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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  November 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 news at noon. develop thing right now a noon, two trains collided in derailed in central florida causing thousands of gallons of fuel to leak. good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado. and thanks so much for joining us. the two trains loaded with coal and phosphate rock collided in marion county sending at least 20 train cars right off the tracks. and a spilling thousands of gallons of fuel.
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coal was headed to tampa. fox's andre a jackson has been at the seen all morning and brings us the latest. >> quite scene here in marion county. at least 20 cars came off the tracks after an early morning train collision. here's what we know right now. two trains collided early this morning around 4:15 a.m. here in ocala in neighborhood of citra. they were csx trains transporting unanimous hazardous material. take look perspective from up above showing u wreck age along the tracks here. csx is working to confirm number of detrailed train cars hour initial reports indicated at least 20 that came off the tracks. as well as a diesel fuel spill from one or more of locomotives. csx environmental experts are on the scene assessing and containing any possible fuel spill. we also know a little bit more about the trains one train was a phosphate train traveling from
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locomotives and 100 loaded phosphate cars. the coal train is second train, was traveling through kentucky to tampa with 3 locomotives and 110 loaded cars of coal. we understand two csx crew members are being treated for some minor injuries. four altogether. cause of the collision still currently under investigation. we did have a chance to talk with run of lieutenants from the marion county sheriff's office after he landed from taking a chopper flight over the wreck significant damage between the two trains colliding, the fact that someone was able to walk away from it seems quite amazing at this point in time. we are a waiting for confirmation from the csx representative who happens to be on scene as soon we find out more information we will bring that to you. in marion county, i'm andre a jackson, kif news. sarasota drivers got a glimpse of a not too pleasant sight this morning. a vehicle transporting dead pigs
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fhp says they were not properly secured. the center and right lanes were blocked off for hours while at crew cleaned up and hosed off the road. all lanes are open now. well new at noon hillsborough county fire crews battling two alarm house fire in wimauma right now. skyfox is over the scene just minutes ago. this is on air smis road. you can see back of that home pretty much burned to the ground. it's a very big house. and because it's in a rural area fire crews are using the pond that you see there in the front supply. the good news here, no injuries have been reported. well so far president-elect trump is only officially made two top appointments. but with many more picks to go, trump himself is trying to calm concerns that the transition is in turmoil. joel waldman has more now from washington. president-elect trump is back on twitter tamping down growing media speculation that his transition team is in up
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place as i decide i'm cabinet and many other positions. i'm only one who knows who the finalists are. the process described as knife fight became more convolute theed departure of mike rogers. roger regarded as an expert in national security was brought into at fold by new jersey governor chris christie whom self was replaced a head of the transition team. a potential secretary of state candidate and top trump surrogate playing down all twists and turns. always a lot of questions. a lot of issues. i think that he's going to put together an extraordinary, an extraordinary administration of really, really talented people. meanwhile speculation over top cabinet picks continue to swirl as texas senator ted cruz and one of mr. trump's most arted rivals during primaries was spotted at trump tower with his name floating around as a possible choice for attorney general. >> it would be a big shock to me, i know we all ran together,
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group hug. others seen around mid town manhattan include tomorrow cotton and jeff sessions. both said to be on short list for secretary of defense. in washington joel waldman, fox 13 news. and a letter for students and staff at usp campus police are looking for two men who a robbed a female student late last night fox 13's shayla reeves on campus. robber accused of a taking op with students around 9:15 tuesday night. an officers are working to track down leads. here's what we know. officers responded to a report about a strong armed robbery not far from the interdisciplinary sciences building. victim reportedly told police a pair of crooks approached and maid off with her jewelry fortunately she didn't get hurt. while shorties have only a vague description of robbers described a men with blond hair in their early 20s, authorities are encouraging everyone to keep a
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around campus. they are telling students be aware of your surroundings. try to travel with someone else when ever you can. focus on moving in well lit areas. avoid alleystake of your head phones you're traveling alone so you can hear what's happening around you. let someone know where you're going and a plan to return, and an examples of what you can do protect yourself we know usf police did use campus emergency notification system to send out text messages ups the this case were confirmed. at this point, authorities are asking anyone with any details if you know something and maybe you didn't report it or you saw something, or heard something suspicious, certainly reach out to usf police to share those details reporting here suchlt usf campus shayla reeves, fox 13 news. there's a $3,000 reward for information that helps catch three robber who are targeting people at kroesh grocery stores.
