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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 22, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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((russell / ahead this hour: a robber... on the run. and police say he could be behind a ?string of crimes. >>russell: a ronner on the run. he could be behind a string of crimes. >>laura: a school bus flips over, killing children and police are now calling it a crimin most secure city in the country this thanksgiving and it's right here in florida. where donald trump is heading today to celebrate the holiday. welcome to "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. it's tuesday, november 22. we'll start with a check on the chilly forecast with dave osterberg. >>dave: top 'o the morning. it's cold to the north. 34 in brooksville, 44 in leesburg and 42 in wesley chapel. you have this real cold start. let me tell you, the sun just
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and we'll warm things up very quickly and yesterday we hit 70 degees. today we'll do better. bring it up to about 75. >>vanessa: thank you. take a look right now at the howard frankland bridge north end where things are looking good northbound and southbound. by the way, this is going to be the northbound direction and that will be heading into tampa where you have an eight minute drive once you get to the north end of the bridge all the way to the interchange. nine minutes driving northbound. 75 selmon to fletcher and we do building westbound on i-4 heading to the interchange. >>russell: this morning out of tennessee, a horrible tragedy just before the holidays. a school bus crashed, killing at least five children. dozens of other kids taken to the hospital. >>laura: this morning the bus driver is facing a list of charges. jennifer epstein joins us with the latest. good morning. >>jennifer: i can only imagine how those families are feeling this morning to deal with this. just days before thanksgiving, it all happened right after
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35 students were heading home. and right now the chattanooga school district is holding a news conference to update everyone on the crash and how the students are doing. >> everybody who has reached out to help us and has contacted us from all across the united states showing support, we are grateful for that. we understand that the district attorney had brought charges against the we will, of course, as a school system, cooperate fully with the d.a. and every law enforcement agency that is involved in this investigation. we know that durham, the bus service that we contract to, will do everything that it can to also work with law enforcement. also, we're working with the united way of chattanooga to set up a funding site which we will provide additional detail to help the family. let me say this, that our
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and we will reach out to do all we can to help and support them. >> again, do you have the grades for the students? >> the grades for the deceased are three that are in the fourth grade, one that is in kindergarten and one that is in the first grade. >> what was the makeup -- [inaudible] one boy and four girls. i do not want to -- because of out of respect for the family right now -- give the names because we would love to have the family and people reach out for them as opposed to having the names be given to them through the media so i do not want to give the names. >> you said you decided to stay open because you want to offer support. was there any consideration for closing school and allowing people to grieve amongst their
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we're going to excuse it. we're going to allow them to grieve. those who want to come to school, we're here to reach out and help so we're going to help any way that we can. we feel that we were able to offer more services by having those able to make it to the school, by having extra counselors and extra support here at the schools and so that was the reason for having school open. we'll try to help any way that we can. >> any kind of memorial set up at the scene or here tonight and throughout the day here? >> it is early but we're in planning and we're anything we can to remember the students and support them and they will always be with us throughout our lives. this is something we will never forget here as a community. >> describe what you saw at the scene. you've been out there, correct? >> what i saw at the scene was very, very tough. very tough for me, very tough for first responders. when we arrived on the scene and from this location, we're probably about a mile and a half of where the scene was. people were doing everything
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students that actually were able to be mobile but still had injuries so we were providing as much support as possible and again, i want to thank everybody who was out there to help and community members and especially first responders. >> can you tell us about the bus driver? >> i can say that it is under investigation and i can say that the d.a. plans to press charges and at this point right now, that is all that i can say but as we get more information, we will be releasing he'd been driving? >>jennifer: that was the interim superintendent of the school speaking. ntsb is also investigating this crash. they should have agents on the scene a little bit later this morning. >>russell: thank you, jen. a robber is on the run in pinellas county. he's been hitting convenience stores across clearwater. >>laura: detectives are still not sure how many stores he's hit but it appears he's getting more aggressive every time. shayla reaves is live for us at one of the robbery locations at
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good morning. >>reporter: yeah. good morning to you, lawyer a. right now investigators are trying to determine if the robber responsible for stealing from a store here off drew street is also the same person linked to two other cases nearby. i want you to take a look at this video. this is video captured overnight in the 1700 block of drew street. our cameras rolled as crime scene technicians took pictures and collected evidence and here's what clearwater police received a 911 call and officers responded to a 7-eleven here in the 1700 block of drew street. this happened around 2:00 in the morning. we learned the investigation revealed a crook entered the building, demanded money and implied he had a weapon before grabbing cash from the drawer. the robber took off in a car parked nearby. police want to find out if the case is connected to a pair of
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from a speedway on drew street. the man and car pictured could be connected to another robbery on state road 590 hours later. clearwater police worked during the overnight hours with the pinellas county sheriff's office. the agencies checked by air and by ground searching for any clues, any information they could find in connection with the 7-eleven robbery on drew street. so far, a description of person responsible has been provided. clearwater police described that person as a male, believed to be between 5' 5" and 5' 9" wearing a red sweatshirt, gray gloves and jeans at the time of the crime. anyone with any information about any of these cases, you're certainly urged to give the pinellas county sheriff's office or clearwater police a call in this case.
