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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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((russell- a boundary battle. a >>russell: boundary battle. a debate over which schoolchildren should attend. it may not be the one closest to home. plus -- >> who is going to get some key posts in the administration? i'm in washington. we'll have more on the hiring process coming up. >>laura: and holiday shopping habits. it may depend on what year you were born. find out which generation will accumulate the most debt this december. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. thank you for being here. first the forecast from dave. good morning. >>dave: good morning. it's grab a jacket again.
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hours because then we're going to warm up very quickly thanks to that drier air that's sitting in place so the dew point may be 52. air temperature is 58. east-northeast winds at three miles per hour. look at the 40s. brooksville at 40 degrees. crystal river, 43. brandon 48. lakeland 48. bartow 48 and mild temperatures today should bring us back up close to 80 later this afternoon. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks. and we're still dealing with a handful of crashes. most of them are not going to be blocking any lanes. this is impactful one we're dealing with and it's continuing from the last hour. haines city, u.s. 27, crashes reported at county road 546. northbound lanes are going to be blocked and we're hearing all the northbound traffic is going to be passing by in the left-turn lane. it will be slower than normal for that area. if you can avoid, please do so. take 10th street which is going to be off to the east. we want to update this for you. this san earlier water main break that sky fox cleared
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city of tampa says this is back here, eastbound lanes, two blocked between 22nd and 30th streets with the expected clearing in and out extended for friday, 5:00 in the afternoon. >>russell: thanks. it's 7:02. we're learning more right now about a deadly deputy involved accident on i-275. just minutes ago, florida highway patrol released new information about it. here's what we can tell you. 38-year-old joel shuber lost contro motorcycle on southbound i-275 overnight. his bike hit a barrier wall, threw him off the bike and into oncoming traffic. a pinellas county deputy travelling northbound did not have time to get out of the way and ran over him. he died. the deputy is okay. interstate is closed for several hours while authorities investigated that accident.
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parents. a committee is expected to meet to narrow down five plans to one. >>laura: and they call for students to change schools because of overcrowding. fox 13 alcides segui is in pasco county right now. and this is a big deal. some students who live five minutes from the school may now have to be bussed five miles from the school. >>reporter: yeah. they may live a couple of blocks from the school. they've been going to the school for a number of years and all of a sudden, under the they may be going somewhere else. we'll have to wait and see. a board committee will meet this morning in an hour right here at gulf high school. that board committee will discuss parent feedback and discuss future plans. on tuesday, though, parents met with school board officials and i can tell you, they were very upset about this plan because again, as we just discussed, laura, some of the kids have been attending the same school for a number of years now and under the new plan, they may be bussed to a different school and that school may not be an a
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even a c school so they're asking officials to rethink this proposed plan. the school district says it needs to redraw the boundaries because some schools are overcrowded and it's having a negative effect on student safety and learning conditions. the superintendent says new home construction is on the rise and student enrollment is exceeding classroom capacity and there's just simply not enough money as of right now to build a new school. so again, this boundary morning, 8:00 a.m. as it stands right now, i believe they have five plans on the table. they'll come to an agreement to one of them. they'll give it to the superintendent. the superintendent will give it to the school board members and then they'll vote on one plan. the goal is to have that plan in place or at least the goal is to have that plan to show the public sometime in december and january. they'll have two public meetings
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but it will begin this morning at 8:00. coming up in another hour or so, we'll speak with a spokesperson of the school district to get a better layout of what's in store this morning. i believe they're going to vote or at least get a good idea of what that one plan will be and the superintendent, again, will show that plan to the school board. a lot in place. we'll have a better idea in the 8:00 hour. >>laura: and a lot has to happen before the final decision is made, back to you. it turns out the report of a robbery at usf in tampa was a lie. tampa police are charging a woman with a false police report. she lied about two men stealing her jewelry while she was walking. as you would expect, the report made a lot of other students nervous, too. hillsborough county firefighter is in hot water this morning. authorities are searching for 33-year-old clinton walker.
