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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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but trump could pursuade him to join his cabinet. at the very least, our governor may have sme say in who does get picked. he was an early and loyal supporter of trumps-- and led a group that raised 20-millin dollars to get him elected. if trump does ask him to serve as secretary of health-- it could be an appealing offer. scott's political because scott's political clear took off by attacking the affordable care act. have the opportunity to squeeze or undermine it from within. and notice how governor scott brought up healthcare just a few minutes ago in new york. >> i think he has specific goals to get done and he is going to surround himself with good people. i'm going to do everything i can to help him. it is all going to work out. we have to repeal obamacare. we have to get rid of the parts of government that don't work.
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about. he said he wants to remain governor, but also has to realize that as a lame duck governor he could butt heads with the legislature. yes, the legislature is run by his own party, but the current leadership in tallahassee has very different priorities than governor scott. he could have trouble moving an agenda and could be presented with an interesting opportunity as early as today or tonight by the president-elect. >> the other news we are hearing today trump is also meeting with mitt romney to talk about a possible cabinet post. what do you make of that? >> it is fascinating. if you look at the media reports coming out of washington, trump is considering romney for secretary of state, not giuliani who is jock kiing for the job. this shows us that donald trump is trying to reach out to his critics and show he has an open mind and has moved beyond the
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each other, romney did congratulate trump after the election and they are meeting this weekend. that has been confirmed by senator jeff sessions who is very close to donald trump. i think there may be a better chance than not, though, that this is an effort to reach out to -- for sources to indicate that a lot of people are being considered to show that trump hasn't keyed into exactly who he will pick. he said the picks will be named when he specifically names them. this day in berlin. he said that he hopes trump stands up to russia as president. he stresses that our nation has very significant differences with putin, but he also said that he will not advise people in the united states who are protesting trump's election to stay silent. he said it is very important for people to be involved, engaged and certainly to vote. that was his message today overseas. frustration and anger
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hundreds of students could be moved to different school and the district is a step closer to making that a reality. what happened today. >>reporter: a boundary committee met this morning and came up with what they think is the best way to redraw the district school zones. this is not set in stone, but parents are concerned about what is next for their children and kids' friends. one of them said to me, "we are being ripped apart." as a committee of parents and some mothers and fathers prayed their children won't be affected. >> my heart is breaking over this whole process. >>reporter: as this boundary committee settled on a decision, reality set in. >> i have two children that will be affected by it. >>reporter: superintendent browning and the school board want the district's boundaries redrawn. they say a home construction boom has led to overcrowding at mitchell high school and seven springs middle. today a committee from the southwest part of the county came up with a recommendation
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>> i don't think it was fair. they didn't look at the data correctly. >> i think it is pitting one side of the school to the other. >>reporter: the plan will shuffle hundreds of students around, removing 500 from each school. some families who wouldn't be impacted have mixed feelings. >> there is a relief, but i'm sad at the outcome. >>reporter: a lot of parents continue to >> what is the rush? >>reporter: district spokesperson says holding off is unlikely and admits another redraw will probably be needed in about five years. >> we don't like having to do it, but it is a reality so we can keep our schools balanced ou. >>reporter: the plan still needs final approval from the superintendent and school board. some say they'll fight this as long as they can. >> it is a roller coaster ride and i don't know where i'm at. do i feel safe today walking out of here? no.
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>>reporter: that roller coaster ride is going to continue because the superintendent is going to look at recommendations, possibly make adjustments and the school board will hold two public meetings. the first, december 20, the second january 27. during that meeting board members will make a final decision. tampa police are still looking for the driver in hit and run where he crashed into a bar and they have just released video of the crash. this was around 3:30 tuesday morning outside the bad monkey bar on seventh avenue. you see a group of guys get into a fight, pushing and shoving. then suddenly a black nissan j wum ps the curb and rams right into the group. one man was hit, pushed through the bar's front door. he wasn't seriously hurt, but there was $15,000 worth of damage to the car. the driver got out of the car and ran off. tampa police want to know who he is. there is a $3,000 reward.