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so almost 7:08 and today in hillsborough county, a man charged with hitting and killing a tow truck driver is due in court for an arraignment. back in october 9, troy mcguire was loading up a car that was pulled over for racing. detectives say that gregory miller went off the road and hit mcguire. he's charged with property damage. several tow truck drivers plan to attend today's hearing to show their support for their former co-worker. >>laura: a teenage girl surrounding -- surviving months of abuse. the girl was not allowed to shower. wednesday michael higgins heard a cry coming from the woods and thought it was a prank and then spotted the girl, beaten and bruised, weighing just 86 pounds. deputies arrested those caregivers, chris and melissa peters. the couple is facing abuse and neglect charges this morning but they are denying all of it. 15-year-old boy related to the
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getting counselling. we know the name of the man who shot a florida police officer. according to the sanibel city manager, 49-year-old john webster hay drove by and shot officer marconi while sitting in his cruise other sunday. police chased hay and shot him during a shootout. he was released from the hospital and booked into jail. the officer is recovering at home. >>russell: a man accused of killing another police officer is behind bars in san antonio. capital murder of marconi. the officer was writing a traffic ticket when mccain shot the officer point blank through the window. no motive given but mccain said he was angry with the court system for not letting him see his son. it looks like donald trump is still not ready to make nice with "the new york times." he was scheduled to meet with reporters later today to clear the air but he just tweeted a
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the paper changed the terms and conditions the last minute. >>laura: trump criticized the paper throughout the election claiming inaccurate stories about him. trump continues to finalize his plans for the first 100 days in office and released new video with more details. 2 1/2 minutes video was posted to the transition facebook page. he said his agenda revolves around the principle of putting america first. that i the trans pacific partnership, protecting america's infrastructure from cyber attacks and continuing his plan to, quote, drain the swamp. >> as part of our plain to drain the swamp, we will impose a five-year ban on executive after they leave the bbyists - administration and a lifetime ban on executive officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. these are just a few -- >>laura: trump expects to make more announcements about his
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week. >>russell: and we know where president elect trump will be spending his thanksgiving, here in florida. he's heading to palm beach and you should expect security in the area to be very tight. air space will be restricted the next three days. coast guard will set up security zones on the waterways. president elect will arrive this afternoon, leave on friday morning. his vice president, mike pence, will be spending thanksgiving in mississippi where his son is stationed. another tsunami is threatening japan. dave waves have been. >>laura: and home for the holidays takes on a whole new meaning for one local hero. the amazing gift his family is getting today from the community. >>dave: beautiful start. just gorgeous again. granted, it is quite chilly. we have 30s and 40s on the map. but remember how fast it warmed up yesterday? same thing is going to happen today. we've got 30s and 40s inland, a couple of 50s along the coastline. temps today will be in the 70s.
