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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 28, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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-- captions by vitac -- ahead this hour on good day: another tragedy, involving a tow truck driver. why he was killed... for being a good samaritan. ((walter plus: ready... for a "recount?" a word we never want to here again in florida. but it could be happening... in ?another state. why the presidential results... are ?still up for debate. ((walter and... keep that keyboard close one of the ?biggest shopping days of the year is here! but this time... you ?don't even have to wait in line. good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. jen is off this morning. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your forecast... with
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developing this morning in hillsborough county: something we unfortunately have to report on all too often: for the third time this year... a tow truck driver has been hit and killed. and fox 13's shayla reaves is live at the orient road jail... where the man ?charged with the crime...
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in tampa... police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a bicyclist... then kept going. it happened at himes and hillsborough avenues around three sunday morning. investigators say a red truck struck the cyclist in a crosswalk. the truck was later found at an apartment complex in clearwater they're asking anyone who knows anythi a an elderly woman in pasco county is recovering from surgery this morning. and she needed it... after getting ?hit by a shoplifter. it happened outside a target store in trinity... while the man was trying to get away with his stolen goods. thankfully, that woman is doing better... and her attacker is finally behind bars. fox 13's evan lambert has the story. on camdeputies say the shoplifter knocked into the woman while she was outside this target off little road.a family member tells us the woman is recovering.vodeputies have arrested 26-year-old cameron conca.they say he turned himself in after they posted his picture on facebook.
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afternoon.he was chased by a security guard, ran and knocked right into the 82 year old woman outside the store-- leaving her helpless.a family members tells us the woman had a partia hip replacement and is doing well.shoppers were horrified to hear about the woman's injuries sunday.sot diane borden, shopper3:40what if that was your 82 year old mother or somebody or relative. i mean that's wrong. 4:08it's bad enough he was shoplifting but to have injured that lady like that and have no regard for her or her well being. it doesn't sound like he has much regard for anybody.on camconca faces a robbery and grand theft
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the streets of south florida... over the ?death of fidel castro. cuba's former communist dictator died late friday night at the age of 90. thousands of cuban exiles gathered at the bay of pigs museum in miami's little havana sunday. members of the city's cuban-american community are demanding a democratic future for communist cuba now fidel castro is dead. they're also planning a rally wednesday at the bay of pigs memorial. they say they're hoping... in their words... that "all who have been affected by this regime" will attend.((more)) and a much different scene on the island of cuba... where all flags have been lowered to half staff. the nation is marking nine ?days of mourning. memorials begin today... and a massive public ceremony is planned for tuesday in havana. and one famous ?supporter of fidel castro is remembering him: "elian gonzalez" . elian was just 5-years-old when he made international headlines, for a custody battle. he and his mother tried to escape to america 16 years ago... but their boat capsized. his mother drowned. elian survived and was taken
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a bitter dispute between his u-s relatives... and his father, who wanted elian back in cuba. in the end-- he was returned to the island country.((more)) over the weekend, gonzalez appeared on cuban television. he called castro quote, a "father figure." he said castro was a friend to his family and made it possible for him to reunite with his father. elian went on to say he was honored to have known castro. it's been almost three ?weeks since election. but it looks like the vote ?counting is far from over. election officials in wisconsin are meeting today... to discuss a possible timeline, for a ?recount. the recount comes at the request of green party candidate "jill stein". she says it's important to determine whether hacking may have affected the results. stein also plans to request recounts in pennslyvania and michigan. president-elect donald trump narrowly won those states... and there's no actual evidence that the
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also formally joined the recount effort. the president-elect was on twitter sunday ?bashing the recount talk. and his team says it's just a case of sour grapes: if wisconsin if wisconsin ?does have a recount... they would need to be finished by december 13th, under federal law. and the very difficult to count that fast. in the meantime, the president-elect is scheduled to hold several more meetings today at trump tower in new york... with at least ?eight more cabinet nominees. start warming up those fingers... they'll probably be doing a lot of ?clicking today. "cyber monday" is here again. a time to find the biggest ?online deals.. of the year. and if you thought "black friday" was big... just wait. ?today is actually expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year!
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also expected to be the biggest ?online shopping day... in history. retailers are expected to pull in more than three point three ?billion dollars in online sales today... up nine percent from last year. and about 40 percent of all american consumers plan to take part in today's shopping holiday. so where did "cyber monday" come from? the national retail federation coined the phrase back in 2005... after noticing that 77 percent of retailers noticed a spike in sales, the and companies have been offering big deals that ?day.. ever since. but why did it start on a ?monday? because 11 years ago, most americans only had access to ?high-speed internet... at their office! so they started their online shopping as soon as they returned to work, following the thanksgiving weekend. but consumers aren't waiting until monday anymore... which is why ?some "cyber monday" deals... started last week! and this year's "black friday" was actually the biggest yet, for ?online sales.