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him punching a man in the face during a barroom brawl. some mug shot from a previous arrest. we're told that walker is a member of the outlaw motorcycle gang. >>russell: there's a $3,000 reward for information that helps catch a bank robber. pictures from a surveillance camera show him robbing a chase bank on fletcher avenue yesterday. he gave the clerk a note claiming he had several weapons. we've not been told how much money he got away with. if you know who he is, call crime this is scary. 35 guns stolen from an auburndale home. detectives are asking for help in catching those crooks and they think the thieves were driving two different cars. one is a white lincoln town car with a beige top and the other is a white chevy malibu. crime stoppers are also taking tips in this case. 1-800-226-tips. >>laura: president elect donald trump is denying reports the
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meantime, hillary clinton made her first public appearance last night since her concession speech. doug reports from washington. >> the trump team has been talking about all the world leaders that the president elect has been speaking with over the past few days. but the hiring process for this incoming administration is getting all the focus. te comings and goings at trump tower in new york as anticipation builds, who will get the prime slots in administration? beyond a dinner outing this week, trump hasn't been seen but those around him say reports they are running behind are untrue and more announce manies -- announcements are coming. and the trump team seems to get backing on that point as vice president elect mike pence met with vice president joe biden in washington. >> we weren't ready on day one. i've never met one that's been
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confident on day one, everything will be in good hands and they'll be handled. >> pence is shunning any washington lobbyists. in the most recent speculation about trump's cabinet picks, cotton is about to be in the running for defense secretary. hillary clinton, meantime, made her first public remarks last night in washington speaking at a children's defense fund event. >> there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to cur good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> there are plenty of names we know of that the incoming trump administration may be considering for key posts, but remember, trump ran as an outsider so there may be some real surprises along the way. >>laura: three apartment buildings in new york no longer bear the name trump place. workers spent hours prying the three foot high gold letters off yesterday and pressure washing
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street address and it's good news for more than 600 residents who signed a petition to change the name. management says this will give the apartments a neutral identity. trump does not own any of those buildings. >>russell: rushing to cross the border. the high numbers of illegal immigrants entering the u.s. right now. >>laura: and be careful with your cell phone number. you may regret who you give it to. identity thieves can do a lot of damage with the digits. >>da: 40 degrees in brooksville and 62 in st. petersburg but in general, just bring your jackets. you'll need them for a couple of hours. a lot of dry air in place, beautiful sunshine, should easily get us to the upper 70s,
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? music ? welcome to disney springs.
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>>dave: granted, we have a couple of little smudges on the camera, but that's okay because look how pretty, look how beautiful it is this morning from the johns hopkins all children's hospital camera with
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and yes, it's cool this morning. many, many spots are in the 40s and the 50s including the beach. but we will warm up very quickly as we did yesterday and i'll show you some temps here. as you're getting ready to walk out the door at 7:12, 53 in palm harbor. 52 in west chase, brandon, second morning in a row you folks have dipped down in the upper 40s or it's even colder to the north. crystal river both at 43 degrees and dade city at 49. i'll tell you, by about 9:00, these numbers are going to be back up in the 60s. that's how fast it's going to warm up, that drier air in place. 55 to about 58 degrees from bradenton to sarasota to venice. myakka city at 52. here's a couple of upper 40s for friends in lakeland, bartow and further south, lower 50s in
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here's the reason it cools off this fast and warms up this fast. it's the dew points. 40s and lower 50s. all the drier air in place, sunshine stirs the atmosphere up, warms us up and it would not surprise me, some of these areas in the 40s if you don't touch 80 this afternoon. that's how fast it's going to warm up and yeah, sunshine is going to dominate weather for several days. big cold front moving through the rockies. that's going to come through late sat saturday night. that will set the stage for a much cooler second half of the weekend. i'm going to show that to you in a sec. sensational again today. 79 degrees for a high this afternoon. tonight clear, seasonable, you know, tampa might stay 60, 61 but east and north, you'll be in the lower 50s again. it wouldn't surprise me to see
