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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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how the lakewood rocks campaign has taken a bit of a turn. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 136:00 news. welcome tonight. i'm mark wilson. >> i'm kelly ring. thanks for being with us, everybody. first up, developing now, punch after punch being thrown. look at this video. coming are the fist of a hillsboro county firefighter who is now a fugitive. the video isro west. firefighter, clint walker, is seen with other members of the outlaws motorcycle club and because of that video, he is now a wanted man. we have the latest on the investigation. what is going on? >>reporter: investigators are actively looking for walker. he is a firefighter in hillsboro county but they have no idea where he is. this is brawl that started it all. you see members of the
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investigators believe clint walker is the guy in the white shirt. the fight started after an argument with a customer and within minutes turned into a brawl, chairs being thrown at one point. we know four bar employees and customers were injured. key west police officers issued a warrant for walker's arrest. the fire department says, "we take these accusations very seriously and are opening an investigation into these charges. disciplinary actions and he will be on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation." now, take a look at this mug shot. this is from a prior incident in saint pete in which he was arrested for battery of a law enforcement officer. but keep in mind, those charges were later dropped. but it stems from a fight that broke out at a saint pete lounge in may and that surveillance video actually shows an officer using a taser and a stun gun on walker.
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around and sued the saint pete police department, claiming the officer assaulted him. as far as we know that civil case is still ongoing right now. but anyone that has information on walker should call police right away. back to you, kelly. thank you gloria. a controversial plan to redraw the school boundaries in pasco county is one step closer to being a reality. a committee of parents and principals agreed on a plan today that would hundreds of students around. it would also remove a total of about 500 students from mitchell high school and seven springs middle school. superintendent curt browning wants to relieve overcrowding at those schools, but both would be slightly overcapacity under this plan. some parents are panicking about how their kids would be impacted in these moves. >> this rezoning needs to be delayed because the data -- every time we turn around the
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information is changing. it is coming at us so fast that we just need to take a breath. >> my heart is breaking over this whole process. i think it is definitely pitting one side of the school to the other side. >> the superintendent is going to look at the recommendations, possibly make adjustments and then the school board will hold two public meetings. the first is december 20, the second january 17. during that meeting we are told board members are expected to make a january. at 6:00 now, this is a new kind of game, kind of like pokemon go, but doesn't have all the fancy technology or the gps. it is called lakeland rocks. players actually painting rocks and hiding them for other people to find. it's become wildly popular since it started a month ago, but as we learn, the city says some of its most avid fans may be taking this game too far.
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rocks, has become todd williams' passion. the other night he stayed up for hours painting dozens of them and hid them here. >> i covered it with rose petals. it looks like somebody found it. >>reporter: he is hooked. when he is not producing rocks he is scooting around town finding ones that other players have hidden. >> i have only been here ten minutes and found two already. i love it. i'm psyched. >>reporter: the number of players has exploded in the fi >> it is amazing. it is amazing. it really is. >>reporter: not everyone is coloring within the lines. unfortunately a handful of rockers have gotten overly enthusiastic and it is not going overwell with the city. at peterson park rockers defaced the city. >> they used hard paint here. it took a couple hours to get off. we had to bring in a pressure
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mund park. >> we have people putting them in the grass and the mowers come buy and someone could get hurt with a flying rock. we had a wedding party and in the middle of their wedding we had rock searchers walk in front of the bride during the wedding. >>reporter: the city loves the creativity of lakeland rocks, but if any rockers vandalize or trespass, jail may only be a stone's throw lakeland rocks is not the only game in town that's become so popular. it seems all of polk county is rocking now. the same game popped up in winterhaven and other cities. we talked about this earlier this week, so no surprise, but the possibility of attorney john morgan running for governor -- he didn't make it official, but he laid the ground work a bit for the possibility. craig patrick joins us now.
