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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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setting boundaries.. in too >>laura: setting boundaries. in pasco county, there are too many kids going to certain schools and in a few hours, parents will find out if a big change will be in store for their families. >>russell: white house north today, governor scott is meeting trump at trump tower and it's fuelling speculation that he has a new spot in the administration. >>laura: and big brother is a hero. a young boy saves his baby
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anyone could have made. this morning, why she felt it was so important to share this video. good morning. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. first, it is already a busy morning on the roads. let's go to vanessa. >>vanessa: we want to start off with what's been underway along 275, around 11:00 last night, fhp responded to a deadly crash. this is near the junction with i-4. what we're told is the crash involves a county deputy is involved. we don't know if they're one in the same person and one person is dead. authorities not releasing that person's identity. we're working to get more information on this. all the northbound and southbound lanes blocked completely. now all lanes are clear and we can point out good news here. no lingering delays so it shouldn't be a traffic concern at this hour. we do have a traffic alert that
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you looking at the water main break repairs in the eastbound direction. two lanes are blocked heading this way between 22nd and north 30th streets. this is an extension of an earlier project. we sent the chopper overhead. it looked clear. right now only one lane is open eastbound and crews now have hopes to have this all fixed by 9:00 tonight with the tomorrow. and in case you're joining us, out of haines city, in polk county, u.s. 27, this traffic alert along northbound 27 at county road 546. all those lanes are blocked northbound with the work around, around 10th street. >>dave: 58 degrees out at tampa international this morning. i believe it's like one degree warmer than yesterday at this time but i'm telling you, with the dew points in the lower 50s,
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crystal river, 48 lakeland as well as brandon, these temperatures are going to warm up very quickly with the sun less than an hour now from coming up. i think we get back to the upper 70s, maybe one or two spots touch 80 degrees later this afternoon. >>laura: thank you. tampa police are trying to find out who fired 15 shots in a home hitting a toddler in the leg. it happened in the public housing community. police say that the bullet went right through the girl's thigh. she's only 21 months old. she will be okay, they say. police believe her father was the intended target. >>laura: a hillsborough county firefighter is a wanted man. 33-year-old clinton walker is a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang. this is a mug shot from a past arrest. police in key west say there's surveillance video of him repeatedly punching a man in the face during a barroom brawl and easemented now for battery.
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the woman who said she was robbed. she's arrested on charges of a false police report. she said she was walking when two men approached her and stole her jewelry. it's not clear what tipped police off it was a lie. >>russell: it's 6:04 right now and new this morning, crews unearth a world war ii era bomb at a construction site near the florida state university campus. they called in an air force the explosion could be heard for several miles and felt for several city blocks. authorities don't know how it got there but tallahassee had ab airfield during world war ii used for testing. >>laura: today governor scott is heading to new york city to meet with president ee lent donald trump. >>russell: the president is going to offer his help in reinventing the federal government. trump gave his endorsement in march.