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40s. jackets first thing tomorrow morning. high temperature around 81 degrees. boaters, northeast winds 10 knots, seas running two feet with a light chop. next tide is a low tide at 10:15 this morning. next seven days, you'll see no rain chances. this is not extreme. but it is going to be a big cooldown. high of 69 on sunday and then monday morning looks to be the coolest with a low of 50. but we afternoon on monday. vanessa? >>vanessa: looks glorious. thank you. on the roads, really looking pretty nice, too. and we have a live look for you in the north end of the howard frankland bridge which is normally the slowest part of the bridge heading into tampa this time of morning. good news is dealing with only moderate congestion across the water, taking just eight minutes to get from fourth street north to kennedy boulevard. shaping up to be not a bad drive, either, travelling 75 and
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i-4, only 14 minutes here. westbound i-4, that just updated. we're in the red for both stretches. now 21 minutes from buchman to 75 and you can see we ticked up on southbound 75. 15 minutes from bruce b downs to i-4. >>laura: this may be a wakeup call. your cell phone is not as private as you might think. >>russell: someone may use your number to steal your identity. now that. here is >> watch out, consumers. your cell phone isn't just a link to friends and family. scammers are finding ways to use your 10 digit phone number to get to private information. half of us have ditched land line for this little device. now business is using it as a way of identifying you. and where businesses go, scammers are soon to fall. >> think about all the different aspects of your life where your
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play. everything from surveys to product purchases to loyalty programs, all the different aspects of your life. normally when you're asked to give contact information, please tend to be more comfortable giving their cell phone than email address. >> here is what the scammers do. they may call yu and pretend to be the i.r.s. or the bank, looking to the more of your private information so they can steal from your accounts or take out credit in your name o try to fool the banks into thinking they're you and steal money that way. >> our cell phones are an extension of our arms, our lives, and they're not just communication devices. they're data storage devices and they're the ultimate gateway into our lives. >> bottom line, someone calls you claiming to be your bank or i.r.s. and wants identifying information like the security number on your credit card or social security number, don't
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worth the effort. >>russell: good news for parents. why the odds are pretty good that your young child is safe in a booster seat. >>laura: and the final reported in the thank you series. what do you have today, jen? >>jennifer: a local firefighter living out his dreams of saving lives but after three decades, lieutenant horton is ready for a break. even though he's ready for r & r, it's going goodbye to the job of his dreams. first, good morning to charley belcher. >>charley: good day to you. i'm at the wild rover. you have to go as far as the west chase neighborhood of tampa. three spaces come together as one gathering space. here is the public bar or the pub and then here, the sports bar.
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by there, the entire brewery where they make all their own beer here and also a full service kitchen.
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grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too.
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((laura- welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. >>laura: welcome back. the time is 7:22. police officer in minnesota may end up in prison. >>russell: he is face ag manslaughter charge. he told the officer he had a gun while following provide his insurance card and driver's license. they say there's no evidence that he did anything threatening. the officer shot castille seven times. his girlfriend put it all live on facebook. her 4-year-old child was in the back seat. >>laura: bill cosby has not been able to get a pennsylvania judge to throw out sexual assault charges against him. the why is refusing to accept two motions for dismissal but there's still the question of whether 13 of his accusers can testify at the trial. the judge will rule on that
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cosby is accused of indecent assault at his home in 2004. that woman is accusing him of drugging and molesting her. >>russell: border patrol agents are being sent to south texas for a two-month deployment. there's been a huge increase of illegal immigrants crossing the border and nearly 90% spike the past year, many women and children. some say the immigration policy of president elect trump is causing this and others blame it on violence from drug being sent back. >>laura: child safety, 48 out of 53 new booster seats got the highest safety rating. that's a big improvement from eight years ago when only a quarter of the new seats got the score. booster seats are made for children ages four to eight and they dramatically reduce the risk of injury during a crash. >>russell: the world's earliest known stone en description of
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auction yesterday for $850. experts think is may be 1600 years old. the two foot marble slab weighs about 120 pounds. inscription is in early hebrew script. they're under obligation to display it in a museum. >>laura: and duck dynasty is coming to an end. this is the last season of the series. it's been one of the biggest hits on reality television. it was a family decision to make the 11th season the first half now through january 18 and then resume march 1 with the finale april 12. they say there may be a few duck dynasty specials after that, but this is it for now. >>dave: it is 7:24 and i'm looking at these temperatures where you have 43 in crystal river. then if you're watching from st.