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running for governor, testing the waters politically i guess? >>reporter: he is testing the waters, but you can tell he's put a great deal of thought into this. just a couple days ago you had first charlie christ who worked with morgan at one point and president obama's campaign manager in 2012 beating the drums. now john morgan is not just saying he is thinking about it. he basically put out a platform. it is really a seven-point plan of things he'd like to do as whieping out state agencagencie raising the minimum wage. the list goes on and on, only serving one term if he decides to run and win. with this, it shows that money is pouring into the race. we have a pretty clear idea now that those who are fronting john morgan's name at the end of last week are now getting some strong interest from john morgan himself, though i suspect it may be some length of time before he
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>> so if he does, when would he make that announcement? he has time, right? >> a lot of people interested in running for governor are looking at sooner than later. while there is no timeframe attached to his announcement today, he is saying he could wait until 2018 to make a decision for 2018 because unlike other contenders he said he would largely be self funded so he wouldn't have to spend months on end with that, there are interesting parallels to donald trump. both are out outsiders, both branded their names across signs across the state. i think democrats are excited because they look to how they were beaten so badly against donald trump and say look, do we have an alternative an run the same playbook? and that is why i think there is momentum behind morgan. he is saying he is going to take
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do you think john morgan, would he be the front runner in the race? >> at least at first you would think because this is a very large state of 19-plus million people. bob buckhorn you mentioned would do well in tampa bay, but he is not known across the rest of the state. that would be very different entering the race for john morgan because he has built-in name recognition by running 30 year worth of television ads with his name on those ads all across the state. >> he has the i-4 corridor down pretty much. crews are starting and celebrating the start of construction on the site of the bell view biltmore hotel. today in bel air they held a groundbreaking event for the first mid rise condo building to go up there. here is a look at what it will eventually look like. bell view place, a luxury
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crews have started removing and renovating the remaining portions of the bell view biltmore into a boutique hotel which will be the center piece of that community. residents property start at $600,000. a pretty sight. the park isn't too bad these days and has been transformed into a winter village. it will officially open the downtown partnership says you can go skating if you want. here is where you do it. an outdoor ice skating rink, holiday market, water front cafe. there will be pop up boutiques offering a unique shopping experience. the ice rink will have a snack bar and ice skate rentals for kids and adults. a fun day in class for many students in the tampa bay area. it is the great american teach
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miles elementary school in tampa. i spent time with a second grade class. they asked very insightful questions for 7 and 8-year-olds. we talked about how important reading is to be successful in school. they told me they love to read. and then i had a chance to see their tv production studio. i met their morning tv anchor and they seem very confident and very impressive. i enjoyed visiting miles. that was a real treat for paul, i understand you got to visit another school. >>reporter: yeah, i was down the road at coleman middle school today talking cold fronts, warm fronts, hurricanes, lightening. there was two classes. great sixth graders. had a fantastic time. i certainly appreciate the invitation. we are inviting a cold front that is going to head our way
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another fantastic sky. you have venus shining brightly in the western sky. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> almost a horizontal rainbow right there. when we come back tonight, it is a mission decades in the making. how this new satellite is going to revolutionize weather
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753-8816 the weather forecasters will be similar to be going from a black and white tv to super high >> this week this new weather satellite launching into space promises to be a game changer for weather forecasters like paul and mike and our whole weather crew. for us it will mean faster warnings, better storm forecast and more accurate hurricane tracking. >> we know how important that is. the satellite will head into space from cape canaveral on saturday. what did you find out, mike? >> meteorologists from around
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geeking out over this, but here is why you should be excited. i will provide satellite imagery of the entire united states every five minutes. right now the best we can get is every 15 minutes, but it can also provide more rapid scans of specific weather features like hurricanes or thunderstorms every 30 seconds. this will give us satellite imagery at four times greater resolution and five times faster than gozar will have 16 spectral bands compared to the current five that satellites have which will give us a better view of clouds, fire, smoke, aerosols, volcanic ash and much more. when it comes to lightening detection, the satellite has a system that is second to none. it will keep an eye on space weather, watchig for solar and magnetic storms. >> this new four satellite