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there are three of them two women, one man. police say one of them distracts the shopper while another grabs the victim's wallet from the cart. the they used stolen cite cards to rack up huge purchases 70-year-old beverly morris one the victims she has a message for those thieves. i think they probably need to take a long hard look in the mirror and remember their ten commandment thou shalt not steal. you want things in life you work for them. you don't steal them from other you show up every day. i did it for many years. >> police say the crimes are remind are for people not to keep valuables in their cart much of us do. update now to fight between parents and pasco county schools. the school district needs to and is redrawing boundary lines for schools. however, that creating as you might imagine a lot angst for families in that area. parents packed school board meeting last night.
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boundaries and mo have some students to different schools. so now even the one school is within a mile of a student's home, they could be bussed ten miles away to another school. the problem, overcrowding. parents should have seen this coming. cutter browning district superintendent broet a letter back in september to all bay area realtors telling them not to promise potential home buyers that they will in a certain school district. there is another meeting for parents and administrators to discuss the pro radar changes. it's tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. at gulf high school. some and a pot laced cook's land a pasco assistant principal in jail. she yoefr doed maid cannabis oil her 19-year-old daughter also arrested to deputy to deputy that cookie belonged to her she got them from a co-worker because her mother wanted to try marijuana for her 50th birthday.
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it comes to winning the lottery. we've already seen two big winners in just the past two weeks. and with a huge powerball drawing tonight, we could make that three. fox 13's alcides segui has all 293 million reasons you should buy a ticket. >> how about starting holiday season with nearly $300 million in your bank account. it's possible if you win the powerball. $293 million. cash valley of $185 that's kind of your thing, well then you may want to think about playing a local 7-11. believe it or not two people have won lotto in the past month include 57-year-old woman who played the lotto and won $18 million. she purchased her ticket from a seven-11 located at the six,000 block of south u.s. highway 98 in lakeland. also, just a couple of days ago, this past friday, the florida
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of the 2 million lucky money jackpot. he purchased his winning ticket from you guessed it 7-11 locate at the 10,000 block of north nebraska avenue in tampa. sop 7-11, may be the place to play powerball drawing tickets are $2 each they must be purchased before 10 o'clock tonight. i have mine. if you get yours, good luck. the drawing is at 11 o'clock. >> in hillsborough county, alcides segui, fox 13 thank you, alcides. well last week governor rick scott says he's not interested in potential job in trumping administration. now we know why. scott now says he's considering a run for the u.s. senate. while talking with reporter yesterday scott said he has option to run for seat held by bill nell ton in 2018 nelson only state-wide elected democrat in florida and already announced plans to run for fourth term. governor did not layout timetable for when he would make a decision.
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governor. i have a great job. i have 783 days to go. and i'm going to continue top try to make this place number one place for a job. number one place for education and make sure families can safe. ai like this job scott senate campaign could get a boost from trump who helped republicans hold on to majorities in house and senate during election skod serve ad chairman of a purp pac that raised $20 million for trump's presidential there's already a growing list of people eyeing the governor's mansion. some democratic party members want attorney general john morgan to step up to the plate. after leading push to bring medical marijuana to florida, the campaign manager for united for care launched an effort to draft morgan into politics. there's even a website for the morgan hasn't commented on campaign he plans to release a statement he says later this week. >> tampa mayor bob buckhorn also considering a run for governor.
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past. term limits prevent him from running for mayor after 2019. on the republican side, former florida house speaker will weather ford and florida commissioner of agriculture adam putnam also considering a run for governor. fox 13 political editor craig patrick says he expects to hear big aannouncements over at next month or so of course we wil keep you posted all this week we've highlighting folks that make our community great. hear what customers and employees have to say about their favorite sto m pleasure for nearly four decades. a special thank you is coming up. first jim's here. i love this cool weather, jim. is it nice. just gorgeous looking weather back across the area we had a couple cloudy days. clouds moved out yesterday afternoon. we have that cool night last night. 40s and 50s across the area. now you can you look outside. along clearwater beach not a cloud in the sky. we're really going to enjoy some nice looking weather over the next several days. but we also have a cold front heading our way. this one means cooler
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(linda) most people dread going to the grocery store. not enough parking, the crowds, long check out lines... but the allot of people dread going to grocery store not enough parking clouds long check out lines customers that go to publix say they look forward to their shopping experience because of one man. fox 13's jen epstein has that story.
