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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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anksgiving sale at havertys. life looks good. not even president yet, but president-elect donald trump is working to keep jobs here. in the u-s-a-... santa clauses donald trump working to keep jobs here in the u s of a. santa clauss are all over america in mall. one special santa is not going to be around. why fashion santa is no more. >> and good friday morning hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving. >> i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes.
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yeah. a little warm. yeah. it's okay. yeah. you know you're starting to notice the maybe feels a little humid outside as well. >> yeah. we've got a series cold fronts which will work their way through next couple of days then knock that humidity down. you know really use this rain. isn't amazing. we'vomy had 1 hundredth of an inch of rain so far this month. we dry out pretty quickly. you don't get that rain. but it's not a bad start. we do have clouds overhead. 68 degrees right now. kind of break some clouds up as we go through the and we'll kind average out with cloudy skies during afternoon. >> 70 degrees right now here in tampa. start out in the 50s to our north. places like brooksville you're in the 50s. crystal river, you bounce back up to 66 degrees. sarasota currently sitting at 72 degrees. you might have relatives having to head to the airport. right now things are actually really quiet across the country. not seeing any major delay reported at the airports. and really, actually pretty
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bit rain out west. otherwise, really a nice week of weather heading our way. talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. all right, jim, we're starting to see some activity now along i-4. westbound i-4 at county line road. it looks like rescue has responded to vehicle fire here. you can see that has put out all off to the side. but this fire truck does have that far right lane blocked. just minor slow down here you will road ranger on scene as well. two lanes traffic looks pretty light out there do watch for this problem spot if you're head throughed this area pinellas county drivers and accident along ulmerton road belcher, that's in clearing stages. taking look at the traffic centers it doesn't look like much in way of a delay. you may find just a minor slow down through the intersection. all right. courtney, thank you. in just 56 days, president-elect trump will be sworn into office. the scramble to make event a party is under way.
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president-elect has some limitations. he set a limit for corporation to million dollar donation. but there is no limit for individuals. and while they raise money, the trump transition team is trying to iron out which musician will perform. and there are rumors as to who this may be but no solid information just yet. yesterday president-elect trump tweeted a few times, first to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. then this, i am working hard even on thanksgiving trying to et good carrier ac company making progress. we will know soon. carrier based in indiana and previously announced they were moving 1400 jobs to mexico. but they did confirm they have had several conversations with the incoming administration. but said there is nothing to announce at this time. and president-elect trump has used twitter for seven years now. and he continues to in which the public and his follower using that platform. and as doug luzader tells us now he's on verge of taking his
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new level. president obama may have ushered presidency into twitter age but president trump could bring all to new level. he's called people dopey, loser and a crooked. soon he will handed reigns of potus. his ability to a control this side of himself in such a crisis, if it comes will have lot to do everything else he's trying to achieve. >> trump has promised to be more restrained as president. since he won the election he's back and forth sometimes lashing out sometimes sounding magnanimous. as much trump supporter may debate about proper tone political dissoon to be first lady millan ya will make a cause going after cyber bullies. bullying has ab around fog long time cyberbullying relatively new. not new topic she has to
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go wrong. it's, it's a great topic to try and improve their lives. >> and when president takes over at potus it will be something of step down. trump's account has around skinny million followers at potu has just over 12 million. of course both of them far behind singer katy perry who is approaching 100 million. the clocking in a paltry 1600 or so i'm doug luzader, fox all right today in chicago a protest is planned, another one. the purpose is to disrupt black friday shoppers loo along what is known as the magnificent mile high end shops along michigan avenue. >> but after the election season and the subsequent protests after protests some are warning group to be careful. people maybe tuning out with what's called protest fatigue. others say people you express