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above any satellite noah has every flown. without a doubt it will revolutionize weather forecasting as we know it. >>reporter: here is what it means for you. for starters, better lightening detection will allow us to see and forecast rapid intensifications of tropical cyclones, along with increasing the warning time for tornados. we'll be able to see storms develop and strengthen in realtime, leading to better weather and better hurricane forforecasts including storm track and ultimately intensity. the benefits go on and on from there. fog detection, rainfall potential, better air quality warnings. it will help airline pilots avoid storms which means less in the way of delays for you when you head to the airport. it is not going to happen overnight. once in orbit nasa has to calibrate it. it is probably going to take about a year. so it may be a while before we
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impacts, but huge, huge news out of the meteorologist world. >> great news. every five minutes. when we had the storm just a couple months ago, five or six weeks ago, however everything was changing minute by minute and you can see when we have a storm threatening florida, how handy that is going to be. >> my thought is why did it take so long. but now it is here. >> it is all new saturday. kind of like watching the red zone channel of meteorology. things happening left and right. we have a cold front heading our way. this is a life view with an icicle in the middle. this is in beaver creek, colorado by vail. the snow isn't coming our way, but the colder weather is. temperatures will stay on the chilly side for us, especially at night.
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see why it is not changing. what am i stuck on? hold on a second. anyways, half a second and look at that icicle for a minute. it is really unbelievable. i don't have that. my output right now is u.s. drought monitor so i got nothing, guys. we can look at that and admire the snow and ice. we'll -- let me just give you an update right now will be dry and cool. there will be a cold front coming through on saturday night, not like that. by the way, probably the longest time ever in our tv station we have shown and icicle. let's take this in for a second. >> we are going to get it right and come back to you. let's go to kevin and you can fix it. >>reporter: steven stamcos out there right near beaver creek in vail. i'll tell you who is going to return to help the lightening
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and quinton flowers is having the best season for a quarterback in usf history and the nation is noting.
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl,
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one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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forecast with chief meteorologist, paul delagado. >>reporter: a little leftover light and we are showing you venus right here and there is mars just to the left. clear skies today. more clear skies for us. we are still watching what is happening north of us with multiple wild fires burning in the carolinas. the smoke has been pouring through the southeast. at system point we could get some of that smoke into our state. there is no significant rain on the way. that is o t about. this is a new drought index map. it came out today. it comes out every thursday and the red is really expanding now. it includes all of -- most of metro atlanta, kind of a wedge of southwestern north carolina, some of south carolina, up by chattanooga and birmingham. it is growing and expanding and this is not going to end any time soon. this is model data. this is potential rainfall
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but the sunday after thanksgiving. tampa, none. i mean, i don't think it is going to rain again between now and early december. atlanta, 0.08. that is not nearly enough to make any difference at all in the drought set up. today, a lot of blue sky. it was just a great day to be outside. more good weather coming up tomorrow. temperatures right now sitting in the mid 70s near the coast and awa it is cooler in the mid to upper 60s, specifically tampa, 74. the dew point very low. between now and about 8:00 temperatures will drop rapidly and then kind of sit. the dew point, 45. the relative humidity is just 35%. not a lot of water in the atmosphere at all. high pressure is northwest of us. we showed you the snow, which is out in colorado. this is a big winter storm. the cold front associated with
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our way. this is not going to be record-breaking cold for us, but we are talking about temperatures at night, probably monday morning and tuesday morning that many of you will be in the 40s for nighttime lows. it is 29 and snowing in denver, but it is 76 in amarillo. 77 in dallas. chicago, 67. while we are talking snow in colorado, we are talking about the ultimate in tropical events. a potential tropical development in the southwestern caribbean sea. 78% chance in the next five days and the european model shows circulation that would most likely move into central america. a lot of you have messaged me about heading down here for the thanksgiving holiday. cayman islands should be okay, jamaica should be okay. this is way in the western caribbean see. tonight it will be in the 50s, low 60s. tomorrow we'll have highs in the 70s and low 80s.