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that for you in just a minute. meanwhile let's go to weather. jim, save us from this. you know it's going to save you great looking weather. listen you can't go wrong with that people at home love to hear about it take it away. does it every time a little cool this morning but we're going to remember was up nicely a we go through afternoon. nice thing is we're keeping temperatures basically where we should be for this time of year upper 70s, you look outside right now, looking to the west along kennedy boulevard, just a few scattered this morning, all the way in to lower 40s to our north. brooksville you're at 42 degrees this morning 57 here in tampa. even as you head down to our south into sarasota county, 57 degrees. 40s as you head into the interior wauchula fleven. all the way as far south as arcadia getting into the 40s as 49 degrees this morning. that's that cool dry air with clear skies really to help cool
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yesterday. visible satellite loop just shows we're going to have a beautiful looking day with plenty of sun just a couple of little scattered clouds out there. as we go through through the afternoon. reason why as you look at the water vapor imagery just loads of dry air in place. that means we're going to really keep this nice looking weather over the next several days. heading auto way into the weekend, by the time we get into the weekend it does look like a cold front will be heading our way because we've got so much dry air in place, as cold front going to see any rain with it might see couple clouds with it. that's just about it. so we're going to just continue to add on to this beautiful looking weather. as we go through the next several days. outside right now. we're at 77 degrees. dew point is at 50. that makes humidity at 39 percent. and currently winds out of the north at 10 miles an hour. with just continues to bring down that delightful air that 77 here in tampa. brandon you're out up to 79. wesley chapel 76 degrees.
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so you can see that dry air, it cools quickly. also warms quickly. that we've seen temperatures rebound so quickly through morning hours. dew point just continues to show that very dry air in place. 40s and low 50s across central and northern part of the state. that's why we'll continue with that delightful weather in really no big changes as we go through the next several days. because big ridge of high pressure building in. lots of clear skies cross entire southeast all texas. now, we are still talking about the tropics, hurricane season goes until november 30th about two weeks left season. this one area, in the southern caribbean had to watch this over the next several days. you can still tale it's disorganized you see a little spin in there xurp model continue to insist we may see something develop as early as this weekend. until then, we enjoy the nice looking weather.
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really shouldn't say until then even if that were to develop it does not look look heading anywhere close to us as you look at this front working its way towards us for the weekend, nooishl you saw couple showers along it those dry up. few scattered clouds then that pleasant cool air just filters right back in here as we get into the first part of next week. tons of sun for this afternoon. daytime high 77 degrees. temperature drops pretty quickly once the sun goes down. for tomorrow another great looking day wall sunshine daytime high 79 degrees. on the water, winds are out north at 10 knots. seas two feet. light chop on the way. high tide comes up 4:31 this afternoon. here's your seven-day forecast, cold front heads our way on saturday. so we've got temperatures pretty mild on saturday. 79 degrees. but then notice, by subpoenaed, we only have daytime high of 68 degrees. and then 50 degrees to start out morning on monday, linda. 68. that's sounds awesome. >> i'm going to try to set this
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dread going to grocery store we talked about why not enough parking all crowds check outlines. but kus customers that dos publix look forward to shopping experience because of one particular person. and jen epstein is going to introduce you to them. there's reason why shopping publix is pleasure. and if you buy your groceries store dale mabrey in neptune probably has lot to do with this guy. >> he always has a smile on his fa. walk in the door if he's there he says, hey, he'll get you a cart. >> he does more than just smile and say hello. john is most hands on manager his customers have ever seen. >> he's constantly out on the floor straightening shelves and helping people. he's even bagged for me before john knows a thing about customer service. he started publix career backing groceries back in 1977 and worked his way up to manager.
