country. in hillsboro a new program is thanking veterans for their service and sacrifice. >> as kelly wohen shows us, it's helping them start their business. >> i was, like, i don't want to clean these brushes. >> reporter: after serving eight years in the air force, kimberly blackman jumped head she knew she wanted to start her own business one day and a before a busy day split between makeovers spay full class schedule, she had her startup. a machine that cleans makeup brushes for her. >> so you throw your brushes in. >> you set it and forget it. >> reporter: kim is one of many so-called entrepreneurs a new community college program aims to help. >> the veterans that come into the program have a whole host of skills that are very, very
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newership -- entrepreneurship. in the classroom, adaptability is one of the key attribute thaiz veteran must poa test is they naturally have that he will bedded in their dna. >> on thursday, h. creditc unveiled operation startup. a place where veterans can connect with others to get their businesses off the ground. >> they want it to become the silicon valley for veteran entrepreneur scpiz want to be a part of that process. >> from space to work and collaborate to educational workships. all 100 percent free for those who served. >> they're actually doing something to say, let's make veterans a part of our community and small business and really helping us and mentoring us through that process really does go beyond thank you for your service. >> reporter: in tampa, fox 2313 news. >> for more information about how you can volunteer to help veterans taking part in operation startup, visit
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>> in the come many months state and local leaders will have to figure out out the state's new medical marijuana industry will work. the expansion will be a big boost for businesses already growing, processing, and distributing marijuana in florida. it will also cause even more competition for highly sought after dispensing organizations. they're limited to a handful of businesses chosen. the ceo of the state's first medical marijua hopes the details can be worked out quickly >> everyone's focus is making sure there's implementation to make shoes those -- those conditions are giving full access. >> it legalizes marijuana to treat people with conditions including post-tramatic stress disorder, cancer, hiv, aids, parkinson's and a list of other day -- diseases.
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hot fluids laked on them. fire and rescue say 35 students were on the bus and were able to get off. the two injured students didn't have to go to the hospital. right now investigators believe it's a coolant leak that caused the burns. >> bucks player gerald mccoy opens up the teenager who broke into his home. his emotional message to the 17-year-old straight ahead at 5:30. >> and he glt a huge hillary clinton tattoo a couple of month as go. remember that? does he plus what he would tell her if
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as we've seen throughout the election... americans supported their candidates in >> american suz ported their candidates in a variety of different ways, some quietly, others loudly and others much more permanently. we caught up with a man whose hillary clinton tattoo will stay with him through many more presidential ee electrics to come. >> reporter:the votes have been counted. campaign signs going down. long ear the 2016 election is just a page in the history books, ron morrison will remember exactly who he voted for. >> people that voted for hillary loved her. >> reporter: even if she didn't win. >> she won popular vote. she won in my heart. even though i woke up at 3:00 in the morning and i had a broken heart at that time. >> reporter: laughter is the best cure for a broken heart, and some very permanent art.
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his first tattoo ever for the first female president ever or so he'd hoped. and he wasn't alone in proclaiming his epidermal alligance. >> couldn't have asked for a better tattoo. it's the best trump tattoo. >> reporter: they both new the risks and the rules that in the end only one party's skin could win. >> this is politics, the way it is. >> reporter: if morrison could say onehi clinton. >> you did a job well done. >> reporter: so while he may not have the 45th president under his sleeve, he still has the 6 7th secretary of state and a tell to tale about the electoral college. >> things don't always go your way. it's a beautiful day out there like obama said the sun came up this morning. and it's going to come up tomorrow morning too. we'll just keep on going. and hoping for the best.