6:25 pm
workweek. then we watch high prefresh dri to the south and the cold front will go down the penipeninsula. the timing to me looks like probably saturday night. one thing you'll notice on saturday is the wind picking up. sunday high pressure builds in. a windy day and not a good boating day on sunday as temperatures all day long stay in the 60s despite sunshine. that is a little touch of tonight clear and pleasant, down to 60. i got sunshine tomorrow. daytime highs near 80. the wind begins to pick up on saturday ahead of the cold front. high temperatures about 78. after that we see a significant drop in the thermometer into monday morning and tuesday. then we have zero chance of rain. and right now the early thought on thanksgiving is sunshine and 77 degrees. >> you know, there is one
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we are talking turnovers. the chiefs have been wracking them up better than anyone in the league. ful kansas city has lost just twice. they lead the nfl in turnovers and turnover different ial. that is the one stat they point to when explaining the reasons for winning and losing. it is an area that the bucks have done well in. winston has thrown just two games and have come from minus ten in turnover differential to even. >> one of the best guys i have ever worked with. we were together for a number of years and honestly i thought he would beat me to being a head coach in the national football -- he is a tremendous football coach. >> they have a good football
6:27 pm
games overall. i think andy reed is one of the best coaches i know and i was fortunate enough to work with him at three different schools. we know we have our hands full. he is a good coach and they have excellent football players on their team. >>reporter: the lightening won't know the full extent of steven stamcos' surgery until the surgeons can look inside the knee and see what is going on. he is in colorado today getting ready for surgery. his recovery time could be as little as a few weeks, or up to six months. jonathan drewan returns tonight as the lightening are in buffalo. he's missed three weeks out with a concussion he suffered against the islanders on november 1. this is the second time this year he'll be looked to fill in for stamcos. he played well during the play offs when stammer was out with the blood clots. usf quarterback quinton flowers has been named as a semi finalist for the walter camp player of the year award, the
6:28 pm
award in the nation. he is having the greatest offensive season in history. the list of five finalists will be announced november 30 and winner will be announced december 8. they put up a ton of points. it is almost like arena football
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z26eyz z18pz
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i agree with president-elect trump. it is going very smoothly here in new york. >> a towering task with more than 60 days to go. can donald trump find all the players he needs. a desperate search. where is the son of a u.s. congressman. where he was last seen and why they are non compliant. a federal investigation finds problems at a gorilla enclosure where a 3-year-old had a close encounter with a silverback. we start with the trump transition. his towering task of figuring out who his team is going to be continues in midtown manhattan tonight. it was a political who's who at trump tower today. >> the president-elect hunkered down at trump tower working on
6:32 pm
today's list includes everyone from former secretary of state henry kissinge r, to sitting governor nicki haley and rick scott who could be contenders. one of trump's aids quashing rumors about turmoil. >> very exciting time for us. a ton of work to do, but we are doing it methodically and calmly. >>reporter: mike pence making the round in washington, meeting mitch mcconnell and house speaker, paul ryan and democratic leaders, senator schumer and pelosi. trump assuring both sides the administration will work in concert with congress. >> we are beginning to discuss areas that we might move forward on together and i think that is what the american people want us to do.
6:33 pm
discussing the anti trump protests here at home. the commander in chief telling president-elect trump to get used to it, while offering words of advice to those who are unhappy with his victory. >> i wouldn't advise them to be silent. >>reporter: president-elect trump will meet with one of his critics, former massachusetts governor, mitt romney. governor rick scott met with the president-elect today and he said in the past he likes being governor and wants to finish his term. he said this afternoon on fox news channel he will do everything he can to support donald trump. >> i submitted my letter of resignation last night which felt pretty good. >> national intelligence director james clapper announcing his resignation at an intelligence hearing today. he's held the office since august 2010.