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this movement has accomplish ad great deal in terms of keeping this problem on the front burner. and letting public know that something needs to be done about this. they may have a message, they may have an agenda. but for most part these young people who really don't understand what's going on. >> now while conservatives may write off these protesters as paid hacks some political insider say gop here and not try to write them off. they they say learn from hillary clinton who called the trump supporters uneducated and deplorable. well, it may be black friday today madness started last night. this is video from inside a walmart in bentonville, arkansas. shoppers inside everywhere looking for the best deals. then in san francisco this is macy's . again last night when store
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>> alexandria virginia at the bestbuy. people hitting stores after having their thanksgiving meal looking for best bargains on everything from tablets to big screen 4 k tvs even though the prices are slashed companies are expecting big time money to flow. last year more than $60 billion was spent on this one weekend alone. but how are things looking at the bestbuy in alcides is frozen. we're we'll unfreeze him. yes. no. go token. what do you want to do anne marie. go token. we'll go token. we'll go. he tampa preem outlets doing a little shopping you should have seen number he picked up for russell last hour. what do you got right now ken snooim also ready to do something fun and exciting you have to admit that you probably all over ate last night we want to tone up take off some weight and today black friday we want
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for you jessica. she's from club pilates. first one opening up in carrollwood you will get discounts and put kick people into shape, right? yes, i totally am. we're giving 20 percent discount off lifetime membership. which is about 135. we're offering free demo classes. we open after holidays on january 6th you will open other ones in state and other ones in the bay area? 10 more in the state in the tampa area we're opening two more. and more in orlando coming soon. at >> yes pro athletes, kobe bryant is doing it. a lot nfl players use it a great cross training for their body. so we understand some tv reporter on morning show oar going to get into this right now you will see very bad angle trust me. which way we going to look what we have down here pink mats. which tooush first. your head willed go right here and lie down facing camera. oh this way.
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all right. what do you do thp lion your back. i got this wrong. and we're going to go in a classic 100. so you're going to lie down your arms are by your sides. your knees are meant you are coming a table top 90 degree angle. you're going to flex your toes to your nose. straight up from sides and take nice extend your arms and breathe. you're going to start pumping those arms. good. you want to take glance at your belly button and really draw that belly button down to your spine. >> my belly button is covered by fat. 5 inhales to your nose and 5 ex hails to your mouth.
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nose, five exhales through your mouth. not that i'm dying folks. not that at all i want to honor anne marie. what this is going to do for me? >> this is amazing to help prevent any kind of injury to your spine. so a lot of people that do pilates is rehabilitative work. any age, for every body whether you're teenager senior or pro athlete. it's amazing well as your core. okay they will opening in carrollwood and other places. i never thought that it would in this position to be on television. who knew. back to you guys. >> all right. ken, thank you. fun. >> see ya. let's go back outside to russell now. hey russ. all right. all right. i think we have alcides now. let's get getty to him at the bestbuy. >> hey. >> i'm here. i am here.
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1,000 block of north dale mabry. we were here early this morning when they opened their doors 8 o'clock amy there was about 100 people waiting outside to come in most part store has been busy nonstop all morning long. and that's expected to continue all weekend long as well. but i got to tell you i mean black fridays of old is long gone. is now four-day shopping yeah, look somebody even gave me thumbs up exactly what's going on. you know, there was a lot of stores a lot stores best bile walmart target, macy's and j c pennies and are actually opening their door on thursday in thanksgiving day later in evening later on in afternoon lot of people are doing their shopping after they are eating their turkey dinner. so when it comes to black friday, those big sales aren't really there. for most part if you go shopping this morning you will see some sales. but those door busters, they are still some left. but not whole lot.