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today off mlk and lockwood ridge road. there were 26 students on the bus at the time. the driver ran the red light which is why the suv plowed into it. the driver of the suv is okay and the child only has minor injuries. a man charged with aggravated child abuse in connection with the death of a toddler. manatee deputies say the 22 month old died after suffering abuse from the ethan thompson had seven broken rubs, a skull fracture and ruptured kidney. the boy's mother was not charged. a motorcyclist was killed overnight on i-275 in a crash involving a sheriff's deputy. troopers say the man lost control of his motorcycle on southbound 275. he hit a barrier wall throughing
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upcoming traffic the interstate was closed down for several hours while authorities investigated. deputies are looking for a man who burglarized a dozen unlocked cars and among things he stole, a 32 inch tv. it happened saturday and sunday mornings at the east lake woodlands town homes. the man also got away with a gps, sunglasses and loose change. they believe the b a crew cut and carrying a white pillowcase. there will be one less person on florida's death row. an inmate facing two death sentences appealed to the supreme court today and won. he probably won't be the last. >>reporter: the justices really had a lot of factors to weigh in their decision, but one that made a big difference was the inmate's mental handicap.
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phillips was handed a huge victory by the state supreme court. it ruled phillips' two death sentences should be set aside and he be given life in prison instead. phillips was convicted of killing two people during an armed robbery in 2009. the supreme court disagreed with the lower court which concluded the crime was premeditated. they also said the death penalty should be preserved for the most heinous crimes. this, the justices said, was the most was the fact that phillips was mentally handicapped. this spring the u.s. supreme rejected florida's rigid iq testing which determines if people should be protected from the death chamber if they are mentally handy cap. the high court said other factors must be looked at. >> his background, his history,
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other factors as opposed to just his iq score. >> which is what our supreme court did and concluded phillips will die in prison, but not by lethal injection. >> the jury voted 8-4 for death, which could have raised another appeal. the supreme court just ruled a jury must be unanimous to receive a death penalty so certainly he would have won that appeal. a u.s. army veteran in brooksville just got a well renovated, mortgage free home. the sergeant and his wife received the home on weeping willow street today thanks to operation home front and jp morgan chase. he says he and his wife have never had a home of their own and are thankful for the gift. >> it is breathtaking. it relieves a lot of stress and is just a wonderful opportunity and look forward to taking advantage of it.
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degree in sports medicine. operation home front has helped thousands of military families since 9/11. i just was afraid. like, can i do it? can i actually leave my job? >> our consumer reporter continues her wannabe series. up next, being your own boss. she talks to local residents who
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper. which is why i always show it to my wife. that's how i save at publix. hopping is a pleasure. (cynthia /3 shot) ever think about being your own
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ever think of being your own boss? ever? >> just briefly. it might be a little too hard. >> it sound like a dream, but it isn't that easy either. >> we have the stories of three local people who managed to leave their steady jobs to launch what they call their dream jobs. i want to hear it! yeah, last night we showed you some people who were doing everything at once, essentially. it is people who are doing their side gigs and making money wanted to show you how to turn the side gig into the only gig. >> you want to dj, you can. >> a dj who used to be a cop. >> dear ms. williams, i think you are my favorite geography teacher. >>reporter: a teacher turned salon owner. and an nicu nurse turned photographer. >> i was just afraid. like, can i do it? can i actually leave my job and this career that i have? it is something that i really
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dreams. i kept it to myself. >>reporter: brittany anderson took the leap after the birth of her son. >> what to do with an idea. >>reporter: was the idea crazy? >> leaving that stability of a full-time job and the insurance and the 401k. >>reporter: it is the same question shantel williams had to say. >> i saw there was a lack of stylists who could actually do my hair. it was really difficult. i was unsure. i was used to seeing my income come in every two weeks, but i knew my passion was something really important to me. i couldn't let it go. it was a rocky financial roller coaster. >>reporter: and others will tell you it takes serious planning to march to your own beat. >> we make sure our spending is not unreasonable. >>reporter: they all saved up ahead of time. >> you need to have enough money to sustain yourself for at least two years.