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this morning but for the most part, it's chilly. grab a jacket. won't immediate it -- need it all day today. we'll get 80, 81 degrees as we go further inland and the temperature trend keeps us pretty mild right through saturday. then the big drop in temperatures. notice saturday's high is 80 but then back to 69 degrees for a high on sunday. >>vanessa: thank you. and right now we want to check out 75 near fowler avenue. it's probably the slowest part of 75 least along your travels this morning. you can see stacking up, most of the lanes, really. left lane is moving better than the other ones. as we head south from pasco towards that lawn, you can see lots of green but once you hit the fowler avenue area, you have a lot of congestion until you hit south hillsborough county. looks clear past big bend into sun city center. >>laura: thank you. your age may say a lot about
7:26 am
with debt? >>russell: plus a big cat rescue. shayla reaves is there when the tigers came off the truck this morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. so far one of three tigers remaining on the trailers made their way off and we're waiting on gabrielle. she will be the next tiger to be removed from the trailer after that 30-hour trip roughly from colorado. we'll talk about gabrielle and four others straight ahead after
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl,
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one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. (laura- welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. >>laura: welcome back. the time right now is just about
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home this morning here in the bay area. >>russell: they were part of the largest big cat rescue in u.s. phistory. and shayla reaves was there when they were taken off the truck earlier this morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. so far, one of three tigers remaining on the trailer has been removed and we're waiting on the final two. it looks like gabrielle will be next and she, along with the others, they'll be going through some medical checks and making su t don't have any pressing needs, work done by some dedicated volunteers. i'm here with dr. justin borstein right now. tell me what you're looking for as gabrielle and others make their way to your headquarters. >> we quarantine them for a period of time just to make sure they don't have any diseases, send out any kind of tests that are needed, sedate any that have any pressing issues, especially
7:31 am
not eating, anything like that. i know two females were housed with males so they'll be spayed as soon as possible. >>reporter: you've had a busy last few hours. they spent about 30 hours on the road in their cages. that could get uncomfortable. tell me about the two guys last night. >> we had to unload two cats last night because they were kind of upset and they were in their cages and unfortunately, if they get upset and move around a lot, t their nose, do damage and we didn't want that so we got them out as soon as possible. >>reporter: you've been volunteering your time for many, many years. tell me quickly how long you were here. >> i've been here about 10 years, 10, 11 years now. i started as a keeper. then i went to vet school and came back as a veterinary. >>reporter: to see the tigers getting new space, new
7:32 am
make you feel as someone whose job it is to care for animals? >> i love to see them come into a better situation but the most important part is to conserve them in the wild. we don't want them in cages. there are a lot of things that we can do to take care of the species in the wild. >>reporter: thank you for your time. he's going to have a busy few hours. you're seeing gabrielle on your screen. she's likely the next tying to her make they are way out. there wi remaining. so hopefully we'll be able to show you their cages coming out a little bit later and we'll keep you posted as this process continues throughout the morning. back to you. >>russell: see you later. thank you. >>laura: your age may say a lot about your holiday spending habits. research on three generations shows that millennials consider themselves to be the most impulsive shoppers and also the most likely to use cash but
7:33 am
a budget. gen-xors spend more than $700. they're also twice as likely to be carrying debt from last year's holiday shopping. and the baby boomers are the generation most likely to use credit cards. and most likely to pay them back quickly. so there it is. we'll get over to jen right now with a look what she's up to. last of her saying thank you series. >>jennifer: we're wrapping up the series with a local man living out his dream of fighting fires and saving three decades of hard work, he's ready to trade in his fire truck for a tractor. lieutenant joe horton has a tough time imagining life without his friends. >> 30 years went by so fast, it's just amazing. >>jennifer: he's done more than five fires. he's shared three decades of laughter, meals and memories. >> that's one of my best memories with joe, sitting,
7:34 am