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you have to be a servant. you have to have servant mentality. you have to be a service oriented person from your heart. has to come from your heart. >> john definitely put this whole heart into his job. earning him the george jenkins award in 2003. surpt market highest honor. >> but john's passion from publix started long before that. he practically grew up in these aisles. along side his dad, a publix district manager. used to go to store when i was kid. one thing led to another and here we are. >> now after nearly 40 years serving customers, john is getting ready to retire. i've never done anything else my entire life when i started at the age of 15, i really didn't know what was on the horizon for me. but it turned out well. i'm looking forward to spending some time with my wife but i'll also miss my friends.
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sad to see him go. i want him to have great time on his retirement i wish him all the best and even though he has mixed emotions, it's going to be a happy day and it's going to be a sad day all in one. he's sure once he gets adjusted he'll have no problems phil up all of that free time. >> so you like the tour? >> how about this, john says he loves his job so much he never considered it a day of work. only a real pleasure. he plans retiring at the end of year and tomorrow we will wrap up our series with local atte tennessee mountains after four decades fighting fires. we all want to retire in comfort. but it takes a lot of planning. our consumerare company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting married? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question:
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e's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. to learn more about our marketplace plan, visit or call (877) 753-8816 carrabba's new meatball magnifico. visit our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? for a limited time only.
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we all have a lot of financial demands... the
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for college budget strains can keep you from putting money towards retirement. sorboni banerjee guess advice from people who pulled it off i really want to hear all about this. what i'm hearing right now static are we going to package or just chat for few minutes? >> i can tell you all about. they are regular people and they are the ones who know how. sailing into sunset, raise a glass to goo planning let's forget about the mortgage. get the house all paid off and then go live the dream. i think the biggest part for us was always looking to live below or means. we were able to save a lot of money early on. not many people are doing that. in, surveys show one in three people have $0 saved for retirement. >> we really don't think about retirement planning until we're about to retire all of sudden it's like it's here what do i do
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harwood try to sieve 10 percent of your salary contribute to 401k in 20s and 30s. then as we have our children and our families, focus on family, and educating raising our kids, up your saving to 20 teres burge middle age help investing i reached out to professional they really help with discipline and not, you know knee jerk reactions to sell. tally how much you need a year to live after stopping work. >> think about the things that can hurt you in retirement. how about higher taxes. in our case medical expenses have been out of sight. have your plan in place ten years out from when you want to be retired. >> the appropriate goal would be i want to have a good quality of life in retirement. i don't need to be rich. i just want to be secure. >> i feel that way they don't need to be rich they just want to be secure. but still a lot to handle.
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you want to ask fiduciary what that means they will take percentage for their work obviously percentage of your money they are managing, but linda, if somebody asks for an extra fee and they want to charge you for their service in general back away because they should never do that. they shouldn't be they can make money off their work but shouldn't charging before they handle your money. >> good advice. >> at 5 i love this series so far. try to help us all, so maybe you can't do 9 to 5. i like we're we're lucky we get to this job where we get to be out there every day. and hang out it's different everyday so unique. some people are like okay i do this 9 to 5 to make my money this is what i really want to do. we meet people managed to junk juggle booth how make money moon lighting and have a success side gig can i share a secret about you and i. we do have a dream that peewee
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day. right >> writing fiction. we both write books that would be considered. absolutely 100 percent moonlighting this what we do what we love but he also have sort of creative side as well. i think that tends to be a lot of what people are going to do with these moonlighting projects sometimes in the arts. sometimesist it's business venture they don't have capital to go in fully. so, what are some ways to make it happen can you do both? i can't wait to hear. because we're right here post wanna be segments on facebook pages if you need to go back relisten she's packing full of good information you can find me and sorboni both on facebook and twitter. thanks, see you at 5. see you then. president obama tours the acrop