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fox 13 news. >> if there's any silver lining morrison says the tattoo looks like his mother when she was in her 20s and 30s. and he joked he was going to put the word mom underneath it if clinton lost. for now he says he's proud to show who he supported. >> it's an excellent picture. >> it looks just like her. it's good art. >> whoever did it, did a great job. he's cool about it. think kudos to him for that, today outside i think it has to end up being one of the top 10 days of the year. it's been that nice. we had cloud cover this morning. lots of sunshine. very low humidity. temperatures are up near 80 in most spots. fantastic autumn day. a lot of people like the heat and the humidity. i'm in that camp that enjoys temperatures in the 70s for highs and 50s and 60s for lows. that kind of weather is coming up next couple of days. we still managed to be above
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tampa. 82 in brandon. elsewhere, upper 70s and low 80s. and the streak continues. this is now 16 days in a row with daytime highs above average, and we've been very dry now 26 days in a row without measurable rainfall at tia. that could change early next week, monday and tuesday, as a prospects for any major rain events is small by for this time of year is not unusual. we got to talk about what's happening up in north carolina and also south carolina. the drought is extreme. and well over a dozen wildfires are underway and a lot of that smoke. in is western north carolina here. south carolina and georgia, a lot of smoke today has been blowing to the south and southwest. and across metro atlanta, they
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people are complaining alcides segui sorts of media feeds, you head outside it smells like it's burning right a across the street. it's that smoke being pushed to the west and southwest. here's another viewer of the fire last night. this is near lake lure. a lot of you vacationed up here or have homes in western north carolina. i know you've been in touch with the folks up there. this is some of the fires last night and today on my twitter food, chipny park, wildfires burning in the distance. not a good scene in the carolinas. that drought extends from western north carolina, south carolina near clemson and greenville to atlanta torsion lake lenear all the way back to birmingham to jackson. and the thing is i don't see any big rain heading that way, either. for us we look good. we had clear skies and then lots
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imagery means we have sunshine on tap right into the weekend. maybe some clouds arriving on sunday. right now it's delightful. 70s to near 80. the dew points, wow in the lower 50s. so very dry air mass, indeed and. winds not bad. generally north and northeast. not too strong. right now, 79 with a 50 dew point. that's a good combination, isn't it? a north wind at seven. and across the continues to be remarkably quiet. you look on the wide view, i mean, can you hop on a plane in, say, d.c., fly all the way to lax and probably not see much, if any cloud cover at all. and temperatures not cold. minneapolis, 66. chicago,62. bristol, 59. new york city at 57. tonight clear and pleasantly cool. comfortably cool. down to 60. we have sunshine on your veteran's day.
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your saturday looks good. lots of sunshine and very pleasant. high temperatures near 80. if you're boating, pretty good. winds becoming onshore about five knots east, two feet. light chop on the bay. next tide is the high tide at 10:50. veterans day say beautiful day tomorrow. clouds could increase on sunday and then maybe some showers monday and tuesday and temperatures cooler than in the mid-7. back to you. >> paul, thank you. deputies started off trying t but they ended up saving his life. >> come on, come on, come on. go, go. yeah. the man tried to get way in a canal but deputies jumped in when he started drowning. tonight at 1600, video of the rescue. also the president-elect dru donald trump like you have never even him before. bald because he's still a work in progress at this wax museum. we'll have a look at the work that goes into making his
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about that. with two weeks to go before thanksgiving, can you believe it? target and wal-mart are releasing their black friday
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released their deals. plus apparently something about a new drone being recalled. >> first of all let's talk about that. gopro had to issue a recall for their new karma drens because they can lose power midair. this is the latest wad news for the camara company which saw its stock drop 20 percent because of bad sales figures. the karma costs 800 and it was the first drone that gopro has made. it folds up to fit intie b this includes 2500 of the models sold since october 23. no replacements. just refunds being offered at this point. >> lots out there to buy. for sure. i was listening to some of the returns coming in today. some of the retailers are doing a pretty good job right now. they must be feeling good about christmas. now there's this new trend, i say new trend, maybe not so new. but some stores are going to close on thanksgiving. >> yeah.