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that raised $20 million for tv ads. while the trip could fuel speculation about scott joining the trump administration, he repeatedly said he wants to remain governor. besides that, the governor is also considering running against senator bill nelson in 2018. >>laura: nikki hail ey supported marco rubio during the primaries and called trump president. she ended up backing trump closer to election day. >>russell: the president elect is rejecting reports there's turmoil and in fighting among members of his transition team. he responded with this tweet saying things are going smoothly. times had reportedly that the team was in disarray after the abrupt firing of chris christie and those close to him. >>laura: and reflecting on her defeat. has night hillary clinton spoke
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the annual gala for the children's defense fund. she admitted that losing has been tough. >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just curl up with a good book or the dogs and never leave the house again. but if >>laura: she encouraged her personal supporters to never give up. democrats are struggling to rebuild after losing to congress and the white house. president obama expects to be part of the process in january when he leaves office. it's not clear what role, if any, hillary clinton is going to play. >>russell: mike evans is trying to get back to football after his decision to sit during the national anthem. he admitted his protest to
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appreciation day was poorly timed. >> some people were saluting me and some showed a lot of evil and hate. it's what i expected. that's the problem. you know, that i had. i can't change it. but i apologize to the military. i know that it hit home for a lot of people. >>russell: evans responded to reports that he did not vote in the election. he said he tried but found out he's still registered in texas he'll stand with his teammates on sunday and plans to reach out to different organizations to support minorities. >>laura: parents are confused and upset. home buyers are putting plans on hold. a controversial rezoning plan is impacting a lot of families in pasco county. >>russell: the plan would shift school boundaries and ultimately force a lot of students into different schools. alcides segui is live at gulf high school in new port richey. the district has a ton of
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>>reporter: that's right and that boundary committee will discuss some of that feedback from their parents. this morning at 8:00 a.m., they're also going to discuss what the game plan will be moving forward. it's all going to happen here at 8:00 this morning at gulf high school in new port richey. a lot of parents are upset and rightfully so. for them, you know, they say they moved to a certain area based on the school. if it was their children to attend that school. as it stands right now, it's all in the air. they could be bussed to a b, possibly even a c school. parents packed a school board meeting and they're asking officials to rethink a proposed plan but the school district says it needs to redraw the boundaries because the schools are overcrowded. it's having a negative effect on student safety as well as learning conditions. the superintendent browning says that new home construction is on the rise and student enrollment
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and there's not enough money. right now they can't build a new school. a lot of folks spent a lot of money purchasing a home based on the school in their neighborhood. now all of that is up in the air. this morning the boundary committee will meet at 8:00 a.m. right here at gulf high school. they have five proposed boundary plans. they have to agree to one. that plan will be proposed to the superintendent. if he agrees, it wil be proposed to the school board. they'll vote on it. if all goes well, they'll have a public meeting december and january where the public can obviously give comments on that. we'll have a lot more in store in the 8:00 hour of "good day." hopefully, fingers crossed, we'll get a better idea of what the plans will be and we'll speak with the public information officer from the superintendent coming up at 8:00. >>laura: thank you. >>russell: 6:09 right now and big cat rescue assisting with
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in animal history. they're taking on the unprecedented challenge of rescuing 110 big cats and bears from a failed facility in colorado. big cat rescue has agreed to take in five tigers and give them permanent homes. they're expected to arrive at 6:30 this morning and shayla reaves is headed there right now and we hope to see the cats coming up at 6:30. sanctuary is already home to more than 80 other big cats. >>laura: at 6:20, a video every >>russell: a mother turns her back for an instant. someone else is watching out for her baby. and like father, like son. multi generational music lovers have come together to create a wonderful workshop, a place to share their extraordinary talents. >>dave: time now is 6:10 and a great start to the day. sun will be up later this hour with clear skies. temperatures in tampa in the upper 50s so grab the jackets
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like christmas? >> four, three, two, one -- light them up! >> merry christmas, everybody. >>laura: we know. thanksgiving is still a week away, but it's already christmas in ybor city. mayor buckhorn helped flip the switch on for the tree. santa was there, too, along with a little hot chocolate. despite the fact service 70 degrees outs a little snow. >>russell: magical that they can do that. >>dave: it is. >>russell: it is cooler, though. it's feeling more like it, you know. >>dave: and wait until sunday and monday as we get some of the coolest air we've had so far this season. nothing like that but i'm looking at skytower radar and it's snowing out west. that cold front eventually moves through here on saturday, knocks