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items are long gone by now. with that said, again you can still save a ton of money. when was last time russel and laura you saw a printer an hp printer for 20 bucks. i mean come on seriously $20. i mean the ink cartridges cost more than that. >> a lot of tvs >> yeah fantastic deal. you kidding me. they got you know led and 4k latest and greatest televisions are in front of the the back of the store as well. but again you're not going to see, the 4k, 40 inch for 30 bucks, you can still save a couple hundred dollars on televisions really depending on what you want you can save cash out here. very nice. all right, alcides, thank you. see you later on, man. still ahead. we're talking this morning about the loss of a tv icon. florence henderson. talk about that next. and it's speaking of someone
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santa. remember him? he wasn't hired this year. we will tell you why coming up next. and then there's jen at the humane society. the box of chocolates going home one at a time, right? that's right russell. lucky number 3. yeah has been chosen. look at this beautiful little puppy. this is lana. and they already came with an outfit for this little girl and everything. look she's ready for christmas. that's great. i know. how you want to give her a little kiss? yes. oh. beautiful. she's one luckiest little girls in tampa bay isn't she? so cute. oh. stay with us we will talk to lucky number 2 who selected
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((take sot)) :08 here's the story, of a lovely lady, who was them had hair of gold like their mother. the youngest one in curls. :24 ((russell/vo con't)) that's the beginning of the now-classic sit-com, the brady bunch. it onl wow. beginning of now classic brady bunch. on for five seasons and even when it was new, not a huge hit. it became one in syndication. we all watched it. got sad news to report this morning. everybody favorite mom nor florence henderson began her stage on broadway always going
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issue ad statement last night saying she died peacefully surrounded by family and friends. in 1999 she was asked how she'd like to remembered. probably as someone who survived for a long time in a very tough business. and hopeful managed to retain a sense of humanity. florence henderson was 82 years old. >> you did i was reading her obituary. i knew this a little bit about her. she was one, she was also on the today show in like the late 50s, early 60s. she, she was one of the people on the today i mean she had an amazing pioneering tv career. she had a great career. that's the thing everybody knows her for that one role right there. but she did it great. yeah. you know, it looks like it should cold outside. it looks like it should almost be raining too. lot of clouds overhead right now. a we go through morning going to break clouds up a little bit. in fact that is you look at the beach, we're actually look beautiful looking dae. look at that right there. that is clearwater beach.
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so break these up and arch out partly cloudy skies as we go through the afternoon. we're starting out very mild as well. right now we're at 70 degrees. the dew point, that's kind of the key here, that dew point creeping up over past several days. you step outside and starting to notice it doesn't have that nice crisp feel to the air. yahoo midst is 76 percent. winds are currently out northeast three miles an how very mild everywhere you go back across northern counties you ar sarasota 72. another view across the state showing scattered clouds a couple showers off east coast none of that heading in our direction. we're just watching really a series of cold fronts which will work their way across the deep south pushing into the state. each one of these comes through. we dry things out. just a little bit. incidentally as we get towards middle next week might finally get that one cold front that works its way through here and slight chance of showers.
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skies. a mild one >> head back inside a get a check of the morning commute. >> we're pretty good shape we do have one problem spot along westbound i-4. at county line road. you can see here, an earlier vehicle fire. that's been put out authorities still on scene. looks like road ranger pretty much out still have that far right lane blocked. just minor slow down here westbound i-4 looks like heavy traffic back back to polk parkway entrance ramp. rest interstates moving along pretty well southbound 275 bearss to i-4 only about nine minutes at the time. all right. you remember this video from los angeles, we showed it to you. this was wednesday night. nothing but headlights for as far as the eye can see.