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pushback. should they be opening and having people shock on a family day? a lot of major retailers will open up as usual. it's a tradition for some people to go shopping together. both target and wal-mart announced they'll kick off sales on thanksgiving for the third year in a row. both will open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. if you don't want to fight the crowds in person, they'll be offering black friday deals online starting at early as thanksgiving morning. so you know what that is. that's after midnight, like, 12:01. target is planning to brig back its 10 days of deals promotion which kicks off november 19, five days before thanksgiving. they're saying they have their lowest prices ever on some electronics, things like wireless earphones, fitbit and lap tops. they have offers like af hof select video games and toys. i did notice they have a 50-inch tv for $250. that's fun to compare to the others. wal-mart, they say they have 50
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has discounts on tvs, electronics, small home appliances. similar deals as target. they have 90 different video games starting at $8. you can also purchase select items from their app. and that's new including a four inch ultra hd. that model starts as low as 225. whatever you're looking for this is pretty specific. i'll most more links and information to these ads on my facebook page so you can >> this is only beginning. >> it's just the start. we're off and running. >> thank you so much. >> she was the first person in the bay area to get the surgery. a special balloon implanted in her stomach to help her lose weight. did it work? is she happy with the results. what she's telling our dr. joe. and a dramatic rescue. police officers race to rescue two people trapped in a burning
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i never shop without a list. and at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper. which is why i always show it to my wife. how 'bout you? million dollar home was broken publix. where shopping is a pleasure. into last week.. now bucs >> his home was broken into last week and joe mccoy is speaking out for the first time since the
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what is he saying? >> he's showing a lot of compassion towards the accused robber. his father, gerald mccoy sr was home at the time and suffered from a fractured wrist in the scuffle with the teenager. mccoy says his family is safe and they're trying to move on. police say the 17-year-old got in through an unlocked door at mccoy's home in the gated rensaissance community. you can see sky fox there flying over officers say mccoy's father game face to face with the robber who was armed with a bb gun. mccoy speaking out about it for the first time today. >> everybody is fine. i was just asked people it pray for the kid who tried to break in my house, you know. a lost kid. probably needs guidance. ain't nothing to be upset over. it happens.
5:31 pm
way. you could look at it like i hate the person who tried to break in my house. or look at it as somebody that needs help. i wa just advice people to pray for him. >> here's the kid he's talking about. justin frazier. it's unclear if he knew this was the defense star's home but police say he did get away with a small bag of belongings before he was caught. hopefully he takes a list tone mccoy's advice there and gets his life back on track. over to you. >> dan, thank well, new at 5:00 a tampa martial arts instructor arrested for having sexual contact with a young female student. the owner of undisputed fitness and marital -- martial arts had multiple contacts with a female student that was between 12 and 13 years old. deputies say the crimes happened at the gym and his house.
5:32 pm
>> day three of deliberations in the ross harris trial and no verdict. he's the georgia man accused in the hot car death of his 22-month-old son. the jury asked to rewatch videos of harris being interviewed by police. including one of harris returning to his s.u.v. at lunch time to put light bulbs in with the baby still inside. harris could get life in prison without parole plus 42 years if he gets the maximum. >> prosecutors say a bombing enough to move out of the hospital and into prison. he man appeared before a judge to face federal terrorism charges. he's accused of detonating pressure cooker and pipe bombs in new york and new jersey. some went off, some did not. but they say he had plans to detonate more. he was seriously wounded in a shootout with police. he's been in the hospital since september and has had 10 surgeries. his lawyers argue he needs to stay there but federal authorities say he's well enough
5:33 pm
>> a federal congress jury indicted a former illinois congressman on 24 counts including wire fraud and theft of funds. shock resigned amid scrunity of lavish spending including remodelling his office in the style of the tv series downtonnablebey. a lawyer for the republican says the allegation is based on madeup allegations of criminal activity results from unintensional errors. >> a man robs a conveni to hit the clerk in the happen just after 5:00 this morning. clearwater police say the man demanded money but the clerk refused, and that's what the man grabbed the cash drawer and tried to leave. when the clerk tried to stop him, he was hit in the head. the clerk was treated for a minor head injury. the robber got away. a man convicted of placing similar hers on gas pups is sentenced to more than jix years in ted federal prison.