6:34 pm
threats in the next five to ten years an says countries like russia, china, north korea and iran are the main concerns as well as terrorism and cyber threats. the serge search is on for the missing son of u.s. congressman, michigan representative john conniers was reported missing last night. 21-year-old carl conniers was last seen tuesday afternoon by his roommate at their apartment in houston. carl is a student at the university of his girlfriend was supposed to meet him on campus but he never showed up. when she and friends checked he has apartment they found clothe and other items missing. the fbi is involved in his search. crews are assessing the damage at the ntsb after this natural gas explosion in canton, illinois. one person was killed, 11 others injured. >>reporter: the main square in
6:35 pm
destroyed wednesday night when a huge natural gas explosion rocked the town, killing one person, injuring 11 others. several other buildings have been wrecked or damaged, including the massive opera house. >> a massive rumble, big boom and everything came crashing down at one time. >> we never experienced something that loud. it was loud and it shook everything. it almost felt like an earthquake. >>reporter: residents are warned to stay away from the area. those displaced salvation army facility. it happened as employees were working on a gas line, damaged by a contractor. >> the utility business is a close brotherhood. our family is hurting right now. we express our deep sad bs and profound sympathies to the family of our fallen worker. >>reporter: ntsb is opening its own investigation as the cleanup
6:36 pm
have been no additional casualties so far. the new focus, starting the rebuilding process. >> as soon as they get everything capped off we hope to help the downtown merchants that needs help. >>reporter: emergency services are also dispatching structural engineers to the area to make sure the damage can be repaired. this is news coming in. the cincinnati zoo did not meet compliance standards when a little boy exhibit back in may. federal inspectors released a report calling the barrier between the public and gorilla's ineffective. you may remember the 3-year-old little boy fell into the exhibit after slipping away from his mom. the little boy's life was threatened and in danger, and they shot and killed the gorilla, . the zoo quickly made the barrier taller and added nylon mesh and
6:37 pm
could lead to fines or other disciplinary action. a california lab is creating a buzz with a new breathalyzer that can detect alcohol and marijuana. it works by deftecting the thc molecule in a marijuana users breath. exhaling into the device could be the answer. several more states legalized recreational marijuana in this election. the issue has come to the forefront now as the new breath tests can be the best defense for pot users who ae not stoned at the time of driving, but get pulled over anyway. a new tool making it easier to for women to reconstruct
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today, we talk differently.... work differently... relax differently. and all those differences take energy. at duke energy, we're doing things differently too. like new ways to generate power and even store it... ...for cleaner energy every day.
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a new device lets women do part a new device lets women do part of their breast construction at home. it is making treatment more comfortable and convenient, but also giving a sense of control to women who have had a breast removed. doctor joe has our story. >>reporter: breast cancer survivor used device called aeroform to help with breast reconstruction after her mastectomy. >> with two kids at home, that gave me -- i thought it would be more independence. >>reporter: every year more than 100,000 women have a breast removed due to cancer in the u u.s. it can be a painful process requiring many trips to the doctor over several months.
6:41 pm
finished her expansion in just 18 days. it works by releasing small doses of compressed gas into the tissue expander. >> the point of breast reconstruction is to help them put this behind. the more quickly you can do it, the better it is for the women. >>reporter: there was a study of 150 women in which people using aeroform finished it is already sold in austraia and approved in europe. doctors outside the study say it is interesting. >> anything that makes things easier for the patient, we are going to take a serious look at it. >>reporter: while convenience is a factor, aeroform could offer a psychological boost. experts say that is important because cancer can make patients feel powerless. >> to know that i wouldn't have to come to the doctor's office so many times and to be able to
6:42 pm
something that i was attracted to. >>reporter: giving fernandez a hand in her own recovery. aeroform had one study site here in florida in fort lauderdale. it looked at the website and it looks like they are hoping for an fda approval this year, but we'll have to wait to see. >> these tissue expanders are very important. tell us why. >> they are stretching the skin slowly. they are using 60% of reconstrti mastectomy. you have to are the blood supply and nerve supply. if you stretch it out too quickly or put the implant in too soon it can cause the tissue to die around the implant. super important. it is great these women can do it at home. >> i know a lot of people are asking, is it covered by insurance? >> reconstruct surgery is covered by most insurance companies and there is a federal law called the women's health an cancer rights act.