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>>dave: the water has come down off the coast of japan today. fishermen getting back to work. it comes just hours after the area was under a tsunami warning following a massive earthquake. they did see some waves measuring about 4 1/2 feet and you can see them there in the video. getting close to shore but nothing that went over the flood walls. as for the quake, i no reports of major damages. now, here is the interesting thing. scientists think it was actually an after shock from the japanese quake that hit five years ago. remember that quake? 9.0? spawned that massive tsunami that killed more than 15,000 people? and after shock from that and they determined that by looking
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the quake happened yesterday and it probably happened right along the same fault line right in the area where it cracked before and that's how they determined that it was an after shock and not a new quake. plus we haven't seen a lot of other quakes since then. if it was a new quake, we would have a lot of after shocks from that. it's amazing. 7.4 after shock. that will show you how large that earthquake was back in thanksgiving, a couple of days away, right? we average about 76 degrees for a high. we average a low of about 59. the warmest day, 88 degrees back in 1958. the coldest, high temperature we have is 50 and the coldest morning, 31. none of these numbers are in jeopardy for this thanksgiving. nor is this. three inches of rain back in 1953. in fact, no rain at all. i think we'll be slightly,
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thanksgiving forecast as temperatures get closer and closer to 80 degrees. and i know what you're thinking. 80? it's 34 in brooksville and ocala. yes, it is that cold. 59 in st. petersburg but boy, as soon as you get just a couple of miles away from the water, it's a whole different ballgame with temperatures. those water temperatures in the upper 60s really help out the coast but then again, they just literally get so much colder. as the water, four, six, seven degrees warmer than yesterday so as cold as it is, as cold as it is, it is warmer than yesterday at this time. look at the forecast temps. 75 for today. tomorrow even nicer as we get back up to 78. that will clear the path getting back up to 80 by thanksgiving so sunny skies with a pleasant afternoon temperature. tonight i think what we'll do, bring it back to the 50s, even
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as cold as this morning. still enjoy a jacket tomorrow. by thanksgiving, a low of 62. let me tell you something. i know the turkey trotters are loving that because they saw that 30 on monday. look. please don't make it be like that on thursday morning. no. you're good. high temperature 80 on thursday and friday afternoon. >>vanessa: the turkey likes it also. shaking his tail. all right. thanks, dave. we're watching slower speeds along i-4 in the westbound direction in the area bor it's really between macintosh and thonotosassa where we're watching a crash that fhp says is blocking a left lane. i can't get a good camera angle but seeing slower speeds in the westbound direction. dropping to 32 miles an hour as you pass macintosh and looks like a lot of delays don't clear up until you hit the mango road area and then the delays trickling back towards thonotosassa. so leave a bit earlier if that's along your route. let you know if it gets bad enough as far as the delays are concerned that you have to avoid
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>>russell: thanks. it's almost 7:19. today in tampa, a new honor for the late reverend brown. cathy castor will help unveil a new bronze bust in east tampa. the post office was just renamed in his honor in 2013. brown's name is also on the football stadium at middleton high where he was a player and coach. brown was the pastor at first baptist church of college hill and founded abe brown ministries. he had cancer and was 83 getting a new home today and he won't have to pay a dime for it. just just lance ford is getting the home as part of the home depot campaign. staff sergeant served in iraq and afghanistan between 2010 and 2012. he was wounded in a road side bomb, losing most of his left leg and suffering a broken back
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the dedication is this morning at 10:00 a.m. everyone has their favorite dish at thanksgiving. after all the turkey and stuffing, you have to leave room for dessert. >>russell: and charley belcher is checking out one very busy place this morning. making some amazing pies. good morning. >>charley: that's right. it's a pumpkin pie or the pecan pie, we thought, let's talk to the number one pie guy in tampa bay and that's mike. mike's pies. nationwide restaurants, coast to coast, it is a big deal. and look at that. they have the key lime pie, gluten free key lime pie. my wife's favorite, and his desserts are everywhere. it really is this american dream come true. i'll explain, you'll meet mike and we'll tempt the taste buds
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where smiles have no limit... and wonder fills the air. where joy is the reason for it all... and everything is better together. come share it all... walt disney world resort. where holiday magic is endless. feel the magic again and again... ...become an annual passholder now and get 13 months
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topping headlines right
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an explosion inside an apartment in philadelphia. >>laura: it happened a few hours ago, calling the blom squad, putting the entire neighborhood on alert. it looks like the cause may not be that sinister. police say a 62-year-old man was opening a package delivered to his home last night and they believe that it was filled with inhalers. and those devices have been known to explode before. man has injuries to his hands and chest but it's not clear how severe. several homes on evacuated as a precaution. a dramatic encounter in davis county, utah. a state trooper took on a one wrong driver causing both to crash. his daring move likely saved several lives in the process. trooper got a call on his radio about the wrong way driver and raced to top him. trooper passed a car going in the same direction as him and he flashed lights to pull over to avoid the collision. he went around him and then bumped the car so it would spin
