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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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((walter new this morning: a young woman ?robbed... in the middle of a college campus. the latest on the search, for her attackers. ((jen plus.. a battle, over school boundaries. the new plan that sparked a showdown between parents... and their school district. and: it could be the worst ?win of the season for the bolts. why they may biggest star. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now,
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new this morning: u-s-f police are it happened last night, while she was on campus. fox 13's shayla reaves is covering this for us... .she joins us ?live from campus,
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a former supervisor at the f-d-l-e is facing charges
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the santa rosa county sheriff's office says "charles mcmullen" was arrested after two 8-year-old boys say he engaged in sexual activity with them on several occasions. before moving to pensacola, mcmullen work as an f-d-l-e special agent with the cyber squad in tampa. we interviewed him for a story in 20-12. investigators are now trying to determine if there are any ?more victims... in our area. mcmullen is now on administrative leave with the f-d-l-e. heartless thieves this morning. they say the crooks robbed ?seniors... at two different publix grocery stores. and detectives believe the seniors were actually ?targeted... because of their trusting nature. fox 13's evan lambert talked with one 70 year old woman , who got preyed on. scum. they're the scum of the earth. and they deserve to get caught and answer for what they've done.70-year-old beverly morris didn't hold back when she told us about the team of three--who police say targeted her at the publix off thonotosassa road in plant city.morris says it started with a simple question from one of the women shown in this surveillance you
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she realized the conversation was a distraction--and her wallet--with credit cards, cash and even her social security card--was gone.plant city police say it's not the first time the women have struck.unfortunately when suspects get away with this type of thing at one or two locations they become more brazen more confident and then they'll branch outthey're seen here with a male accomplice. police believe the trio has targeted at least three women over the age of 65 at two plant city publix stores--all within the last two weeks or so.investigators say the crooks used the stolen wallets to rack up hundreds in purchases.morris got that money back.what hasn't been restored--is her faith in other people.i don't trust anyone in the grocery store, unless i were to know them. (jen/ and here's a look at what police believe was the "getaway police believe was look at what and here's a (jen/ know them.unless i were to grocery store, anyone in the grocery store, unless i were to know them.
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and here's a look at what police believe was the "getaway vehicle" in these robberies. this is a blue 15 passenger van the accused thieves may be driving. if you've seen it... or know anything about the crime, call plant city police. imagine living less than a mile away from a school... but having your child bused ten miles away to go to another school.. seems silly... and a lot of parents are very upset about it.. it's about because of a controversial rezoning plan. the school district says it needs to redraw school boundaries because some schools are overcrowded. a rise in new home construction is causing the problem and there's not enough funding to build new schools. re-zoning would mean some students would have to change schools and may be bused several miles ?further away from home. at last night's school board meeting, parents
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narrowed down to one. they'll present the finalist.. to the superintendent. their next meeting is tomorrow morning. a school district employee in polk county will have to wait a little longer, to find out if she will keep her job a termination hearing for "brenda young" was postponed tuesday... due to time constraints. young is accused of a cover-up following the death of "kalen kirk." the teen was hit and killed while walking to his bus stop in may. officials say young ?lied to her supervisors about stop... and then went online to ?change the bus stop location, to support her story. the hearing is now set for december. young has been suspended without pay since june. today in st. petersburg: an update on the wastewater ?release problems across pinellas county. clearwater senator jack latvala is hosting a follow up workshop meeting to talk more about the effects of the discharge into tampa bay waters over the summer. it happened during hurricane hermine and tropical storm colin when the sewage systems got overloaded. the public is invited to attend today's
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this morning at johns hopkins all childrens hospital, in their education and conference center. donald trump and his transition team have taken another big step, in their road to the white house. vice president-elect mike pence signed a key document last night. without the paperwork,the transition team couldn't communicate with the obama adminstration about the transfer of power. the process was delayed, when trump made pence head of the transition team last week, replacing chris christie. but the white house is still waiting on ?more can ?officially start sharing information. in the meantime, president-elect trump is holding more meetings ahead of his major cabinet picks. and we now know one name who ?won't be on the list. doctor ben carson officially took himself out of contention for a cabinent spot yesterday. he wasn't formally ?offered one, but carson was rumored to be the running for secretary of education. carson said will work as an ?advisor for the trump team instead. and late yesterday, trump even met with his former
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the two talked in trump's manhattan penthouse. cruz wouldn't say what they talked about. governor rick scott has been talking a ?lot with president-elect trump too... at least ?three times since election day. but the governor ?still says... he's not interested in joining the adminstration. and although governor scott is happy as florida's governor ?now, he is considering running for the u-s senate in 20-18. that would be after his ?final term as governor ends. and this could be a sign of things to come... for the media covering president-elect transition team told reporters that trump would be staying ?in. but later, his motorcade was spotted driving off... and stopping at the "21 club" restaurant in midtown manhattan. daughter ivanka trump and her husband were also spotted at the restaurant. the reporters were ?not allowed inside. trump repeatedly criticized the media during his campaign, for negative coverage of him. the tampa bay lightning got another big win last night. but they also suffered a ?loss. and we should find out later today, how ?big that loss was.
