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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the streets for a second night over the election of donald trump. the two tampa protests.. when the news
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>> (chanting). >> a second night of antitrump protests sweet the nation. the call from hundreds packing the streets of tampa. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being wit y forward to being with you many, many more times. >> an historic meeting. what we are learn background today's closed-door session between president obama and president-elect trump. >> love jesus, make sure he is in your heart because you are not promised tomorrow. >> a teen tragically shot and killed. why deputies say she was not the
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welcome. i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark w wilson, glad to he you with us. and this is day two of protests marchs against president-elect trump. >> no kkk no racism, in usa, no trump! >> the same, hundreds of protestors holding signs as they march through the streets. >> and for a second night, protestors took to the veets ins in tampa. and this is going on in ybor city. fox 13's evan lambert is life, okay whoorks is property testers
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they are simply saying that trump does not represent them, that he is not their president and this is something they said through chanting and through signs. they marched around ybor down here and to several streets. the police there making sure that everything was going okay and everyone was safe, but a lot of people carrying signs saying that donald trump is racist and several of the things he said throughout his campaign do not represent them important for them to come out and let their voicer voice voic, and i asked them did they vote and they said they did, but although they can not change the outcome of this election it was important for them to be out here saying they do not support president-elect trump although that is the outcome and he will be the 45th president. these protestors really saying they had to be out here, they
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also downtown at the federal courthouse as well. two protis protests, some of thm overlapping. the one in ybor wrapped up about 30 minutes ago, organized in part by the black lives matter organization, and some local chapters of various organizations that got people together on line to come out and to show their distain for what represents. at one point they did walk by a bar full of marines and people celebrating the marine's birthday and so there was a little bit of back and forth but affording to tpd everyone was calm, no violence and the people getting out and showing their point of view. >> evan lambert, reporting for us, thank you, evan.
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prump pretrump want presidency . >> the two men appear too have put aside their differences and chris cato joined us with more today. >> now it's the count-down inauguration day, 71 days, not a lot of time considering all of the change-over that has to occur, and the transition began with what both the president and the president-elect call ad very productive meeting. this was the first time that obama and trump has actually met, and of course this was for the cameras. their real meeting took place behind closed doors. they spoke for about an hour and
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organizational issues and setting up the wh white house ad forforeign and domestic policy d sounds like this won't be their last meeting. >> my number one priority is to try to ensure a transition that ensures our president elect is successful. >> we discussed a lot of situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. i very dealing with the president in the future, including council. >> trump met with paul ryan and from the balcony, ryan pointed out the inaugural platform where trump will be taking the oath of office in january as the nation's 45th president and then he met with mitch mcconnell and trump pledged to work closely
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chiefachieve their goals. >> we are going to lower taxes and fix health care and make it more affordable and better, and we are going to do -- >> you heard there the clicking of the camera shutters was apparently the music of the day. vice president mike pence met with joe biden and the current first lady gave the one a tour of the white house. there are so many tasks ahead, including selecting cabinet members and getting ready for inauguration day. >> and there has been a deputy-involved shooting in north lakeland right now. not much information is being released. we are told that two deputies were involved but they are not hurt. there was apparently a suspect
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are gathering details for our 11:00 news. >> and family and friends gathered to remember the life of moriah goode gunned down in manatee county. invinvestigators say she was not the intended target. >> this was an awful situation. this tragedy really struck out of nowhere, but tonight family and friends say this vijen step in their own healing process. >> this reminds me of her. >> she clutches a batch of purple balloons, her daughter moriah's favorite color. >> we are like in a fog. >> a fog that surrounded family and friends since sunday when the 18-year-old was shot and killed while just sitting in a
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candles flickered through the darkness, with flames as bright asthmas moriah's smile. >> so many people loved her, and i don't understand how this could happen. >> that is the toughest question to answer. ddeputies say she was not the intended target. devon lee freeman was arrested for the shooting. >> my message to him is he love you and forgive you. accept what you have done and tell the truth and go to justice and give your life to god. >> she says faith is the only thing getting them through this hard time, that and support from others whose lives have been made better by knowing moriah goode. >> she is the person that everyone loved, the community,
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perher. >> and tonight freeman is in jail without bond. >> so fa sorry for that family. >> and tonight, texting on the job. >> something we are all a little bit guilty of and the speaker of the house is calling for a ban which it comes to texting during sessions. >> plus, driver data for who the dmv is telling your priefort private information tod we'll tell who you is getting it. >> all right, paul, wow, what a day. >> lots of sunshine and low 80's. this includes rain, and we'll have the forecast on my seven-day in a few minutes. in the meantime, lots of sunshine and a bea