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remarkably, no serious injuries and that driver has been charged with d.u.i. >>russell: holiday travellers to and out of chicago have avoided a travel nightmare this thanksgiving. hundreds of workers at o'hare international airport plan to walk off the job, but they now plan to delay that strike until after thanksgiving. they didn't want to mess up anybody's holiday plans. the baggage handlers, cabin cleaners and wheelchair attendants are all seeking union rights kanye west is getting treatment for exhaustion. he's been suffering from sleep deprivation after working long hours with his concerts and fashion company. he cancelled the rest of his tour, including a stop in orlando. >>dave: put your sunglasses on before you look at this picture because it's beautiful. lakeland, you didn't give people a chance to put on their sunglasses before -- i'm just
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i think next couple of hours will warm things up very quickly. tampa at 50. 37 in brandon and highs today will get back to the mid 70s. enjoy it. >>vanessa: certainly will. and it's about to be 7:26. we want to give you this sky fox shot of i-4 westbound. earlier we were unable to see the nature of the blockages here of that early reported crash in the area of macintosh road. it's going to be westbound before you get to macintosh and we see shoulder so that's good news, even though it is looking slow in the area, we have no travel lanes blocked so we shouldn't expect any serious delays. 15 minutes between buchman and 75 and normal congestion on southbound 275 approaching the interchange. >>russell: things you can do to keep your valuables safe while shopping this holiday season and locking the car doors, that's just the beginning.
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plane. walteral sen going to give us a preview of tampa's next extreme attraction. this looks so fun, walter. >>walter: there's nothing to see here. they haven't fired it up yet. i can't wait until they do that. of course, ifly here in the brandon area, it looks like so much fun and then you see the guys that really know what they're doing. it's amazing. we're going to talk to these
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this half hour: >>laura: coming up this half hour, how do we know it's cold this morning? you don't need a thermostat to check out the water.
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in the teco viewing center. they were there rushing to the warmer water. they do it every year, this time of year, and it's so great to see. welcome to "good day." the time is 7:30. >>russell: so how long do the manatees and us humans have to worry about this chilly weather? dave knows the answer. >>dave: you know what? the afternoons are beautiful so it's just the mornings we've been dealing with. maybe one more morning, really that's going to be about it. now, today technically warmer than it was yesterday at this time. i see 30s crystal river, brooksville, brandon, bartow, 40s in many other places but don't worry. we rebound nicely with temperatures in the mid 70s for highs. enjoy it. >>russell: millions of americans will be hitting the grocery store the next few days, stocking up for the biggest meal of the area. >>laura: one group isn't shopping for their families. they're about to feed dozens of
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park with more on this story. it is the spirit of the season. right, ken? >>reporter: everybody is talking about giving to charity, to poor people, to one another. pinellas park fire department is not only thinking about giving, they're actually giving to folks. it starts a short time from now. the firefighters are going to be coming here and buying things for more than a dozen needy families. let me introduce to you deputy chief, it's gary. yo for a number of years. this is nothing new for you. >> that's correct. we've been doing this over 15 years. we usually pick 12 to 15 families for the holiday season, families in need. they basically are going to be given a thanksgiving dinner. we'll buy all the fixings and everything for them here. we'll deliver it out to them after the event so these families are very thankful that we're here during the holiday season. >>reporter: it's difficult to
7:33 am
applications? is there a greater need or maybe less need these days? >> we stay pretty steady during the year. several families we have, we've had them for several years. they have small children, we've actually watched the children grow. so it's really, really neat that we can go out there and assist these families year after year. >>reporter: you do this for thanksgiving. you're not done. for christmas you do something else. what happens then? >> we do a toy drive so we go out and buy toys. some are given to on christmas eve, we have a toy delivery. we'll have the fire trucks go out and do a delivery for christmas eve. >>reporter: aside from holiday things, due something interesting. when there's a fire, you give them a packet at that point. what's in it and why do you give them that stuff? >> we created an after the fire kit. it's really kind of neat. we put a little tool box together and we will have the essentials in there. we could have soaps, toiletries, we'll have toothpaste and what's really unique about this is we