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police in oklahoma city are trying to figure out what led to a deadly shooting at the state's main police in oklahoma city are trying to figure out what led to deadly shooting at the stating main airport. but they think it may have been retaliation. a southwest airlines employee was shot and killed outside will rogers world airport. police identified him a michael winchester the father of kansas city chiefs player james winchester hours layer police found gunman's body pick up truck in airport parking lot dead of an inflicted gunshot wound shooter former airline employee he may have been seeking revenges. a 16-year-old is in custody after police say he stabbed 5 classmates at high school in utah. it happened yesterday more than inside a boy locker room in mountain view high school in or em two of them seriously injured. police say student accused in the attack stabbed himself in neck but he will okay. not sure what caused him to do this. and at department of
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opportunities for violent extremists to strike. officials issued terrorism advisory bulletin yesterday. it warns violent compleem extremist may encourage to a target public events events or place comes days after isis magazine called for followers to attack popular outdoor adraks tractions like maysing thanksgiving day parade. president obama continues his final overseas tour with a second day in athens. the president made a major policy speech aimed at defining his legacy on the world's stage. >> fox's kristin fisher has more from the white house. president obama getting a crash course in greek mythology this morning on his second day in athens. it's part of president's final overseas trip between acropolis after visited to a u.s. embassy and final event in greece a major address cultural center focused legacy on world stage. we have to keep making government more open more efficient more effective in
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fellow world leaders not to ignore what he calls the growing disconnect between people and their governments. also linking globelization to increase feelings of inequality around the world while calling for a more humane global trade policy. even as we freely trade, people and workers in all countries see the benefits of trade in their own lives not just benefits for the bottom line of large multi national corporations pushing back growing politician president reaffirmed commitment to nato noting alliance has supported by both democrat and republican presidents. that commitment will continue. including our pledge and our treaty obligation to defend every ally. but despite the challenge that is lie ahead, president obama says he's optimistic about the future, he faces his final months in office. a sense that we're all in this together with obligations to
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i see it every day and that gives me hope next stop for president obama berlin he schedule to a meet german chancellor on thursday. at the white house kristin fisher, fox 13 news. officials in new zealand say they've nearly wrapped up evacuation efforts to 2 days after deadly earthquake cut off access to an entire town. >> more than 700 people have been evacuated by both helicopter and navy ship. the 7.8 magnitude hit on monday killing two people and also triggered a small tsunami and more than 80 and an on board a ship waiting to go to nearby port. war ships from the u.s. candidate and an australia are bringing supplies to that area as well. >> black friday is still more than a week away. but one man is already waiting at the front of one of those lines for the door buster deals. this is mr. johnson he earned name mr. black friday. he actually set up his tent outside a bestbuy in arizona last thursday.
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a 49 inch hdtv for 200 bucks. bet he does it johnson professional he has doing this since 2006. these days he has sponsors sponsors who keep him comfortable from everyoning couches to food even has a microwave. is that fair? >> good luck to him. it is called telemedicine new high tech way some patients are seeing the doctor. just how much it will cost you for a house call when we come back. why are firefighters at the police shooting range? >> we go to axillary police academy and certifie police officer they go in with s.w.a.t. team and called to most dangerous rescues. no under water stuff can really tricky. because you don't vul all the help down there.
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doctors making house calls are back in a big way! but not in the doctors measuring house calls are back in a big way but not in traditional sense. seeing a doctor has gone high tech even for life threatening events. fox 13 dr. jo takes us into the booming world of telemedicine. and close your eyes and hold your arms out there for me. this is a simulation in trinity medical center er. i'm assuming patient already had ct scan is that correct? right s ct-scan it. neurologist knee ma is virtually assessing a mock stroke patient. from his office in forth meyers 140 miles away. >> as we know what patients have a stroke, the clock is ticking. this suggests almost nearly two million nerve cells did i every minute serve brain cells goal is to start them within 60 minutes after patient's hit the door. but first they need a thorough work up.