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be a right leg injury and he didn't return. it happened in the midpoint of the opening period. stamkos goes down after a hit. watch as has he tries to get up, and can't put any weight on his right leg. he heads to the bench after that...and then the locker room. right now, the team is just calling it a "lower body injury" and we'll talk more about that injury and the actual ?game, coming up in sports. including the exciting ?ending. plus: ?how will the obama family celebrate their ?final christmas in the white house? well their first ?decoration is on the way. lets just say theyre gonna
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?when you've got...? ?...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!?
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another sign of the holiday times... the white house... is gearing up for christmas. and yesterday, the annual white house ?tree was cut down. it's coming all the way from wisconsin this year. the family that grew it won a national competition to find american's ?best tree. is a rare balsam fir mix. it will arrive in washington a week from friday ... the day after thanksgiving. when ?most people put up their christmas trees.
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we're one week closer... to having the college football national championship game, right here in tampa. the latest playoff rankings, up next in sports. plus: more on the scary injury... to steven stamkos.
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin with the bolts... who had a big win last night... but the team not really celebrating. that's because the team's best player... steven stamkos... coach jon cooper just ?hoping it's not that serious. and all the fans are hoping that too. we'll show you the injury in a second, but lets start with some ?good highlights. bolts taking on the red wings up in detroit. early 1st period... lightning with the simple dump in... petr mrazek misplays it and nikita kucherov puts it in the open net... bolts up one nothing. couple minutes later... off the faceoff... victor hedman blisters a shot... steven stamkos is there for the
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and now to the bad news.. midpoint of the opening period... stamkos goes down after a hit. as he tries to get up, he can't put any weight on his right leg. not a good sign. he finished the game in the locker room. the bolts were up 3-1 in this game, and detroit actually came back. they tied it up late in the third... and the bolts get the game winner from kucherov... with barely a ?minute left in regulation. lighting win 4-3 and... after a wild weekend in college football... a ?not so wild result... in this weeks college football playoff rankings. they were just released last night, and the biggest surprise, was how much it ?didnt change. there was only ?one new team in the top four. alabama stays number one... followed by the newbie... ohio state...
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four. "louisville" is still the odd man out in fifth place... but they also ?lost to clemson this season. of course all that ?will change... since ohio state ?plays michigan next week. as for our state teams... florida state is at 17 , florida is at 23. and of course the final two teams standings play in the national championship game, right here in tampa next january. when we come back, i'll have another check on your wednesday forecast. and... that's one way , to end a police chase. some criminals take off ?running... without even ?stopping their car! after
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((dave)) ((vanessa)) making headlines across america: another threat from isis... about a possible attack, here in the states. and this time... the target is the macys thanksgiving day parade... in new york. right now, authorities are just calling it propaganda... but the nypd is taking it ?very seriously.
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over the weekend in an islamic state magazine. the magazine includes a section referencing the "bastille day" attack in france... where a terrorist drove through a crowd of people. it also includes a picture of the macy's thanksgiving parade and a map of the route.. calling it quote, "an excellent target". some three-and-a-half million people attend the parade in manhattan every year. the nypd says it was already adding counter-terrorism strategies to the event, long before this threat came out. they plan to have hundreds of officers and vehicles blocking the entire route. they say parade-goers will be in utah: a 16-year-old high school student is under arrest after police say he stabbed five boys in a locker room. then, he turned the knife on himself. it happened at mountain view high school in orem, utah, while the group was getting ready for gym class. police say all the students are expected to survive, but two of them are still in critical condition. investigators haven't discussed a possible motive for the stabbings. they say the attacker recently joined the school, after being home-schooled. he was never in trouble before, and there is no evidence of
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morning at "will rogers world airport" in oklahoma city. it comes after a southwest airlines worker was ?killed. police say 52-year-old "michael winchester" was shot while walking in a parking lot. police say they found the shooter in a pickup truck about three hours later, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police say the gunman knew winchester's daily routine.. but don't have a motive for the attack. winchesters ?son james... is the long snapper for the kansas city chiefs. a minor victory, for people protesting the dakota access corps of engineers just ?temporarily stopped the project. the developer... energy transfer partners... wants a federal court to say it has the ?legal right to build the pipeline under the missouri river. but the pipeline is going right through native american reservation land. other critics are worried about what it could do to the water supply. if completed... the pipeline will run 12-hundred miles through four states... carrying 570-thousand barrels of crude
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a police chase in los angeles... by ?car and by ?foot. police were chasing this mercedes last night, after it was linked to a burglary. at one point, the driver ?and the passenger jumped out... while the car was still moving! the car crashed into a nearby truck. officers chased after the two men and eventually caught them a few minutes later. still ahead in our next half hour: a bay area teacher off the job... all because of plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live at u-s-f in tampa... where one student had a very
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new this morning: u-s-f police are searching for two young men... who ?robbed a student. it happened last night, while she was on campus. fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live on campus now. and shayla... this is a real wake up call for any students who walk ?alone at


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