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thousands of people families trying to get where they needed to go for thanksgiving. imagine you're stuck in that type of traffic while you're trying to get your child to hospital. that happened to one i don't thinkers kwom she and her father were on their way but stuck in traffic. baby would not wait. it happened on the side of the highway in paramedics were called out there. got there six minutes too late. but we're happy to report both mom and baby are doing okay. man. what story that will be for the rest of that baby's life. you remem we told you about him last year he's known fashion santa. he was the santa claus at maul in can at that. his real name paul mason. he's a model. but capitalized on sexy santa and his photos went viral he became an international superstar. aapparently he will not be fashion santa this year the mallory placed him he's not too happy about it either. listen. >> i'm the real fashion santa. so that's, you know that's the
9:21 am
came, we couldn't come to an agreement on the property rights of who actually owns fashion santa. and you know, i feel i invested in it i created it. and it was my concept. and >> mason went on to say not about money although he didn't and come out and see mall couldn't agree on the direction fashion santa was going. so the mall told to rehire paul mach he would not return their calls. so they moved on and hired another fashion santa. we want to point out, that these are all santa helpers real guys up in north pole busy. we want to stress that. all right. stay with us, what happens when it is fastest man in the world and comedian do a rap battle? very funny skit you sane bolt verse james corden. we've got it coming up for you a
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way to bring enthusiasm laughter
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welcome back to good day tampa bay. happy black friday some people around worried pushing and shoving a lines bestbuy and malls. only love here this more than at the humane society of tampa bay. not only are the 12 chocolate labs going home today, there's also a line for huge discounts. but let's talk about the brewer family. good morning. >> you picked your chocolate lab. your number 2 on the list, right? so talk to me about the
9:25 am
hear how many people were vying for these dogs? a ton of people. 500. no, 900. yeah. luck of the draw i guess. sure was. what's your name? >> ethan. >> ethan. ethan is this your dog? are you taking this dog home? oh my gosh. how did you pick? were you like that's the one? >> that was the one. this is the one did you try to give him kisses yet? dew alike getting kisses >> yes. i bet. can i look at that face. look at that smile. let me come i will talk to mom. come on over to mom. so, talk to me a little bit about your application. i mean, 900 and yours was chosen. yeah he actually emailed first to see when they first posted it. she was like oh first come first serve we will be here 7 o'clock. and then i was like okay. shouldn't she email we're going to do applications i put it right in. meant to be i guess. meant to be. this is an early christmas
9:26 am
yes. does ethan have to walk your new dog you going to walk your puppy? >> did you come up with a name yet i know some people are keeping names other people are changing them. have you decide? what's his name? >> um, do you remember your puppy's name? what is it? don't know. captain. >> is it captain? >> yeah. say captain hook because we have a wendy at home. you have another dog at home named wendy. that's captain. >> yeah he looks like a captai go with it. oh my gosh. what a lucky boy you are little guy. are you excited to go home and play with your puppy? >> yes. >> so. well congratulations to you guys. you are very lucky. so there are i guess then there were 7, russell. 7 other chocolate labs waiting to go home. the picking and choosing process is happening as we speak. you can see couples are coming in families are stopping by and
9:27 am
which one loves them back the most. so exciting russell. pretty neat. i will tell you it's pretty neat to watch this happen. i'm glad we're there. glad you're there. and let me tell you that line is pretty long too. so even though you can't get a chocolate lab there are still plenty of other animals waiting to go home. perfect. beautiful day. all right. hey jen, talk to you later, okay. >> all right.
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((laura//2shot)) charges could be announced today in the fatal shooting of a wayne state university police charges could announce today a fatal shooting wayne state university police officer appear prosecution say a decision will be made on whether to charge a suspect in the death of an officer collin rose. 29-year-old was shot in the head tuesday night. while investigating a string of car break-ins he died a day question just a few blocks from where rose was shot but without the gun that was used. investigation continues into what happened although witnesses say they awe soifr try to hand cue suspect. officer rose fell, then two more shots. in louisville kentucky were two were killed and four other injured in shooting a park it happened during annual youth football game.