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this morning, very similar to yesterday. i have west chase, new tampa, spots at 53 degrees. tampa at 58. brandon at 48. that's not the only spot in the 40s. i have brooksville, crystal river, inverness, dade city, bushnell, all in the 40s again this morning. mid 50s from bradenton southward down through venice and englewood. 52 in myakka city and mid to up polk county. so yeah, it's chilly this morning. sun will be up in -- i don't know -- 40, 45 minutes, a little less than that. and it's going to warm up very, very quickly, too. when you've got drier air like this, dew points in the 40s and lower 50s, it just feels comfy outside. one thing we need is rainfall and unfortunately, i can tell you it's one thing we're not going to get. not even with the next front coming through. it's just going to stay dry and
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weekend and that's not good news for the mountains of the carolinas and georgia, dealing with those wildfires right now. we've been talking yesterday about this disturbance over here in the southwest caribbean and still not much this morning, although the chances are up to about 80% in the next five days. that something could materialize down here and then, you know, pick a computer model there. it's all just meandering around for several and we have people who like myself have it about the tropics, you can always go to and check on it there. sensational today, tonight clear, seasonable, shots stay above 60 degrees so 61 or so. more sunshine and warmth to finish off tomorrow with a high around 81 degrees. a light chop boating in the coast ool waters. that looks great with the
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second half of the weekend, big cooldown. 80 on sunday -- saturday to 50 degrees on monday morning. >>vanessa: make it feel more like thanksgiving. thanks, dave. 6:17. and we're pretty clear on the roadways right now. a look live on i-4. this is the buchman camera. good news is we're looking like we're up to speed along i-4 eastbound and westbound you can see nice and green. as you make your way towards that buchman exit, where we were checking out the camera, 70 miles per hour so no slowdowns whatsoever. great conditions continue all the way to the interchange in downtown tampa. enjoy. >>walter: thanks. and a couple of guys in our backyard have a lot more in common than meets the eye. one of those is talon that makes
6:18 am
ordinaries. ? i heard myself today? >> we're just two guys that want to welcome the community to love on them and be able to help them, encourage them. ? >> we've set up our shop in a way to where we can invite them into the kitchen. >> they run a store that just opened and their reputation carries a tune of its own. >> guys who need their guitars, use them as tools, we know that. come in. let us change your tires and get you back on the road. that type of thing. >> david has been around music as long as he can remember.
6:19 am
everything from michael mcdonald, bto. most of the guys now, i think, are all retired, having a luxurious live. >>walter: david is considered retired, too. after years at taylor guitars where he came up with his own patents that changed the music world, he decided to move here to the bay area. >> i always told joel, if he ever moved to florida, i would consider opening a store or something that would the opportunity to use his skill and talent. >>walter: talent that he says joel has more of. ? >>walter: joel was in a very suc successful band himself, worked at taylor guitars with david. >> i wanted to be in a rock band, you know, kind of wanted to follow my dad's footsteps.
6:20 am
>> everything that my dad told me not to do, i pretty much did. >> when you get that point in life where your kids step in and start picking up the other end of the board, there's nothing more rewarding than that as a parent. >>walter: years of experience, knowledge and skill, new to st. pete that david and joel believe will be music to customers' ears. >> we think a like. we're a family. i work on guitars. i build guitars. i design things. my son loves doing the same thing, my middle son. so man, to be able to just share those things is great. >> it was something that i could do and i would want to do. it's rewarding, it's fun, you know, to be able to do what you love. a lot of people don't get to do that. >> if you hold something of value that you can give them
6:21 am
something, you know, that's worth not being retired for. ? >>walter: if you're interested, the store is located off 54th street north. if you think of someone who is an extraordinary ordinary, shoot me a message on my facebook page. >>russell: very nice. very centering on a thursday morning. thank you, walter. a local animal sanctuary is assisting with the largest rescue effort of big cats in u.s. history. >>laura: at 6:30, we'll watch the tigers as they step into their new home. and then dramatic video shows the very moment a 9-year-old boy saved his baby brother from a terrible fall.
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it's time to see >>laura: welcome back. 6:24. time to see what's clicking on the web. >>jennifer: good morning. we only have one video but it's one you will not forget f. you're a parent or planning to be one, stop what you're doing. you'll want to see that. a florida mother is share ag shocking video to warn about the dangers of leaving a toddler unattended. taylor places her she turns her back for just a moment dealing with her four other kids when the baby goes over the side. your heart stops. well, luckily, that boy there is his 9-year-old brother who races in. he catches him. i mean, a split second or two later and that would have been terrible. she could not stop thinking about what could have happened.