5:34 pm
numbers to buy merchandise and gift cards. investigators discored a station in brooksville and a lot of stolen cards were used. garcia also used surveillance video. his crimes affected more than 5 banks and more than 1,000 people to the tune of $700,000. garcia will spend the next six years and two months in federal prison. >> in illinois this week, police officers scramble to rescue two people in tra burning car. officials in freeport say the driver of the car esc an officer tried to pull them over for traffic violations. later they found the car crashed into a pole and ended up rescuing the driver who struggled for several minutes to open a rear door to pull the passenger out. both went to the hospital and that driver faces a number of weapons and drug relayed charges from outstanding warrants. >> a car smashed into a convenience store wednesday night in oklahoma and surveillance video caught it all. watch as the car plows into the store knocking over shelves
5:35 pm
crash happened around 7:00 last night. still not clear why the car drove into the store but police say there were no injuries. >> well, coming up next, one year after a gastric bypass balloon impact a bay area woman shares her experience and she has advice for others who might
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way.
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. when it comes to losing weight, there's no shortage of >> when it comes to weight loss there's no short automobile of what doctor cz do. they use balloons, bands, acceptles. but dr. joe tells us there are some things that people just can't stomach.
5:38 pm
diabetes, mary struggles with controlling her weight. >> i lost 70 pounds by working out. then hi a surgery and it prevented me from work og out. soy put the weight back on. >> reporter: then she learned about a new option. the balloon. in this video on the manufacturer's website you can see how surgeon slide the deflated balloon down the throat into the stomach. once filled with fluid, the balloon is disconnected and left behind. >> this is it's temporary. >> reporter: nine months later -- >> i'm very disappointed. >> reporter: her balloon was in place the full recommended six months before removal in april 2016. >> i lost 10 pounds the week before i started. and then i lost a total of -- i want to say it was 26 pounds. >> reporter: that loss came with a side effect of nausea and vomiting. >> it was happening while i was
5:39 pm
bucket. >> it happens 10 percent to 15 percent of the time that we see significant gnaws ca and vomiting for the first week or so. honestly, out of our patients of 14 or 15 to date, maries with one of the most severe cases that we had. >> reporter: mary was dr. jesse's first payable after the approval -- patients after the approval. she says her higher than recommendedbmi may have played a role. changed the way you select patients? >> it has. we do a lot of counseling on our patients with the upper limits of the scale because they are probably more well suited for a more invasive procedure. >> reporter: overall the balloon is performing as pecked. >> our experience has been good. our patients are losing where the f.d.a. study showed which was 15 percent. we've had a few people at 10 percent.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: mary says since the removal she feels more energetic. >> i think they learn from me and now they warn people that you may encounter these issues. and i think that's good. i mean, i want them to tell people it may not be as easy as it seems. >> you know, it is every easy. and the doctor was very gracious. this was the first one she put in in the tampa bay the state to receive it after that f.d.a. approval. so, again, if you look at their website, they're saying they distributed more than 200,000 of these balloons and you can expect better results depending. but, again, you really have to know your options. when you talk to the doctor, there's so many other things out there too. she offers the types of surgeries.
5:41 pm
sleeve which is permanent but you don't reroute the intensal track. lots of options out there for those struggling with this. this is a struggle. it's a livelong disease >> as we saw just having that operation doesn't mean everything is great and life will be different. everybody is still struggled with the weight and keeping it off. >> right. if you're starting to gain weight and seeing that your clothes are not fitting. little bit. >> all right. it's been a great week of stories. >> scott, i know you have bucks news for us. >> thank you. doug martin is progressing and preparing for his sunday return. we'll hear from him on how he feels as he eyes a return to the game field this weekend from injury. and the lightning, they host the new york islanders tonight at the arena. a series that's been chippy as of late. how that play aiz factor
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?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy
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(linda) do your kids struggle with a lot of homework? does it take >> to your kids struggle with a lot of homework? does it take away for family time? school doesn't end for most students. tonight at 10:00 we're exploring whether or not homework actually helps kids learn.