9:31 am
police have not made in arrests just yet and they are searching for possible suspects. northern california woman reunited with her family after she was reported missing three weeks ago. investigators say she was spotted flagging down a motorist along an interstate. she was bound with restraints. detectives believe she was abducted while jogging near her home november 2nd. it's 150 miles from where she was discovered. officials say she spent thanksgiving though with her husband and with her two children. we ha tragic story this morning. a woman was stuck on the side of the road in lake wales. deputy adam stopped to help her. when a truck hit them both and took off. the woman died. and deputy was severely injured. now, almost a month later, we're getting some good news. deputy and his wife asked polk county sheriff's office to post what he's thankful for. look at this picture. >> it reads in part, there is
9:32 am
we have been more grateful. we're thankful for miraculous recovery and continues to make each and every day. as we continue on this long road we're ever so thankful that we have the support that we do. our prayers each and every one of you take this time, this thanksgiving, to look around and be thankful for the small things in life much love, and appreciation. >> post also said they are overwhelmed with the thoughts that prayers, support and generous gifts from the community. as they work through a challenging time. now thanksgiving is over black friday is here. that means sales. and deep discounts. fox 13 ken suarez is where it is all happening tampa premium outlets. hello again. hey how you are you guys? we've talking about how a lot of people have not been out earlier today. well, take look behind me still not lot of people here. this not a bad time to come i understand from people who know that really starts to get heavy in the afternoons. people that know are standing
9:33 am
you know that i have a very bad memory. so they are helping me with a pneumonic device to remember their names. it was either that or put it on my hand which i did not do. mtl, mtl. this is melanie. terry and that's lindsay. that's pretty good for me. you guys were out early this morning. this is not the first place you've stopped. you went to where else? we've tobacco home depot, and target. what did you get a home depot? poinsettias $0.99 poin seven at thats they are big and beautiful. out your mom said they sell out. and what happened last year they sold out first bunch and terry. sometimes they come later with more. but not always. you also want went to another story, target. toys. you need lot of toys. because because you have from what you said before terry, hundreds thousands of grandchildren. these guys look really, really young you guys together have how many kids? i have three she has 2.
9:34 am
you hit disney store pretty heavy. what did you get here and how much of a discount did you get? >> let's show people. what is this? >> this is a spiderman suitcase. and it was $25 with 20 percent off. everything's 20 everything was an additional 20 percent off. only until 10 o'clock. so you're getting kind of under the wire. what's in the bottom of this deal? more ts disney jacket. that's probably all of it. disney jackets. oh. oh, yeah. i mean we've got, we hit goal mine, jackets. i think slipper. i'd go for those. puzzles. and new show wm with the he lana dolls and costume disney. who is this? the new princes elena.
9:35 am
christmas list or what? yeah. no. no. no. i think even when i think i am i keep going. what happens after this you take girls out for breakfast? we will go eat soon. isn't that sound like a good idea. you gate good discount and go out to each, which roy, you think that's a good idea for us as well? ca sure. i like these guys. they have a good fashion sense. look. i love these. is it that one? i don't know. these. if anybody wants to get me gift get me spiderman beauties. okay. next live shot. that's what i'm wearing. see you guys. be good. i would run from you if i were out shopping today i just want you to know i would run from you right now. all right. see you later, my friend. bye. all right another busy store is bestbuy today.
9:36 am
high tech gament without the high price. fox 13 alcides segui has been a local bestbuy all morning long. hello alcides. hey, how are you? so did he say spiderman beauties? >> because my kids would love those. oh my gosh. awesome. those are a hit. those around hit. so here you go. door busters still available at the buy. 1,000 block on north dale mabry. there still plenty of items that were door busters y that are trickling over into today. a lot of them right here. right in front of you. lot 4 k tvs. a lot of printers as well. items 3, 400 bucks are long gone. you can still save a ton of money on televisions. so with that said, what's the shopping look like? what's atmosphere look like here at the beggings buy? packed.
9:37 am
long. when doors open 8 o'clock this morning a little less than 100 people outside. they came in. it's been nonstop all morning. but you know, we've been saying it all morning long that black friday shopping spree where thousands of people where hundreds of people go to bestbuy they camp out and they, they wait for best deal. i think that's long gone. that one day shopping is long gone. now it's more of a 4-day thing where sunday. now carrying over into monday. with cyber monday. in fact, look at the lights here joe. i mean it's wrapped around. i mean it's slowed down a little bit. it will pick up like it is right now. but for most part if you're going out shopping today you can expect long lines, expect a lot of people at the stores. that expect that through the weekend into monday. with that said, law enforcement officers are urging folks, if you are going shopping make sure you're aware of your surroundings make sure you know what's going on.
