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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the university of south florida is urging ?safety, this morning.. it's >>russell: university of south florida urging safety today. it's a warning for students after a young woman is robbed on campus last night. >>laura: and pick pockets at ladies need to keep a firm grasp on their purses. >>russell: the secret affair between two stars. it's a secret no longer. >>dave: you sold that one, my friend. that got me excited. 43 to 45 degrees. that's what we have for you in hernando and citrus county. not kidding. brandon and wauchula at 48 degrees this morning. 57 in tampa.
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spot left in the 60s? st. petersburg, everybody else in the 50s. so grab your jackets, dry air in place as the sun comes up late this hour. we'll start to warm things up quickly today and high temperatures as a result will get in the mid to upper 70s. but quite a chilly start, van vanessa. >>vanessa: i like it, though. thanks, dave. we want to get over here to the gandy bridge where we have police activity. we told you we don't have any official crashes reported and now we're getting reports from people in the area they might look for something or searching in the area near the water so this piet be unrelated as far as traffic but as far as eastbound drivers are concerned, right lane closer to the saint pete side. where we're looking at right now
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construction has been reported here along 275 southbound at the exit to howard armenia. that right lane is going to be blocked on the exit. >>laura: an alert for students and staff at u.s.f. >>russell: campus police are looking for two men who robbed a female student late last night and shayla reaves is live to tell us more. >>reporter: good morning to you, russell and laura. authorities are trying down any leads they can after two robbers are accused of trying to steal a student's jewelry on campus. in fact, they succeeded at that effort and authorities are hoping someone out there may recognize or have any information they haven't reported and come forward. here is what we know. this reportedly happened around 9:15 last night in the area of the interdisciplinary sciences building on campus. according to police, the victim
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of crooks approached and made off with their jewelry. fortunately, she did not get hurt. now, authorities have only a vague description of the robbers described as men with blonde hair in their early 20s. you can see their clothing description there on your screen. we learned after the robbery, u.s.f. police did send out a text message to those who signed up for the mobile text alert system available through the emergency notification on campus. we can tell you the this to please come forward, share what you know and of course, students are urged to be on the lookout and exercise safety whenever travelling around campus, guys. back to you. >>russell: thank you. >>laura: police need help identifying a group of thieves who are preying on elderly shoppers. between october 28 and november 13, they have targeted at least three women at two different publix stores. they distract their victims by
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wallet from their cart. police are looking for two women and one man. they were spotted leaving the stores in a van. there's a $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >>russell: one of two men is accused of burglarizing a house while a teenage girl was alone inside. they say the 23-year-old eric ellison broke into a home on eagle crest boulevard monday avenue. the teen heard the glass shattered and entered the home. she ran to a neighbor's house and called police. investigators say ellison had jewelry in his pockets and a remote from one of the televisions. police are looking for a second suspect. >>laura: polk county school district employee will have to wait until december to find out when she has her job. brenda young's meeting was postponed after they ran out of
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walking to the bus stop in may. young said that kirk was assigned to a different bus stop, one that did not require him to cross the busy road. she later admitted to changing his bus stop in the computer system to support that story. >>russell: donald trump and his allies are working to fill thousands of presidential appointments including cabinet positions. >>laura: after swapping out chris christie for mike pence, there's been another change at the top former congressman mike rogers turned his resignation in at the request of the trump transition team yesterday. congressman rogers declined to comment, saying only my team and i are pleased to hand off work to my friend and former colleague, mike pence. there are still no new cabinet appointments but former new york mayor rudy giuliani is top contender for secretary of
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>>russell: and president obama is in greece today wrapping up the first leg of his final foreign tour as president. the trip forced the president into an awkward position playing the role of ambassador for a man he once called unfit for presidency. it's left him fielding questions about his role in the rise of donald trump. >> i wonder, do you feel any responsibility for the election of donald trump? >> i think it's fair to say i was surprised by the election results. and i've said so. i for what the president elect says or does. but i do feel a responsibility as president of the united states to make sure i facilitate a good transition. >>russell: from greece, the president will go to germany followed by peru. >>laura: hillary clinton still faces at least four congressional investigations into her personal email use and mishandling of classified information. there are also lingering questions about the f.b.i. probe
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republican lawmakers say the probes are not dependent on the election's outcome. >>russell: when the tampa bay bucs stand for the national anthem this weekend, wide receiver mike evans will be standing by their side. he's apologized for sitting during the anthem this past sunday. evans said he did it to protest donald trump's election. the move drew widespread criticism from fans on social media with some pledging to boycott the bucs. only got worse after reports that he apparently didn't eve yesterday evans issued a statement explaining his actions and we'll read it to you now in florida. i want to apologize to all the u.s. military members, their families and the fans who i offended by my aks on sunday. it was never my intention as i have tremendous respect for the men and women who serve our country. i very strong emotions regarding many issues that exist in our society today.