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you keep working your old job until the new is sustainable. >> everything has been hard. i think definitely just transitioning to being my own boss and being a mom at the same time. >> that was a crazy time for me because i was teaching, i was doing my masters and i had just gotten married. i had my son. >>reporter: now shantel is going to add educational hair care seminars to the services at classic hair therapy. brittany at lease photography is go store front. and hayden sensation is booking up his weekends as a professional dj. they all say they couldn't have done it alone. >> one, two, three. if you are married, if you have a spouse or if you aren't married and have a best friend, a good solid support system -- >>reporter: financially, emotionally, both? >> everything. love you guys. >> how do they do it all?
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said was they needed the support from everyone around them. you hear a lot of stats about small businesses and how long they take to turn a profit, but it can take two to ten years for businesses to start putting money in the owner's pocket. it is unique for everyone but you have to keep that in mind and keep the commitment. when things stagnate and hit the bumps in the road, keep going. >> two years is one thing. ten years? that is. >> ten years you have to go back to the moonlighting thing and do both at once. what do you have for us tomorrow? >> we like to talk about working from home and achieving those dreams. tomorrow we are talking about if you want to be a blogger and how to actually monetize that. so if you have something to say, that is one thing. but getting free products and a paycheck, that is another thing. >> i have always been curious
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no, i'm kidding. >> well, the metro poll tan ministry holiday tent is officially open. today was the first day for thanksgiving food to be distributed. anyone who needs food and has previously qualified for food assistance from metropolitan ministries can get help. they expect to serve 18,000 families this year. the food will be given out until wednesday at 9:05 on north governor street in tampa. if you need assistance y still sign up at several locations including the metropolitan ministry's out center on governor street. the forecast is looking good. >> we have 40s on the seven-day and 40s in many spots monday morning. coldest of the season. it may not rain again between now and december.
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teach in. today was in hillsboro. i was at coleman middle school in south tampa and spoke to two classes. i had a great time. i tell you, it is the sixth graders and the perfect age for me because i kind of relate to sixth graders, if you know what i'm trying to say. >> we have no idea what you are talking about. >> the thing is you are nodding in agreement. it is what it is. talked about fronts, talked about hurricanes, tornados, career goals and really a nice time. great kids. coleman middle school in south tampa. we talked about climate and we talked about this. look at this right now in colorado. this is the beaver creek net cam over by vail in colorado. that is a big icicle in the middle. that is the cold front that is heading our way for sunday. we goent get the snow, but we'll certainly get some cooler
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flip side, a beautiful scene on the beach cam. lots of sunshine and a great sunset coming up in 18 minutes from now. highs so far today, pretty much as expected in the upper 70s and low 80s. lots of sunshine. we have not had much rain at all going back to october 1. november deficit now is 0.72. 1.56 since october 1 and so far this 8/100 of an inch of rain and we are more than halfway through the month. the wildfires continue to burn in south carolina and north carolina and georgia. this is the satellite picture from today. we have a fire here, here, here, here, here. all the smoke is blowing to the southeast. it is going to be a very smokey thanksgiving for atlanta, greenville, charlotte. those fires are not going out
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today and it is getting more extensive, more red on the drought monitor and now it is atlanta, to south carolina, to almost knoxville, to chattanooga and then back to birmingham is under an exceptional drought. look at the rainfall potential between now and -- not this sunday, but next sunday. there could be some rain in the mississippi valley, but they don't need it. charlotte, tampa, nothing. zero between now and next sunday. satellite radar shows nothing. high pressure dominates. skies are clear. and temperatures right noware holding in the mid to upper 70s. it is a beautiful evening underway. 74 in brooksville. 78 in sarasota. 75 in bartow. we stay clear and pleasant. 44 dew point. very dry air. now, the forecast for tonight is clear and pleasant.
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tomorrow and a delightful day near 80. the cold front is going to go by saturday night. the wind will pick up on saturday. probably not a good boating day and 78 degrees. tomorrow as far as boating goes, north-northeast winds, seas about 2 feet. light chop on the bay. the seven-day forecast, the wind will pick up saturday into sunday and sunday's high, only 69. we'll be in the 40s monday and tuesday morning. right good. 77 for high and 60 for a low. back to you. >> not bad at all. you know who else is going to love this weather? these big cats that are checking out their new home in the bay area. they seem to like it to far.