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >> new at 10:00 some are calling it unprofessional and others a distraction. most bosses will tell you it's a problem among their employees and the same goes for lawmaker. the in-coming florida speaker wants to impose a ban on texting while legislating. and we all guilty of being on our phones when we should not
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and for a lot of people reaching for their smart phones is a natural habit but there are others that florida lawmakers are being told to hold out of on hitting reply. >> admit it, most of us let our fingers do the talking. >> a typical day, 25 to 30 minutes. >> and florida state say it's no exception. >> it's probably 99% personal communication, you are texting friends and family and even other members across the chamber. >> the glow from smart phone screens is a common exception. >> but the when the 120 members
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phones could be a requirement. >> it is a distraction when the lobbying corps are able to reach the members when the public doesn't have that luxury. >> it can be just anything about hey, this is a good bill, this is a bad bill. can you step outside and let us talk to you a little bit? >> in this case a simple text could influence a debate or a vote. the new rule would not ban cell lawmakers could be watched more sloassloclosely they are gazingr gadgets and lobbyists caught texting during the session could lose their privilege to lobby. >> members of the public don't have that easy access. >> it is unclear how this will
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receive training on appropriate phone use under the new rule. >> all right, thank you so much, crystal. >> well, as we have seen, candidates supported their candidates, some loudly and others quietly and others more permanently. ron morrison will remember exactly who he voted for back in september? remember this man who got a tattoo of hillary clinton arm, it was his first-ever ta tattoo, and he was confident that she would win. >> she still won the popular vote and still won in my heart, although i woke up at 3:00 in the morning and i had a broken heart at that time. things just don't always go your way, and until you learn that, you are not going to be a very
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he is not the only one showcasing his epidural allegiance -- i think that should be epidermal. epidural is something else. and this man got a donald trump tattoo on his leg, and it took a couple of hours but he felt there was nothing more patriotic than that. >> well, there helping us with the pain of this week. >> that is one of the coolest thing you have said in a long time. so often we misspeak and you don't catch it. and i'll tell you these autumn-winter skies can be spectacular. in the summer you get the dying
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clouds, and we'll talk more about this this weekend, but there is a supermoon, this is when the full moon is close to the earth, that is happening on november 14, and we are 83.3% of the way to a full moon, the waxing gibbous moon is looking good tonight and it's a superduper full moon coming up and only go. highs today, 70's near the coasts and it was another day today above average. 16 days in a row with high temperatures above the average and this is the bad side about this is we've been dry. 26 days in a row without measurable rainfall at tia. i do see showers monday and tuesday with a weakening cold front but not much. the average high now is 79
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or below that way back on april 7, there should be cooler weather on the way with a cold front monday and tuesday. and unfortunately this is a bad situation, and we've talked about this offfor the past week. this is all smoke from fires in western north carolina and south carolina and all moving southwest into georgia. and if you have friends or relatives in metro georgia visibility and they could smell smoke all over the place. a state of emergency in western north carolina because of the wildfires. surprisingly the eastern half of the state got all of that rain from matthew and they have had too much, and the western parts hat nothing. this is a view of lake lur of the party rock fire. a couple dozen fires underway
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satellite radar is quiet tonight but tump temperatures are pretty good. it's no heat and no air-conditioning tonight and you save some cash on nights like this. the air mass is still very dry. right now 66, a 57 dewpoint, a north wind at 6 active with storms up and down the coast and there really isn't much. the air mass is dry, dry in west texas. dry outwest, and there really isn't much cold air, and you think about it it's 53 in chicago and 58 kansas city, 66
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nashville. and lots of sunshine, low humidity and probably cloud free with the temperatures below 80 for the first time since april. and clear and pleasantly cool, down to 60 and your veterans day looks good. affirm sunshine and nice, saturday, lots of sunshine and very pleasant with a high of 79 degrees. the seven-day looks good, with sunshine through sunday, and maybe increasing clouds, and maybe rain monday and tuesday but temperatures are great, with 70's and 80's for highs and 50's and 60's for lows. >> a south florida mayor is attacked and robbed. >> she went out for coffee but
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scene. it was all caught on camera as she was thrown to the ground. up next the bold decision carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. for a limited time only.
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new at ten.. the >> new at 10:00, the florida supreme court was upheld the death sentence no leon davis jr. in the trial jurors voted unanimously to recommend the dedeath he was also sentenced for the deaths of two clerks at a convenience store, and the state supreme court rejected his appeal and outlined their rulings for declaring that the sentences should instant. >> someone robbed the miami shores mayor at gun point while she was just out for coffee and now three people are behind bars after she fought back.