5:45 pm
i'd love to hear your opinion on this. you can leave me a post on my facebook page. i may use some of your comments after my story tonight on the fox news at 10:00. >> they do have more than ever, don't they? >> seems like they do. hours. >> i hear that from a lot of parents. pave are the toys of the past. maybe things you pray played with. tongueons and dragons the -- dungeons and drans people, have been inducted into the toy hall of fame in new york. they unveiled them earlier today. 12 were up for induction. only three made it in. oh, gosh do i remember little people. >> i stay play with that on the weekend. >> the toys that didn't make the cut were the care bears, pin ball, and transformers. but there's also next year. >> and clue. >> clue was great. >> my sister it the farm.
5:46 pm
she did. >> are you a dungeons and dragons guy? >> candy land mostly for me. >> who did not have candy land? >> right. >> you know what i found? the etch-a-sketch. it's unbelievable. you can draw weather maps with that. at thatit's fantastic. good stuff. if you break it, you get that powder all over the place. great day today. the sun sets at so at 5:46 we're done with the sun. but good sky. notice the people on the beach. they were out there tracking the sun see the. hope to see photos tonight during our 10:00 broadcast. another day. 82 today. that is three degrees above the average of 79. it looks to me as though early next week we'll probably go a couple of degrees below average because of clouds, maybe showers with a cold front.
5:47 pm
average. going for a high around 79. the average high for the day is 79. today we hit 82. 87 back in '86 and 63 the low. we're 40 back in 1913. satellite view today is essentially cloud free. if you're outside today, just a spectacular day. low dew points. deep blue sky. great to be outside. little breeze in the evening is good too. temperatures as of 5:00 including sarasota. the dew point is 50 and a north wind at 7. as i said across the country mother nature, very quiet, not a lot of action weather wise across the country. dry weather in california. rain approaching british columbia. you've got rain clouds overcoastal texas. and that's it. i mean, it looks to me like over 90 percent of the country is rain-free and snow-free for that
5:48 pm
65 in nashville. dallas is at 71. 59 bristol. double nickels in raleigh. turn off the air-conditioning tonight for sure. and tomorrow lots of sunshine and temperatures close to average. up to about 78. tonight it's clear and comfortably cool or pleasantly cool. we're down to 60. we have sunshine on highs up to 78. the weekend looks good. sunshine on saturday. we could see some increasing clouds on sunday. chance of showers on monday if you're boating we have a wind backing southwest about five knotts. next tide say high tide at 10:50. seven-day forecast we'll watch for the potential of showers maybe monday into tuesday as a weakening cold front approaches. does not look like a major rain event. after that temperatures stay in the 70s.
5:49 pm
>> looking forward to it. >> well, cautioned not to get too far ahead of ourselves, doug martin is limited at practice. playing on sunday up in the air. meanwhile mike evans has cleared concussion protocol ask and is good to go. russ many shepard not quite ready yet. potentially having martin in the back field would be a huge boost to the offense. it's been a slow healing process coming back from the hamstring injury, especially it last month. martin said he thought he was ready to return before he tweaked it again. needless to say he's having the extra patience this time around. he's optimistic about a sunday return. >> it felt good to get back on the field in general. to put on the pads. be out there with my brother. get out there and dot drills, the running back drills.
5:50 pm
seeing guys go down, it's hard to see that. we want to get in there but you can't. >> well, a full slate of football on sunday. 10:30 a.m. right here on fox 13. i'll be live at raymond james stadium. and the continued pregame coverage will take up up to the 1:00 kickoff between the bears and bucks followed by the cowboys and steelers. 4:25 o no jonathan johan for the winger tonight. he will miss his fourth straight since taking a hit to the head o on november 1. tonight it's a rematch with the isles. head coach john cooper doesn't expect see the e. tra kirk lar activity simply for paybacks. he thinks both teams have put that to bed and will stick to the game plan tonight.