6:26 am
to keep other parents from making the same mistake. i know it's tough to see. >> just getting everyone ready for bed. i was home alone with the five kids and at first i said, i messed up. i did something wrong. but really, it was just a miracle. i must have done something right to be deserving of this little guy running in at the right time and catching him in the right moment. >>jennifer: if you watch the video again, you can see the the way his brother joseph swoops in and actually helps soften the blow, it prevents his head from hitting the wood floor. and what is sweet about this is the mother rushing to both children, hugging them close to her. according to the cdc, falls are the leading cause of injuries for all children. every day an estimated 8,000 children are tweeted in the u.s. emergency rooms from fall related injuries. that adds up to almost 2.8 million children each year and
6:27 am
this one can be prevented. >>laura: and i was reading some articles last night, that boy said that he felt something push him forward. >>russell: really? >>laura: you know, like a -- i don't know. i don't know. it was divine intervention in a lot of ways, i think. >>russell: and good for that man for sharing. you have to admire her. that's great. that's great. okay. thaup, jen. >>laura: still ahead on "good day," we're holiday rush. what you should keep in your front pocket to protect yurp cash. >>russell: it's called the biggest big cat rescue in history. shayla reaves is in citrus park waiting for new arrivals. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you, russell and laura. after 30 hours on the road, we found out that the tigers have finally arrived and at sunrise, some are going to get a new look at their home here at the big
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good morning.. it's thursday.. november 17th.. i'm russell rhodes.. i'm laura moody.. roim it's thursday, november 17. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and it's chilly but starts off beautifully. dave will >>dave: it's beautiful and that's the thing. you have 40's and 50s outside. temperatures are very, very similar to where you left them yesterday, but we also have this and we have the clear skies and the beautifulness of our november weather around here. as you're getting kids ready for the bus stop, get that light jacket out. but they're not going to need it this afternoon because, you know, we're starting at 58 degrees in tampa but we'll go back to 79 for later today.
6:32 am
inland. we are expecting a significant schooldown for the second half of the weekend. i do want to touch on that in a little bit. vanessa? >>vanessa: see you in a couple of minutes. thank you. on the roads, our majors are looking clear. we'll start off with a live look here along 275 near gandy in pinellas county. you'll probably be spending about 17 minutes or so coming from this point, travelling along 275 all the way up to i-4. we want to remind drivers still northbound in haines city. u.s. 27, a crash reported at county road 546. please continue to use 10th street as the work around. >>laura: thank you. it's an unprecedented challenge and the biggest big cat rescue in history and tampa bay is part of it. a local rescue is getting five new residents and they are tigers and they are beautiful. shayla reaves is live for us in
6:33 am
laura and russell. we're all desperately waiting for daylight because i'm sure the new giuests here can smell us, probably know we're here and susan will tell us about their journey. susan is a spokesperson here for big cat rescue. they've been on the road for about 30 hours. two of them didn't want to stay on. you offloaded them last night. >> right. it's a long trip in they got her last night and two of the boy tigers decided they had had enough so we did go ahead and make the decision to offload them and put them in their new enclosures. we don't want to stress them out. these three seem to be fine and chilling. we can't heard any roaring and they'll be taken to their new permanent homes as soon as it gets a little lighter. >>reporter: and you're one of multiple accredited sanctuaries around the country that are participating in what's been
6:34 am
75 tigers among the animals being rescued. to get five here, it's a pretty big deal. >> exactly. we're very happy to participate and it's interesting. it's sad these cats didn't need to find a new home. we're hoping that eventually we can get a law passed so there aren't going to be cats that continue to need rescuing but they did go to sanctuaries from minnesota to north carolina to florida to texas. >>reporter: and cats are just among the 110 animals rescued from what's been described as a failed facility in colorado. as far as their new home, what about here are they going to get to experience that they weren't getting to experience at their old home? >> we shifted a lot of cats around knowing the kalts were coming and they're going to have large enclosures, spacious dens.