conversation with hip. >>jennifer: joe's fascination of fighting fires goes back to when he was six years old, chasing the local engine. >> i would back my bicycle into the garage like a fire truck and follow the fire truck as far as i could until i was exhausted and i would actually watch them on vehicle accidents and fires that were local by my home and that is when i decided i wanted to become a fireman. >>jennifer: he started volunteering in 1984 and got his first job with the city of largo three years became lieutenant horton. >> it's been a very rewarding career for me. >>jennifer: the accolades don't stop there. in 1998, joe was named firefighter of the year and he competed in the national firefighter combat challenge 10 years in a row, winning four national championships. but the awards and recognition have nothing to do with joe's love for his job. it's the camaraderie and the community that's kept him there. >> just being able to help
7:35 am
and my selflessness and seeing what people go through in their hurt times and stuff, if i can offer a hand, that's always what i wanted to do. >>jennifer: now that he's lived out his dream, he's ready to move on and opt to the mountains of tennessee for his cabin, his wife and his dogs. >> we're kayakers, hikers, and the mountains are beautiful. >>jennifer: great outdoors, lieutenant horton admits, it won't be easy to break a 30-year habit and hang up his uniform for good. >> waking up every day, putting my boots on and hanging that coat up, it's so surreal that i'm ready to retire but i'm not ready to leave my family here behind. >>jennifer: lieutenant horton just put his house up for sale and he hopes to move to his cabin in the mountains by the beginning of next year and he
7:36 am
up for the 2017 firefighter combat challenge. >>laura: talk about the dream, right? while we're on the subject of saying thank you, some people in brandon are thankful for the generosity of a stranger. todd sims was walking around yesterday just handing out money. usually $5 or $10, sometimes more. he recently came into some money and he wanted to share it with others. about $10,000 total. he gave away half yesterday. he plans to keep going until it's recipients spread the joy. >>russell: nice. some bipgest names in music are coming to tampa pay and you can see them for free. usher, eric paisley will headline the playoff play list live festival. it's a three-day music event the weekend before the college football national championship. cold war kids and gavin mcgraw are also performing.
7:37 am
ready for the party. >> the best part of all of this is we love being great hosts for the hundreds of thousands of visitors that will show up in tampa, florida for upwards of a week. >>russell: we're not going to know until early january which two teams will be playing at raymond james stadium. organizers expect guests to fill about 60,000 hotel rooms. the economic impact, listen to this, could be about million. >>dave: in sports, lightning will have to play without steven stamkos indefinitely. team company -- captain got hurt tuesday night in detroit. he was sent to florida for an examination. he chose to stay with the lightning instead of testing free agency over the summer.
7:38 am
two-time nhl scoring champion. john lynch is one of the finalists for the pro football hall of fame. he's been on the list before. maybe this time he gets enough votes foreign shrinement. he was the bucs third round draft pick in 1993 and spent 11 years here, went to nine pro bowls. he was here a few weeks ago for the induction into the team's ring of honor. now, here are a few notable names on the running backs tomlinson, davis, ward, owens, kurt warner, safety brian talk -- hawkins. list will be cut down to 15 in early january with only a handful being chosen on super bowl weekend. >>russell: any sure bets on that one?
7:39 am
>>russell: i think jimmie johnson. like i would know. tony dungy is encouraging people to consider adoption. he's teaming up with the florida department of children and families. department says more than 25,000 children need permanent homes in floor. dungy will appear in a public service announcement showing how much difference it makes in the life of a child. >> none of us have enough time, but you can make a difference and that's to get across to people. you can make such a difference in a young person's life. >>ussell: coach dungy and his wife have 10 children, the first three biological and the rest adopted. anyone interested in adopting a child from the state can find out more information at adopt >>laura: good to see him, isn't it? >>russell: always good. >>laura: a lot of middle and high schoolers have after school activities, sports, some have jobs and then add on to that an
7:40 am
>>russell: we're getting professional help, what parents can do to make things easier and the pros and the cons of something we all did, cramming. >>laura: and we have a live look outside. look how beautiful that is. crisp, dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back
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experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >>dave: 7:43 on a lovely, lovely, cool thursday morning. look how pretty this is, though. you're looking down kennedy, toward d?owntown. 58 degrees from the tampa net cam. east-northeast winds at around three miles per hour. the brookdale, bayshore camera set up like it was yesterday, too, about 52, 53 degrees. east winds at seven.