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rescue grps in u-s rescue groups are calling it the biggest big cat rescue in u.s. history. more than 100 tigers, mountain lions and other big cats removed from a failing facility in colorado. >> last night dozens of those cats arrived at big cat rescue and will now call tampa home. how are they adjusting? >>reporter: if you have ever had to move with your cat you know it is right up there with bats on a list of a cat's least
5:25 pm
tigers seem to be doing remarkably well considering they just traveled 2,000 miles on a truck just to get here. the conditions at their previous facility were completely inadequate and with winter approaching in colorado, they wanted to get them out and get them here as quickly as possible. >> just like domestic cats, they take a different amount of time to acclimate. >>reporter: it didn't take long for these tigers to take to their new homes in the sunshine state. >>reporter: five bengal tires arrived last night after a 30 hour road trip from colorado. rescuers were eager to get them here. >> the area of colorado gets exceptionally cold and the enclosures the cats had didn't offer a lot of protection from the elements. the different sanctuaries were scrambling to get them out before it got really cold.
5:26 pm
history. more than 100 are being relocated from a failed facility in colorado. >> it was a facility that would breed cubs for photo ops and several of these cubs were used for that when they were babies. >>reporter: big cat rescue took in three male and two female tigers. the females had to be spayed since they were used for breeding. all five are in good health. the same can't be said for the cubs removed from the they were taken to arkansas where rescuers say they couldn't walk or stand up right when they first arrived because they were so severely malnourished. >> they know people will pay for that. >>reporter: they are doing better now and so are tampa's newest tigers, which seem perfectly happy to say good-bye to the colorado cold. >> i'm so glad they are here and they were able to get out of colorado before it got really cold. i think they are going to love the weather here in florida.
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ro rotten. >>reporter: each of its cats get their own butterball turkey on thanksgiving day. >> and it won't be snowing here. new concerns over saint pete's sewage problems. why some fear the system won't be able to make improvements in time for the next hurricane season. i was just in class and i got a random group chat text so i texted back and found a new grandma. >> we got a sweet story for you a littl how a wrong number led to an
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f, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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after dumping millions of gallons of sewage into the bay during summer storms - saint . after gallons of sewage into the bay, saint pete has a plan to upgrade its failing sewage system, but as we learn, some leaders say it may not be soon enough. >> peter ortiz spends a lot of time fishing in bay waters near saint peters. and he is infuriated that the city dumped excess millions of waste water into the river.
5:31 pm
are doing this to our environment? damn, guys. wake up. >>reporter: the city now has a $300 million five year plan to ungrade its sewage system by first being able to hold more sewage by adding tankses and then replacing a lot of leaky pipes throughout the city. >> it puts a smile on my face. >>reporter: good news for some, but there is a lot of concern that the city won't be able to make adequate improvements in time for next season. state leaders have questioned the city's decision not to reopen the plant which would have allowed an emergency tanker barge to hold waste in the event of severe weather. saint petersburg says it is not feasible from a cost or operational standpoint. >> whereas if we added a 45 million gallon tanker, once it is full it is one and done. >>reporter: most of the short term improvements won't be done until this time next year.
5:32 pm
understands they are getting it done as best they can. >> just get it done the right way. get it done. the state appeals court up holds the conviction of a man who shot and killed a teenager over loud music. michael dunn says he was acting in self-defense when he killed jordan davis. the court rejected that argument today. police say dunn shot after the two argued over the loud rap music coming from the vehicle. dunn was sentenced to life in prison. crews are assessing the damage after a natural gas explosion killed one person and injured others. it happened while crews were fixing a gas line damaged by a contractor. >> just a massive rumble and a
5:33 pm
came crashing down at one time. >> we never experienced something that loud. i mean, it was loud and shook everything. it almost felt like an earthquake. >> the person who died worked for the gas company. the salvation army center is housing some of the people who can't go home right now. new information tonight about what may have caused a deadly crash at ahoboken train station. the engineer has undiagnosed investigators are now looking at this as the cause of that crash. on september 20 the commuter train was going double the ten miles per hour speed limit when it crashed into a busy hoboken station, killing a woman on the platform and injuring more than 100 people. the engineer says he is no memory of the crash. if you are looking for a job sarasota is the place to be. a job fair is still going on right now at the robert l taylor community center off 34th street and sarasota.