6:35 am
the two girl tigers will be spayed in the next few days and they're coming just in time for the turkeys for thanksgiving so we think they're going to be settling in well just this week. >>reporter: thank you for your time and we enjoy looking forward to seeing your new guests. they'll be offloading the tigers here hopefully in the next half hour or so, we'll be in the daylight part of the morning. we'll be here, i'll be on facebook live as well once that gets underwa the whole process unfold as they survey the new home. >>laura: turkey as in food or -- >>russell: bones and all. >>laura: 6:35. still happening, crews are breaking ground on a new residential community on the former biltmore hotel. it was once the world's largest wooden structure and beautiful but the majority of it was torn down last year.
6:36 am
buildings will go up in its place. ground breaking ceremony this morning at 9:30. 35 rooms will be renovated to become a boutique and that's expected to be in the spring of 2018. >>russell: i don't know about you but for me, it came out of nowhere this year. christmas shopping season is this year. malls will be busy places in the coming weeks so it's important to be safe while doing your shopping. hillsborough county sheriff's office is with us feeling well. chad, i know you're watching. you'd better be. get well. thanks for coming in. >> good morning. >>russell: the best advice you can give this time of year, i'll let you say it. >> be aware and be alert of your surroundings. those are two things we want to stress for the holiday season. >>russell: we have tips and advice. we'll put them on the screen. some of them we do every year and some are obvious and some we may forget.
6:37 am
>> don't be the person that parks all the way out as far away from the building as possible. >>russell: you don't want to get your car scratched. >> right. and also you want other people kind of mingling around your car to be extra eyes and ears, keep an eye out for those folks trying your door handle and maybe take your packages you have stored inside. park close to the building if possible. >>russell: i'm one of those that checks two or three times about locking my car, but i kno they? >> we do. we encounter a lot of burglaries where we find the car was left unlocked. if you have to hit the remote a couple of times to make sure it's locked or in your case, check the door handle a few times, that's a good idea. >>russell: walk among crowds. >> stay together with the group. shop with family members. a lot of people at work will put together a little shopping group. stay together with other people.
6:38 am
have a lot of packages or if somebody needs to hang out on the bench and watch the gifts while others go shop, it's just extra eyes and ears during the holiday season. when the criminals are definitely looking for folks to take advantage of. >>russell: on the same note, if you're shopping at night, shop with somebody, right? >> shob with somebody. make sure you're in a well lit area. if you're in the day and you know you're going to be there late in the night, the streetlights or parking lights and that's always a great idea. >>russell: if you have to go back to your car, put your purchases in the trunk. out of sight, out of mind. disrespect >> if you have an suv, take a blanket and cover the items in the suv or if possible, put it in the trunk so you don't have the criminal walking through, looking for packages just left on the front seat for them to take. >>russell: and there are also ways to conduct yourself that i
6:39 am
for ladies, let's explain how the best way to carry a purse. >> so the best way to carry a purse is in the front. if at all possible, don't take a purse or a handbag. for the holiday season, all you rally need is your i.d. and credit card or whatever form of payment but if you take a handbag, strap it to the front so it's not behind you or easily accessible. make sure it's zipper closed or snapped closed. >>russell: this i necessarily think about and it's geared toward men is carrying the wallet in the front pocket. >> a lot of people will try to take something out of your back pocket so if you can, put your wallet in the front pocket or like i mentioned before, put just your i.d. and your credit card in the front pocket and leave your wallet locked in the trunk of the car. >>russell: and don't carry a large amount of cash if you don't have to. this is really important what you all are doing, so chad and i
6:40 am
some of that video. you guys are out in force this time of year, aren't you? >> sure. we have a very robust presence in the holidays, all the way through new year's with the aviation units, volunteers, reserve deputies, foot patrol, all the above is our motto for the holiday season. just to add that extra element of protection for those holiday shoppers who probably get caught up in the excitement and the cheer of the want to make sure we're there to keep the criminal element away. >>russell: we have to run but also, thank you for coming in for chad today and also, undercover deputies as well, they may not be wearing the uniforms but they're there watching. >> exactly. a hidden presence, if you will. >>russell: we have to run. thanks. take care, man. >>laura: she may not be breaking the glass ceiling but she's breaking the galactic one.