7:44 am
and with that north, maybe sometimes easterly component to the wind, no doubt we're going to warm up very, very quickly for today. temperatures missing in lakeland. it's gone. we don't know where it is. last check it was in the upper 40s over lakeland and i'm anticipating lakeland to warm up significantly today. charlotte, 37 degrees and then you get into a period of warming to the west. these are the type of morning lows we're going to get into i'm showing you this map because behind wichita, much, much colder air. first real big cold front is on its way. it's snowing in the rockies, finally. typically they're almost at ski season by now, but they're not even close. obviously as the front moves through later in the weekend, we're going to cool down as well. but the thing is, even as the front comes through, we are not
7:45 am
a drier air mass. that's going to be our separation as temperatures do fall between saturday and sunday. so i have to tell you, today looks, feels, acts like it did yesterday. you have that really cool start but then you're going to have that fast warmup to the point where somebody is touching 80 degrees for later today. we'll put about 79 for a high. beautiful, pleasant, enjoy it. then tonight we'll -- again, with the drier air in place, we'll probably go bac temperatures in the 50s east and north and then tomorrow, 81 for a high temperature. sunshine and the warmth and just in general, looking very, very nice. next seven days, here comes the big difference. second half of the weekend, 80 for a high saturday, 69 on sunday. so the weather is not going to be extreme. the temperatures, vanessa, but it's a noticeable difference. by next wednesday, we'll be right back up to normal again. >>vanessa: all right.
7:46 am
we want to touch on problem spots on the roadways and we're here checking out 275 northbound at fletcher. we have a crash that's newly reported here with a left lane taken up. if there's any good news here, it's in the direction opposite of where the heaviest traffic is so the delays are pretty minimal northbound direction of 275 is going to be affected at fletcher. we want to bring you to pasco county. state road 54 at old county road 54. we have reports that the intersection is blocked. that being said, not seeing any majo intersection. there's probably more of a modern to moderate nature. if you leave a couple of minutes early, i think you might be okay through this area. don't forget, we're still following this out of haines city. u.s. 27, this crash is at county road 546. northbound direction is affected, all those lanes are blocked. work around is going to be 10th street. right now we have delays back
7:47 am
street. >>laura: the transition from middle to high school can be difficult. really difficult. it's the last four years before college. good grades are crucial. we've got angela here, a guidance counselor at young middle magnet school and these here to talk about the transition, how you get the kids ready, what do you do once you get to high school because it is another level. >> it is another level and the transition is very difficult. when we get the students in middle school from fifth to sixth, we always have that now you have seven teachers instead of one. it's a little easier for the students going into high school just simply because they're used to having the seven teachers, they're used to having the four or five minutes going from class to class so the transition is a bit easier. however, they're not ready for the big social changes that students have to face. so joining clubs, their only activities that they're interested in, not necessarily what mom and dad have signed them up for after school, they
7:48 am
together and learning good time management skills, that's where students have the difficulty. >>laura: they're developing independence and you want to let them have that, but the homework load these days is really tough. you add the extracurriculars, add the sports, how do you find the balance? >> it's all time management. students have to learn good time management skills in order to be successful in high school because they have the choices to do things that they want to do. it's a social place. they can join over 30 students are involved in maybe one or two after school activities, whether it's sports or fbla club or anything like that so they really need to know about time management. where and when to study, how it fits in the day. if there's a test due on friday or they have to take on friday, when do i fit the study time in? they really need those time management and organizational skills. >>laura: and a good, hard look
7:49 am
either, right? >> exactly. you have students there with specific learning disabilities, students that are honors and overachievers and students who strive for perfection and then you have the students that want to coast by, take the classes seriously that they're interested in and the other ones, they're just happy to scrape by and make that c. so they really have to find that happy medium and with everything being so competitive, especially getting into state unive are competitive. they really have to learn themselves and where their passion lies so they can pursue those channels. so it's important for them to really seek out their counselor and most schools have a career counselor that can really put them on the path to find out what their passion is so they can set goals and work toward those goals accordingly. >>laura: you mention the performers, the ones where the academics seem to come easy and then they have the sports and