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to hire. all you have to do is take your cover letter, resume and they ask that applicants be ready for on the spot interviews. >> we like to be in the community and give back to the community. we want to have local people working for us in our support center here in sarasota. >> it is wonderful. i mean, it is very informative. there are a lot of employers out here and if you really want to start a new career this is the place. they evening have one for 55 and older and you cannot beat that. have time, but barely. the job fair going on until 6:00 this evening. this could be dangerous if you are having a cup cake craving any time, day or night, all you have to do now is head to south tampa. that is where you'll find our area's first cup cake atm. yes, atm. it is outside sprinkles, the cup cake store in hyde park. you can order a fresh one any time 24/7. prices start at $4.25 each.
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surgeon general today in a report on substance abuse. we have been looking into the report. how bad, joe, is america's addiction epidemic? >> it is very bad and it impacts one in three families. we all know someone who is fighting this battle. they said it is costing us $420 billion here in the u.s. there are 20.8 million people facing substance use disorder. that is fighting all cancers combined. only one in ten of these individuals gets treatment. what the surgeon general said was imagine if only 10% of cancer patients got treatment. that is what we are facing with this epidemic. they talked about the other behaviors they were seeing. some surveys said 66 million people admitted bing drinking just in the last month. a lot of really hard statistics in the report. >> did they talk about what a solution moving forward might be? >> they did.
5:39 pm
there are things that are helping individuals. first of all, we need to change the way we look at substance abuse. for example, it is thought to be a character flaw. we need to think of it as a disease. when they look at brains they showed pet scans and there was a great video that they put together. i have a link on my twitter and facebook page if you want to watch it. when we look at recovery programs like this, for every dollar spent we sav healthcare expenses, $7 in the criminal justice system. but they also talk about prevention. prevention in children. they said if we can just keep these kids from drinking and using drugs for a few years when their brains are better developed, it decreases their chance or risk of them becoming addicted later on. over 400 pages in this report. too much to talk about right now. >> for our kids that is good to know.
5:40 pm
it is world pancreatic cancer day. are there any treatments on the horizon? >> notre dame is working with engineers so they are incorporatiing all aspects of science together and what they developed is a chip that they hope will diagnose it earlier. they say only 10% of the tumor is actually cancer cells and 90% are supporting cells. when you kill the supporting cells the cancer what they have done is come up with a way to keep the supporting cells from communicating from tumor cells. definitely a bit of hope. >> that sounds like kind of a breakthrough. that is good. >> i think so. it is really interesting. let's just hope they continue to find success with it. >> good information. thanks, joe. a cross country runner in pennsylvania got knocked off his feet by -- ooo -- a deer. watch closely. you see the deer come into view. here you go.