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election. it was very personal for me as it was for so many americans. when that being said, i will not sit again during the national anthem because i want to find more effective ways to communicate my message and bring about change by supporting organizations and movements that fight for equal rights for minorities. this sunday, i will be back to standing with my teammates. bucs head to kansas city this sunday to take on >>laura: governor scott said he's not interested in a potential job in trump's administration and now we know why. >>russell: he's considering a run for u.s. senate. he has the option for bill nelson in 2018. he's already announced plans to run for a fourth term. governor did not lay out a timetable for when he would make this decision.
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>> i have a great job. i'm going to continue to try to make this place the number one place for a job, number one place for education and i like this job. >>russell: a senate campaign could get a boost from trump. during the election, scott served as chairman of a super pac that raised $20 million for trump's presidential campaign. >>laura: scott's term ends in 2018. some strategists want attorney john morgan to accept up to the plate. after pushing medical marijuana to florida, united for care has drafted a paper for him. morgan has not commented on the campaign. he plans to release a statement later this week.
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is also considering. on the republican side, former house speaker will weatherford and adam putnam are also considering runs for governor. craig patrick says he expects to hear big announcements the next month or so. >>laura: sewage crisis continues in pinellas county. 1,000 gallons spewed yesterday. it was caused by a blockage in the pipeline. this is a small sll hermine. today state and local leaders are meeting to discuss a solution. this morning they're holding a second workshop to discuss the effects of the recent sewage releases and how to prevents them. that starts at 9:00 this morning at johns hopkins all children's hospital. city of st. pete has already come up with a five-year plan to address the issue but comes with a $304 million price tag. >>russell: tampa bay is on a hot
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>>laura: you can't win if you don't play. where you might want to buy your ticket if you want to increase your odds of winning tonight's powerball jackpot. we'll tell you what's stopping people from lighting up in bars and restaurants. >>dave: it is 6:11 outside and quite a chilly start for many of us. i got 57 degrees in tampa. as you're getting ready to walk out the door, some spots and north have slipped back to the upper 40s. wauchula look at you, brandon, looking at you and brooksville at 43. sunshine, dry air, it should be
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>>dave: temperatures this morning, screaming out, bring your jackets with you. wow. 54 in west chase. it's 48 in brandon this morning. new tampa, plant city, both at
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and then as you go further north, everybody is in the 40s. dade city, brooksville, weeki wachee, then you've got crystal river, inverness both at 45 degrees and bushnell at 48. mid to upper 50s so a little bit milder as you go further south. notice north port, you get away from the influence of the gulf and temperatures fall down there. they're in the upper 40s. so is wauchula and further south on highway 17, arcadia at 51 degrees. it's a chilly s but that is because we cleared skies out. what a difference just getting away from the cloud cover with the temperatures. nine to 13 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. except right along the water, it's pretty similar. so obviously a noticeable difference. the dew points are low so it's dry outside and you have tons of sunshine so the good news is, when the sun comes up later this
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warmup and really, it's just cool to start, mild to finish. look at the rain. look at the front all the way down just south of miami. so yeah, bahamas, it's a miserable morning there. they have rain, it's humid but of course, the drier air was able to settle all the day down to the miami area and you can see that here with the mid level moisture stream. there's just nothing going on. that means a gorgeous day, a fast warmup and really, for the next probably two orhr going to run pretty close to, if not slightly above normal. now, once we get into the weekend, the second half of the weekend looks to be completely different temperaturewise because we're going to bring a front through the area on saturday. no rain associated with that front but late in the day on saturday, the winds shift and it really just opens up the door for much cooler, drier air to settle in.