6:41 am
space this morning. >>russell: and an update on steven stamkos. we may not be seeing him again for awhile. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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now .,., >>dave: happening right now, we have tigers. big cat rescue assisting with the largest rescue of big cats in u.s. history. animal sanctuaries around the country working togethr to take on the unprecedented challenge of rescuing 110 big cats and bears fro colorado. big cat rescue has agreed to take in five tigers and give them permanent homes. sanctuary already is home to more than 80 other big cats. wonderful. beautiful. they are so gorgeous, just gorgeous, gorgeous creatures. tampa net cam showing us another stunning start to the day.
6:45 am
it's 58 degrees outside. east-northeast wind at three. but it's every bit as pretty and as dry and gorgeous as yesterday. we're 54 overlooking bayshore. brookdale, bayshore camera, there's downtown tampa way in the background there and the lakeland net camera. lakeland, 48 degrees this morning. this is one of those days like yesterday, right now you're at 48. check back in at 9:00 and you'll be well in the warm up once again today with the drier air in place. light winds and beautiful sunshine. it's 41 at crystal river. 43 in brooksville. 49 in wesley chapel, 46 in brandon. look at the temperatures dipping back in the 40s again, especially away from the immediate coastline. 59 in st. petersburg and 53 for you in bradenton. forecast high temperatures today back to the upper 70s.
6:46 am
81 degrees and then after a decent night tonight, we're going up there again. 81 in brandon. so we're going to go right back to seasonable levels each afternoon until sunday and that's when the changes are going to take place. we have a big front back to the northwest. we can finally say winter has made its way into the lower 48 because it is snowing in the here, but we're going to have very comfortable temperatures out ahead of the front and then beginning on saturday, late in the day on saturday, the front is going to come through. unfortunately, not only for us but for all of the southeast. very little rain with this front. once it squeezes through, you'll se a big drop in temperatures come saturday night and sunday's high temperatures are going to be in the 60s and i still think
6:47 am
monday morning and monday morning you're likely to see many areas in the 40s with tampa itself at around 50 degrees. so a pretty significant cold front. we're not going to get any rain with it, but we are going to knock temperatures down quite a bit for the second half of the weekend. not today. that's sunday. 79 for a high temperature this afternoon. minutes away from a beautiful sunrise which is going to be at 6:54. tonight 61 skies and seasonable weather overall and finish off the week with sunshine and warmth and tomorrow's high around 81 degrees. it's -- has it not been picture perfect for boating? 71 degrees the water temperature. northeast winds around 10 knots with a light chop expected. low tide is next. that's at 10:16 this morning. around 5:30 for a high tide this afternoon and there's the next seven days. a couple of 80s but then sunday's high of 69 degrees.
6:48 am
it will be warm or seasonable for thanksgiving. >>vanessa: and on the roads, not too much to complain about. we have a handful of crashes but f.h.p. says none of them are causing lane blocks and we want to check in on some toll roads. we'll start off with the selmon expressway. 14 minutes eastbound or westbound. no delays whatsoever. same is the case for the veterans expressway. still running about 60 miles an hour in the southbound direction all the way to memorial length of the vets top to bottom or bottom to top. polk drivers, 23 minutes, 24 minutes, eastbound-westbound between the two i-4 areas so 61 looks like is the average speed in the eastbound direction approaching 92. enjoy. >>jennifer: 6:48 and today an american astronaut makes history. peggy woodson is about to become
6:49 am
she'll sell bralt her 57th birthday in february on the international space station. barbara morgan was 55 when she flew in 2007. it's a far cry from john glenn at 77. by the time she returns home, she'll beat the record in space, 554. now we know just how bad. lighin stamkos will be sidelined indefinitely. he has a lateral miniscus tear in the right knee. metropolitan ministries holiday tent opens this morning. families who qualify and signed up for food assistance can start getting their meals at 9:30. this year volunteers expect to
6:50 am
the bay area. they're still taking donations. stick around. charley is up next. >> are you ready to leave your job to follow what you really want to do? >> leaving that stability of a full time job and the insurance and the 401k -- >> anything can happen. >> learn how to turn the risk to reward from regular people just like you who made it happen. i'm consumer reporter. want to be boss?