6:43 pm
done and need to have a mastectomy, ask the questions ahead of time. they may direct you to perhaps an in network provider if you have regular health insurance, but i know it is covered by medicare. there are lots of options out there. there are newer options out there, so always ask questions. it is best to be a really good consumer if you are going
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old isn't what it used to be. being 60 years old isn't what it used to be. now it seems 60 is the new 40. tonight at 10:00 we are going to check out those who are experiencing life after 60 in a totally new way. see how it means a second career for many of them. plus, we are going to helping them determine what that second career might be. that is coming up tonight on the fox 1310:00 news. >> maybe that means 40 is the new 20. market indexes higher. the dow up 35. nasdaq, 39. s&p climbing 10. all green today. hollywood headlines, "king kong" makes a comeback.
6:47 pm
it looks like bob dylan is too busy to pick up his nobel peace prize after ghosting the swedish academy after his win, he confirms he won't be attending the ceremony on december 10, due to, quote, preexisting commitments. tom hanks may be one of the few a-listers willing to give donald trump the benefit of the doubt. the inferno start addressed post presidential election fears in a speech saying, "we are going and a killer new trailer for the upcoming king kong sequel, skull island hit the web yesterday. an all star cast leads the mythic mega beasts origin flick due out in march. i know the first one a couple years ago did very well, so something tells me that will be, too. >> a lot of good movies out right now. need to get to the theater. we need to go to paul because i guess changes are coming our way.
6:48 pm
your alley. a cold front on saturday. chilly sunday, monday and tuesday. some 40s showing up on the map early sunday, monday, too. here is a look outside. captured a fantastic sunset a few minutes ago. this was about 5:40 this evening, 5:35. sun slipping over the horizon. look how far to the south this time of year the sun sets. it kind of goes back and forth, switches back and forth as the seasons dry spell continues. 1.56 inches since october 1. now our november deficit is at 0.86. last recorded rainfall was 0.01 inch of rain. i don't see anything until early december. we stay dry tonight.
6:49 pm
weather clouds along the east coast. look how dry the atmosphere is on the water vapor imagery. red on this map is not a color that indicates severe. it is a co collar that indicate dry air. when you are outside you don't see any clouds or con trails from airplanes because the air is so dry above us that the hot jet exhaust into cold air -- there is no moisture to make con the west. in the southeast it is nice. 71 in nashville. 71 little rock. dallas is 77. very dry air across the entire southeast. a cold front coming our way will be the story early next week. i'm not talking any record-breaking cold. it will just be chilly. 40s for lows, upper 60s to near 70 for highs. we see temperatures like that a
6:50 pm
humidity, 35%. watching the cold front here and behind it snow flakes are flying today in colorado. lots of snow west of denver on 70. bismark getting their first snow of the season. warm air ahead of the fronts and cold air on the backside. snowing and 27 in denver. dallas, 77. chicago, 57. bristol, 59. kind of chilly in the 50s and low 60s. tomorrow, lots of sunshine, a beautiful day to wrap up the workweek with high temperatures in the low 80s. high pressure is locked in in the southeast. it will start sliding to the southeast and then we watch for this cold front. the trouble with the cold front will be for those of you that are thinking about boating this weekend, both ahead of the front and behind the front the winds will pick up. i'm not expecting much rain.