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and come monday morning, i don't know why i'm whispering to you, we might be in the 40s in many areas. so after you have your jackets for the next couple of mornings, keep them handy. you'll need them over the weekend. 77 for a high temperature for today. cool start with that -- once again, that mild finish. tonight cool again, we will get back to about 79 on thursday and really, for friday and difference. 68 on sunday. monday morning, tampa hits 50. you go away from the water, you're probably going to be in the 40s come monday morning. vanessa? >>vanessa: all right. dave, thanks. and we're still watching gandy right now. we pulled up a different camera angle for you and really, this is going to be -- as far as traffic and the traffic impacts -- the most that you'll deal with right now. this is the camera west of the gandy bridge. of course, that's the saint pete
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lights there on the right side of the bridge. you can see it's really not going to be causing any major delays at this point. what we've been able to find out is the pinellas dispatch is reporting this as a medical call and we do know that the u.s. coast guard as well as fwc has been dispatched to the scene. now, earlier i showed you a camera shot closer to the tampa side where we had some fire trucks that were parked in the median. those have cleared out so that's not a concern for folks anymore exactly what's going on. prepare for the site of this emergency scene here as you pass on by. we do have sky fox that's moved on to check out the emergency construction that's been reported off 275 southbound. once again, this is 270 southbound exit ramp. you can see there's a lot of road work in the area, and we do have the right lane that's still blocked off.
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marion county. two trains collided in citra. we're told at least 20 cars derailed in the crash and that two people have suffered minor injuries. this all happened just before 5:00 a.m. near northeast 175th street road and northeast 23rd terrace. more than 3,000 gallons of fuel have leaked into the surrounding area and that one of the trains was hauling coal. >>russell: it's 6:19 right now. police in oklahoma city are trying to figure out what led to a dea main airport. southwest airlines employee was shot and killed outside of the will rogers world airport. police identify him as michael winchester. he's the father of kansas city chiefs player james winchester and then hours later, police found the gunman's body dead in a pickup truck in the airport parking lot. police believe he shot himself. 16-year-old is in custody after police say he stabbed five classmates at a high school in
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view high school. students are recovering even though two of them are seriously hurt. police say the student accused in the attack stabbed himself in the neck. he will be okay. they're not sure what caused him to do this. homeland security is warning that the coming holiday season could mean opportunities for extremists to strike. terrorism advisory bulletin yesterday said that during the holidays. it comes days after an isis may go sfwlen called for followers to attract popular outdoor attacks like the macy's thanksgiving day parade. denver became the first city in the country to allow people to use marijuana in bars and restaurants. voters approved the measure last week and opponents conceded yesterday. the measure takes effect immediately but there are some a lot of restrictions. biggest being that customers
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when it comes to how you smoke outside. >>laura: older you are, the less likely you are to know cpr. less than one in five adults are trained. only 18% of americans over the age of 18 were cpr trained and the rate is even lower among older adults. many say they are reluctant to perform the procedure because they're afraid they cause more harm than good. immediate cpr after sudden cardiac arrest can double or even survival. >>russell: 2016 is nearly over. oxford dictionary reveals the word of the year. >>laura: he earned mr. black
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, at hhgregg. it's time to see what's clicking on >>laura: 6:24. it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>jennifer: are you doing okay? >>russell: jaw.