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl,
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one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
6:53 am
>>russell: you know what time it is. >>laura: time to get to charley. look at you in your purple. >>charley: yes. today was the day, right? >>laura: it was the day. >>charley: was it today? tomorrow? >>laura: it's today. >>charley: good.
6:54 am
to find this interesting. we talked this week with vanessa but let's talk about gift cards. for the person on the finance website wallet hub, they have great information this time of year, and they went through and did a lot of research to figure out who is offering the best black friday deals. and i know black friday is kind of a thing of the past, but there are still plenty of retailers offering black friday sales. they went through and listed the top 10. what shocks me, out of the top five, i had never heard >>russell: now you have to read them. >>charley: i will. and i just -- i'm interested to see if you guys heard of the retailers. number one, who do you think has -- and i'm telling you this. it will all surprise you. >>russell: are these actual brick and mortar stores? >>charley: yes. brick and mortar stores that offer the best black friday
6:55 am
>>charley: no. i threw you off on that. sorry. number one, macy's. macy's is offering, according to wallet hub, offering the best black friday discounts at a 63.35% discount rating. number two, have you ever heard of stage stores? >>laura: stage? >>charley: stage. >>russell: no. >>charley: never heard of either. apparently they've got 855 stores in 40 states. sometimes they operate under the name palace royal, goody's. >>russell: goody's i know. >>charley: and bells but not related to the bells in florida. different bells. that was number two. i was surprised. number three, j.c. penney. makes sense. number four, harbor freight.
6:56 am
>>laura: yes. >>charley: harbor freight tools. they've got 700 retail stores in 47 states. >>laura: it's like a home depot. >>charley: and then finally, gordman's. they're number five best black friday deals. they're out of the midwest. they have 99 locations in 22 states. so there you go. you might have to do a one tank trip to get the black friday deals. i've got a great little business to take you to the wild rover. make your own beer, move from odessa here so they can get -- brew even more because demand was such. they have a full sized kitchen now and three different gathering spaces that create one fun place to gather. wild rover. english pub, restaurants, great place to spend a "good day." >>russell: nice. we'll see you later. scammers are using your 10 digit
6:57 am
the homework corner this morning talking about high schoolers, trying to get them help, trying to get you help. how to balance a busy social life with the intense homework load. >>russell: if i disappear for a time, look for me in brandon. a man is just giving away cash. his reason why is coming up at 7:00. >>dave: just popped up. really did just over the horizon. look at the beautiful sunrise. take a second and enjoy that. county. 52 in clearwater. equally as beautiful. high temperatures the next several days, 79 today, 81 tomorrow. 80 on saturday. and look at the upper 60s for highs for the second half of the
6:58 am
twenty four meals under four dollars! just like in 1934! four dollars was a lot in those days. that can't be right. no, i was there! back then, you not only got to choose from 24 meals under four dollars, you also got a shave, a shoeshine and a new suit. used to be called "steak 'n shake 'n shave 'n shoeshine 'n suit."
6:59 am
'til it broke. is that a steak 'n shake suit? walter, does this look like a steak 'n shake suit? get 24 meals for under four dollars.
7:00 am
((russell- a boundary battle. a >>russell: boundary battle. a debate over which schoolchildren should attend. it may not be the one closest to home. plus -- >> who is going to get some key posts in the administration? i'm in washington. we'll have more on the hiring process coming up. >>laura: and holiday shopping habits. it may depend on what year you were born. find out which generation will accumulate the most debt this december. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. thank you for being here. first the forecast from dave. good morning. >>dave: good morning. it's grab a jacket again.


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