6:51 pm
then on sunday notice the winds kind of blowing out of this high so gusty winds and chilly during the day with temperatures in the 60s. this is the trough out west. watch it as it kind of dives our way. a surge of cold. the weather doesn't last long. then the ridge builds back in. unfortunately this type of pattern doesn't favor any significant rainfall in the southeast. so tonight very nice, clear and still kind of moonlit. we got, like, four past the full moon. some moonlight and 60. tomorrow, sunshine and delightful. the high temperature near 80. becoming breezy on saturday and 78. then on sunday, first time in a long time i'm predicting daytime highs in the 60s, upper 60s for highs. that is a good sunday. you are home, you are chilly, you got the football on, crank the fireplace. it seems kind of odd to say that
6:52 pm
that is what we look forward to after having eight months of humidity. >>reporter: eight months of 90 and 91. the 60s feels good. >> last year we didn't have this. i'm enjoying this. >>reporter: october, november, december last winter was ridiculous. you look at all the high temperature records on the almanac data and they are almost all last year. last year was -- >> this is no indication of what january and february could be like? >>reporter: not really related but that is an excellent qu a man who changed countless
6:53 pm
hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more?
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where shopping is a pleasure. coming up tonight at 11... alarming surveillance vi tonight at 11:00, this alarming surveillance video of a fight outside a bar. it ended when the driver rammed his car into a man in the building there. pretty crazy stuff. we'll have the latest on the search to find that driver.
6:55 pm
review websites offering more than just reviews now. how yelp is creating more transparency between florida restaurants and customers tonight on the fox 1311:00 news. with no winners in last night's powerball drawing, the jackpot is rolling over once again. the drawing saturday will be for $320 million. it is pretty massive payout, but still small in comparison to the $1.6 billion won earlier this year. can be purchased up to 10:00 the night of the drawing. well, a new documentary tells the story of a bay area man who brought music to hundreds of young people. >> we have the story of this music man who made a difference in many lives. >>reporter: i won a scholarship to juliard. >>reporter: in the 30s sonny was a music prodigy. >> we went to the apollo.
6:56 pm
band -- the only kid of all white people. we loved it. it was so thrilling for me as a kid. i said, i'd love to be doing this some day. >>reporter: he would grow up to tour with famous big bands, but nearly 40 years ago when he moved to our area he formed america's youngest jazz bands. a bunch of different backgrounds. >> he gave a great appreciation of jazz to these children and inspiration and hope. >>reporter: this film maker spent three years making a documentary called "the am ambassador of jazz." on his walls are the memories and the greats, from doc, to
6:57 pm
trumpet man, but even more for his work with kids. >> one kid wrote and say i want to thank you so much for what you did for me. i said, i don't remember what you played. he said i don't play anymore, i'm a dentist. >> he certainly could have went on to play the rest of his life in the big time, but he stepped down to step into the lives of other people. >>reporter: from a child 90. if he had it to play all over again, he'd play it with the kids. >> i really have no regrets, like, about anything, especially with the band. oh geez, that was some happiness to me. >>reporter: an he brought the music. >> more than 600 kids played in
6:58 pm
the premier is tonight. >> music is so important. >> universal language. we keep going. we are online and on your news app on your phone. >> see you tonight at 10:00. have a great night. make your holidays more delicious. right now, when you buy $20 in gift cards... get a $5.00 gift certificate for yourself.
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>> is he threatened by you? is he jealous of you? >> just how serious is the tension between fellow fox news stars megyn kelly and bill o'reilly? i'll kit hoover. now gretchen carlson reveals more from her past. >> and he his crotch. >> how did you make it work? >> an ongoing thing. >> the divorce is officially off. i'll liz hernandez. our patrick dempsey exclusive. >> the only place that miley ever comes from is a place of love. >> i think now i want to be -- >> i'm scott evans with the cyrus family. >> ran across the room and jumped on me. >> really? >> and he's not kidding. the secrets of his love for goldie. i'm natalie morales.


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