5:41 pm
deluzio who was knocked right to the ground. he was competing in a ncaa regional race saturday when this happened. it was a teammate who stopped and helped him up and despite a little bruising he brushed himself off, went on to finish the race and when you are going to cross a field this time of year in pennsylvania, it is one of those occupational-type hazards. >>reporter: keep your head on a swivel. i ran cross country in vermont. never saw a deer out that. lesson to be learned. two big streets collide in kansas city on sunday. plus, the latest on steven stamcos. he is facing two options for surgery, one that could have him
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5:44 pm
wrong number... for a teenager from phoenix we have all received texts and phone calls from the wrong number, but for a teen in phoenix, a wrong text led to an invitation to a thanksgiving dinner. >>reporter: when was the last time a wrong text led to a dinner invitation. for 17-year-old jamal hinton, the answer was yesterday. >> i was just in class and i
5:45 pm
i texted back and found a new grandma. >>reporter: the text stated what time thanksgiving dinner would be and once the two exchanged selfies they knew it was a mix up. instead of taking back the invite, grandma wanda extended it. >> i was like, wow, she is really nice. i should really go. she seems very sweet. just a nice lady, i guess. >>reporter: we were there tonight when the two met for the first time before breaking bread next week. >> grew up in a military family invite vets over that we didn't know either for thanksgiving dinner. so it is not uncommon, but i haven't done that for quite a long time. so i'm so happy that you actually want to come over because -- >> i do. >>reporter: jamal and wanda have a lot in common, like open minds and open hearts, but there is one thing jamal could help wanda with -- her texting. >> i saw his picture and even
5:46 pm
come to my house after seeing my picture. >> it wasn't bad. >> oh my god -- >> that was a great selfie. >> my family teases me because i do such bad selfies because i have it down and they are like, no, put it up. i'm like, okay. >> i like her selfie. she invited jamal's entire family to come over for thanksgiving. >> anyone watching right now is invited to the house. >> you know what occurs to me is that my 80-year-old dad jt trying to learn the text and yesterday he calls me and says, "didn't you get my text?" i'm like, no. there is no telling who might be coming for thanksgiving. >> downloading some apps you didn't know existed. >> like, no, i don't know where they went. >> tell him to download the sky tower app. good stuff coming up. need some rain. this is a good time of year. sunset happened about ten minutes ago.
5:47 pm
it is bright in the western sky. sunset about ten minutes ago. 78 degrees. beautiful day today. high temperature. back up to 80 so back in the red zone. we stay right into the weekend and then a big blue stretch early next week behind a cold front. almanac data today, 80 the high, 58 degrees was the morning low. delightful day. no precipitation today. the record high -- we saw that -- was last year. a whole bunch of record highs at the end happened due to the unusual warm end to 2015. clear skies and a north and northeast wind coming down the peninsula and the air mass is very dry. it is very pleasant, too. the sky today was really nice and blue. unlimited visibility. temperatures holding in the 70s and the dew points are low, so when the sun goes down tonight and the combination of clear skies and low dew points, temperatures are drop pretty quickly and then kind of settle
5:48 pm
not a lot of wind, just a light north and northeast wind. right now we are 78 the dew point, down to 44 degrees. high pressure up by panama city will give us another good day tomorrow, but then we look to the west and this is the front that will eventually swing our way and go by probably saturday night. the winds will pick up saturday ahead of the front and they'll pick up behind the front on sunday. this front is producing snow. in fact, it is right now an it is snowing down i-70 out towards summit county and that snow continues overthe dakotas. 30 and snowing in denver. 78 in amarillo. dallas, 79. raleigh, 63. tonight we are clear and we are pleasant. lows down to 60. lots of sunshine coming up tomorrow. beautiful day. highs up to 80. the wind picks up on saturday. high, 78.