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the lists. oxford dictionary has released the 2016 words of the year. the word is post truth. it's defined as relating to the circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than emotional appeals. without saying any more, that pretty much sums up the year. here are a few other cop ton senders. there's adulting, the characteristic of a responsible adult none of which -- >>russell: nobody would say that about us. keep going. >>jennifer: especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks. brexiteer, a person in favor of the u.k. withdrawing from the
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co coolrophobia, fear of clowns. anyone here? >>laura: yeah. >>russell: are you? >>laura: i hate it for the good clowns but the creepy ones are really scary. words you thought you would never say. >>jennifer: black friday is more than a week away but one man is waiting at the front of the line for those door buster deals. this is jarbs johnson a h friday. he set up his tent outside of best buy in arizona last thursday. he's hoping to get his hands on a 49 inch hdtv for $200. he's a professional. he's been doing this since 2006. >>russell: what do you mean a professional? >>jennifer: he's a professional black friday sponsor. people pay him. they keep him comfortable with everything from couches to food. there he is.
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little raviolis. you're thinking about t. >>russell: keep going. oh, that's it. we're done. okay. >>jennifer: i got nothing for you. >>russell: that's it. >>laura: if the construction on i-4 has damaged your car, you could get cash. find out if you qualif the lottery has one thing in common. we can increase our powerball odds this morning. >>reporter: that's what they have in common. they all play at a 7-eleven. yeah. how would you like to wake up tomorrow morning a millionaire? powerball dropping, $293 million. we'll tell you the connection
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((laura 2shot) good morning. it is wednesday.. november 16th.. i'm laura moody >>laura: good morning. it's wednesday, november 16. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. grab a light jacket, right, dave? >>dave: and your sunglasses. it's going to be a beautiful day. we cleared out yesterday afternoon and because of that and the dry air, that's why it's quite chilly this morning but gorgeous sunrise over lake mirror this morning. walking out the door, tampa looking at upper 50s right now for temperatures. starting in the upper 50s. as you go north, you're going to hernando county, citrus county, temperatures are in the 40s. no worry, though. fast warmup should bring us to the mid to upper 70s later today. >>vanessa: and on the gandy bridge it looks like the scene that we were watching for a
6:32 am
lights, we're not seeing any boats in the water or anything like that. i don't think it will be a concern from here on out. but if we do find anything out as far as what was happening there, we will let you know. we have a new crash reported in pinellas and it could be causing some delays soon but not right now. we know that several emergency units are actually going to be heading to gulf to bay at cross boulevard, including an ambulance so that indicates there might be some injuries involved with this crash. maybe give yourself a will update this one for you as well. some good news, we were dealing eastbound on hillsborough avenue. some delays and lane blocks due to a water main break and repairs that were needed. this was in the area of 22nd and 30th streets but you can see sky fox checking this out, lanes are clear and you should be good to go here. >>russell: usf police issued a campuswide alert after two men
6:33 am
near the interdisciplinary science building. police say the men stopped a student, took her jewelry and then ook -- took off. >>laura: f.s.u. student accused of killing a couple and chewing on the man's face pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder. he's asking for a jury trial. authorities say he fatally stabbed john steven and his wife in august. he's also accused of stabbing a judge did not set a trial date. >>russell: bald eagle trapped in a storm drain has died. the bird was injured in a fight with another eagle, took a turn for the worse after caretakers discovered pucture wounds caused fluid to accumulate around the heart and lungs. >>laura: some pot laced cookies landed a person in jail.
6:34 am
deputies that the cookie belonged to her. she said she got them from a co-worker because her mother wanted to try marijuana for her 50th birthday. she is now on paid administrative leave. >>russell: the drive on i-4 is taking a toll on cars. jukz is ksing drivers thousands of dollars in damage to their vehicles. >>laura: this morning we've got some good news and bad news. while some may be eligible for repair money, most won't see a dime. here >>reporter: good morning to you. ed new makeover is planned to really change up the interstate from davenport all the way in the south right near u.s. 27 and p polk county all the way to volusia county. fdot is talking about extending the project beyond the ultimate. fdot officials came up with this photo rendering.