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pinellas park that donate a lot of these products for us. and the couple times we have used it has worked really, really well for us. >>reporter: i think it's a matter of caring. you get a sense of caring when you're able to give to someone else. when i was a kid, we got a turkey as well because our family was not doing very well at that point because of illness and other things and it makes you get a sense there's a community of people that may or may not know that care about me. so what a nice thing to do on >>laura: so true. you reach out and if you're lucky, somebody reaches back. thank you, ken. all right. let's get a check of morning sports with dave osterberg. >>dave: i don't know if you had a chance to see this, but we begin with monday night showdown. south of the border, that's right. the nfl played monday night football last night in mexico city. only the second game ever played in that country. now, technically this was a home
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houston texans. carr with two touchdown passes to seal the win as oakland beats houston. raiders get the fourth straight win for just the first time in 2002. the field conditions were a bit of a challenge as well. stadium was 7300 feet above sea level. higher elevation than any nfl stadium so players were seen gasping for air and at one point, the r a time out just to catch their breath. wow. lightning finally heading home after a long five game road trip that wrapped up in nashville. taking on the predators, tough battle for the bolts. nashville got the first score in less than five minutes. and then the predators started pulling way in the second period. they pick up a power play goal. ben bishop didn't have time to react to this. 2-0 at that point and just three minutes after that, the preds keep up the pressure after
7:36 am
bishop. watch this hit. he took a shot and went head first into the boards. comes up bloody but you know what? he's a hockey player. put a band-aid on it, get back in the game, right? this night belonged to predators as they beat the bolts 3-1. laura? >>laura: those athletes are tough. opening day in hillsborough county, an goes indoors. >>russell: it is a sky diving simulator called ifly and this building is on palm river road next to something you may have heard of, top golf. and walter is out there for the high flying fun. good morning. >>walter: good morning there, guys. didn't it look like fun? it was amazing. daniel lovitt, you were doing the imagine in this case there. how do you do that? >> lots of practice, lots of
7:37 am
environment so we go step by step. it's broken down into different structures and levels to make the learning process a lot easier. >>walter: you get a lot of people given the fact we don't have this in our area right now so you're getting a lot of first timers out here. what do you like as an instructor? what do you like to see with the first timers? >> i like to see people get in, try to relax, have a good time and see something they wouldn't normally do. this is pretty intense for some people so it's nice to see them come and maybe overcome some fears and r whatever they want to. >>walter: you were mentioning to me how you kind of -- you were all over the place. you were flying, dipping and doing flips. that's something you had to work on over the years, right? walk me through the positions and directions and stuff. >> okay. when you first start out flying, you'll be on your belly. normal learning sky dive position. forward and backwards, up and
7:38 am
movements. you do those and then you can fly on your back. you learn the same eight points of movement. and then upside down, what you saw me do at the end. the wind speed is faster when you're vertical. so with the wind being a lot faster when you lay into it, you can generate some power and that's how you go to the top. >>walter: how many hours do you have in there? >> probably about 2,000 now. >>walter: and you sky dive as well. is there a difference between the two? >> so physics work exactly the turn in the sky. now, your adrenaline comes into play more when you're jumping out of the airplane but as far as the physics and flying portion goes, exactly the same. it's a great training tool for sky diving. >>walter: how young? >> this is one of the only things that the entire family can do. anybody from three to 103 we like to say can fly. little kid, you know, grandpa, grandma, anybody can do it. >>walter: that's awesome. thank you so much. we're going to look forward to
7:39 am
this morning. and there's another instructor here as well. stay with us this morning. we're going to talk more about this place and the different groups of people and you can come out and do team building and do field trips, that sort of thing. they have interesting thing. they have a teacher to talk about physics and all the science and the math and all of this stuff that goes into it and why it would be a good idea for a field trip, too. we'll talk about that all morning long. >>russell: looks great. cool. we'll see you later, man. thanks. thanksgivi away. that means the holiday shopping season is upon us as well. >>laura: before you drive off to the stores, stick around. in traffic tip tuesday, how to protect your car and your gifts
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>>dave: what a beautiful start to the day. i know it's chilly. i know you need jackets this morning but boy, if you think about the month in general, the stretch of weather that we've had, granted it's been dry but really pretty, too. 34 right now in crystal river. 34 degrees in brooksville. we'll bump it up 10 to 44 in leesburg. brandon is back above 40 degrees. look at the difference. you don't think that the waters of tampa bay and the gulf play into this at all? look. mid to upper 50s in parts of pinellas county. you go a few miles inland and you're in the lower 40s. there's the big difference. jackets are needed for most right through about, say, 10:00 hour but then we're good after that. sunshine and dry air are going to warm us up quickly. colder to the north. panama city at 30. tallahassee at 33.