9:38 am
put it in your purse. make sure you are aware what's happening in your house or in your car if you're buying something, put it in the trunk. right? don't leave it so someone can see it and take it. all right last live shot off the day. and i am so excited about it, baby. good for you. yes it's time to go home. yes. we're going to i'm going to go home and get something to eat. i'm hungry. you deserve it. ah jim weber. we will get over to you. it's weird outside. looks like it will rain. >> yeah it has that look. it looks like it's going rain. it looks likes it should be cold. none of that a little muggy outside right now. and overhead we're looking a lot of clouds. you want to find the sun you head out to the beach. because we're actually looking some pretty nice looking weather. this actually from our usf marine science camera looking to the east. you can see some of the clouds there. but overhead, actually seeing a nice looking day.
9:39 am
cloudy skies as we go through the afternoon. but that easterly wind today means going to be another warm. right now we're already at 70 degrees. that dew point, that's moisture creeping back in that's why you step outside and you just don't have that crisp refreshing feel like we had at the beginning of the week. currently winds are very light out northeast three miles appear an hour. you look off to eastern side of state notice stewart already the 81 degrees. vero beach 72. melbourne 76 over in st. petersburg, 69. and downtown sarasota, currently sit 872 degrees. got a couple of cold fronts working there way across much the deep south. and as we go through the weekend we get little fronts that kind of work their way through here. we're not going to see huge changes lieu clear out clouds maybe dry it out a little bit knock that temperature downs daytime high a little bit. yesterday we were at 83 degrees for an daytime high yeah degrees
9:40 am
81 under partly cloudy skies. then for this evening, mild evening overnight low of 65 degrees. seven-day forecast, does show temperatures staying pry male in the 70s as we go through the weekend. we can really use the rain and we may actually get some of that's a we get into wednesday and thursday of next week. now time for our first birthdays and we start with legend. he likes to dance, eat and loves smiling and cuddling with his mommy. happy firth birthday to you. she loves chasing her big brothers and being outdoors. she loves animals and watching roller coasters at busch gardens. happy first birthday to you logan having his first birthday today as well. we also like to chase his big brother and the dogs around the house. he likes blueberries being outside. and he likes to play with brooms. happy first birthday to you. finally john is enjoying if first birthday today he loves to
9:41 am
sisters. happy first birthday to you. and to the rest of our first birthday crew. let's head back inside and get check of the roads with courtney bright. all right jim thank you very much. happy birthday we're in pretty good shape we have one problem spot it looks like camera actually went out but you can still see it here a bit. an earlier vehicle fire along westbound i-4 off to the side county line road. it looks like tow truck is on scene here. wrapping up so just a minor slow so really not an issue for you off to side you'll just see flashing lights on scene west bounds i-4 county line road. still lots more ahead. including an epic rap battle comedian james corden and world fastest man you sane bolt. then a gift that keeps on giving. jen's up a little later with perfect idea for this holiday
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we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the ultimate sleep number week, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. ((laura/2sh)) so james corden, late night talk show host, made a name for himself with the very fun "carpool karaoke" segment. ((russell)) but he might be onto
9:45 am
but he maybe on to something different he you sane bolt remember fastest man on earth have a rap battle. yes they call it drop the mic. take a listen. you sane bolt no to meet you knolled to cold it sounds like your named yourself when you have five years old. all race you say won in brazil you're about to lose to man who standing still. now, i hope this helps, you have fourp gold medal less than miae tell me what's like to have a career the people only care about once ever four years. i'm sorry but miley i'm going to break that rule. little did you know most people in watching kevin james show. starting probably should have fled i run my race in ten
9:46 am
that's brilliant another three minutes. you can see funnier in end crowd crowned bolt the winner. >> usane bolt. that not only james corden news year next year. he will take over from rapper ll coup j. who hosted last five years. most think he was asked because music industry loves him because car pool karaoke. he's also an award winning actor and comedian. show is live next year, february 12th. all over social media yesterday we saw everyone saying thanks, giving thanks and posting pictures including celebrities. nearly all of those stars posted something.