6:35 am
depending on how many people are using it. nearly 120,000 drivers use this stretch of road every day. >> pulling from deltona, bay area, just a lot of traffic going down the metro orlando. that's why we're looking at it. >>reporter: however, some drivers say the construction work is causing serious damage to their cars. >> i hit a mound of concrete that was about five or six it ripped a silver dollar sized hole in the oil pan. >> you can see the line and i felt like that's where i need to get a picture from. >>reporter: he sent his pictures and receipts to the construction company. he was cut a check for $500. if you think your car has been damaged by i-4 construction work, you can fill out the form on the i-4 ultimate website.
6:36 am
meeting, first one gets underway tonight. >>laura: drivers attempted to claim more than $71,000 in damage. only 23% have received any money. >>russell: this week tens of thousands of people are in orlando to check out the latest rollercoasters innovative food and drink product. five-day trade show is one of the largest such conventions in the countries. vendors hope to sell theme parks on their latest products like a rollercoaster that features two tracks that loop in figure eights. it's big business. small rollercoaster can cost $2 million. this is the first expo since they moved to the orlando area. before that it was in washington, d.c. officials say the expo alone will bring $51 million in economic impact to the area.
6:37 am
streak when it comes to winning the lottery. >>laura: with a huge powerball drawing tonight, we could make it three. >>laura: alcides segui is live for us on the story. seems to be a common thread between the winners, right? >>reporter: how about starting the holiday season $300 million richer? powerball jackpot is at $293 million, cash value is $185 million. if you believe in may be the place to play. two winners in the past month, including a 57-year-old woman from lakeland who purchased her winning ticket from, you guessed it, a 7-eleven. it was an $18 million ticket. she purchased a jackpot winning tickets from the 7-eleven located at the 6,000 block of south u.s. highway 98 in lakeland. also this past friday, the
6:38 am
allen pillard of tampa claimed a million dollar share of the lucky money jackpot. he won a one lump payment. he bought his winning lucky money quick pick ticket from, you guessed it, a 7-eleven located at the 10,000 block of north nebraska avenue right here in tampa. so again, 7-eleven may be the place to play. ticks purchased before 9:59 tonight. the drawing is at 11:00. good luck, guys. back to you. >>laura: yeah. >>russell: we got this. we got it. we got this. >>laura: that's always the dream. >>reporter: if you won, i want some money. see ya. >>russell: coming up, the tampa bay lightning celebrating a victory but last night's win came with a big loss. >>laura: dress in layers today. dave has the forecast next.
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things setting off sparks on star wars. we'll tell you about the secret affair that is a secret no more. >> why are firefighters at the police shooting range? >> we go through the auxiliary police academy and we're certified auxiliary officers. >>reporter: they're called to the most dangerous rescues. >> underwater stuff is tricky. you don't have all the help down there. >>reporter: see what it takes to
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>>dave: what a beautiful start to the day. granted, it is cool outside this morning and you've got the 57 degrees in tampa with the light winds but a beautiful sunrise in a few minutes. just gorgeous. it's different from yesterday, too. obviously the clouds are gone and as a result with the dry air in place, this happens to the temperatures. it's 53 degrees.
6:43 am
morning stroll down bayshore, jackets. it's 53 degrees in that spot. and 52 over in lakeland. and those aren't even the coolest spots because there are many others sitting in the 40s this morning and i'm talking about brandon all the way through hernando county, citrus county, all the spots in the 40s as you wake up and walk out the door on this wednesday. 11 to 14 degrees colder in a few areas. why? because of the clearing skies. remember yesterday we hit the thick cloud cover, very early on. people don't realize that that cloud cover acts like a blanket and holds the heat in which is -- that's why we were mild yesterday. then you get rid of that, and that's why it's so cool this morning. we have dew points also in the very dry category, 43 to 54 degrees so the one good thing about this is that the dry air heats up just as fast as it cools off. sun comes up over the course of
6:44 am
by lunchtime, shed the jackets. not going to need them with the sunshine, i think we make it back in the mid to upper 70s this time of year. we're going on two days in a row with below normal temperatures. that's after weeks and weeks of above normal temperatures so kind of different. also we have to show you this which is the tropics in the southwest caribbean. here is central america. there's south america. there's cuba. there's you can see a little tiny, broad spin developing down here. hurricane center is keeping an eye on this. computer models are indicating the next five days, there's a good 80% chance there may be ome development with this. at the same time, it just meanders around to be honest with you, and nothing brings it into the gulf at this point. just wraps around jamaica so really, we're just watching the
6:45 am
if that happens, we'll let you know. you can always follow along by going to let's bring it up to 77 degrees for a high temperature today. that cool start, mild finish and even warmer than that for tomorrow, for friday, for saturday. gorgeous, then big cold front saturday night. that knocks us down to upper 60s for high temperatures on sunday and for monday as well. vanessa? >>vanessa: thank you. and in seeing some big delays southbound 275. this is the scene of a new crash. we're checking it out live. it's going to be betwee 22nd avenue north and fifth avenue north. multiple lanes blocked here by the time it's all said and done. once you get to the end, traffic has been funneled down to a single lane and the delays are back to 54th avenue north and certainly as you would suspect, that is growing. it's getting further and further back as we continue with the lane blocks.