7:44 am
jacksonville at 38. wee talk about the moisture levels and they're lovely. dew points in the 20s and 30s. that's giving us big yo-yo temperatures. up to 70, down to 40. up to 70, down to 40. while we're going to start to bring in a little bit more surface moisture over the next couple of days, average out the dew points in the 50s and that will mean we don't have as big temperature swings as we've had the past couple of days. wall to wall sunshine, gorgeous with the light northly looks like temperatures today rebound by getting right back up into the mid 70s for this afternoon so we'll run four or five degrees warmer than we did yesterday. yesterday at this time, we were talking about tropical depression number 16 saying this is going to become -- could become a hurricane. it's close to being a hurricane right now. now, no matter, it is expected with 70 mile-per-hour winds now to start to move toward the west and into central america over
7:45 am
eventually probably dying out so this poses no threat to the - lower 48. even though it's in the 30s in some spots this morning, we're still talking about the hurricane season. that's why it goes through november 30 for that reason because sometimes once every couple of years, you get a storm in november. 75 for a high temp today with sunny skies and pleasant. just very pleasant afternoon temps. out not as cold. 59 degrees the overnight low. tomorrow's high around 78. 80 for you on thursday and for friday. vanessa? >>vanessa: we'll check back here on i-4 and the westbound direction, we're seeing slowdowns approaching that earlier crash site that's off on the right shoulder at this point, approaching macintosh and the delays you can see are pretty much the same as before so make sure you're planning a
7:46 am
approaching macintosh road as we told you before, that's the crash on the side. look at the veterans expressway, nice and green. certainly take that. really don't start to see any sort of pops of yellow or red until you get to the bottom near the courtney campbell causeway. overall, top to bottom, taking just 10, 11 minutes or so and northbound direction about the same so enjoy. it is 7:46. we're going to switch gears and get to tuesday traffic tip and we're talking aboutol travel, holiday safety tips. maybe you're going out and doing some shopping so we'll bring in officer roy with the tampa police department. i have like the strange urge to buy like brawny paper towels. you're getting your money's worth. this is a fundraising effort on the tpd's part s. that correct? >> that is correct. so beards for bucs. officers don't usually get to
7:47 am
it until january 1. >>vanessa: we're looking forward to see how this progresses over the weeks. for our tuesday traffic tip, we're focussing on the holidays and walk us through some tips, how folks can protect themselves. >> happy tuesday and happy holidays to everyone. yes, we're finally here. the holiday season. you know, out on the holiday season, the day after thanksgiving is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and the tampa police department is going huge presence out at all the malls and things so i'm going to try to deter criminal activity. but we're still asking for everyone's help, okay? so one of the criminals that we have to worry about when we're out at these malls driving into the parking lots is the opportunist criminal. this is the criminal looking for an opportunity to take advantage of someone. one of the biggest tips that we can give everyone is to please lock your doors and keep your windows up. it sounds kind of easy and silly
7:48 am
and that's where they get taken advantage of. put your valuables in the trunk of your car. don't leave those things laying out. purses also. you know, ladies carry two bags with them, one to carry money and stuff and others that care makeup and things. they leave them in the front seat of the car. bad guy doesn't know if that's your purse or that bag that you don't care about examine they'll break your window to get in. use the cargo covers. when you get packages or you get your gifts and things that you're b in your trunk or you put them in the back of your car, if you have a cargo cover, pull that thing over so it's not obvious. this is the opportunist criminal. he's looking for an opportunity, something to catch his attention to go to your car. and also -- i'm sorry. my brain just went -- >>vanessa: bring it home if you have the time to go back home and drop off your stuff? >> exactly.