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and threw her to the ground. she is 64 years old and she was injured but went off the suspects ran off them and was able to get their license plate. the mayor thought the men were armed, investigators say they found a bb gun in the car. >> it was dangerous but i had a sense that he was a very young person and he not expecting to be chased and if i hadn't chased after i would not have been able to get the tag on the car. say two of the suspects used the mayor's credit card at a gas station, and ma miami shores poe say they are still looking for a fourth person but have not said what role he played. >> some companies are getting access to dmv information, and
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the state made $150 million in two years by selling private -- private driver information to dozens of companies without knowing how that data would actually be used. >> that is your information and my information and now we have found more information that your state dmv information is getting into the wrong hands. >> when florida sells driver records it does thin differently than other states. it gives companies access to the entire dmv database and allowed them to resell the information and as you are about to see they have no control over what happened next. >> knb statistics is listed as this home on a quiet residential street. the company was owned by elizabeth blank and the home was
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obtained millions of private and protected personal records from the dmv, perhaps even yours. federal lawmakes your driver information private but there are 14 exceptions. one of theme allows legal access to anyone doing research and statistical reports. in 2009 elizabeth blank told dmv that her company was hired by an insurance company to produce statistical reports, it is not clear what the dmv did to set her statistics but they sent millions of drieft private recoo her, but here is why texas and florida differ. after the texas dms approved the
10:32 pm
that are specific to each company, and so if a marketing maler comes back to certain addressing they will know who leaked the information. this is how blank got caught. the state ended her contract when some of the mail came back to the fake addresses set up by the dmv b but it also shows she has also been involved in several marketing court records say it, too. according to this federal class action lawsuit which includes a copy of the letter she sent to the florida dmv the state sent pripriefort private informationr company which then transferred and told it to other companies, and accudata partners with the
10:33 pm
according to their website. a lawsuit was filed against that company and others that buy driver records. this man says he had warned the dmv and is ba baffled by what he sees as a lack of responsibility from the dmv. >> i don't know if it's the massive amounts of money that the department takes in, in the neighborhood of 72 a year. for some reason or another they are not screening the persons accessing the motor vehicle records for all floridians. >> florida law says the records cannot be used without your permission but it's not just the exploitation. it offers anyone access to your dmv information as long as that person is willing to click a box
10:34 pm
under the florida privacy laws and some of them are advertised right on the state dmv's own website. they are listed as authorized vendors. one of them says it can approve a business act offering unlimited access to millions of dmv records within hours and if they want your date of birth or home address, they click like this. none of these options are listed in the federal law. >> i could be following you in your vehicle and get your license plate and within a few minutes of going on line, check off a box and then i could drive and come over to your house. the origins of that data is generally department of motor vehicle records. >> that is exactly what the
10:35 pm
prevent. >> most of those website have drives click something and say they have a right to your information but if they want to use the information to commit a prime, a perjury conviction is probably low on their list of priorities. >> so what is the dmv saying? >> i have a list of that they have not answers but since i asked apparently they have ended the contracts of several vendors. >> it's not a lot of protection. >> and the damage will already be done. >> interesting, thank you! >> still to come at 10:30. it's a new trend budding across the nation.
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show that deeper learning occurs for more hours of homework. >> coming up next we're going to take a look at the positive impact students are seeing from this trend as we check out homework policies from across the bay area. >> and coming up at 11:00, a debacle along a busy florida highway. two bald eagles stuck in a storm drain. one got away new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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>> well, school doesn't end for children once they get home. for generations students have been expected to do homework. >> lo lots of homework but a new trend is changing that. >> homework assignments for the past month. >> l a lot of kids may not be az lax as bart simpson, but it can be overwhelming. >> scrambling to get it done, and he has a lot of activities after school. >> lots of schools are adopts a no homework policy.
10:40 pm
says she will not be assigning homework for the entire year, and it went viral. >> the research just doesn't show that deeper learning curing because of more hours of homework. >> our goal for each stiewpt iss for them to not have mother says this tactic has been a game changer. >> i like it better because you can go up to the teacher and just ask them and then you can bring the easier stuff home. >> going home and having that free time and not feeling stressed out that you have to continue to do work is the best thing. there are no struggles or crying at home and they feel plushed.
10:41 pm
says students like this one struggle in the school setting. >> they struggle because they cannot get the homework completed or completed correctly. and it says it should not exceed 15 to 20 minutes a year for kindergarten and 45 minutes for fourth and fifth gra teacher-by-teacher decision but it says it should be based on the ability and needs of the student. a no-homework policy has allowed this family to spend more time together. >> linda hurtado so fox 13 news.