12:39 pm
telemedicine we can multi dabbing and to very man wait ct-scan and waiting for patient to get prepared and we can be looking ago at the same time er physician says the teleneurologist not only helped expedite process increased number of patients getting clot busters. >> definitely something we improved way we take care of stroke patient by leaps and west florida. >> he says the telestroke program is becoming their standard. >> 16 hospitals in the division. we've managed to get 11 of them on this platform. a number that's growing. >> else why virtual specialist making their mark in intensive care units. >> so much of what we do is based upon technology. dr. medical director for advance icu care. they service more than 60
12:40 pm
including florida hospital carrollwood in tampa. special software helps process the patient violates signs and data remote camera zooms in. what visually see in the patient add to that equation for you? >> it makes all the difference in the world having someone tell you that a patient is short of breath. it means something different when you actually see the patient. and judge the degree of the shortness of breath. icu medical director s iment cu calls from home. more icu. so help somebody here 24 hours a day. just cost effective he says nurses access the system 24-boosting quality care last spring tampa general launched this app geared for patients 20 years you would ever thought this would have been a happening? no we telemedicine telehealth a real growth part of medicine senior vp says their
12:41 pm
allowing patients to see primary care physicians for $49. specialists like psychiatrist cost a little bit more. many people think that this is the way of foouch for lot of mental health because stigma attached into skwie tryst or psychologist office. a title avenue wave information highway that will likely become a tsunami for fox medical team i'm dr. joette giovinco . here's a live look outside right now
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from place call barn works. it's chip's place just opened it in july. you sold a fence, fence. fences industry for 25 years. sold that company to do collecting wood from past barnes log cabins anything i can find. if i can find it in north florida, south georgia, but i find lion's share in kentucky, illinois, but the majority of a come from northeast corner kentucky. you you go to kentucky find beautiful barnes at that stood the test of time knock on farm house chan i buy that? >> exactly. exactly. then when we're deconstructing one it never fails that i'll get
12:45 pm
hive got 1 down the road. i go look at while i'm there there's another one. i had a list. 25 to pull down. that i frankly ran out of time and capital to keep pulling them down. i need to get this batch back to prepare stuff and sell stuff. you bring it back some of it back here. >> uh-huh you can sell it as raw materials. >> yes. that was the intent. yeah. but we ended up starting bake stuff you're going to to be here it's fun at the beginning. then we can see here, some of the stuff you say you've made, it's incredible. sliding window and sliding doors that's incredibly popular in decor today. >> yes. yes. >> people in real estate are starting to request it as a popular item. you know on a listing. and even though i remember wood panelling in the 70s. this is not that. but, i love how you do the walls
12:46 pm
mantles all troughs i turning this one over. and home in restauranthand carved. this is trough. 1800s. yes. yes. unbelievable. the floors. you can also do barn wood into really good flooring, right? tell me about different woods you're going to use on that. in doorway there, walnut, cherry, into wider reclaimed to recovered hard pine. actually, those logs were milled that flooring milled out logs that came out apalachicola river. wow, very nice. gorgeous. gorgeous. for more information go to go to barn and check them out
12:47 pm
and kind of this these barns and wood stood test of time. gets to live even longer. charley belcher, fox 13 news. i love you. i know. my favorite part of movie if you ever thought princess leia and on screen, there's a reason carrie fisher just revealed she and harrison ford had an affair of new hope. that was first star wars from back in 1970s. fisher was just 19 and ford was 33. married and had two young sons. fisher says they got together after a birthday party for george lucas. the affair lasted about 3 months but ended as soon a filming wrapped up. fisher also revealed they never rekindled their relationship because she says she's on too
12:48 pm
fisher's new book that goes on sale next week. she gasays she gave ford a head things up writing truth if you $3 million i'm asking. there's a chance you could the next owner iconic dress warned by marilyn monroe she sang happy birthday mr. president to john f. kennedy. three-day auction begins tomorrow and include as lot monroe's personal items from paintings to pots and pans. it's expected to than $5 million. jim, this weather could just not be more perfect. we've able to start a fire out back. and just, sweater i have boots on today. so how long is that going to last? going to last for while. cool mornings, we warm up nicely during the afternoon. but really we know we're not getting too warm. we're staying try mairl in upper 70s with low hue it feels nice good news you like cold weather we've got yet another cold front
12:49 pm