9:47 am
actress katherine zeta jones that's her husband michael douglas. their two children, and look who the kids are kissing on the cheek, that's michael douglas's father legendary afshth kicker douglas. he's 99 years old now. that's great. yeah. katherine zeta jones looks beautiful. love. jen's at the perfect place for that. she's m puppy heaven surrounded by whole bunch of them humane society. of tampa bay. good morning, jen. good morning, guys you know i met couple people today who are lot happier than me about this whole situation. all of these people who are getting chocolate labs. chocolate lab all way down to one in the middle and then last lab is going home. chocolate lab number 2.
9:48 am
like reese's for his name. meet reese's. chocolate lab number 12. whole box of chocolates. snikers right here they are all going home. they are going to have a long happy loving life. stay with us poop we're going to et meet first person in line, in line 6:30 this morning not
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
((laura/2sh)) we're going to be really honest here.. what we would have liked to do this morning.. just have a camera at the humane society all morning long. ((russell)) all morning long. no news, we just sit and watch that aadorable box chocolate labs playing and rolling. in the mall. i don't they think we would have had a viewer that would have complained about it. i don't they've been adopted. i can tell you all. the families were just perfectly selected i know ton people out there that they were chosen but there's a whole shelter full of dogs waiting to be taken home. there's over 100 dogs today. a black friday deal and the first black friday oh, gosh. sara has waiting in line since
9:52 am
my dog, right? absolutely. we have two little girls and they are going to be so excited to have a baby. and sara what is your new dog's name? rocky. rocky. you waited since early early in morning 6:30. oh my gosh. we started this. rocky has lot of love. 3:00 a.m. right here. we talk about black friday, everyone pushing and shoving our friend sara. and a choosing this one. she. and that, and we won't have to fight about anything i will just gastrointestinal him up. how sweet that is? wow. she was excited. you said, i do have two girls. do they know about this? not yet. they know that, yes. they know. how is this surprise going to go down? well i think, i'm just going to say santa had an early delivery.
9:53 am
i don't care. them going to freak out. so you are sweet, sweet woman for letting that child have other one. ask it looks like i mean this was meant to be because rocky, rocky can't get enough of sara. congratulations. on your new friend. oh, wow. you guys. this is. i couldn't have asked for a better morning for any of these people so many people in line only letting ten in at a time. but keep in mind black friday deals go on until 7 o'clock tonight 75 percent of any animal over four months old and whole shelter waiting to go home. just like rocky. yes. that tail wagging. have fun, jen, thank you. all right. buy, guys.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
look for daytime high of 81 degrees. and we're into 70s over weekend. maybe a little bit of rain heading our way towards the middle of next week.
9:57 am
thanksgiving. everyoning kind of slow. it's black friday. we made it my friend. yes, we did. that will do it for us friday november 25th. live with kelly's coming up next followed by wendy williams and fox 13 news at noon. have a great one everybody. see ya. see you monday. "realtime closed captioning
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>> male announcer: it's "live with kelly." today, the one and only susan lucci. and a performance by pentatonix. plus, actor craig bierko stops by. also it's flashback friday. we're taking you back to 2011 for some grape stomping. and andy cohen is our co-host. all next on "live." [upbeat music] ? ? >> ? oh, we're the stars now ? >> announcer: now here are kelly ripa and andy cohen. >> ? oh, we're the stars now ? ? oh, we're the stars now ? ? ? >> what? [laughs] >> i never know which--


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