7:50 am
comes the pressure of the college entrance part, performing, doing the a.p. classes and a lot of that pressure is internalized. they put pressure on themselves. so how do you help your kids deal with that? >> it's important for them to have the outlet they need to be able to release that stress. even though academics can be really heavy in high school and they have that concern, parents need to be aware that the child also needs some down time. they need to be able to things, to have that social group where they're able to go out and have fun. once again, going back to time management, when do we fit that in? how can we make that profitable for us? >>laura: we have some tips here, specific ways to help them with time management. that's an abstract thing. in a perfect world, you get that right. it is tough to do, though. what are the tips that you suggest? you said write down some activities, right? >> i would definitely suggest they use a calendar, whether
7:51 am
electronic, set reminders for themselves, all of those are good things. be flexible. allow students to be flexible because things come up. even as adults, we know sometimes we have to move a doctor's appointment from a monday to the following week. students need to know that skill as well. they need to know that. >>laura: and it's tough, too. a lot of parents can't help their kids with homework, too. it's over think level. >> exactly, yes. when students start getting in the higher level math and sciences, pen it's important to seek out to your social group. peers tend to learn really well from each oether. start study groups, get phone numbers or web email addresses to your friends that are in your classes. that way you can reach out to them and go, look. i don't understand the homework from last night. let's talk it out. let's help each other. so that's often a good way to get that additional help on homework assignments students don't understand.
7:52 am
thanks for being with us this morning and i know it's tough so good luck to you, parents. charley belcher, we'll get to you right now. you're dealing with that. >>charley: yes, indeed. oh, yes, indeed. good stuff there, laura. i'm in west chase this morning in the linmar at wild rover. you can see they love the english premier league here. liverpool fans at the wild rover, there's some manchester united they love english football here but also you see college football on saturdays. music on fridays. not provided by me but somebody who can actually play music and good food, too. they have it all here. i'll tell you all about it. it's the little pub that could.
7:53 am
i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery.
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7:55 am
>>charley: i'm charley belcher coming to you from the west chase neighborhood today, from the wild rover. a great english pub that's also a full service restaurant. derrick wells, we're in the linmar commerce park just off racetrack road. >> behind dunkin' donuts. >>charley: there you go. good way to find it.
7:56 am
beer, and it took off so much and needed bigger space. >> it was obvious my son produced a good product and people were saying, where can we get your beer? where can we get your beer? we started planning and six months of being there, we thought where is the next venue going to be? this is where we are. >>charley: deceivingly big from the outside. you walk in and we'll take a full tour later. a gathering space. >> we loved the original pub where we had the one bar. we wanted to create that english pub atmosphere which is quiet, conversational atmosphere, but we also had people that wanted tv's, a sports bar. we deliberately planned it so we could have the best of both worlds. >>charley: also now a full kitchen so full menu and you're doing lunch and dinner every day. >> lunch and dinner every day.
7:57 am
used to have as part of the other pub but now we have a full kitchen inside here and serving lunches, serving dinner. >>charley: and you're starting to distribute the beer. >> we're now distributing in three counties around us plus we have another distributor that's taking care of the orlando area. so we're actually putting beer in orlando. >>charley: i love to see small businesses get bigger and bigger and see the local guy do well. take a walk on the wild side
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
((russell new this morning - the link between sleep.. and your new this morning a the ling between sleep and your heart and new app that could help detect problems with your heart. and a chocolate rush. there's so much demand for these little. the humane society started a preadoption process. remember those. >> from tampa bay's number one ne tampa bay. and no we didn't jump to front of the line. hey everybody welcome it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning we thank you for waking up with us thursday november 17th. and we need to get straight to vanessa this morning a garbage truck caught fire in middle of road. this is creating big mess, right? >> definitely, laura and russell westbound busch boulevard will be area of concern at 275. we have skyfox showing us this as we just told you. it does involve a garbage truck


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