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"cyber monday" deals... is the number one ?online retailer, "amazon." they started their online deals earlier this ?month. but they have ?new deals just for today. here's a live look at some of them ... as usual, they are all in ?limited quantities.... and only up for a limited time. but some are them are up to 75 percent off, the deals are going ?live... every few minutes. and of course "amazon" isnt the only retailer with huge online deals today. check out "target" "best buy" and even "walmart"... which is selling some t-v's online, for 50 percent off. and a reminder when buying electronics ?online... always check the product ?number, to make sure it's the current model. and ?stores arent the only ones offering big deals this cyber monday. the big ?cruiselines don't want to "miss the boat" either. several are offering extra incentives to book cruises
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for-one carribean cruise deal with m-s-c cruises... or extra onboard credits on royal caribbean, totalling up to five hundred bucks a person. several are also offering discounts on your ?deposit. and we'll have much more coverage of all the "cyber monday" deals throughout the morning. fox 13's suarez will even join us ?live from one the busiest ?buildings in tampa bay today... an "amazon fulfillment center." and later this half hour: think ?you had a lot to give thanks for , over the holiday weekend? we'll tell you
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the u-s-f bulls... are bowling! next in sports: why those post-season plans are just the beginning... after one ?record breaking regular season. plus: running... on emotions. why one buc was in ?tears... after pulling off one of sundays' biggest plays. and how it helped
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time to talk some sports this morning. and here's a phrase we didn't expect to be saying a few weeks ago: "playoff contender." but the bucs are right in the mix now... thanks to another ?huge win... against one of the best teams in the league. the bucs hosting the seattle seahawks at ray-jay. and they couldn't have scripted a better start... jameis winston completes 7 of to mike evans for touchdowns. they were up 14 to nothing... until the second quarter. from there the bucs defense takes over..... holding russell wilson out of the endzone for the entire game. wilson had just one passing yard in the first half. he was harassed the entire game... the bucs defense sacked him 6 times.... intercepted him twice and forced 2 fumbles.. tampa
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the season and stretches their winning streak to 3 games.... the longest winning streak since 2013. and the turning point in the game was probably this: "alterraun verner" playing on raw emotion after the death of his father three day ago... verner comes up with the pick ending seattle's drive right before the half. you can see alterraun emotions just pour out on the sidelines... he also dedicated this game to his dad. after the game in
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the bucs are now in ?second place in their division, just a game behind the falcons with a record of 6 and 5. next up: they play the chargers ?in san diego,
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and we were one ?bounce away, from the ?third tie game in the nfl this season. that would have been an all time record. but instead, the chiefs bounced in the 34-yarder in overtime last night against the broncos ?in denver. the chiefs win 30 to 27. to college football now... where the u-s-f bulls just made history over the their first ?ten win season , after beating central florida saturday, in the "war on i-4." and then on sunday... they cracked the "ap top 25" rankings for the first time, since 20-11. the bulls come in tied for the 24th spot with pitt. florida and florida state are both in the top fifteen. alabama is the unaminous number one team while michigan falls to fifth after their loss to ohio state. when we come back, jim will have another check on
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of the line... for pipeline protestors up north? why the government just ?ordered
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today marks one ?week
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tragedy in tennessee. 37 children were on their way home from elementary school when the bus veered off a road... and crashed into a tree. ?six of those children were killed. funeral services for the children started over the weekend. including 10- year-old zyanna harris who was laid to rest sunday. a funeral for nine-year-old "cor'day-ja jone" was also held sunday in chattanooga. loved ones remembered cordayja... and said their tearful goodbyes, to a life taken ?way too soon: those funerals continue this week. and three ?other children remain in critical condition. the 24-year-old bus driver...johnthony walker... is charged with vehicular homicide... reckless driving and reckless endangerment. he's scheduled to be in court
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set up to help the families. it's raised more than 150 ?thousand dollars. police in new orleans are searching for at least ?two people, involved in a deadly shootout. it happened right on bourbon street, early sunday morning. one man was killed and nine others were wounded. police believe two men came to the area and got into a fight... which ended in gunfire. and everyone who got hit was just bystanders. the two shooters then ran away. police say the man killed was visiting new orleans from baton rouge... to celebrate his 25th birthday. the u-s army corps of engineers say it has ?no plans to ?forcibly remove protestors... who have been camping in north dakota but in a statement sunday, the corps says that it is seeking quote, "a peaceful and orderly transition to a safer location." the group has been out there protesting the dakota access pipeline for weeks. the corps plans to close ?all federal land in the area to public access... starting next week. anyone who stays will be charged with trespassing. and... bad luck for for almost ?everyone who played the "powerball" over the
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a single ticket sold in tennessee won saturday nights jackpot, worth 420 ?million dollars. so far... no one has stepped forward to claim the prize. it's the 12th largest lottery jackpot of all time... and the ninth largest powerball. the lump sum payment is about 255-million dollars. there were two one-million dollar winners in pennsylvania and minnesota... and one two million dollar winner in north carolina. still ahead: an update on the de birds. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in hillsborough county, following the death of
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