weekend. and that's, reinforce and bring cooler air. take look at this we've had lot of warmth this month. its had been very dry month as well. now two days in a row. we've had below normal temperatures. kind of right on the edge when when we squeak out another below normal day for today. average is 78. going to be close one. but all in all still beautiful looking weather. visible satellite right now continues to show lots of sunny skies. you look scattered clouds in there, none of that is rain producing. you're still going to see plenty of sun as we go through the afternoon. reason why the front worked its way through in wake of it, all of this red shade is all dry air. that will continue. basically fillered down over us really over the next say 4 or 5 days. now we do have cold front which will be heading our way on saturday. but because all is dry air is in place, as the front heads our way, you're just not going to
12:50 pm
produce any showers. so we stay dry. might see a couple clouds with the front. that's just about it. nice day under way right now. loads of sun 77 degrees here in tampa. 81 right now over in brandon. pinellas park at 79. st. petersburg has a 73. palm har harbor currently 75 degrees. dade city 77. up in brooksville you start out in low 40s this morning. now you currently sit at 76 degrees. pretty nice to our south as well along with lakewood ranch. through interior we had 40s and 50s. and now you're back up into the mid 70s in most locations. so that ridge of high pressure building back in across the southeast. that's all the cloud cover that we had a couple of days ago. kind of worked its way out of here yesterday afternoon we will ton see plenty of clear skies as you look all way back towards texas, nothing but clear skies. got cold fronts on the move
12:51 pm
going to dive down to the southeast that what will give us a cooler temperatures, as we get into the first part of next week. but can you believe it we're still talking about the tropics. this area here, this has been classified as invest 90. now alook at it right now. still a very disorganized area. you look closely kind of see that spin in this, but the computer models are getting more and more aggressive about trying to develop this system. so as we head towards the weekend we may actually have a tropical depression down in this develops down here is not heading in our direction. they tend to work their way on to the north and east. but still too early to tell exactly what's going to happen with that. high pressure will just just continue to build in across the area. eventually, that cold front heads our way over the weekend. for today, loads of sunshine. daytime high of 77 degrees. then for tonight, once the sun goes down that temperature is starts to fall pretty quickly. we will see overnight low of 58 degrees. here's your seven-day forecast,
12:52 pm
comfortable in 70s. and then we reinforce that cool dry air over us over the weekend. by monday morning we're at 50 degrees here in tampa. linda. a local program putting girls o
12:53 pm
and all those differences take energy. at duke energy, we're doing things differently too. like new ways to generate power and even store it... ...for cleaner energy every day. so no matter how different things become, we're always here ....
12:54 pm
the expectations and pressures on girls can be different from boys. but a local program is helping them make strides. expectation pressure on girls can different from goals a local program is helping them make strides. a kelly ring shows us, it's what's right with tampa bay. guys. guys. nice job. way to go.
12:55 pm
supporting. but these young ladies are coming together as a team. it really, really has changed how positive i am, how active i am. good job. it's part of a program called girls on the run. it's a sport that i like to do. and um, it makes me feel like confident. how can we choose our friends? >> the after for girls in 3rd through fifth grades. it definitely gives them more self esteem and also provides them with tools to kind of build different better relationships. good job girls. good job. >> along with running, she like i got on my toes because they also address some of the challenges that are unique to them. >> girls growing up today, you know they face so many different social pressures and pressures to act a certain way, be a certain way girls on run is really critical program to help
12:56 pm
best self and be true to who they are. >> changing their future one positive step at a time. girls on run is so much fun. girls on the run is number one. nice. >> ybor city holiday tree lighting ceremony is tonight this year tree 37 feet tall annual eventually includes carolling performers hot chocolate be sure to stop by that starts at 6:30 right outside central ybor thank goodness it's not going to be 95 degrees. once sun goes dhun hot chocolate will be pretty good not as much fun. no it's not fantastic today. plenty of sun we're keeping temperature in to the upper 70s. we kind radio bound a little bit over next couple days we keep lower humidity. we got to keep our eyes on weekend that big cold front is
12:57 pm
temperatures, 79 on saturday. and then only into the 60s for sunday by monday morning 50 degrees. nice big cool down. lot of people looking forward to that. thanks, jim the news doesn't end here we keep posting latest all day on and on ur fox 13 news app on your phone. look for more news, weather and sports beginning a 5 o'clock. have a great afternoon everyone. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company."
12:58 pm
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>> today on the real. monica is back for approximate more of her co-host take over. >> sometimes common sense ain't that common. >> you talk real live in the museum. >> no i don't. >> are wine bags for real. >> i'm not doing that? i'm not putting patricia. >> and it's te real. >> as we bring one fan. >> and which lucky fan is going to go big or go home. >> i'm going to go big. >> and we have almost christmas shows jesse t. usher and will packer on the real.


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