5:51 pm
regardless -- i don't know. the score was 6-1 or 1-0. it's still same amount of points. it's two points. in and this league for the most part, i think, teams turn the page and move on to the next game. like i said we got two teams trying to find our way. probably more worried about ourselves than anything else. >> finally couple of tips. anyone tnk a big ball game here. ask her not to wear the official team christmas sweater. second, just make sure it's not dollar wine spritser night or else this might happen. last night golden state warriors game a super fan with super moves. check her out. moving it -- out of sight. i don't know what you would call this. bring it up, bring it up, vogueing. look at her go.
5:52 pm
>> she was having fun. as you might imagine this went viral. >> yeah. >> 36,000 retweets last check. look at her. >> i like her facial expressions. >> she's great. >> what show is it? is it ellen that dances all the time? she needs to go on there and bust a move. >> i love it. >> sometimes -- i don't want to be a downer because we don't know. but sometimes there's plants in the audience >> darn, really? >> typically you can tell pretty quickly. i would say that she might be. >> the might be giveing it away. >> but at this point i don't care. i love it that much. >> i don't, either. >> i'm not sure she's replicated a move yet. >> thank you for bringing that. good one. >> brad pitt is making his first appearance on the red carpet since his divorce from angelina
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on wall street, the dow jones closed at a record high.. beating the all-time at a record high. the dow rose 218 points. the that's -- nasdaq dropped 42. brad pitt makes his first appearance on a red carpet since news of his divorce from angelina jolie. looked good. >> yes, he it he spoke to ag ag hollywood. here's kitt hoover. >> reporter: well, brad pitt is out and about. he made his first public appearance since angie filed for
5:56 pm
and last night despite a virtual media blockout, he did give us a clue to his well being. >> everyone has been kind. >> reporter: he looks so cute all clean cut. garth brooks will be a key advisor to all four teams on the voice beginning monday. and liz hernandez de. e discovered that garth fits in. >> this is neat. >> reporter: what made you decide to join? >> i wanted to come -- i think i was wondering what it is. these people are cool. draw them in. come on in. i'm not going to bite you that hard. >> reporter: that hard. >> yeah. [laughter] >> reporter: you've crossed paths with blake. >> sure. >> reporter: what is it like getting the chance to work with alicia and nylie and adam. >> reporter: i've gone through the two boys. the next half is the girls. we'll see. i have to deliver to alicia and mylie messages from all of my girls and my wife how much they're in love with them.
5:57 pm
>> who is cuter than garth? nobody. remember last week he was in nashville where taylor swift gave him his fifth cma entertainer of the year award which he lost won 18 years ago. this guy is a star. back to you. >> all right. we've decide who had is cuter than garth. >> brad. >> brad. >> garth is cute too. >> no. brad. >> the fox news is next. >> brad can't sing and play like that, no. about three weeks ago, remember a dog fighting ring was busted the animals that were involved like this little pup, ellie. she was used not to fight but as bait for dogs who did. coming up tonight at 6:00. look at her. an update on her condition and the men charged in that ring. >> ta -- the tail is wagging. the transition of power in washington underware as the incoming president sits down for a chat with the outgoing. here what president-elect did you have is saying today.
5:58 pm
hiv test that using the usb port of a computer. our dr. jo will explain coming owp on the well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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i don't clip, i don't plan, but i still save a lot. i just shop for publix brand products, cuz they're great. no really, that's it. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> we had had a millennialing that was supposed to raft last for 10 or 15 minutes -- >> well, it lasted much longer. what these two talked about as the transition to the new president is underway. >> we have to go in there. come on, come on, come on. come on.
6:00 pm
deputies rush to save a man's life. >> i didn't expect somebody right down the road for me to win the $18 million. >> but they did. what one lucky couple plans to spend all that money on. >> the announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 6:00 news. >> good evening. welcome. i'm kelly ring. >> and i'm mark o'meara. a day of history in donald trump arriving in washington as the incoming commander in chief meeting at the white house with paulpresidt obama. the two men had never met before. they talked about the transition of power today and many other things during their first time meeting this morning. here's what the president-elect had to say afterwards. >> this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. and we were going to get to know each other. we had never met each other. i have great respect, the


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