6:46 am
to think about u.s. 19 which is pretty much looking up to speed at this point and better alternate. out of davenport as well, a disabled vehicle and it's northbound along u.s. 27 near davenport boulevard. we'll get to charley, see what he's working on this morning. >>charley: good day. how are you? >>vanessa: pretty good. how are you? >>charley: dandy, thank you very much. just dandy. >>vanessa: i like that. >>charley: dandy in a good on i don't know what that means. let's go over percentages. some things i say things and like you at home, i think, what? >>vanessa: die that all the time. >>charley: shall we do some percentages? this is where vanessa and i figure out are we in the majority with everyone else or in the minority? 72% of us say the most underrated, romantic gesture is a kiss goodbye. >>vanessa: underrated?
6:47 am
72% say that's underrated. it means a whole lot, in other words. >>vanessa: oh, yeah. >>charley: every morning when i leave, my poor wife is sleeping. i go and i give her a kiss goodbye and every morning, every morning in a very sleepy voice she says, go ahead -- go ahead bye. i love you. be careful. >>vanessa: i do the same thing but not to your wife. my fiance. yes. i say goodbye >>charley: yeah. 56% of couples say they argued in the car on their last road trip because of back seat driving. yeah. i wouldn't say argue. it's more of a -- i know. i saw it. i was braking. >>vanessa: did you see it? did you really see it, though? >>charley: i didn't. no, i didn't. no. just embarrassed and i don't want my wife to know what a bad driver i am.
6:48 am
to themselves in the car. oh, all day every day. i talk to myself in the car. do you talk to yourself in the car? >>vanessa: i myself sing to myself but i don't think i've ever talked to myself. >>charley: i'll bet that's lovely. i talk to myself. i always win the argument. and finally, 16% of us believe in knocking on wood for good luck. and i do that. i do that. where i am be a problem. i'm at a place called barn works on cypress street in tampa. what they do is take old barns in kentucky, they're more than 100 years old and they save the wood and turn it into something new and beautiful like maybe a sink and pedestal. will you look at that? the work they do here is ubelievable and they also sell these raw materials that they're saving from landfills.
6:49 am
hopefully we'll have a "good day tampa bay." knock on wood. >>vanessa: you have a few more pieces to work with, too. thank you, charley. >>walter: thanks. 6:49 the time. fox 13 will be at the boundary meeting in pasco county and sure to be tense. packed with frustrated parents and the school district has to redraw school boundaries because of overcrowded schools. some kids will have to change schools and be bussed miles away from their homes. tomo committee will look at five plans, narrow it down to one and then present it to the superintendent. parents are begging the school board to delay these plans. tomorrow's meeting is at 8:00 at gulf high school and we'll be there. lightning captain will be reevaluated for a lower body injury. appears to be his right leg. he came off the ice after taking a hit along the boards against detroit at the joe. you'll remember he missed all but one game during last year's post season because of having
6:50 am
of a broken leg. the ybor city holiday tree lighting ceremony is tonight. this year's tree is 37 feet tall. the annual event includes carolling performers, hot chocolate. stop by and help santa and mayor buckhorn flip the switch. russell? >>russell: thank you. it's a tale as old as time. boy saves the galaxy. together they have a secret love affair on the set of one of the bigges >>laura: the truth behind the offscreen romance and today is national fast food day. where you can find the b dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes...