7:49 am
with driving home and putting those things up at your house. don't leave them out again. that opportunist criminal is out there. look. if someone wants to get arrested this holiday season, one of the easiest places to do it is to go to the mall. we have police officers out there like crazy. however, they will still try. >>vanessa: look at that. >> please do not give them an opportunity to take advantage of you and just lock those doors and put those packages up if you can. >>vanessa: some good ts holiday shopping experience and a safe holiday driving experience. thanks so much for being with us, officer roy. >> thank you very much and see you soon. >>vanessa: we'll see you and your beard next week. we'll get to you guys. normally i toss to charley, right? >>russell: just us. >>laura: we normally give the time. that's way past the 5:00 shadow. >>russell: it looks real good. >>laura: thank you for being here. i love having him. >>russell: before we go to the
7:50 am
dining table. >>laura: a lot of people in tampa will do some thanksgiving food shopping. where charley belcher is, what a perfect place to be on your special day, mike's pies. >>charley: what's your favorite thanks giving day dessert? >>laura: speet sweet potato casserole and pecan pie. >>russell: i think pecan pie. >>charley: i have to go pumpkin on thanksgiving. >>laura: i like pie but that's a cake. why do they call it a pie? that's a discussion for another time. you can get it all here at p mike's pies and we'll talk about the desserts nationwide, sold everywhere across the u.s.a. but this is really not a story of dessert but the story of the american dream that came out of
7:51 am
? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. hey! is this enough? a little more...
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there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, . it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
7:53 am
>>charley: "good day." i'm charley belcher coming from tampa today from mike's pies, inc. yep. i don't know about you but i'm thinking about that thanksgiving meal and then dessert afterwards so with desserts in mind, we thought we would go to the number one pie guy, mike's pies. i love this story, mike, becaus
7:54 am
action may lead to something that you didn't see coming and the action for you was, you got impatient waiting for your mom to make the cherry cobbler? >> that's true. that's true. i was 27 when i learned how to make cherry pie. >> why were you waiting on it? why wasn't she making it? >> in the spring, it was after thanksgiving and i was thinking about a cherry pie and i don't need to wait. i think i can make those myself. so over in melbourne and i said, all right. show me how to make the cherry pie. when i got married, we started giving the pie as way as christmas presents to our neighbors and they were like, you should sell these. after two years, it finally dawned on me, i could sell these. >>charley: when did you sell your first pie? >> 1992. march of 1992. >>charley: and now you're everywhere. you're nationwide and this is a
7:55 am
waters in tampa and you can outgrow this place eventually. can you get the big boys a run for their money nationwide? >> we're hanging with them. cool thing about it is, you know, the way we do -- go about our business, we make everything to order, all of our competitors make them, warehouse them and how they sell before they expire. but everything is made to order so when our customers taste the product, i mean, it's a home doing the same thing we were doing as we moved out of florida but we're now in california and colorado and all the way up to maine and nobody is doing what we're doing still. >>charley: you're in grocery stores nationwide. >> yes. >>charley: you're in restaurants nationwide. big deal here obviously. what is the goal? just more? more stores? more restaurants? more name recognition? >> you know, as i talk to my
7:56 am
tapped into maybe 15% of the florida market. that's our biggest market. the rest of the country is still untapped business. we're just trying to get out there and find the customers who are looking for quality and we find those customers, they most often buy. >>charley: where can people find you local ly? >> in restaurants? >>charley: or grocery stores. >> now i'm going to hack somebody off. >>charley: go to mikes i guarantee you on the website you can find out where to b >>charley: that's the short answer. everywhere. i can't wait to look around. show me behind-the-scenes here? >> yeah. >>charley: i feel like willie wonka. all right. stay tuned because we're going to take you on a great ride through mike's pies. >>russell: very nice. see you later, okay? >>laura: thanks, charley. >>russell: parents work hard to make certain their children are safe when it comes to health.
7:57 am
change now. >>laura: and chipotle is facing a lawsuit this morning. why some say the nutritional facts don't add up and how you
7:58 am
7:59 am
((russell three fourth graders.. a first grader.. and a kindergartener.. young lives lost three fourth graders a first grader and kindergartner young lives lost on the school bus ride home. this morning the bus driver is facing charges.
8:00 am
letter being sent to every administrator in florida by u.s. secretary of education. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey eshths it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. is tuesday november 22nd. we thank you for waking up with us we want to get straight to gave for look at that cold forecast. is cold outside. and you know what, this is the perfect time to check on our friends. our friends the >> yeah down at the teco power plant. because they've gathering there after a couple of cold nights. we know this is the time of year that they get there. and they do that. no? we're not doing that? okay. we're getting there. oh look there they are. >> gosh, just so cool you get down there check them out and they are all just kind hovered around trying to stay warm. as you get that warm water coming out of plant, and that's,


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