5:49 pm
sunshine rolling up to 69. and then temperatures at night are back in the 40s. thanksgiving looks good with sunshine and temperatures at 77 degrees. >>reporter: reports that steven stamcos will miss three to four months. a little premature. the extent of his injuries are not known until doctors can get a look inside his damaged knee. there are two options facing the light lightening's -- he could miss most of the regular season. now, the upside of this injury is that the lightening have had to play without him a few times before. this is the third time in the last four seasons that he's suffered an injury that has kept him out for a while. another tough break for him who is off to a great start. he is third in the league right now, points six in goals. another positive for the
5:50 pm
jonathan drewan back tonight. he's been out the last three weeks dealing with a concussion and has had to fill in for stamcos once before. bucks are up against the hottest team in the nfl this sunday. they have one 17 of their last 19 games and have done it quietly because the chiefs don't get the attention that dallas or the new england patriots get for their wins. few more starters return to practice this week on their offense. holly is back. unclear in they'll be ready winston will have shepherd and stocker back at practice as well. kansas city is on a roll, and the bucks have won the last four games against kc. in fact, the chiefs hadn't beaten the bucks since joe montana was under center for them in 1973. that is part due to the development of noah spence. >> i think what makes it more
5:51 pm
a harness on all the time since his shoulder came out and he never really had any injuries in college. so sometimes young guys that have to face stuff like that where they have to wear a harness or brace of some sort, it has an adverse affect on their play and something that we wanted noah to become a better player against the run, that is one of the benefits of the injuries we have had is noah had to play more in defensive situations. you draft him because of his pass-rush ability, but i think he's improved his overall game. >>reporter: we have a fun sunday, starting with tailgate sunday live in kansas at 10:30. then the bucks and chiefs at 1:00. after the game, stick with us. we'll be live in the locker room with all your post game reaction coming up on sunday. we knew the rays would be playing on opening day for all
5:52 pm
didn't know exactly what time they would be doing that. we do now. how about this? the rays will be the opening pitch for all of major league baseball. their opening day game against the yankees will start at 1:00 before the other two games get underway. someone on the rays could be the first strike out, first base hit, or first homer of the 2017 season. the other games are the giants at arizona and the world champs, the chicago cubs opening on the road in saint louis. >> opening on the road. >>reporter: biggest rival. game. >> that'd be nice. >>reporter: no respect. first time you win in 108 years
5:53 pm
hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more...
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20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
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on wall street... the dow the dow is up look at all the green up 35 points. nasdaq added 39 and s&p gained 10. bowlers from all over the world are in sarasota this week competing in the u.s. indoors and are not aiming for a strike either. these are lawn bowlers. and the sport is growing. >> in. in. good try. >>reporter: on the greens here in sarasota, an international sport is taking spotlight. >> it is a sport you can play basically from 9 to 90. >>reporter: officially it is called the u.s. open bowls. it is an international competition of lawn bowlers with competitors coming from 15 different countries.
5:56 pm
argentina, pakistan, germany and new zealand, to name a few. >> it is an old sport. it was a sport for knights. back in the days they would teach you how to do strategy. >>reporter: the objective is for competitors to get their bowls as close to a smaller white bowl called a jack or kitty. it may look easy, but takes a lot of skill. >> you are playing like -- rolling like it is a bowling ball, but playing shots liket on it and thinking ahead four or five steps like you are playing chess. >>reporter: it isn't one of the most physical sports, but it requires a lot from players. by the time the game is done they will have walked about 1.5 miles and lifted 200 pounds from picking up all their bowls. >> you have to be reasonably fit, but there are a few elderly gentlemen who are not quite as agile as others. >>reporter: one of the biggest rewards happens once the
5:57 pm
we have a good banter after the game. it is competitive on the green, but good afterwards. >> that tournament will wrap up this weekend and the championship will be held on saturday. >> everybody get their arms ready. there you go. fox 136:00 news is next. >> 28 hours on, 48 hours off. >> it was during those off duty hours when a firefighter got into trouble. next at to a warrant for his arrest and the barroom brawl that led to the arrest of the firefighter and his motorcycle game. >> a new device getting attention from law enforcement and some employers. a local jazz legends gets ready for his close up on the big screen. he is a trumpet man with quite a story to tell.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
now at six... medical marijuana in florida. now many want him to be our next governor... what john morgan says about a possible run. tonight at 6:00, what john morgan says about a possible run. >> i don't think it was fair. they didn't look at the data correctly. >> as pasco county schools look at school boundaries, it has plenty of parents bent out of shape. >> that is not what our group is about. that is not what we are trying to represent. that is not the message we want to spread.
6:00 pm
how the lakewood rocks campaign has taken a bit of a turn. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 136:00 news. welcome tonight. i'm mark wilson. >> i'm kelly ring. thanks for being with us, everybody. first up, developing now, punch after punch being thrown. look at this video. coming are the fist of a hillsboro county firefighter who is now a fugitive. the video isro west. firefighter, clint walker, is seen with other members of the outlaws motorcycle club and because of that video, he is now a wanted man. we have the latest on the investigation. what is going on? >>reporter: investigators are actively looking for walker. he is a firefighter in hillsboro county but they have no idea where he is. this is brawl that started it all. you see members of the


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