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there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure.
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it's been one week since be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. we learned that donald j trump would be our next >>laura: it's been one week since we larged that donald trump will be our next president. >>russell: it's been booming on wall street. let's get to lauren simonetti to talk. up seven days in a row. nice, huh? >> the trump bump. and it continues. >>russell: i like it. >> seven days, four records. it's unbelievable. so if you're looking at the dow since election day, it's up
6:54 am
morgan chase, caterpillar and industrial stock, boeing and industrial stock and united health which is health care. those are the types of sectors that will do well. with trump pulling back on regulations and spending money to fix planes, roads, get our nation building again. >>laura: let's talk about this. we've been talking about it this morning. who needs turkey day when you have national fast food day? >> it's national fast food day. so many chains are offering something free if you do something simple. they include arby's and subway and mcdonalds. go to yurp local fast food joint today and say, what do i need to do to get something free? >>russell: is this a universal thing? honestly, i never have heard of this until i came in this
6:55 am
>> it's been more popular to name each day of the week something. i hadn't heard of national fast foot day. let me see if nobody is anything. november 17 is national national what day? >>russell: cheesecake day. >> is it really? >>russell: no. i want it to be national cheesecake day tomorrow. >> i'm looking. i'm looking. let's see. tomorrow, tomorrow, 17th. where is it? here w it's national take a hike day. >>russell: that's not a bad idea. >>laura: take a long walk off a short pier. >>russell: i like that. >> it's also national baklava day. >>russell: okay. huge greek population in tarpon springs. take a hike to tarpon springs and celebrate. we'll see you.
6:56 am
it? >> i love you. >> i know. >>russell: come on. you suspected this for a long time, right? the chemistry between princess leia and han solo was real. now carrie fisher has confirmed it. she said she had an affair with harrison ford during the filming of the at the time she was 19 years old. he was 33 and still married to his first wife. fisher says they got together after a birthday party for george lucas. she also claimed hans solo wasn't all that great in bed. ford got a divorce two years later. >>laura: we'll move on. disney's trailer for beauty and the beast has set a new record. it was viewed more than 127
6:57 am
hours. led by 27 million views on star emma watson's page. star wars, the force awakens with 112 million. beauty and the beast is expected to be released in theaters march 17. >>russell: we're following breaking news near ocala. two trains collided, 20 cars derailed. >>laura: basic economy. fares are cheap but the >>russell: and "good day" is saying thank you to very deserving members of our community. a man lives and breathes by the phrase, where shopping is a pleasure. guess where he works? >>dave: what a great start to the day and our temperatures this morning, on the cool side because we cleared skies out. sun just came up. beautiful over lakeland net camera there over lake mirror. look at these temps.
6:58 am
we will warm up quickly today. sunshine, high temperatures back to the upper 70s. today, tomorrow and friday, big changes the second hand-dipped, with real milk, is the only way to make a milkshake. you can't trust machines. now, how come? once, i got a machine-made shake from some other place, and it clanked and clunked and spit out a glop into my glass. and do you know what it was made of? artificial turf? what? no. powder!
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(announcer) get half-price holiday milkshakes between 2 and 5 during happy hour. only at steak 'n shake. this season, unwrap disney magic... where smiles have no limit... and wonder fills the air. where joy is the reason for it all... and everything is better together. come share it all... walt disney world resort. where holiday magic is endless. the magic again and again... ...become an annual passholder now and get 13 months
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((russell- concern on campus. a robbery las a robbery last night at usf. the warning today for students. plus -- >> the trump transition effort runs into speed bumps. we'll have more on some of the latest drama just ahead. >>laura: and women who cheat. there's something many of them probably have in common. a husband who doesn't help. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. first we have to start with


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