10:42 pm
on the no-homework ideas. >> and kelley hall says i like homework when it takes my third grader two hours to complete, then it's a problem. and she says she has no time for any afterschool activities and during the holidays it's exposed to be a break but they come home with mountains of homework. and that is a problem. and this one says i knew help me and i knew she knew what i was doing and it was an open line of communication to teachers. >> so homework is fun for some kids. >> but it needs to be a balance, and even in high school t's so much. >> and i haven't been able to help my kids with homework for years. past the second grade, i was
10:43 pm
and now i'm finding out i was just ahead of my time. but let's start with the bucs. hoping to get doug martin back on the field after missing six games. what was that time away like from his perspective, and the bolts hosted we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of
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>> all right, it's time for good stuff going on in our community that addresses homelessness. >> we want to start at this day school life center was full of life. they partners with the st. pete free clinic and they gathered up all of the food and the students organized this great conveyer belt to pack the lunches from preschool up to middle school, and this is a part of the pack-a-sack program, and the over 500 lunch lses will be distributed on fridays to
10:47 pm
that bag lunch will be their only source of food over the weekend. >> and the families of family promise will be working hard for homeless on saturday. this is good stuff and action, too. they are holding a boxcar derby saturday afternoon and a fundraiser to help local homhomeless children and their families. this is all a flint stone style, and all for a wonderful cause and they hope they are going to raise money for homelessness. >> i'm wondering if it's too late for us to get something going. by the way, there are about 3,000 homeless students just in pinellas county, and so come out and join us on saturday if you can. all right, scott, take a away, a big game for the lightning, huh?
10:48 pm
emphasize getting off to a faster start, only scores in the opening period in three games but one of those was posted three goals in the opening period against the islanders. and here they are meeting again. and the first period, the lightning on a power play, remember, this team struggled on the power play last week, but not this time. this is their eighthoa catch kucherov there. the lightning keep it in the zone and eventually finding their way back to kucherov, and so the lightning up 2-0 after one, and here is the second period, watch how they throw. it's the lightning's 13th powerplay goal of the year. and tampa bay just keeps on
10:49 pm
brian boyle scores, maybe a little deflexion there. the lightning go on to win this one 4-1. and it looks like the bucs will be without shepherd and panville. but others are good to go this week, and maybe joe holly and maybe even doug martin, too. he was still limited in practic to the backfield, he has now missed six games due to a hamstring strain, and they have had to be even more caution when a couple of weeks ago he reaggravated it. >> it was devastating. i thought i was ready to go, and i pushed it a little too hard and had a setback and we are% making sure that we take the
10:50 pm
it's taking so long, so we want to take call of the proper steps to make sure i'm healthy so i don't have another setback. >> f football sunday starts at 10:30 and then we'll have the bears and the bubs f bucs folloy the cowboys and stealers. well, tomorrow night is the start of the college basketball usf is coming off an 8-25 season, and over to the nba. the crowd, of course, giving it up to old z wade, as they cheer him on. the first points vintage dwyane wade. he finishes with 13 points as
10:51 pm
and so a point for each season he spent with the heat. and seems like the fan base appreciated that he came back. it's always nice when you can have a parting of ways like that. >> good stuff, all right, still to come, a gift card may be your go-to gift but you may be
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>> wow, look at that, yeah, a full moon, this is last month from victoria kinder and i will tell ya we have a fool moon coming up on the 14th. the moon will be closest to the earth i think going back to the 40's and so big and 14% bigger and 40% brighter. a supermoon coming up on monday the 14th? monday the 14th? yup, thank you. it will be monday. because you never know. watch it for monday and then realize it's tuesday, and so just double-checking. clear skies over the state, with high clouds fraiment, co from te
10:55 pm
a week cold front heading our way monday and tuesday and it could to this point bring a couple of showers. and so tomorrow morning we are 67 degrees. 76 by 1:00 and 78 by 4:00, a great looking friday coming up. >> the postelection day stock rally 470 points since voters picked trump to be the next president, and mortgage rates rising, the average now just below 3 prepo.6%, andmitts mitsubishi has a recall, apparently having to do with windshield wipers on models from
10:56 pm
we know what you like giving and receiving. more than half of consumers will be giving at least one gift card for a holiday present and only one in four say they prefer gift cards over an actual present and don't even get me started on those who say they would prefer both. >> why not. >> i would like both. >> me, too. >> an american flag has traveled thousands of miles across the tomorrow, and it honors our american veterans. coming up after the oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three: see, that's what's great there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> well, runners will be paying tribute to our nation's veterans tomorrow. >> the old glory relay ends i to one or walk the last leg with the group they will be proceeding along bayshore to amalie where a full ceremony will take place around 5:00, and i'm not summ summer sure if tha0 a.m. or what. check the website and i will be
11:00 pm
important. time now for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> cynthia and chris, take it away. >> we begin with that news alert in lakeland where deputies shot and killed a man. and we told it started with a fight between two brothers. >> -- pointed a gun at one of our deputies and when he does that, that is the last thing he does. >> (chanting). >> and happening right now for the a second ri night in a row, protests over donald trump's impending presidency. >> -- other individuals had access to -- that is how much i trust him. >> but has that trust been betrayed, why this martial arts coach is behind bars.


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